And Then There Were None – Post #3

Hi KIPPsters!

I hope everyone is ok after Hurricane Irene! I think the best thing to do to stay safe and dry is to plop onto your couch and read And Then There Were None until you turn the last page and say to yourself, “And NOW there are none!” 🙂

Anyway, in this post, I’m going to give you a couple of hints about things that you will definitely want to include on your Cheat Sheet:

1. The deaths – who, how, in what order…

2. The crimes and guest histories – who was accused of what…

3. Details about the guests’ search for clues…

4. Details about characters’ actions and accusations during the ordeal on the island…

5. Details about the characters’ mistakes in their attempts to solve the murders…

Good luck!

Call me if you have any questions and make a GOOD CHEAT SHEET so that you have a lot of success on the test!




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