May 9, 2011 – A Raisin in the Sun Post 1

Hi KIPPsters!

Hope you’ve enjoyed Act 1, Scene 1 of A Raisin in the Sun. Here is today’s assignment. Please follow the CFS carefully!


1. Book title, author (IR Book)

2. I read from page _________ to page ________ in ARITS and from page ________ to page _______ in my IR book.

3. 3-5 Sentence Retell of your IR Book.

4. Who is the PROTAGONIST of ARITS?

5. Describe the PROTAGONIST: (Personality Traits, Wants, Likes/Dislikes).

6. Describe a CONFLICT that is beginning to develop in the play.

Good luck and remember to follow every step!




33 thoughts on “May 9, 2011 – A Raisin in the Sun Post 1

  1. Bone by Jeff Smith
    in the book so far i read from page 1 to 22 so far bone and his best friend get into an argument because a handsome man come in between them she like the guy but bone doesnt he shows disrespect and no manners Bone goes to get honey combs to impress her while granny is practicing for the cow race.evreybody belives she will loose because of her age.

  2. 1.Harry Potter and the goblet of fire– J.K. rowling
    2.i read from page 23 to page 54 in a rasin in the sun.
    i read pages 81 through 109
    3. so far i read that harry, hermonine, and the weasleys have landed where the qudditch games will be held. the game s have stated and the irish qudditch team is in the lead. then the malfoys come to the box where they are sitting and annoy them.
    4.ithink that the protagonist is either Ruth or Mama
    5. Ruth- she always seems tired and is hardworking and encouraging at times and she wants to be able to give Walter what he needs in life.Mama- she is a religous woman and has many believes and dreams and dislike when rules are disobeyed in her house
    6. since i sort of think now that Ruth is the protagonist i think that the conflict is that she can not always be encouraging or the way people want her to be and she is always tired because she is always tyring to support the family.

  3. Book Title : GooseBumps – The Barking Ghost
    Author : R.L. Stine
    I read from page 27-59 in ARITS and from 1-17 in my IR Book.
    3: Tonight in my IR Book, I read about Cooper’s frightens and how he actually gets frightened that night. Coopers gets frightened that night in the book because while on his way to sleep in his bed, he hears a lot of weird noises and gets so scared that his freckles on his faces comes out (his freckles only come out when he’s really scared). Coopers hears all types of noises including footsteps, breathing which he eventually finds out that it was his brother Mickey, and a barking dog! Now he’s really scared since he knows the barks are coming from a real dog.
    4: The Protagonist of ARITS is the mother : Ruth.
    5: The protagonist, Ruth, is a very stern mother. Whatever she says, goes. For example, she told her husband and her son to wake up, and they did what was told. Some traits of Ruth are that Ruth is an African American, a mother, very stern, and is a housewife.
    6: The conflict that is beginning to develop in ARITS is that Ruth and her family live in a very small place. You know, it’s hard living in a small place because you have to deal with people crunched up against each other and this can make you feel sweaty and hot. I know I wouldn’t like to live in a small place because I know I would feel very uncomfortable.

  4. IR: Candyfloss BY Jacqueline Wilson
    PAGES: 100 to 130
    RETELL: Floss is noticing that Rhiannon is becoming very rude to her. Floss also misses her mom very much. She wants to visit her mom in Australia but doesnt want to because her dad might miss her or get upset. Floss’s dad also is trying to be a good father while Floss’s mom is gone. I also read that Floss is becoming very good friends with Susan.
    ARITS PAGES: 27 to 53
    WALTER IS….. kind but can be mean when he is in a grump. Walter also fights for what he believes in. He loves his son Travis, but fells bad that he cant support his family. His family is very poor and Walter believes that he can open/rent a shop and they will get tons of money.Walter likes money and hates being poor and fighting with his wife because she doesnt understand him.
    CONFLICT IN ARITS: The conflict is that the Younger family are poor. They dont have a lot of money but try very hard. I can tell that money is the conflict because the family is struggling to support the whole family.

  5. Tonight i read last sacrifice from page 260 to 328 retell: rose was put i jail for killing the queen but the truth is she nevere did anything to harm her. When her friends break her out of jail they run away and they hide from other gaurdians that are after them. She want adrian and dimitri and adrian. Who will she choose. 4.the narrator is Ruth 5.shes old and she is very dertermined and she doesn’t loke to be bossed around. 6. A problem is segragation

  6. Rasin in the sun: by Loraine Hans-berry
    Protagonist: Ruth
    Ruth: Characteristics, 30 years old, pretty girl, expected and disappointments in life, “known as settle women.” This author does not like working with steryotypes……un like tyler perry who does.

  7. Title:Steal Away Home by Lois Ruby
    I read from page 23 to 53 in ARITS and from page 150 to 175
    First, Dana dad has passed to a new world and mom left that letter above the fireplace. Also, Dana and Ahn are stuck in Boston until the weather permits them to. And lastly, Mike is a boy three full months younger than Dana and is an experiment in progress.
    The protagonist in ARITS is Ruth
    Ruth is a determined house wive but at the same time she is very stressful to people. She dislikes people talking to her about money in the early morning even if it’s not heres and Mama’s.
    The conflict that is developing is that they(the parents) never have no money for there kids and when they do ask they get angry except Walter he gives it to them without getting angry only at his wife for saying she doesn’t have.

  8. Tyrell by Goe Booth
    I read from page 1 to page 33
    Retell: Tyrell was upset because he couldnt go to his girlfriends house because her mom always eyeballs him weird. Tyrell thinks the mom is half creepy and totally cool according to his prespective. About the father here is what Tyrell said about her dad now. ” I think hes a total asshole. He always fighting with Novisha moms and they always yelling.” The father always comes in only for the dinner and he dosent love any body. He dosent like Tyrell. when Tyrell gave him a welcome hello, the dad just gave a whatever wave. Novisha mustve felt so annoyed and embaressed. So after all that they head to Novishas room and look the doors.What everybody loves about her room is its decorated with girly things. Two seconds later all Tyrell know is that she is pulling off her shirt and they start kissing. He says hes starts to feel on her (slang). Since she had a st.Mary mini statue, she would always turn it over when she is doing something dirty or nasty! Meanwhile in the other room Tyrell says “her pops is there keeping her mom company on friday if you know what he means!” She is still a virgin and shes going to stay like that until shes married. But until then Tyrell is fine with her” blowing his” according to his slang. So after that she and him go to wacth to tv on the couch since they dont hear no dirty nosies from her mom and pops. Tyrell is worried because when ever time they kiss and get into it Novisha is not really in to it. Tyrell sometimes has the feeling shes cheating on him but shes not. Then the next day he asked Novisha out the guy that she felt uncomfortable with and she said no so he put his arms around her waist then he let go. Tyrell has a bad feeling about believing her, he leaves her house disappointing.
    A Raisin In The Sun by Loraine Hans-berry
    I read from 23 to 53
    Protagonist: Ruth
    Ruth: Characteristics, 30 years old, pretty girl, expected and disappointments in life, “known as settle women.”

  9. Book:The Throne of Fire
    Author:Rick Riordan
    I read from page 23 to page 53 in ARITS and from page 300 to the end of my IR book.
    Retell:In my book Carter and Sadie are to save Ra from Arophis and they just did this but with a big sacrifice o f killing the chief of all the magicians all over the world. The Ra they have found needs improvement because Ra is a little loopy in his head because it just part of him in his body. They also figured out in the end their uncle Amos was the second strongest/best magician so he became the chief of magicians and the strongest person. in the end though Carter and Sadie will have to face Arophis because the old chief of magicians can only keep Arophis back in the part of the Dauts for a short period of time.
    The Protagonist of ARITS is Walt and Ruth. Walt want to have money from his mother to get his own liquor shop. Ruth wants to have a better life than what she has at the time. A conflict occurring in the story is that the family needs the money in their own different ways.

  10. Dolphins Life Under the Sea
    I read from page 3 to the end.
    This book was mainly about how the author describes dolphins. From this book I learned that dolphins have very smooth skin. I als learned that
    dolphins are a very friendly animal and most people aren’t frightened
    In A Raison In the Sun I read from pages10 to 54
    I think the protaganista is ruyh because dhe id always talking in first person narration/

  11. TITLE: First Light
    AUTHOR: Rebecca Stead
    Tonight in ARITS I read from page 26 to page 54 and in my IR book I read from page 10 to page 36.
    RETELL: So far I like this book! The main character, Peter a twelve year old living in New York City, starts to get headaches that is similar to the migraines his mother has. His father, who is a professor and a scientist who studies glaciers (or big ice cubes), announces that they’re going to go to Greenland which you might not expect to be covered on ice, but it is. He’s excited about getting to get the idea if what his dad’s life is like and also getting to miss school.
    QUESTION 1: The protagonist is Ruth. I know this because she seems like her name comes up a lot and her name shows up a lot during the play.
    QUESTION 2: I can tell that the protagonist is a female because she’s the one who stays home to cook, she wakes up to wake everyone else in the house and she seems to have to keep everything in order. I would describe her as bossy but not a needy person. As a mother and a wife she wants to know what her son and her husband what and need at that moment.
    CONFLICT: The conflict beginning to develop in the play is racism. She deals with it everywhere she goes except for in the Southside of Chicago because that’s where mostly the blacks live.

  12. A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry
    I read from pages 29 to 53(Finished IR book and need a new book)
    Protagonist5: So far in the book “A Raisin in the Sun” we have found out that Ruth is 30 years of age, has a son named Travis, and is married to Walter Lee. She is African American and lives in a “rat trap” where she shares a bathroom that is outside with other families that live in her building other than hers. She wants to have a better life and wishes her husband and son would stop worrying about money. She also hopes that her husband stops bickering with his little sister about her going to school and being a doctor, but most of all she wishes her life wasn’t as stressful as it is now.
    Conflict: The family has money problems and the father, which is Ruth’s husband Walter wants to invest in a liqueur store that he thinks will help the families financial problems.

  13. Tonight I read Eyes Like Stars and I read from pafe 1 to 34
    I also read ARITS and I read from page 23 to 53
    What happened in Eyes like Stars was that I learned about Beatrice Shakepeare Smith and that she lives in a theater. There are other things living in the theater but they do noe exist in our world, there are mythical creatures like fairies. I think that Beatrice wants to be in a play but she has never been in one.
    1. The protagonist of ARITS is Ruth.
    2.She is an African American woman and she is about 30 years old. She is a house wife like most other women in the 50’s. She is raising her son and her husband Walter is out making money for the family.
    3. A conflict that is begining to develop is that her husband is very sexist. She does not think much of women or his wife. Also they deal with the problem of poverty as most African Americans in that time period and they are having money problems.

  14. Book:Angus,Thongs and Full-Frontal Throgging
    i read from page 120 to page 150 in my IR book and in ARITS i read from page 23 to page 53
    Today i read about how Goergia bought thisnew lig gloss and she is going to use it to impress boys that she likes and she doesnt know if it will actually work.So then she begins to wonder if this technique really does work then she will have to figure out if she will marry this person.The next day she felt sick so she didnt want to go to school but as she was gettting ready she realized that she had a hair that didnt stay striaght so she was about to cut it but didnt actually do it.Coming to the almost end of the book i think that Georgia is a person mixed with a bunchof different kind of personalities and she doesntknow which one to show so she shows a mixture of all of them.
    Question1. i think the protaganist is the story is Travis.
    Question2:Travis is a boy who doesnt sleep at night sohe sleeps in the bathroom and makes everyone late because they cant get in the bathroom.He doesnt really like his mother because she doesnt really give him things when he nees it.But on the other hand he looks up to his father.
    Question3:Travis teacher told him that he needs to bring in 50 cents into school and he asks his mother for it but she doesnt have it.Then he was going to ask his grandmother but his mother said no.SO his father finally gave him 50 cents and a extra 50 cents so he can get fruit after school.

  15. Today I read Streams to the river,river to the sea by:Scott o’dell. Retell: Sacagewea is going with the hunters to the river to get some big fish. The other men are arguing with her not to go because of the baby.
    Then captain Clark offered To take the baby on the back. Between both of them is a strong connection especially when they kissed.They finally made it and she smelled the area and described it as a stinky natural smell. Question#1: I think the protagonist of A Raisin in the sun is Beneatha. Question#2: Beneatha is a kind girl who seems like wants to make every body happy and make things fair. Question#3: A conflict beginning to develop is that abeneatha wants her mother to be able to spend the money since she’s done the work and earned it.On the other side Walter disagrees. with her.
    I read from page 146 to 174

  16. how tia lola came to visit stay
    i read from page 24 to page 51in ARITS and from page 47 to page 57 in my IR book.
    retell:miguel gets bully by mori that has muscles and his name means DEATH in french for his lunch. miguel get a magic treat from tia lolait called QUIPES, tia lola said it makes you stronger and way smarter and your muscles get flix and better.
    PROTAGONIST of arits is ruth
    The protagonist which is ruth is kind of a person that dont like to be bother,she is a kind that is in indepentent.
    The conflict of the script is about the rasicm and how she fells different with different color people

  17. Beyond the Grave by JUDE WATSON
    Read pg 0-23

    RETELL: Once again Dan & Amy return with a fourth book with their uncle Alistair Oh. They have traveled from Korea and traveled to Egypt. They run into Irina Spatsky and manage to escape in a cab who brings them to the Hotel Excelsior. After asking for their name Dan says Oh accidentally and the clerk gives them a huge discount and the entire top floor. They eventually realize that the hotel is an Ekat stronghold and find three Sakhet statues in the stronghold with 2 of them havinga computer representation of a drawing of a tomb inside of each which Dan memorizes. They then find out that the hotel belongs to Bae Oh.

    ARITS: The protagonist in the book I think is Ruth, a 30 year old mother. Ruth is a poor African American and she struggles to manage her son. She lives with her mother or her mother in law and she dislikes arguing and bratty people. The conflict in the beginning is that Walter, Ruth’s husband wanrts to invest in a liquor store but he needs the money from Mama. But Beneatha wants the money for guitar lessons.

  18. I read from pages 23 to 53 in ARITS and from pages1 to 50 in my IR book.
    Retell: What happened in my reading today was that Bone went out to the mountains on a journey.He finds a very beutiful land and it seems very nice and all the wood is perfectly in shape.Also what happened today was that on his way to the other side of the mountains bone had to cross over this grumpy old scary thing.
    ARITS: The protagonist of this book so far is Ruth. she is the protagonist because she has a son and a husband and she is the one that is going through the racial problems as well as the author of the book.So far the conflict is that their homes are very small and also travice is not getting enough sleep because his dad is talking in the living room still at 10 which is where he sleeps in the living room.

  19. Dream Man by Linda Howard
    I read from page 23 to 53 in ARITSand read from pages 3 to 65 from my IR book.
    What I’ve read was that Marlie she is a psyhic and can feel the feeling, see what he seeing, and hear what the serial killer is hearing. When Marlie starts feeling the killer then she goes to the L.T. and tells him everything that had happened to the lady how was killed. To detetive one named Dane and another one named Alex comes to hear Marlie aliby and Dane “falls in love with Marlie” because of her “bottomless blue eyes”. Dane calls Marlie a fake and make her suspect #1 of the murder of the woman. Marlie affenses Dane and lives him in mid word. Then Dane starts to investigate about Marlie and find she was say the truth about everything.
    1)The Protagonist is Ruth.
    2) Ruth is about 30. She was pretty as a girl. Then the older she got the disappointment hang more in her face. She is known as a “settled woman”. She kinda speaks ghetto.
    3) The conflict that is beginning to develop in the book is that
    Ruth having trouble with money and also that Walteris taking inavantage and he about to

  20. Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver
    I read from page 23 to 53 in ARITS and from 184 to 206 in my IR book.
    RETELL: In this chapter, Sam basically gets the idea that she can do whatever she wants because she’ll soon die then relive the day again. She comes in to the car with very innapropiate clothes. Since, they keep reliving the day, Sam technically hasn’t done you know what with Rod and her friends keep bothering her about it in a very annoying way.
    QUESTION1: The protagonist of the play is Ruth.
    QUESTION2: Ruth, as you can tell from what we read tonight, Ruth likes thing to be done quick, fast and on time. Many people say that she used to be very pretty, but now she just looks “worn down.”
    QUESTION3: In the beginning, the conflict that is developing in the play is that Ruth was getting mad when the people weren’t doing the right thing and kept taking their sweet time doing everything.

  21. Book Title: Skellig
    Author: David Almond
    Michael has been seeing the man. he is worrying that he is the only one who can see him. I think that he worries to much of the man and should think about his little sister who is sick but he does. Michael has to much things on his mind.
    Who is the protagonist of ARITS? ___Ruth____
    She dislikes when her husband Walter spends time in Taravis’s room late at night since they share a room. Also she is tired of Travis asking his grandmother for money when she doesn’t have.
    The conflict in the story is Ruth and Walter are not as rich as the other people so they talk about how they live in one room. Also they talk about how they are very much use one bathroom and its not like our bathroom and other people use it.

  22. Ruth is 3O yrs old & travis needs 50 cents for school , she wont give it to him b.c they “cant afford it” , he gets mad , walter comes home & gives travis money for school so the family is not very rich actually poor. which is why they are having a hard time

  23. Title: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time
    Author: Mark Haddon
    I read from page 26 to 54 in ARITS and from page page 151 to 179 in my IR book.
    Retell: Christopher is really upset and confused he doesn’t understand why his father would kill the dog, Wellington. He doesn’t want to tell the police, so he just keeps it to himself because he loves his father and knows that his father probably didn’t mean any harm.
    Who is the PROTAGONIST of ARITS? Ruth
    Desribe the PROTAGONIST: Personality: Mean; tired; has no strength. Wants: She wants her husband to get up in the morning.
    Describe the CONFLICT that is the beginning to develop in the play: Ruth doesn’t like the way that Walter’s friends are talking late in the night because their son Travis doesn’t get enough sleep and wakes up reallly tired.

  24. Titles: The 39 Clues and A Raisin in the Sun
    Author: Rick Riordan
    I read from page 26 to 53 in A Raisin in the Sun and 129 to 137 in The 39 Clues
    Retell of the 39 Clues: Dan and Amy are both starting to fade away in the competition. It is very difficult because they need the money. They can’t get the money without winning.
    Protagonist in ARITS: Ruth
    Describe the protagonist: The protagonist is Ruth and he likes to be a little bossy about what he says to others.
    The conflict: A conflict that is beginning to develop in the play is Ruth is doing crazy things and his mom is trying to help him.

  25. Ella Enachanted
    I read from page 1 to page 53 in ARITS and from page 1 to 16 in my IR book.
    Today I read that Ella has a spell that her aunt cast on her. This spell is that she has to do eveything that is a command. Sometimes this could lead to bad or to good. Her mom has caught a disease a is now mentally retarded. Her dad is always at work and doesn’t like to see her.
    The protagonist of ARITS is Walter.
    The protagonist in my book is nervouse because if someone tells her to throw herself of the bridge sge has to do it. Also her pearents aren’t in her support.
    A conflict in ARITS is that they can’t be next to anyone they want to. Like a white next to a black person or a girl next to a boy.

  26. The face on the Milk Carton by B. Cooney
    I read from page 23 to page 53 in ARITS and from page 81 to page 121 in my IR book.
    Retell in IR book: what happened in my book is that Janie is noticing a lot of changes in her life and is now starting to believe that she was really kidnapped and wished that this was all a dream but it is not. Her mom is now acting more protective and is letting her not get out of the house a lot. She also sees that her parents are fighting a lot and she does not like that. Also she notices that her mom and she are not getting along well as they used to.
    Protagonist in ARITS: I think that the protagonist in ARITS is Lorraine becuase at the beginning she is telling how the place looks like and how the family is living. Then she starts to mkae he people talk about their buisness.
    The protagonist, is Lorranie and I think that she hates being discriminated so she trys to write this story and makes it sound good. Alos She is writing about a family that does not have a lot of money
    The conflict in the story now is that the family doess not have enough money and so i think that is why at the beginning Ruth did not want to give Travis the 50 cenT becuase she worried a lot about the family but the dad did not.

  27. A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry and Shattered by Paul Langan
    Tonight, I read from age 1 to 15.
    Retell: What I read about was how Darcy had a Secret. This secret was something that she wanted to tell Hakeem when he come back. Also Darcy was having alot of thoughts going on in her mind. While thinking about Hakeem she had another image. That image was how she almost got raped in her own house but her dad saved her.
    A Raisin in the Sun: The protagonist of the novel is Ruth. Ruth is an awsome wife and mom. She want the best for her family. Also she want to earn her own money not get money from anybody else. She do not like when her husband act like a little kid. The conflict that is beginnig to develop is that Ruth and her husband is arguing alot. Also they are having lack of commuication.

  28. 1.Heaven by Angela Johnson
    2.I read from pages 26 to 54 in ARITS and in my IR book I read from pages 6 to 45.
    3.Marley, the protagonist has lived in heaven since she was two years old. They found out she was in heaven because of the postcard that said she was in heaven that the mother read. Also , she lives by a river in a house and has loving parents, a funny younger brother, good friends, and receives frequent letters from her mysterious uncle, Jack.
    4.Travis Younger
    5.Travis shows determination because everyday she has to bring 50 cents to school unlike today we don’t have to. In addition, school has been lovely because of biology. A dislike for her is bring in money for carfare, which can be annoying. Travis wants to become a doctor and go to medical school.
    6. An early conflict that has develop in the beginning of the play is that the Younger family is poor and they can’t get a lot of things that they want.

  29. Feed by M.T.A
    From pg 1-26
    On Spring Break on the moon Titus and friends meet Violet Durn, a strange young woman who they invite to party with them. While at a club called the Rumble Spot, a man from an anti-feed organization hacks their minds causing them to spout anti-feed slogans uncontrollably before going unconscious. They wake up in a hospital, unable to use their minds . Since they are board Violet and Titus begin to talk. They begin a relationship. After several days, their feeds are brought back online and they go back to Earth.And supposedly it Sucked.

    A Rasin in the sun
    From pg 4-53
    Walter is the protagonist of this play. He seems to be a protagonist which could relate to many people in the 21st century world due to poverty. I mean they share a bathroom for the whole apartment. He wants to open up a drunk store with his dads money. He wants to be rich. In in my opinion and because of the poem he is a dreamer. The problem starting to rise in the story is what to spend the 10 grand on. Also their wondering if they should move out of the city to a place like the suburbs.

  30. Streams To The River River To The Sea
    Author: Scott O’Dell
    I read from page 150 to 191 [end] I wasnt in class so i dont have ARITS
    Retell: Captain Clark made Janey cry 😦 . He traded her belt for an otter robe. It seems like they’re starving since they’re eating Dog meat. [Ew -.-] The boat is going towards the sea 😀 . Charbonneau couldnt swim, but he told Janey to keep Meeko safe. The crew right now is on the Colorado River. Which is good in a good and bad way. Good because they’re near sea. Bad beacause they might be in grave danger. Pomp [Meeko] almost looked like he was about to die. They moved camp 3 times by the third one, Captain Clark called it Cape Disappointment. Soon later he asked her if she would want to come with him to go to England but [unfortionately] she declined. -__- The end ><

  31. Kiki Strike by Kristen Miller
    I read from page 23 to 53 in ARITS and 39 to 59 in my IR book.
    Retell: So far in my book Kiki is taking Ananka to alot of the Girl Scouts clubs. She feels as if it is an honor to help Ananka in the search of the Shadow City. They find out alot of the history of their city.
    The protaganist in ARITS is Ruth. Ruth is a very person, i mean she always has a different emotion, it is as if she maybe bipolar. A conflict that is beggining to deevelop is that Ruth and her husband are grumpy.

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