Skill Practice HW – October 24/25, 2011 – Due by Tuesday night at midnight!

Hi KIPPsters!
Welcome back to the 8th grade reading blog! I know it’s been a couple of months since we’ve blogged, but I’m excited to make it a routine again! Here is your CRITERIA FOR SUCCESS:
Title of Book
1. Author’s Name
2. I read from page _____ to page ____
3. Retell of what happened in my reading:
4. Lesson Application: What do other characters think about your PROTAGONIST? How can you tell? Make a claim explaining an example of what others think about your protagonist. Cite evidence from the text to back up your claim.

If I were you, I’d consider writing this on a Word document first, then copying and pasting it onto the post. That way, you can work without worry first, then post. Have a great day!



59 thoughts on “Skill Practice HW – October 24/25, 2011 – Due by Tuesday night at midnight!

  1. Title: The Invention of Hugo Cabret
    Author: Brian Selznick
    I read from page:225 to page:318
    Retell: Tonight, we were introuduced to a new character named Isabelle. Her grandfather, was the one who took Hugo’s notebook and he wanted it back no matter what he had to do! When he did get his notebook, Hugo took the readers back to the time he met the man with only one eye. He explained it as a weird experience. He was mind bottled when the man told Hugo his story. The man explained that when he was younger, a fire cracker blew up in his face. He had completely lost his eye and now has to wear an eye patch. But a side from that, Hugo’s invention begins to work. The man modeled is slowl beginning to work. They tested it, by putting a pencil in the wooden mans hand, cranking the back and seeing if he could write, it worked.
    4. My protagonist seems well liked because of his personality. He likes to ask a lot of questions, but thats a good thing because it lets the readers know that he is always listening and thinking about what the person is saying. Him and Isabelle have a awkward relationship, they don’t really speak to eachother much.

  2. SPEAK
    1.AUTHOR’S NAME:Laurie Halse Anderson
    2.I read from page 3 to 31
    3.RETELL: Today i read about how Melinda is being ignored.We still dont
    know what happen in the party,but in the pep rally. A girl mention how
    her brother was arrested because Melinda called the cops in a party. Heather is a new girl at school that likes to be involved in alot of activity, but Melinda isnt really in the mood for happy Heather. Melinda seems really depress and her best friend dont talk to her any more. Eventhough Melinda tried to talk to her in the bathroom.
    4.LESSON APPLICATION: Other characters think that Melinda is a snitch.I get the
    felling that she called the cops to the party for a reason.Since the tittle of
    the book is “speak”, i am guessing that no one else really knows what happen in
    the party.Beacause she needs to SPEAK up and say what really happened that night.

  3. title: Brothers In Arms
    author: Paul Langan
    Pg: 115 to Pg: 151
    3. In my reading Martin’s brother Eric – risked his life for his brother and lost it with one gun shot to the head. Now Martin is out for revenge for the person that took his brothers life away. As i got farther in the book Martins life got harder because his mother moved him from his home town so he can start fresh from the death of his little brother . In the end Martin makes the right choice and doesnt get revenge on the people who killed his brother because he realized that the bullet wasnt for his brother-he also didnt get revenge because he felt as though his little brother would be proud of him if he moved on and started fresh.
    4. In the beginning everyone looked at my main character as the bad guy because he was in a gang – in the middle people started to give him a chance on his personality because he began to change in a positive way – in the end he was known as educated and forgiving.

  4. Title: Mockingjay
    1. Suzanne Collins
    2. I read from page 331 to page 390 [Finished]
    3. Retell of what happened in my reading: Katniss was fighting with her crew and they find Peeta in the group fighting as well. Peeta fighting was Coin’s idea ,but Katniss was scared that he might choke her again or worse- even kill her. Soon enough, Peeta doesn’t kill her and they play a game called Real or Not Real ,so they can help Peeta remember his past. Later on in the story, Katniss goes to The Capitol and fights President Snow. Prim is killed by a silver tiny parachute bomb. Snow is held for execution and Katniss is the one killing him. She then kills President Coin and she is “locked up” for her actions. She later on lives with Peeta and have babies together.
    4. They think my protagonist is valuable and strong. They think that she’s the best rebel ever ,but inside Katniss she doesn’t feel like that. She isn’t none of those things because deep inside her, she felt lonely and broken and forlorn.I can tell that they think Katniss is the best because by the way they treat her and the time that they didn’t put her in the battle because the crew was afraid she’d get hurt and they cant let her die.

  5. title: Brothers In Arms
    author: Paul Langan
    Pg: 115 to Pg: 151
    3. In my reading Martin’s brother Eric – risked his life for his brother and lost it with one gun shot to the head. Now Martin is out for revenge for the person that took his brothers life away. As i got farther in the book Martins life got harder because his mother moved him from his home town so he can start fresh from the death of his little brother . In the end Martin makes the right choice and doesnt get revenge on the people who killed his brother because he realized that the bullet wasnt for his brother-he also didnt get revenge because he felt as though his little brother would be proud of him if he moved on and started fresh.
    4. In the beginning everyone looked at my main character as the bad guy because he was in a gang – in the middle people started to give him a chance on his personality because he began to change in a positive way – in the end he was known as educated and forgiving.

  6. Title of Book: Stoner and Spaz
    Author: Ron Koertge
    I read from page: 13 to page 46
    Tonight, I read about how the protagonist, Ben, is developing a relationship with a stoner girl, Colleen, who likes him for him. They talk to each other and don’t keep any secrets from each other. They know each other really well. This has been Ben first and only friend and he’s surprised that it’s Colleen and they’re 2 really different people from how they were raised to where they came from. They are learning from each other, Colleen is learning a lot from Ben and Ben is learning from Colleen how to live.
    Others don’t really think anything of Ben. He’s invisible… They think this because he doesn’t have any friends and he mentions in the story that nobody ever touches him the way Colleen does and that nobody ever talks to him.

  7. For One More Day by Mitch Albom
    I read from page 67 to 80.
    What happened was that he was describing the way he told the truth about Santa Clues. Also, he was talking to his mother about the divorce. Since “Chick” is a kid he doesnt know the real facts, nor the reality of the matter.
    Since Chick is a little kid people don’t have a direct emotion towards him except his mother. To him, his other was everything, she gave him little notes before school so Charley knows that his mother loves him. His father owned a liquor store. Those moments kind of foreshadowed the future of Charley because when his mother dies he becomes a alcoholic. In the book Charley says that when you lose both of your parents specially your mother, you are in this world by yourself, the only person that you can count on at anytime, and some people cant deal with that properly.

  8. Shattering Glass By Gail Giles
    I read from page 45 to page 62
    Glass, and his friends are at the salon getting fix up for a very great night, but suddenly it seems like they didn’t go on that event that night. Eventually they stay home and had fun there, it such as like a get together.

    other characters look up to Glass, because he sometimes has difficulties during life, such as getting bully or being talk to in a really aggressive tone. I can tell, because all of Glass true friend go up to him a have a little conversation about everything is going and ask him about how he is feeling. When Glass emotions is bad his friend try to prevent from being that emotion,.

  9. HI ! the title of my bbok is Revenge of the Wannabes by Lisi Harrison. I read from page 30 to page 182. What has happened is that Alicia has betrayed Massie na dthe rest but cheating on a contest they deserved to win, stealing Massie’s sleepover on Friday’s plan, and being a total ew. Now that Alicia and the rest are not friends, Alicia decides to start a new clique. But Massie wont let that go down. I think that the girls think of Massie, as bossy, demanding, but also kind hearted. On page 182 Massie was being really kind to Claire when Claire was hurt. “Why don’t you stay with us tonight? Consider yourself as a new member of the Friday night sleepovers.”` This shows that for the first time, Massie was actually really being nice 🙂

    I READ FROM PAGES 92 to 101
    SUMMARY: In page 101 Tyrone talks about how he wants there to be a poetry slam in school next year.And in page 99 Diondra’s poem shows how she has grown and is no longer a “child”. “A trip to the city pool ain’t what it used to be. I left the kiddy pool behind months ago”. To me i think that she is saying that is not the person she was time ago. And also in page 92 Sterling talks a different theme it is abuot how New York in general can be a dangerous place. To me Tyrone is a character that stands out in the book because is usally the one to reply after a poem and he seems like someone many people i know can relate to.

  11. Book: Cirque Bu Freak
    Retell: Darren and Evra have become more suspicious of Mr.Cretsley ever since they saw the news about six people with their throats slit and all their blood drained out. As the two boys start follow Mr.Cretsley, they think that what they see is what they think. One of those nights, Darren follows Mr.Cretsley into a meat store and notices that he isn’t the killer. Darren made a mistake trying to kill Mr.Cretsley and then regreted it once he found out that the killer was a zampaneve which were vampires that instead of saving the human they drink off of, they kill them.
    Some characters in the story view Darren as a human being, but the ones that really know him, view him as what he really is – a half vampire.

  12. 1.Title: The clique by Lisi Harrison
    2. I read from pages 1 to 35
    3. What i read today is that there is a new girl in town and her name is Claire. She is moving to Westchester from Orlando, Florida. She and her family had come a long way to live in Massies guest haouse. Massie is rich and so is her family and that is why Massies family will be helping claires family until they get settled and find their own place and have found jobs which Massies father is going to let Claires dad work for him.
    4. Massie doesnt really get talked about because she is one of those popular kids and some kids actually look up to the popular kids.Also Massis friends aat school are rich like her and they have sleepovers and go to the spa together as popular kids.

  13. Title of book: Dylan
    1)Lisi Harrison
    2) I read from page 1 to 32
    3) Dylan’s mom has her own show called The Daily Grind and its very popular. She late goes on a vacation with her to Hawaii so she can interview Svetlana Slootskyia , a famous tennis player, at a tennis tournament. She thinks this vacation is going to be so boring until she meets her summer love. The boy she has a crush on is, John Thomas Daley (Jt) and his father owns the resort their staying in.
    4)Dylan’s mother thinks she needs to work on her self esteem because she always worries about her weight and what others think about it. You can tell because she’s always lying to people at the store helping look for clothes. She tilted her head and gave Dylan the once-over.” Size six right?” Dylan rolled her eyes in a how dare you sort of way.” Actually, it’s a four.” Pg17.

  14. ssssssssaaaakkkkkkaaaaaaaaaa !!! :^o

    title: Dragonology Chronicles
    author: Dugald A. Steer

    What has happened so far is that Daniel has just learned his first lesson about dragons with Dr.Drake. He has told Daniel about one spieces of dragons and that’s called Knucker. His older sister Beatrice has learned more about dragons than Daniel because of his behavior, but he gets the topic more quicker than his sister. They both have to write in their own book log called a dragonologist record book where they keep track of differnt kinds of dragons. I think that the characters think of the protagonist as a curious person. At the begining i thought that Dr.Drake didn’t like Daniel because of all the things Daniel was doing. Now i think Drake thinks that Daniel is agood student. I think Daniel’s sister think that he just needs to earn Dr.Drake’s trust and he would get to learn more about dragons.

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      Also, please follow all of the steps to the criteria for success for full credit in the future.

  15. HI!
    I’m reading Dark Of The Moon
    Author: Tracy Barrett
    Retell: Pokris plan to rule Krete begin to fall as she realizes how much Minos really has and it’s not a lot at all and Asterion will be Minos soon. Ariadne’s mother has died and she now knows why Goddess was mad at her mother. Pokris wants Theseus to marry Ariadne because she is going to become She-Who-Is-Goddess and kind of like queen so he can be king and overrule her but their government doesn’t work that way. Right now Ariadne is undergoing the very long/complicated process of going from She-Who-Will-Be-Goddess to She-Who-Is-Goddess.
    Lesson Application:There are 2 protagonists, Ariadne and can tell that when Ariadne thinks about Theseus that she has a crush on him maybe more.I think that’s because ever since she became She-Who-Will-Be-Goddess everyone stays away from her and she has no friends. He is the only one who only sees who she is being She-Who-Will-Be-Goddess and she really needs it.
    From Theseus’ point of view you know that he’s really gratefull to have Ariadne as a friend and respects her but does not really see her in a romantic way. But when he kissed her it was only to follow Pokris’ plan.

  16. Book: Pretty Little Liars
    Retell: Hanna is at the police station with her mom because she got caught taking a bracelet and earrings from Tiffanys’. Her mom protected her by telling her to take off the bracelet and hand it to her to make it seem like her mom took it by mistake. While Hanna was going through her phone, she found a text- ” Hey Hanna, Since prison food makes you fat, you know what Sean’s gonna say? Not It ! -A. ” Her mom told her no to tell no one but someone already knew. Aria was picking up the mail when she realizes that her PSAT came back and she got close to a perfect score. She’s been waiting for this day for the longest because she can now be better than her sister for once and take her barn back.
    I don’t really have a protagonist because I have to many characters in my book, but Hanna thinks Aria is sleeping with the AP English teacher because when he looked at her he said ” holy shit ” when really they met at the bar and started making out. Aria didn’t know he was going to be her teacher until she came to class and saw his face.

  17. Summerland
    1) Michael Chabon
    2) I read from page 245 to page 268
    3) In my book today I read about how Jennifer T., a sasquatche and a ferisher lived inside a cell without the company of any men. Inside of the prison they share a lot of personal things that they have endured. Also they talked about how Ethan and Thor when looking for Ethan’s magical stick. They however find a map of the four worlds even if one of them was not really explored.
    4) The other characters think of Ethan as being a hero, but some think of him as being a worthless kid. I can tell because Thor is always calling him a captain, but Coyote when he was talking to Mr.Feld he said Ethan was worthless.

  18. Evernight by Claudia Gray I read from pg 193 to 243 3]So far in my story Bianca has turned into a vampire and has finally realized the secret to her school is that there are vampires everywhere. Also, Bianca realizes that Lucas,her boyfriend, is a vampire hunter and she doesn’t know who to trust now because she felt as if she really did love him. 4]They feel as if Bianca is a very innocent and sweet vampire and that she really wasn’t part of their group before she turned into a vampire. It seems as if they don’t accept of anyone if they are not vampires and classy. I can tell that they didn’t accept Bianca before because they didn’t really talk to her, actually they hardly acknowledged her presence until it was announced to the vampire teens in the school that she has finally turned. She is not only now accepted, but she is also being loved by not only one boy.

  19. Book: Startled By His Furry Shorts
    Author: Louise Rennison
    Read: 163 to 199
    Retell: Georgia just got rejected by Masimo. Georgia wanted to have a “serious relationship”, but it seems like Masimo is not ready and yet fully committed for a “serious relationship”. Masimo wanted a “having fun relationship”. But it’s not what Georgia wants. Because of him wanting to only have a “fun” relationship she decided to not talk to him. She wants to
    make him go head-over-heels for her. She’ll do anything- even if it takes using and breaking a boy’s heart. But it seems like the boy is not that into her. So now she has to get that boy to like her in order to get Masimo to really want her as a soul mate.
    Lesson: Georgia learned that boys just say things to get them to shut up. What a girl would consider a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship, a boy on the hand would consider it as a just “having fun” relationship.

  20. 1. susan l. roth
    2. I read from page __35___ to page __79__
    3. Retell of what happened in my reading: today i read about the lansmen which is like a gang that will beat up blacks and they always carry a cross with them then burn than throw it in some one backyard. I also read about how leon’s father died by a car. Also how leon’s family was going through alot because they didnt get money only sometimes when they help people with their farm, and that sometimes they will go to the movies and one of their favorties was “gone with the wind” which was the last time he went with his father
    4. Lesson Application: What do other characters think about your PROTAGONIST? since the family is black people disrespect them , like throw rocks and stones at them but their is character name mr.johnson which is white and he be giving leon’s family money and other things. How can you tell? i can tell because every time they walk they will tease the black and throw things also because sometimes when they dont have money to but lunch but mr.johnson be giving them.

  21. Title: Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant
    Author: Darren Shan
    I read from pages: 1 to 46
    Retell: Darren’s life as a vampire’s assistant has began. Darren and Larten Crepsley are flitting every night. One day Darren leaves a note and goes to the park. He meets these group of boys and they invite him to play hockey. Darren starts to hate how they are acting like sore losers and he accidentally broke Danny’s shin bones. Also, Larten tells Darren that he has to start feeding or else he will become weak and die. Darren refuses to feed on his own kind. Lastly, Darren tells Larten what happen at the park, Larten tells Darren that he can go to the Cirque where he will be treated like family and excepted for who he is.
    Lesson Application: Other characters think that Darren is very weird because he does things that other people wouldn’t do. Everyone is afraid of Darren. While Darren was playing hockey, he accidentally broke Danny’s shinbones. Everyone backed away from Darren and he ran away. ” You broke his legs!” MIchael shouted, then backed away from me. Eveyone around him backed away as well. They were afraid of me. Breathing hard, I dropped my stick and left, knowing I’d make matters worse if I stayed and waited for grown-ups to arrive (pg. 29).

  22. Title: Cirque Du Freak- A Living Nightmare
    Author: Darren Shaw
    Pages: 17 – 64
    Retell: Steve got the tickets to the “Freak Show”. He found out about it because Allan saw a flyer that was advertising it. Later on they checked how much each of them had. They didnt have enough money. Steve stole the money from his mom. Darren closed his eyes like a blindman and the tickets falls right in his hands. Allen and Tommy couldnt go bacause the didnt have the tickets. At the show they saw a ware wolf bite off the hand of a women and stitched back on magically.
    Notes: The other characters as a really cool person. They all really like him but they think he is weird. They think he is weird because he was obsessed with the performing spider.

  23. Annexed by:Sharon Dogar I read from page 249 to 289 Today i read that the invasion has begun.The british are bombing along the nothern french coast.And Anne and Peter Van Pels is in the attic with Anne making point to anne that thier religon may be jewish but on the inside they are themselves and that peter can do anthing that hewants to do about being a jew.Some one outside of the annex betrayed all 8 of the people by telling a german officer and from that point they were found and sent to a death camp. MY books protagonist in Anne Frank and she is annoying at times and she is a helpful person and a heart warming person. I tell because anne makes peter fell special and cared for like when anne kissed peter.

    I read from 247 to 305
    RETELL: i read about how isebella finally gets someone to tell her the truth about her brother.He’s a werewolf.I also read about Sam taking Grace to the candy shop. Sam told her to close her eyes and use her wolf instincts to pick the candy that she wanted. Then they went to Grace’s house and did the dirty thing you know what I mean. After they were done Sam got a call from a man that is practically his father. Grace picks up the phone though and now they want to meet each other but Sam does not want them to meet.
    Other characters in my book feel that Sam is too unreal. I can tell with grace because she did the dirty thing with him to really confirm to herself that Sam really is real and not just a dream.

  25. 1.Title:Tupac and D Foster
    2.i read fom page 1 to page 40
    3.Author:Jaqueline Woodson
    4.Today i read about the flashback to when the three girls all met.It all when started was roaming the streets and just so happened to walk up upon two girls and decided to sit with them.Through the way D talked the two girls made accusations that she clearly wasnt from where they live.They werent mean to her but they gave her a couple of tips about how they “role”.For example,they told her if you really want us to like you,bring a jump rope for double dutch.
    5.You can tell in my book that the other characters are jelous of D because of the privlages she gets.They wish that they got to go off and wonder to where ever theyn wanted to,but instead they couldnt even leave the block.For example in the book it says.”We are always on lockdown and you get to roam the streets,its not fair!”ANd then D says,”Sometimes i feel that i have too much freedom.”

  26. One Piece The Last Stand
    1.Eiichoro Oda
    2. I read from page 40 to 80
    3. What happend in my reading was that Luffy almost got killed because he went to help Sanji and he didnt know that it was Wapol that he had to fight. Wapol is a rare person that ate the devil fruit like Luffy.Except Luffy is for gum gum fruit and Wapol is for eat eat fruit. So Luffy is having a big problem.
    4. All the characters in this book love Luffy because he is strong he loves to be onboard with all his pirates. The never leave him to fight alone because they believe in we are all in this together.

  27. 1. Sleepless by Thomas Fahy
    2.I ead from page 1 to 20
    3. Emma is sleep walking and getting crazy thoughts as she go. She is imagining deaths. When she gets together with Jake they visit the cemetary which kind of make her get a little mysterious about him because he talks about Ms.Dupre.
    4. Emma is well liked. Eventhough she is a little bit strange she doesn’t relly show it. Also her and Jake act the same so i think that playes a big part of why he like her so much. In my own words when they visited the graveyard and Jake was taling about Ms.Dupre it brought the mysteious side out of him

  28. 1.Cris Beam
    2.Today i read about was that J’s birthday came and he spent it in Melissa’s house because J’s mom kicked him out of his house. Meanwhile, while J was in Melissa’s house all alone he was thinking of Blue. J met with Blue and it didn’t work out.
    4.At first the other characters thought he was a freak but then they started seeing him more as a boy. I can tell because people don’t stare at him no more. “Now, though, almost nobody did a double take, girls on the subway met his eye, and cashiers regularly called him “sir”.

  29. 0. Title: The City of Fallen Angels
    1. Author: Cassandra Clare
    2. I read from pages 68-157
    3. Retell
    In the book so far simon has a werewolf as a roommate and found out that the women he was going to help take her clan bak is killing off shadow hunters dscombobulating there bodies making them unrecognizable. he also thinks that since she is killing all of these shadow hunters that she is the one sending those men after him to kill m and see if “The Curse of Cain” is real.the curse of cain is in which god marked cain and made sure that anyone who tried to kill him would be killed sevenfold than what they did to him.not only is he protected but the curse is that he is a wonder for all eternity until the day e dies.
    4. Lesson Applications
    In the book, everyone likes simon for the most part especially since he has become a vampire.he is getting girls that he would have never gotten if he wasnt a vampire since becoming a vampire made him look “hotter”.

  30. Ethan had crashed down in the field of his school while he was trying to land the robotic wasp down in the time.
    4.The thing that the other characters think of the protagonist is that he is very unexpected and has a lot of things that are both good for him and others that just might not in the world. The way that I had gotten down to this conclusion was that there he was thinking his parents were not really his parents and were being mind controled by the Ch’zar in the world. And had gotten this idea from where in the story it had said ” My parents were in the kitchen as if something had happend andwer just not the same morning people he had known”.(Pg.65).

  31. No Way Out
    1. Peggy Kern
    2. I read from page __1___ to page __34__
    3. Harold Davis,has noone besides his grandmother.his mom died in childbirth with him, and his dad passed after that.him and his granmother have strong bond.she trys her best to keep him on track.BUT THEN SOMETHING HAPPENED!Harold was pulled out of class to be told that he haves to go to the hospital, because his grandmother fell and hit her head on the steps infront of her building. when they got home there was alot that had to be done and many bills to paid with little money.there was noone to deppend on but himself.he knew it was time to step up.
    4.alot of people dont like my protaganist Harold. they make fun of him and put him down,but i think he learned to not listen to time a boy called out in class “Maybe he broke into the cafeteria.look at his know that boy like to eat,”added Andre Jankins with a smirk.”

  32. 1. Tittle: Uglies
    2. Auther: Scott Westerfeld
    3. I read from pages: 162 to page 201

    4. Retell: Tally is still trying to figure out the note that Shay gave her. Tally’s been talking to herself since Shay left. She ended up going up the roller coaster and finding a piece of it that went flat and goes through the other Rusties. She made the “second mistake” and almost killed herself by going too fast with out knowing there was a cliff at the other end. Tally ate the same thing over and over. SpagBol. She hates it because ever since the first time it tastes horrible. Tally takes a shower in the river and she ends up seeing her sleeping bag cut up. She went to sleep at a different location and woke up seeing fire all around her. Rangers picked her up and she made it to the Smoke safely. Tally got reunited with Shay.

    5. Well you can tell that Peris [Tally’s best friend] only wants her to be a prettie just like he is. He loves her and wants the best for her. ” You promised you wouldn’t do anything stupid, Tally. That you’d be with me soon. That we’d be pretty together.”[page 126] Now Shay is also Tally’s best friend, but she thinks that Tally is kind of a god. Tally knows tricks that Shay doesn’t . Also Shay wants to protect Tally as much as possible even if it means them escaping out into the Smoke. ” Shay couldn’t stop smiling. ‘ When we spotted the helicopter last night, most people said it had to be another group. They said you’d taken too long, and that i should give up.'”[ page 188] I noticed that Shay really genuinely misses Tally and that she never really lost hope in her.

  33. 1. The Resisters
    2. Eric Nylund
    3. I read from page 55 to page 83.
    3. The thing that happend in my reading was that Ethan had now been caught of what he was doing with the two other kids,Felix and Madison, the night he was fighting the Ch’zar with themin thee world. Also the thing that happend as I was reading tonight was that Ethan had kind of freaked out about all of the things that have happend to him because ne was the person who was actually being seen by cameras every place that he had gone with Felix and Madison.And also another thing that i read about was that

  34. Title: Betrayed
    Author: P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast
    I read from pages 101 to 310
    Today I read about how after Zoey get marked how her life chances. Zoey accidentally sucks Heath blood which causes him to be kind of obessesed with her. Because of the Heath’s situation, Erik is trying to win Zoey for himself.
    My protagonist is Zoey. Everyone thinks she is special. First because she has her mark colored in. Also because “She saved the life of a young man and tapped into a Goddess given affinity for the elements”(8). Because of it she got extra mark on her mark.

  35. 1. Title: Nightfather
    2. Author: Carl Friedman
    3. I read from pages 128 to 186
    4. Today as I was reading, The narrator’s father was an ordinary enough man. In addition, his father dress very well, he took his coffee with milk and sugar. He also left for work in the morning and returned home from work in the evening as thousands of fathers do. He was also different from most others fathers, his friends, and his father tells him funny stories about the past.the narrator’s father like the good old days which meant war and there was no walking the streets in safety for him. The father had to go hiding, but he was caught by the Germans anyway and deported to a concentration camp.
    5. Other character think of my protagonists as brave and strong because he had confidence in him self and did not give up at all. I can tell by the protagonists caring about war and how it was back then and how it is different from now. For instance, it says ” To him, the good old days meant war and there was no walking the streets in safety for him. He had to go hiding, but he was found bye the Germans anyway and deported to a concentration camp.” ( pages 131 – 132)

  36. tittle:a great and terrible beauty
    libba bray gemma was talking with her mother when suddenly she left gemma with one of the maids. then gemma ran away from them. but when she gets lost the people run from her and point at her necklace and run away later they find gemma mother dead and she is sent to a boarding school in london. where all the other girls hate her beause of felicity.
    4. most girls at the school dont like her because the leader girl doesn’t. so she only really has anna. but gemma wants to forget and start over.”i manage to avoid seeing felicity pippa ,anda ther others” {93}

  37. Suckerpunch
    David Hernandez
    i read from 1 to 35
    in my book, marcus goes to oliver’s father’s funeral and satrts daydreaming about killing his own father.Afterwrds he come to see that his younger brother ,Enrique, had gottin mad and punched a hole in the fall. he started to think about what his father would say if he wat his brother had did. later on that day marcus and oliver sat in the blechers of their school football field and drank Crisco. marcus wanted to ask oliver why his father killed himself but he thounght it would be rude.
    the other charcters in my book think that my protagnst i a great person.”You’re good boy ,Marcus, Mrs.THOMPSON said to me”(page 4)
    Many other characters in my book think that my protagist is a great guy. ”you are a good boy, Marcus, Mrs . Thompsonsaid

  38. 1. Summer Of Secrets
    2. Paul Langan. I read form page 6 to 75
    3. what I read in Summmer of Secrets was that Darcy the main character is worry for her ex best friend Brisana that she not going out with the right person because the person she going out with right thinks he is about the life which mean he think he is a ganster. Also what happen in my book is that Darcy boyfrirnd Hakkeem is returning to Bluford the city where Darcy
    4. what Brisana think about Darcy is that she thinks that Darcy is a worry person because she worry who people go out with. I can tell that because
    Brisana can tell by the look Darcy makes because they have been friend for a long time. For example when Brisana and her boyfriend go to a ice cream shop where Darcy work at and Brisana start to kiss her boyfriend in public. on page 21 it says “when she came back, Duene had his hand on Brisana hip and she was leaning back to him. The two were in a middle of a slow kiss.”

  39. Book of Greek Myths
    1. D’Aulaires
    2. I read from page 166 to page 187
    3. Retell of what happened in my reading:In my book, Jason , a great Greek hero came to claim what was rightfully his which is his kingdom.The current King of Iolcus refilled Jason’s cup of wine and made him promise to find the golden fleece and bring it back to Iolcus and he would be given his throne and kingdom. Jason set out to find the golden fleece on the Argo with 50 other great heroes, some who claimed to be children of the Greek Gods.On their voyage, the drank, feasted and fought battles with hideous monsters.
    4. Lesson Application: The people of Iolcus though of Jason as a young,handsome and strong. Hera, the queen of all gods and goddesses was fond of Jason herself. When he returned to his kingdom, his wife was his downfall they thought of her as evil and took another for a king instead of Jason.

  40. 1. The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod: Tenth Grade Bleeds
    Author- Heather Brewer

    2. I read from page 12 to page 58

    3. Retell of what happened in my reading: Right now in the story, Vladimir Tod, a teenage half-vampire, is just starting his tenth grade year in high school with his girlfriend Meredith, the prettiest girl in school, and his best friend, Henry. After a year of not seeing his arch nemesis, D’Ablo, the vampire sneaks into Vlad’s house, but not to fight, but to ask Vlad for his dead dad’s journal. When he leaves empty handed, D’Ablo laughs evilly and says one thing, “You will feel pain, Pravus, you will.”

    4. Lesson Application: Henry, Vlad’s best friend, always has Vlad’s back(when he’s not dealing with girls. But all the other kids in the school besides his girlfriend , Meredith, look at Vlad with utter disgust. I can tell this because Henry accepts Vlad for who he is and doesn’t complain about his vampire or slightly gothic look. But other people look at him with disdain, all because he is different. . “A few popular kids walked by and wrinkled their noses at him, but nothing would would bring his mood back down” pg 22.

  41. 1.Title: Brian’s Winter
    2.Author: Gary Paulsen
    3.I read that Brian killed a rabbit and he used the fur as a vest and put it on top of his t-shirt.Also he sees a lot of wolves with fresh meat so he goes and find it and the wolves killed a deer so Brian goes and get some to eat.
    4.The bear did not like Brian because of the way that Brian treated the bear.Brian kicked the bear and the bear got mad and attacked him then the bear left to look for food.”Hey -get get out of there!” and kicked the bear in the rear.The bear swung its left paw and scooped Brian out of the rock and flung him end over end for twenty feet.

  42. Title: Ever night
    1. Claudia gray
    2. I read from page 169 to 203
    3. Bianca bites Lucas and then she lied to him about it. later, in the book Lucas bought Bianca a brooch that cost two hundred dollars. Bianca feels bad that he bought her a two hundred dollar brooch because it cost a lot of money. Raquel goes missing. Then, Erich to stay out of it and back off. Also, Lucas finds out that Bianca is a vampire.
    4. Characters think Bianca the protagonist is a good person.I can tell by her going to Ever night and Bianca being a vampire like most of the students there and by being a vampire having that strong connection like most people there. I claim that Lucas thinks that Bianca is a wonderful, amazing, smart, beautiful person. In the book it says, “Instead he smiled at me in a way that made me feel warm all over. You’re beautiful,” page 169.

  43. Title:Drums,Girls,and Dangerous Pie
    Auther:Jordan Sonnenblick
    I read from pages 160 to 273 (The Ending)
    Retell:Steven the main character, have a sick little brother with cancer,name Jeffrey.From what I read, Steven’s mother had got sick, so she couldn’t take Jeffrey to Philly where the docters work on him. That meant Steven, and his father had to step up, and take Jeffrey.As Steven is there he sees how much his brother loves him because everyone tells Steven “Oh, I know you, Jeffrey talks about you all the time.” Also, Steven meets a girl name Samantha, that helps him think more on changing for his brother, which also leads him to cutting his hair. Lastly, his All-City group band tries to help Steven’s brother by having a concert, but also charging the tickets.
    4. Since Steven was really stepping up to the plate, people thought of him as a sweetheart, or the kid that really loves his brother. But in Steven’s father case it’s a man.For example, when Steven cut his hair, and came to school he was fearing on wherther or not the kids was going to tease him, but 5% thought he was crazy as of the others he was like a sweet brother, a hero for him.

  44. Book of Greek Myths
    1. D’Aulaires
    2. I read from page 166 to page 187
    3. Retell of what happened in my reading:In the book, the Greek hero Jason, was sent on a quest to look for the golden fleece in order to get the kingdom that was rightfully his.He demanded a boat so great to carry his 50 men. That’s how the Argo was created. Through night and day, the men fought beast, drank, and feasted and told stories of their great deeds and accomplishments.
    4.You can’t really tell what others think about my characters but if I had to guess,I would say that they think of the gods as sometimes cruel and heartless. In other cases though, they thinks of the gods as gods and treat them with respect and fear them taking out their anger on humans if they don’t do so. For example,when Arachne challenged Athena to a weaving contest, she thought of herself better than her, but when she lost the contest, Athena punished Arachne and made her a spider to weave forever.

  45. Kathleen,Please Come Home
    Scott O’ Dell
    I read from page 0 to page 156
    From the beginning of the story, Kathleen has a friendship with a new girl named Sybil who her mother doesn’t like. Kathleen and Sybil go to the Mexican desert plenty of time and on Kathleen’s first visit with Sybil, they meet Ramon. Ramon is an illegal Mexican trying to cross the border. Kathleen falls in love with Ramon while they take and help him get a job in the United States. Kathleen’s mother reports Ramon to Immigration and Ramon ends up dying in Mexico by getting shot by a United States Border Control Officer. Kathleen goes to Mexico, on her runaway from home and is exposed to the life of drugs and alcohol.
    Other characters believe she is like a goddess because she is white. She is loved by everyone and everyone believes she is AMAZING until they find out she’s pregnant . . .
    “Ramon’s family was glad to see me. I got here at noon, just as they sat down to eat. The children saw me walking up the hill and came whooping. Shrieks and hugs and kisses all around.Cries of ‘La Norteamericana! Viva La Norteamericana!’ It made me feel like one of the Sandovals

  46. 1.Speak Laurie Halse Anderson
    3.I read from page 104 to 177
    4.In my reading, I read that Heather doen’t want to be Melinda’s friend because they do not have the same personality. Then on Valentines Day, Melinda gets a note on her locker and at first, she thinks it’s from her lab partner, David, but then she opens the letter and finds out it’s from Heather saying thanks for understanding. Some friend she was. Also, teachers complain about Melinda’s grades dropping and they bring her parents into the situation and they make her sign a contract with what consequence each of her actions will bring her, but despite this, she still keeps lacking off and only passing art class.
    5.We can tell that the other characters in the book dislike Melinda and do not get along with her because she keeps saying that she can’t believe that her ex best friends are still mad at her for what she did but they still have not mentioned what it was that she did.

  47. 1. Sight by Adrienne Maria Vrettos
    2. Page 1 through 30
    3. Today I read about Dylan a fiffteen-year old who saw into the future about little girl in the desert who was beaten to death. Dylan investigates with a police officer in the desert and tries to find evidence about the murderer.
    4. Well, Dylan’s mom loves her even though her daughter can see into the future. But Dylan knows her mom doesn’t love her as much as she used to. “But I think now that maybe something in her love changed color, shifted from all bright colors to some shadows and muddy grays”(17).

  48. Messed Up by Janet Nichols Lynch
    I read from pages 2 to 27
    What happened today in my book is that R.D got sent to the principales office beucase he “got into a fight” but he really didn’t beucase he was just trying to seperate the 2 girls who were the ones that were fighting. They suspended him foor 3 days which means that he has to stay home for 3 days. He lives with his grandma’s ex boyfriend, Earl who is really sick becuase he smokes a lot but he doesn’t realize it. Earl really doesn’t care what R.D. got in trouble for and a police officer has to leave him in front of his house.
    Well other people say that R.D is a really bad kid and that he always gets in trouble no matter what he does. Directly from the text R.D. says thaat the taecher hates him beucase thats exactly why they always get him in trouble and that the taechers just want to get rid of himm during school hours.

  49. Title: Cirque Du Freak A Living Nightmare
    Author: Darren Shan
    I read from page 1 to page 54
    3. Today what happened in my reading was that 4 best friends Darren, Steve, Alan, and Tommy. Alan found a flyer about a circus of freaks with snake boy, wolf man, bearded lady, etc. People say that these freak shows are illegal and that they happened a long time ago and it is not real. But, when Steve sneaks sneaks out at night to get tickets he only gets 2 and its him and Darren who are going. As soon as they keep going it is at a creepy house and a man scares them and he actually knows their names, and so they open the curtains inside and they are in for a big surprise.
    4. The protagonist which is Darren is a well liked person who loves to play soccer. Right now I wouldnt say there is a reaction to the way people treat him but he does have 3 best friends and they are a couple of odd balls. So, basically thats how they react to him.

  50. Tupac and Dforster
    Today what happened was that the girls realized the fact that Tupac had been in his seconde shooting after the first one. He was shot 5 times while in a car. The girls were defistated by this. Thheir hero has just been shot. The one who inspires them is gone
    The girls view Nikkie as somewhat as their leader in this trio group. I can tell thkis because she the one that opens and carry on convo’s. So in a way she’s the none sopeken 4 leader

  51. Darkness before Dawn
    Sharon M Draper
    I Read from page 1 -272
    Keisha is a high school senior. She recently lost her ex- boyfriend after he committed suicide. Everyone around her is grieving the loss of Andy her ex boyfriend and Kiesha doesn’t know what to do. Keisha then tries to numb the pain by flirting and talking with the principal’s son, Jonathan. Jonathan then takes thinks too far by trying to go to 4th base wit Keisha and rape her. Keisha gets away and is depressed and confused about what happened.

    Other characters look up to Keisha because Keisha is friendly and doesn’t start trouble

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