Monday May 16, 2011 – Back to IR…

Hi KIPPsters!

Sorry this blog is going up later than usual! I was at the KIPP Star Elementary School rally tonight and I just got home. It was a very inspirational evening and I think one of my favorite quotes was by Yessivette’s dad when he said, “KIPP gives you peace of mind, knowing that your kids are getting a great education all the way to college.” Speaking of favorite quotes, what are some of yours from tonight’s independent reading?


  1. Book Title, Author
  2. Tonight, I read from page __________ to page __________
  3. Retell in 5 sentences of what I read tonight.
  4. Line I Love: (choose a passage/quote from the text that you LOVE and copy it here exactly as it is in the book)
  5. Explain WHY you chose that line. What makes it so special?

See you all tomorrow!




26 thoughts on “Monday May 16, 2011 – Back to IR…

  1. 1.Ben 10 Alien Force Ben 10Returns by Elizabeth Hurchalla
    2.Tonight i read from pages 16 to 93
    3.Retell: What happened in the book was that Ben’s Grandpa was kidnapped by the DNAliens during Ben’s soccer game so when he went to his grandfather’s trailer home to show him his M.V.P. he was attacked by a DNAlien that was looking for the omnitrix. When Ben is done fighting the DNAlien he goes to get his cousin Gwen so she can help him rescue their Grandpa Max. As Ben and Gwen are talking a fish faced alien attacks them and tries to get the omnitrix but Ben puts it on and beats the guy up. Soon he finds out the guy is a plumer like him so they go after a criminal that they know could help them rescue Ben’s grandfather.
    4. “It’s hero time”
    5. This quote shows that Ben is a hero when he puts his omnitrix on and that it helps get through life. This watch also helps him complete the jobs he has todo and that he is excite/loves what he does since he says it with expression on his face and body language

  2. I read from page one to page twenty.
    The BOOK: Bronx Masquerade by Nikki Grines
    RETELL: What i read was a lot of poems like one about the daily routine of attendance and just how it goes. and also the conflicts a young tennage girl faces when you get pregnant. i found interesting on page 22 the format. the format was very creative and it explains just the history behind it. its very interesting.
    Lined I LOVED: ” if i stood on tiptoe reached up and sculpted mountains from clouds would you laugh out loud” that peoples hopes and dreams look foolish to other people but the important thing is that you believe you can reach it.

  3. Crossing Jordan, Adrian Foglin
    Tonight, I read from page 30 to page 49
    Retell: Jemmie says that they’d make a great friendship team. She says that the team should be called “Chocolate Milk”. They kept racing to nearly everywhere they’d go, like on the way to school. If they had any reason to be friends, their actions, the way they talk to each other and the way both like to run should make them real friends (they were secret friends).
    Line I Love: ” ‘We’re already a team,’ she said. ‘We’re Chocolate Milk.’ ”
    I chose that line because it shows that they would make great friends.

  4. By The Time You Rea This I’ ll Be Dead by Julie Peters
    I read to pages 1 to 35
    Today i read about how Doalyn just peed on herself becaus she had to pee and her mom stepped out of the car to talk and the girl felt closed in and thats how she ended up peeing on herslef. I also readthat her mother is going to Houston for a few days they didnt say why though,so that mean that her dad will be picking her up from school.It also said that she went on the Through-The-Light for people writting their wills.She asked some quetion and it stated her nam e and she wondered about how the website new her name.
    Lines I Love:You wont rat us ut, will you?
    Why I Love This Line:I love this line becaus it shows how peole can use peer pressure so tat they wont get in trube but really the best thing to do in this situation is to listen to your heart but yur heart might be o not rat the girls out but that would be the wrog thing to do so somtimes i euss you can do what your heart tells you but really you need to tell the truth.

  5. 1. Mockingjay- suzanne collins
    2. Tonight i read from page 102 to 134
    3. tonight i read that when katniss went to district 8 she was being footaged by very good photographs and that they caught katniss strong speech towards the capitol and all the districts, that katniss has to keep her earpiece in or she’ll have a headgear locked into her head, and that peeta isnt really healthy and fine he’s hurt and is scared for Katniss. also Peeta might be dead. according to the last chapter.
    4. Lines i love: “Fire is catching! And if we burn, you burn with us.”
    5. i love this line because Katniss acutally states a point when she says this. Katniss becomes what th epeople want. they want the mockingjay that she is supposed to be. and like the people i would join her too. What makes this line so special is that if anyone else said the Districts wouldnt really listen or care.

  6. Macbeth
    Willam Shakespear
    I read from page 1 to page 29
    Retell: The play starts off in the year 1040. Three witches seem to be plotting to meet Macbeth. It’s war time, appearently Scotland against some other country. This wounded Sergent is talking to the king’s son about Macbeth, how he’s fearless and doesnt pay attention to nothing but his goal. There is some good news from this Sergent. Appearently, someone desived them so their gonna exicute them. The witches meet again.. they seem to be talking about some lady on a boat. They were going to use wind against everyone who was on the boat. They put a charm on Macbeth! Hm.. they predict that Macbeth will be a king one day.

    A line that i love ♥ 😀 From A Raisin In The Sun
    “BENEATHA (At the door) Mama, if there are two things we, as a people, have got to over come, one is the Ku Klux Klan-and the other is Mrs.Johnson. (She exits) ” [Page. 104]
    I love this line because it made me laugh when i read it. To be honest, i didnt like Mrs.Johnson at all! She’s super nosy -.- and a know-it-all. Anyways i can see why Benny said that. She talks WAY TOO MUCH! She needs to shut her mouth ! I think even Mama would agree too. Anyways its an awesome line ♥

  7. Today I read It’s Kind Of A Funny Story from pages 90-155.
    What happened today was that Craig was explaining the beginning of his stress. His stress comes from his school, he thinks he is not worthy of the school and he thinks he is stupid because he is having alot of difficulty. Also he is jelous of Aaron because he has Nia, the girl of his dreams and he doesn’t have to try nearly as hard as him in school. When he is about to go
    throw himself off the Brooklyn Bridge, he calls a Sucicide Help Hotline and
    they convince him to go tothe hospital and get help.
    Lines I Love: I’m no one; I’ll never make it in my life; I’m about to get revealed as a fake, I’ve already been revealed as a fake I just don’t know it yet; I know I’m a fake and pretend not to. All the good thoughts- the normal ones, the ones that have occasionally surfaced since last fall- scramble out front of my brain in terror of what lived in my neck and spine. This is the worst it’ll ever be.
    Why I chose these lines: I chose these lines because in all of what Craig says he has never said something like it. He says bad things about himself often but never does he say that he is a fake and that will reach no where in his life. I also chose this line because I disagree with him. Craig is too hard on himself and he just needs to have more confidence in himself. This line is special to me because I have felt like that before but I got over it.

  8. TITLE: Candyfloss BY Jacqueline Wilson
    PAGE: 153 to 192
    RETELL: Foss is become much better friends with Susan because Rhiannon is being very rude. Rhiannons mom asked Floss to come over and hang out because Rhiannons mom is worried that Floss’s dad is doing a bad job at taking care of Floss. Rhiannon also starts to tease Floss and doesnt take pitty for what Floss is going through. Dad is also closing the café and going to live in Mr.Chip’s house. Floss also wants to forget about Rhiannon and diss her back so she can stop bothering her. Susan and Floss will become very great friends and be better friends than Floss and Rhinnon.
    LINE I LOVE: “Rhiannon could poke a hole right through me and I wouldnt care, just so long as Susan stayed my friend.” I like this quote because it shows true friendship. It also shows that Susan and Floss are very good friends and are always together through thick or thin. This quote is very speacial because not every friendship is true and strong like Floss and Susan’s. This quote is a great example of true friendship and honesty/trust.

  9. Title: Barbaro
    Author: Edgar Prado
    Tonight I read from page 20 to page 41
    Retell: I read that Barbaro has just started racing because he was training for a year. He has been a very comfortable mount for Edgar Prado. He has raced in his first race which was in Gulf stream Park.What do you think the result was?… He won!
    “He had ran so quick when I let him go that my sleeves were huge.”p.38
    I loved this quote because since I know Edgar Prado this reminds me of how he reacts to awesome horses.

  10. Book: Heaven is for Real
    Author: Todd Burpo
    Today i read from page 1 up to page 43.
    Retell: The thing that I had read today was that this kid is going to a family trip in which he was going to celebrate with a lot of other people in his family. Also the thing that I had read today is that this kid has been getting in to some problems with illness and injury’s that were painfull and could have caused a lot of problems in his life. Today I got to read the things such as this kid has been going to places in which other might have not been possible for other kids in the world in that time.In the life of this child i would have not liked to be living because there are just a lot of things that just happen to some people in the world. I believe that this story talks about the life of a person whose experiences might be different as those from other people in the world.
    Line I love: ” The family trip when our nightmare began was supposed to be a celebration. In early March 2003, I was scheduled to travel to Greeley, Colorado, for a district board meeting of the Wesleyan church.” The reason that i had liked this line was because it had set the mood for the story in the story and because it was something that had made keep on reading in the story. The thing that makes it special is that it kind of sets something important to the story and it kind of gives readers something to ezpect from the story in that time.

  11. As Simple As It Seems, Sarah Weeks
    Tonight I read from page 1 to page 57
    at the beginning of the story Verbana finds her picture on the milk carton. She realizes she’s the only one in the family with different color hair and eyes. Her parents ignore her stabbing questions. One day on her way to the beach someone kidnappes her. She doesnt know who it is…
    “Pooch’s mom came into the room”
    I chose this line because after that she screams at Pooch which is really funny and Pooch is a very funny name. Both HILARIOUS 🙂

  12. Flowers For Algernon by Daniel Keyes
    I read from page 1 to page 33
    Retell: It is not really a person receiving flowers in this book. Its more about a Character that is named Charlie Gordon is born with very low IQ. He is then chosen for an experimental surgery. The people doing the surgery believe that it will boast his intelligence . The procedure is first tested on a lab mouse to see if it works on the mouse so its safe to try it on humans. The mouses name is Algernon. As the procedure is engaged the effects on the mouse is making Charlie more intelligent. Then the doctor realize the life process their starting on the mouse is called metamorphosis. The scientist believe that appears to be a scientific break through. Then something wierd starts to happen to the mouse named Algernon. The question is will it happen to Charlie to?
    The line of the story that i enjoyed the most was,
    “The mouse sniffd a few times and dashed out running.”
    I ❤ that line because it shows that the mouse was scared to do the procedure and he just scattered away thinking that nobody will notice when really every body in the lab room were trying to catch him. ❤ :] 🙂

  13. Tonight i read 39 clues by Rick Riordan. From 76-94. So far what has happened is that Dan and Amy are at the library getting excellent costumer service. Dan is on his laptop while Amy is searching through tons of books on finding the next clue, ( mostly because Amy like to go to libraries ). Amy and Dan are suppose to meet mr. mcIntyre for the next clue even though they haven’t found it yet. ” Sweet,” Dan said. “I want a sedan chair.”
    “You weight 90lbs”.
    “RESOLUTION: start eating more ice cream”. The reason i like this quote is because it’s really funny to me and yet stupid at the same time. The whole situation reminds me of me VS family or friends. SAKA-EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  14. Book Title: I Am Number Four
    Author: Pittacus Lore
    Tonight I read from page 1 to page 30
    What i read so far is that the narrator is on a curse. The curse is that they go in order in which he was with his friends but him and his friends are separated. The narrator receives scars every time a friend dies. The 3 won has died and he his the fourth and he is moving to different parts of the country so that he won’ t die.
    “It was foolish of us to come here.” i loved this quote because every where they move they have to move again so it makes me laugh when he says this line.

  15. Goosebumps The Haunted Mask by R.L.Stine
    Tonight,I Read from page 1 to 45
    What I read was that it is Halloween and Carly Beth Caldwell bought a new mask for Halloween.And when she put it on for the first time she almost scared her brother til death. It’s so terrifying that even her friends are freaked out and they are never scared of anything.And a lot of people are now asking her to take that mask off because Halloween is almost over. But it isn’t until that moment when she realizes that the mask doesn’t want to come off.
    “Noah was always bragging about how much braver he is than Carly. He was always putting bugs in Carly’s back.” What makes this quote so special to me is that it says metaphors in it because he isn’t always putting bugs in Carly’s back it just means he always be lying to people about Carly.

  16. TITLE: mockingbird
    AUTHOR: Kathryn Erskine
    RETELL: I read about the main character, Caitlin, and she’s a ten year-old girl living with Asperger’s syndrome. Besides that she also has to live with her brother, Devin, and also her best friend passing away. Everyone in her community tries to help her. She also seems to be into art. Her dad tries to hide things from her but she knows it’s there.
    LINE I LOVED: “I don’t feel lucky but they keep coming.” I chose this because I can relate. People say that I’m lucky sometimes but they really don’t know what’s going on. What I’m thinking, what I go through and how hard I work to get the things I have.

  17. Title: YOU
    Pages 1 to 26
    Hi there. I banded the book KENDRA because i didn’t find it to be very interesting. The book you starts out to make it seem like the author is talking to…..YOU. Its actually kind of funny because my teacher said the book was about me and i didn’t believe her i was like shut your mouth. But then she told me to read and find out. The book starts out by a quote from the author saying, “this book is written to you…….you know who you are”. Even thogh this really isnt the story I like this quote because already the book hasent even begun and you know it is going to be good. Maybe because there are going to be events in this book that connects to me in my life……I need to read on to find out

  18. Book Title:The Curiosus Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
    Author:Mark Haddon
    Tonight I read from page 1 to 33
    Retell: Christopher has went to his lawn and sees that his dog Wellington is dead. His neighbor comes buy and tells him to let go of the dog. Christopher and the neighbor argue even though it’s Christopher’s dog. The fork that is stuck in Wellington, kind of looks like one of the neighbors silverware. Christopher’s dad comes and tries to investigate. He kind of has a nervous look to him.
    Line I love:I think people belive in heaven because they don’t like the idea of dying, because they want to carry on living and they don’t like the idea that other people will move into their house and put their things into rubbish. The Reverend Peters said, “Well, when they say that heaven is outside the universe it’s really just a manner of speaking. I suppose what I really means is that they are with God.”
    I chose that line because it was very interesting to me and it made me think of the things that people say about heaven just because they don’t like the idea of dying. I also think that I count myself in that group because I don’t like the idea of dying, so I think of heaven as a good place to be. I also wouldn’t want someone to move into my house and turn my things into rubbish. This line is very special because I can relate to it and I think their are probably ther people that are Christain like that cna relate to this quote.

  19. The line that I loved the most is ” Why don’t you guys go home and drink some milk or something…..” I love this quote because it shows that he is very confindent and that he isn’t afraid he to fight anyone who steps in his way. It reminds me of power.

  20. Jacob have I Loved
    I read from pages 2 to 34
    What I read about i this girl, named Janey who has a twinn sister but she really doesn’t like her at all. She hates her so badly becuase she says that her sister Hadly gets evrything that she wants. So she want sto have many opportunity to get in her ways. She trys to have her plans so that her sister could fall into her tramp. She wishes that she could be her sister so that she could get any luck that her sister would. So now she is designing many ways to get her back.
    Line I LOVE:” She is like a rock in my way, I always keep on falling.” I liked this line becuase this was kind of a meatphor and it really showed how Janey really hates her sister. This also shows how she really wants to get rid of her.

  21. Book:Drown
    Author: Junot Diaz
    Today I read from pages 1 to 31. I read about a spanish family with these two boys the main character and his brother Rafa. I learned that they have to go to camp and live with their Tio im the summer because their mother can’t support them in and out of school.Also this book shows the diversty between poverty and class because his family is poor. His brother Rafa seems to love shooting hoops at camp and hanging around with the girls. Finally I can conclude that this shows that hard ship leas him to finding love.
    ‘He’d take the campo girls down to the dams to swim and if he was lucky they let him put in their mouths or their …..” I love this line because it shows that all his inside pain comes out leading to his troublesome actions.

  22. my own true name by pat mora IT A POEM
    Tonight, I read from page ____1______ to page _____46_____
    Retell in 5 sentences of what I read tonight.
    the book about my true name is about a writer that wants to express her writing like for example after she goes on a date or something she writes how it feels. In the poems like “mango juice” it shows how it relates to love. Also the poem “first love” how the guy feels in love with the women. All the poems shows experssion and feelings on what they do.
    Line I Love: (choose a passage/quote from the text that you LOVE and copy it here exactly as it is in the book)
    “Teenagers” poem-one day they disappear,into their rooms,doors and lips shut,and we become strangers,in our own home.
    Explain WHY you chose that line. What makes it so special?
    i like this quote because it true that teenagers be sneaking out they give atutide to their parents go to the room and slam it.

  23. The Black Circle by PATRICK CARMAN
    Pg 1 to 36
    The book starts with Amy and Dan Cahill getting a telegram in Egypt. Fearing their lives, they had changed hotels in the night. The telegram told them to go to a locker in the airport, but to come alone. They leave Nellie Gomez a note and leave. They are closely followed by Hamilton Holt. In the airport, they lose him, but then run into the Kabras.
    LINE I LOVE: “It wasn’t until the beverage cart pulled by and a chug of Coke did things finally start to click.”
    WHY: I loved this line because they have been working on deciphering a puzzle for a long time and after Dan drinks a fizzy drink does he FINALLY figure it out.

  24. The Red Ribbon Andriods by Akira Toriyama
    I read from page 84 to 149 What I read tonight was that Goku is having his viral disease from his heart and now he can’t stay super sayian. If Goku can’t stay super sayian he is worthless to fight all of the Red Ribbon Army. Now his brother Vegeta his brother has come to help. The Andriods now figured out that they miscalculated the power levels of the Z warriors. Now the Earth might win this battle. This just shows in this perspective that even 9 people can save the world and that we are a team and family.:)

  25. After Tupac & D Foster by Jacqueline Woodson
    Tonight, I read from page 1 to 23
    Tonight I read about 3 girls named Neeka, D, and the narrator who is the friend. Also I read how these girls are inspired by Tupac. Also D really look up to him because she can relate to him in alot of ways. On the other hand Neeka look upto him because she think that she is really inspired by him. Going back to D she love Tupac because she not only was like him she goes through alot of struggles like he does.
    Quote:”If i make it to eighteen. If I don’t act right, I’m out of the system and on my own. And probably homeless. I been in the system long enough to see how jacked up it is. Kids living in the streets because they couldn’t get along withe their foster mamas. Kids all caught out there and whatnot. I am so not trying to go down like that.”
    Explination: The reson that I chose this qupte because it reminded me of Tupac life. Also it made me see why Tuac was her hero. I would also say it opened me up to be openminded about how good I have things. This quote made me also think that sometimes you have friends that dont have anybody so you have to be that somebody they admire.

  26. the running dream by wendelin van draanen page 1 to 25
    Jessica loves to run but then she gets in accident and lost her leg. she knows that she’ll never run again because of the accident. she has no faith untilshe meets,Rosa. i feel sorry for her since she lost everything. i reallyhope she runs agian.
    “My mother smiles and coos reassuringly, but she knows what i’m thinking.
    what does it matter?
    i’ll never run agian.”
    it shows the main issue of the story.

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