Ms.Stabrowski had volleyball tonight so complete the homework on the worksheet.



  1. 1) I think that Jamey Rodemeyer decided to take his own life because he was tired and tired of continuously being harassed about who he is. His peers constantly were saying hateful and very insensitive comments to him, both in school and on the internet. Finally, Jamey just decided he didn’t belong in a world where he wasn’t accepted and decided to rake his own life.

    2) Social media does increase the likliehood that a teen could commit suicide because of the hateful things that people say to them online. In the story, it says that, “JAMIE IS STUPID, FAT AND UGLY. HE MUST DIE.” This was a post someone had said about poor Jamey. Most of the comments said about Jamey are usually said online instead of to his face. Also i can tell that people tend to go to the extreme when writing online and post something that may be WAY more harsh that something that they would say to someone’s face. Also, Jamey is a teenager and teenagers are now very close to their electronics and social networks. I can see that Jamey is very close to the internet because it says, “Jamey has sent out many signals on social networking sites that he was struggling with his sexuality.

    3) In the CHocolate War, i think that maybe the one who is being bullied is Jerry. He is, after-all a freshman, and is just known to people has a scrawny kid just trying to fit in. This is the perfect target for those who love to bring down others.

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