Thursday July 14, 2011 – 8th Grade Post 2

Hi KIPPsters!

I hope you had a wonderful third day of school! I’m so happy that we are finally getting rolling with real reading and not spending all of our time on routines! (Even though routines ARE super important!) Anyway, here’s tonight’s CRITERIA FOR SUCCESS:

1. Title and Author of current IR book.

2. I read from page ____ to page ____.

3. Brief retell of what you read tonight. (3-5 sentences)

4. Describe the personality of the main character.  Provide at least two text details that reflect your description of the character.

That’s it. Please don’t forget to follow the CFS exactly or you will end up re-doing it tomorrow during bench. 😦




61 thoughts on “Thursday July 14, 2011 – 8th Grade Post 2

  1. 1) Birdland by Tracy Mack
    2) I read from page 56 – 79
    3) In the book, Jed starts to realize that Zeke, his older brother who wrote electrifying poetry but died of diabetes, was the most important part of his life. He couldn’t stop remembering most of the time he had with his older brother. The flashback consisted on Zeke choosing not to take his insulin. He thinks that he’s fine without it, but his side effects say otherwise. Jed did anything in his power to fix Zeke’s side effects.
    4) Jed is a regular, all-around teen who has his life turned around after his brother’s death. With that, he is stuck with a school project of a documentary of the east side New York City. But when Jed finds a mysterious homeless girl, he thinks it’s the only way to know how to be on his own.

  2. Title: Linger
    Tonight I read from page 28 to 49
    What I read tonight: Cole (one of the main characters) is human again and he is still adjusting to it. He feels exhausted, bleary and confused. Grace and Isabel (two other main characters) talk about the dissapearance of Olivia who had gotten bitten by werewolves and turned into one. Sam and Grace talk about their future and college. They have to decide what to do about going to the same school.
    All the main characters Grace, Sam, Cole, and Isabel all deal with struggles in their life. Isabel still deals with her brothers death. Sam and Grace deal with Grace turning into a were wolf and their future. Cole deals with adjusting to human life

  3. Title of the Book : Money Hungry
    Author of the Book : Sharon G. Flake
    I read from page 62 to 94
    1) Tonight I read about Raspberry and her friend Ja’nae working for Miss Neeta and getting paid. =] Though, Ja’nae has to give the money she earned to Raspberry because Ja’nae burrowed $200 from Raspberry to get a new leather jacker for the boy she likes. Also, Raspberry has something going out with a boy named Sato. It’s obvious that he likes her!
    2) I think that the personality is straight up. I think this because on Page 72, Raspberry asks Ja’nae for all the money she earned today. Also, this is the first thing that Raspberry said when they made it down stairs! She wasn’t worrying about nothing else other than her money. On Page 72, it says ” ‘Pay up,’ I tell Ja’nae, when we get outside onto Miss Neeta’s porch. I don’t mean to be so cold-blooded but business is business. Also, I think this because Raspberry once told his mom that she wouldn’t be wanted by a doctor since her mother and a rich doctor have something going on. She specifically said ” ‘He a doctor, Momma. What you think somebody like him wants somebody like you, who lives in the projects with gangbangers and junkies,’ ” Page 10. To me, this shows that Raspberry knows that she’s not living in a fairytale world. She’s just really straight up.

  4. I read ‘The Girl Who Cried Monster’ By R.L. Stine .
    Tonight I read from page 48 to pahe 80 .
    Retell ; After the shocking discovery that Lucy makeS , she decides to tell her family . She runs home & yells everything she saw ; the bug-eating libraian , Mr. Mortans head floating out of his shirt & into the air like a balloon with a deep black hole as a mouth & giantic eyes . As she almost had a panic attack , her family refused to believe her . Her father yelled at her everytime she even spoke of monsters . Since Lucy couldn’t believe it herself , she went back to assure herself that what had happened was real or if her imagination was just messing with her . The next morning she left for her appointment & waited until Mr. Mortan was all alone to do what he did the last time . At first all he does is organize , but then as she convinces herself that there’s nothing to watch , he takes his bugs out & handful by handful stuffs them in his mouth . Then he takes out a turtle & eats it likes its lobster , only it wasn’t even dead : it was widely awake . Lucy finds the key to the library & runs like her life is about to end . When she gets gome she yells for help , only it’s not her family who comes , knock knock it’s Mr. Mortan at the door .
    About my character ; Lucy isn’t the type to give up . If she can’t find a way , she’ll make one until she proves she’s right . “My name is Lucy Dark . I’m twelve . . . ” ( Page 1 ) She has straight black hair , she’s short for her age , a round face , a straight nose & straight teeth ( from page 2 ) . She loves scaring people with her realistic monster stories & reading books about monsters , or paranormal activites & such .

  5. 1.If I stay by Gayle Forman
    2.Tonight I read from pages 40 to 63
    3. Mia went into the surgery room and the docters was saying how she has a collapsed lung, hurted brain and was bleeding internally.As they are doing surgery on her she image her soul walking around the hosiptal.As she does this she see her grandma and grandpa sitting in the waiting room for her.As this happens she starts to think about how her granma wanted her to go to Juilliard for the cello.When they are finish with the surgery she rest and thinks about her boyfriend Adam.
    4.The main character personality is a dreamer. “Just for the sake of the experiment, I wiggle my nose like samantha on Bewitched.” Another one is “I would click my heels to see if i’m coming home,but i didn’t.”

  6. 1. Title: Worlds Dumbest Criminals by Daniel Butler and Alan Ray
    2. Pages Read: I read from pages 89 through pages 109
    3. What I read!: i read about an Australian man that was shopping and shopping, buying the newest trends and the newest models. The problem was that he had no money. He owed a lot of money to his credit cards. The credit card company went to his house and took his stuff and then later he tried to steal “his money” from the bank but got arrested. What a guy.
    4.Main CHARACTER: These character are very creative. They find dumb alternate to the problem their facing. They try to be sneaky in the scene of trying not to get caught but they do things so obviously that it is funny. They are open minded because they don’t care what they do even if they don’t like what they have to do to try not to get caught. One case is that one person is allergic to fish but he ran straight to a fish market to escape the cops. Also, an other one is a person tried to rob a bank to recuperate this money (the What I read story).

  7. 1. Return To Paradise by Simone Elkeles
    2.Tonight i read from 170 to 197
    3. Retell: Maggie had said good-bye to Caleb but she was very uneasy with it. She didnt want to leave him like that. So Maggie went into Caleb’s room and just talked to him she ended up sleeping in his arms. Caleb seriously wants her but he thinks that this is the end of their relationship for good. Right now Caleb is with Lenny since Lenny doesnt have anywhere to go at all. Caleb realizes that he has more than Lenny so he goes back to Paradise.
    4. Caleb is an ex-con. He’s a tough, good-looking boy. He’s in love with Maggie but he doesnt want to confess it. He wants to forget her but he cant seem to live up to that. No regrets is runing through his mind.
    Maggie is a sweet “good” girl. She got a limp on her leg because Caleb suppose-of-ly hit her with a car and left her to die. That isnt true and she knows this but she still wants Caleb. She cant stop thinking about him .

  8. 1. Goosebumps: Just Dial 555 Creep 2. Tonight i read from page 38 to 57. 3. What i read tonight was that ever since Ricky was kicked off the school paper Tasha wanted to give him a second chance. So he needed to take some shots of the car wash WITHOUT damaging her dad’s camera. Too bad ! She didn’t give him a chance to explain why the camera got messed up ( because of his 4 enemies.) He decided to get back at her by giving away her phone number to all the “creeps” in school. His plan backfired. Somehow Tasha figured out it was Ricky and put his phone number and name. So instead of the creeps calling Tasha, they’ve been calling Ricky ! 4. Ricky is a boy who goes to school where he is picked on a lot . He sometimes just wishes people would leave him alone so he defends himself anyway possible. “Hey give me a break,” Ricky yells page 43. “Let go of me,” yelled Ricky to his 4 enemies page 24.

  9. 1. Fixing Delilah by Sarah Ockler
    2. I read from page 60 to page 82
    3.Tonight I read that Delilah and her mom were fixing the old house and making it new and fresh again so they could sell it. Also I read that Delilah has met her BFF since she was small and they have catched up. She is also worried about her future and getting too close with her BFF, Patrick. She also misses her home. Delilah is looking for clues to the death of her grandparents and Stephanie. She is asking trying to ask everyone what happened but so far, no good answers.
    4. Delilah is a curious person. She wonders and ask a lot of questions. She is also the type of girl who makes stupid choices (Ex. “shoplift”, hang out with a smoker/drinker, disobey mother, ect.). ” You’d think someone who’s seen you half-naked would be a little more enthusiastic about picking you up on time. [….] Finn crushed a spent butt into the ashray and turned down the radio, blowing out a plume of blue smoke from between his lips.” and ” ‘Delilah. I had. To. Leave work yesterday. To. Pick. You up from Blush.’ [……] ‘You were supposed to be grounded! You almost got arrestes yesterday!’ “.

  10. 1) Surviving Hitler by Andrea Warren
    2) Tonight I read from page 53 to page 77
    3) The thing that I had read about today was the things that Jack had to do in his life as he was working hard labor in the Nazi death camp in the world.Also the thing that I had read about today was that Jack had passed through at least two years without being killed like some of the many other people he spent some time with or in this case his fellow jewish friends.And also something else that I had read tonight was that a lot of people were sent out on death walks in which mostly only the killers came back and nobody else would come back because they would most likely be dead.
    4) The personality of Jack is that he was willing to do mostly anything so that he did not need to lose his life in that time in the world.For example Jack would carry or do anything that he was told to like”never to run to the gates that seperated him from others and the real world.Also he was the type of person who was very strong.For example like it said in the book he was the one who missed his family a whole lot but had to just live with all the things he had left to see in his life and he just went through all of it in his life.

  11. 1. MESSED UP
    2.FROM PAGE 45 TO PAGE 67
    3.R.D brother died and R.D thinks his life change because of that one thing. when he gets home from school he sees that his room hasn’t change at all because his brother is not there to mess up his room or to move things. he want to hide the fact that earl died and he doesn’t want to go in to a foster home to be with other people and other family.he want to hide earl’s body in the back ground.

    • R.D is a kid who live with his grandmother and brother named earl, earl died and R.D life changes a lot he doesnt want to go in to a fosters home with another family so he tries to keep it a secret.

  12. 1. Ghost Stories by Robert Westall
    2. Tonight i read from page 63 to 86
    3. Tonight I read about a girl named Sarah Mulloy who always wondered about a place where there were old things and things left for dead people. Sarah decided to go into the place and see stuff. She found these 3 dead lilies. She got caught and ran away with the lilies in her hand. Later on in the story i find out that Sarah and her mom burry flowers and objects and the village does not like that.
    4. Sarah is a daring and hateful person. ” I ran down the street w/ my hair flying out behind me with the dead lilies in my hand. ” I hated Reverend Evans”.

  13. 6. 2 text details – Georgia was kind of jealous of Jas when she got a boyfriend before her and kind of pushed her away.
    Also, she used Angus to get closer to Robbie.

  14. 1.cirque du freak by darren shan 160 to 251
    3.i love this book so the guy actually poisoned himself so he seemed dead. his friend steve found out hes really not dead.
    4. darren sacrifices alot for his friends he fake his own death for his best friend to live. because of this he can never go back home to is family.
    also darren does thing for his friend most people wouldn’t do for each other like helping his friend when hes hurt( this happens since page 100)

  15. 1. Vampire Diaries, L. J. Smith
    2. I read from pg 70 to 107
    3. Elena went to the homecoming dance and she wanted to be with Stefan but then Caroline came and ruin the whole thing. Elena was upset, so she went with Tyler and his friends and they were drinking beer. After that Elena got cold and Tyler hugged and started to hug her even more Elena said stop and he said okay.
    4. The personality of Elena is fun, out going and the leader of the school. In the novel it said that Elena won homecoming. And every boy wants to be with Elena. Matt and Elena just broke up and he is still in love with her and he being a good friend. And after the dance Tyler started to hug Elena a lot because she is popular and wants to be with her.

  16. 1. Shiver Maggie Stiefvater

    2. I read from page 104 to page 254

    3. Tonight, I red about Grace & Sam’s relationship growth. Sam is really falling in love with Grace. He’s becoming more comfortable about talking about his wolf life to her.

    4. Describe the personality of the main character. Provide at least two text details that reflect your description of the character.
    On of the main characters is Sam. He is loving, a gentleman,romantic, articulate and sensitive.
    -> “Wishy washy . . . ‘Those arent the words I would use to describe you . . . sensetive.’ ”
    -> “And at that moment that was as fragile as a bird in my hands.”

  17. Title: Our Secret, Siri Aang
    Author: Christan Kessler
    I read from pages 49 to 75
    Retell: Namelok is growing and now she is acting very suspicious. I wouldnt blame her, if i was hiding two big rhinos in my bushes or secret hide out. The poachers are not the only ones out to attack the rhinos, but there are other animals that want to eat the rhinos or start a fight with them. A cow that was near by scented the rhinos and he went to attack and the whole situation was a huge riot. Then after Namelok stop the attack a big swarm of flies just stick onto to the rhinos. She also got rid of those files. Siri Anng (the mom rhino) she finally gave birth to her little baby rhino wich the name has not been given yet. 2) the personality of Namelok is caring because shes not like other natives who see rhinos and think DINNER!!!! At least she has a heart and dose not see them as just food. Also, she care for them enough to even deliver Siri Aangs baby.

  18. 1. Angus, Thongs and Full – Frontal Snogging by Louise Rennison
    2. Tonight, I read from page 51 to page 72
    3. I read about how Georgia found out that her first love is now dating Lindsey. She’s the leader of the whole school, everyone knows not to mess with Lindsey and her clique because she will make your life miserable. She’s determined to get to Robbie.
    4. My main charcter, Georgia, doesn’t stop at anything until she gets what she wants. At times she could be a little snobby and selfish towards her friends. She can really hurt the people she loves when she all for something.

  19. Ghost boy by iain lawrenece
    Page27 to page50
    In my book Harold went to the circus in Oregon but before ge could go in a group of teens started calling him names ” there goes ghost boy” page 30 and they throw his jar of worms and his fish. But when he dud go back to the ficus a few days later he meet another albino which was the ring leader of the circus. This made him feel less emotional about being an outcast
    My main character is a very quiet boy that likes to observe things around him.”the train whistled at batsford’s field whereof started around the long bend toward liberty and to the rattlesnake.the ghost lifted his head and his thin pale lips were set in a line that was neither a frown nor smile” (page2)
    ” it was a sad little voice ,even more shocking for Harold than the sight of the creature half man and half ape that towered above him”(page 15)

  20. TITLE: Slave To Love
    AUTHOR: Rebecca Campbell
    Tonight’s Reading: 35-54
    Tonight on my reading i read about how people think that Andrew is gay because they thought he had a funny face and had a weird expression when they asked him if he spends lots of time thinking about male beauty. But Andrew just usually always ignores the fact that other people tease him. Also, tonight i read about how Andrew never had a chance to tell Ophelia about his new car.But Ophelia and Alice were shocked at the fact that he was aware of how crappy his car was.
    This Shows That my Main character doesn’t care about the thoughts of other, because he knows there are time people talk about him or tease him but he doesn’t pay attention . Also he always keeps moving on with his life, i found it surprising that he would show with a car that hasn’t been clean in years, also the paint was coming off and it smelled really bad, because people his age usually always cares what others think of them, but he doesn’t.

  21. 1.Bone by Jeff Smith 2.Tonight I read from page 90 to 118, the end. 3.Rose thinks that Braire is the hooded one.The Bones run as fast as they could to save Phoney Bone and Thorn from the sacrificial ceramony.Bone almost got eaten by the Stickeater.And lastly Thorn was found unharmed. 4.Thorn is a fighter and a lover and a fighter.Thorn said one day before going to fight “I didnt tell you because I am going alone.”Also Thorn also said” I made agreements with Ted for you to stay in his farmhouse.

  22. The Dark and Hollow Places
    I read from page 80 tp page 120
    Today i read about how my main character how she think she is beginning to feel sick.But im still confused,who is giving the virus to make you change.Also she is afraid that she will end up being one of the people that are laying on the floor.i think that eventually she will try to fight it and make sure that she is in good condition and healthy
    The social issue of wealth is being showned.SHe doesnt think that she can stay in this place and try to feed herself at the same time its completely impossible.Especially when you live in a place where its not much of what you would want.
    Another social issue being shown is poverty.She canteven be able to walk ointo a market without having to look at prices.THis is because she doesnt havethe money because she waisted it on the journey over to this place.she is really struggling with getting food for herself but she is really trying to pick herself back up.

  23. 1. The Maze Runner by James Dashner
    2. Tonight i read from page 25-50
    3. So far in the book thomas has slept one day in the glade and he has also been a helper in a prank on Alby a boy who doesnt like him.when the prank was pulled alby said that he didnt care if thomas did the prank or not but since he was there if another one happened there would b blood. when thomas slept on his first day in the middle of the night Newt took thomas to show him a monster that haunts the Glades. when thomas woke up he felt as if he had been to the glades befor and that he wants to be a runner-someone who tries to figure a way out of the maze. alby was taken on a tour of the glades.
    4. thomas is a very jumpy and scared character.”he did grab a sandwich, but hesitated,the writhing, monstrous image of what he’d seen in the shack popping bak in his head.”(pg22) “this thought gave him a chill, made him wonder if a griever might come charging toward them at any minute.” (45)

  24. The Maze Runner by James Dashner
    I read from pages 53 -73
    What i read about tonight was about that Thomas was gaining his memory from scratch. He has met some new people since he woke up at the beginning of the book. He has also met some new people. Some of these people are Alby, Jeff, and Clint.
    Thomas’ personality is like a very thoughtful person. One reason to back this up is when on page 59, he was look ing at Alby and he really was getting in to all her details. Also on page 72 he was really thinking about how Ben was talking andhow he was moving.

  25. 1) Go ask alice by anonomys. 2) page 30 to 51. 3) today I read about Alice going on her date with bill and to her it went incredible.He then introduces her to a couple of friends that later on gets her addicted to the drugs because they gave her speed which she enjoyed. Also when she was with gran outside she sees Roger her first crush/ love. 4) I think that alices personality is she needs somthing to fall back on .A she is the girl who is under peer presure and cares for opinions. ” I positivly can’t wait to try it again. No wonder it’s called speed.” and” I straightens my hair which I loved but my mother hated it.” It seems she craves the social life and is trying to be cool.

  26. Hi!
    1)Today I read My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult
    2) Tonight I read from page 104 to 176
    3) Tonight Julia was talking about how she loved Capbel so much and because of him she can’t have a successful relationship. Campbell also still loves Julia but is afraid of commitment. Julia met Kate for the first time and she feels bad for her. Sara remebers kates pet fish and how he went through so much and she wished that Kate would have gotten better and not the fish.
    4) There are many main characters but I think that Anna is am incredible person. She lives to save her sister, her whole life eand world revolves around Kate. She knows more about medicine than alot of medical students and she is kind to everyone. I think that it is totally okay that she wants to stick up for herself for once in her life. Her parents don’t pay attention to her and they revolve their whole lives around kate. They are just stressing themselves out “waiting for Kate to die”. Forgetting that thy have 2 other kids. Also, they “never asked her if she wanted to give anything to Kate”. She was always forced and if she’s decided not to give Kate the kidney she has a really good reason.

  27. 1.The Red Ribbon Army by: Akira Toriyama
    2.Tonight I read from page 8 to 66
    3.Goku the sayain from another planet has come to Earth to escape his planet because Freiza went t his planet to destroy it. Goku and his two brothers (Raditz and Vegeta) where sent to other planets to survive but Goku went to the wrong planet.The sayian race is the strongest race in the universe and they love fighting and training to become very strong.Goku is about 8 years old and he is looking for treasure and a dragon ball.While he is tying to do this he encounters the Red Ribbon army and they want to try to destroy him. The personality of Goku is perservirence because he never gives up when he is fighting. ” Heh confident little lad aren’t we..?” pg 61
    “Come on! Make your move! I don’t care that im little i will still mess you up” pg 66.

  28. 1. one peice by Eiichro Oda
    2. 45pgs-184pgs
    3. what has happened so far is that arlong has nearly beaten luffy. they both meet at the chart room where nami was kept inprisoined for 8 yrs doing sea charts. Luffy gets angry and beats up arlong to death while having arlong park crushed upon him. Luffy is a brave hearted kid that wants to be a pirate he is gathering random people for his crew.” i dont care how great the fish-men are, i dont care about the sea charts or anything” ( pg54 ) ” i have finally figuered out how to save her (pg54)

  29. Book: Girl, Stolen
    Author: April Henry
    Griffin has arrived in a place that is not mentioned in the book. He’s talking to some man. He gets really upset because Griffin tell me that he didn’t bring the supplies plus that he has a girl in the backseat. While they are talking about this, Cheyenne is hearing everything but they can’t tell because she is tied up under the covers. When Griffin gets backs to the car, he takes the covers off Cheyenne and see shes been crying. He takes her out the car so he can take her to the house but instead of letting her cane alone by herself, he takes her because he thinks if he gives her the cane she might go away and try to find the police. Theres a dog with them name Roy and he starts walking with them while Griffin controls Cheyenne but little did he know that she can see with her left eye a little.
    Cheyenne is really shy and is scared because every chance she gets to talk to Griffin she says ” let me go please i wont tell the cops” and she barley talks.

  30. 1. The Diary of Anne Frank By: Anne Frank
    2. Pages 36-100
    3. Anne Franks family and the Van Dans know that the Nazis went to their homes and think that they are all dead. Someone has broke in at night and has stole things from the office that the “Secret Annex” is located. The Secret Annex is what the Franks called their hide out home. They can make no movments no nothing. One drop of a book could track asomeones attention.

  31. 1.) What Happen to Cass McBride
    2.)Gail Gales
    3.) I read from pages 40 to 60
    4.) Tonight I read about how after Kyle buried Cass alive, and left her ther underground to rot and to feel how he felt now that his brother is dead. The word got out somehow and Kyle was taken into custody where he announced where Cass was buried and tried to explain why he did it. Police officers and detectives went to the scene where they found Cass almost unconcscience.
    5.) Cass in my opinion is a very sweet girl who acts differently around his friends. Cass in no way tried to hurt David and she seems very guilty that David is dead because of her.

  32. 1. Girl, Stolen by April Henry
    2. Tonight, I read from page 47-71
    3. Retell: When I last left off, she was tied up and the man who told her to drink something had left and told her not to move. Now she is trying to find a way to get herself out. She tried using a sharp piece of glass which she smashed on the table to get her hands untied. Cheyenne is afraid that she might end up cutting herself, but she knew if she waited too long both of the men would come back and do worse things to her. On pages 65-67 Cheyenne tried to make the Griffin believe she ran away. She locked the door and opened the window to make it seem like she ran away. But when Griffin came he saw her crouched in the side of the bath tub covering her mouth.
    4. I think that Cheyenne is that type of person that will not give up. She kept on trying to find ways to get away from these men. “She felt the impact and then the cracks radiating out as the class split and broke.” That showed she was smart and tried to get something sharp so that she could get out of that place she is in by cutting the things that kept her tied up. “When I tell the police that, they’ll find you in a minute.” I think here at this part she is trying to get Griffin to let her go or she will call the police and tell them all the things these bad people are doing got her.

  33. 1) Naruto 21 by Masashi Kishimoto
    2) Today I Read from pg’s 148 to 201
    3) In this part of the story the fat ninja named Choji performed his special attack which is the Super Expansion. He bloated into the sizes of a hot air balloon and attempted to squish one of the Sound Four. But as a counter to this, the guy from the Sound four entered his “Second State” which made him 10x as powerful and he was actually able to lift Chuji who was currently weighed about 20,000 pounds. In the end Naruto hit the Sound Four guy with a Rasengan which is a ball of ninja energy and the Sound Four man died.
    4) Naruto is an energetic and determined spirit. His dream is to be Hokage or leader of his entire village. He is also determined to make Sakura like him.

  34. 1. Scrawl By mark Shulman
    2. I read from pages 30 to 50
    3. what am reading so far in my book called Scrawl is that Tod is that he is really frustrated because his friend is really interested in reading and want to read a goodnight story for Tod. In addition it say “Are you still on about that? Forget it. It’s too dark to read anyway.” However they start to discuss where is Thailand.
    4. Tod is really reluctant to hear story like his friend was saying. ” Even if it is dark i could still read just find in the dark.” Also his friend do everything he could just to read that story for Tod. ” I’ll keep light my shiny silver lighter.”

  35. 1.The Report Card by Andrew Clements
    2.I read from pages 63 to 91.
    3.A retell of what I read today was that the main character name Nora was expressing her feelings towards how she like Mrs.Byrne as her favorite teacher from the school. In addition, Nora said “And in my opinion, Mrs.Byrne was one of the best people on the whole school. I had never seen her lose her temper, and she always seemed fair and open-minded.
    4.Nora’s personality is care free. For example,”My grades won’t matter so much, not like they do now for a lot of kids. Another quote that show Nora is carefree is “And even if I do get into trouble, I don’t care.”

  36. 1.Maximum Ride by James Patterson
    2. I read from page 1 to 50
    3.This book is sort of like a movie because it jumps right into the action instead of those other books who have a long introduction and take a long time. Anyways,Max the main character is basically discovering with his and his best friends their natural abilities and right now it is just the beginning of their powers. As they travel through their experiences they soon realize they are one who alot of people don’t have. That it is what they see through their eyes of their own powers.
    4. The personality of the character is like take everything as it is and move on with your life. For example, “We’ll never know. Jeb’s dead. Now everyone get your gear together.” Also another detail is ” I mean right before we left? I just loooked at Jeb’s old flies, you know? And some of them were about us. Or me.

  37. 1. Go Ask Alice, Anonymous
    2. tonight i read from page 25 to page 46
    3. Today i read about how Alice is going to miss her best friend Beth who is going to an all Jewish camp. While Beth is gone, Alice goes to her grandmothers house, but she has nothing to do. One of Alice’s old friends, Jill, from her old high school called her up and asked if she could come to an autograph party at Jill’s house and Alice accepted the invite. That day of Jill’s party changed Alice’s life. Alice started to use drugs — well some of the drugs got into her soda and started to laugh hysterically.
    4. Alice’s personality is very adventurous. She’s always trying to try new things she hasn’t tried before. ” I simply cant wait to try pot, only once, I promise!”(p.31) Alice is also a very curious person. She always wonders about the consequences and what can effect her. “Oh I’m so horribly, nauseously mixed up and — what if I’m pregnant? Oh how i wish i had someone, anyone, to talk with who knows what they’re talking about”(p.37)

  38. Title:possible Author:Vaunda Micheaux Nelson I read from page 48-64 pages 1} The personalities of the main character is she is very friendly and she know that everything is possible. Sheppard is a person who likes to hang out with her friend during the summer.also she still went on with her life even thought her dad died on the day of her graduation. 2} what i read today is that Sheppard is going to be spending time working with Ms.Montgomery at her apartment. Sheppard don’t want to go work with her because she is a very cranky women she also don’t play board games

  39. 1. Witch Child by Celia Rees
    2. I read from page 55 to page 89.
    3. This afternoon I read about Marry and Elias going into a land that looks very deadly. Elias had a horrible feeling about driving the ship past it. Of course Marry doesn’t care she just wants to see what it is. They go through it and they heard people from the upper deck yelling and screaming. They went to see what was happening and people were dead and everyone was huddled in a small corner frightened.
    4. Mary is adventures because first she wants to explore the sea alone. Second she really wants to see what is that deadly, foggy look.

  40. 1. Annexed
    2. I read from page 1 to 135
    3. Today, I read about Peter van Pels and his life in the annex. When he’s first arriving, he goes without his Jewish star and he sees how different non Jews are treated. When Peter comes, he isn’t looking forward to it because Anne is annoying. As they spend more time together in the annex, Peter starts to develop more feelings about Anne.
    4.Peter’s personality is that he is very shy and optamistic because he’s scared to share his true feelings. Also, he hopes the whole situation will end and he’s just as curious as Anne is.

    • 1 That was then,This is now. 2 78-134 today. 3 mark is the fear less one he’s all saying how bad ass he is( that in the book).Also I believe he has a soft side but is afraid to admit it because he believes that people won’t think he’s “bad ass”. But I believe it’s better to be you then put on a show that would get you in trouble. 4 His brother Bryton is the same way but people now has a soft side and that’s why people respect him over his brother. Also I keep this in my head mercy is only valuable to your enemy. He always shows mercy and always gets double crossed.

  41. 1. marvel universe
    2. I read from 70 pages
    3. Brief retell of what you read tonight…. I read about alien race and what planet they come from and my favorite alien is druffs because he is very different from everybody. He came from ryas, he has three fingers, and three toes. He is very short 3″5. Another alien called ergonscame from planet ergonar, regular fingers and toes, he is 6″2 and has strength to pick up heavy gravity. Also learned how they similar and differnet
    4. Describe the personality of the main character. Provide at least two text details that reflect your description of the character. Well i read about aliens all of them came from different planet, they have different appearance, different ages. Some lived many years

  42. Hi this is my CFS:
    1. BEWARE.R.L Stine
    2.Tonight i read from page 41 to page 63
    3-4.Tonight i read about a new story about this about this boy named Tony Wayne. his ten years old and his best friend is named Danny.They love Halloween, every year they threw a Halloween party sometimes in Tony’s house or other times in Danny’s house. Tony is cooler then Tony,Tony’s costumes are always better, his party’s are also better. His scary stories are always scarier then Tony’s and the story his telling this Halloween is about The hunted costume is really scary and its real and Tony didn’t believe it at first.Until he came across the hunted costume.

  43. 1. memoirs of a teenage amnesiac by Gabrielle Zevin
    2. I read from page __90__ to page __121__.
    3. Naomi starts to talk about how she shouldnt have broken up with Ace. She starts to think about if Ace could have been the one that she love and if things could have been different between them. He was everything to her and he tryed his best to help her and protect her from everything.
    4. Naomi is a girl who is the type of teenager who wants to fit in with everything and everyone.”But I wasnt having a good time, and looking around the place, I wondered if anyone there was. Everyone there look miserable even Ace.”pg.93 “i called Will on my cell phone to see if he would pick up, but he wasnt answering, probably because of how i was acting last night.”

  44. 1. The Steps by Rachel Cohn
    2. I read from page 50 to 66
    3. Annabel is in Sydney,Australia and she is spending a day with her steps at the mall. She is getting to be more closer to her step sis and her step brother. Even though she don’t like her step mom, she makes the best of it because she is trying to spend time with her dad. Also she is mad because she really wants to bring her dad back to America but she don’t want to take him away from Lucy and Angus.
    4. Annabel is a mean kind of person. One example is when she says “You want to hold us captive so no one would say that this family does not work and ” Another example was when she said “I want to have Jack all to myself and i want to steal him back.” Both of these show that Annabel does not want to be happy for her dad. Also she wants to make other people that love her dad loves miserable because she think he should spend time with only her.

  45. 1) Wintergirls By Laurie Halse Anderson
    2) I read from page 37 to 75
    3) What i read to day was that Lia got a phone call from Cassie’s father and he wanted to tell her something that Cassie told him to tell her. Lia lies and tells him her name was really her stepsister name Emma. After words, Lia is called to the counselor be cause she was supposedly to be her best friend. After school Lia mom comes and and she wanted Lia to come with her back ‘home’ with her but Lia’s dad stops her form taking his daughter home.
    4) Lia acts like a outsider.”My teachers tell me I should feel lucky to have a father like this. Maybe if I didn’t hate history, I would.”[page 34]. This show how Lia doesn’t like history and her father is a History professor. Lia also cuts herself and doesn’t eat trying to become skinner but Jennifer is skinny (normal weight) and eats lot.

  46. Title:Blue is for Nightmare
    Author:Laurie Faria Solazes
    Tonight i read from pages 35 to 74
    Tonight i read that Stacey is starting to think she is being chased and that what she dreams in her nightmares will happen. This is the reason why she starts to pee in her bed and tries to hide it from her roommate.
    My main character is some what scared of every dream she has had. She is likes to hang out with her friends and is popular.” Come on Stacey you have to go it is a one in only party we have without teachers in it.” They were having a secret high school party.” Plus you can meet some boys”She doesn’t have a boyfriend.

  47. 4. My book has alot of personality because its diffrent characters like ghost, trees and babies . ” true ! -nervous – very, very dreadfully nervous I had been and am”. pg 89 says the ghosy to hes lover that doesnt know hes watching over her . SORRY my p.c wasnt letting me write everything !!!

  48. 1) Naruto Mission: Protect The Waterfall Village
    2) I read from pg 60 to pg 120
    3) In the book today Naruto and Sasuke fight along together to stop Suien’s crew,but in the end Sakura and Sasuke are taken hostages by the crew while Naruto goes into hiding after getting hurt. He wakes up next the leader of the waterfall village and his master. The leader of the village shows Naruto the secret of the villages individuality Hero’s Water that make the person drinks it 100 times stronger than they were before they drunk the special water. They make a plan to fight the enemies and go into battle. When they do the plan the old man trick Suien by giving him a decoy of the Hero’s Water. They free the captured and fight when they are done. When Naruto got hurt the master of Waterfall Village uses a super strong jutsu that almost hurt Suien, but it doesn’t. Instead it hurts his crew. However it isn’t enough to do anything Naruto gets mad and uses a little of his nine tail fox chakra to make the enemy run.
    4) Naruto is a kid that not the brightest of the students in the academy. He is one when he sees a friend of his hurt would do anything to hurt the ones who did. He is the one that gets jealous really quickly really when it comes to Sasuke a teammate of his. He want to beat him in every thing so he tries to learn all kinds of moves that will fascinate everyone so they think of him as being cooler than Sasuke. Naruto also likes to learn cool things so he becomes hokage the leader of his village.

  49. Title: Brutal
    Author: Michael Harmon
    Tonight I read from page 1 to 30
    Retell: Tonight I read about Poe meeting this boy at the airport. They both start talking. He takes her bag to where she lives. Poe and him start talking about things and they seem to have some things in common. Poe feels really comfortable talking to this guy. Even though they just met, they might have a lot of things on common.
    Personality of main character: Poe is really lonely. 1) ” I met Benders Hollow four minutes ago via a Greyhound bus because my mom, Dr.Nancy M. Holly, decided her “path” didn’t include being a mom anymore”. 2) ” My mom cares more about strangers than about me”.

  50. 1.Tales of Mystery AND TERROR
    2. I read from page 89 to page 164
    3.In my book today I read three diffrent short stories One of them was named The TELL-Tale Heart it really stuck to me and I thought it could be TTS connection this short story said ” You will never find your inner self if you dont let your outter beauty glow” It reminds me of myself as a young girl because if i think deeply I am that kind of person who does keep to herself and doesnt out herself out there ..In page 115 I spoted a Social Issue that has been brought to my attention there was a spirit that was follwoing hes loved one and meant her no harm and one day hes loved one felt his presents . She didnt know what to say or do but she prayed and prayed for him to be gone but she didnt know that by her praying for him to go was hurting him. Us humans always try to pray to make things better yeah right like thats going to get you anywhere its not , The spirit didnt feel hurt for long because in hes heart he knew he wans tdoing no harm he was protecting over her .

  51. 1. Naruto #1, Masashi Kishimoto.

    2. I read from page _92___ to page __137__.

    3.Naruto is really angry walking through the village and everybody in his neighborhood always tease him.His little friend always is following Naruto and Naruto exploded and he told his friend to stop following him.Also Naruto is really angry because he does not believe in himself, he is always being so down. He is trying to learn a trick to which is his special is called the Fox.That is why he is always really angry because he does not let nobody train him and he does not believe in himself.

    4. “Why are you so mad?” ” Because everybody always laugh at me for no reason……” pg 70
    “Also i could never learn my tricks right” pg 74

  52. 1]Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead
    2]I read from pg 68 to pg 93
    3]so far in my book dimitri and Rose feel a deep sorrow for Lissa since all of a sudden dead animals start appearing in her bed,the yard, and even the batthroom trash can >.<. Rose tries to help Lissa in every way possible so she takes a stand as her guardian and she takes a stand against everyone who starts to bother and annoy her.While doing so Rose is also taken by Jesse's sexy god looks and now she thinks that everything is goping to the ground but just as Rose thought she was going to loose it Lissa was the one who shocked everyone and became a nice badass kind of person. She used compulsion on everyone to try to convince them that Rose didnt really do what everyone thinks she did and with Lissa's help Rose rose from the ashes.
    4]Lissa is a kind yet subtle kind of girl who will not to be mean to you, but when you cross the lines with her friends you hve passed the limit. "No, Rose dont wory this time I'll be the one who fixes eveything, i promise. I wont let anyone else give you a hard time becaus of Jesse and Mia." This shows how Lissa will help Rose in her time of need, and "Your right, i dont know anything about your parents, im sorry Christian."Lastly, this shows how even though Lissa could be a risk taker she can also be the sweetheart eveyone takes her to be.

  53. Rumble Fish
    S.E. Hinton
    Read from pg 88 to 117

    1.Tonight what I read about was Rusty and steve going to a party at night. This party is mostly filled of black teens. They said that this didnt bother them at all. Then he get in a mini argument with one of them. One person said his brother motor cycle boy was fine. Then rusty said that he will look like him and the said ” honey no, he is a Prince”. Then he gets in another one where he ends up in the hospital due to a fight.

    2.he is a type of person who likes to be compared to cool people aka his brother. That’s how his argument with the black man started . Also he is a person who wants to be a “man” and stand up to people which is why he was knocked out And sent to the hospital by a black teen. Finally he is run by peer preasure. He listen to his peers more than himself thats why he now smokes and drinks. I really dislike him. He is fake. and made up of other people.

  54. 1: Fifteen by Beverly Clearly
    2:tonight i read from pages 86 to 120
    3: What i read tonight is that Jane is on the date with stan and she is like very nervous. She goes to the bathroom twice and she just tells her friend wat she should next since her friend when to the chineese restaurant with her and is hiding.Also what is happening is that when they finished eating he took her to a garden and it was just them and now i have to see what happens after that.
    4. The personality of my character is shy because in the text it says that when she was on her way to the gardden she felt butterflies in her stomache. Another proof that i found from my text is that when she went to the bathroom she barfed on her friend which is very disgusting.

  55. 1. Richocet By Julie Gonzalez

    2. I read from page 😯 to page 1OO.

    3. So far in the story , Connor is convicted of helping John to kill his best friend. He suprisingly doesn’t go to jail for long- a couple of days. The case is being brought to higher athority. So far , he is next in line to see the judege and he remembers his favorite memories with his best friend.

    4. Connor is a blond with freckles. He doesn’t really talk to anyone except his younger brother and his best friend which has past away. “I pushed my sweaty hair back in fear. I could see all my freckles from the shinnyness of the gun.”pg 27
    ” Michael and Nick were the only guys i talked to, I didn’t really have close friends.”pg19

    • 1. Richocet By Julie Gonzalez

      2. I read from page 80 to page 1OO.

      3. So far in the story , Connor is convicted of helping John to kill his best friend. He suprisingly doesn’t go to jail for long- a couple of days. The case is being brought to higher athority. So far , he is next in line to see the judege and he remembers his favorite memories with his best friend.

      4. Connor is a blond with freckles. He doesn’t really talk to anyone except his younger brother and his best friend which has past away. “I pushed my sweaty hair back in fear. I could see all my freckles from the shinnyness of the gun.”pg 27
      “Michael and Nick were the only guys i talked to, I didn’t really have close friends.”pg19

  56. Speak by Laurie anderson
    I read from pages 52 to 79\
    What I read tonight is that Melinda found a new place that she can hide at Melinda also isn’t Heathers friend anymore so mostly she stays in the door behind the supply closet and she tells noboby becuase she wants to keep it a secret. She also face the guy that raped her and the guy wants to be friends again but Melinda won’t be friends with him becuase she thinks that he will do the same thing to her again and she tells him that her should never do that again but he doesn’t respond becuase he disappears. The Heather goes to Melindas house so that she and Melinda could be friends again but Melinda says no.
    The personality of the main character is loneliness, not caring about school and a bad attitude and now has a bad conduct in school. She also loves just to be left alone and likes not to be bothered whenever possible. She changed to this person when she got raped by Andy Evans.”You don’t like dressing up for Halloween and you don’t like prom that is just wired.” and ” Wanna go to the movies with me,” “no.”

  57. 1. Rameo Raps to the Riches by Holly Kowitt
    2. Tonight i read from 21 to page 40.
    3. What I read tonight was that rameo is going to try out for the raping compitition. Also I read that Rameo little brother is going to go to a party but he made a mistak because he didnt ask his parents. Rameo is going to have to study hard so that his parents could let him go to the compititon.
    4. Rameo is a hard worker because in all his classes he has 90 and up. “Omg i got 90 and 95 in all of my classes.” pg 36. Also another Quote from the story is that his teacher said “i am impress with all of your grades kepp it up.”

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