8th Grade Post #1 – Wednesday July 13, 2011

Hi KIPPsters!

Welcome to the 8th Grade! I’m so excited for our second year together! Here is the post for the HW…


1. Title of IR book and author.

2. Tonight I read from page _____ to page _____.

3. High quality note 1 (choose from your “My Notes” section of your iThink Journal)

4. High quality note 2 (choose a different note)

5. Describe the exposition of the novel in 3-5 sentences. Who is the main character? Where does the story take place? Has the main character encountered any problems yet?

That’s it. Short, sweet and to the point! Have a great night!




52 thoughts on “8th Grade Post #1 – Wednesday July 13, 2011

  1. 1) I read My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult
    2) I read 104 pages
    3) If I were Anna I would be heartbroken and furious. Her family only made her to save Kate. They don’t notice her or care about her like they do Kate. It’s so unfair because if it weren’t for her Kate would have died a long time ago and they are so ungrateful to have Anna.
    4)If I was Sara I would not neglect Anna or Jesse like she does. She doesn’t show at all that she cares about them. I can understand that Kate needs extra attention because of her leukemia but she doesn’t have to completely neglect her other kids. Jesse is caught up in drugs and drinking and Anna dealing with a her parents not really caring about her or at least not showing it. Anna has every right to sue her family and get emancipation for her medical decisions. She won’t listen to her or try to talk to her about it.
    5)Kate was diagnosed with APL and has been fighting it since she was 2 years old. Anna was born to save her sister and donate bone marrow and blood cells -anything Kate needs. But she has filed for medical emancipation and doesn’t want to give Kate a kidney although the reason is not completely clear.

  2. Title of Book : Money Hungry
    Author of Book : Sharon G. FLake
    I read 31 pages tonight. (From Page 31 to Page 32)
    3. Hight Quality Note : TTT _ The book Money Hungry reminds me of the book The Skin I’m In. Not only because these two books are made by the same author, but both books are about the race African American. There is an African American girl in both books and they both deal with similar issues of living in the ghetto and poverty.
    4. Hight Quality Note 2 : Prediction _ I think that in the future Raspberry and her mother will be fortunate. I think this because Raspberry has a whole collection of money and this collection truly contains a lot of money. I also think this because Raspberry caught her mom flirting and giggling with a rich, African American doctor that could maybe help Raspberry and her mother in the future with money issues and the topic of money.
    5. Exposition of the Story : The main character is Raspberry Hill. Raspberry Hill live five miles away from Pecan Landings which is where her friends Zora, Ja’nae, and Mai live. Raspberry has came in contact with some problems so far in the book. These problems include being mad fun of by the “cool kids” in school, almost getting suspended for selling things in school to make, and basically being money hungry.

  3. 1. Vampire diaries . L.J. Smith
    2. Tonight i read from pages 46 to 90
    3. Character’s shoes: if i were Elena i would have stopped chasing Stephan and went back to matt because Matt obviously still has a thing for her and Stephan is trying to avoid her.
    4. Character empathy; i feel bad for both elena and stephan because stephan cant even be with Elena to beign with becau eshe looks so much like someone who was important to him so it hurts to be in the same room as her.Elena cant have Stephan because he wont give in. and she’s not used to it because she’s the queen of the school.
    5. my book has two main charcter and they are elena and stephan. the story takes place in fells church , vriginia. the problems that my chacter s are facing. are that stephan is having a hard time controling himself and he cant resist Elena forever. Elena probelm is that Stphan still is ignoring her and she is slowly losing her throne.

  4. 1. Title: Worlds Dumbest Criminals by Daniel Butler and Alan Ray
    2. Pages Read: I read from pages 26 through pages 89
    Note One:
    General Note: I liked the way the author explained the location of where all of these incidents happened. i also liked the way the authors picked very different locations to show that inst not only in America that these stupid things happens.so, therefore ignorant people or any unexpurgated person cant just say “Stupid Americans.”
    Self-to-Text Connection: i liked how the victims of the stupid crimes committed was talking it somewhat serious or at least not like its all a big fat joke. the faced and suffered the consequences and after they did they laughed on them. that reminds me of all of my silly mistakes that ive made and i took the consequence and took it serious and now i can laugh at it but before no.
    Exposition: Since this is a non-fiction book the introduction was used to introduced to introduce the stupid actions. Also, it used it to set the setting of all the different locations this took place. it was very basic. not even that long. but it gave me a sense of what level of stupidity this story or novel was at.

  5. !.If I Stay By:Gayle Forman
    2.I read 13 to 40 pages
    3.I would be really fearful if I was put in Mia’s place because she is waking up not moving and having tubes going though parts of her body.
    4.Why is it that as all these things are happening to Mia like tubes going though her, rush though the hallways and going on a helicopter ,she is not even scared she is more worried about the people she knows?
    5.The main character name is Mia and the story mostly takes place at a highway,hospital, and a car .The story is already encountered probelms.She is in a car with her family and has a accident which lead to going to the hospital.

  6. 1. Witch Child by Celia Rees
    2. I read 23 pages tonight
    3. I had a s-t-t connection. I realised in this story they pray when something goes bad. Marry wanted to go on a journey by herself, but she realised the weather was to dangerous.I pray when ever my baseball team is loosing or having a bad day. we want good to support us.
    4. I predict that Marry will need Elias in the feature because she needs all the help she can get. I also predict he won’t ever try to help her again.
    5. The main character name is Marry Newbury. The story takes place on the oceans and on a ship. The main character is trying to go on a journey alone but the captain is to worried.

  7. 1. Angus, Thongs and Full – Frontal Snogging by Louise Rennison
    2. Tonight, I read from page 29 to page 50
    3. Character’s Shoes – If I were Georgia, I would be in to the same things as her. She learns a lot on her own about growing up and as a preteen I’m growing up as well. As a girl, I’m learning how to get close to the guys I like and what right and wrong. Also, she’s learning who she is as a person and getting what she wants as a female.
    4. Symbols – Angus is a symbol because Georgia’s cat is the one that helps her to get close to the boy she likes. It turns out that Angus didn’t help her get close to guy that she liked, it helped her friend get closer to her older brother and at the end of the day her best friend spends less and less time with her because of her new boyfriend that she helped her get.
    5. In this book, girls can really relate. It’s the confessions of Georgia Nicolson and so far I really like her as a character I can relate to her, how she thinks and how she feels about growing up and finally going to high school. Also having girls that they’re jealous of or really hate because they get the boys that they like.

  8. 1.Fixing Delilah by Sarah Ockler
    2.Tonight I read from pgs: 36 to 60
    3.Note1: ??_Why doesnt Delilah’s family answer her questions about the family’s past and her childhood? Why are they “hidding” it from her?
    4.Note2: Character Shoes_ If I was Aunt Rachel, I would answer Delilah’s questions about her childhood and her mother’s past and even when she was born, her life was mysterious. Delilah is just getting more curious about her life and who she is because she is growing up.
    5. The main character in the novel is Delilah. The story takes place in Red Falls, Vermont and the main character has been through some problems of her past and curiosity. Delilah’s problem is finding that person to answer what happened to her family and why.

  9. Book: Girl, Stolen
    Author: April Henry
    Total Pages: 21
    1.I predict that Griffin isn’t going to harm Cheyenne as she thinks he is. All he has done so far was look through her purse, put a blanket over her head and smoke in her mom’s car. She event old him to take her money and he refused. It makes mi wonder if he just kidnap her for nothing.
    2. This book reminds me of Helen Killer. She was a blind and deaf female, whom did so many great things in life. Cheyenne is also blind and it’s hard for her to do many things but Helen made it in life so if she can do it then Cheyenne could find a way to leave the car.
    3. Griffin has gotten into Cheyenne’s car and kidnap her. She does not know what is going on because she couldn’t see since she was blind. All she did was fight with Griffin and hear everything he was telling her. The main character is Cheyenne. The story takes place in the car. Cheyenne makes the problem worse because she keeps talking and it makes Griffin mad and he says things such as ” ima shoot you.”

  10. 1. Ghost Stories By: Robert Westall

    2. I read from pages 35 to 63 tonight. ( a variety of stores put together in one book, notes from 2 of the stories i read tonight ) .

    3. This story reminds me of how ghost are said to scare people and haunt them but in this story the tables have turned around and this human has played a very cruel trick to an innocent ghost.

    4. If I were Yang shein, I would not want to live in a haunted house and own it espeially when the high official said that people have not been able to live there in years. I would test it out first and see if i felt comfortable and to see whats up in the house.

    5.The main character in “The ghost who was afraid of being bagged” was a poor barber who had little money and could not support his wife. The story takes place in a little village. The problem he has faced was providing for his wife and himself. 5a. The main character in ” School for ghosts” was a man names Yang Shein. The story also takes place in a little village. The problem he has faced was all the ghosts that has been bothering him while he’s sleeping and won’t leave him alone.

  11. 1.Bone:Old Man’s Cave by: Jeff Smith 2.I read 40 pages tonight 3.Even though Thorn,Bone and Phoney Bone look old enough to not act like a kid but they still do act like a little kid by still playing with there food.By that they put there food in there mouth dont chew it and and then just spit it out at each other. 4.Even though the bone’s are childish they still sometimes act very mature like Thorn does,when she leaves them to go battle someone in the southern mountains. 5.The main character is Bone and Thorn.Thorn is like a Tomboy because she tries to do what a boy is supposed to do.The story takes place in Maelstrom.The main character has encountered some problems like going into a battle in the southern mountains.

  12. 1. vampire Diaries, L. J. Smith
    2.I read from pg 35 to pg 70
    3.I predict that Stefan is going to fall for Elena even though he doesn’t want to fall in love with her. And also I think Stefan is going to make Elena upset because he is a vampire and all of the secrets that he has are going to make the characters change.
    4.In the book it said he gave me his blood to drink, I felt stronger than I had for months on pg 69. I love this line because it shows to be health as a vampire you have to drink blood to become stronger you have no choice. Vampires have no choice to do things while mortals do have a choice.

    • sorry I forgot to write the last part !
      5.The main character is Elena Gilbert. the story takes place in Falls Church. Elena has the normal boy problem that she likes Stefan but he doesn’t pay attention to her while she is falling for him and maybe he is to. Elena also faced the problem with her parents dying.

  13. 1. messed up by: janet nichols lynch
    2.read from page 23 to page 44
    3. (? for the author): why did you name the book messed up, and what ideas came to mind when you named it messed up?
    4. (retell): there was a “cat fight” it was a short girl got jumped and also explain how one of the girl a fat one is on top of the other girl and he said the fat girl’s butt look like a big blue balloon. also he breaks up the fight between the fat girl and the short girl to help the teacher who got a little hurt.
    5. my main character is R.D Mitchell. The setting is in a school called Buzz Aldrin Middle in Goldhurst, California. the problem that he’s like a bad kid in his school and when he tried to help somebody the don’t believe it was him who tried to help, they thought that he tried to make it worse than what it was. lastly his grandparent were like kind of sneaking around with something that he doesn’t know about and don’t want people in the school to know that his grandma is rolling with a bald truck driver.

  14. Book: go ask Alice. Pg# 17 to 36. 1) character shoes: If I were Alice I would have spoken up and told my parents that I was afraid to move. Alice just seems stuck under a shell and thinks a new. House will fix it. 2)text to text: I think that this book relates alittle to by the time you read this I’ll be dead because she doesn’t show emotion or affection when really suffering. Alice starts to lose a lot of weight to get a new start at the new house. She always writes how she feels in her diary but not to her parents. The same thing for the other book . Both characters don’t socialize as much. 3) the main character is Alice. She lives in a community and finds out her father was giiven a deal and they were moving. Her feelings towards this is excitment and fear because she wants a new start but doesn’t want leave her family.

  15. cirque du freak by Darren Shan
    Tonight I read from page 13 to page 34.
    i love the relationship between Darren and steve . they seem to be like brothers than best friend so far from what i have read the seem to do every-
    thing together.i feel like they’ll alway be friends even as adults.

    mr.dalton seems not to want darren and steve to go to the circus i think he hiding something i think maybe he’s in the show.

    the exposition is the coolest part to me because its confusing but once you begin reading the story you begin to understand. i love steve because he would take a bullet for darren and you can tell darren would do anything for him as well. well so far they have the flyer to get into the circus so the are deciding what to do.

    well got to get reading i ❤ my book!

  16. 1] Return To Paradise By Simone Elkeles
    2] I read from page 144 to page 169
    3] I can so connet with Caleb! He’s trying to fight his feelings for Maggie but it doesnt seem to be working. He knows that he wants her but he just cant seem to forget and forgive himself and his sister. Caleb and I are both longing for someone thats so close but so far at the same time. \
    4] If i was Maggie i would have just told Caleb my feelings already! He has the right to know that she cant stand to be apart from him. Then again she shouldnt be goin on telling every girl about it. I would have just told him that he’s the “best” thing thats ever happen to me. Vanessa should seriously help her out with this
    5) The two main characters are Maggie and Caleb. Caleb gets a deal from Damon that he could get out of Juvie early if he joins this “Re-Start Program”. He joins it and he gets reuunited with Maggie his ex that he left back at paradise when he went to Juvie. Maggie is still mad at him for ” runing her over and leaving her to die. And for leaving her.” This isnt true and Caleb knows it. But you’ll just have 2 find out what happens next . . . ♥

  17. Ghost boy by iain lawrence
    Pg 1 to 27
    Note# 1 ( t- w) just like in the real world, Harold gets picked on about being an albino and for his shyness.this shows that no on cares about him and don’t care to be his friend .I have seen several albinos around my neighborhood and i am pretty sure when they were young they got picked on(Pg 1-3)
    Note#2 (character’s shoes) if I was harold I would have tried to track down the Indian and joined the circus with him.this way I can be with other outcasts.(Pg 9)
    My main character is Harold and he is an albino that lives near the boarder of Oregon.Harold gets teased on because of his skin color and how shy he is.

  18. 1.The Dairy of Anne Frank (non fiction)
    2. Just started the book pages 1 to 36
    3. Text To Self : Anne has not wrote in her diary for five days and she has made a commitment to write in it everyday but soon forgot.I remember i had a commitment to be the manager for the basket ball team.I went a few weeks and just quit it.Therefore i got kicked off of the team. My laziness had gotten in the way.
    4. I know the feeling of being left out of things and people even not trying to even to talk to me or include me in their little group. Anne is now not wanted anywhere in amsterdam.The Nazis are now after them. Anne and her family must run.
    5. In the beggining of the story was and introduction by former Elanor Rossevalt about her reaction after reading this book/diary/true story.She just gets her diary in the beggining and names it Kitty. Things start off slow but early in the book the trouble already start to come, with the war already starting.

  19. 1.The Maze Runner by James Dashner
    2. I read 25 pages
    3. Cs-if i were Thomas i would try to listen and think about what they are telling me instead of trying to get alot of information all at once especially if it might get me killed. If i were him instead of trying to find new information out i would try to get out of that weired place
    4. ??-why is everyone so disrespectful towards Thomas and why are they scared to tell him all the information he wants to know?

  20. 1) Birdland by Tracy Mack
    2) I read 27 (29 – 56) pages tonight.
    3) I usually thought that marring your boy/girlfriend was usually how you end up married. But it’s extraordinarily rare to find a story where a character is married to their best friend.
    4) It’s really wonderful how Ella is married to Eddie, who is the man of her dreams. She also became a singer which makes her life look like a success.
    5) The book begins with Jed and his friends in the subway. Jamal was playing the drums while the others were filming what was going on around them. Their weirdest part of their recording was when they saw a drunk man dancing to Jamal’s beat for several minutes. Once he found out they were filming him, he kept on talking about suing them and almost pushed Jed off the platform.

  21. 1. Scrawl and the author is Mark Shulman.
    2. I read from page 10 to page 30 pages tonight.
    3. While reading Scrawl at page 11 it seem to me that the honor system isn’t really going well for Tod. But it turns out that Tod has a solution to what he happen problem with.
    4. Eventually it seem that school was already starting for Tod and his friends. But reluctantly they don’t want to go. However Tod and his friends want school to start a little later than usual.
    5. The main character in the book Scrawl by Mark Shulman is Tod. At the exposition what happen is that they talk about a pair of glasses and what you think about the pair of glasses. In addition to what happens at the exposition is that the bell rang for them to English class, and they were furious about taking that class.

  22. Title:Possible Author:Vaunda Micheaux Nelson I read today from1-40 Pages The main character of the story is Mary Sheppard who thought that was going to have a great summer with her friends but she spent time in her house sitting down.At the begging of the story the stetting took place in her graduation then it took place at the hospital when her dad had died and told her “everything is possible” and that same day that her dad died was her graduation parties. The exposition of the story is that her whole summer is going to be boring and that she would like to be with her friend talking about everything she found out during the summer and that she could be with them talking about the joy she had about reading.

  23. 1. Shiver – Maggie Stiefvater

    2. Tonight I read from page 79 to page 103

    3. ” And then I opened my eyes and it was just Grace and me-she pressing her lips together as thought she were keeping my kiss inside her, and holding this moment that was as fragile as a bird in my hands.”
    -> I find this quote so powerful and thoughtful because you can feel Sam’s feelings about kissing Grace. You can feel what he is feeling and see what he is feeling towards her. I also like how he uses a simile to compare.

    4. I can infer that Sam does not like being a wolf as much as he likes being a human because he changes by temperature. Every wolf is different so no one can really help him through this. Its even harder to have to switch lives as a teen.

    5. The main character is Grace, along with Sam. They both face separate challenges. Grace was founded by Sam once in the woods which has her confused about Sam. Also, Sam has been trying to keep warm which is hard since it’s cold weather outside.

  24. 1.Stumptown Kid by Carol Gorman and Ron J. Findley
    2. pages 45 to 90
    3. Inf- I can infer just by the book that the place is sort of like a place where it is down south because they speak with that accent like “beans and cornbread” in a south accent. Also it is very hot and humid and they also talk about growing crops.
    4. Pred- The game of baseball will likely be played on cornfields on the Corn Field festival because they enjoy it so much. It is probably not the best place to enjoy the great game of baseball but i predict that is where they’ll enjoy their season of baseball and quite frankly why not? They love it so they want to enjoy it their way.
    5. The story takes place in down south where there is corn fields and people have that accent. There is just one certain thing that evryone seems to enjoy which is baseball. So one kid is at his house who is always at his backyard playing baseball who is just trying to figure the true meaning of the sport.



  25. 1) Surviving Hitler by Andrea Warren
    2) I read 38 pages tonight.
    3) I can not believe how much hate Hitler had against one specific type of people,jews, and although Hitler got what he wanted to see happen to the jewish he did not even give up to the Americans who had tried to get hold of what was happening but instead of staying with the war he made and started he killed himself and just did not want to give himself upto the “enemy”.
    4) I believe that the prisoners that were held in the Nazi death camps were for the most part inocent and just feel that there could have been something that was able to save the lives of the many many people that had lived in that time periodin the world and I think that Jack was a very lucky person to have lived all of the hard times in the war that never thought would have ended.
    5) The main character of this story is a boy that is 15 years old that has had to be in Nazi death camps for a long time in his life and he was actually a person who had survived all of it and keep it in mind that not everybody was who you thought they were in life. This was something that had taken place in Germany and had affected the lives of many others in the world.Jack so far has faced all the crewl things people make you do sometimes when it eventually leads to the end of peoples lives in the time.Jack is just the person who had overcame a long way to live.

    • That was then, this is now by S E Hinton. I read from pages 45 to 79. Mark and his brother bryon are very similar to Johnny and ponyboy. Mark is more dally it’s like she is trying to hit the same points as the outsiders. In the beginning of the book it does really say much all we know is there life style.

  26. Title: Brutal
    Author: Michael Harmon
    I read 20 pages tonight.
    1) I can tell that Poe is a very independent person and she has always been by herself because her mother is always going somewhere to help someone. They are always going their separate ways. Deep inside, she is probably hurting because she has no one in her life.
    2) I can relate to Poe because we are both girls and we like things a certain way and we like to speak our minds. When we see a boy, we judge them by their pyhsical features. We are both young and independent. We don’t depend on anyone to do anything for us.
    3) The story takes place in a place called Benders Hollow. Poe lives on Mulberry Lane. The main character is Poe Holly. The characters problem is that she has been on her own since she was 10 years old. Her mother is always on business trips taking care of strangers. She sends Poe to her father thatch has never met. I have yet to find out what happens next.

  27. 1. The Steps by Rachel Cohn
    2. I read from page 35 to 50
    3. I want to make a text-to-self connection because my best friend remind me of Annabel. She reminds me of Annabel because they both have to go through parent issues. What i mean about that is sometimes she can’t pick and choose which parent she want to be with. She goes through a struggle because her father have other kids and sometimes she might not want to be bothered with them. Even though she can’t have alone time with her dad she still like the different enviorment she get to be in.
    4. If i was in Annabel’s shoes I would feel uncomfortable living in my mom’s boy friend house. It’s uncomfortable because you don’t know him like that. Also I would be sad because I have to live with his nerdy son. Sometimes I would be guilty because it might hurt my dad. I think it might make you feel weird because your mom is having a baby by her boyfriend. Moving on I would want to live with my dad. That is a good idea because you are in a different enviorment. Also you get to learn a new language. Also you get to become close to your half sisters.
    5. The main character is a twelve year old girl named Annabel. The story take place in Manhattan. The problem that the main character incountered was having to spend her holiday with her dad. That was a problem for her because she wanted to spend the holidays with her friend in Manhattan. Also she didn’t want to see her half siblings. But at the end she realizes that spending the time in Sydney,Australia with her dad.

  28. 1. marvel universe
    2. Tonight I read like 50 pages
    3. High quality note 1… contemplator his real name is tath ki, he is 5 fett tall, 100 pounds, and blue eyes. His powers is that he can control his body so everytime his heart stops he could contol it and never dies
    4. High quality note 2 …doctor dooms castle has huge 110 rooms. His castle has his labortories and his art work. It also has 300staff and 5o of them are humans and the rest of them are robots.
    5. their is no expostion but i think is to defeat their enemies. The demons the defenders the good guys. Where they lived and where they fight enemies. All super heros try to defeat their enemies.

  29. 1) Surviving Hitler by Andrea Warren
    2) I read 38 pages tonight.
    3) I can not believe how much hate Hitler had against one specific type of people,jews, and although Hitler got what he wanted to see happen to the jewish he did not even give up to the Americans who had tried to get hold of what was happening but instead of staying with the war he made and started he killed himself

  30. 1. blue is for nightmare author laurie stolarz
    2 i read from pages 1 to pages 19
    3 high quality note If i were stacey i would go back since she is in a forest which very dangerous she is in a forest to look for her room mate Drea which is supposedly lost while walking in forest she gets depper and deeper until she is stuck and hears a male voice whispering her name.
    4 high quality note 2 is she in a dream of some kind well night mare? she is in a dream and is caught up into until her roommate Drea wakes her up i believe that this may actually happen to her in the real world because her dreams have actually came true so maybe her nightmares do to
    5the exposition takes place in a college i believe in which stacey lives with her roommate drea in my opinion no problems have been encountered i like the exposition because it is specific yet scary i almost did pee on my self reading this just like stacey did while looking for drea in her nightmare. she also has a secret not isnt revealed yet im looking forward to reading more bye.

  31. 1:Tittle of book:oh my goth by Gena Showalter
    2:Tonight i read pg 44 to 67
    3:Why cant Jade just focus on her work so she could get over that already ?
    4:I think what is going to happen next is that Mr.Parton is going to find out that Jade is listening to music in class instead of studing and he might put her in detention for a month.
    5:Jade is a teenage girl who is into rock music.This story takes place in her school at Brooklyne.Jade has been through problems so far, she been getting in trouble with her teacher because she dont fallow derections.

  32. 1. The Maze Runner- James Dashner
    2. I read from pages 22 -58
    3. ?? – Since when did Thomas get his memory back?
    4. Inference- I can infer that the name of the book is The Maze Runner because Thomas is going around with out a memory. Its like a maze because in a maze you have to find your way out of a sort of puzzle or problem. Thomas is sort of in a maze because his memory is gone and doesnt really know where to go or where he should be.
    5. The exposition is when Thomas is in a elevator or shaft of some sort. he encounters a problem on the first pageof the book– his memory is gone.he is kind of mad because he only knows his name and doesnt know his past.

  33. 1. Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl
    2. Tonight I read from pages 67 to 132
    3.CHARACTER ANALYSYS- I think Anne is very brave. She is living in a time when Jews aren’t liked, wanted or appreciated. Even though Anne is scared because she hears gunshots and can be discovered from hiding anytime, but shes still a happy girl who thinks everything will get back to normal and her friends willbe okay because they’re already captured.
    4.PREDICTION- I think the Franks and Van Daans and the dentist willbe discovered soon people are already knocking so I personally believe that the more they do and don’t get all their information about the house, the more suspicious they grow about what might be going on.
    5. The exposition of this story begins that Anne begins talking about her 13th birthday and what is going on so far with the Holocaust and Adolf Hitler. She also introduces what is going on with her family.

  34. Rumble Fish
    S.E. Hinton
    Pg. 42-88

    1. Steve is one of those boys who doesn’t have a big profile. But when the Motorcycle Boy peerpresaud him to stat to drink as though he does it on a regular basis. So that he can seem cool to his newfound friends.

    2. In this book the teenagers act more like adults. Just as they do In the book the outsiders where they must do things such as paying bills. These seems to be one of S.E. Hintons technique for most of her books. So I can gusss all her books shows signs just as these.

    3. This book takes place in where it was called the hood to us. Also their community is one where they smoke and do drugs at a small age. It is cOnsiderd to be a bad neighborhood which most people don’t want to live because on poverty and violence.

  35. 1) Wintergirls By, Laurie Halse Anderson
    2) I read from page 1 to 37
    3) When Lia got the news that Cassie died reminds me of when I was in First grade and my one and only REAL best friend left the school. But later I learned that she had gotten cancer and that was why she rearly at at school. It must be hard for Lia just as it was for me to lose a best friend.
    4) When I read that Emily wouldn’t let Lia to see the game because she told the soccer coach that she ‘had cancer’ I would have been furious. I would not understand and scream on the top of my lungs at her for doing something so child-ish.
    5) The main character is Lia. She is about 19 year old when her ‘old best friend’ was found dead in a motel. Lia tells the story of Cassie and her and at the end Cassie called Lia many time to forgive her. But Lia doesn’t pick up not knowing that was the last call she will give from her until she dies mystoriesly.

  36. 1. Ricochet , Julie Gonzalez

    2. Tonight I read from page 59 to page 80.

    3. I feel as if Connor doesn’t want to perform at Matt’s funeral because he doesn’t want to feel as if it was his fault. He feels as if it is his fault because he didn’t leave earlier. He should have told Matt to leave as soon as they saw the gun.
    4. I can relate to how Connor feels because he is just trying to look cool in front of his friends. He doesn’t know about what will happen until BANG , the bullet when through Matt’s head. It relates to how sometimes I try to be cool in front of my friends and it doesn’t make me seem like the person i truly am in front of people.
    5. So far in the novel ,Connor is in jail for a while. He rethinks his life, and his relationship with Matt. He Kind of blames himself for the situation and wishes it was him instead of Matt.

  37. 1.) What Happen to Cass Mcbride? By : Gail Giles
    2.) I read pages 20-40 tonight
    3.) I can’t believe that Kyle would try to hurt another human being just because his brother was rejected by the most popular girl in the school and killed himself. You can kind of understand that he is hurt but because he is trying to relieve some of the hurt in his heart is giving it away to another family.
    4.) In my own opinion, i believe that David (Kyle’s deceased brother) should not try to hurt himself due to being rejected. I mean of course i would be hurt to but killing yourself because of someone’s elses well being just doesnt make sense.
    5.) The main character of the novel is Kyle who is reflecting over the time period of his brother’s death and the finding of Cass Mcbride. The story takes place in the police station whre Kyle is being held “hostage” and questioned and it also takes place in Cass’s burial site where she is buried alive. Kyle has a whole lot of problems.

  38. 1) Naruto Mission: Protect The Waterfall Village
    2) I read from pg 1 to pg 60
    3) A motivation that Sasuke and Sakura had about leaving Naruto behind was so they could observe the four different enemy’s Naruto was fighting and help Naruto at the point where he was a dangerous moment.
    4) Naruto is like Meg the main character from A Wrinkle and Time. Naruto is a person that wants to achieve his goal of saving those he can and becoming hokage the greatest honor in his village the hidden leaf.
    5) Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke and Kakashi are to protect an lord on his way to his village for he sensed danger was about to occur to him. The lord witnessed his father die by the hand of four ninjas who are back to kill him to learn the secret about his village. It is a secret that many have tried to take or learn what it is, but never succeeded.

  39. 1)Julia Gillian(and the art of knowing)
    2)I read from page 1 to pg 35
    3)The main character in my book is a girl named Julia Gillian.I think she is special because she comes from a talented family. Julian Gillian is 9 years old and is also talented.
    4)The story takes place in Julia’s house in Minneapolis.
    5)My character has not encountered any problems yet

  40. 1. one piece # 11 by Eiichiro Oda
    2. 2-43 pages
    3. how is luffy able to get his right arm working when arlong bit through his flesh and bone ?
    4.how did arlong’s puplie change like that ?

    the main character is luffy and his crew. the story mainly takes place at arlong park where luffy must battle the boss of the fish- men, Arlong. so far luffy and arlong’s battlr has been on and off, but the part i’m up to luffy is losing because arlong has unlocked a new power.

  41. 1. The title of my book is Fifteen by Beverly Clearly.
    2.Tonight i read from pages 45 to 83.
    3.It is very that Jane does not know what to do in the date that she is going to with the delivery guy because i have a feeling that she is going to make a fool of herself and she will never get asked to go on another date ever again.
    4.What i think will happen to heer when i turn the page is that Jane is going to get a tutor on how to act when you are on a date since apparantly her friend has no time to give her a lesson.
    5. Themain character in my book is jane and she is a babysitter. This story takes place in the house she goes to babysit the kid and that is where she meets the delivery guy. Jane has had some problems because she has not yet gone out with somone on a date.

  42. Hi here are my notes
    1.Tales of Mystery AND Terror
    2. I read from pg39 to pg 61
    3.One note i made was a text-to-world becuase I can agree with a short story called Oval Protract . I say its a text to world because at one piont in the story it stuck out to me that people try to be something they’re not just to fit in in other peoples perfect world . pgs 52 & 53
    4. In another story i read a qoute that i think really changed my prespective on things . it said ” The ways of god in nature , as inprovidence, are not as our ways; nor are the modles that we frame in anyway commensurate to vastness, profundity, and unsearchable of his works, which have the depth in them greater the well of dermocutiucs – Joseph Glanville” Its long but after reading it for a while it starting coming to me that every person sees life an hardships i diffrent manners . When i read it i thought this book was the best i ever read !! The book is a horro book but it also shows you life and things from diffrent views by starting off with a smart quote.
    5. In this book it doesnt really have a main character becuase it has alot of shirt sotry but for example at one point it talked about a story told from a ghost point of view .In every short story it had a huge meaning and did show that us humans and the dead go through things our whole life and just have to learn from them in a way that makes you a stronger person .

  43. 1. Speak by Laurie Halse Andreson
    2. Tonight I read from pages 21 to 56
    3. If I was Melinda I would go tell my mom what was happening to me and why I have been acting wired lately, becuase if I don’t tell anyone I will start having problems and that can start affecting my time at school.
    4. I think that the book speak has to the with the real world becuase alot of people have been raped and nobody has ever spoken becuase they are scared.
    5. The exposition of the book is in syracuse when Melinda comes to a new school. She knows that everyone will hate her becuase she has ruiened a party. She also doesn’t talk to nobody and she complains a lot.
    4. This book speak is realated to the real world because there are some people that are out there and they don’tt tell their parents becuase they migh think that they are going to get in trouble

  44. 1) Naruto Volume 21 by Masashi Kishimoto
    2) I read from pg 67 to pg 147
    3) I wonder what motivates the Sound Four to work for Orichimaro, one of the most evilest ninjas ever. Maybe he raised them so that they obey his every command or they fear a consequence if they don’t.
    4) I always thought that Choji, the fat ninja was just a lazy person who ate chips all day. But it turns out that Choji eats those chips so that he can gain ninja energy and his fatness is actually a huge advantage.
    5) The main character in the story is Naruto. He is sent on a mission to find his run away freind, Sasuke. He fears that he might have runaway to the Sound village, where the evil Orichimaro awaits him. While on their way, they encounter the Sound Four who trap them in a ball of stone rock that repairs itself when you damage it. They escape and now fight one of the Sound Four while the others are on their way to their master Orichimaro.

  45. Hi this is my CFS:
    1.BEWARE! by R.L Stine
    2.I read 22 pages tonight.
    3.My first note:
    If i would have been Josie i would have gotten even with Adams also. Because what he did to her its no way to treat your little sister.But i also think that she went a little over-bored, to me the scary movie was enough but having JoBeth dress as a vampire mummy and jump out of nowhere and scare him was can of cruel.pgs. 30-31
    4.My second note:
    The setting of this story is in Lee Ave. Madam Zinnia lived there or so did Josie thought .On day she went 2 ask Madam Zinnia what had happen to Adam, but she got there the house was empty it was like she never was there. There was a FOR SALE in the garden. Josie wondered were Madam zinnia had gone or would she ever come back.pg. 33
    5.The main character was Josie Marie Hudson the story takes place in Lee Avenue, in the movie threader and in he house. Josie does encounter some problems with her brother Adam. He teases her and she tries to get even with him but it back fires on her because she’s the one who gets in trouble when her mom finds out.

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