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Here is this weekend’s blog assignment:

1. I read from page __________ to page __________

2. Summary of Act 3 in 5-10 sentences.

3. Explain the dreams of one character in the play. What did this character hope for? Did this character’s dreams come true? Why or why not? What is Lorraine Hansberry’s perspective on dreams, based on this character’s experiences? (Please write at least 5 sentences to answer this.)

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  1. 1:Tittle:oh my god author:Gena Showalter
    2:Tonight i read from page 61 to 85
    3:Jade is having trouble in her school because she not paying attention in class and she haves bad grades in all her classes.On top of that she behaves bad and is rude with her teacher. She is aslo mean with her class mates.
    4:Jade likes to listen to rock music.She wears white and black cloth.She thinks that other colors look like barbies and she dont want to llook like a barbie.Her and her father always are argiung about that because her father dont agree with her.

  2. I read from page131 to 151

    Beneatha questioning her choice of becoming a doctor, because she thinks she cant help people, because it was just something you look up too when your a kid she says.Asagai asked Beneatha if she could go with him to Africa were he is from so that they can both call it “home”.The money that was for the liquor store and for Beneatha book and education was stolen from a supposely frind of Walter. Mama then announces that they are not going to move. Walter finnaly acts like a man, says Mama, when he stands up to Mr.Lindner are proud and will move no matter what and that he will not sign the paper.Mama is the last to leave the apartment she looks at it for a vew secounds and then take her plant and walks out. For the last time.

    Walter’s hopes and dream is to have his own liquor buisness . Sadly it dint come true because he gave the money to this guy so that they can get a licence to have a busneiness but the man ran away with the money and never came back so he then had no money to continue his plan.

  3. Raisin In The Sun
    Lorranie Hansberry
    I read from pages 83 to 151 [i was behind.]
    Ruth and Walter went to the movies. And were holding hands and everything. This surprised Benny while it made Ruth extremely happy 🙂 . A stange man comes into their home saying that he’s from the Clybourne Park Improvement Association. Appearently most of the whites dont want “negros” in their neighborhood so they try to pay them off. Swiftly but very angryly Walter declined. When Linder insisted, Walter kicked him out xD. When Mama asked what happened, they all were joking about it . I guess not to worry her. Mama found out what happened to Walter and Benny’s money… She FLIPPED! Seriously! She smacked Walter more than once. Asagai tried to fix things but he jsut made Benny even more confuesed. Benny seems to never forget some insident of back when she was a child. Walter walked in the room but Benny just told him off. Walter left and tried to ignore her. Mama feels like if she made a giant mistake when she gave Walter all of that money. Walter tried to fix things by called back Linder to tell him tat they might have some bussness. Mama told him off ! She declined his offer very harshly . They got ready to leave their crummy apartment. -Fin
    Questions- Walter’s Dream was to own a Liquor store. He wanted it soo bad that he took his own dad’s money to actually get one. Of course Willy distroyed his dream by taking the 63 hundred dollors . No his dream didnt come true. It didnt come true because Willy took his money. I think that her prospective on his dream was that.. the way that he wanted to get his dream was a little bit to harsh. He could have got his Liquor stare in another way.

  4. A Raisin In The Sun by Lorraine Hansberry
    I read from page 131 to 151
    Benetta is dreaming of becoming a doctor but she dose not have the money and the people to agree with her to become a doctor. The check arrives and she uses it to buy a house and she gives it to Walter and Benetta to split it between them both. Walter just hogs the money to himself. Theirs a lot of arguing in the house and the neighborhood. Now there is many problems that happen in the house. The family is tearing apart

  5. Book I Recently Finished: “I Am Number 4″
    Group Book: “Raisin In The Sun”
    My NEW Independent Reading Book: “KENDRA”
    “I Am Number 4″ was a great book. It had both action and drama. Did i mention action. I think i did…. but that is not why I’m blogging tonight. I am blogging to talk about the book “A Raisin In The Sun”. Well First I would like to talk about Walter. He has always wanted to do a liquior store throughout the whole store. When him and his family is waiting for a check to see if they can split it equaly so

  6. Book I Recently Finished: “I Am Number 4″
    Group Book: “Raisin In The Sun”
    My NEW Independent Reading Book: “KENDRA”
    “I Am Number 4″ was a great book. It had both action and drama. Did i mention action. I think i did…. but that is not why I’m blogging tonight. I am blogging to talk about the book “A Raisin In The Sun”. Well First I would like to talk about Walter. He has always wanted to do a liquior store throughout the whole store. When him and his family is waiting for a check to see if they can

  7. I read from page 110 to page 151 in ARITS
    In Act 3 mainly it talked about Lindner,the guy from Clayboune Park came to the house and had a talk.The talk was mainly about how the nieghborhood that they were moving in was a “white” nieghborhood.So Lindner told them that if they wouldnt move they would pay them money.Also i talked about how Walter took all the money that was supposed to be slit all for himself and gave it to a guy named Willy and he ended up taking the money and leaving.Therefore Benetheas school money is gone.Then Walter bursted out into tears and mama started to beat him but was then calmed down and Walter stayed in him room for a while untill he came out and was angerly looking for the card that Lindner had left.When Walter found the card he left to call him and came back and said that he was going to put on a show.But really what happened was that they ended up moving and Beanetha told Mama about how Asagai asked her to move with hom to Africa and marry him.
    Dreams for Walter didnt really work out because all he had wanted was money money and money,but when he came to think of it he wanted money that wasnt even his.His dream was to open a liquor store but honestly i didnt even think that it will even be albe to start of finish because he would drink up all of the liquor.
    I think that Lorraine Handsberrys perspective on dreams is that when you are a certain race espicially if your black, you can experience a lot of racial comments.Also that you cant get everything that you want.And that since you were born in this centry you should be happy for what you have because people before didnt have the oppritunities that you have now.So if you ever get mad and say “i hate me life’ you should rethink it.

  8. Book I Recently Finished: “I Am Number 4”
    Group Book: “Raisin In The Sun”
    My NEW Independent Reading Book: “KENDRA”
    “I Am Number 4” was a great book. It had both action and drama. Did i mention action. I think i did…. but that is not why I’m blogging tonight. I am blogging to talk about the book “A Raisin In The Sun”. Well First I would like to talk about Walter. He has always wanted to do a liquior store thoughout the whole store. When him and his family is waiting for a check to

  9. Book I Recently Finished: “I Am Number 4”
    Group Book: “Raisin In The Sun”
    My NEW Independent Reading Book: “KENDRA”
    “I Am Number 4” was a great book. It had both action and drama. Did i mention action. I think i did…. but that is not why I’m blogging tonight. I am blogging to talk about the book “A Raisin In The Sun”. Well First I would like to talk about Walter. He

  10. This weekend I read from page 131 to 151
    After everybody found out that Walter gave away the rest of the money that Mama gave him to this guy named Willy who ran away with it, Mama didn’t want to move anymore, Beneatha told Asagai that she didn’t want to be a doctor anymore and Asagai told Beneatha to marry him and go to Africa to practice and be a doctor there. Walter told everyone that he was going to call “the man” which was the guy that visited them and offered to pay them not to move to Clybourne Park. He was going to call him back over to except the offer because he basically gave up and he was trying to get the money back. Beneatha and everybody else thought that Walter had gone crazy. When Linder finally came, Mama reminded Walter where he came from and what their family did to get where they are now. Walter took thiss into consideration and instead of excepting the offer, Walter told Linder that there was nothing he could do or say that would keep him and his family from moving to Clybourne Park.
    3. One person in the book that had a dream was Walter. He dreamed of becoming a real man and being able to own his own business or invest in the liquor store so his family could have MONEY. Unfortunately, his dream didn’t come true but that didn’t stop him from providing for his family. The reason why it didn’t come true is because he sent a guy named Willy and another person named Bobo to go get the license and pay for the liquor store but Willy ran away with the money which was sixty-five hundred dollars including the money to pay for Beneatha to be a doctor. Lorraine Hansberry’s perspective on dreams is that sometimes dreams don’t come true or aren’t meant to be but you should make the best of what you have now.

  11. I read from pages 110 to end
    At the end of this book I really felt the characters emotions. At the end Mama seems kind of sad and also happy that she is leaving her apartment to go to a new and improved home. Walter still acts like a ( jack***) sometimes but he probably is going to miss that aprtment too. On page 149 seems really eager to get out and leave. And I quote ” LET’S GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!” I was shocked that she would say that , but then again I laughed too because I feel like that sometimes when I want to leave someplace . One dream that Walter had was to open a liquor store.

  12. I read from page : 110 to the END ! =D
    Summary : Basically, what I read in Act 3 was Mama finding out that Walter is over. She found this out because Walter invested all the money from the check into the store, and Willy took all of this money and ran away. So as a result, there is no money and now Mama and them couldn’t move into the new house. Then, a guy came over and said where they were moving was a bad idea, so he was willing to pay them for the house. Though, Walter said no because it was going to cause problems and fights.

    2: One of the character’s dreams was to invest in a liquor store and that was Walter’s dream. Though unfortunately, this dream did not come true. This dream didn’t come true because Walter made some wrong choices during the process of him trying to invest in a liquor store.

    3: I think that the author’s perspective on dreams is that we all are going to have dreams, but it’s up to us and no one else to make them come true. I think this because Walter really wanted to invest in the liquor store, but he made a wrong choice by giving the money to Willy, and Willy took the money and ran away. It wasn’t up to Willy to complete Walter’s dreams, it was up to Walter. I was Walter’s dream, so he had to go ahead and complete it however way he could. Like, my dream is to go to Harvard, so I have to work hard to get there. I’m not going to leave it up to my mom so she can help me pass.

  13. This weekend I read from pages 113 to 151.
    RETELL: Act three was mostly about what happened to the money and it’s effect on the family. A man named Mr. Lindner comes to meet the family and basically tells them that they aren’t welcomed in Clybourne Park, the community they were planning on moving, since they were black. For this reason, he offers to buy the house from the family for an amount of money over what they paid for it. Shocked and offended, they dismiss the offer and kick him out of the house rudely. A couple of minutes have passed since Mr. Lindner’s visit (that the family has now turned into a joke) when Bobo walks into the house with terrible news. Now, Bobo is one of Walter’s friends, along with Willy, who was helping him in opening his liquor store. Shaking, nervous, and obviously upset, Bobo informs the family that Willy has taken the money from Big Walter’s death and ran away with it. Too upset to bare the reaction and rushes to get out of the house. The family is left starstruck by this news not only because Willy took the money, but because this meant that all of Beneatha’s school money was gone as too! For about an hour, everyone takes time to reflect, cool off and really think about what this means for them. This is when Beneatha’s friend Asagai comes in unaware of the bad news and has a talk with her about dreams, history, the family and how to move forward from this. Beneatha is inspired by him in this scene and decides to visit Africa with him and possibly marry him. He leaves and Mama decides that the family should start unpacking since there wouldn’t be enough money to pay the mortgage. Everyone else, however, disagrees except Walter who goes to find Mr. Lindner to except his offer. This completely destroys Mama to think that her son would stoop so low to ask for so much money. After Walter talked and thought it over, Mr. Lindner arrives again with the same offer, and Walter proudly doesn’t take it. Mr. Lindner leaves and the family continues packing. They were moving on up.
    ASAGAI: He has dreams to be an inspiration to everyone ultimately. He wants to explore the world and it’s different opportunities, but he’s not afraid to make mistakes because he knows that he’s going to make them and not only him, but his followers will learn from them. In a way, his dreams have come true and you can tell since he’s had such a huge impact on Beneatha. Based on his dreams, I think that Lorraine Hansberry would agree that only good dreams come true. It might take a while to get there but they will definitely come true.
    FAVORITE QUOTE: “Then isn’t there something wrong in a house – in a world – where all dreams, good or bad, must depend on the death of a man?” – Asagai

  14. Ive read from page 131 to 151.
    SUMMARY: What happen in act three was Benetha was questioning her self of her perfession of becoming a doctor. Benetha lost her hope of helping the people and doesnt want to be a doctor anymore. also they officially move out their apartment but a message was left out into the open like when mama left and she had the plant with her. in addition she was the last person to leave and close the apartment. Walter sits down and just think which i found interesting because he is both protagonist and antagonist so he is thinking of his life throughout the book.
    Ana lazies- I would analyze Benetha because she wants to be a doctor. she hoped for to go to school and study medicine to be a doctor to help the people but she realized that there was to many obstacles to help the people if she needs help her self. she is to diverse to conculed on that. the author is trying to say that try different things before you concluded on your future.

  15. This weekend I read from page 110 to page 150
    This weekend I read that moving day has finally come and Mr.Linder comes in to the house to tell them about what they are doing about moving to a white neighborhood and telling them the things that have happened. Next comes Mama with new planting tools so that she’ll have tools to use in the new garden.And also Mama is going to take her raggedy old plant as Benetha calls it.Then Walters friend comes in saying that the investment to Springfield had failed. He said that Willy had never come and had taken the money for Benetha’s school and Walters half.Lastly, Asagai comes in and tells Benetha his dream as he helps them pack.
    A character that has a dream is asagai and it is that he wants to go to Africa.And his hope was that Benetha would come with him.It didn’t happen because alot of things were just setting in.The characters dream didn’t come true at the end of the story.Lorraine Hansberry s perspective on dreams is that they may happen and may not happen.

  16. I read from page 110 to 151
    In the book, after mama gives 6,500 dollars to Walter to split with him and Beneatha, everybody thinks he puts it in the bank. Later in the book they find out that he did not go to the bank and put the money in. They also found out that Walter gave the money to Will and a man to go and start the liquor store. Will had all money and never showed up to where him and the man was suppose to meet. Will was gone and Walter had lost all the money. Mama beats him beacuse she was so furious and Walter lays in his bed still. He leaves and call Linder and tells him to come over. Walter tells the family what he’s going to do and when Linder comes, he says the exact oppisite. The family leaves their old house and leave to their new house with pride.
    PART 2: Walter’s dream was to open up a liquor store. He hoped to open one up. This dream did not come true because Walter had given his money in the hands of someone he trusted and that person took it and never came back. The author’s perspective of dreams is that your dreams may never come true but other things may come to you. Also that one thing can be important too- pride.

  17. Also you can work hard to try to get it being colored and around white people is a hard experience. Secondly, they don’t have enough money since Walter spend all the money of Benetha and him.

  18. I read from page124 to 151 on the weekends reading
    What i read so far is that a man named Lindner, a man from Clybourne Park Improvement Association, visited over there house to let them now about the environment. It didn’t go so well because the man was talking about how the people don’t feel comfortable being around colored people. Also Mama wasn’t there at the moment so when she got there Walter and Beneatha told her that the man was saying things that were positive of the place.
    Mama hoped for a garden and wanted to live in the house so that she can plant it her dream did not come true. because she was living in an apartment and she couldn’t plant things.Based on this characters experience was dreams don’t always come true.

  19. This weekend I finished reading A Raisin In the Sun. I read from pages 113-151.
    At the end of Scene II, Lindner tried to bribe the Youngers to not move to Clybourne because they are black and he doesn’t want black people mixed with white people. Also Willy ran off with Walter’s and Bennie’s half of the money. In Scene III Asagai asks Bennie to marry him and go to Nigeria to practice being a doctor there. They call Lindner and tell him they don’t care about the stereotypes and they will be moving into their new house. Mama and Ruth say that Walter is now a man because he stood up to Lindner.
    The dreams of Walter is to have his own liquor shop and provide for him family. This character hoped that he could carry his family without his mothers help. This dream did not come true because he trusted Willy too much, who ran off with his money. Lorraine Hansberry’s perspective on dreams is to never give up on them and to never let go of your dreams. She also thinks that you should do whatever you can to accomplish them.

  20. 1. This week I read from page 110 to page 151.
    2. The thing that I read this weekend about in the story A Raisin In The Sun is that Asagai comes over to where Beneatha live in that time in the world and he helps them pack up. Also when Asagai is there he kind of finds Beneatha questioning whether she should be a doctor in her future that she lives. Also the thing that I read is that Asagai kind of has a dream of going back to Africa in his life and asks Beneatha if she would like to come with him in the world that they live in.
    3.One person who has a dream is Asagai in this scene and his dream is to go to Africa and kind of bring back good things back to Beneathas life in the world and marry Beneatha . His hope was that he could bring Beneatha with him if he goes back to Africa in his life. This characters dream did not come true and she kind of just thought about it. This had mostly happened because a lot of things were happening in her life and she was kind of not ready for a lot of things to be going on in her life especially when she and her family were going to move to a different place. Lorraine Hansberry perspective on dreams is that not everything you want to have in the world happens and sometimes it can happen and at other times it does not happen.

  21. 1. I read from page 109 to the end 🙂
    2. At first everyone if questioning their future. Walter is alone and thinking, while Beneatha is questioning becoming a doctor. Mama doesn’t want to move anymore , so Walter calls Mr.Linder to tell him. when Mr.Linder comes Walter argues with him and makes Mr.Linder run out without signed papers and Mama calls him a man because of this.

    3. Walter wanted to become a man in the whole play. He thought that he should be a man in the whole play because he thought men should have the money and women should stay in the house and be good housewives. In the end of the story he stands up to Mr.Linder and Mama calls him a man. He is proud of this snd feels very accomplished.

  22. ARITS
    Pages: 110 to 151
    RETELL: Mama is packing with her family to move to the other house. A man named Karl Linder comes visit the Younger family and trys to bargin them so they wont move to the white neighborhood. Asagai also comes over to help them pack and talk to Bennie. He talks to Bennie about moving with him to Africa and Bennie is trying to decide if it will be a good or bad change to her life. Another guy named Bobo comes and tells Walter that Willy took both of their money and left. Walter then calls Mr.Linder to tell him something important. Mr.Linder thought that he was going to take the deal but Walter declinded it and is now moving into the house.
    OUESTION1: One of the characters dreams was to open a liquor shop (Walter’s dream). This dream did not come true because Willy took Bobo and Walters money to open the shop. Lorraine’s perspective on dreams is that they are sometimes too high for some of us to reach. Sometimes the dreams cant come true because of others. One thing Lorraine might say based on the dreams in ARITS, is that any dream is ALWAYS stopped by a obstacle.

  23. 1.I read from pages 131 to finish
    2.Benetha’s brother has taken the money and invested it. Her brother gave it away to a man that needs it. Benetha and Asagai were also about how God will help them in this situation. Also she wonders what would mama do to her. Not only that when mama gets her check she split up and did not keep it for herself. She bought a new house for Walter to live in with Ruth, Benetha, and Travis.
    3.Walter dream was to open a liquor store. Walter for stepping up for his family and wanting to get money and buy what his family needs.Im not sure but i know that he was driving a man around.Is that if u want to be something or want to open something u have to work hard and do it so u could be able to get it.Also u have to trust on yourself to be able to work your hardest.

  24. i read from page 131 to 151
    retell: beneatha’s brother take the money and invested it. her brother gave it away to a man that wasn’t trust worthy. Beneatha and Asagai were also talking about Rufus and how god was able to help. im still wondering why they had the talk if beneatha told mama she didnt believe in god. finally they moved to africa to find a place for change.
    3. Mama’s dream was to move to a place where she can be able to make a garden. she hopes to move. I am not shore if it came true because at the end they didnt say anything about that. i can probably infer that since they moved to Africa then she must have had a garden. Lorraine Hansberry’s perspective on breams based on this character is that in this world you cant get everything you want.

  25. Iread from pages 96 to the end of the book. In ACT III walter made an investment and Asagai and Beneatha get into a little argument over the money. Asagai is planning to take Beneatha to Africa. Walter is going to invite a man named Willy Harrirs over to talk about the “families future”. Mama says i have had” 5 generations of people who was slaves and sharecroppers – but aint nobody in my family never let nobody pay em no money that was a way of telling us we wasnt fit to walk the earth”. A dream that 1 character had was Walter, and his dream was to own a liqer store. And he did not end up getting one but Mama got what she wanted which was a house. (I HAD LOTS OF FUN ON AIDS WALK FIRST TIME TO)

  26. 1. I read from page to page

    2. Summary of Act 3 in 5-10 sentences.
    In Act 3 Walter Lee invested all his money in the liquor store. Willy took the money and unexpectedly ran away with it. Willy got what he deserved which was no more money but he lost all the money for Benetha’s school fund. When Mama found out she refused to let him in the new house. Lender told the family, except Mama, that it was a bad idea to move into the white neighbor hood. Walter said that they weren’t going to cause a problem for the neighborhood. That day he became a TRUE man.

    3. Explain the dreams of one character in the play. What did this character hope for? Did this character’s dreams come true? Why or why not? What is Lorraine Hansberry’s perspective on dreams, based on this character’s experiences? (Please write at least 5 sentences to answer this.)

    Benetha’s dream in this play are to become a doctor. Obviously thats highly unlikely because women in the 1950s were housewives. Benetha always wanted to be a doctor but she needed money for school. Her dream didnt come true because Walter Lee took all the money for himself. She couldnt get the money without her part of the check.

  27. i read from 119 to page 151 end of the book
    i dream of an character is walter dream
    since walter alway likes money he dream about having money,but his dream didnt come true he learn a lesson and that lesson was that money comes last and important things comes first like FAMILY
    lorraine hansberry perspective on dreams is that when a dream happens keep it to yourself it might not come true but family is important

  28. I read from pages 89 to 151.What has happened so far was that a white man went to the apartment and he went for some busnisses for the house that they are moving in.Also wat happened is that mama is not in the house right at that momment so the white man is in the house with ruth and beneatha.He is there to talk about business and about clybourne park improvements. I think he is kind of weird since he does not want anything to drink not even coffe and that is what most people drink when they go to someones house.He is also going to talk about community problems.One of the persons that had a dream here was beneatha. Her dream was to become a doctor. Her dream did come true. Her dreams came true because asaigi told her to marry him and he said that she can go to africa and practicce being a doctor.What i think Lorraine Hansberry is trying to represent drams int his because this is what these african americans want and they dont know if it is going to come true so they dream of it since they are poor.

  29. This weekend I finished the whole class novel a Raisin In The Sun
    Walter gave the insurance money away to make an investment with somebody that the famiky didn’t trust. Walter in this act has really made a huge step from greed to kinda smart. The reason why I say this is because Walter isn’t concerned abou money he is nnow concerned about a way to help out his family. He is now the man that he claims to be. He is now just taking everything as it comes to him. He ain’t trying to chase something he know he ain’t gonna get the easy way. The family talks the linder into taking them to their new house without pay since Mama’s husband worked for it all his life. They arre heading down to the house of their dreams.
    The family’s dream was to move out of that rat trap. this dream did come true. This dream did come true because Walter opened his eyes and became a true man. He thunk outside of the box and realized that he isn’t the only pers on who wanted to have something to come true. He told the Linder his dad’s story and the man mmoved them to their new house .
    Beneatha was asked to get married and go to Africa with his Asagai. Her dream however did not come true. Mama and Walter both said that she was to young to go to Africa. Then Walter brought up george into the conversation. Then Beneatha said she wouldn’t marry him if he was Adam ana she was Eve. So her dream didn’t turn out successful to become a docter because that was what she was going to do in africa.

  30. I read from page 110 to page 151.
    SUMMARY: In ARITS (Act 3) it’s moving day and Asagai comes over to help pack their things. Asagai finds Benentha in her room, also packing, questioning if she should become a doctor. She feels as if she could no longer help people and is fustrated about not knowing who she really is . She doesn’t what to please anyone anymore. Asagai invites her to Africa to presue his dream of making positive changes in Nigeria. He leaves her to think. We also find out that a white man named Mr. Lindner pays the Youngers not move to the suburbs. They move there anyway. He warns them and they now have to deal with a bunch of racism and they have to be careful with they’re lives.
    BENNIE’S DREAMS: She wants to be an African-American doctor that is strict about where she comes from. She starts to question who she is, what she wants and who she wants to be around. This character’s dream didn’t come to true but she’s starting to find herself. I believe her real goal in life was finding herself and being who she WANTS to be. Also I think the author realated because she was an African-American growing up in a white neighborhood she wasn’t sure where to turn so she wrote about it. I think the character who’s really Lorraine Hansberry voice in the story is Beneatha.

  31. 1. I read from page __123__to page __151__
    3. Explain the dreams of one character in the play.
    one dream of an character is asgai joseph ,he dream of goin back to africa where he was born to change things and help also benethea wants to go with him to africa.
    walter also dreams about having money to supports his things and change his realizes money is nothing that family is more important
    What is Lorraine Hansberry’s perspective on dreams?
    she wants us to think that family comes first than anything else. that sometimes your dreams may not come true

  32. A Raisin in the Sun
    Tonight,I read from page 116 to 151
    Retell: Tonight I read about how the family was moving to start a new family in their new house. Also Walter changed to having a closer relationship wih Ruth. In the book a new character came along named BoBo. Bobo was Walter friend and he was working for the same person as Walter.Also benetha and Asagai wanted to live together n Africa.
    Question: The dream of Benetha was to live with Asagai in Africa. This character hoped to have a fresh start with someone she really loved. No it did not come true. It did not come true because she never made her decision. Lorraine Hansburg perspective is that sometimes it is hard to make a decision to get what you dream for.

  33. I finish the book ! 🙂
    Mama had given Walter the left over money from Big Walter’s insurance so that he can split it between Benny and him. Instead of doing what he was told, he took all the money n invested it in the liquor store. Turns out that the Willy took all the money and ran away. Walter didn’t have no money left so when his mother found out, she said they had to unpack the boxes because they couldn’t move into the new house. A man came to the house telling the family that where they were moving was a bad idea and that his group would pay the family for the house. After a while of thinking Walter decided that his family would move into that house no matter what because it was their dream and that’s when mama realize that Walter became a man that day.
    Beneath dream was to finish college. She hoped to become a doctor so she can help people live. No her dream did not come true because Walter took her half of the money for school. I think that Lorraine Hansberry’s perspective on Benny’s dream is that just because someone mess up your dream doesn’t mean that you can’t try to fix it. If you really want it that bad you would do anything to make it come true.

  34. I read from page 111 to page 151
    Summary: In Act 3 of ARITS, Asagai comes over to talk to Beneatha. He tells her how deeply she moves him and she tells him that the money is gone. She then talks about how now that the money is gone, her career is over. She brings up a story about how this boy, Rufus, used to slide down with them on a hill and he one day went to far and sliced his face right in front of her. She thought that was the end of Rufus, but the EMS came and he had a line down the middle of his face for the rest of his life. She wanted to be just like that. Able to cure the sick. Asagai then asks her to marry him and move back to Africa. Also, this man named Lindner comes buy the house. He tells Walter that Lindner’s community is interested in paying the family NOT to move to Clybourne Park. They all tell him to get out of their house. Mama comes home and they all give her presents. Walter, Ruth, and Beneatha give her new gardening tools and Travis gives her a new gardening hat. Walter’s friend BoBo comes buy and tells them that Willy has been missing and he has the money that they were going to use to make some investments. Finally, Walter calls Mr.Lindner back and tells him infront of the whole family, that he has thought about the deal and that they weren’t going to take it. After that, they looked at the house for the last time, Mama took her plant and they left the house.
    3. Beneatha has the dream to become a doctor. She hoped to use the money that Mama gave her and Walter to pay for her to go to school. This characters dreams did not come true because Walter’s friend Willy ran away with all of the 6500 dollars.
    Lorraine Hansberry’s perspective on dreams is that sometimes they won’t come true no matter how hard you try. She also says that you have to work harder than what you already do. You can’t depend on anyone but yourself.

  35. I read from page 131 to page 151
    RETELL: What happened this weekend in my reading is that Asagai proposed to Beneatha!!! On top of this he asked her to come move to Africa with him and become a doctor there. When Beneatha told Mama, she said she was too young. I would have to disagree with Mama because Bennie is in collage and on top of that is in her 20s. Walter says that if that is the case then he’d rather her marry George Murchison. According to Walter’s new and improved behavior though, I’m pretty sure he was just playing. Also, the family is moving to the new house!!!! I think this is pretty exciting for them because this is basically like a new beginnin- Walter has a new attitude, Mama’s not on Bennie that much and a whole bunch of other changes.
    QUESTION: A dreaam that a character had is that Mama had was to own a garden. Her wish didn’t come true but she did stay with the plant that she cared for very much. I think that her wish didn’t come true because she didn’t try hard enough to accomplish her dream. I think that the authors perspective on dreams is that not all dreams come true.

  36. A Rasin In The Sun
    the End
    Asagai comes to help pack and finds Beneatha wondering on her choice of becoming a doctor. She no longer believes that she can be a help people. Instead of feeling bad for her He tells her about the dream to return to Africa and help give people positive changes. He gets her excited about the change and asks her to go home with him to Africa, saying that it would be easy only . He leaves her alone to think about his option. when the movers and Mr. Lindner arrive, mama tells Walter to talk with Mr. Lindner, Walter starts to studer , but soon he changed his mind about taking Mr. Lindner’s money. the speech build in power. Mama tells Ruth that Walter has finally become a man because of the fact that he was standing up to Mr. Lindner. Ruth agrees and is proud of her husband, which a true moment . Mama, the last to leave looks for a moment at the apartment. Then gos , taking her plant with her.

    I think that walter had a dream to be a man. in his mind he isnt a man unless he supported his family with money. But in the end he realizes that a man is judged by his actions not how much money he has in his wallet. he realizes this when he gives the speech to the movers. Lorraine Hansberry’s perspective on dreams, is that one persuing 1 dream you realize and complete the dream which truly mattered.

  37. 1.I read from page 131 to 151.
    2.Asagai is worried where the insurance went. In addition, Beneatha said that her brother gave it away. He gave it away by investment that Travis won’t even trusted.Asagai and Beneatha was discussing about the kid name Rufus that fell into the sidewalk and how God could help him. Asagai was wondering if it was the money that was affecting Beneatha. For instance, Asagai asked her if her father would die would she get all the money and she said no. Finally, Asagai and Beneatha had romantic and go to Africa.
    3.The dreams of the family is to move to Africa. They already want to move from the rat hole. The family hope for peace and a nice place to live in. This dream did come true cause now they live in Africa with peace and nice unlike the rat hole they used to live in. It came true because of Big Walter’s check for the house in Africa. Lorraine Hansberry’s perspective on dreams, based on this character’s experiences is to forget about race and all the things that are happening in the world, just keep living life hard.

  38. I read from pages 114 to page 151
    What happened in scene 3 is that a man from the place that they were going to live came to see them becuase he wanted to tell them about how they are going to live. Mr.Linger that man that came said that the Younger family shouldn’t go and live there because nobody wants them there so they should take their money back. Walter tells him that he should get out and leave and when Mr. Linger leaves Bobo, Walters friend comes and trys to tell Walter that the money that they invested in the liquor store is gone. Wlater is now really made becuase he loses the money but Mama doesn’t know that. Bobo also says that Willy never showed up at the train station and that the money is lost. When Mama finds out she wants to beat up Walter but she knows that she should not do that. Walter gets really upset so he says that he is going to have the deal with Mr.Linger and that he is not going to move into the house becuase he wants the money that is left. But when he calls Mr.Linger he tels him about he got the money and how Travis is going to be the 5th generation. But overall he tells Mr.Linger that he is going to keep the house and that the deal that they were going to have is not going to happen.
    The dream that Mama wants is a house that has a garden. Mamas dream came true becuase with the money that the insurance people gave her she had enough to spend it on her dream. I think that Lorranie Hansberry wanted to tell us that dreams do come true if only if you go after them and that is what Mama did. She and her husband tried very hard so that their dreams can come true. Also Mama wanted to have a garden and thats why she took so much care the plant that she had.

  39. I read from page 110 to page 151
    Summary: In the book the family is about to leave to go to the new house purchased by mama. They are packing their bags at the time. Ruth is happy by the new actions that Walter is exhibiting because he didn’t do a lot of these new actions he is doing at the time. Then Walter comes in the room when Ruth is talking to Benetha about this new Walter. Then he starts dancing with Ruth when Benetha says he is an old fashioned Negro. Then they go to the door to open it and find them selves looking at a man. He is asking for Walter’s mama, but she is not their so Walter talks about the situation. He tells them that in their new home they will meet white people who don’t like that black people living in their community. He offers them that his association will buy their house and leave still wanting them to do the deal so he gives them time to think about the idea. Then mama enters with Travis. They tell mama about their meeting with the man they just encountered. Then they give their mama a gift and it is gardening tools while Travis gives mama a gardening hat. Then a friend of Walter comes and tell Walter another friend of his took all of his money to do the liquor shop by himself. Everyone was furious especially mama because he didn’t put none for Benetha any for school so she hit him. Later Asagai came to help with the packing and they talk about recent things that happened. He says that he want to go with her to Africa and tells her to think about it. Then Walter comes thought and leaves right after Asagai. Mama says she doesn’t want to go. Then they call over The man for the company Lindner and say they don’t accept his offer and then they go get ready to leave to go to their new house.
    Question: he character I am going to chose is Benetha. She hoped to become doctor and help people. Her dream did come because Asagai said he can make her a doctor in Africa. She is saying that even if something is bad for you it can affect your dream in a way you wouldn’t expect. Also she is trying to say that dreams depend on people close to you . If they make a right decision it can help you or not help you.

  40. I read A Raisin In The Sun
    I finished the whole book.
    it starts with the author giving us a picture of Bennie still feeling the affects of hearing that walter lost all of the family’s money. Then Asagai comes into the house and cheers up. telling her if her father was alive the money would not be there anyway. at the end of their conversation he astonishes her by asking for her hand in marriage and for her to come with him to africa and to be a doctor there. after Asagai leaves, walter decides that to get the money back he would call the home guy and sell him the house and property for twice of what they originally got it for. he also said he would put on a act. when the man shows up mama tells travis to stand next to walter and walter could not put on the act or sell the house not in front of his son.
    Walter had a dream to become a business by owning a liquor store. he wanted it so he could be a better provider and role model for his family. for his son. no because he trusted the wrong person. Lorraine Hansberry tried to teach us that when opening a business with partners do everything together and no trust someone no one in your family can trust.

  41. I read from page 96 to page 130
    Summary: The act was about a lady named Johnson who come and visits the house and they have her over and give her coffee and everything. So while she’s there she’s having a conversation with Mama and sitting down discussing all sorts of things. Also, Johnson starts saying things to Mama that wasn’t right and it turned out to be an argument over things that surprised Mama. Lastly they think that some people can be really rude to each other like Beneatha did to Johnson. Question 3: One of the dreams that Walter has is for Mama to see the man inside him and that there is so many things to do in the city as a man. This character hopes for a green hat that he saw when he went southside in a car. His dreams do come true and Walter is starting a business transaction because Mama trusted Walter with the money. Walter then sits down with his son Travis and explains to him what is like to start a business. Lorraine Hansberry’s on dreams is that they come true as long as put your mind towards it and they can become something even more special.

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