Thursday June 16, 2011 – Books We Love!

Hi KIPPsters!

I hope you had a great Thursday! As we head into the final days of the school year, I’d love to hear your thoughts about some of the books you loved reading this year… Let your voice be heard!


1. Title of book you’re reading. Author.

2. I read ________ pages tonight.

3. Three sentence retell of what you read this evening.

4. What are some of the books you’ve loved reading this year? What made you love them so much? Tell me about your favorite whole class novel and your favorite independently read book.

Love you guys!



22 thoughts on “Thursday June 16, 2011 – Books We Love!

    The pages i read was 41 to 53
    I read about these two boys named Tony and Danny.They are both ten years old and tonny spent the night at danny’s house.They like telling scary stories to each other to creep each other out.They have been friends since the second grade.The main character in my story is Danny.Danny is very popular at school and all the girls think he is the coolest. This is because he has a great sense of humor.Danny is always goofing on things and cracking jokes.

  2. Title of book: Our Secret, Siri Aang
    I read from pages 25 to 49
    Retell: One day, Twelve-year old girl named Namelok was surprised when she saw 2 rhinos in the bushes. One was a baby rhino and the other was a mother rhino. She found them while she was collecting fire wood for her Massi tribe. She vowed that no matter what she will always protect them and keep them by her side. She especially vowes to protect them because she knows that if her tribe or the other tribe founds out that she hiding rhinos, they will hunt those rhinos down and then when they find them, they will eat them. From reading the blurb i read that once she hits her woman hood she has to say bye to her belovide animals. She is to old to be able to take care of rhinos that grew to large. She has to get ride of them because since their big, their more easier to hunt. Soon once she lets them go then, she becomes really worried because the poachers are after them so one of the rhinos has to struggle for survival.

    2). One book i loved was many poetry books that i read. i love how each poetry was unique in its own ways and how it had diffrent topic in each storie. It can talk about something funny n then go stright to serious.

  3. Freak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick
    Tonight, I read from page 85 to 118.
    Max, the main character, introduced a new character. His name in the story is Freak and he doesn’t want to be Max’s friend because as always people think the worst of him because of the way he looks. Freak thought Max looked dumb and didn’t want anything to do with him and didn’t even give Max a chance. Max feels bad because all he wanted to do was make at least one friend.
    My favorite independent reading book is By the Time You Read This, I’ll Be Dead because I found it really interesting how Daelyn told her life story. She made it seem as if hers were worse than a lot of people. Really she had nothing to complain about but I got to know her and see things from her perspective and how she just felt done with living.
    My favorite class novel is When You Reach Me. It was the first time I got to discuss a book with my classmates and what they thought and what type of reading they liked. I personally liked the book because it was something I had to really think about and I enjoyed thinking about it deeply. Also because it was a mystery, it made me not to want to stop reading 🙂

  4. Tonight I read The Sky Is Everywhere
    I read from page 15-150
    What happned is that Lennie and Toby were kissing and then Lennie ended up feeling really really guilty because he was Bailey’s boyfriend and now she’s dead. Then she found Joe and has now found love for him. But Toby is heartbroken because he saw them together.
    My favorite whole class novela has been a raisin in the sun. The book was so realistic and even if I’ve eard stories about racism alot never in the way it’s used in ARITS. Although, I fgind it quite impossible to pick out my FAVORITE IR book because I’ve read and loved so many.But I loved those books because I could lose myself in them and feel like I was IN the book.

  5. I read book the sunday philosophy club. i read from pages 207 to 245.
    Overall, i read about a girl called Isabel. that she goes on a trip to the movie theater and watches something surprising. She sees a man fall to his death from the gods. This is a very creative story so its a fantasy story. And she attempted to commit suicide. she later convince her self otherwise.
    I loved Sold. i loved this book because the realistic aspect it has to it. also i never knew that issue in India. the only part i didn’t like was that the Americas saved her at the end. and its is about a Indian girl that goes to the city and gets raped by other Indian men by forcing her kissing her and have sex with her.

  6. 1. Alex Rider Point Blank by Anthony Horowitz
    2.I read from pages 1 to 28
    3.Alex is going to school and having a cool day at school.Out of no where somebody dies at the school he goes to and he does not know how.Then he goes and search to figure out how did this kid die.
    4.I loved reading the series of BONE which are really good.I got interesting into this book because is like a comic book and they go from book 1 to the end.I loved the book To Kill A Mocking Bird because it’s very interesting, also the book is told by the point of view of a girl that loves his brother.I like the book BONES for Independently reading because it’s a very awesome book.

  7. title hearts and soul
    i read from125 to the end of the book
    it was about how love comes again even if the men of your life is gone. also talks about how familes changes and how can they fit in a family that is changed. it also shows the memories they had together and how it was meaningful for thme in the poem ” the sillest things”
    One of my favorite books this year was the Outsiders because i like how it a different type of gangs like the greasers it a good gang and socs is the bad gang. They similar the socs are wealthy and the greasers are poor. i also like the problems they have and what they need to do to fix it like when johnny and ponyboy needed to dye their hair a different color because they killed one of the socs.

  8. Many Stones by Carolyn Coman
    I read from page 7 to page 20
    In these pages, Berry spends her time accompanied by Josh. He comes to Her house and Berry notices some increased rudeness in his sentences that she would expect him to say. For example when Berry says “Happy Family”, Josh says “Happy A*******”.
    This book is the best one I’ve read ever since I got into the “Horrible Harry/Song Lee” series in 2-4th grades. The reason for this is because it had a great beginning and getting deeper into the book makes it gradually anticipating.
    I very much liked TKAM because it was exciting and there were a lot of parts that I can compare to what I watch on television.

  9. the book i am reading is Naurto bk 29 by Masashi Kishimoto. I read from pages 1-34, i read so far that i read was how naurto and the group are trying to find gaara so that his soul doesnt get eaten. The books that i liked was fat vampire,goosebumps,percy jackson and others.

  10. Hoot

    What happened today was that they tired save the owls home form being destored.what they did was try to stop the workers form moving.

    My favorite book this whole year was sold due to what it tought me. He must work hard for what you want. You must also becarefulul who you trust. Another reason why I liked is because of the way its written. Simple and favorite whole class was the outsiders. I liked it because it was the one that I connectef the most to it. Which made me more intreating to me. That’s my favorite book

  11. If I Stay by Gayle Forman
    I read from page 80 to page 110
    I read about my main character is in the hospital because a baby is in the ICU room.She is very worried and doent really dont know how to take this.She is in a situation where there is know one to really be there to help her because their not in her position to be able to understand or know how she feels.So she is all alone for this one.Its like a little child apart from his of her mother and is lost and nothing but cries.
    The main book i liked reading this entire year is The Outsiders.I LOVED reading this book because i felt like i was really able to relate to it the most than any other ook that i have ever read in my entire life.I dont think that there is any other book out there that i was able to connect to it the most that i was able to big deeper into my thinking.
    My favorite independent reading was Before I Die.I liked reading this because not only did i come out of the kind i like reading but i got experience something new.And this lead meto reading so many other books like this one.Also that lead me to digging deeper into my reading much more.And this didnt only help me as a reader but it helped me as a writer because i was able to show all of that great thinking in my writing.

  12. 1. Down These Mean Streets ( Taking a break from Allegra…) By Piri Tomas

    2. I read 52 pages tonight.

    3. So far in the book , Piri introduces his life and how his life changes when he moves to the Italian part of Harlem. It takes place on the East Side and one day he goes to La Marketa and bumps into his 13yr. old rival- Will who is an Italian while Piri is Puerto Rican, They fight and Piri gets dust thrown in his eyes and is rushed to the E.R.

    4. I am currently reading Down These Mean Streets for the 2nd time because the way Piri writes is in an interesting way. A way that traps your reader in the identity of many addicted people. I would suggest this to be a class novel because it shows kids not to do stupid things

  13. Bronx Masquerade
    Tonight i meet more characters from the book. i also learned that Tyrone is the main character because after every poem he comments on them as if he has the ultimate say. The most interesting character i meet so far is a white girl who lives in a community “where she does not belong”. she got her first friend by stepping to someone she thought was dissing her mom.
    I loved the book city of bones. i loved it because it took me away from my environment. my favorite group book was the outsiders.

  14. 1) Allegra Maud Goldman by Edith Konecky
    2) Pg 1 to 38
    3) This book is about a girl that is growing up in the time that woman were not given many rights. She already is choosing which career she wants to choose, but these careers are mainly for men. This book breaks the boundary that women can do less things than men. She also has a dad that comes home always very angry and expects her to do chores. Her brother David also gets treated way better.
    4) My favorite book I’ve read this year is the Hunger Games. This book is my #1 book of all time and the plot isnt full of magic but it has a suspense to it that you just cant put it down.
    5) My favorite whole class novel is To Kill A Mockingbird. This book is like a cycle. It starts with the end and it ends with the start. It’s themes relate to the sort of things we go through today like racial prejudice and poverty. But it ties it in a way ghat still gives a fun story to read.

  15. Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto
    I read from page 1 to 139
    In the book Naruto is training to get to win the tournament. When his first master gets knocked he has a legendary master who is at great and amazing levels. His master makes him stronger teaching him how to summon a big toad/frog. He has to bring inner strength to impress his master who he does impress. After finally he succeeded to his goal he passed out to find himself in the hospital. At the hospital he learns Gaara’s child life with Shikamuro. A book I loved this year was mocking jay. I liked it because it was really intense choices and a lot of sad moments that occurred that were kind of sad. A class novel I liked was the outsiders. It was a really interesting with a lot intense moments.

  16. Title: Fat Vamipre by Adam Rex
    Pages: 1 to 35
    Retell: What I read today was that Doug is a vamipe,but he is fat because since he can’t change of grow after he is bitten, that means that he is stuck as a fat 15-year-old kid. Girls don’t really like him since he is fat. One time, in the beginning, he goes to this party, which he really isn’t invited to, and he meets these girls. He thinks for some reason that since he’s a vampire, that will make girls like him but they think he’s just making it up since he’s fat. Soon after, he goes to a comic convention (still hoping he will somehow find a girl since that’s like all he cares about) and when he goes he sort of gets upset because he didn’t win the greenlantern ring.
    Some sooks that I have read and loved this year are ttyl, Sold, Stargirl, (so far) Fat Vampire, and much more. My favorite whole class jovel has been The Outsiders because is has a strong message on friendship and just what others will do to protect that friendship and what they will risk to help others. My favorite independent novel was (other than ttyl) Sold because it is about how life may not turn out the vay you plan it and not only that, but you will always have to be strong and go through the worst situations.

  17. Brutal by Michael Hoverman
    I read from pages 62 to 81
    What I read today is that Poe went to high school so that she can get regestrated and she was already used to it so she already knew what she had to bring. Then in later on weeks she started to not go to school becuase she always asked herself why is she going if she is not learning anything at all. Then her father found out from the teachers becuase the teachers called him one time in the afternoon saying that Poe hasn’t been in school for almost a month and if she is okay.
    What I really enjoyed reading this whole school years was the book called the Face on the Milk carton. And my whole class novel that I really liked and was really intereesting to me was The outsiders and I really think that, tthat is the first book that we should read.

  18. The Clique:The Pretty Committee Strikes Back,Lisi Harrison
    I read from page 31 to page 58
    So far in the story Massie is mad at everyone because they had abandoned her.Also,they are mad at Kristen for not letting her pay for them.Lastly she feels very bad about not accepting their pay,so she escapes to go there. I loved reading the Vampire Series, because it was very dramatic, and that it was very descriptive and interesting.My favorite whole class novel was To Kill a MOCKINGBIRD.

  19. Title: Sports Illustrated Magazine
    I read from page 1 to page 12
    I read about the basketball player Derek Rose. he was drafted by the Bulls in 2008 and had his first appearance as an NBA basketball player in 2009. This year he won the MVP award (most valuable player) which was great because this was only his second year. Sadly he lost to the Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals and got eliminated.
    I loved reading Goosebumps because i thought the detail and description was good. I loved it so much because the character was very talented even though she was actually being haunted. My favorite whole class novel was I hadn’t meant to tell you this because the charcters were very interesting. My favorite independent reading book was Bones beacuse even though its a graphic novel it describes like if it was an actuall book.

  20. 1.) Dreamland By: Sarah Dessen
    2.) I read from page 25-45 tonight.
    3.)In the book Dreamland, Caitlin talks about how her and her sister’s relationship always takes a dip when Cass (Her sister) always leaves the family to be with her boyfriend. Caitlin’s parents ,as always, end up looking for her but they know where she is. Caitlin is hurt by this but she doesnt take it as hard as her parents.
    4.)Some books that i loved this year was The Hollow,The Haunted,Lena,The IT Girl, and many more. My favorite book was Tears of a Tiger just because it was so interesting and i couldnt put it down. My favorite whole class novel was I hadn’t meant to tell you this, because it was fun to read and also just because i could create the images in my head.

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