Tuesday May 18, 2011 – Protagonists’ Personalities

Hi KIPPsters!

Phew! The day is over… and it was a doozy! Today, let’s take a closer look at our protagonists and their personalities…


1. Book Title, Author.

2. Tonight, I read from page __________ to page __________.

3. Retell in 5 sentences what you read tonight.

4. Choose a quote from the text that your protagonist said. Choose a quote that shows the personality of your protagonist.

5. What does this quote show you about your protagonist’s personality? Why do these words best show what kind of person this character is?


25 thoughts on “Tuesday May 18, 2011 – Protagonists’ Personalities

  1. what is Harper Lee’s message about the major differences between adults and children as people-solvers and philoosophers?: the major difference between adults and child is that they think and do things differently. for example, summer for kids is freedom but for adults its pain and more partenting.

  2. tonight i read the book return to paradise by Simone Elkeles
    page 23 to page 43
    Retell: Celeb left paradise and got in trouble once again and was arrested. Then he gets cut a deal to go to a 4 week trip he jumps for the chance but when he finds out that Maggie his ex-girlfriend will also be on this trip. so now these two are force together on a summer trip but how much can they handle.
    (Maggie)”Maggie tsks and bends down so we’re face to face.”
    ( celeb) “Hearing Maggie shriek makes me jump off the bed just in time to see Lenny and Trisha’s bunk start to tip over.”
    these quotes show that haven’t gotten rid of their feeling for each other and they still want to be with each other even though most people believe that celeb isn’t goo for Maggie and that they shouldn’t be together in the first place. these words show that they want to be with each other but a lot has change in the last 8 months they have been apart.

  3. TITLE: Candyfloss BY Jacqueline Wilson
    PAGES: 195 to 216
    RETELL: Susan is coming over Floss’s dads house. They are planning to spend the whole day together and just hang out. Floss believes that this will be the best day ever and that Susan will understand her more than Rhiannon. Susan is also very excited and wants to get to know Floss better. Susan has asked Floss if they could do things together that they like, which Rhiannon might consider boring. They will probably do things such as helping Floss pack, eat Floss’s dads chip butties, and go play around.
    QUOTE THAT SHOWS FLOSS’S PERSONALITY IS… ” And I’d love you to come as early as you want-that would be brilliant-but the whole place will be a awful mess.”
    WHAT THE QUOTE SHOWS… This quote shows that Floss is a very kind person and she loves Susan like her sister. Without Susan, Floss would die of embarresment from Rhiannon. This also shows that that Floss is kind because she if offering Susan that she can/should come early so they could spend the whole day together.

  4. Crossing Jordan, Adrian Fogelin
    Tonight, I read from page 49 to page 68
    Retell: Cass and Jemmie go to a track game using their team name, “Chocolate Milk”. After track, they went to Jemmie’s house to build a black & white dolls. Also, they read a book called Jane Eyre. They were pretty far, but they focused more on the dolls. They made theirs about the same age as they were to make them look similar to Cass and Jemmie’s friendship.
    Quote: “Oh, Daddy, you know I can’t stand the sight of blood. It makes me sick.
    This quote shows me that Cass is another one of those women who can’t stand things that are kind of gross. The words that give out clues are: “It makes me sick.”

  5. 1. More horowitz horrrors- Anthony Horowitz
    2. Tonight, i read from pages 52 to 73
    3. What i read tonight was that the main charcter, Kate, starts having something wrong with her hearing aid when she gets a new Teacher- Mr. spencer. she starts to hear his thoughts and his thoughts only. and she learns that he kille dhis wife on the day after this started. Later in the Chapter he learns that she can read his mind with her hearing aid and decides to kill her and then Kate gets away and stops all the madness between them by killing him instead.
    4.” SHUT UP, MARTIN!”- PG.54
    5. These words show that the protagonist isnt a big fan of death or fanatasy things that dont really happen. i think that these words best show what kind of person the protagonist because in the book the main charcters dont talk that much. also i think this because Kates personality doesnt really have a lot of time to be explained but in this sentence it shows you what she feels about the things he is saying

  6. Macbeth
    Willam Shakespear
    Tonight i read from page 31 to 63
    Retell:Macbeth is pleased with what he hears about him “becoming king”, but he argues that he’s only heard half of the story. He demanded the witches to tell him but they left in an instant.Now they’re talking about how did the Witches vanish. Ross come with a message from the King . The King is happy of Macbeth’s success, and is pleased to hear that Macbeth is a fearless man. Thane [i dont know what or who this is.] but appearently..he’s going to be excacuted for treason. Banquo is trying not to get Angus’s hopes up with the whole “your childeren are going to be kings” idea. Macbeth has noticed that two of the predictions came true. Macbeth seems to not like the whole idea of murder even though he’s a soilder and he kills people like everyday. Macbeth goes to meet the King with his friends. They’re still talking about the thane of Cawdor. The King seems to want him dead a.s.a.p. Oddly, thane died but it seemed like he didnt want to live at all.The king made Malcom [his oldest son] his successor. Macbeth doesnt like this at all from his conversations with himself.

    Quote: Macbeth [To himself] The prince of Cumberland! That’s an obstacle that will trip me up unless i leap over it. It lies in my way. Stars, stop shining! Let darkness hide my wicked ambitions! The work the hand must do is not for the eye to see. But what the eye fears has to be done! [pg.45]

    This shows the personality of Macbeth because well he’s blinded by what he wants. He doesnt care for no one around him just forhis qoals he’s very selfish and greedy since he wants to be the King of Cumberland. You can tell he’s a self-ish man because he says “let darkness hide my wicked ambitions” that means that he doesnt want anyone to notice that he’s a greedy/evil man.

  7. The Prince of Tennis
    Takeshi Konomi
    Tonight I read from pages 29 to page 127
    RETELL: what has happened so far in my book is that Ryoma Echizen and Shusuke Fuji were playing tennis in the dangerous rain. The teacher or coach Sumire Ryuzaki didnt know what they trying to prove playing in the freezing rain. On page 103 the Minami and Higashigata pair tournament had started. The first match was with the pair of Oishi and Kikumaru. They had won the match 7-5. The looks and smiles on their faces was priceless. Isay his quote would be ”you want some come get some”. I think it means he isnt afraid of anyone coming to him .

  8. Sarny by Gary Paulsen
    Tonight, I read from page 1 to 22
    Tonight , I read that Sarny is a African American slave that was taught how to read and write from another African American person. And also Sarney is mother of two kids.Her sons father was killed by their slave owner Waller.Waller didn’t kill him it was the work that he gave Martin.Like the work he gave him and suddenly a bone cracked and bleed on the inside.
    3.Sweet things,my heart,part of Martin part of me things sweet little darling things that were all my soul and breath and what I lived for,all my memories and all of my thoughts were little Delie and Tyler and that low man he chained them into the wagon with the men.
    This shows the protagonist is caring to her children and will never let nothing happen to them.This shows what personality the protagonist has because she says it with respect and trys to be serious.

  9. Book Author: By The Time You Read This I’ll Be Dead
    Author: Julie Anne Peters
    Tonight, I read form page 1 to 25
    Retell: Daelyn is coming from scholl and she notices that there is this white boy staring at her when she goes to her mom, who picks her up. Daelyn’s mom asks who that is and she says that she doesn’t know, but everytime she leaves, he takes her seat on the bench. Daelyn’s mom tells her to talk to no one when she is waiting for her father to pick her up. If someone talks to her, she is to go back in the building. Daelyn is under 24 hour suicide watch. Daelny is signing up for this program on the computer called Through-the-Light. It askded if she would be finished with the program in 23 days. She thinks that it is too long. She wants the help now and then be finished.
    Quote: “He’s into me, Mom. He likes ugly sick girls who have to wear neck braces”.
    Quote that shows their personality: “I don’t remember what I was searching for on the Web. Suicide. Death. Wills. That was it. Wills. I wanted to write a will. It wouldn’t be legal or anything, since I’m notighteen. I just thought
    a will would be less personal than a suicide note. Less… upsetting”.
    This quote shows that my character thinks very negatively and she wants to commit suicde and needs help. The words show that this person is kind of quiet, they don’t like people, they don’t talk that much, and they are always thinking harmful things about themselves.

  10. By The Time You Read This I’ll Be Dead
    I read fom page 30 to page 65
    Today I learned about how my protaganist was treated vewry poorly as she grew up.It metions that she was called a mix of different names that people called her.It goes from being fat and that catagory getting more engagingto the piont where she almost tried to kill herself.As in her slicing her self and bleeding to death.And the things she was told wasnt easy to just be left alone.
    “Cant I be homeschooled?”
    “Anyways that was a rhetorical question.”
    this quote shows that my character can be very sarcastic at times but in a very serious manner and that is because she wants help but doesnt yet know howto show it because she doesnt want to be a snitch.This doesnt really show my character being kind but she is at some pionts when she wants to be when her day is going fine.But since she wants to kill herself she really isnt a happy camper because she had to wait 23 days to kill herself.

  11. Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes
    I read from pg 33 to 67
    Retell: The surgery must have messed up his brain because now he cant under stand anything. He thinks he is a girl when charlie is a guy. He thinks the concept of reading has to do with the concept of writing. HE dosent know how to read or how to write. He has troubles with it because of the fact that he got that surgery. Speaking of the surgery if he got the symptom the mouse got it two times more worse. The mouse might even be dead because of the stun of not having the memory of anything. When i say anythings i mean not even being able to walk or blink. That is an instinct that you are born clearing how to do any ways so that is a HUGE problem.
    Favorite quite : what a dope stick
    Protagonist:charlie and the mouse
    What this quote shows is that he using another word for stupid.

  12. Bronx Masquerade from page thirty-six to . fifty- three by Nikki Grimes.
    SUM; BASICALLY what happened was a number of different poems. There was one of a Puerto Rican party girl that she had a lot of fun before she had Angel. Angel is a kid so she was a victim of teenage pregnancy. Also, one about something similar to sticks and stones may brake my bones but words may never hurt me, something around that clique. and it appears to me that Tyrone is the main character. and these are very sad stories but with some sunlight in between.
    THE SECOND THING ON THE C.F.S “girls have a lot of heart, coming back to school after havin a baby”pg 45.
    EXAMINATION’S: This shows that my main character, or one of them, expresses that women that get pregnant are usually the “geeks” or the quiet ones, because they come back to school because they know how hard it will be to raise a kid with a incomplete education. and he is like a realis because he knows the issues that people face and analyze them as well.

  13. Simply as it Seems by Sarah Weeks
    Tonight I read from page 1 to page 33
    RETELL: In tonight reading, I read the exposition. My character is Verbena. She is talking about the day that she was born and how her grandfather died that same day. Verbena doesn’t have the same backround as her friends. She asks her parents about when she was born. Everytime they come up with an excuse, it would be good for her for the moment. As Verbena goes getting older, she needs more than thoes lazy excuses. Her parents add more info nd that’s enough for her. If I were Verbena, I wouldn’t get so comfortable because her parents hesitate to much and that seems suspitious.
    SENTENCE: A line I loved was “Some people believe that when you die, your soul rises out of your body like a mist and goes looking for a new person to live in. If that is true, I like to think that when Grandpa Colty died, he told his soul to come looking for me.”
    WHY I LOVED IT: I loved this line because it makes Verbena think that even though her grandpa died, in her heart, his soul lives in her. She could hve taken it bad because her grandpa died on the day of her birth, but hse made the best out of the worst situation.

  14. BOOK TITLE: Mockingbird
    AUTHOR: Kathryn Erskine
    Tonight, I read from page 40 to page 69.
    RETELL: Already I could tell that the main character, Caitlin, has learned some. Her father tries to help her morn her brother’s death, but he doesn’t help. She sees things as being good or bad anything in between is confusing to her. She turns to dictionaries to help deal with the death of her brother. She looks at the defintion of closure. She deciceds that that’s what she needs. As if she could search for it.
    QUOTE: “I don’t know why Devon couldn’t Get It that the mother was dead. ” I can tell that she sees things either right or wrong or she has the feelings happy or sad.

  15. Book Title: I Am Number Four
    Tonight i read from page 29 to page 61
    What I read so far is that the narrator is trying many different ways so that the curs wont get to him. Also the narrator is strange and doesn’t want to die at the age of 12. Henry is doing research to try to find the other people that are part of the curse.
    “Did you sleep”…………………..”Not much.” This shows the character because he does no get enough sleep .he is a hard worker because he is finding idea’s to not wanting to die.

  16. Title: By the Time You Read This I’ll be dead
    Author: Julie Anne Peters
    Tonight I read from page: 27 to page: 50
    Retell: Tonight, I got to know more about Daelyn. I read that in her old school when she was smaller, she would be made fun of. In second grade, a boy called her “Plumpkin”. He would also call her fatso. Many people would call her many other names. She began to eat away the pain. She feels like she can’t really let the insults go. When Daelyn went on the website she is always on which is http://www.through-the-light.com she clicked on the tab that said “Attempts”. She began to read about many teenagers who try to kill themselves, but seem to fail. There are stories of teenagers using pills, booze, knifes, and many other things. Daelyn was looking at another way that she can kill herself. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning was what Daelyn was thinking about. She looked at the time it would take, the pain she would suffer, and the effectiveness. The next thing she looked at was jumping of a building. The effectiveness was 4-5 for six stories or higher. The time was either seconds or hours if she was unlucky. The availability was 4-5 and she needed to have access to the top floor windows or roof.
    Quote Daelyn Said: “Mom looks freaked. I told you to go. You never listen.” Quote that shows Daelyn’s personality: “One word flashes into my head: ESCAPE.”
    Daelyn was trying to get away or make sure that Santana didn’t see her. This shows that at this point when Daelyn was with her mom she didn’t really want any attention from Santana. The words that popped out, was ESCAPE. To me, that showed the reader that Daelyn wanted to get out of there as soon as she could.

  17. 1. My own true name by Pat Mora
    2. Tonight, I read from page ______47____ to page ___68_______.
    3. Retell in 5 sentences what you read tonight.
    since it a poem most of the poem was about how people have a close relationship. For example the poem ” In the blood ” gives an example how a child and a grandfather get along by dancing and enjoying them selves.
    4. Choose a quote from the text that your protagonist said. Choose a quote that shows the personality of your protagonist.
    this quote is from ” Pushing 100 “,, you’re ninety-four, i say and she laughs, almost embarrassed at her age. When will i walk better ,she asks maybe i need vitamins. i like this quote because she saying that she is still going to be able to walk no matter what and how old they are.

    5. What does this quote show you about your protagonist’s personality? Why do these words best show what kind of person this character is?

  18. Title: One peice by Eiichiro Oda
    Tonight i read from pages 56 to 100
    Something that happened today in my reading was that they went to a place to rest and now they are back on their way across the sea. Once again they got into a fight eith another group of pirates that were going the opposite side of them. I dont know how they do it but what i read from the actions that they did was that they would swing on ropes which was cool. Also they got far enough that they had to find a landing space because they traveled alot. Also one of the most skinnest person is fighting and he made it without dying. ” Kill me if you think you can! Im dead anyway if i dont eat soon.” What these quotes show is that either way if the enemy is going to kill him he is going to die because he doesnt eat so if he doesnt eat he will still die.

  19. The Black Circle by PATRICK CARMAN
    Read from pg 30 to pg 68

    RETELL: Amy and Dan make it to the locker in time to discover objects in a box left by a mysterious person who goes by the name of NRR. In the box there is a guidebook, disguises, passports, a snow globe, a credit card, a note with random letters on it, and a photo of their parents outside the Russian Embassy. Dan and Amy unscramble the random letters and find out that the next clue or cluez are in the following Russian cities: Volgograd, Moscow, Yekaterinburg, and St. Petersburg. They board their plane quickly without Nellie or Saladin. Then they both fly to Russia, ending up in Volgograd. Here they meet and work with the Holts, climbing the inside of The Motherland Calls to discover a hint to the clue around Rasputin, Anastasia, and Alexei.
    QUOTE : “No one is helping us. We’re just smarter than you are!” said Dan
    EXPLANATION: This shoes that Dan is a very daring protagonist. In this moment, he is talking to Irina, a Russian spy who is highly trained in fighting. Though he may be terrified on the inside, he shows no fear on his bratty smirk.

  20. Book:The Curse of the Bologna Sandwich
    Author: Greg Trine
    Tonight, I read from page 1 to page 67
    Retell: In my book this kid named Melvin has to goto L.A. after finishing his school for super kids. He get to L.A. and learns that he has to find a place to have resting and personal time. He fights off enemies to the city until his cape is dirty and has to go to the dryers. He has to take a break from fighting enemies for three days. Then when he gets his cape back and it is really small. He tries to fight crimes but his power are not working without his cape. Meanwhile a girl is learning that she is getting superpowers when she wears a cape such as the places she wears a cape.
    Quote: “Maybe he couldn’t fly, but he could still run.”pg. 62 This shows that the person doesn’t give up after one try of something.It best describes my person because he is a super hero who doesn’t give up.

  21. Feed By: M.T.A
    Titus has bad of riots, pollution, before being woken up by Violet, who had a similar dream. Titus does not know it, Violet realizes that someone, most likely the person who did this was Coalition of Pity, has been accessing her personal information. She calls FeedTech customer service,which seems very funny to me because of all this technical stuff . then Coca-Cola Company holds a deal where free Coke is awarded to people who talk about it welly to their friends a lot. Titus, Violet and their friends get together, planning to rip off the company by talking about how Coke is good for several hours. Because of an bad comment Violet makes about Coke, the other girls make fun of her. Bad at the remarks of the others, Violet tells Titus to take her away. On the way home, they fight in the car. Violet tells Titus that her feed is severely going bad , and she may well die which isnt tecnically deing .

    Pg 42 “someone had left a message in my head, which when i found i kept finding every where i went.”
    This shows that he is very curious and disorganized because he is finding these messages way after also he finds the same exact message which is kindda creepy.

  22. Jacob Have I loved by Katherine Paterson
    I read from pages 44 to 71
    What I read today is that Sara and her best friend go and meet this captain and he tells them a story. By the end when they go home Sara Call that she has a crush on the captain and Call was very shocked. So becuase they alread have the plans to make Saras sister suffer they just need tp buy the supplies.So then Sara notices that her sister is leaving the island where they live so that she can go to college. Sara knows that her plans are ruined so she now wants to leave the island too.
    “And from the center of the back row Caroline’s voice came suddenly like a single beam of light across the darkness…Then we were all singing, better than we had all night, better than we ever has, suddenly judged, damned, and purged in Caroline’s light.” And “I was angry. What right had she, a grown woman, who had lived through many storms, to carry on like that”
    This quote shows that my character really hates her sister and that she really wants to get rid of her somehow.

  23. 1) simple as it Seems, Sarah Weeks
    2)Tongt I read from page 60 to page 89
    Tngiht verba went to the lake and met pooch. at first pooch thought that she was the Allen girl ghost. she played with his mind making herself look and act like one until until her mother told her she was going to visit pooch. verba realized how she was going to look in front of Pooch so sge acted like she was sick. she was scared when he was home alone.
    5) ” i emjoyed those fishing trips with my dad , but as his buisness took off, he had less free time, and pretty soon the poles began to gather dust in the garage”. Page 64
    6) This shows how the protagonist had a good loving relationship with her father abd how when his buisness took off, he had less time for her.
    _David {:

  24. Title: Barbaro
    Author: Edgar Prado
    Tonight I read from page 45 to page 60
    Retell: Now Barbaro is making his second race appearance. He won. This gave him a spot at the Florida Derby which is a prep race for the Kentucky Derby.Edgar Prado says this is his favorite horse and that he is going to win the Florida Derby.
    ” This horse is going to make history in the Derby.” Jockey Edgar Prado said
    This shows that he loves his horse and that he thinks he is going to win

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