Thursday May 26, 2011 – To Kill a Mockingbird Discussion

Hi KIPPsters!

Welcome back to the blog! I hope you got a lot of readin done today! Here’s what I’d like you to do:

1. Name which Essential Question you’d like to discuss (1, 2 or 3).

For example: Essential Question 1 – Kids vs. Adults

2. Write a possible answer to that question.

For example: Harper Lee believes that adults are less openminded than kids are. She thinks that kids have many lessons to learn, but they learn them easier than adults do.

3. Copy a quote or paraphrase a section that proves your response, with page number.

For example: Miss Maudie Atkinson gives the kids information about Boo Radley, not realizing that she is making their curiosity worse. She is just spreading the rumors that she’s heard and not opening her mind to the possibility that they are wrong. The kids are curious and want to learn more, while the adults just want to leave him alone (and be left alone themselves). (p. 44)

4. Respond to something another team member has said in the discussion on this blog.

For example: Fiara – your ideas about characters breaking down racial barriers were very interesting. I agree that the kids are more accepting of blacks probably because their major female role model was Calpurnia.

That’s it! Good luck and have fun! After you post, go ahead and borrow ideas from other teammates’ posts to add to your EQ sheets!




68 thoughts on “Thursday May 26, 2011 – To Kill a Mockingbird Discussion

  1. EQ1:
    Adults see things more litteral than kids. when scout pointed the gun at ms. maodies butt atticus got really angry and said if she does it again he would whip her good. kids spend more time doing and less time planning while adults do the opposite. adults need a vveery constructive way to do things. a huge example is that the teachers from the kids school took a whole year to get the plan going. and it’s barely affective.

  2. 1) I would like talk about essential question 1 “Kids vs. Adults”!
    2) I think Harper Lee wants us to understand that kids shouldnt grow up to fast. Adults try to teach children that the world isnt always about peaches and cream and that thereharshhings and people out here waiting for you to come into this world not knowing anything, your parents try to prepare you for that.

    • “I scurried to my room and went to bed. Uncle Jack was a prince of a fellow not to let me down. But I never figured out how Atticus knew I was listening, and it was not until many years later that I realized he wanted me to hear every word he said.”
      4.) Parents want you to come in the world ready for what awaits you.

  3. Essential Question 1 Kids vs. Adults:
    In the book To Kill A Mockingbird, Harper Lee was trying to show us how different adults are from kids.One example is when it comes to kids we don’t learn or get th lesson that comes to us, but adults do.Another is kids mostly want to just be free,but it’s hard to tried and get it with adults they get up and start to fight for what they want.
    3.”I scurried to my room and went to bed. Uncle Jack was a prince of a fellow not to let me down. But I never figured out how Atticus knew I was listening, and it was not until many years later that I realized he wanted me to hear every word he said.”
    4.I agree with Paloma because I think Harper Lee was trying to show how Kids and adults are different in different ways. For example, thoughts, what they say, or a event that happened.

    • in the book to kill a mocking bird i was introduce to the main character scout and atticus in a world in the 1900s. also since it takes place in the 1900s there is a lot of racism and lots of sagergation. also that means some kids are going to grow up being racist and being blind from the world, and also it means there going to be alot of struggle for the people who arent racist. pg1-47

  4. 1) Essential Question 1
    2) Her message is that adults can learn their lessons, but it takes time to learn it. Children, however, can learn their lesson slowly without a lot of problems.
    3) “School started. The second grade was bad as the first,only worse-they still flashed cards at you and wouldn’t let you read or write.”
    4) I agree with Yessivette because the fact about the kids’ opinions of Boo Radley is spot on.

  5. 1. Essential question 1: Adults vs Kids
    2. Adults dont try and find fthe real answer to things the believe what they hear and move on. in this book Harper Lee is trying to say that adults dont have to be adults all the time they havea choice to be one or be a kid and keep your beliefs.they can be kids and keep dreaming but he also has to make the decsion to become a grown up and do the right thing.
    3. “but do you think i could face my children otherwise […] without catching maycombs disease.” pg 117
    4. i agree with lisbeth2016 and jessica2016 because i almost think that Atticus is treating Scout like a adult so tha she can really understand the crisis that is going on in that time of the world. also ithink that harper lee wants to show how Atticus feels about it and uses him as a way to show that adutls dont always have to believe the things that other people tell them they can make their own decsions.

  6. !) Children vs Adults
    2) Scout is against what other people want him to do because he wants to do everything without no one telling him
    3) You’re real nice, an’ i reckon i’ll love you even after what you did, but you don’t understand children much.”
    4) I would agree with Geidsha because children want to be the boss nd think they are older than adults when in reality they gotta respect.

  7. Essential question #1: Which is Harper Lee’s message about the major differences between adults and children as people, as problem solvers and as philosophers?
    Possible answer: I think that Harper Lee is trying to show us the difference of an adults’s thoughts and a child’s thoughts. We don’t all think the same and sometimes we don’t understand that so I think a big part of this book is to help us understand the difference and which one is more mature.
    Quote: “I scurried to my room and went to bed. Uncle Jack was a prince fellow not to let me down. But I never knew how Atticus knew I was listening, and it was not until many years lateR that I realized he wanted me to hear every word he said.” (Page 89) This basically shows the thoughts from the adults’ head and the thoughts from the childs’ head. They are both very different and they sound like completely different events because the child feels one way and doesn’t understand, while the adult seems to have already pieced it all together and seem to have nothing left to figure out.
    Comment: I agree with Alexander Rosa’s comment. He said that child may not always know the difference between bad and good and parents seem like they do. As I said before, children see things from a difference point of view, they don’t take it as seriously and have not yet learned how to dig into lessons for something richer, for something deeper than the obvious. But as they grow into adults they will understand more, but for now they just have to grow up, learn it themselves and be open-minded, especially when it comes to solving or understanding major problems.

  8. 1) Kids vs Adults
    2) Scout is against for what people tell him what to do and what the rules are
    3) ” You’re real nice an’ I reckon i’ll love you even after what you did, but you don’t understand children much.”
    4) I agrre with Geidsha because the children think they are older than adults and they think they can do whatever they want without being told to do.

  9. i would like to discuss essential question 3 which is how citizens break through barriers of racial injustace.For example Atticus is willing to fight against injustice even though people are mad at him.Also Blacks are put in a position that Whites think they are better than them.I agree with Tania because it shows how Atticus and mainly all blacks had to strrugle to get the things they need.But it really comes down to Blacks trying to segragate and trying to become friendly but the whites just act foolish.

  10. I would like to discuss question #3. I think that everybody is starting to think that Attics is a bad person because he was defending Tom Robinson. I think that this happen because Harper Lee is trying to make us think deeper into the story of how this started.
    “The jury couldn’t possibly be expected t0 take Tom Robinson word against Ewells.” pg.88.
    Elizabeliz- I like how u want to include your opinion on what you think and I think that is very smart.

  11. 1. Essential question #3
    2. People like Atticus break through racism with the Tom Robinson’s case because he’s a “nigger.” He stands for things because it’s the right thing to do and he needs to set a good example for his children, Jem and Scout. He doesnt care if he wins or not because either way he’s tried his hardest.
    3. In the book it says that they have been licked before they even started and that he wouldnt be able to hold his head up high if he didnt do this case.
    4. I agree with Audrey that its in the Bill Of Rights to be represented in a court of law and that the past is the past.

  12. 1.Essential question 1:Kids vs. Adults
    2.I think Harper Lee wants us to know that kids never know the difference between good and bad , but only adults know them because Scout and Jem aren’t careful of what they are going to do with there air riffles.
    3.In the 10th chapter, Atticus comes home and finds Scout bent down on the floor aiming his air riffle at the behind of Ms. Maudie and Atticus tells Ms. Maudie to move out of the way.
    4.I agree with Gregory because the kids are sort of confused about Racism in this community their parents try not to tell them about it and keep playing around.

    • I agree with Alexander on the part about kids not knowing the difference between good and bad. No matter how old we are, if something looks fun we are most likely going to do it. It’s how kids are and sometimes parents seem to forget what it’s like being a kid and expect us to mature as an adult, but inside (and outside) we are just children looking for fun.

  13. Essential Question 1: The children are very different to the adults. For example, both of the adults and children learn from their mistakes. Whats different though is that the children have to learn from the adults. Sometimes the adults act like children and bully the ones younger than them. An example of that is when Scout comes to tell Miss Caroline information about the Cunninghams again, Miss Caroline whips her for being rude. That example shows that Miss Caroline has re-acted like a child when told something that can help her in the future. I also noticed that in the book, children rely on the adults to solve their problems. A example is when Scout tells her dad about school and Miss Caroline’s saying to not let her father teach her how read and Scout wants him to pick a solution to her problem because she doesnt know what to do. Last thing is that in the book, children speak out of mind, while adults think before they speak.

  14. SAKA-BOWL i’ve decided to EQ#1. I think that Harper Lee is trying to teach us that kids dont see the bigger picture like how adults do, we just see whats happening at that moment. ” She was. She had her own views about things, alot different from mine, maybe…. son, i told you that if you hadnt lost your head id have you go read to her. I wanted you to see what real courage is, instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand ” ( pg.112 ). I would like to connect to DENNIS R because his pov is sortof similar to mine to his own interpritation, on how kids finds solutions to problems by making them enjoyable for themselves. Also connecting back to me, them kids seeing the real picture about mrs. dubose not being the nasty,cranky old lady she was but how sick she was and how her ODing was her frustration. GOOD NIGHT TO ALL MY SAKAEEEEEEEEHHHSSS!!!!!!

  15. I. Kids vs. Adults
    What Harper Lee might be trying to express is that at a child youth age they are like a mockingbird cute and harmless. but they hear and are so curious that they eavesdrop on adults just for the heck of it but kids remember things until adulthood and have all this time to analyze and make sense of things.
    ” but i never figured out how Atticus knew i was listening, and it was not until many years later that i realized he wanted me to hear every word he said” pg 89
    Joel De Jesus i as intelligent as i am understand your perspective from that children are to young and have not experienced life but why would adult use social intelligence to know whats the problem if they are the one facing them and dealing with them.

  16. I’d like to discuss question three about how citizens can break through racial barriers. I think that one big way to break through these barriers is to stick to what yo believe in despite what the stereotype might be or what other people are pressured think. The only real way to change anyhing is to have a unique opinion and stay true to it. Even if there is no one thing that you believe in, at the very least, have respect and equality for everyone because at the end of the day, the only real difference between any of us is the color of our skin. I can tell that Harper Lee is trying to communicate this through the father and lawyer in ther book, Atticus. He is accepting this case to fight for a “nigger” against another of his own kind. Beacuse of this, his role of once being the most respected and honored man in the neighborhood, has changed to being a man of betrayal against white people. He knows that taking his case could wrisk his reputation and relationship with a lot of his friends, but he is true to his morals and believes so he put his all into this case.

  17. 1.I would like to discuss essential question 1 -Kids Vs. Adults
    2.Children don’t always take in thought others’ feelings and opinions. They only know their opinion and that means that eventhough they are open minded they don’t learn lessons like adults do.
    3. “You never really understand a person until you concider things from their point of view…until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.” (pg. 39)
    4.I agree with Giselle because I agree that children don’t really know better but adult stress things alot.

  18. I would like to discuss essential question #3. In the book Atticus takes the case of Tom Robinson. The reason he takes the case because he wants to set an example for his kids and he believes that just because your skin color is different from others you shouldn’t be treated differently. Besides it is his job to defend people because he is a lawyer.” Atticus told Jem one day, I’d rather you shot at tin cans in the back yard, but I know you’ll go after birds [….] it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird.” pg 90. This shows that Atticus thinks you shouldn’t accuse the people that are Innocent just because of their skin color. I agree with Mikeyla because back in the days they accused black people for the littlest reasons and often times for nothing. They are like mockingbirds because all they do is mind their own business and they aren’t harming anyone around them.

  19. 1) Essential Question 3

    2) A possible answer for Essential Question 3 is that people can be persistent and really fight for equality. For example, Atticus is very persistent and he keeps fighting for what he wants. Even though his friends and neighbors may criticize for what he is fight for, he doesn’t care. He will let nothing get in front of him.

    3) “Before I’m through, I intend to jar the jury a bit – I think we’ll have a reasonable chance on appeal, though. I really can’t tell at this stage, Jack. You know, I’d hope to get through life without a case of this kind, but John Taylor pointed at me and say, ‘You’re It.’ – Said by Atticus on Pg. 88.

    4) I agree with Michael A. on what he said about Essential Question 1. He said that adults are more open minded and I agree with this because children don’t really think about how other people may feel and look at the situation from a different point of view.

  20. 1.Essential Question #2
    2.Innocence is freedom from legal or moral wrong. The mockingbirds are innocent like the blacks. In addition, the whites are treating the blacks wrong because Atticus is trying to make equality with each other. The mockingbird is a symbol in the story because they mean segregation because they cause no problem like the blacks in the 1960’s. The thing that makes someone guilty is not helping someone make equal right like Scout. For instance, Atticus is a lawyer and is defending a black man name Tom Robinson that has a issue with the Ewell’s. So since Atticus is white that doesn’t mean that he can’t help a black man that needs help.
    3.” I rather you shot at tin cans in the back yard, but I know you’ll go after birds. Shoot all the blue jays you want, if you can hit ’em, but remember it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird.”

  21. 1. Kids Vs. Adults
    2. Harper Lee shows that adults in some ways have control of everything the kids do in their life and for the most part its mostly been about what the kids have to do, what the kids must do, and at some times things that the kids should not do. In a sense i get that Harper Lee is trying to say that the adults are superior to the kids and whatever they say must be done.
    3. I got this idea especially the time in the story that Scout had eaten the gum that was in tin foil it and in the text it had said ” Don’t eat things that you find, Scout” ” This wasn’t on the ground it was in a tree.” Jem growled. “Well it was, ” I said. “It was sticking in that tree yonder, the one comin’ from school.” ” Spit it out right now.”(pg. 33)

  22. 1.Essential question 1- kids vs adults
    2.I think Harper Lee’s message about the major differences between adults and kids is that kids are still young and whats around them, influences them. Kids can solve a problem by fighting while adults can solve a problem by words. Kids were being raised in a racist neighborhood so their eyes are more open.
    3.”Atticus,” I said one evening, “what exactly is a nigger-lover?” pg.144
    4.I agree with Natalie because I agree how they are still undecided about rumors that they are influenced about.

  23. 1. I would like to discuss essential question 1 . 2.the difference between children and adults are that kids are more open minded and curious. 3. “id rather you shot at tin cans in the back yard, but i know youll go after birds. Shoot all the bluejays you want if you can hit em but remember its a sin to kill a mocking bird.” This shows Atticus talking to scout about the air rifles. “That was the only time i ever heard Atticus say it was a sin to do something”. And that shows how kids are open minded because scout said that was the only time i ever heard Atticus say it was a sin all of this info can be found on page 90. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND GOODNIGHT.

  24. Essential Question : #3

    Atticus fights for Tom Robinson’s rights even thought Tom is a black man. Atticus thinks that everyone should be treated the same way and that he didnt care what he had to do, nor who he had to face, he just wanted his “lawyer pride” to stay alive. Even if Maycomb is against him.

    Quote : ” I’m simply defending a Negro- his name’s Tom Robinson. He lives in that little settlement beyond the town dump. He’s a member of Calpurnia’s chruch, and Cal knows his family well. She says they’re clean-living folks. Scout, you arent hold enough to understand some things yet, but there’s been some high talk around town to the effect that i shouldn’t do much about defending this man. It’s a John Taylor was kind enough to give us a postponement. . .”[Pg.75]

  25. 1. Kids vs Adults
    2.Harper Lee shows that adults are portrayed as weird and a bad reputation. Like Mr.Finchis considered a “nigger lover”. Also,Boo Radley is considered like a monster. He is consider like bear, a horrible person.
    3. “Do you defend niggers Atticus?” I asked him that evening. “Of course I do. Don’t say nigger, Scout. That’s common”

    • 4.This is true about kids vs adults because kids react different from adult. In addition, when Atticus went to help the black man, Scout and Jem reacted towards that because Atticus is white and Tom is black.

  26. Essential Question 1: Children and adults are different in many ways, kids really don’t care or don’t know any better. On the other hand, adults stress about everything. In some ways I think they’re similar because both have a lot more to learn.
    Quote: “Atticus pushed his glasses to his forehead; they slipped down, and he dropped them in the street. In the silence, I heard them crack. Atticus rubbed his eyes and chin; we saw him blink hard.” (pg 127)
    Jessica – I like how she really analyzed the text. In class when we read that part we analyzed it in a whole group and it took a while for us to figure it out. It showed that she really looked at that difficult piece of text and read it carefully.

  27. Essential Question #3:
    I think Harper Lee wanted citizens to break through barriers of racial injustice, by trying to fight for their freedom. Atticus was one who wanted everyone to have equal rights and that no one should be treated better or worse than others. Atticus is willing to fight for an African American.
    Atticus talked to Scout about how this time they are “fighting their friends.” He also told Scout that no matter what happens that they’re still their friends and where they live is still their home. (Page 76)
    I agree with Jessica that people should help African Americans in court so that they can earn their rights and their own freedom. I also agree that Atticus is fighting for an African American because it really is the right thing to do and all people should have their own rights and freedom.

    • I agree with you Elizabeliz since its true. Its every citizen’s right to be represented in a court of law. It’s in the Bill Of Rights. What I dont understand why would they deny African Americans these rights due to their skin color? It just doesnt seem fair to me at all. Past is past. The Civil War had ended but you can see the effects of it in every step that Atticus takes

  28. 1. Essential Question 1
    2. One example is when scout goes to school and saids that she hates school and scout thinks that school is made out of boredem. Than atticus say that something that you need to be grateful for what you got . And what he means that when he was probably small like their age he didnt have education and he does not wants his kids to be the same way as when he was little. Also when they play the game of boo radely atticus tells them to stop because it could hurt radely fellings but they think its fun to act like boo radley.
    3. “Don’t bother Boo Radley , you don’t know his story or what he’s been through” also when atticus and scout talks about how school is made out of boredom.

  29. 1.i would like to discuss essential question 2 What is “innocence”? Who or what in this world is truly innocent and what makes someone guilty?
    2.I think innocence is the truth that a person is telling and living by. Innocence is sort of like code.I think innocence is also what Atticus is fighting for. Innocent is something no one in the world is truly but then no one in the world is truly guilty. Innocence and guiltyness is more of a trial which life is. Life is a test.
    3.”Atticus is a gentleman,”(99)
    4.I agree with justin nd Tiemoko about Scout understanding Atticus and how he acts when she is older because she will be way different and would have matured. Also i think this because she might be a little bit like him with secrets that she has that if she had kids she wouldn’t want them to know.

  30. 1) Essential Question 1: Adults vs. Kids
    2) Adults and kids are obviously different, but just when you think that adults know better than kids because they have expirienced more than us you’re wrong.
    3) When Scout, Dill and Jem hear rumors they always go to Atticus to make sure they’re aren’t just lies. Unlike Miss Maudie she believes everything she hears, I think that because she’s an adult she thinks that she’s right about everything she doesn’t make sure that they’re not just made up.
    4) For Example: Do you defend niggers Atticus?” I asked him that evening.
    “Of course I do.Don’t say nigger, Scout.That’s common.”
    5)I agree with you natalieb2016 because we kids give things thoughts too much, we’re undecided we don’t whether we should believe or not.

    2)In this book rascism is big. The kids are truly really confused with the whole situation. The effect of this is that the kids just try to play along and say things that thye have no eduacation of.

    • I would like to reply to Gregory blog because i also agree that the kids are going along with what their father is saying. I think that because they are confued but are going along with what their dad said.

    • I agree with Gregory because he is right that the kids are confused about slavery and racism.This also affects the kids because they think the black people are innocent but they dont like them

  32. 1: I would likee to discuss about essential question 1
    Harper Lee’s message is that people can change and that is what Boo Radley has done. He has changed and he is not the same person that he was before. Now he is much nicer and he is a good person. Now people is sprised on how much he has changed. Also he is being very nice with Scout and Jem. He probably sees them every morning annd say look at these adorable kids.
    One quote that shows this is “Boo Radley. You were so busy looking at the fire you didnt know it when he put the blanket around you.(pg 72)

  33. 1. Essentail Question- Differences Between Kids & Adults

    2. I think that Harper Lee’s message about the major differences between adults & kids is that kids usually find solutions that are fun for them. While adults find ways that make children better people and keep them as safe as possible.

    3. For example, when the children wanted Boo Radley to come out, they rolled a tire with Scout inside of it. Obviously this is one of the most stupid things they could do attract a stranger’s attention, but they did because they thought it would be fun and suspenseful. But when Atticus came around, he ended the whole thing. He knew that doing this would be dangerous and would potentionally hurt one of the kids. (pg. 23)

  34. 1) I would like to discuss Essential Question 2 which is: What is “innocence”? WHo or what in this world is truly innocent and what makes someone guilty?
    2) I think that black people and mockingbirds are to be considered “innocent” because they don’t harm people. Black people are nice and the mockingbirds just make music and watch the world.
    3) “Shoot all the bluejays you want, if you can hit ’em, but remember it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird.” “They don’t eat up people’s gardens, don’t nest in corncribs, they don’t do one thing but sing their hearts out for us. That’s why it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird. (pg.119)

    • 1. I would like to discuss essential question 2
      2. Black people are like the mocking birds. They are similar because they both are innocent but somepeople chose to harm them.
      3.”Shoot all the Bluejays you want,if you hit’em, but remember it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird.(p.90)

  35. 1. Essential Question 1 – Kids vs. Adults

    2. Scout thinks her father over reacts when they do something but she doesn’t realize her father used to be a kid too. He knows things that Scout and Jem can’t figure out concepts to. This reminds me of when my mother repremands me and says ,” I know all the tricks in the book, you can’t fool me.” They must understand he knows what he means when he says something is wrong.

    3. “Don’t bother Boo Radley , you don’t know his story or what he’s been through” Ch. 7

    4. I would like to respond to Ariyani , blacks aren’t the mocking birds , to me they are the music and calmness that the mocking bird does and sings. the bird itself is rights freedom and people like Atticus.

    • I would like to reply to David’s comment to Aryani. The mockingbirds could be a symbol representing the black people. The black are very quiet and they barely do anything to the white people. That is probably why Atticus is fighting for this black guy.

  36. I would like to discuss essential question 1. Harper Lee includes a big difference in the point of veiw of adults and children. I think that Harper Lee includes Sout as an adult and a six year old so that we, the reader can see the difference between how a child thinks and why they do their actions and she also does this so that we can see how an adult thinks and why they do and say what they do. ” “This time we aren’t fighting the Yankees, we’re fighting our friends.But remember this,no matter how bitter things get, they’re still our friends and this is still our home.”(pg. 101-102) I chose this quote because it shows the responce to what an adult says to a child about a certain situation.

    • I agree that Harper Lee is showing us that there’s a big difference in the way that children and adults think, but she’s not only showing us the difference between them by having Scout as a narrator when she’s an adult and child. She’s also showing us that behind every decision we make as children, reflects on us as a lesson when we’re an adult. This helps us to learn from our mistakes and become better people.

  37. adults vs kids / innocent
    i think the kids seem more that the adults because they are kinda undecided about the rumors and the racism and yet they change their minds about who to believe more than once.
    their dad is representing a black man in a trial so people are calling them nigger lovers. so he’s also some what innocent.
    “do you defend niggers atticus”

    • I agree with what Natalie because kids don’t think about what they say before they say it. For example, Scout calls Atticus a n-lover which is a very powerful question, yet she doesn’t understand the seriousness of that sentence. Atticus speaks in a more sophisticated tone that isn’t full of curiosity, but wisdom.

      • I agree with Dennis and Natalie and i agree that some kids in that time say the things they say and don’t think about what they say because they might have know known the meaning of what they had said. For example the time that Scout called Atticus n****r lover and they he did not know that it had actually meant that you don’t treat other people in a different type of way and it kind of did not matter what other people had taught about it.And he really doesn’t know the power of that word in the time that they live in.

  38. 1)I would like to talk about essential question #1.
    2)In the book adults are the ones that are always more educated than kids and the answers and conversations are higher than one a kid would have. Kids always want a answer while adults have the answer.
    3)”Cal, I whispered, where are the hymn-books? We don’t have any,she said.”
    4)Justin- I agree with you that Scout will understand that being fifty when she is fifty because that is a very interesting concept many kids and adults talk about.

  39. To kill a mocking bird
    Essential question 1 :
    Harper Lee wants us to know that children don’t know how to comprehend somewhat stress full situations. While on the other hand adults can use social intelligence to find and to realize what is going on in the situation.

    ” I scurried to my room and went to bed, uncle Jack was a price of a fellow not to let me down. But i never figured out how Atticus knew I was listening and it was not until many years later that I realized he wanted me to listen to every word he said” 78

    GeidshD2016- I agree with you because the children believe that they are grown more than the adult themselves which causes them to have man problems and thats the difference from adults to kids.

  40. i agree with YessivetteD that the kids are just following the rumors that are being spread around town about boo. he seems to care about the children and he seems to care for them first he left them treats then he gave scout a cover during the night of the fire. many people see him as a monster but what is he really.

  41. Essential Question 3:breaking barriers through racial injustice
    They can break this issue by helping the African Americans in court in order to get freedom. For example, Atticus is fighting for a African American because he says its the right thing to do.Also ,because Atticus is persistant and wants to fight for equality. “This time we aren’t fighting the Yankees, we’re fighting our friends.But remember this,no matter how bitter things get, they’re still our friends and this is still our home.”(pg101-102)

    • I agree with you Jessica because even though Atticus is not an African American himself, he is defending them. He could agree with his kind of people but instead he decides to do the right thing.

    2. I think hat Haper Lee wants us to think that sometimes adults should take the opinion of the child and let him state him opinion on something.
    3. For example when Scout gives her opinion on how people should treat others with the same respect that they wanted to be treated and that it does not matter what kind of skin color you have.
    4. I think that what Ms. Stabrowski said is true becuase sometimes adults should listen to other people and that ways things can come to their mind

  43. 1]Kids vs.Adults
    2]The kids are up against the adults, because Scout is against how she doesn’t have a say when the adults say something that is the way it goes.
    3] “You ain’t fair,” I said “You ain’t fair.”
    Uncle Jack’s eyebrows went up “Not fair? How not?”
    “You’re real nice an’ i reckon ill love you even after what you did, but you don’t understand children much.”
    4] Even though the children do not have much of a say in the novel they are really respected at times and they even have this curiousity about Boo Radley but in the end the adults do listen to them when they feel like it they are somewhat deeply appreciated at times and at other times not.

    • I agree with you because the kids in this novel dont really get a say in the parents decisions when sometimes the dicisions they make affect their childrens lives. For example, Atticus made the decision to represent the African American and now his kids are getting taunted because of the desicion he made.

  44. I would like to discuss essential question #1. In the book, the children and adults are very different. For one, the children believe that Boo Radley is a beast. They believe all of the rumors that are not true that Miss Maudie tells them. On the other hand, the adults try to respect the absense of Boo Radley. They want the kids to stop bothering him and wanting him to come out. They want the children to uderstand that he is not open like everyone else and that should be respected. Furthermore, the kids are more curious as to what Boo Radley looks like and if he will ever come out. “Stop ringing that bell,” yells Atticus (page 64). This shows that he wants the children to leave Boo Radley alone. I also wanted to say that her ideas are very fluent. She states that Atticus is defending the balck person, Tom, and it affects Scout because people like Cecil Jacob, judge her for her dad defending Tom. Lastly, Aryani, in a way, states that as soon as people start to discover that Atticuz is defending Tom, they will hate him since he lives in an all white neighborhood, where he is truly respected.

    • I agree with yessivette because it is very interesting. Also i would like to agree because the children have changeed in this book and especally the most comman one that are Scout, Boo, and Jem.

  45. I think that when scout gets near the age of fifty she will understand that fifty is not a very old age like miss maudie said on page 90 (chapter 10)
    “i mean young grown-ups. You’re lucky, you know. You and jem have the benefit of your father’s age.If your father was thirty you’d find life quite different . “

  46. I think that the monking bird are compared to the black people becaus ethe black people dont do anything wrong and the people are rude to them. Also i believe that because the way they treated the black people are is that they want to kill them. they basically have no freedom in this world. What do you guys think about this?

    • 1)i would like to discuss essential question 3 which is
      2)Atticus is persistant by him fighting for equality between the blacks and the whites.
      3)”Do you defend niggers Atticus?” I asked him that evening.
      “Of course I do.Don’t say nigger, Scout.That’s common.”

    • i agreee with aryani because i think the mocking bird represent the blacks it show that mocking bird are enjoyable they dont hurt nobody

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