May 10, 2011 – A Raisin in the Sun Post 3

Hi KIPPsters!

It’s true… only two more days of state testing! I’m so proud of all of your hard work! Tonight, read carefully so that you earn a high score on your comprehension quiz and you can celebrate day one of your math exam in the sunshine at recess!


1. Book Title, Author

2. Tonight, I read from page ______ to page ______

3. What does the check represent to the family? (what theme or idea is it a symbol for?)

4. Explain who Asagai is. How does he affect Beneatha’s behavior?

That’s it. Now eat a healthy dinner (Fish is good for your brain!) and go to bed!




43 thoughts on “May 10, 2011 – A Raisin in the Sun Post 3

  1. Beyond The Grave by JUDE WATSON
    Read 158 to end (190)

    RETLL OF ACT 3: The family is getting ready to move and Asiagai comes to help. He then asks her to come away with him to Africa when she doubts her dream of becoming a doctor. Mama then enters and says they are not moving.Ruth protests. Walter returns, having called Mr. Lindner and invited him back to the apartment—he intends to take his offer of money in exchange for not moving to Clybourne Park. But when he comes he stands up to Mr.Linger and refuses to sign the papers. At the end Mama gives the apartment one last look and leaves with her plant.
    QUESTION 1: Mama’s dream is to move her family up in the world. By that I mean she wants to move her family to a more upper rank. Her dream did come true at the end of the play. The author’s perspective on dreams is that if you work towards them, they’ll eventually come true. But make sure your dream isn’t only positive for you but many others.

  2. SAKA-EEEEEHHHH!!! Today i read from80-150. I think that the check from the insurance guy means hope but also pain and suffering from a good man. Out of everyone who experiances pain mommy probably has it the most. I think Asiguy is an african from Nigeria, he is very loyal to Benetha and treats her like a man. Benetha feels conected to Asiguy and to his culture, you can say that she feels alive.

  3. In a raisin in the sun by Lorraine Hansberry I read from page 107 to 151. Moma and Ruth and Walter were talking about linger after he left. I dont think they like him much because they began to mock him. Also moma and Ruth were talking about Walter and how to put up with him

  4. A Raisin in the Sun, Lorraine Hansberry
    i read from page:54 to the page 75 in my book.
    Beneatha invites Asagai to the dirty apartment. Wich mama dislikes. they then talk about Beneatha’s worries about her family’s ignorance about Africa and African people.then, Ruth returns from seeing a doctor, who has told her that she is two months pregnant and she wants it to be a girl.Asagi teases her a bit about being very serious about finding her identity.he not have the same feeling for him. and he brought presents for her.Ruth does not want to have an abortion, but she considers it because she sees it as the only way to keep the family together

    1: what the check means to them is less worries.more aportunity and a better way of life. Expecially when they all wait for this check , you can tellit must be something very special.

    2: Asagai is an old friend of Beneatha that she meet in campus. He is from Nigerian.He knows all about Africa. and i got a felling that something is going to happen between him and Beneatha.

  5. Tonight I read from pages 54 to 75.
    QUESTION #1: I think that the check means opportunity to each member of this family. Each of the Youngers would enjoy using the money in their own way all of which would make them successful and ahead of life; beyond their stereotypes. For example, Mama would like to use the money to make a garden and buy a house while Walter wants the money to buy a liquor store. Beneatha on the other hand would rather use the money to go towards her education as she wants to become a doctor. All of these ways show that the Youngers see the check as a way to make their lives better.
    QUESTION #2: Even though Beneatha has a man that she’s seeing already, I think she might have a little crush on Asagai who just came back from Canada. I can tell because while they were having their conversation, you could tell that there was flirting and shyness between the two. I can also tell that Beneatha changes her attitude when Asagai is around. In my opinion, around him, she seems more smart and aware of things. She speaks with more intelligence around him and doesn’t seem to be as “ignorant” as some of her other family members think she is.

  6. Hikura No Go
    Author: Akira Tuma
    I read from pgs 156to pg 199
    retell: I think that the check represents them getting money for alot of things. If I were Walter I would kep the money. Ten thousand dollars seems like a lot of money. i would move to a new neighborhood were it is nicer. Asagi is a African boy that Beneatha meet on her campus. He’s been studying in Canada all summer. Also he is from Nigeria. the theme would be for some people money is more important than anytihng, you cant do anything without money.

  7. Crossing Jordan, Adrian Fogelin
    I read from page 54 to 75 in ARITS and from page 1 to page 14 in my IR book.
    Retell: Cass is a lonely girl. She has nothing to do, nothing to play with, and no one to play with. A girl named Jemmie is moving in next door and the two girls become friends. But what will become of them as their parents don’t want them socializing with each other?
    ARITS Answer 1: The check represents a sign of responsibility to the family.
    ARITS Answer 2: Asagai is one of Benetha’s students. He did criticize a lot her but helped her with her problems. For example, he criticized her straight hair.

  8. A Raisin In The Sun by Lorraine Hansbery
    I read from page or reread 48 to 61
    Retell: The check is a symbol for upper class. Right now that family is a lower class family and the check is from Walters death benefits. However it also symbolizes freedom because now these people can move om and live with the white people or at least have the same class or be respected by them for having at least a littler bit of money.
    Asagi is a neighbor that just moved in. He has brought the neighbors drapes that are better looking and that the fancy way of living. This effects Benetta because she thinks hes really nice and he might want something to do with the check.

  9. A Raisin in the Sun By Lorraine Hansberry
    Pages 54 to 76
    To me the check represent happiness and new life. Walter thinks he can open a store to help the family get out the house and leave a better life.It’s also about getting a new house.Asagai is a guy Beneatha knows, I think they went to school before because he said it. He affect Beneatha’s behavior by himself, but also the things he say.She really must like him and feel for him,but once awhile he say something maybe about women that makes her speak her mind.

  10. Tonight I read A Raisin In The Sun from page 54 to page 76
    To the Walter the check represents a better life for his family. He knows his family deserves betrter and he wants to provide it for them.
    Asagai is Beneatha’s friend from school. Beneatha is nicer and kinder when she is with Asagai.

  11. IR TITLE: Candyfloss by Jacqueline Wilson
    PAGES: 131 to 153
    RETELL: Floss bets on a horse with Chip. Rhiannon askes Floss to go over her house but Floss doesnt want to, but she does it to be kind. When Floss is in Rhiannons house, it feels like the old Rhiannon is back because she changed emotionally through out the story. Also Floss misses her mom verrrrrrry much and regrets, a little bit, staying with her dad.
    ARITS QUESTION1: The check represents many things to the family but it mainly represents dreams and hopes. Walter dreams on opening a liqour store. Bennie hopes that half of the check will go to her doctor school. Ruth hopes that the check will pay for the rent so she wont have to work her but off as hard.
    ARITS QUESTION2: Asagai is a African boy who Bennie met at campus. He is from Nigeria. He affects Bennies behavior because she acts all lovey-dovey on him. He also affects her behavior because he likes Bennie and Bennie probably also likes him, but its not sure yet.

  12. Kiki Strike by Kristen mcmiller i read from pg 54 to 75 in ARITS and from pg 58 to 99 in my IR book In the book it seems as if the check is a sign for hope and money. Everybody wants some of the check nd they need the check to start out their future. If they dont get the check then they feel as if their dreams will fade away. Asagai is this man who beneatha has been seeing as a friend and they both have an impact on each other that makes them feel like they are great and powerful.

  13. Title:Steal Away Home by Lois Ruby
    Read from page 188 to end
    Retell:First, the lord gave Dana the free will.Also,James was dreaming about what had happend with a sacrafice in a book and had a nigthmare about it. Lastly,at the end of the book i read that they paid 100 to 1000 to broil in the sun.
    ARITS question 1:The check to the family represents money and richness and also happieness to MAMA because she wants to get a garden.
    ARITS question 2:Asagai in the story is a friend of Benethas. Benetha is a different person when Asagai is around her.

  14. Book Title : A Raisin In the Sun
    Author : Lorraine Hansberry
    I read from page 54 to 76
    3 : What the check basically represents to the family is fortune and maturity. Fortune because the family is coming into good money that can help them through their obstacles in life. Also, maturity because the family has to spend their money wisely. They can’t just go out and buy everything they see and want. They have to spend their money with maturity.
    4 : Asagai is an African American and a friend of Beneatha. Also, he helps Beneatha find her identity. Beneatha and Asagai met in school, and now she visits him more often. To add on, know he is going to her house for the first time. What Asagai basically does is help Beneatha find her true personality. Since at first, she tries all there activities like playing the guitar and acting. So, Asagai is there to help her ! =D

  15. TITLE: A Raisin in the Sun
    AUTHOR: Lorraine Hansberry
    I read from page 55 to page 76 in ARITS.
    QUESTION 1: The check is important to the family because it gives them a lot of more oppurtunities. They get to move over to the suburbs, a safe place mostly for rich white people, and they also get to live a better life. They can also pay tuition for Bennie to go to medical school and persue her dream of being a doctor.
    QUESTION 2: Asagai is an African who is a “intellectual”, according to Bennie. He also seems to like Bennie. I think she feels it but not as much as he does. I think she just wants to be friends so she can find herself through the friends she chooses to be around .

  16. 1. A Raisin in The Sun by Lorraine Hansberry

    2. Tonight, I read from page 54 to page 75

    3. What does the check represent to the family? (what theme or idea is it a symbol for?)
    For Mama it represents a garden, a space to live, and a house. To Benethea is means education.

    4. Explain who Asagai is. How does he affect Beneatha’s behavior?
    Asagai is an African boy that Beneatha met on campus, that studies in Canada. She gets nervous that Mama will act ignorant around him.

  17. A Raisin In The Sun by Loraine Hansberry
    I read from page 53 to page 75
    The check reprsents a sign of being rich.And when you have that you have the power to do things that you want to do with it.But all that wants to be done is for the money to put away and suggestions of going on trips.Question2:Asagai is a friend on Beneatha.He is a very nice person and i think that they both like each other but they really dont know how to show it.It effects her behavior by he whole mood changes.At the time all she wants to do is hang out with him and talk about time.But im confusedwhat they mean when they talk about time.
    Streams To The River,Rivers To The Sea by Scott O’Dell
    i read from page 141 to pae 147
    Today i read about how Captian Clark might be losing feelings for Sacagawea because all he wanted her for was to get him to the Shosone Village.I also read about how they almost died on their way to the river because they cant find any game.But they ended up finding a stray horse and they ate it.But for most of the time they starved.In the book it messions about how the journey would be dangerous but i just want to know what is so good about going on this journey so badly.I really think that they should they should have stayed back and not go on this journey, but it is very brave to risk your life for others.

  18. A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry
    Question1: To the family the check represents a new beginning but then it also represents new problems. The check can start a new life for everyone by giving some a new job, a new house they can all live in and with the house a nice clean living space where things aren’t broken. The check and all it’s worth is making the Walter and a few others in the family go crazy.
    Question2: Asagai is a friend of Beneatha’s from campus. He is African from Nigeria but his tribal origin is Yoruba. When he is with Beneatha he makes her happy and makes her feel good bout herself and he gives her things. He also likes to make fun of her which sometimes bother her but then makes her sort of laugh or blush in a way. The things Beneatha says or sometimes does makes Asagai laugh or brings back memories. Asagai makes Beneatha feel different but then he is also like most men in a way since he believes that women are mint to be house wives or used for just sexual needs. Asagai sort of spoils her since he buys her things and flirts with her and makes her feel gud but sometimes bad about herself since he lies joking around with her appearance.

  19. Tittle: A Raisin In The Sun
    Author: Lorranie Hansberry
    I read 23 to 76 in ARITS
    Question 1: The Check is a representation of hope and of something that is kind of dream like. As in when the check comes in their life might change drastically. With the money they can have a completely different and better life.
    Question 2: Asagai is a friend of Bennie’s. He’s from Africa and it seems like him and Bennie have a very close friendship since they talk alot and also he brought her a gift from his country. He makes Bennie act more well her age. She’s usually not all nice and sophisticated with any one.

  20. Book: The 39 Clues
    Author: Peter Lerangis
    I read from page 1 to 43.
    ARITS: I read from page 54 to page 78.
    Retell: Today I read about Dan and Amy continue to keep going on in their “mission”. The first thing that had happened when I read was that Amy and Dan had been getting in some trouble as they each find a clue that gets them closer to what they have been looking for a long time.The last thing that I had read was that the hummer zoomed in front of Dan and Amy and were kind of going to get in some kind of trouble in that time in the story that they were both in.
    ARITS Question 1: The check in the family kind of represents a lot to the whole family because it has a lot of money and sometimes represents some upcoming problems between some family members. Also the check represents problems because they are still trying to figure out in what ways that they should be using it.
    ARITS Question 2: The person that is known to be Asagai in the story is Beneatha’s friend. The way that he affects Beneatha’s behavior is in a positive kind of way because he is kind of like a person who notices when things are wrong. Also he affects Beneatha’s in a positive way because he imediatly starts to change how she feels as he walks in the door.

  21. Book: The streams of a river ,river to a sea I read from pages 163 to 192 in my IR book.
    I read from pages 54 to 77 inARITS.
    1. The check to the family means more oppertunities for them. Also, it means that they could be making money without so much work. Its a symbol of independece and moving into their own house with a garden.
    2. ASAGAI is a nice humorous african man who has feelings for Beneatha. He has changed her mood because shes much more happy and loose. For example, shes been all giddy because of a robe he has given her.

  22. A Raisin in the Sun
    Lorraine Hansberry
    Tonight I read from page 54 to page 75
    Q1: What the check represents to the family is the right to be somebody. The theme/idea that it symbolizes is being able to become more than just a person who works all the time.
    Q2: Asagai is Beneatha’s friend from college. Whenever Asagai is around Beneatha acts really girlish it’s like you can tell she has “feelings” for him

  23. Tonight I read from pages 53 to 76 in A Raisin In The Sun and I read from page 120 to page 130 in my IR book. During my reading i read pretty much the same as yesterdays. Just that tonight Darkness chases the ninja down the wall and alla that the samurai kids could hear is a muffled noise. And the ninja is Riaze.

  24. Beyond the Grave by JUDE WATSON
    Read pg 23 to 54.

    RETELL: Bae Oh, the head of the Ekats, traps them in a cage of unbreakable plastic. A little while later Nellie comes to save them by deactivating the cage. Then while escaping the hotel they get into a car of a person called Hilary Vale, who turns out to be Grace’s best friend. They then recieve a letter from Grace and a Sakhet statue identical to the one without the drawing.

    QUESTION 1: This check represents a symbol of freedom and a breakthrough from the life they have been living all these years. Mama and Ruth an d the rest of the family lives in a really bad home and their dream is to move into a really good house and they can finally do that with the check. But each family member wants to do something different with the check. And this is what seems to be tearing the family apart.

    QUESTION 2: Asagai, or Joseph Asagai is one of Beneatha’s friends. He is from Nigeria and Beni really wants her family to behave well when he comes over. Beneatha is behaving more politely
    and is trying her best to make a good impression on him.

  25. tonight i read from 54 to 74
    question 1 what the check represent?. the check represent the abortion of the baby to joseph whic is asagai.
    question 2 who is asagai and how beneatha behave?. beneatha behavior is that she feels like she is in love with him cause when she open the door she saw him and they knew each other.

  26. Book Title: A Raisin in the Sun
    Author: Lorraine Hansberry
    Retell: Mama, Ruth, and Beneatha are talking. Travis is outside playing. The phone rings and Beneatha runs to the phone, but then finds out it’s for Walter. After a few minutes Beneatha askes Ruth about her preganancy. They then get distracted by Travis and they tell him to come inside.
    What does the check represent? To me the check represents greed and wanting to fufill dreams and become rich and wealthy.
    Who is Asagai? How does he affect Beneatha’s behavior?
    Asagai is an african boy on campus that she just met. Her behavior has changed to carefree and not worried.

  27. A Rasin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry
    From page 54 to 75
    QUESTION1: To the family, the check represents good fortune and a different life. For all of the different family members, it represents
    something different and a new dream that they have. For example, for Walter it would represent being able to maintain his family.
    QUESTION2: Asagai is one of Beneatha’s friends. He is from Nigeria, Africa. He affects Beneatha because when he is there she just has a nicer attitude. I think that other than herself, she also likes Asagai. She is so thankful towards him.

  28. I reas the book last sacrifice page 400 to 483 retell: rose threw her herself in front of lisa and got shot by a bullet. She ended up getting hurt and was out cold for days.when she woke up dimitri was right there.

  29. Book Title:A Raisin in the Sun
    Author: Lorraine Hansberry
    Tonight, I read from page 54 to page 75
    Question 1: To the family the check is known as a sense of wealth the family is saying that check is hope to having a better future on all of the family. Also is the thing that keeps the family going to use the check to get the dreams they want to come true.
    Question 2: Asagai is a person that Beneatha met on her school campus. He is an african person who is going to help Beneatha try to figure out who she is. He make Beneatha feel like she is just another women in the world trying to find her true self.

  30. A Raisin in the sun by Lorraine Hansberry
    I read from pages 54 to 75
    What the check represents to the family is big Wilberts death money and they are going to save some so mama can try to buy a house and get her garden in the back yard.The theme is getting space and having what she wants. Asagai is a african american that Beneatha has been seeing. He affects beneatha because he is teaching her how to find her identity.

  31. Tonight, I read from page ____54__ to page ___74___
    What does the check represent to the family? (what theme or idea is it a symbol for?) The check is for the abortion since ruth is pregant she is goin for abortion.
    Explain who Asagai is. How does he affect Beneatha’s behavior?
    Asagai is the doctor and he comes over to the house for the pregancey of ruth. when beneatha open the door to joseph asagai they had a romantic moment because they knew each other since canada.

  32. A Raisin in the Sun
    I read from page 53 to 75.
    Retell: Tonight I read about how Mama had a shocking discovery. That shocking discovery was that she ws pregnant. Also mama decided to give the baby up for abortion. Aside rom that I found out slot about a new character. That character was Asagi. Asagi was someone that Benetha met and was really close to. Asagi is really nice and he is sweet. In addtion to all of that the check had came and that made everybody excited.
    Quetionn1: The check represented becoming wealthy. It symbolized that because if they became wealthy they can move out the rat trap. Also it symbolized being wealthy because in their eyes what they had gotten was alot of money.
    Question2: Asagai is someone that Benetha is really close to. H eeffect Benetha’s behavior because he make her act romantic around him. Also she starts to act happy and act like they are the only ones in the house. Asagai make Benetha act so innocent around him

  33. 1.A Raising In The Sun by Lorraine Hansberry
    2.Today, I read from pages 54 to 75
    3.The check represents to the family that they could finally by a new house and Mama could also plant her garden. It could also mean that Mama broke up with Big Walter and it can mean hurtful or peaceful.
    4.Joseph Asagai is an African boy that Beneatha met at campus. In addition, Asagai has been studying in Canada all summer. It affect Beneatha’s behavior by Mama and others asking him questions about Africa and more. Finally, it also can affect Beneatha’s behavior by Mama saying why she should know anything about Africans.

  34. Book Title: A Raisin In The Sun
    Author: Lorraine Hansberry
    I read from page 54 to 75 in ARITS
    Beneatha has Asagia coming over to the house and the house is messy. Asagia is coming over and since Beneath’a mother doesn’t know anything about Africa she doesn’t want her talking. Also Beneatha met Asagi in a camp.
    The check represents happiness because Walter wants money to open a liquor shop.
    Asagai ia black African man that Beneatha met in camp and invited her to her house

  35. 1.A Raising In The Sun by Lorraine Hansberry
    2.I read from pg.54 to 76
    3.The check represents to the family that they could finally do something or get something that the always wanted.Also is a symbol of break up because it had caused a lots of arguing and fighting with the family.
    4.I think that Asagai is a friend or someone that grandma been talking about.He affects Ben. behavior by not liking how the house looks like and what is she is doing while she is asking him a lot of question.

  36. Title: Barbaro
    I read from page 53 to 69 in ARITS and page 29 to 41 in Barbaro.
    Barbaro is about a horse who is a true champion. He has just started to run in a race and he wins. This gives him a mount in the Kentucky Derby.Now he begins to train and breeze for the $2,00,000 race.
    The check represents to have the money and be rich. This is what George wants to open up the liquor store.
    Asagai is Beneathas mother and the behavior affects because she can’t really do the things she wants to do.

  37. A rasin in the sun

    I think that the check represents hope to this family because they are hoping for a better life and more riches. For example walter wants to open up a liqure store so that they can make more money and he can be a man. Asiagi is afircan American who she went to school with. They talk Abt the ignorence her family has toward Afrcan American. What he represents for her is what a true man should be a supporitive and openmined man.not like her current husband who think women didnt have rights

  38. A Raisin in the Sun
    Today i read from page 54 to page 75
    The check in ARITS is very important because to them the check can make them rich. They think that being rich will help them be less judged.
    Asagai is one of Beneatha’s friends. This affects Beneatha because he is African-American. At that time their was a lot of racism because of different race.

  39. A Raisin In The Sun by Lorranie Hansberry
    Tonight, I read from page 54 to page 75
    I think that the check means a lot more to walter than the rest of the amily, but I think that it is also important to the family becuase when they recieve it Mama is really happy and so is Ruth.I also think that the check represents a HUGE change fro the failt especially for Walter.
    Asagai is a friend from Bennie when she went to summer camp and I think that they ahve been going out becuase the way that both of them have the coomunication like they did in the story that really meant that they must of have something in common.

  40. 1. The Raisin In The Sun

    2. Tonight, I read from page 43 to page 75

    3. What does the check represent to the family? (what theme or idea is it a symbol for?)
    Answer: the check represents freedom. With this they could get ALOT of freedom and move out of the little dirty house that they are in. Most African Americans cant succeed in the 1950s and that check will help them succeed.

    4. Explain who Asagai is. How does he affect Beneatha’s behavior?
    Answer: Asagai is a proud African from Nigeria. He is one of Benetha’s fellow students. He affects Benetha’s behavior because he wants her to be more African American. To him Benetha acts to caucasian.

  41. Title: A Raisin in the Sun Author: Lorraine Hansberry
    Tonight I read from page: 54 to page the end of Act 2
    Question 1: The check is a big theme in story it represents alot its the main thing that’s like seperating the family. The check means everything because they’re not a wealthy family and it is difficult, even though the check is Mama’s. Question 2: Asagai can be selfish sometimes and he doesn’t make Beneatha feel comfortable when she’s around him. Good luck on your test everyone!!! 🙂

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