Tuesday June 14, 2011 – Friends and Books

Hi KIPPsters!

This is Tuesday’s post so PLEASE DON’T COMMENT on this post until TUESDAY NIGHT!

I hope you’re enjoying the movie! Today, I’d like you to talk a bit about tonight’s reading and continue to analyze the independent books you’ve read this year. Check out the…


1. Title of book. Author of book. (The one that you are reading RIGHT NOW.)

2. I read from page ____ to page ____ tonight.

3. Describe your protagonist. What is this person like? Would you be friends with her/him? Why/Why not?

4. Choose a book from yesterday’s list. Choose a friend. To whom would you reccommend one of these books and why?

Good luck!



Read, babies, READ!
Read, babies, READ!

25 thoughts on “Tuesday June 14, 2011 – Friends and Books

  1. 1:Tittle:oh my goth Author:Gena Showalter
    2:Tonight I read from page 61 to 85
    3:Jade is having trouble in her school because shes not paying attention in class and she haves bad grades on all her classes.On top of that she behaves bad and is rude with her teacher.Jade is also rude with her class mates thats why she gets bully every day in school and dont have friends at all .
    4:Jade is a person who loves rock music and dresses with white and black color.she think that other colors look like barbies color and she dont want to look like a barbie at all.she always have problems with her father because of that.

  2. Hikura No Go
    Author: Akira Tuma
    I read from pgs 99 to pg 125
    Retell: What happened in the book was terrible.Hikura kept losing his go matches and I can tell that he was very ticked off. He kept screaming and fusein until he was boiling mad.He looked so mad a shark would get scared of him. Akira ( one of Hikura’s friends) was deafeated in the game of go by Fujiwara-no-Sai. And as a result she got stronger. Hikura was so determined to get to atlest 16 in the A league for Go that he almost wanted to cheat. But his love for the game was to strong ,so he didnt do it, Hikura is a person that is very competitive yet hes funny and nice. ( like me!!!!!) I would hang out with him because he is just like me and we could probably relate to each other. I would recommened this book to my dude Tiemoko because he loves graphic novels.

  3. Tonight I read Linger
    I read from pages 617-331
    The protagonits are all different. There is Cole,Isabel,Sam and Grace. Cole is a guy who is very lost and confused and wants to be a werewolf because of the pain. Isabel feels gilty for her brother, Jack’s death. Sam just wants to be happy with Grace. Grace might turn into a wereworlf soon. I think I could be friends with all of the protagonists but not Cole because he doesn’t seem like the kind of persojn I would want to be friends with.
    I would remcomend Beastly to Sade because she says she doesn’t like love stories , but this bokok can maybe change her mind.

  4. I am reading the sundAy philosophy club by alexandra mccall smith.
    I read from page one to page twenty five.

    The narrator is Islabel Dalhousie. she is a noise and a very liberal person with loves to state her opinion. Although she has no type of mind to select her boyfriend. i would be her friend but not her best friend because why someone that noisy and is crazy in love. she is like a crazy 2 train going express.

    i would recommend Yankee years to Wilton. i choose him because he enjoys baseball and understand the baseball world. its the Yankees and that is his favorite team and it gives you a new perspective of the game of baseball which is very beneficial

  5. Book: Heaven is For Real author n/a
    Tonight I read from page 45 to page 78.
    The protagonist of my story is just basically the person who is normal for his age with him having to take chances that may be the right thing for him in life in the world that hes living in. I would be friends with my protagonist because he seems to be the person who is very interesting because he went to heaven and had came back to tell what had he seen while he was somewhere in the world.

    The book called Fat Vampire is a book that I would recommend to Dennis because in this book there are some parts that are funny and he would understand the jokes or some funny parts to the story. Also because this book was something that he really wanted to have read.

  6. Freak the Mighty.Rodman Philbrick.
    I read from page 42 to page 65.
    My protagonist is the kid who you would expect to pick on everyone. All his life he had been called dumb and stupid. People were afraid of him because he was the biggest. He wanted friends and to be a normal person, but he couldn’t help that everyone was afraid of him. Even his grandparents doubted how smart he was and if he was up to trouble or not. All this everyone blames on who his father was and everyone thinks that he will be the same.
    By the Time You Read This, I’ll be Dead: I recommend this book to D’Asia because I think she’ll have a strong opinion about this book, like the way I did. Hers will probably a lot different than mine and I’m interested to have a conversation about that with her 🙂

  7. Title: Barbaro by Edgar Prado
    Tonight I read from page 125 to 143
    My protagonist is Barbaro and he is one heck of a horse. He has the talents a horse needs and even beyond that. The horse only broke down in the Preakness because he broke through the gate when he wasn’t suppose too. This gave him the more likely chance to having an injury. I would be friends with him because I not only love horses but I also feel like they are my life and they are friendly.
    I would recommend one of these books to my dad because he loves horses and since he worked in he racetrack, he knows what you need to have to have the image of what being an assistant trainer is. My dad knows what it takes and you need a lot of grit.

  8. Title: A Nest Full Of Stars
    Tonight i read from pages 30 to 69
    Retell: I read a poem today called “Water Carrying”. In the beginning it sounds like as slave is carrying water up and down a hill. The poem is in a description of witch it sounds very calming because it says “Like silk milk running through your hands.” He watches the cows and the horses coming to milk. I think its that means he has a job working for a farm and he has to carry milk and bring it to the cows and horses. When you put it all together, it then starts to make scene. Another thing that i found interesting in a poem is as a spider travels alone in a spider webs, the spider webs can actually be a creepy place such as the woods and the spider can be a person that likes to wander around a lot. The comparison here is actually to a person and the woods from my perspective. One more poem i enjoyed talked about how when your afraid, you get trapped in side a sea shell. That means you cant show or express your self because your to scared of what how you might appear or look like to yourself and other people. This was my favorite poem because it describes a person how a real person acts in ways and how their shyness can overcome them. Their is no protaginist in my book. Its either one author who does the poem or an object that is being described in a poem. I would recomend this book to some one who likes or loves poetry or some one who is interested in discovering poetry’s meaning.

  9. 1.) Efrain’s Secret By: Sofia Quintero
    2.) Pages read: 25-54
    3.)Efrain is in high school and because his family doesnt have much money, they struggle, Efrain’s mother works tremendous hours just to put food on the table. Efrain has big dreams he wants to go to an ivy leage school like Harvard or Yale, with dreams like that he needs to do well being that he is latino and lives in the South Bronx. Efrain doesnt go to a great school but he does his best and has amazing grades. The only problem now is that in order to get into those colleges, Efrain needs an SAT prep course and because he is poor he cant afford it. So what does he do now? Efrain decides to make a bad choice and sell dope to get the money and help his mother. Is he actuly helping?
    4.) I would reccomend this book to D’Asia because she likes these type of books that she has some sort of connection to. Also the vivid language and the word choice use she may really enjoy.

  10. If I stay by Gayle Forman
    I read from page _37_ to page _56_ tonight.

    3. Describe your protagonist. What is this person like? Would you be friends with her/him? Why/Why not?

    My protagonist is nice. She’s the one everyone wants to be friends with. Then when her parents died her life got crazier. I wouldn’t be friends with her because her parents died so she would probably be upset all the time.

    4. Choose a book from yesterday’s list. Choose a friend. To whom would you reccommend one of these books and why?

    -Awakend to Alicia
    I think she would enjoy this book because since she reads a lot she is probably the most open to books

  11. Title: This is What I Did by Ann Dee Ellis
    I read from page 67 to page 135
    My protagonist is Logan and his life seems to be very different from mine. Tonight I read that he saw Zylers’ dad hit Zyler and tried to do things to Cami. I and Zyler seem different because I know for a fact; if I saw something like this I would go and get help. Logan thought about it, but he never got help for them. I wouldn’t say we would be friends because if something ended up happening to me, I wouldn’t know if Logan would help me or not.
    I would recommend By the Time You Read This I’ll be dead to Hailley because for me, this book was very interesting. I think that Hailley would really be into this whole story. This book kept me wondering and I kept asking a lot of questions so I think that Hailley will enjoy this book like I did.

  12. 1.title..Heart and Soul
    2. pg 80 to 125
    3. Well i really dont got a protangonist, in one of the poems called ” Are We Ready ?” i think their is a boy or a girl that his family is feeling sad about the memorial and how they have a loss from 9/11. The boy/girl wishes that guy/women goes to heaven . i would be his friend so he/she can loss all his stress from the memorial.
    4. i would recommened this book to the people that loss their love once in the 9/11 attack so they could see how other people felt when the loss their loves ones.

  13. If I Stay by Gayle Forman
    I read from page 30 to page 80
    My protaganist is a person who is has a lot of comotion going on in her life.And she was very patient about all the drama going on in her life.I think that if i was her i think i wouldnt be ablew to live with all of the comotion because it will be too much screaming going on in the house and i would be scared to go to sleep.And yes yes i do think that i would make friends with my protagonist because her life is kind of similar to mine.I would recomend this book to Fiara because she has an open mind.Therefore she would like this book.

  14. Bronx Masquerade
    PAGE: 1-34
    CHARACTERS: In this book there is no main character. But, we meet characters that all go to the same school. they tell us a little about themselves. Then write poems expressing how they feel. I like this because the characters each have problems i can connect to.
    SUGGESTION: I would suggest the book The Hunger Games to Orlando because it has a lot of funny but serious things that happen to the character. Even though its not meant to be funny he could find a way to laugh at the character who is in need of help.

  15. Naruto: The New Opponents
    I read from page 1 to 174
    Naruto is a hard headed kid who likes to show off when he is jealous of people. He is a great ninja when he takes his time on his justus. He is often around Sasuke, Sakura and his master Kakashi. He is annoying and not that smart most of the times and goes off of topic a lot when talked to. A book that I recommend is The Throne of Fire. I would recommend it to Dennis because he liked the book The Red Pyramid and this is the second book to it. It is about two kids without any parent who are magicians an fight off evil.

  16. 1. feed by M.T. Anderson

    2. I read from page 29 to page 46 tonight.

    3. Titus is very blunt. He is like a regular kid who wants to have fun with his friends. The only thing different about him is the feeds. Feeds is a transmitter put directly into his brain. Feeds is a big part of Titus and his friends life. I can conect to how they adapted to the feeds because its kind of like FACEBOOK! My friends and I are adicted to Facebook. Its apart of our life, its something we do all day every day. Iwould love to be friends with Titus friend, we have alot in comin.
    4. I would recomend ‘BY THE Time You Read This I’ll Be Dead” to my good friend Alicia beacuse I know she like book like that. This book is about a girls who finds a web site that tells you how and when you will die. Long story short, she wanted to cumit suiside.

  17. 1. Allegra Maud Goldman

    2. I read from page 55 to page 78 tonight.

    3. Allegra realizes how her name changes how she lives her life. Her name is her identity but in a way she doesnt like it. She feels as if she’s missing a part of her life with the name. She is a self confident girl who speaks her mind. She also doesnt care what people say because she always has a comeback.

    4. I would recommend Go Ask Alice to Alicia because firstly, she likes to read lol, and because Alicia reads books that grab her into the plot. At the beggining , the girl -Alice seems nice but then the realistic part is when she starts doing drugs

  18. 1) Alex Rider: Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz
    2) Pg 35 to 60
    3) My protagonist’s name is Alex Rider. He is 14 years old. He already knows already speaks German, Spanish, French, English, and is a black-belt in karate.
    4) I would recommend the book Eldest to Oasis Elliot. I know that he loves books with magic and mystical creatures and all this book is dragons and wizardry. This book has many twists and turns and best of all it has awesome and suspenseful battles scenes. Id also recommend the other books in the Inheritance series.

  19. 1.Alex Rider Storm Breaker
    2.I read from pages 62 to 89
    3.My protagonist is a person that always want to know the truth and figure things out himself and how did the incident happen.Also i would like to be his friend so I could go with him also to this trip and find out the truth.
    4. I would recommend the book Bone to Tristen because it’s a funny book and i think he would like it by the way that it goes in order from the beginning to the end.

  20. Title: Allegra Maud Goldman by Edith Konecky
    I read from pages 1 to 65
    My protagnist is Allegra Maud Goldman and she hates her name, she just thinks that it doesn’t go with her personality and it ruins the rest of her name. I would be friends with Allegra because she knows and understands that when your young, you can’t just make up your mind and automatically decide what you want to be and exactly how your life will be when you grow up.
    I would recommend the Lightning Theif Series to Genesis.A because she like storys that are fiction and that won’t really happen in life.

  21. Brutal by Michael Hoverman
    I read from pages 21 to 42
    The protagonist of my book is Poe. She is in high school and she has a band but she left them behind becuase her mom is goig to Africa and so she has to stay with her dad. I think that I would be freinds with her beucase she has no one to hang around with and so I coukd give her some company.
    A book that I would chose is eclispse and I would reccomend this book to Jennen beucase I know that she like the twilight saga and I also know that she llike vampire so this wpoould be a great book for her.

  22. The Clique:The Pretty Committiee Strikes Back, by Lisi Harrison
    Tonight I read from page 1 to page 32
    Massie Block is very controling if you dont do something she doesn’t like then you are out of her mind permanently. She is very picky and she hates it when you dont understand her. I think that I would be a friend to her, because she acts like a cool person to be around. Even though she is very picky she is still a party person.
    Frostbite: I think that i could be friends with a girl like Rose, because she is very open-minded, and she takes lead of herself and others like Lissa.

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