Monday June 13, 2011 – A Few of Your Favorite Books…

Hi KIPPsters!

Can you believe it? We’ve already completed 10 months of school, including Summer School! We’ve completed 4 days of state testing and 6 days of MAP testing. We’ve read 7 whole class novels and countless short stories… and most of us have read AT LEAST 40 books this year. I am SO PROUD of you! In today’s blog, tell me a bit about what you’ve read this year (and tonight)…


1. Book Title.

2. Tonight I read from page _____ to page _____.

3. 3-5 sentence summary of what I read tonight.

4. Name 5 books that you loved reading this year. Choose one of those books and give a short explanation as to why it’s one of your favorites.

See you guys tomorrow!




39 thoughts on “Monday June 13, 2011 – A Few of Your Favorite Books…

  1. Book Title: Allegra Maud Goldman
    Tonight I read from page 1 to page 13
    Book Summary: So far in the book, Allegra was lost at Coney Island and luckily, a police officer found her and took her to the station. That’s where her chauffeur, Arthur, came to pick her up. After that, Arthur took her home letting her drive for a little bit. Finally, I learned a lot about the main character. I learned that she is kind of a brat and that she is headstrong.
    5 Books I read this year: The Outsiders, The 2 whole grade Jacqueline Woodson Books, A Raisin in the Sun, and Sold
    Favorite Book: After all of the books I’ve read, I think that A Raisin in the Sun in my book even though I loved The Outsiders so much. =D A Raisin in the Sun was like very original. I had never in my life read a book in play form. Also, the central issues and plot was original. Sure there are a lot of books about racism, but the author of A Raisin in the Sun presented this issue in an original way, and I liked that. =D

  2. Title: Jumpstart the World
    I read from page172 to 186.
    Retell: Ellie had her last moment before Frank and Molly move out. It took a long tome for them to tell each other what they want to do in life, their time together and their questions about each other. After they drove away, Ellie’s cat, Toto started to realize that you need some love in your life.

    1) A Raisin in the Sun
    2)To Kill a Mocking Bird
    3)Jumpstart the World
    4)The Music of Dolphins
    5)Stones in Water

  3. 1) The Running Man by Micheal Gerard Bauer
    2) Pgs 1 to 78
    3) Tonight i read that Joseph was mowing Caroline’s lawn. Caroline then asked Joseph if he could please pick her brother to draw for his class project. Caroline’s brother is Tom. There has been many rumors about Tom ,but Joseph decided to draw Tom anyways. As he is drawing Tom, he is scared to make any contact with him. After, Tom shows Joseph his silkworms that he keeps. Joseph hopes to soon visit the house again.
    -Boyfast at tiffanys
    -By the time you read this Ill be dead
    – Mockingbird
    -How Lamars bad prank won him a big bubba-sized trophy
    5) I really liked Wintergirls because it showed how a girls life can be when you are in a tough spot. I also like it because it shows a page-turning scene and you just want to find out how Cassie deid and why. This was my top favorite book of the year! 🙂


    1: DRAGONBALLZ VOL. 17-26
    2: TYRELL
    3: ONE PIECE VOL. 1-11

  5. Book: Heaven is for Real
    Pages: 3-45
    Summary: The thing that I had read today about was the fact that a kid was suffering through a lot of problems in his life.And some in which had ended him going to heaven just to see everything that he was not told while he was growing up in life.Also the thing thing that i had read for 40 minutes was that he was born just a couple of days after his grandfather had passed away in the world.
    Favorite books:
    1. Fat Vampire
    2. Georges Secret Key to the Universe
    3. To Kill a Mokingbird
    4. The Outsiders
    5. A Raisin in the Sun
    The reason that i liked Fat Vampire was because it was a story that was just very fun to read and not just some random book in the world. I think that it was also my favorite book of all time because it had a whole lot of things that I could relate to in the world and i just feel to be connected to a book is really interesting and something that happens often in the world.

  6. Book Titile: Freak the Mighty (not from the 7th grade library)
    Author: Rodman Philbrick
    Tonight I read from page 1 to page 47.
    I just started Freak the Mighty and I read about the main character. The main character is living with his grandparents and everyone judges him because of a terrible crime his father did. The crime was that he supposedly murdered the mother of his child. The main character is described as abnormally big for his age, very quiet and most people think his dumb and reckless because of the way he looks and because in school he doesn’t talk much. His grandparents think the worst of him and his room in in the cellar (the basement). He also doesn’t have many friends.
    My Favorite Books:
    – The Outsiders
    – When You Reach Me
    – By the Time You Read This, I’ll Be Dead
    – The Giver
    – A Raisin in the Sun

    The Giver was one of my favorite books because it showed me that a perfect world could be bad. Everyone wants things to go as they planned it, but it will never be like that. If everything were perfect you will never feel true emotions to a person. I learned all of this from that book I thought would be boring but it was really good and I loved it 🙂

  7. Book Title: This is What I Did
    Tonight I read from page: 1 to page 67
    Tonight I was introduced to the main character, Logan. The first page of the story kind of set the tone of the book. Logan said that he was crying because he was kicked in his man area but after what happen with Zyler and his dad he said he could take anything. After reading that, I really wanted to learn more. Bruce was a really mean kid and he kept on saying rude things to Logan. And when Bruce called Logan a molester, Logan snapped. Logan hit Bruce as hard as he could but not with his fist, with a shovel. If you ask me, Bruce kind of deserved it.
    Top 5 Books:
    -Before I fall
    -By The Time You Read This I’ll be Dead
    -The Outsiders
    -A Raisin In The Sun
    -Bronx Masquerade
    By The Time You Read This I’ll be Dead was one of my favorite books because for me it was very interesting. It really related to the real world. Kids that were young started killing themselves because they didn’t like their lives. I wanted to read more and more after turning every page. If a KIPPster hasn’t already read this book, I really recommend reading it because they will enjoy the book.

  8. BOOK TITLE: By The Time You Read This I’ll Be Dead


    Tonight what i read was really interesting, mostly the part were she tried she kill herself by trying to electrocute herself witch to me was very crazy. The reason she tried to kill herself that way is because she said that she read that trying to do that is fast and painless. I wonder why she didn’t try talking to her parents about the situation shes been suffering with her whole life?Something else i read about today was that she learned that the actual cause of death is asphyxiation witch has to do with carbon dioxide.

    5 BOOKS I LOVED READING THIS YEAR: Tyre ll, Outsiders, When you reach me, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Behind you.

    My favorite book out of all of them is the outsiders. The reason i really like that book is because of the fact that it had to do back like around the 80’s and all of the actions that just go on in the book. Something I really enjoy about the book is the characters, and how each of them just have a different personality and a different styles. I also like how the soc-es and the greasers are separated just because one has more money than the other, that makes the book really interesting.

  9. Title:Bone(7)
    Author:Jeff Smith
    Tonight i read from pages 1 to 45
    so far i read that Jon has lost thorn and the bone friends and he is trying to find them. Also i read that their predators are sneaking up to try to catch them because they try to catch the bone family they catch the wrong one. Also they are trying to get back to their town but they cant because they are being chased by 1,000 huge rats.
    The Books i enjoyed reading are:
    1) After Tupac and D Foster
    2) Bone
    4)To Kill a Mockingbird
    5)The Outsiders

  10. Hey!
    I have just finished reading A Kiss In Time by Alex Finn, I read from pages 225-371.
    I red alot tonight,but the main points were that Jack and Talia fell in love. It was very unexpected but they were meant to be. Malvolia kidnapped Talia beacuse she didn’t think that Jack was her true love, but Jack proved to be her true love by passing the uestions about Talia and awakening her by his kiss.
    This is going to be incredibly hard but I have to pick 5 of my favorite books from this year.
    1. Linger
    2.City of Ashes
    3.City of Glass
    4.City of Fallen Angels
    6.Matched (An extra one just because i ❤ it)
    I loved Beastly because I am a die-hard romantic when it comes to books. This book was amazing because this author takes classic fairy tales and he adds a very intersting twist to them. Beaslty was a variation of the classic, A Beauty and the Beast. But it was better than the original because it is a but more realistic.

  11. For One More Day i read from page 167 to197

    The book was about Chick Benetto a former major league baseball player that encounters a lot of disappointing problems of alcohol abuse, economics issues and decides to commit suicide. Although he missed the turn and then a accident happens. this shoes the dangerous of just having a great career doesnt mean nothing its the after math just really explains the type of character you really are. Great book.

    Favorite books
    TO Kill a Mockingbird
    Yankee Years
    On the Wire
    The Outsiders

    I liked Sold because it gives a good message and it shows issues that ive never heard. Like the child abuse and the dangerous going into the city of India. The only negative is the ending when the Americans came to rescues her which i found very ocward.

  12. The Clique(Summer Collection) Massie
    Pages 1 to 30
    DETAILS:For tonight it’s this girl name Massie who it your relguar girl girly ,but has a strong winner side that would always want to win. You also start to see she has a stong additude alot, because she gets smart with everyone. You see Massie is just trying to live up her dream in a good way.
    5 Books I read:
    -Staying Pure
    -By the time you read this i’m be dead
    -To Kill A Mockingbird
    -A Raisin in the Sun
    I love “Staying Pure,” it was one of those books you can just connected with because it tells a story or a event were you was put in there too.Sometimes I even felt as if i’m my own character in the story because it explain alot of details and give you so many different emotions.

  13. Title: Vampire Academy
    I read from pg 1 to pg 27
    Summary: What I read tonight is that my main character wakes up her friend Lissa from a bad nightmare that obviously she had had many times before, although the dream is not mentioned. Also, after a while Rose, the main character is bitten by Lissa who is a vampire. It wasn.t even on pourpose because Rose wanted it to happen. Soon, they want to borrow Jeremy’s car keys. Although Lissa is very calm about the situation, Rose dose seem more aggresive.

    1: The Outsiders
    2:By the Time You Read This I’ll be Dead
    3:The Lightning Theif Series
    4:Before I Fall

    The reason that I liked TTYL is because it was a book that I could really get into the bok was because it was written to entertain readers our age and it was in a language that made it much more fun to engage in and read.

  14. 1. Heart and Soul a poetic journey since 9/11
    2. i read ,since it was about poems so it was different ,but almost all the poems is about the pain and shockness how they loss others in the 9/11 attack. how everybody is going to be miss who ever died in the 9/11 attack.
    3. the outsider-i like this book cause it shows alot of brotherhood in each other gangs and how they protect each other kill a mocking bird-alot of tension sad moment and how they blame tom for the trail
    5.diary of a whimpy kid- cause i have alot of connection in with me.
    6.this is it-relate to me,it’s funny
    7.rasin in the sun-shows the difference between whites and blacks.

  15. Book Title:If I Stay byy Gayle Forman
    i read about how this girl woke up and it was snowing.First of all she its not really clear but i dont thunk she really likes the snow but her brtoher LOVES the snow.I also read that her dad is mad at her because she didnt become a rock chick.The main character is a teenager and she is the type to be popular in school so she has a lot of friends. But she is in a contriversy and she doesnt know what to do.And when she needs help the most there is no one that really understands her to be able to help her out.Its likew no one is really able to see what she sees therfore when it comes to her opinions they dont take the time to really think about what was said.But it always comes down to the ways you do things to be able to help yourself out.
    The Outsiders
    To Kill A Mocking Bird
    By The Time You’ll Read This I’ll Be Dead
    Paper Towns
    The Outsiders is one of my favorite books because i really understood what was going on in the book. ialso felt that i could relate to a lot of the story.I really dug deeper into the book and seen through the eyes of the characters.And from reading this book i was able to see what went on before and what still goes on now in the world in a different way which made me feel that i can actually relate to what went on earlier in the world before i was born.

  16. The Life of The Rock
    I read from page 20 to page 60
    What I read was that The Rock had a very hard beggining of his life.He wasnt so rich he also had some parent promblems.He used his cousins power in wrestling to be on wwf.The Rock also made it to wwe the new wresling.He was very talented even before wwf or wwe.
    1)The Outsiders
    4)The Face On the Milk Carton
    5)One Piece
    I liked The Outsiders because it shows alot of themes and action wich is what all boys like.Even though we didnt finish the moive(gw) i think it will still be better

  17. 1.Twelve Angry Men
    2.Tonight I read from page 1 to 33.
    3.At the beginning of the story, a boy who claims that he didn’t kill his father. The police caught the kid and took him to court. In order to find out if the boy is guilty or not, the judge told the twelve angry juries to decide if his innocent or guilty.
    5.The Outsider
    6.To Kill A Mockingbird
    7.A Raisin In the Sun
    9.My favorite book from these five books is Slam because it describes the boys life and attitude towards school and basketball.

  18. Beyond The Chocolate War
    Tonight i read from page 1 to 46
    So far in the book I’ve read that school is almost at its end.I also read that the narrator of the book is in love with a girl called Laurie Gundarson and he lived a different life after he saw her. I also that there something at Trinity and it is called the box and i think it is a symbol. And lastly Jerry’s family finally admitted to his family that he had been to the hospital and suffered a memory disfunction.

    *The 39 clues
    *Young Warriors
    *Platform 13

    Persepolis was one of my favorite books because it had a lot of comedy and also it had a lot of history in it like a time in her home where they had alot of very strict rules.

  19. Book title: Behind you by Jackline Woodson
    tonight i read from pages 3 to 26
    Summery: Something that i read tonight is that the character MIAH was black and ELLIE was white. They are 2 young kids(miah is a boy and ellie a girl) and they make sence towards each other which was not really aloud back then. Also what i read tonight is that MIAH was actually killed and that ended everythig. ELLIE really does not know how to move on and his mother is struggling to getting back to life and putting evrything together. He is watching all this happenening and it hurts him to see his loved ones suffer.
    Five books i have read over the years are: IHMTTYT, The year my parents ruined my life,Orange, TKAMB,Alice.
    My favirote book out of all of these so far is IHMTTYT because it was very interesting and i actually enjoyed reading this book. When the book ended i wish it had a movie so that i can see what happens when it is put into a movie and how the characters actually look.

  20. Heys 😀
    Book: Allegra Maud Goldman
    Author: Edith Konecky
    I read from page:1 to 30
    Retell: So far, Allegra got lost in Coney Island. But she oddly doesnt really cry. She’s evry quiet about it. She hates her name probibly because she cant fit it. Her dad asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up. It’s her favorite question that she never gives the same answer to. Mrs.Oxfelder was being kind of a meanie. She was critizing on Allegra’s answer. Just because she wanted to be a gentlemen farmer.. and according to Mrs.Oxfelder she couldnt because she was a girl. Allegra has a brother that has a bike. Allegra is kind of a tom-boy because she doesnt want to do that dance that Mrs.Oxfelder is talking about. Her grandma ran away from an arranged marriage in Germany when she was just 16.

    My Fav Books are :
    Breaking Dawn
    Wanted !
    Thirteen Reasons Why
    The Sea Of Monsters

    I Absolutely love Breaking Dawn because well it’s long and very interesting. It switches Perspectives which is good 😀 because i was wondering about what Jacob was thinking. I loved that book because there was never a dull momment. Its the best way to end an amazing series.

  21. 1.Alex Rider Storm Breaker
    2.Today I read from pages 39 to 62
    3.Today I read that people were saying that his uncle died in a car accident but he does not believe that so he goes to search for him.Also he goes to look for him because he knows that he is still alive.In addition, he wants to know the truth not the rumor people say.He only know that his uncle was a spy to find out things.
    4.My favorite books are A Raisin in the Sun, TKAM, Alex Rider, Outsiders and Bone.
    My favorite book is Bone because the books goes in order and continues and it ends in one book then into another.Also these book are hilarious.

  22. Favorite books this year:
    A Raisin In the sun
    The Last Olympian
    I Hadn’t Meant to Tell You This
    Before I Die

    I finished it. This book is telling us a persons life in Africa. How life is growing up. I is a really great book. It has alot of violence and also has a mixture of drama.

  23. Title: A Dime A Dozen
    I read from pages: 12 to 54
    Retell: So far,this book is about being yourself and changing it up a bit. Sometimes you can be the person you were supposed to be. Then, you become the person that other people want you to be. You have to be what you set out to be and have no doubt that you will always be that person no matter what happens. Also,believe in yourself and if someone tells you you can’t, then be yourself and do what you want you want.
    Books: A Raisin in the sun, to kill a mockingbird, before I die, 13 reasons why, and the by the time you read this I’ll be dead.
    My favorite book is A Raisin in the Sun because some African-American can relate to it and it fought a lot of men how to trust people and it shows them how to step up and be the man of the house when someone is making you do something you don’t want to do.

  24. Title: Naruto The Worst Possible Client
    Tonight I read from page 1 to 216
    In the book Naruto, friends and his master Kakashi are sent to rank D- missions. When Naruto has an out burst the Hokage gives them a rank C- mission which includes bringing man to a bridge without his getting beat up on the way by bandits and thieves. On the mission though they face amazing ninjas who are better than Naruto and friends ,but not better than their master who beats the amazing ninjas quickly without a sweat. Then they face a even better ninja who they think they killed but they actually they didn’t kill him because a ninja tricked them into thinking he was dead.
    1) The Outsiders
    2)The Lost Hero
    3)The Mocking jay
    4) The Red Pyramid
    5) The Giver

  25. 1. Tonight i read the entire book of roll of thunder hear my cry. 2. I personally hate the boook because Cassie never liked T.J but now allof a sudden she does and the ending is not surprising or anything. I hate the book because it made no sense and it seems like Mildred D Taylor wrote the book because she was bored or tired. The book to me was what i technically expected for it to be boring. I understand that what i posted can be offensive to some people but i just wanted to reminds you that, that is my opinion of the book. 3. Out of all of the books that i read this year my favorite one was sold because of the it was written and the story in general.

  26. tonight i read midnight sun by S.meyers
    pg 240 to 267
    its Edward’s perspective of twilight even though its only online.i love this version because it make it easy to understand how edward thought and how his family treated him because of bella and also the minds he read. it seem to be better knowing what he was thinking and how he was dealing with being so close to a human i think this book should be published and she should make more of edwards books for all 4
    4.dramacon 1-3
    5. thirsy
    they were so…. DRAMATIC i love my drama!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Book: Drown
    Today I read from pages93 to 128. I read that the main character went to his uncle Beto’s house and most of his mothers family was there staring at him in akward silence. He now realizes all the hardwork his mom does for him and his brother. Then his mother got drunk and he tried to take care of her by putting her in bed but she just kept swinging at him.
    My favorit books:
    1) Hunger games
    2) Are there god its me margraet
    3)To kill a mocking bird
    4)Before I Die
    5) The outsiders
    My favorite book is Are you there god its me magraet because its one of those books that i can relate on in the future. Also because it had some issues i sort of had to deal with.

    1)Hunger games
    2) Are you there god its me margreat
    4)To Kill a mocking Bird

  28. Night
    I finished the book.
    tonight as i finished the book Ellie sees something he has not seen in years. Himself in a mirror. he was barely surprised of the features of his face except how wise his eyes were. He was kind of excited to be free from the german troops. The only problem his whole family was murdered over the course of the year. From concentration camps, starvation, or extreme punishment ( such as being forced to run long distances and being killed if you stopped).
    City of Bones
    The Outsiders
    The Hunger Games
    The Awakening
    The Gathering\
    Most of the the books on the list above i like because they could never happen to me and they take me out of this world. I like scifi because they take me out of this world and have extremely vivid descriptions of what is happening

  29. Title: The Eternal Ones
    Tonight I read from page 293 to 411
    What I’ve read so far was that Haven is trying to figure out if whether she should trust Iain or she should just leave. Haven was just told by Padma (Rebecca Underhood in her past life) said she and Ethan (Iain in his past life) was going to live happy ever after killing Constance (Haven in her past life). Then Adam to convised her again after Iain cleared his name from her said that everything Padma was saying was true. Adam did this because he is in love with Haven and want her for his own.
    My favorite are the following:
    >>1) Like a Person
    2) To Die For
    3) Shiver/ Linger
    4) Heartbreakers
    5) The Eternal Ones
    Like a Person is one of my favorite books because it’s relatable. It shows lessons which can be learned. It also demintrate that in life there’s going to be problems but one way or another you should know I can get better.

  30. 1. Allegra Maud Goldman

    2. Tonight I read from page 1 to page 47
    3. In the story so far Allegra is going into her past life when the doctor tells her she has a daughter. Thoughts vigiriously pour into her head on who she is and what she should call her little baby. She remembers strolling one day at Coney Island and getting lost from her parents. An officer found her and this is the oart in which she throws in alot of vivid details on why she doesnt want to name her daughter something like Allegra. The cops try to figure out he name but to them it just sounds like a big blur and since her name is long and plentiful they cant understand.

    ** a) Go Ask Alice
    b) Down These Mean Streets
    c) The Outsiders
    d) The Giver
    e) Before I Die
    ** I Liked this book because it showed what a struggle it is for teens in a abandoned society. It shows how teens and not able to grasp the idea that no one is there to guide them to the better path. Most of them are taking drugs and seem as if they are addicted to it so badly that with help physically and emotionally they cannot strengthen their ability to succeed

  31. Hoot

    What I read today was how common cerns in beging of books. So in hoot the common concern was that she didn’t see a boy if it wasn’t fot another boy. This is something which is really vseen in todays 21st century be cause of all of the judgement we have 2day.

    some books which I really like is that
    1. Dariy of wimpy kid
    1. Sold
    1.The outsiders
    1.Bronx mascrade
    1. To kill a mocking bird

    Out of all of these my faviorite book has to be sold because I love its intense but not soo intense it. Becomes inappropriate. Also I like the. Non chapter chapters. And how it breaks who should you trust.

  32. Brutal by Michael Harmon
    I read from pages 1 to 21
    What I read tonight is that Poe who is the main character in my book has a strggling life. For example her mom is a nurse and she prefers to be with her clients than to be with her own daughter. Poe has a band where she is the lead singer and she doesn’t act like regular girls becuase she doesn’t like to wear make up and mostly she cuts her hair into a mohak which her mom does not care at all. Then becasue os her moms job she is ,froced to leave L.A. where she lived and start a new high school.
    1)Kriten 2) The face on the milk carton 3) the ouotsiders 4) eclipce 5) the house on mango street
    The book that I really like a lot is the outsiders becuase it really captures the readers attention and it is not that boring. Also becuase ti really gives you a great description on what happenes on the outside world.

  33. Title:Barbaro
    Page: 87 to 104
    I read that Barbaro has just ran in the Kentucky Derby. He has won the million dollar race and the first leg of the triple crown. The next stage is the Preakness stakes which is the second leg at also one million dollars. He is now exercising and preparing for the race.
    1. Bones
    2. The mouse and the motorcycle
    3. Goosebumps
    4. A raisin in the sun
    5. To kill a mockingbird
    Goosebumps was my favorite because it was entertaining and scary. It made me want to keep reading. I thought this book was amazing and everyone should read it.

  34. Title: A Nest Full Of Stars
    Tonight i read from pages 1 to 30
    Rettle: The book im reading about describes poetry in many ways. It talks about poetry that is used when u think about about the word something. It also talks about how the importance of being together with any body matters. Then it talks about a silly topic that is called Gobbel Gobble rap wich is named after a chicken when they say “Gobble-Gobble” . The real truth behind this story is although its a poem of silly strories behind that is daily things that kids go throuhgh When i say they go through it this means like dailly process. Such aas your morning chore you going to school and you also getting in trouble but this story takes it and combines it into something silly so it wont seem dull or affending. This book talks about how people can be special in ways by having thier own unique styles. The title is all about people havin g thier own unique styles. My 5 favorite books this year was house book of poetry, A nest full of stars, By the time you read this ill be dead, Gifted part 1, and finally gifted part 2!!!!!

  35. The Clique: Revenge of the Wannabes
    Tonight i read from page 1 to 40
    So far in the book Alicia Rivera wants to overcome Massie Block and in doing so she is ruining her other friendships w/ others. She is taken from the group and is forced to make her own group that includes her wannabe friends. Massie however is facing problems living w/ Kristen and Dylan by herself. She thinks of forgiving Alicia after all she has done to her.
    1]13 Reasons Why 2]Vampire Academy 3]Frostbite 4]Revenge of the Wannabes 5]Alicia
    Vampire Academy is a book about a girl named Rose who tries to protect her best friend Lissa from all of the monsters, and in the process she is fallen in love with her instructor.

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