Wednesday July 20, 2011 – First OF MICE AND MEN Post

Hi KIPPsters!

I hope you’re enjoying your first whole class novel of 8th grade! By the end of today’s reading, you should know your primary characters and the setting fairly well, so please show me what you know so far…


1. Briefly retell what happened in tonight’s reading (1-3 sentences).

2. Historical Analysis: Discuss what the novel is teaching you about what it was like to live during this time and place in history.

That’s it! But don’t forget you must have 3 HIGH QUALITY NOTES in your iThink Journal as well!




55 thoughts on “Wednesday July 20, 2011 – First OF MICE AND MEN Post

  1. 1) What I read tonight was that George and Lennie were about to get the job, but things got a little off when Curley needed Lennie needed to speak a little more. That was a problem because George thought it would ruin their chances of getting the job. But they were hired. Right after that little scene, George started to think of Curley as a challenge.
    2) The book is trying to teach us that there are some people who can see more than a character’s physical appearance. Also, you can’t rely on every thing you hear from a person or read from a completely random sign.

  2. Retell: George and Lenny got to the place were they are goin to work at.The boss is goin to keep an eye on them since George said that Lenny is not that smart, also because Lenny is the tall, big one but yet George is the one doing all the talking. They also then met the boss son Curley- who doent like Lenny because he is tall and he dislikes big men.

    Historical Analysis:This novel teaches that back then it was really important that you could represent and stand up for yourself. Since the boss was so suprice that George was helping Lenny i guess that back then every men was for himself.

  3. tonight’s reading i reading i read from pahes 16 to 38. what happened so far intoniight;s reading is that gerogre and lennie met the new people they work with.also curley has it out for lennie because he’s big
    2. the story looks like it takes place around the 1800 or closer to the time of chrsanthumum. obviously it takes place in the south of california

  4. 1. In tonights reading, what basically happens is George and Lennie get to meet the people that they are going to be working with and get the feeling of how it is to be working with where they are.
    2. I think that the story takes place back then because Lennie and George stay with this job since it’s hard to find other jobs, and if it was now, peop;e would’ve went to find other jobs. Also, because of the accents the characters speak in.

  5. 1.Retell: So far, Lenny and George went to the Ranch that they have to live in. They look around and see beds and beds when the man points out George’s bed he had a fit. He didnt trust the place. A man named Curley doesnt like Lenny just because he’s tall. Curley thinks that he can walk all over Lenny.
    2. This book is kind of set in the great depression so work was very hard to find. Since Lenny and George have to move so much just because of they’re unsteady job it must be hard on them. Its noticeable that people dont like not being treated fairly .

  6. 1.In Tonight’s reading George and Lennie mets there boss and the bosses son Curly.Curly doesn’t really like Lennie because of his height.As George and Lennie gets to there place they find it to be small and George really wasn’t feeling it. George also met Curly’s wife and learned how she gives all the guys looks and flirt but never with Curly.
    2.Back at that time it was really hard to get a job. There was many people out there that need a job to make money. Another probelm was where you sleep. Didn’t have a choice where you could live because of you being a migrant worker.

  7. 1.Tonight I read that Lennie and George were trying to get used to the people and things in the barn. They also tried to stay out of Curley’s way. They even met the Boss who is curious of George and Lennie because George is talking for Lennie. Lennie and George also made some new friends (Slim, Candy, ect.).
    2. The novel is teaching me that the setting takes place in a barn. It also seems that it takes place in the west because they use the word “Purty”. This setting seems to take place in the old days beacsue they are “bucking barley” and now a days, there are machines for that.

  8. What i read in Of Mice and Men is that when the boss left that Candy or candy stayed ans she kept talking and talking. George set her straight and said he don’t like people sticking their nose in his way. Curley was introduced and was an ex-boxer.
    My HN is that people in California was most jobs were farming. Thats why they say “happy cows come from California.” Also, as generation passed we have changed the use of the words like homeless and bums.

  9. in the book, george and lennie get to meet their co-workers and get a little more understanding about wat life is like wrking their( oh my bad george, i didnt mean to say little). also they get to meet the boss and his lovely wife. but i think his wife likes george. anyways the boss is worrying about lenni because he’s not talkin an george tals for him.
    i think that in the time that this story takes place and now is much different because back then wages were much lower than the pay today and not many workers today have to live at their jobs- all bunched up with their co- workers and having to live on uncomftable beds

  10. 1)In tonight’s reading George and Lennie meet the people who they are going to be working with.they got to meet their boss and his bosses wife. George is boss wife was flirting with George.
    2)It was hard living back then because you have to depend on your family or the people you were with. Also it was hard because if George did something bad Lennie would have to leave with Lennie since there came together.

  11. 1. Today i read about how George and Lennie met the boss and the bosses son. The bosses son is a little man who acts all tough because his father is the boss. He seems to have something against Lennie.

    2. The novel is teaching me about how living in this time period was hard because getting jobs were very nessasry. Also alot of people like immigrants been looking for jobs back in the days.

  12. In tonights reading Of Mice And Men Lennie and George meet the bosses son and Curely is very mean ro Lennie.He teases LEnnie and Lennie cant really say nothing because then they will lose their jobs and they wont get paid.Now if that happened George would get mad at Lennie aswell and Lennie wi;ll go into depressing mode.
    The moment is this book reminds me of some important things inhistory.For example in the !800s migrant workers would work at a farm until their job is done thier so that they can gwt paid and move on to the next farm.And this is how migrant farmers liveswould be.Its like their furture is already planned out for them

  13. 1)Tonight I read Of Mice And Men Chapter 2
    2)What happened tonight was that Lennie and George are getting settled in at their new job. They got in trouble for getting there late and Lennis is doing a good job of not talking. Curlie the boss’ son was bothering Lennie b/c since he’s not talking he forced him to talk. Curlie’s wife flirts with everybody she can and she is pretty,
    3)This book i teaching me that in this time period there was probably a lot of people working as migrant workers have a hard life. They have to live with a lot of other people with bosses who don’t always treat them nice and they have to privacy at all.

  14. 1) This chapter i read that George would rather have nobody than Lennie. Even though Lennie talks way to much , he was ruining the job for both of them. George spoke to the boss when he was asking Lennie a lot of questions. There for, you can tell that George wants to keep the job.
    2) This is like what we are learning in history class. We learned that back around the 1800’s if one family member made a mistake they all get fired.

  15. 1. In tonight’s reading George and Lennie meet the boss’s son Curley. Curley is a mean, short guy like George but he can’t stand big guys so he was picking on Lennie but George wouldn’t allow it. George found out that Curley’s wife is a “tart” because she gives other men “the eye” in other words she’s a big flirt but Curley never notices it. Also the boss is suspicious because Lennie never talks
    2. During this time migrant workers traveled where the jobs were at. As a migrant worker you didn’t have a stable home so you slept where you worked at and usually they had a place for you to sleep unlike today where it’s more easier to get a job. When there was no more work left for you to do you had to move so that made it that much harder to find jobs.

  16. MICE & MEN

    Tonight on mice and men i read about how Lennie and George had gotten a small place to live in, and they were not really enjoying it because they thought that the place was kinda filthy and also thought it had bed bugs. But at the same time that is the only thing that they could afford at the moment, Also i read about how they get to meet the people they are going to work with and also their boss thinks that there is something wrong about them because while Lennie does nothing, while George just keeps on talking and talking.

    I think what the novel is teaching us that you have to be greatfull with what you get because even though they could not really afford anything they still got a place to stay were they could be sort of settled for the moment.

  17. In tonights reading, I read that George and Lennie finally arrive at the ranch. Their boss was pretty upset because they didnt came the night before like they were suppose to, but Candy says he is a nice fella. The bosses askes them questions about their skills and George talks for Lennie because he avoid Lennie’s smartness. The bosses doesnt like whats going on but George explains why he does what he does for Lennie.
    The history in this book goes way back. I could tell because they use the word ” nigger” and it seems like they are being racist. In the 1800s, trying to keep a job was very hard and there werent really alot of inventions.

  18. 1. Tonight a read Of Mice and Men . 2. I read from page 17 to page 37. Whet i read so far was that Lennie has messed up jobs in the past. So now is their chance to keep a job for as long as they can. George tells Lennie not to speak to the boss because he is no so bright. I think that George is a little intimidated by the boss because of the description. The boss comes in with ” high heeled boots and spurs that show he’s no laborer man. The book is trying to teach us the difference between life now a days and back then. Now getting a job we need to do interviews and test if we are good enough. But back then you could appear at any field and start working. Lastly, if you were going to quit a job now, you would just announce it an leave. Nut not back then – all you had to do was disappear and no one would really care. This book is AWESOME !

  19. What i read tonight was Of Mice and men and it was interesting. George and Lennie have reached their destination. They check into the new bunk house and they see what it looks like. George has a problem with the beds because he thinks its infested with bed bugs. He thinks that because he saw bed bug spray on his bed and he got really aggravated. Then they meet the boss. He has a son named Curly. Lennie and Curly automatically have problems. They have problems that are childish to deal with. George must of had a bad feeling so he never let Lennie talk to the boss. The boss must of gotten suspicious when Lennie didn’t say one word to him. They also meet the bosses wife.
    2] Its hard to live in this time in history because it was hard to keep a job and maintain it. It was also hard to get one because once you got fired it was like you start your life over again and again by getting the new jobs.

  20. George and Lennie are staying in a small place. George doesn’t seem comfortable because there was bug sprays and other thing beside his bed and he felt like his bed wasn’t very clean although the guy told him it was. The boss is starting to think something is happening because George is talking for Lennie because he doesnt want Lennie to say something thats not wise. Curley, the boss’s son starts bothering Lennie because he distest tall guys.
    Life in this story takes palce in 1800s. Also in the country. George and Lennie move like migrate workers because they were being chased. Back then farmers had to do alot more work than farmers now.

  21. Tonight I learned a lot about the time they’re living in. There’s a lot of racism going on and the language they use is pretty obvious that this was back in the day. The men curse a lot and use words like “scrappy” and their grammar isn’t correct a lot of the time. You have to use the words around you to figure out what’s really meant to be said.
    I read about how George and Lennie arrived at the new ranch. They meet the boss, an old man that tells them a lot of the things they need to know about the ranch. They also meet Slim, the prince of the ranch and Curley the bosses son that’s married to a tramp. They’re starting to have trouble with Curley because Curley didn’t like them from the mintue they arrive.

  22. 1. I read about Lennie & George’s work struggles. Lennie ruins jobs for George so he doesnt want Lennie to talk anymore. The boss finds that suspicious.
    2. I can tell that this story is going to talk about the struggles of a man’s job because George & Lennie together both have trouble keeping jobs.

  23. 1)Tonight I read that Lennie and George met some of the people they are going to be working with. The Boss wonders why George keeps answering for Lennie. And also George told Lennie to be careful about what he does because George doesn’t want to lose another job.
    2)This novel is teaching me that back then working and having a job is very, very important for many people back then and if you didn’t have a job then you didn’t have any money. And more so back then if you were a women.

  24. 1.What i read tonight was that george and Lennie found a place to sleep at – the bunkhouse. Also they got new jobs on ranches. They had to go meet their new boss and his wife.
    2. This book is teaching me that those times were hard and migrant workers had to do anything they could find to get money. Also that people these days had to work really hard. In other words everybody is desperate for a job to keep their family running well.

  25. 1.In tonight’s reading, I read that George and Lenny get to meet new people when they get their new jobs. As Lennie work he has a rivalry with a guy name Curley because he is short and Lennie is huge. Another thing I read about the book was that when George and Lennie were gettingh intervied with the boss Lennie didn’t even say a word which made it seem like he was dum and don’t know his information.
    2.This book is around the 1800s and 1900s in the suburns. In addition,back then it was easy to get a job but these people didn’t get paid a lot of money which was not great.

  26. 1. the thing that happened so far was that George and Lennin got their jobs . Lennin was suppose to keep his mouth shut during the interview, but to tell you the truth i think that George did a good job. He didnt say anything stupid like i thought he was. They both then met a old man called the swamper that takes car of his old sheeep dog. The novel is teaching me that back in the 1800s that alot of people needed jobs to look for. Also that alot of people were suffering with poverty either the lack of money or clothes

  27. 1)In tonight’s reading George and Lennie check into a new bunkhouse and they meet the boss and his son Curly. Automatically Curly and Lennie have a problem, mainly because Curly doesn’t like big and tall people because he isn’t that way himself. George also didn’t let Lennie speak to the boss and that ,made the boss suspicious.
    2)This novel is teaching me how back then many people suffered to make ends meet. If Lennie are just doing this for themselves, just imagine how hard other FAMILIES had to work so that they could get food in their mouths. I can also see how when people worked back then, the conditions were terrible.

  28. 1. Tonight i read that George and Lennie finally have a shelter where they can sleep at for the night. Also they got a new job and today they have met their boss and the boss wife.
    2. What the novel is teaching me is that when it comes to working back then u have to be prepared and also a very hard worker. Also it is not a good thing to live back then because working was a big part of their life so they had to work hard in order to earn money to pay their bills.

  29. Retell: Tonight I read about how George and Lennie go to the bunkhouse. George is answering every question that the boss asked Lennie. George is doing that because he thinks that Lennie is going to mess up and get them fired. Also a new character named Curly seems to have problems with Lennie.
    Historical Analysis: The novel is teaching us that during this novel the story takes place in something like a country farm. The way they talk and the way have to work to get money says that they worked during the time period of the 1930’s.

  30. 1. n tonight’s reading Lennie and George just arrived at the ranch, they were supposed to arrive in the morning, but they had to walk ten miles to get to the ranch, the bus driver lied to them. They met the owner and the owner’s son and they both had some harsh words. Then the owner’s son’s wife came in and kind of tried to provoke Lennie & George.

    2.Life was really rough back in the days because since there was no GPS, the bus driver didn’t know where to leave George and Lennie. (:D) Also it shows that boss’ didn’t care about you. You got crappy pay, crappy living space, and kind of a crappy job. They treated you like animals and i feel as if this happened before people rebelled and made owners and bosses raise their wages up.

  31. 1.Tonight in Mice and Men Lennie and George arrived at the ranch and they went and looked for a job. They asked their boss if there was any on the ranch and so they got to meet him.
    2. It is basically teaching us about the migration lifestyle and sort of give us an idea of how migrating and immigrating was like during the time period of immigration.

  32. 1. In the book Of mice and men all that happened is Lennie and George found a place to stay where miners usually stay. And Lennie and George accept the bunk knowing that if that if they dont they will be replaced. And also they accept the place knowing that the conditions are low.

  33. 1.)In tonights reading of the whole class novel “OF Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck i read what was assigned. In chapter 2 George and Lennie were picking a new place to stay. It seems like George is being a little bit to picky to where they are going to stay. They both meet all the people they are going to be working with. They also met their boss that will tell them what to do. Thir boss is also very suspisouse about the both of them. Mostley because George is doing all of the talking for Lennie.
    2.) This looks like this happend in the 1800 when the civl rights movment was happening and it still looks like alot of slavery is happening. Also people are not getting paid the things they deserve

  34. 1. Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck
    2.I read from pages 17 to pages 38
    3.Well George and Lennie didnt really like the place where they stay at with bed bugs.So they asked a lot of question, then they desided to stay because they needed the job and the money. The boss was angry that George and Lennie did not arrive the previous night.
    4. Living in these times were difficult because you had to work with your families and if you get injuried u still had to work. Also the beds were crappy because it had bed bugs and weired things.

  35. 1. what i read from of mice and men is that george and lennie meets a new character name candy. also in one night they were supposed to meet with they boss and they didnt showed up so candy worned them that the boss was angry.
    2. one HA is back in the days i know it was hard to get a job even if they give a little bit of money and i could imagine if they not at work.

  36. 1)In tonights reading of MIce and Men George and Lennie finally arrived at the ranch to their work. They got scowled at for not being there in the morning by their boss. His boss has a son which they call curly. The boss got mad at George for not letting Lennie talk and he got suspicios about the money Lennie earned.What th boss doesn’t know is that they had to travel 10 miles to get there.
    2)What i learned from this book is that jobs are really important to them and they go where the job goes so they wouldn’t lose the job. They apprieciate what they get including their wifes which now wifes are barley appriciated by the husband’s family.

  37. 1. In the book, I read about George and Lennie finally reaching the ranch. Right away George doesn’t like Curley, the boss’ son. Lennie falls in love with Curley’s wife instantly. George and Lennie meet Slime and Carlson.
    2. This book is saying that back then jobs were rare and that not many people had them. Many people were homeless and they didn’t know what to do except to look for jobs. People were also probably looking for jobs because they were saving up money to do something after they earned the money that they needed

  38. 1) today I read that both Lennie and George made it to their work but late. They meet lots of the workers and even the bosses son Curley .who already has a problem with Lennie. George hates him because he’s picking on. Someone who doesn’t know what to do. 2) This novel teaches you that back then it was kind of easy to get a job but maintaining it is the problem. These jobs they have can get them fired quickly because they can replace the people. Also from the context clues you can tell from the setting since there on farms and in factories.

  39. 1. The thing that happened in tonights reading is that George and Lennie figured out the place where they were going to stay in and they kind of were thinking in what place they were in because it was a place that was belonged to a very clean person ,not a room that had little friends living in it. Also the thing that I had read was that George and Lennie met the boss that was very unique because of the things that had happend to him in the past, especially because of the boss’es physical description in the world.
    2.One historical analyses that i made was that in this time a lot of people moved from place to place or in this case were people were migraters to get money in to their pokets. Also that times in these cases is that people were people who had different backgrounds and just worked for family or just for the good of themselves in the world.

  40. 1.What has been happening in Of Mice and Men is that George and Lennie are working in the fields and they have meet where they are going to sleep.George was picky about where he was sleeping because he has to live there either way.If not he has to go somewhere else.
    2.My HA is that nowadays we don’t have migrate workers. Also this book is in like the middle 1800s because of the way they talk and how they hav workin conditions

  41. 1. what i read in Mice And Men was that George and Lennie moved to a very not so good house where their are a lot of nasty things. Also what i read in Mice And Men is that George and Lennie met there boss and his wife which she is not a very good person.
    2. i think this book called Mice And Men was made in 1993 because the way they speak is just the way back in the day people spoke. Also this book show how back then job wernt that easy to find but now a days some job are easy to find.The last thing is that back then people use to live in shelter but now a days people live in the streets.

  42. 1:Gorge and Lennie went to the field.they meat the new persons they was going to work with.he was the boss.they also meat his wife too.
    2:the novel is teaching me that the jobs from back then wasnt as easy as i thought.It was harder because you coulnt mess up on your is just like Gorge and Lennie.they also had to be very independent with there work.

  43. This is my HA note : Back at that it even white man had to work as hard as black mans.It really didn’t matter what color they were. However, they treat the white mans a little better then they treated the black men.This shows that sometimes black and white mans where treated the same at some of their jobs. But they still called Black mans niggers which i think its disrespectful it took along time for people to stop calling black mans Niggers . This is ma note of tonight.

  44. 1.George and Lennie have arrived at where they are going to be working at and where are they going to sleep at.George is bothered when he finds a bug poison bottle right next to his bed and Candy tells him that the man who slept there before was very clean even if there was nothing. And lastly the boss isn’t impressed with lennie because he can’t do anything and George tells the Boss that he was kicked by a horse in the head and he is not straight in the head and is not very bright, but still a very good worker. 2. This book shows that keeping a constant job was a very difficult thig to do back in the day. The time period is in the mid 1800’s.This book shows that work was more important than having a social life like it these days.

  45. 1. Today what happened is that George and Lennie make it to the filed to work. They were supposed to arrive in the morning and are lectured about that also a new character, Candy is introduced who is VERY NOISY.
    2. This story shows that back then it was really hard to keep a constant job. since you had to be constantly moving. I can also see that transpiration isn’t as good as it could be. Also it is some what of slave with people living in bunk rooms.

  46. 1. In tonight’s reading, Lennie and George get to see where they’re going to be staying to work. The woman is the boss’ wife and she flirts it up with men by giving them “the look” and George and Lennie seem to notice.
    2.A historical analyses that I made is that there musthave been alot of migration because both Lennie and George and other people go from job to job so that they can get more money.

  47. 1) In tonight’s reading George and Lennie just arrived to the ranch. They met the boss and a man who helps orginize the bunkroom.They also met Curley who’s the boss’s son and Lennie get picked one by him because he don’t like big guys. Also, Lennie and George heard some rumors involving Curley.
    2) By what I’ve read I learn that men in that time had pride in like having a wife. (Not now). Also, I learn that people sticks to their own kind at that time but now most don’t.

  48. 1) In tonight’s reading Lennie and George just arrived at the ranch, they were supposed to arrive in the morning, but they had to walk ten miles to get to the ranch, the bus driver lied to them. They got called out about being late to the ranch by their boss, the boss gets fustrared at George for not letting Lennie speak himself, he’s starting to get suspicious.
    2) This novel is teaching me that… during that time being punctual to work was really important. It mattes to the bosses that their worker is on time. This also teaches me that giving a good first impression on your boss can come in handy when new at a job.

  49. 1.) Tonight in the booki read about how at the ranch that Lennie and George are working at, George wont give Lennie a chance to talk and the boss is starting to get suspicious because George is talking for Lennie. The boss thinks they are hiding something and is very skeptical. Curly also seems to be a little skeptical because Lennie isnt talking at all.
    2.) This book seems to take place where working on a farm was the most important thing in order to earn money. When there was nothing else left you had to do you moved.

  50. 1. In tonigts reading Lennie and George got there small place to stay and George was being kind of picky about it but ended up stay becuase that was the only place he had of shelter . Alos they met there boss and his wife , was introduced in tonigts reading shes a real catch (nOT) .
    2. This book was totally made in like 1800’s because the way they talk like purty instead of pretty is like from back in thr day alos . Both men to find a job is pretty harsh i mean most people wouldnt want to work in farms now-a-days and Lennie & George have to work on diffrent things in their new jobs and try not to screw up . Its more like a country story working on farms and in weeds .

  51. 1. What i read was bout Lennie and George getting to meet the new people that they are going to work with. The boss thinks that their is something going on because George is doing all of the talking and Lennie is just sitting there not saying anything. Also Curly and George are not getting along and George defines his wife as a tramp because of how she was flirting with them.
    2. It is teaching me about how the jobs worked back then. This shows me that it was probably hard to get because since you had to live there if you got fired and then went to another job they would have to find somewhere for you to sleep. Also it shows that we have jobs better today because we don’t have to live at the job. Also we have an advantage of being able to get more jobs quickly.

  52. 1) In tonight’s reading Lennie and George get to learn the new people that they work with. Lennie has a rivalry with Curley because just because Curley is not that tall and Lennie is tall. Also their new boss is suspicious of them because Lennie is not talking while George is doing al the talking.
    2) I know that it is hard to get jobs in the past so that is why they are so big about getting this jobs so they can have a greater life in their future. They are trying any thing to try get a great job from traveling from a lot of long distant ranges.

  53. 1.Speak by l anderson
    2. I read from pages 112 to 137
    3.What I read tonight is that Milanda when she was at her closet that she has in school she was putting stuff away but the she found out that her ex was behind her and she had no defense and so she was about to be attacked again but then milinda used defence and she was able to get cheerleaders to get some help.
    4. What it is trying to teach me is that sometiemes it is hard to live like that but you have to be very brave and hhave to go through some hardships.

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