stabookski’s real name is Sayuri Stabrowski… but, thanks to the creative nicknaming by some of her old 7th graders at KIPP Infinity Charter School in Harlem, NYC, she writes under the superhero pen name of stabookski…

By day, Ms. Stabrowski teaches 68 members of the class of 2017 reading. By night, stabookski can be found running around New York City, pounding the sidewalks in search of good stories and in pursuit of excellent health and work/life balance.

stabookski’s favorite activities include reading, writing, running, horseback riding, crossfitting and crime fighting. When stabookski grows up, she plans on writing a few of her own books for young adults. In the meantime, she’s happy to read, write and talk about literature with her 8th graders — and anyone else interested in discussing symbolism, rhetorical criticism or the aesthetics of particular pieces of prose (alliteration included :)). Just as long, of course, as we take turns, build on one another’s ideas and justify everything with textual evidence!


28 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey KIPPsters tonight I read from 75-175. I read about how Daelyn is ready to end her life due to problems in her personal life (not that she has one). She has tried several times to kill herself but I guess God thought it wasn’t her time. Through this hard struggle she meets Santana, a boy who she calls a stalker she meets him and he has cancer and everyday he lives life to the fullest if only she was like that. So wht happens now? This talks about how bullying Can lead to more problems.

  2. Lost and Found by Anne Schraff
    Tonight. I read from page 1 to 14.
    Retell: Darcy and Jamee are leaving their house. Darcy slams the door and Jamee yells at her talking about how their grandmother had a stroke and she can barely hear anything anything. Also, because their mother is always working shifts. Jamee gets on Darcy about studying for the science test.
    Exposition: The story take place in Sedan. The main character is Darcy Willis and she has a sister named Darcy who is older than her. The problem is that Darcy and Jamee have to complete a project with people they’ve never worked with before. Darcy is afraid she might get paired with someone dumb.

  3. Me wants to put a picture on my little square >=( like ms Stabookski with that…odd…blue…fuzzy.. hairdo =D

  4. What would you do if you were in 2012 (the movie) if i was in it… id stay home… and play World of Warcraft until the world ends on me and ill be resting in piece… with about 5 million tons of rubble on top of me… =(

    • Anthony P I WOULD…um…erm…. hold on *waits a few minutes* i’ll wait until someone…no thats a bad idea…i’ll WATCH MAN VS WILD FOR ADVISE =D

  5. If I had a million dollars I would be in Vegas winning and losing. Also Since I really want a monkey and it seems to be illegal in New York I would get me a mansion down in Florida and get me in a monkey.

    • One million dollars? (Read that with a Dr. Evil accent, please.) Hmmm… that’s a tough one… I’d probably donate some of it to an important cause, such as disaster relief or to help bring peace to places like the Sudan in Africa. Selfishly, I’d save some to buy a horse most likely, or else I’d save up to go on vacation for two months to Argentina or Indonesia or India or South Africa or… I could think of a lot of places I’d travel to.

      What would YOU do with one million dollars?

      • i dont consider homework crime fighting… unless the homework comes to life and starts hitting you… then thats a whole different issue… i think of crime fighting like PLAYING YOUR INSTRUEMENT TOO MUCH…oh did i just say that out loud? =D

      • Sheesh Ms.Stabookski I like that type of crime fighting maybe you should have your own book named The Adventures Of Stabookski!

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