Weekend of May 6 – 8, 2011 – A blend of assigned and independent reading

Dexter got a shape up! I'm not sure if I like it or not... but at least he'll be cooler for summer!

Hi KIPPsters!

I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend! Dexter got his first haircut ever and I ran a 4 mile race in the park. It was a lot of fun! Today, tell me a little bit about both of your readings….


1. Book Title, Author

2. This weekend, I read page _______ to page _______

3. 5-7 sentence retell of what you read this weekend. I REALLY hope you finished at least one book!

4. Based on the reading, here are some questions I’d like you to answer: (Please write 3-5 sentences to respond to each question)

What kind of role did women have in American homes in the 1950s? How was this different from what we know about women today?

What were the 1950s like for African Americans? What efforts were being made towards equality? Who were the leaders?

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  1. 1. Say You’re One Of Them By: Uwem Akpan

    2. This weekend, I read page 1 to page 167

    3. So far in the book Sita is in a Honor School with a bunch of smart kids but as her friends say “white kids” which makes her struggle to live in a Nigerian village. Her friends beat her up and tease her for being one of the smart kids. She is telling her parents and her parents move her to a isolated area where she can focus. This tends to help her because she meets a Muslim boy who she tuters. She realizes that being smart isn’t a bad thing. She then goes back to the village to talk to her “friends” but is caught in a battle between villages.

    4. Based on the reading, here are some questions I’d like you to answer: (Please write 3-5 sentences to respond to each question)

    What kind of role did women have in American homes in the 1950s? How was this different from what we know about women today?

    Answer: Women would most likely have to cook in the kitchen and felt as if they were thrown out of their jobs ( which they were) because of the men coming back from the war. they acted back. Women today aren’t stereotypical, they work and do jobs “men do”.

    What were the 1950s like for African Americans? What efforts were being made towards equality? Who were the leaders?

    Answer: African Americans were living in a kind of “segregated” area because in Alabama they type had their own laws since they wanted slaves. they also made African Americans move for white people on the bus. Their leaders were Martin Luther King Jr. , Rosa Parks, and Malcolm X .

  2. Hikura No Go
    Author: Akira Tuma
    I read from pgs 99 to pg 125
    Retell: What happened in the book was terrible.Hikura kept losing his go matches and I can tell that he was very ticked off. He kept screaming and fusein until he was boiling mad.He looked so mad a shark would get scared of him. Akira ( one of Hikura’s friends) was deafeated in the game of go by Fujiwara-no-Sai. And as a result she got stronger. Hikura was so determined to get to atlest 16 in the A league for Go that he almost wanted to cheat. But his love for the game was to strong ,so he didnt do it. Quetion 1: Women were just ment to do house work. M any didnt even have job ,because they were turn away. This act is totally different from the women of this decade. Women today dont sit around in the house all day and be lazy they move around and have lifes. Question 2: African Americans had very diffuclt lives in the 1950’s. [WE] had to through rasicm and segeragation. We also had great leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King jr., Rosa Parks and the one and only Malcolm X.

  3. Bronx Masquerade by Nikki Grimes
    Tonight i read from pages 114 to 165 FINISHED
    Retell: New characters are introduced. Theirs Steve Erickson, Natalia Gamberoni, Amy Moscowitz. Steve says that Shelia or her African name (Natalia) has trouble finding her self.she says to her self that she loves being Italian. But she gets upset because nobody can tell because she has blond hair and pale white as snow skin. As if she was a white girl she said. Every body looks the same in her family, olive skin complexion, dark hair dark eyes typical. But she sticks out like a thumb when it gets sore. She says shes one of the only girls who wants to actually have a career instead of babies for once. Shes the only cousin who likes to chill with the blacks and Latinos. The one whose active and not lazy and bored. Every body makes fun of her because ever since the day she said call me by my African name Natalia every body laughed and doubted that her name was Natalia because her skin was as white as the clouds in the sky or the snow on the ground. Portia was the only one standing up for her and telling every body hey leave the girl alone and chill out. If she wants to change her name then so let it be. every body’s judging her saying fine she an change her name what ever the hell she wants but that’s aint( slang) gonna make her black Judianne said. Some days she wakes up in the morning terrified that shes going to wake up scared to death having the feeling she was adopted that she never got to see her real mommy. AMY!!! oh toughest girl that’s what every body claims about her. She doesn’t cry for nothing. Until that one day that she got a sickness so bad that she was rushed to the hospital and she burst into tears that day because she was gripped with the pain. She never wants to express her self to sterling because he always makes a life lesson out’ve her problems and she hates that.
    Exposition: Same setting place as always she has to think and imagine in her or his head main character speak all through out the story and the end of the book.
    Question 1: The role the women had were as house wives. Cleaning after the homes doing chores and weren’t allowed to have any freedom except them doing all the work and cleaning after the men filthy mess. they were expected to do all these things back then but now they are free to join the navy and they don’t have to clean all the time for every day of their lives.
    Question2: They had to deal with racism and segregation and many hatred. Some civil rights movers were Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela and many more. ;-D ❤ Cool Hair cut Dexter!!!

  4. BOOK: Deogratias: A Tale of Rwanda by J.P. Stassen
    Over the weekend I read from pages 1 to 80.
    RETELL: I took a break from reading “Mockingbird” this weekend to read this short comic book about a boy named Deogratias who lives in Rwanda when a group of Extremists (the Hutu) come to get rid of the Tutsi and take over the country. Throughout the graphic novel, the author demonstrates the challenges that Deogratias goes through as both a victim of the execution and a teenager. There is romantic drama when the main character asks Apollinaria (a girl in his class) to be his girlfriend and she says no. Hurt, Deogratias goes and asks Benina (Apollinaria’s sister) to be his girlfriend and she says yes. When Benina goes bragging back to Apollinaria is when she regrets her decision. There is also sacrifice when the mother of Apollinaria uses her body and manipulations to get her daughter into good schools and out of the Hutu’s capture. The real drama, however, happens when Deogratias is threatened by a couple of sergeants from the Hutu and decides to poison them through a couple of beers. The leader of the Hutu takes revenge on the boy, but he refuses to be murdered so he takes their side and goes against his own kind. In the end though, through the betrayal, lies and gruesome events, Deogratias is poisoned and killed because of his actions.
    QUESTION #1: In the 1950s, life for women was pretty laid back. They had little work to do since their husbands did the work/got the money making it so that they didn’t have to work. Most women were considered housewives since they stayed home all day to do housework. Today however, women do work just as their husbands. For some, there is no choice whether the women works considering our country’s financial state. There are little stereotypes for women now.
    QUESTION #2: In the 1950s, I’d say that life for African American for unfair and terrible. They had limited rights and those they had were unjust. Based on the article, they were unable to sit where ever they wanted on a public bus based on the color of their skin. For this reason, they made boycotts against the buses for almost a year and it worked, for there were new rules for the buses the following year. The leaders of these acts based on the article was Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks.

  5. Title: Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie
    Author: Jordan SonnenBlick
    This weekend I read from page 74 and 138
    Retell: Basically what I read this weekend was Steven had a dance to go to and while he was there his mom came to pick him up to take his brother to the emergency room because he had a fever. come to find out he had a simple ear infection but it was worse since he had leukemia. His mother and Jeffrey had to go back to Pennsylvania to do more tests and stuff. steven’s teachers have been worrying abou him because he’s been really lacking on his school work. Finally he just blurted it out and started crying however, one of his teaches already knew. Eventually everyone started to find out an it’s been stressing Steven out because they keep on trying to comfort him when he just wants everybody to LEAVE HIM ALONE!!
    Q1: In the 1950s woman had to cook and clean for their husbands and take care of the chidren. When the men weren’t there they had to work at jobs to help get money. This is different from today because now women can work whether they want to or not and they don’t nessecarilly have to cook and clean for their men.
    Q2: In the 1950s african americans had to deal with a lot of segregation. White and blacks were seperated and weren’t aloud to be together. The main leaders were Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks

  6. Today I read The Locket
    I read from pages 9o 283(end)
    I read about how even though Katie is still feeling weird about Mitch even though she already avoided their miss so she is till with Isaac and she’s happy. She thinks about Mitch at the wrong times and too many times when the only guy on her mind should be Isaac. She is spending alot of time with Mitch lately- more than with Isaac. Katie isn’t happy about that beacuse she doesn’t like that she is second in Isaac’s life because he is focusing on basketball more than anything and that is why the kiss betwwen her and Mitch even happened – because Isaac wasn’t there and Mitch always was. She gets even closer to Mitch and they almost kiss again multiple times. And the wedding her and Mitch go to , Mitch really shows to her how much he loves her and Katie is worried because she thinks she loves him too. At her birthday party, Mitch’s band is playing and Mitch sings her a song that confesses his love for her in front of everyone – even Issac. But Katie has to choose someone and she chooses Isaac by kissing him and she has now lost her best best best friend… for ever. When she is with Isaac later that night they have a fight because he Katie has been spending alot of time with Mitch more than usual and he says how he knows that Mitch always had a thing for her. He breaks up with her because he doesn’t lover her anymore and because she doesn’t believe she loves him. WHen she goes home she does everyting possible to take off the dreaded locket that has caused her so much pain and misery. When she does she goes to the tree house which she had built for Mitch and finds him in it strumming his guitar to the song that changed everthing for her. he won’t respond to her so she has to climb up and she has a terrible fear of herights and finds him drunk from Whiskey. Mitch doesn’t want to see her and tells her to go away and she refuses telling him she loves him and she realizez that she does love him she always has and always will. But before she can do anything about it he falls from the 40 feet tall tree house. An incredulous amount of fear overcopmes her because the person she loves more than anytning in the universe – DEAD. She tells the locket to do whatever it takes to take her back and bring Mitch back to life. And it does and when she finds herself on the floor, the day that Isaac dumped her the first time, for real because of the kiss she tried so hard to erase. She is overjoyed at just the thought that Mitch is alive. Inthe rain she runs miles to get Mitch’s garage and see him. When she does she tells him how much she loves him and how lost she would be in a world without him. And he tells her how much he loves her too and they go together happily and very much in love to eat some birthday pizza. =D The End =D
    Question 1: In the 1950s women’s role was different than it is today. Back then they were at home taking care of the house while the husband was out making money for the household. Women weren’t stereotypically allowed to wok. That is different today because now many women take care of their families while having a job and they support families without the help of a husband.
    Question 2: The 1950s were hard times for African Americans. They were going through many racism problems. And the efforts being made to change those things were the Civil Rights Movement. The leaders were from people like Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks.

  7. Book : Hush
    Author : Jacqueline Woodson
    Pages I Read : 34 to END ! =D
    Retell : Basically, what I read this weekend, was about Evie Thomas (Toswiah Green) going through a lot of issues and finding out why she had to leave her home. First of all, Evie goes to school in the neighborhood she’s in and goes through problems with her school and friends, and the biggest problem of all is that she’s not popular and she really wants to be, while her sister is popular. This cause there to be jealousy issues. Also, Evie has to find out that she had to leave her home because her father witnessed a murder and testified against “white” officers which eventually leaded on to her family moving into the witness protection program. Evie’s father actually testified about the slaying of a black boy. This causes there to be many issues in their new home and many new adaptations.
    #4 : In the 1950s, women had the role of being a “housewife.” This actually means that women had to clean the house, do laundry, cook, and basically keep the house in good shape. Though, this changed when men were at war at women had to do men’s job, but when the men got back from war, women returned to their original jobs. But now if you look at a female’s job now, you’ll see that a woman has the opportunity to be anything they want to me. This includes being a lawyer, a teacher, a doctor, and every other job out in the world.
    #5 : Unfortunately, for the Black African American’s in the 1950s, racism was still going on. When I say racism, I mean not having the same freedom rights as “white” people. Though, these racist conflicts were solved when Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. decided to take a change by making protests and speeches and making certain choices in their life. Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. were very helpful toward fighting for the equality toward “black” people.

  8. MockingBird By:Kathryn Erskine
    Tonight I read from 62 to 111
    Caitiln was looking at her brother’s chest from Boy Scout, she went inside of it, but sadly she started to think about the heart yelling “I tried to fix it, I tried.” A few days later, she thinks about the movie To Kill The Mockingbird and how her brother Devon is just like Jem a character in there.Then Caitiln’s teacher Mrs. Brook still tries to get Caitiln a friend to talk to, so they list things Caitiln would like, but kids would to. Next, Caitiln still try hard to find out what Closure would mean, so she go to Micheal a little boy she met to ask him if he ask his father.She sees adults don’t need to answer some questions because all he said was “Let’s play football.”The last thing to happen was when Caitiln’s father tells her he understand and Devon being dead.
    Question 1: The roles women had at american homes in the 50’s was working at jobs when men was away fighting in war, but once the men came back the women would have to go to cleaning and cooking work. This is different from today because the women today have the right to work when ever they want. It doesn’t have to be work at home by cleaning ang cooking anymore.
    Question 2:What it was like for African Americans in the 50’s was not good.Alot of rasicm was happenings like white and black being spilt apart. The 2 leader is Rosa Park and Martin Luther King.

  9. Title:I Am Number 4
    Author:Pittacus Lore
    Pages i read for the past three days…
    Friday 119-151
    Saturday 151-185
    Sunday 185-231
    WOW…. this book is really good. I have not yet finished it. John is not really focusing on Mark and his pethetic bullying ways. What he is worried about is……well…..THEY’RE HERE!!!!!! He is going to get killed by the magodans. John is running for his life and trying to stay alive. The cops are already on his tale and wondering what mysterious powers he might have. Marks dad is a cop so you already know how that went down. Mark old his dad about John and daddy comes to save the day…….well at least tried to. Im just thinking……… the others of john kind that are still standing cant come because the necklace around their neck that protects them will breack. I belive if they all come together that they might last this war with everyones powers mixed together…… cant wait for tommorows reading. 🙂

  10. The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian
    Sherman Alexie
    101- 179
    RETELL: It was a snowless Thanksgiving and Junior was thinking inside. He was thinking about how the Indians were introduced to Thanksgiving by the Pilgrims. Later in the book, Junior was going to the bathroom and heard a really strange noise from the girls bathroom. He thought it was someone vomiting. He thought it sounded lik a Boeing 747 landing in a runway of vomit. he knocks on the door and the person said to go away and when they come out it is his dad that was vomiting.
    ANSWER 1: Women had a stay at home mom firgure. Now women are able to take bi roles like seargents and political figres.
    ANSWER 2: African Americans weren’t treated as equal as whites. the actions of Rosa Parks and the Civil Rights Movement led to the ending of segrigation. Some leaders were Rosa Parks MLKJ, and Malcolm X.

  11. Book: Tupac & D foster
    Number Of Pages: 52-100
    Retell: So Neeka and the main character found out that Tupac was shoot 5 times. They’re not sure if he’s died or not but they know that he is out of jail. The main character and Neeka feel like they don’t have enough freedom so while they are hanging with D, she takes them to the first stop in Manhattan. When they get off the bus, they go to the park and start making snow angels on the ground. The main character feels like she’s in another world because she has never traveled without her parents before. The next day she had to get up early because she was going to visit Tash, Neeka’s older brother in jail with Neeka’s family.
    What kind of role did women have in American homes in the 1950s? How was this different from what we know about women today? The role that women had in American homes in the 1950s was being house wives and when their husbands were at war, take over their job. This is different from what we know about woman today because now a days, we don’t have to those things and we don’t have to do we we are told by our husbands.
    What were the 1950s like for African Americans? What efforts were being made towards equality? Who were the leaders? The 1950s for African Americans were tragic because they weren’t given the same rights as the whites had and they were being treated like trash. The effort that they made was boycotting. They wouldn’t ride the bus until they were giving the same rights as the whites and they would march to Washington D.C. The leaders of this were Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks.

  12. MY Book SOLD by Patricia Mccoormick
    Pages read 118 to end
    The main character is very confused. Her thoughts are playing with her in her head and people tell her that shes in the right place because she doesn’t know their language nor she knows nobody there. Her reactions are nothing. she hasn’t eaten or drank nothing in about three days. Although some thing at the end what happens that shocked me because it was a little controversial. they are saying that we , Americans, are heroes. it doesn’t make sense to me. Why did she do this. and the author is american to so when she travel over there did she get the whole message.
    Question One:The roles women played in the 1950s were much different as todays. just because the families can substantiated with only the father/ husband income doesnt not mean that they should completely commit their time to the house and their kids. and they were expected to do that now in days women are great mothers,/ doctors, lawyers etc.
    Question Two: The life for African- American at this time was breath taking. Knowing that in the Dec. of Independence it said that ” all man are created equally” and these men and women are fighting to value their rights is obs-orbed. Although Martin Luther King Jr and Rosa Parks had the perseverance to stand up for their race the government doesnt take that into consideration as a proven fact that African american people have the character and charisma to stand up for their rights.

  13. This weekend i read from pages 53 to 119 I read about how the samurai kids met an actual ghost at Hell Valley.When Niya was swinging his stick around it hit a tree there he met the ghost .At first Niya was terrified for seeing a ghost but did not show it because he did not want to offend the ghost. When Niya tries to show the ghost to the other samurai kids who seem to have a very hard time working together the ghost dissapears slowly. Then sensei says to some people it is good luck to see aghost. And of course the other samurai kids get offended by that and wrestle Niya down like they alwas do. Then all of a sudden the drum beat stops and sensei says that should not trick so that they get of gaurd. So far they have reached a wall that streches high to the clouds . So they all stop and chill under a giant cherry tree. And sensei has encouterd a tramp who hasent eaten for 3 days.

  14. how tia lola came to visit stay
    i read from 1 to 47
    retell: Miguel and his sister Juanita are facing through a divorce with their parents so they move to a new house in vermont than tia lola visit them and that time they lost tia lola and they looking for her everywhere and it was crowded in the airport And miguel is embarrassed by tia lola and if he is going make any friends.then he finds out that she is very fun to hang out and he starts to like her.
    Question 1: What kind of role did women have in American homes in the 1950s? How was this different from what we know about women today?
    Woman were expected to be nice and calm wives to their husband. they work in kitchens to cook for their husband ,that is really to much for women it different because a lot of women are not that nice and they not forced to.
    What were the 1950s like for African Americans? What efforts were being made towards equality? Who were the leaders?
    it was diffcult because they went through rasicm and wars, they were treated bad like they were nothing to them. the leaders were martin luther king and rosa parks without them we wouldnt have freedom

  15. P.S I like Dexter’s new hair cut 🙂
    TITLE: Candyfloss by Jacqueline Wilson
    PAGES: 1 to 100
    RETELL: Tonight I read that a girl named Flora (AKA Floss), had a amazing birthday party but her mother told her the worst news ever. This news may change her whole life. The horrible news is that she is moving to Australia for 6 months. Floss soon tells her friends and they get excited for her, but Floss doesn’t like the idea of moving to Australia because she is going to miss her dad and she believes her friend, Rhiannon, will forget her and become friends with Margot. Floss then has to make the choice of staying home in America with her dad or moving to Australia with her mother, step-dad, and her baby brother, Tiger.
    QUESTION1: The role women had in the 1950’s was that they had to be housewives. They had to keep the family happy and perfect. Some women were unhappy with the idea that just because your a woman, you had to be a housewife and care for your family. This is different from todays life because now women can work and be anything they want. Also now women can choose what job they want and how they want to run their family/life.
    QUESTION2: African-Americans had a hard life in the 1950’s because almost everyone judged them for their skin color. The effort made towards racsisim and inequality was that many African Americans stood up for what they believed in. Some African Americans took strikes against whites and even did more to help the power of freedom. Some heros were Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, and Malcolm X.

  16. Book Tiltle: Skellig
    Author: David Almond
    This weekend i read from pages 1 to 30
    What i have read so far from Skellig is that Michael’s family to a new house and michael’s mom is expecting a little sister. Michael’s baby sister comes pre mature and all michael’s mom is worried about is her. Also, Michael has met this stranger in his garage and he sneeks to go see him everyday since his parents told him to keep out. Secondly the man or what ever it is keeps asking Miochael to order him 27 and 53.
    Question:women were just suppose to their jobs at home. Back then women did not have freedom and had to go under the rules. Today they can do whatever they want when they are an adult.

  17. Love, Stargirl
    By:Jerry Spinelli
    Stargirl starts  planning her Winter Solstice party, inviting all of the people she has known/ seen in her new town to party for the  beginning of winter by being  at sunrise on the Enchanted Hill. Stargirl also finds the truth about Perry, whose mother has a new baby, who Perry has been trying to support by working several jobs last summer and by resorting to stealing to avoid burdening her with feeding him.Then on the day of the party she is meets by many ppl.this is a good momebt since the sunrise is seen through a special tent

    The women in the 1950s had basicly no rights this is were thimgs began to change. Women today are as free as men and are sometimes over do it like men to. The 1950s were very racist times for African americans. They did not have that many rights at all. Their leaders were rosa parks and MLK. These people ended their lives to stop racism. Some efforts made were boycotts and many protests.

  18. Title: Bronx Masquerade
    Author: Nikki Grimes
    Page: 82 to 162
    Retell: Tanisha doesn’t really understand why so many girls want to be like her. Tyrone calls her “caramel cutie”. She doesn’t like when he calls her that. Tanisha is proud of her African self and everyone knows that. And it seems like she has caught Devon’s eye. He thinks she is “one fine sister” but he has never said that to her face. Diondra wrote a poem called “High Dive” and she talks about a “city pool” and she said it wasn’t the same that she had left the “kitty pool” many moons ago. So when she says this, she means that she has left her baby years and has finally entered the big grown up years. Amy has an ok life. Her mom and dad divorced and her mom moved and left both Amy and her father to start a new family. So after that, her father decided that they both needed to toughen up. That may be a reason why her father thinks that she is so though that she doesn’t really need anyone. Sheila doesn’t like the birth name she was given. She prefers her Africana name, Natalina. People seem puzzled because they don’t understand why Shelia wanted to change her name. So now I find this cute. A little 8 year old boy that Janelle tutors told her that she was the most beautifulest lady on this whole planet and he asked her to marry him.
    Question #1: In the 1950s, women were expected to be good mothers and wives. A women’s place was in her home, and her job was to create the perfect family. Women were only used for a man’s work during World War II. Women today are free to do any type of mans work. They can be in the Navy or Air Force etc.
    Question #2: African Americans had to deal with racism and segregation. Their leaders were Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. They were two particular people who helped initiate the Civil Rights Movement.

  19. 1. Brian’s Winter
    2.I read from 67 to 109
    3.Retell: The winter has come and Brian has to go to a warmer place so that he does not freeze to death.Also he had to find some more food but now since is colder the animals go and hibernate.Now it started to rain and he was doing a fire to eat the deer he killed.After the rain stopped it was snowing lightly like about an inch but it was still cold.As he went to sleep it became 0 degrees. Also it started to snow and it was very cold.
    4.Most of the woman just stayed home and cooked, also the didn’t have any jobs. Now womans cooked for their husbands and they could also get a job and time they wast to. For Africans Americans they were slaves and they had to do a lot a work. Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks and Malcolm X the leaders all had to fight for freedom for everyone to be free now in days.

  20. The Fallen by Paul Langan
    I read from page68 to 133:-)(finished book)
    Retell: In the book Martin has had many problems He has been in fights and is now near explosion since he fought a few kids and accidentally hit a teacher. The reason he fought the kids was because they were beating up a friend of his because he snitched on them. when he saw this it reminded him of is dead brother on the floor so he attacked them out of rage. When the teacher came he accidentally hit him and it took 3 security guards to bring him to the principals office. After a while of seeing his friend that he hurt but didn’t want to hurt so sad for over a day he wrote a note explaining to her his situation and that he didn’t want to hurt her. after reading the book Hamlet he thought the book was explaining his life since Hamlet was being torn apart by his own guilt and sorrow which is how he felt. At the end of the day when his mom came home she was very stressed and pissed that he has been in a lot of trouble and is now being expelled. Martin feels that his moms words cut through him because they hurt him and because she didnt understand him. The next day was when Frankie was going to come after him so he stayed up all night waiting and when he thought Frankie came it was actually Vickey and she wanted to talk to him about the note he sent her the day before in class. After talking and weeping and eating pizza Vickey left and Martin kept waiting for Frankie to come. When Frankie did come he broke the door, told Chago, Junie, and Jesus to search the house for Martin. When Chago saw Martin he lied and sed he wasnt there to save his life even though he knew that if Frankie found out he would et a beat down. Frankie distrusted them so he searched the house himself an when he got to Martins room martin hit him with a bat which hit Frankies arm accidentally making him fire his gun. the cops came over because the gunshot was heard around the neighborhood and while the cops were coming martin let Chago, Junie, and Jesus leave but kept Frankie because he knew that if he let him go Frankie wuld come back for him but if he stayed justice would be brought to the death of his brother. When it was time for the hearing on whether Martin was to be expelled or not he told his story and was not expelled.
    Question1: In the 1950’s women were not able to make their own choices. Their fathers chose who they married and when the were married everything they owned was the husbands. Also women weren’t able to vote but they are now. Another difference is that the women weren’t able to work or have a wide variety of jobs or education that they do now. Something else that is different from the 1950’s that i have learned is that now the males and females provide for their families.
    Question2: In the 1950’s life was very difficult for the African Americans. In the 1950’s we had to deal with racism and abuse. Also we had to deal with segregation. In the 1950’s leaders such as Martin Luther KIng Jr., Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, Mahamad Ali, Jesse Jackson, Dred Scott, Homer Plessy, John F. Kennedy made either boycotts, fought with fist, marched or made petitions and arguments for our rights that we have today.

  21. Book: Inside the Wire
    Author: Erik Saar and Viveca Novak
    This weekend I read from page 1 to page 87.
    Retell: In the beginning of the story it kind of talked about Saar and how his life changed before the 9/11 attacks on the twin towers . He was one of the few people who was going to work in New York for the FBI, but now there was a change in plans when he had to do something else and work for the military intelligence center.He was know going to enter a war where he did not expect to go to in his life. Saar in the middle of the story is going in with a group of soldiers in which might have to risk their lives for the good of others in the world.At the end of my reading Saar keeps on going in the war in which a lot of things changing that may be for good or for the bad of all good.
    Question 1: The kind of roles that the woman had in American homes in the 1950’s is that they had taken the jobs of the men who were fighting in a war. Also they were mostly expected to be wives and mothers that worked in home rather than a working place like the men had.Today I know that woman get to do a lot more things than in the 1950’s and work outside of their homes. Woman today also get to have a whole lot more freedom than in the 1950’s.
    Question 2:The 1950’s for the African Americans was not fair at all because they were the ones who were judged by the color of their skin and not by what they really are in the world. The efforts that were being made towards equality were things such as the Civil Rights Movement where a lot of things were being done.The leaders were Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks and in some cases Malcolm X.

  22. Title:Steal Away Home by Lois Ruby
    This weekend I read from page 60 to 150
    Retell:This weekend I read that Swine Flu was a band and not a disease. Also,James is starting to hear a slight and distant call saying “die only,only old people die”.Right now a tornado is hitting Kansas and Dana has to stay in the basement all by her self.Then one day came a slave catcher in Massachusetts where dad had been involved in helping tell people what to do to this man who had free slaves or helped them escape.And there is a point in the journey to Boston where Dana is afraid she wont make it so she gives her diary to Lizbet.
    Question 1:In the 1950’s women had the role to be a great mother or house wife.And also do all of the mens work.This is different from today because women don’t do all of the mens work since they aren’t all at war.Question 2:Life for African Americans in the 1950’s wasn’t so great.They had to go through racism and not have the same rights as whites.There main leaders were Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks.Rosa Parks stood up against giving up here seat.

  23. 1.Before I Die by Jenny Downham
    2.This week I read from pages 200 to 327
    3.Retell:Now the narrator is wanting to do a crime. In addition, its not any crime in the list it says that she has to break the law. Tessa the narrator realized that she didn’t have a lot of time do all the things on the list. Now, Tessa knows everyone will die so she is trying to live forever in order to do the list. Later, Tessa has this death in the hospital bed that wraps her around and she didn’t know it’ll hurt so much.Finally, Tessa is the only girl in the school with a sister dead but her brother Cal is still her brother.
    4.During the 1950’s, men’s and women’s roles in society were reverted to the stereotypical notions of what sex should be doing. During World War II, women had risen up in the workplace, taking the jobs of the men who were in war. After the war, however, when men returned home, women experience a setback in the gains they had made. In the first 2 years after the war, 2 million women lost their jobs. Today, in life, America has women working well and not that many lose their jobs like before in the 1950’s. in the 1950’s, African Americans were starting a equality stemmed, and in this decade, many advancements were made which would spur larger events to come. The efforts were trying to be equal for the whites and blacks can be equal and not hate on each other. The leaders were Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr.

  24. Tigers Eyes, Judy Blume
    I read from page 20 to page 76
    In my book, facet,her mom and brother all moved in with her aunt and uncle after her father’s funrael.they live in Albuquerque. During the 2 hour drive from the airport, davey notice the difference between atlantic city and albuquerque. She also thought of the day when her father was murdered.
    The role that women had in American homes in the 1950s were to take over the mens job during ww2 but stay at home when the war was home. The women back then were different from women today because not many women today are house wives.
    Life for African Americans in the 1950s were hard because there were alot of people judging them an threating them because their skin color was different. Many people stood up to the law and walk many miles to carry out their boycott against the law. the leaders were Martain Luther king jr and rosa parks.

  25. By the time you read this i’ll be dead by Anne Julie Peters

    2. This weekend, I read page 79 to page 200 (The end)
    RETELL: Daelyn has shown a lot of growth throughout the book. She never talked to anyone but Santana. Even though, it became too late for the deep talks she still told him what she did the last time to try to kill herself. Her and Santana had good times although he tried to pressure her a little. In conclusion she killed herself. Daelyn Rice is no longer.

    What kind of role did women have in American homes in the 1950s? How was this different from what we know about women today?
    – Women back then were the stereotypical housewives. They cooked, cleaned, and were dependent of the men to make the money. In contrast, today women are very independent.

    What were the 1950s like for African Americans? What efforts were being made towards equality? Who were the leaders?
    African Americans back then weren’t as well respected as whites were. There was a lot of racism towards them. Leaders back then were Rosa Parks and Doctor Martin Luther King Jr.

  26. tonight i read away laughing on a fast camel by Louise Rennison
    i read from page 229 to 276/end
    retell:Georgia has been left by the “sex god” since he left the country. so she takes a break from boys but then,she meets the new lead singer for the stiff Dylans, Masimo.( i don’t know if this matters but he happens to be Italian)
    georgia has a major crush on him but he seems to be playing hard to get. with some advise from dave the laugh she has Masimo in the palm of her hand all until she finds out that Masimo is now LEAVING the country to hamburger-a-gogo land( america). how much heart break can she take….

    but WAIT!!! in the preview to the next book, then he ate my boy entrancers we find out Georgia is GOING to hamburger-a-gogo land( america). now she is on a HUNT to find Masimo. how will this turn out ?

    What kind of role did women have in American homes in the 1950s? How was this different from what we know about women today?
    well they mostly did house work of a current house wife. also the women had the role ofbeing godd mothers and wife. many women are bosses of companies and ceo’s
    What were the 1950s like for African Americans? What efforts were being made towards equality? Who were the leaders?
    they were fighting for their right to live like everyone else. the leader were MLK malcom X rosa parks and many more.

  27. Question 1: the kind of role women had in the 1950’s were to be good mothers and good wives.women today are allowed to do other things beside being a mother. things like find a job or run for president
    Question 2:African Americans struggled through tough times in the 1950’s. African Americans protested against what they believed towards inequality. The leaders included Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks.

  28. Today I read Diary of a wimpy Kid by: Retell: Gregory feels taking advantage of and feels like his parents never believe him . He really gets annoyed at his brother Rodrick . For instance, it was a week before school and his brother changed the alarm and calender to make believe it was the first day back to school.Then Gregory woke up saw the alarm clock and thought he was late, so he ran downstairs ate cereal and got in trouble.Also it seems to be that his baby brother gets all the attentionin the family. Question#1: The role women had in the 1950’s was being home cooking ,cleaning and watching the kids. They had to be home and doing the things their husbands use to since they’re at war. It’s different than today because women don’t always stay at home, they have their own
    indepent jobs seperate from their husbands. Question#2: In the 1950’slife for African Americans was rough.They suffered through rascim and segregation. It seemed like they had no oppertunities. The Supreme Court said there can not be segregation in Alabama . And the leaders qre Rosa Parks , Harriet Tuban Malcom X etc..

  29. Title: The 39 Clues
    Author: Rick Riordan
    Page: 54 to 128
    Retell: Dan and Amy are contesting for a game to find out the 39 clue….they are so close to winning it. the difficult part is that they need the teamwork to be able to find the clues. This is not easy since they have a competition with not only themselves but with other people.
    Question 1:The role they had was just to cook for their people since they did not actually have a job. When men were at war they had jobs that they did for the men. After the war the men took their jobs back.
    Question2: It was difficult because both men and woman were not treated the same. This also had to do with race because they had different skin color. Rosa Parks tried to be a leader but she got arrested for it.

  30. Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver
    This weekend I read from page 98 to 184
    RETELL: This weekend I read that my character died for the 2nd time. In the chapter after, she tries to skip school. This is because she still does not understand or know why she keeps reliving this day, but she ends up going to school anyways. Sam almost always skips English with Lindsay. As they’re on their way back to school, Lindsay lights a cigarette and start smoking in the school’s parking lot. They almost get caught by Ms.Winters but then they run and hide. Ms.Winters’ goes back to the school to tell another teacher but luckily for Sam and Lindsay, Ms.Winters didn’t get a good look at their faces. Soon when they go home, they find out that Juliet, the girl that Lindsay always picked on, comitted suicide. Ally, Elody and Sam all feel bad while Lindsay acts like it’s not big deal. In the end, Sam finds out that Lindsay was always secretly Juliet’s friend even while she was always so cruel to her.
    QUESTION1: What women had to do in the 1950s was being home and doing all the work around the house. This included cooking and taking care of children. This is different than now because now woman work and don’t just stay home all day,
    QUESTION2: African-Americans had to go through alot of critisizm and racism. Their leaders were people such as MLK, Rosa Parks and Malcom X. They all fought for the rights of African-Americans.

  31. The Sword Thief
    Author: Peter Lerangis

    Retell: Amy and Dan learn of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the greatest warrior in the history of Japan. But they are captured by the Holts and forced to help them in finding the next clue. The group then goes to a train station according to a lead and Dan nearly gets hit by a train. However, Alistair pulls both Dan and Amy into the room saving them both. In this room, they find a haiku, which tells them to use geometry to find Hideyoshi’s treasure. Later, they find some geometric shapes, but are chased by the Yakuza and are once again nearly killed. They are rescued by Nellie, who has struck a deal with, and is accompanied by, the Kabras. When the Kabras give Amy and Dan a small coin of importance to the search, the two Cahills agree to join forces with the Kabras. They decode another message in the shapes, and some English letters. The message tells them to go to Korea. In Alistrair secret library they figure out that the secret to the 39 clues is to power to turn lead into gold. They also figure out that they should go to a mountain called Pukhansan where they find all of the warrior’s treasure. The clue is gold. They also figure out that the next clue is in Egypt.
    Question 1: In the 1950’s, a role of a woman was to basically work the house and have children. But today woman do all kinds of things that men do. Now woman work and participate in things like maranthons and the Olympics. Before men did all the hard work and woman were just expected to be housewives.
    Question 2: Life for African Americans was full of racism and segregation. But certain peoPle tried to end that and those people were people like MLK, Rosa Parks and Malcolm X. Rosa Parks stood against it by saying no when she was ordered to give up her seat to a white man. And MLK stood against it by organizing the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

  32. Book tittle: Little Klein
    Author: Anne Ylvisaker
    I read from pages 72 to 122
    Retell:Little kleins mother stopped worrying so much about him now. She finally let the big kleins take little klein fishing. A few days after that, his father comes home and he doesnt even show love when he comes, hes just furious that they have a dog. Later on in the book the big kleins decide to go downtown. Little klein doesnt know so he goes and looks for them. On his way there he bumps into Emma Brown. He runs away from her. While he was running, he also bumped into one of mothers friend and he got in trouble.
    Question 1: The role that women had in the 1950’s were as housewives. Today it is very different because now both women and men have jobs. Women are no longer expected to do anything.
    Question 2: The 1950’s were very hard for africans because all they faced with was racism. The efforts that was being made was protesting for equality. The leaders were Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr.

  33. BK: 39clues
    AUTHOR: Rick Riordan
    67-93 pgs
    So far Amy, Dan, and Mr. Alistair( uncle ) have found the information they need to find the next clue, but as they leave in transition smoke fills up the library. There is a fire and Amy and Dan escaped through a secret passage way in the floor, leaving Alistair behind. The passage ways leads outside Amy and Dan watch their grandmother’s beloved mansion burn to the ground. Then they see Uncle Alistair run with a book in his hand, and watch him drive into a BMW ( which i thinks looks hot ). They realized that Alistair tricked them and has the book with their mother’s writings in it. They arrive at phidelpha with their friend Nellie, while they’re there the Kabras plan to elimiate Amy and Dan from the competition. ( I think its mess up that they would try to get rid of family and everyone else too just because parents are killers ).
    HW: Women were expected to be in the kitchen while men were in control. They were expected to be good housewives and mothers, after returning fron war. Today women are free to do as they pleased to do, they do alot of things men do like play basketball.
    HWpt2: African Americans were treated like crap and anyone else that fought for them. We were treated cruel and so were other minorities but we had it worse. AA adapted and created an organization called ” National Association for the Advancement of Colored people “. Great leaders and inspirations like Martin Luther King jr, Rosa Parks helped make us stronger. This is OASIS ELLIOTT have a good night, this has nothing to with anything but once in a blue have some pie while being totured by a clown.

  34. TITLE: Sold
    AUTHOR: Patricia McCormick
    This weekend, I read from page 86 to 236 (I finished it! Goal 1 completed!)
    RETELL: I read about how Lakshmi’s gambling addicted stepfather sold her into prostitution in India. She is beaten and starved because she refuses to be around men, she’s tourtured until she gives in. She is told that if she works off her family’s debt, they will let her go but she soon finds out that it is nearly inpossible. When a boy who runs errands for the girls begins to teach her to read, she begins to have a sense of hope again. She also gains her sense of hope when an American comes to India who rescues girls like her sold into prostitution.
    QUESTION 1: The type of role women played in the 1950s is being stay at home mothers and homemakes. This is very different now, times are tough and both the husband and the wife must have well paying jobs to get enough money for what they need. Women today are doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, constuction workers ect.
    QUESTION 2: Life was hard for most African Americans, they had to live with racism day in and day out. A lot of people wanted to “question authority” but were too scared to. The main leaders of the civil rights movement were Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks. They spoke about discrimination peacefully and without violence, this made a outcome and many were inspired. On November 13, 1956, segragation became illegal in all of Alabama.

  35. Book Title: horowitz horrors
    Author:Anthny Horowitz
    This weekend i read from page116 to 147
    Retell:i read that Harriet, the main character, is a spoiled brat. She has a bad dream that her dad lost his job and they had to give Harriet up to a man that works in a famous resturant that famous people go to eat other people. when she gets there she learns the truth about why they want her. Then she wakes up on a marble slab in a kitchen with her hands tied behind her back

  36. Title: Scott Pilgrim’s precious little life
    Author: Bryan Lee O’Malley
    Pages: I read from page 60 to finished
    Retell: Scott Pilgrim has a girlfriend and her name is Knives,but he has a awkward dream of another girl named Ramona. One day him and his girlfriend Knives go to the library, and Scott spots the girl in his dreams, so she is actually real. Scott finds himself at a party, and sees Ramona at the party, and he feels pretty weird around , but he finds out she works at a Amazon delivery girl who delivers packages. So he orders a package , and he asks the girl out, and she says yes, and he tells her that he’s in a band, and if she wants to go to his gig that he’s going to perform at. Out of the blue one of Ramona’s ex-boyfriend’s appears , and Scott has to fight him, and wins. Scott doesn’t know what that all about, and so he talks it out with Ramona at a bus. Ramona says to him if he wants to go out with her Scott will have to face seven of her evil ex-boyfriends. Question 1: In the 1950’s women were expected to make the house spic and span. They were the main force into working in the houses. Lastly, women had to be cleaning, and watching after their kids, and the men had it much easier. Question 2: African Americans were fighting for their freedom, and independence and to end segregation. Most of them wrote speeches, and had to fight for their rights, and some of them got assassinated. The leaders were Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and even JFK.

  37. Tex. AUTHOR: S.E. Hinton
    I read from page 110 to the end.
    After Mace is coming from the doctor, they stop at McDonalds and the at Lems house to see the baby. Lem takes them on a ride and Mace exploits the fact that Lem is selling grass. Mace thinks his old friend is idiotic and questions if he’ll see him ever again. on their way home from Lems house they pick up a up a hitchhiker who just killed 2 people. the hitchhiker sticks a gun to Maces ribs and orders Tex to drive a certain way. Later in the book Tex finds out that his father is not his father but only Maces, the leads him to get mixed up with Lems mess. he gets shoot, but is able to live through it. At the end of the book Texs says for the last time that there are people who go and people who stay and Mason is someone who will go.

  38. Someone to love me By Anne Schraff
    Pages : 32- 52
    Retell : The main character Cindy has a problem on her hands. Cindy is missing school and her mom is not paying any attention to her. Cindy thinks ever since her mom started dating Raffie things have been going dwon hill. Raffie calls cindy names and puts her dwon and her mom doesnt even care. Cindy also missed tremendous amounts of school and her mom doesnt care. Cindy’s mom then leaves for Vegas for the weekend with Raffie and leaves Cindy to fend for herself until she returns. Question 1 : Women back then werent really expected to do much. Men expected woman to stay home and be a house wife and take care of the household. Today women are secretaries, police officers , docters etc. Question 2 : In the 1950’s us African Americans had it rough . We werent allowed to do many of the things we wanted but luckily leaders like Martin Luther King , Malcolm X and Rosa Parks paved the way for us

  39. Someone to love me By Anne Schraff
    Pages : 32- 52
    Retell : The main character Cindy has a problem on her hands. Cindy is missing school and her mom is not paying any attention to her. Cindy thinks ever since her mom started dating Raffie things have been going dwon hill. Raffie calls cindy names and puts her dwon and her mom doesnt even care. Cindy also missed tremendous amounts of school and her mom doesnt care. Cindy’s mom then leaves for Vegas for the weekend with Raffie and leaves Cindy to fend for herself until she returns.

  40. Title:The Scorch Trails
    Author: James Dashner
    This weekend, I read from page 323 to the end.
    Retell:In my book Thomas just got back from getting betrayed by Teresa and Aris. He tell his story of what happened to him during the moment he was betrayed to the present time. Minho couldn’t believe that Teresa and Aris did this to him and then they look out of the window to see that another storm is going to occur. Also out of the window they see objects that look like what the Greiver’s stayed inside to sleep in or charge in. Teresa talks to Thomas in his head and askes him if he remebers the objects they are about to see.He says that he does and they hve many ides what those could be. Out comes object that are worse than greivers and they fight and they win in the end. After a berg comes to land on the desert. In the berg come out a man and a women. They say that the trails are over and they rest and take a shower and eaft food in the berg. When Thomas get up he learns that Brenda can talk in his head and said he does not like Wicked and can’t trust them.
    Quetsion1: In the 1950’s women were expected to do the jobs of cooking and taking care of the kids. They also had jobs when their husbands were in war. Today women can have any job theey want if they earned the job.
    Question2: In the 1950’s african american were not treated the same as the white people. They could not even hve the same amount of space on a bus. They made equality occur by boycotting not taking the bus. Their leaders were Rosa parks and Martin Luther King Jr.

  41. Title:Angus,Thongs,and Full-Frontal Snogging by Louise Rennison
    Today i read from page 60 to page 120
    This weekend i read about Goergia is completely immature.She laugh for a very long time period because someone farted during the assembly.I also read that she thinks that Miss Stamp is a lebian.When reallyshe likes juding others when she really needs to focus on herself because she is just a mess.I also think that she is completly rude to people who really care about her and she is too snobby to see that.But she is a teenager and i think that soon she will grow out of it because being like this is apart of life.
    Question 1:The women were doing all of the work and they were doing what the men were supposed to be doing.Question 2:I have noticed that the women dont have the privlages that they have now.Question 3In the 1950’s African Americans were harshly discriminated because of their skin color.Question 4:The only person who really began to step up was Marther Luther King Jr. and he brung African Americans together to make a change.Question 5:The two main leaderswere Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks.

    • I agree because if it wasn’t for Mlk and Rosa Parks we wouldn’t be able to have the greedom we have today

  42. Title:The year my parents ruined my life by Martha Freeman
    this week i reaad from pages 15 to the end!!
    Retell: what i read this past weekend was that kate sonner the main character is moving to Belltoon, PA. she does not want to move because she is going to miss all of her friends and espessialy her boyfriend. She beggs her parents to stay but they say no because they are getting jobs and if they dont accept it they can loose it.When she is saying bye to her boyfriend he takes her a goodbye present and it is so sad seeing them say bye to each other because he says he will never forget her.Also she thinks that her best friend will forhet about her and when she goes back to visit no body will remamber her. She thinks that PA is a very boring place and that she will never be happy there.
    Qestion 1 : During world war 2, women had to do the mens jod since they were at war. This is different from today because today women can work on whatever they want and they now can also go to war.
    Question 2: The 1950s for them were all about racism. The efforts for the eniqality was that there were 2 people who fought really hard for it. The 2 leaders were Rosa Park and Martin Luther King Jr.

    • Besides doing mens job since they were at war you have to think outside of the box because if they had children they had to take care of the kids as well espeacially if they were a newborn baby

  43. Title: No Way Out
    Author: Peggy Kern
    Thiis weekend I read from page 80-125
    Retell: This weekend while Iread the book was about again Harold making sacrifices for his Grandmother.It started off when Cindy, agirl that lives in the building and a girl at school came over to see how his Grandmother was doing. Harold liked this girl since junior high school, but the one time he asked her out she was already going out with somebody. They went to the store together to go get some groceries for Grandma and once they saw Londell’s boys he knew their was going to be trouble. Cindey and Harold crossed the street to enter SuperFoods and when he got acrossed the street he said ‘What’s up Jimmy.”Jimmy was a kid who went to junior high with Harold.Jimmy and the rest of his boys begin to harrst Harold by calling him fat and making fun of his weight. Then Londell, a boy who got arrested because of a shooting, but was let go because the police couldn’t prove anything accept that he was driving his car that day, came in to tell his brother Jimmy to leave him alone. Then Harold and Cindy entered SuperFoods and got the groceries. When they got to the cash register he looked at the price and found out that he didn’t have enough for everything even though he didn’t buy anythinbg extra. Cindy told him to put the bandages back,but he argued and said that he couldn’t because his Grandmother really needed them. Then Londell came in the store and ofered to pay the rest ofthe money that was due,but Cindy said no. Harold said that is agood offer because he really needed the bandages. Cindy said whatever and stormed out of the store. Londell paid the rest of the money and then helped Harold to the house with the groceries. Then the next day after school he went to SuperFoods to get a job. When He got to SuperFoods he was made fun of by Jimmy and his friends.Then when he got inside once Londell told Jimmy to stop he went inside to speak with Mr.Marshall about getting a job there. Mr Marshall oferered him a part time job for minimum wage and Harold accepted ,but then He said that he needed his guardian to sign permission for him to work there. Grandma was against it at first but then thought about her bills and rent and then signed the prmission letter. Once Harold Got hiois first paycheck he noticed that this wouldn’t be enough for him to pay for everything. Now NHarold has to think of another way to help out with everyyhintg.
    Question1: Some things that women had to do in their was be a mother to their child. This the same as today because most woman are single woman today so they have to do it on their own. The only difference really is that women really don’t boycott
    Question2: it was hard for American’sw back then because they were not treated like they were suppose to be treated lie they were suppose to be treated. Some of the people who tried to help the matter were people such as MLK, Rosa Parks,and Malcom X. They all tried to help America in some way to make it a better place.

  44. The Diary of Latoya Hunter by Latoya Hunter
    I read from page 52 to 131.
    Retell: Over the weekend what I read about was how Latoya Hunter was going back to her hometown. She was so happy to be able to get away from her parents. Also she was estatic about being able to see her family and have a family reuinion. On her way to Jamaica she experienced some frightning moments. Also she had flash backs of her being at her brothers wedding in her beautiful bridesmaid dress.
    Question 1:The role that the women had in the 1950’s was to be house moms. What that mean is that they had to take care of their family. Also they had to do everything for their husbands and make sure their household was clean. It is different from what we know today because women dont have to do anything for their husbands. Also the women are not treated as house moms.
    Question 2:Life during the 1950’s were not so good for African Americans. It was not good because we were facing racism. Also we were treated unfairly from caucasions. The efforts being made was fighting for equality in a peaceful way. Also it was to disobey the law to get the right that black people deserved. The leaders where Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks.

  45. The Face on the Milk Carton by Caronline B. Cooney
    I read from pages 42 to 81
    Retell: what I read is that Janie came fom school the next day and when she got insode her house she started to ask her mom if she could see her birth certificate and her mom said that it was at the bank. Janie asked her mom if they could go to the bank so she could get her birth certificate but it was late and so her mom said no. Janie got really suspious becasue when she asked her mom about her birth certificate she acted a diiferent way and Janie noticed that. So Janie goes to Reeves house and he asks her if she can help him rank the leaves and she starts helping. Reeve notices that she is doing the job fast and when she is done she sits in the pile of leaves and Reeve sits with her. Then Reeve out of nowhere kisses her and she is ortof happy becuase its her first kiss. The when Janie gets back to her house her mom is there waiting for her and she looks mad and Janie sees that now she is being more strict. So Janie sneaks out iof her window and goes to Sarah-Charlottes house and tells her about the kiss that Reeve gave her and Sarah-Charlotte is really happy for her.
    Question 1: The women in the 1950s were different becuase all they had to do was be in the kitchen cooking dinner becuase they didn’t have a job and becuase they were not suppose to. Women were only considered to be good mothers and wives . Also when men were at war they took the jobs that was the mens job. And after the men came back from the war the women lost their job becuase the man had to take it.
    Question 2: For African Americans life in the 1950s was difficult becuase both men and women were not treated the same. It was also difficult becuase some of them were treated bedly just becuase the had a different skin color then the rest. For example like Rosa Park she refused to something and they arrested her for a simple thing. But then things changed becuase Matin luther king and malcom x were leaders and wanted change.

  46. Question 1: In the 1950’s the women had the role ofbeing godd mothers and wives. They also had to work in kitcthen while the men took over the workforce again. They also made decisions for the family. Today, women are alllowed to work and they don’t have to saty and they are not by themselves because the men also have to take part in helping provide for the family.
    Question 2: For African-Americans in the 1950’s, there was a lot of racism and inequality. There leaders were Martin Luther King. Jr, and Rosa Parks.

  47. Book Title: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time
    Author: Mark Haddon
    This weekend, I read from page 1 to 151
    Christopher, the narrator has found that when he went to his backyard, he was his dog, Wellington, lying on his back with a fork through his chest. Wellington was like Christophers best friend. Christopher’s neighbor, Mrs.Shears comes to the backyard and tells him to put the dog down. She thinks that Chirstopher killed his own dog. She calls the police and the police asks him questions like, why are you holding the dog like that?, and did he kill the dog? Christophers father comes along and investigates. He wants to know why the police are here. For some abnormal reason, the father is nervous and sweating and he stutters. Throughtout the rest of the chapeters, Christophen then founds out that his father killed the dog.

  48. Streams To The River, River To The Sea
    Author :Scott O’Dell
    I read from pages 124 to 150
    Retell: Janey [Sacagawea] is happy about finding her tribe. She finally saw Running Deer, she was very surprised since she thought that Running Deer was dead. Her brother wasnt dead niether her father. The Man Who Smiles was trying to claim Janey as his, but since she was married under the law of the Minnetarees she belonged to Charbonneau. Captain Clark made her choose which man did she want. Dispite her love for Captain Clark, she chose her husband Charbonneau. Her brother thinks that she’s going on a bad route following Captain Clark on ever move he took. Running Deer told Janey to pray in this cave. All Janey wants is for Captain Clark and her son to be safe. Charbonneau wants to stay with the Shoshone tribe, but of course Janey wants to be with Captain Clark. It seemed like the captain wanted to let go of Janey… until when she was packing her stuff he gave her a kiss. [FINALLY!!!!!] They nearly staved but once they got to Nez Perce they got food. It seemed like Charbonneau was cheating on Janey -_-. Ben York gave Janey a clear warning about marrying Captain Clark. They went into bad waters so the Nez Perce didnt help them after that point.
    Question 2: For african americans it was very difficult during the 1950’s. They had to go through rasisum and inequality. Their leaders were Martin Luther King Jr and Rosa Parks. Even though many people argue that Malcolm X also was a leader to them.
    Question 1: Woman were just expected to be a house wife. Most of the woman didnt have a job since they kept on being turned away. This is a completely different world compaired to the one that most woman live today. We [woman] arent just going to sit around and be lazy . We can now go out and work for our own money . 🙂

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