May 5, 2011 – Second Post… What stuck with you?

What stuck with you from tonight’s reading?

Hi KIPPsters!

You guys did a great job on your first BLOG post and I am very proud of your thoughtful commentary about your reading! Work it! Tonight, let’s get another great retell and show me a little bit about what stuck with you…


1. Book Title and Author

2. I read from page ______ to page ______

3. 3-5 sentence powerful retell (prove how much you read!)

4. What stuck with you the most from your reading today? What predictions can you make based on that sticky idea?

That’s it! Good luck, have fun and let’s see who makes it to the BLOG of FAME!




45 thoughts on “May 5, 2011 – Second Post… What stuck with you?

  1. Rafael Capellan
    Book title: The Red Ribbon Androids
    Author: Akira Toriyama
    What stuck to me the most was that Goku the main character has to fight these mysterious androids.He knows the Red Ribbion Army controlled by Dr.Gero. He know has to fight his way out not being destroyed with the rest of the world.What Goku doesn’t know that he is having a heart attack until he feels himself getting real weak. Gohan his son is training to also fight the strongest Androids in the universe. This is now survival of the fitest.

  2. Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie by Jordan SonnenBlick
    Tonight I read from page 45 to 76
    Retell: Steven is feeling very lonely. He said a lot of stuff about what he wanted to say to his best friend Annette, his dad, and his mom. He’s very lonely and worried about his brother Jeffrey, but he wants to believe that everything is ok and that he’s in Philadelphia with his mom on vacation. Steven was wrong and his mom and Jeffrey pull into the driveway coming back from Philadelphia and and Mom found out that Dad didn’t tell Steven anything about Jeffrey or his condition. Jeffrey told Steven everything that happened in Philadelphia which was really really bad. Jeffrey bought him a souvenir because he was thinking about his older brother. Steven messed up and gave him some candy and while Jeffrey was at school he vomited.
    What Stuck with me the most was that Steven actually cared for his little brother Jeffrey when all he did before he found out about Jeffrey’s condition was talk bad about him and now all he’s doing is being nice to him.

  3. Bronx Masquerade by: Nikki Grimes
    Tonight I read from page 42 to 83
    Retell: A new high school character with a high school problem is reveled. Leslie Lucas is a white girl and she goes to a school with mostly black and Hispanics. She grew up originally from West Chester County and the school she is in, all the people grew up in New York City the home of the ghetto as she calls it. She lost her mom and she found similarities with a girl named Porsche that her mom died as well and they find that quiet interesting about each other. As for Gloria Tyrone says that girl has a lot of heart and strong power to come to school knowing that she is a single teen mother and she has to raise a child only with the help of her mom. To me that means she has a lot of guts! Around the beginning of the book, Lupe wants that baby still and she calls Gloria a very lucky chika . Then, Gloria calls Lupe lucky because if your single alone raising a child its very hard to do it. If Lupe wants a child she has another thing coming her way. Gloria barely sleeps because she has to deal with the baby all the time. Gloria fails every class because her baby and Gloria lack of studying. Her boyfriend says he wants no part of this baby so shes all on her own at this point. She says “I only have mama to help me with the baby, I love my son but it can be hard sometimes. I need to better my education for myself as well.” Tyson thinks that Leslie is always getting too deep in thought into poetry. He thought she was going to be one of the girls who say “Roses are Red Violets are blue…” he said thank god he didn’t make a bet on that.
    Exposition: The setting takes place in the high school, the classroom and in the persons thoughts. Its how teen reaction to their life situations introducing the new characters Gloria, and Leslie. Tyrone is still the main character and the big juicy details about the poetry writing is and what his perspective of how other peoples poetry are like relating to his own poetry and focuses.

  4. Book: Horowitz Horror
    Pages read: 66 through 94
    Retell: tonight i read that the main character, Henry, has gotten a supposdly cursed computer from his father. the computer tells him the outcomes of horse races in london. Henry is too young to beat so he makes an agreement with Garrett. Garrett soon learns the secret of the computer and takes it from Henry.
    What stuck with me the most was when Garrett got hit by the van that said “Light moves”.

  5. MockingBird By: Kathryn Erskine
    Tonight I read from pages 40 to 62
    Retell: Caitiln is in Mrs.Brook’s class doing a project on any animal they want, but of course Caitiln wants to do the Heart and dislisten to what the teacher says. The teacher tells her to join one of the groups, but Caitiln doesn’t want to because she is not good at talking to people. So later on in the book Mrs. Brook go with Caitiln at recess to find a friend. Caitiln starts to think about one of the boys she meet and how he was wearing purple and that was her favorite color. But, then she see this boy who looks as if he is crying so she walks up to him and see what is wrong, little do she know ,she was talking to him for the first time.
    What stuck was me:What stuck with me was knowing Caitiln was talking to that boy name Michael.This was her first time really talking to someone and getting to know them. I think more in the story Michael and Caitiln will become great friends and find alot in common.

  6. Book Title: The Haunting Of Alaizabel Cray By Chris Wooding
    Tonight I read from page 32 to page 72
    RETELL: Tonight I read about how Thainel and his friend Finds Alaizabel Cray on the side of a rode. They pick her up and take her to Thainel’s house and take care of her . Alaizabel is knocked out and when she awakens she dosent remember anything . Thainel falls in love with her looks and Alaizabel gets afraid and confused of who she is and what happen to the point where she ended up in Thainel’s house.She takes a bath, eats and acts normal even though she is still curious.
    WHAT STICKS WITH ME : What sticks with me is he fact that im also confused on how Alaizabel ended up on the road. The chapter just started with her on the road . Explaining and describing how she looked laying there.

  7. TITLE: Alicia by Lisi Harrison
    Pages: 6 to 83 -Finished
    RETELL: Alicia visits Spain where she hangs out with her cousins, Celia and Isobel and Nina. Nina is a total LBR (loser beyond repair) at first. Alicia later finds out that her two cousins, Isobel and Celia, are total users. They were only nice to Alicia because she had American fashion clothes that they would LOVE to get their hands on. Alicia then apologizes to Nina and they become great friends who try to get revenge on Celia and Isobel by making them miss their video shoot.
    WHAT STUCK WITH ME… was that Alicia was always trusting Celia and Isobel even when they were very harsh to her.
    I CAN PREDICT…. that Alicia would NEVER forgive Celia and Isobel. I can also predict that Alicia and Nina’s friendship will get better.

  8. Hi!
    Tonight I read Fate by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
    I read from pages 1 to 25
    What i read about was a girl and her name is Bailey Morgan and she is living a double life. Not like Hannah Montana, but BAiley is one of the three fates. You know like those 3 old ladies in Hercules with he strings of life, the whole world depends on her and that is alot of weight to carry for a girl in high school. Bailey is having trouble with her friends who she thought she would be frinds forever with.
    What stuck with me is that she is living such a interesting life. The fate of the world so far is perfect but her real life is falling apart. And it may affect her decisions with the fates. And she has no one to talk to because if you tell someone you’re one of the 3 fates they’ll probBly have you put in an insane allylum.

  9. Book: The Ear, the Eye and the Arm
    Author: Nancy Farmer
    Today I read from page 53 to page 95.
    Retell: Today I read that the Ear, the Eye and the Arm had to do some things in which they had to protect themselves from the outside world that they were living in.The Ear had to wear earmuffs to protect himself from hearing things that were loud, the Eye wore dark glasses to cover his eyes, and the arm just wore gloves to avoid getting stuck to things. The wife of General Matsika called the detectives for help on a search for her kids that had just gone missing in Africa. Matsika children encounter some danger as some had expected because Matsika was just a person that some people did not really like a lot.

    The thing that had stuck the most to me when I was reading was the the fact the three detectives were going to get kids using their powers and don’t know what they might be up against. I predict that later in the story there might be some harm to the detectives because of them trying to look for the kids.

  10. BOOK: Behind you
    AUTHOR: Jacqueline Woodson
    I read from pages: 37 to page 64
    RETELL: Tonight i got introduced to a new character. His name is Norman Roseland, he is the father of Jeremiah the one who got shot in central park by cops. Right know in the book is Sunday morning and it looks like it is about to rain. Ellie is right know is central park right in the spot where Jeremiah got shot, wishing she herd him yell, wishing she had seen him fell when he got shot. She describes central park as a dangerous and night. Many people get attacked, jumped or kill.
    WHAT STUCK WITH ME: what mostly stuck with me in the story is when Mr.Roseland looked at his hand and stared shaking. Also how he looked at his wife and saw she stared growing white hair. That shows me that Jeremiahs’ parents are kinda old and are probably stressed because of his death. Another moment was when i found out that Jeremiahs parents are famous and that he was a rich black boy who was very special.

  11. Title: I Am Number Four
    Author: Pittacus Lore
    Pages I Read: 68 to 96
    Hello class of 2016 and Ms.Stabookski. There has been some shocking turn of events in I Am Number Four. So shocking i cant even retell all of what it is. But ill try. First ill update what happend yesterday. John had got his full powers yesterday and almost used them on a bully named Mark. He controlled himself. Now tonights retell is is simalar to yesterdays but way more intense. John was eating lunch and a giant meat ball flew to his face. John turned and saw four guys laughing…….including Mark . “To hell with this, i dont care if i get exposed or we have to move to a diffrent state again. im going to teach this son of a (you know what) a lesson” John says. John gos over to the table of the so called popular kids (if u ask me they are a bunch of punks) and was going to give Mark the beating of his life. One big kid went in front of Mark and said that he couldnt pass and if he wanted to he would have to get though him. Not a problem John said to himself while kicking the kid in the groan. The kid drops down to the floor moaning and weeping. Mark is terified. A teacher cam and broke it up and Mark lied and said that john started it. John said whatever and said to Mark this fight is not over and will happen. Later on he felt somthing. He felt someone was watching him. He felt the ground starting to shake and thought he saw someone behind him. he hears a voice…”We have found NUMBER 4″
    What stuck with me: What stuck with me was Mark still trying to pick a fight with the new kid and wants to prove something to everyone. This just makes me think….why are some people so mean and enjoy other peoples misery???
    I hope u liked my post have a good night to everyone.
    Team And a Family ———-> ^_^

  12. tonight i read lock and key pages 98 to 145
    retell:rose’s mother abandoned her and weeks after she lived in their house and tried to fend for herself. after a while her landlord busted her and she was sent to social services and while she was there her older sister ,cory, who she hasn’t seen in ten years fought to get her out of the group home. when Cory finally gets Rose she moves in with Cory and her husband but the first night she was there she tries to run away. one thing that stuck with me was that Rose said there were so many locks but not enough keys. i fond that to be true and also i felt that the line had special sentiments to her.

  13. Book: After Tupac & D Foster
    Page Numbers:31-52
    Retell: Neeka and the narrator are remembering when they first met D. She was quiet and seem pretty nice. Neeka and the narrator came up to her and starting talking, being friendly. While this is happening, Jayjones, Neeka’s brother shows up and right there she starts liking D. The narrator is kind of jealous because everytime Jayjones starts talking to D, the narrator cuts him off and bring up a new topic to talk about. Jayjones winks at her everytime she does that; it’s like a sign which means to stop. Neeka and the narrator’s parents don’t seem to like D at first because they felt like she would have a bad influence on their daugthers. As the story goes on, the narrator’s mom seems to be upset with the way the judges treat Tupac while he’s in court for a crime that he didn’t commit.
    Something that stuck with me: The tattoo that Tupac has on his belly ” THUG LIFE.” It stuck with me because everytime they talked about Tupac, they would bring up his tattoo and to me the tattoo means something to him. In my opinion, it symbolize his lifestyle, his personal, the way he was raised. He left like the only way to get respect was to act or be tough and that was the way to get through life.

  14. Steal Away Home by Louis Ruby
    Tonight, I read from page 30 page 60
    Retell:What went on in my book tonight was that Dana’s best friend slept over and once there parents went to sleep they went into the secret chamber and tried to find anything the cops missed. Then the parents came down and they waited 20 minutes to make sure they left but when they stepped out the mom and dad were on the floor lying down. Then the next day Dana,Ahn and james went on walked up Mount Oread and found U.S soldiers prepared to arrest any person who is helping the slaves escape or hide in there house like Dana’s parents are.
    What Stuck With Me:One thing was that Dana’s dad has been trying to make Kansas a free man state for a lot and he predicts Kansas will be a free state in 3 to 5 more months of arguing.

  15. Book Title: Lost and Found
    Author: Anne Schraff
    Tonight, I read from page: 14 to 43
    Retell: Darcy and Jamee are having a conversation about their father that claims he had a secret government job and he had to go somewhere else to keep cover. The mother tells the same story to Darcy and Jamee and they laugh. They don’t believe that thaat is the real reason why their father left. What they believe is that their father found something better than to stay with his REAL family.
    What stuck with me: The way the mother lied to them and how careless she was when they asked why their father left. I can predict that underneath all the tiredness and hard work, the mothe really wants to know why the father left and how can she explain this to her daughters. They are all probably feeling lonely and abandoned.

  16. 1. Wednesday Wars

    2. I read from page 53 to page 76

    3. Tonight I read that Holly got in trouble for tripping the school’s bully. They were playing soccer and he got scared and tripped him since the bully was RACING towards him. Also, Holly got in “trouble” with the principal for passing 6th grade math class with an almost falling grade and Ms.Baker is trying to make her retake the class because she doesn’t like Holly. She wants Holly to suffer for the 9 months of school.

    4. Something that stuck with me was when the bully threw up on Ms.David because he had been hurt so much i guess, it just came out.

  17. Book Title: Scott Pilgrim precious little life
    Author: Ryan Lee O’Malley
    Tonight I read from page: 1 to page: 60
    Retell:Scott Pilgrim the main character is a normal high school student who is not one of the most smartest but is not as popular as he thinks he is. Also he feels like he should be the one to do everything to help someone. I don’t know if you guys know but this graphic novels is based on the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. This book is about a young teenager who goes through some issues most teenage boys go through.
    Stuck with me the most: Today what stuck with me today is that Scott Pilgrim is someone I can relate to and it got my attention. The prediction I make is that there is going to be some of the same social issues that most teenage boys go through.

  18. Tonight, I read By The Time You Read This I’ll Be Dead bu Julie Anne Peters
    In class I read from pages 24-49 & at home I read from pages 49-79.
    Retell: Tonight I read about the strange boy that’s always on the bench, Santa. He likes Daelyn, yet she never talks to him. She only replies to notes he sends her on the bench. She never talked verbally to him. He even tries to talk to her mother, Mrs. Rice. She suddenly changes her mind about Santa and begins to think he’s nice. She learns not to judge people by their hair. Also, Daelyn keeps thinking about her past, and why she wants to kill herself. For example, the mean girls who used to bully her when she was over weight.
    What stuck with me: Out of all things in this book, what stuck with me was the fact that Santa had been home schooled. This is exactly what Daelyn dreamed about and always wanted. I think that later on him and Daelyn will verbally talk to each other on a different level and maybe she will open up to someone.

  19. Alex Rider- Stormbreaker by ALEX HOROWITS
    Read From pg 1 to 26

    RETELL- I just picked up this book today and so far I’m pretty much glued to it. This story tells about how a teenage orphan named Alex Rider discovers that his uncle, Ian Rider, was killed in a car accident on his way home from a “bank journey”. It seems that his uncle didn’t have his seat belt on which is what could’ve been the difference between life or death. But Alex doesn’t buy the it. His uncle wouldn’t have made such a silly mistake. Right now I’m pretty sure his uncle is a spy and soon enough Alex will be too.
    WHAT STUCK WITH ME- Something that stuck with me was Alex’s confidence that his Uncle didn’t die that way or that he really didn’t die at all. Also what stuck with me was Alex;s carefulness around the police. Before he answered the door he said that he was really the housekeeper. I think he got his careful traits from his uncle.

  20. Book Title: The Scorch trails
    Author: James Dashner
    Tonight I read from page: 218 to page 269
    Retell: Thomas has a dance with Brenda because he is forced to by a couple of people who are kind of crazy. In the middle of there dance they are given drinks by one of the people who forced them to be dancing .They drink it and a moment later Brenda wants to kiss Thomas but he says no and then Brenda and his mind just shut off . After this they wake up in front of the people who forced them to dance. They ask Thomas and Brenda question leading Thomas to telling his whole maze story up to the given moment. After the Minho bust in the room and the people who questioned Thomas left. Soon later one of the people comes back and shots Thomas on the shoulder. Soon in about four days later Thomas is treated, but by who he despises most WICKED. Soon later Thomas gets up and tells the Gladers how he got treated. The next day Teresa comes by and instead say what happens to her she takes Thomas as a captive to kill into the desert.
    What stuck with me: The thing that stuck with me was that Wicked would actually save Thomas’s life while they watch so much of Thomas’s other friend suffer badly. Also I didn’t get the reason why Teresa came out of know where to her old friend Thomas just to capture him. A prediction I would like to make is that Thomas will not die from a death by Teresa.

  21. No Way Out by Peggy Kern
    Hey what’s up,tonight I read from page 40-59. What I read today was about how harold has to make alot of sacifices in order to make sure his grandmother is alive as long as she can. Some of the things that he needed to do while his grandmother was injured is make sure he gets groceries,gets stuuff that lasts so they can pay their rent. Harold also stayed a couple of days home so that way he can make sure that his grandmother eats the correct things for her diabetes.
    Some things that stuck with me while reading is that Harold will do anything to make sure that the person that is there for him will never die. I also liked the fact that he kept the comments that weren’t nice to himself, instead of blurting it out. Lastly I liked the fact that he never said no even if he deeply down inside wanted to.

  22. Book Title: Bronx Masquerade
    Author: Nikki Grimes
    Tonight, I read from page: 43 to page 70
    Retell: Tonight I read about one of the characters in this book, her name is Gloria Martinez. Throughout some of the chapters she has talked about how she has had a baby and how her life has dramatically changed. But on the other hand, there’s another character named Lupe Algarin, and while Gloria is stressing about having a baby, Lupe wants to have a baby with her boyfriend Marko, so that she can feel loved. I also read about a girl named Judianne Alexander and she wrote a poem that kind of talks about her life. She has been made fun of in the past and she feels like she is trapped inside of a little cocoon. She’s after perfect beauty and she has had enough laughter in her life. She’s hoping when she is ready to come out of her little cocoon that there will be no more laughter.
    What Stuck With Me: When Gloria talked about how her baby is a bit of a challenge to handle, I begin to think about all of the teens that have gotten pregnant. When I hear stories of young girls getting pregnant I start to ask myself how they get through it all. Many young girls don’t have as much support as older women do.

  23. Book: This is What I Did By: Ann Dee Ellis
    I read from page 32 to 55
    Retell:The main character ( whoses name isnt listed in the book) is trying out for a play in his new school. The play is Peter pan and he’s losing some weight to be in shape for the day of the play. He also thought if Zyler was there he’d be the lead role. He met Zyler in fourth grade while doing a diorama project and because Zyler moved t that school in the middle of tjhe year. Afterwards, him and his mother goes to Dr.Benson office and he describes it having a big window with mountain veiw and a big desk. He doesn’t know what he’s thre for untill he’s told it’s for consuling.
    What sticks with me : His mother still thinks he isn’t over the Zyler thing and he says he is. I predict he’ll lose his temper because his mother won’t leave him alone about it.

  24. Title:One peice by: Eiichiro
    Pages:53 to the end
    Retell: What happened today was that luffy finally evades her attcks which is a very good thing. Also the pirates have come back and that is big problems for the people. The end was just that they defeated the pirates and they will start watching out more for if they come back.
    What stuck with me: What stuck with me the most today was that luffy did some amazing tricks and no one saw this comming so it was a real shock.What i thought was going to happen was that luffy was going to die because she was weak and got stronger over time.

  25. HI! Tonight i read from page 20 to 38 of the book Before I Die. Tonight i read that since Tessa has cancer, she made a list of all the things she want and of course, the first one is sex. When Tessa and Zoey arrive at the party, Jake seems to be reallly falling for Tessa. So he takes her up to his room to have sex. At first, Tessa was kind of nervous but then she realizes that this is something that she really wants to have before she dies. She really goes all out with the details about the sex and when its over she finds Zoey had sex with someone as well.

    Exposition: The main characters in this part of the text were Tessa, Zoey and Jake and also the boy Zoey was having sex with. The main problem was that Tessa was scared and a little jealous that Zoey had more experience.

  26. Book: Slam
    Author: Walter Dean Myers
    I read tonight pages 1 through 32 [but its a retell of 1-23]
    Retell Time 😀 So far, the main character, Gregory “Slam” Harris loves to play basketball. He’s incredible at it, and everyone can see that. Mr. Tate is concered about his grades and so is his mom. She honestly wants him to pass and she knows how hard it is to give up on art class or basketball. She makes him choose between the two. He lets go of Art class and stays in basketball. One day he goes to basketball try-outs and he gets challenged for being a major hot-head. All 12 of the people who tried out made it. Slam, on the other hand, had to prove his skills to the boy. And now he’s very respected by his teammates. His school has lost 5 years in row, now. He wants to be the boy to change that since there are only two people that are good on the team. That’s Nick and ,of course, Slam.
    What Stuck With Me: Slam is extremely cocky! He loves to talk about how good he his and other things. I’ve also noticed that he loves basketball to the extent that he’ll do anything to be on the team. He wants to stop making his mom hurt. He’s a seventeen-year old with a bad temper, much like other kids.

  27. Book Title: Bone
    Author:Jeff Smith
    Tonight I read from page 30 to 70
    Retell: Fone Bone meets the beasts that want to eat him again. he tries to escape and he does. When he escapes he meets Thorn the person that Ted wanted to show him. While Fone and Thorn are in Thorn’s grandmother’s house, her grandmother comes in with her cows and Phoney Bone is on one of the cows. Now they are trying to figure out whether to leave or to stay.
    Exposition: The main characters is Fone and the setting is at Thorn’s grandmother’s house. Fone has only found one of his cousins, Where might the other one be at?

  28. The Diary of Latoya HUnter by Latoya Hunter
    Tonight, I read from page 20 to 52.
    Retell: Tonight what I read was about how Latoya’s brothers was building a new life style in their own house. Her brothers had met the love of their lives and one of her brothers was about to get married. Latoya and her brothers are so close that he asked her to be his bridesmaid. Latoya was so excited that she went into shock. About a week later she found out that her sister was going into labor. She was so happy that she raced over to the hospital to meet her nephew Dovey.
    Stickey Notes: What stuck with me was when Rhonda was having her baby. I predict that she was in so much pain while she was in labor. Also I think that Rhonda was mad because her handsome son was not going to have a father in heis life.

  29. Title:Angus,Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging
    Today i read from 1 to 38
    Retell:Tonight i read about how Georgia doesnt like her uncle. She thinks he is an absolute embarresment.She also thinks that its unfair that she doesnt have a lock on her door.So she said that she feels like she is a little kid again.In addition, she doesnt have nothing to do unless she gets a phone call from a friend which sometimes she hardly ever gets.
    What Stuck With Me:Something that stuck with was that Georgia always waits around for her friends.But i wonder why in the world would she have to wait on her friends.What is so special about your friends that you really have to wait around for them?Also a pridiction that i think what will happen is that she will finally realize that she is wasting her time sitting in her big empty room and she will go outside and have fun and do something better with her life.

  30. tittle:Bone
    author: Ghost Circles
    tonight, I read from page: 31 to page: 60
    retell: Gran’ ma and the other bone creatures find a girl named Thorn in a cave. she was past out and had a dream about locusts. He is like a devil that is only seen in dreams and likes to steal dreams. when they finally find there way out the cave they see that there village. it destroyed with ashes all over as if someone burned it down. Thorn decides to lead them out of the village to find a new. while thorn is leading them they go through a lot of hard bumps .
    what stuck with you?: what stuck with me the most was the fact that thorn now had powers but didn’t no that she had them.
    what predictions can you make based on that idea?: i can predict that thorn, the bone creatures and Gran’ ma will find away to help thorn learn to use her powers

  31. Owl Ninja by Sandy Fussel tonight I read from pages 28 to 53. RETELL : Tonight I read that the samurai kids have to stop a war that is about to happen and that means that they as group have to go to the mountains were the drum is beating. So they are right now in HELL VALLEY over there , there is a great possibilty that theyll DIE. WHAT STUCK TO ME THE MOST: The thing that stuck with me the most is that the samuri kids have not much to eat. As a result they dream of food .One of them dreamed about eating rats. And every time one of them ask about food to sensei he would alwas say a true ninja ignores his stomach.

  32. Tonight i have read from pages 1 to 21 so far the book is very interesting a lot of memories and weird stuff are happening this character the main one of course is very weird and has several issues like being mental family issues i really am starting to like this book because of its quality and intrest

  33. 1.Before I Die by Jenny Downham
    2. I read from page 40 to 81
    3.Now after the narrator had her first thing on the list done by having sexual things with Jake she wants to do the second thing on the list. In addition , her second thing on her list she has to say yes to everything. For example,she did crazy things like smoke, get a tattoo, and more stuff. Last, she said she likes to be ill when she wants to.
    4.The thing that stuck up with me is that she has a list of things to do before she dies. For instance, she wants them done before the death happen which is important to her. A prediction that I can make based on my sticky notes is that she will do everything on the list before she dies.

  34. Harley Like a Person by Cat Bauer
    Tonight I read from pg 1 to pg 28
    RETELL: What I’ve read so far was that Harley is a 14 year old girl who feels as if she didnt belong in her family. Harley one day hides underneath her bed and her parents Peggy and father looks for her in her room. They find birth controlled pills, a poem whuich talked about her bad life, and a painting she did.after all this happens Harley goes to dinner and in dinner she ask again if she could have her birth certificate but her parnets said that they lost it when they moved.WHAT STICKS WITH ME: the thing that stuck to me the most was how strict Harley’s parnets are with her but not her other brother or little sister.

  35. I Read Matched by Annie Condie
    Today I Read from page 61 to 79
    The main character Cassia, is at the party with her new match Xander who is also her best friend. Xander has lost his tablet and they have to look for it in the pool. Also at the party is Kye Markham, Cassia has mixed feelings towards him because when she was looking at the box which tells you about your match and by mistake Kye showed up on the screen.Now she doesnt know if she is in love with him or Xander. Kye helps them out by diving deeper into the pool and finding the tablet for Xander and they are out of trouble although evertybody was scared because it is a big deal in their world to lose a tablet.
    What stuck most to me was that she is still worried about Kye. She should only care about Xander and also that she doubts her feelings towards Xander and she feels guilty.

  36. title: Deogatias
    Tonight i read from 41 to 70
    retell: the boy deogatias find out when its dark outside he turns into a dog and that why everybody calls him a DOG now. deogatias has sex with benina the girl he has a crush on, after that they hear from the radio that the president Habyari has been killed by the foul race of cockroaches than his”brothers” knock on his door to make a roadblock in front of the hotel and when they where over there they were asking people for their ID and beating them up and cursing at them.
    what sticks with me: one thing that stuck with me is how the president got killed by the foul race of cockroaches. one prediction i have is that they going to beat up deogatias.

  37. Book Title: The 39 Clues
    Author: Rick Riordan
    Tonight, I read from page:31 to page 53
    Retell: Amy and Arnold are playing a game with Mr. McIntyre. They kind of call the game who wants to be a millionaire. The game is for millions of dollars. Amy bet for two million dollars and won.
    What stuck with me during reading? What predictions can I make?
    The game stuck to me the most since it had to do with the main characters. I can predict that Amy is going to win more money.

  38. The Face on the Milk Carton by Caronline B. Cooney
    Tonight I read from page 24 to page 42
    Retell: Today I read that when Janie was out of school, it started to rain, so Reeve voluntered to take her home. While they were heading home Janie told Reeve what she found out, and Reeve could not believe her becuase he says her mom is so nice. She tries to convince him and it doesn’t work. When she gets home she looks at all pictures of her and tries to remember when she was 3 years old but she can’t. Then she goes to Reeve’s house becuase she needs some company and they live next door, so then she asks Reeves mom how long has she been living her , she says 28 years and they met Janie when she was 5. So when Janie returned to her house and her mom was there she noticed that they have a lot of things in difference. And now Janie is starting to wonder if she was really kidnapped.
    What stuck with me: what reaally stuck with me was when she started to look at her pictures when she was a baby and trying to remember when she was 3 years old and seeing how different she felt/.

  39. The Fallen by Paul Langan
    Tonight I read from 30 to 68
    Retell: Tonight in the book Martin luna has come from the hospitol after Frankie beat him up and left him with a concusion. The next day he goes to school everyone is wispering about him sayin he got kicked out of his old school for selling drugs(rumors are spreading around that aren’t true). He has almost fought a kid named steve who kept tlkin about him so he almost fought him. He has also broken up with vicky and hurt her feelins so now she is mad. Martins best friend which has grown up with has given him a clue that Frankie might try and beat him worse than he alredy did because he turned him down.
    Stuck with me today: what stuck with me today was that chago actually came to help his friend and give him advice eventhough he could get in trouble too.
    Prediction: I think Martin is going to try and get all his loved ones away from him since he doesnt want tham to get hurt or killed like his little brother.

  40. Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver
    Tonight I read from pg 48 to pg 98
    RETELL: Today, I read that that the narrator of my story died, yet she wakes up the next day. She was bewildered by the fact that she died the day before and she keeps reliving Friday February 12. She is planning on telling her friends, but they don’t even know what happened. Right now she is reliving the first part of her day.
    WHAT STICKS WITH ME: What stuck with me the most tonight is that Sam feelsa like she’s the only one experiancing deja vu, even though everyone else was there. I think that soon, Sam will just tell her friends what is on her mind and what she is thinking.

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