May 4, 2011 – First Whole Grade Post!

Dexter says, “Great job this week! Now, lie down with me and enjoy your book!”

Congratulations, KIPPsters!

I am so proud of you guys and all of your hard work on the tests this week and in the preparation weeks prior. Now, as Dexter suggested, let’s take some time to dig in to our novels, enjoy great stories and JUST READ!
1. Book Title and Author
2. Tonight, I read from page _______ to page ______
3. 5 Sentence Retell of tonight’s reading.
4. Description of your book’s Exposition (setting, main characters, developing problems)
That’s it! Good luck and have fun on your first whole class BLOGGIE!
Stabookski 🙂

47 thoughts on “May 4, 2011 – First Whole Grade Post!

  1. Title: The Ear, the eye and the Arm
    Author:Nancy Farmer
    Tonight i read from pages 1 to page 52.
    Retell: The three kids of a wealthy man known as General Matsika get out of their house to go on some type of adventure. This later on brought General Matsika to get the best detectives to go search for his kids in the place they are at in the time. The detectives that he has chosen to look for his kids are known to be the Ear, the Eye and the Arm and they are different because they had powers that went beyond any other human in the world. These people were also chosen because they were really good in when it came to look for others in the world. Although these kids may seem to be having some kind of fun, they may not really know what they might have coming in their direction.
    Exposition: This story takes place in 2194 Zimbabwe, Africa. The main characters of the story are Rita, Tendai, Kuda, and many others. This has a setting in which is to be in some time in the future where everything just is different. They are going to get somewhere and are probably trying to make a point to others. This might be a very difficult thing for all of the detectives to do and find these kids until they might be in danger that is very bad.

  2. The Music of the Dolphins by Karen Hesse
    Tonight, I read form page 1 to page 33
    Retell: Mila is stranded on a cleared island, in hopes of being rescued. For now, she is raised by dolphins. Dr. Beck says that they need to look for a house under the sea. But for now, Sandy stays with Mila, while Dr. Beck heads back to the sea. Mila hope to be in the sea by the time he gets back.
    Exposition: The dolphins and Mila are off the coast of Florida. Right now, they are looking for a house in the sea.

  3. Bronx Masquerade by Nikki Grimes
    Tonight, I read from page 1 to 42
    Retell: High school teenagers that are facing many different challenges. One main character in the book named Tyrone has let him self believe the fact that he will not have a future. That is not true, each of these poets have some kind of talent. Even though a good couple of them don’t like school they will succeed in their future. Lupe wants a baby to be happy and she really needs someone to love her. Tyrone has high expectations for a rapping future but, he doesn’t care about school. He said ” You cant make money by going to school anyways.” Gloria has a baby of her own and Lupe calls Gloria lucky because Lupe wishes she had a baby of her own. Chankara knows that her sister has been abused by her boyfriend ever since she was ten years old. When Chankara was alone with her boyfriend in the house they were making out she said and her boyfriend was un buttoning her shirt and she stopped and said ” I think you should slow down a little.” He refused to listen and almost took off her shirt. She jumped right off the couch as if it was on fire. She told her boyfriend that he needed to leave and he refused. So, they got into a huge argument and when she slapped him, BAM!!! he slapped her back. She paused an escorted him out the house and she yelled out the house so he scrammed before he could get in trouble! So the next day she had a bruise. You think your life is rough, try being in these teenagers shoes for a day! OUCH!!!
    Exposition: This story takes place in multiple places. The homes, the journals the classrooms and the thoughts of these teenagers is were it takes place. This book has more than one perspective of view. Its told from high school teenagers expressed through poetry. They face challenges such as , abuse, and many more challenges and struggles.

  4. Mockingbird by Kathryn Erskine
    Tonight, I read from page:20 to page 40.
    Retell: It’s Thrusday, which means Pizza Day to Caitiln, sadly not in her father case. Caitiln starts to draw, something she do for a living. As she start to draw, she thinks about her brother Devon who had got shot. The next day in school Caitiln is at recess and she see Josh bullying people, so she walks up to him and show him how to be nice. Josh thinks she’s mad because of her brother. Josh had yelled they couldn’t fix his heart, the docters tried. Ever since then, the only thing Caitiln could think about was the heart.
    Exposition: The narrator is Caitiln and the main characters are Caitiln’s father, and Josh the kid in her school. The setting is at Caitiln’s house and school. The probelm throughtout the pages are about Devon and how he is dead and gone for life.

  5. Book: Sold
    Author: Patricia McCormick
    Tonight, I read from page 1 to page 35
    I read about Lakshmi and her family. I know that she’s poor in her village because she doesn’t have a tin roof. To make more money for her family, Lakshmi offers to go to work for rich people in the city like her best friend, Gita. But her mom wants her to stay in school regardless of what her step father wants them to do.
    Exposition: The setting is a small village in Nepal. The main character is Lakshmi. She’s dealing with being and it’s getting to where she must “take one for the team”.
    – Giselle Cuevas , 2016

  6. Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie by Jordan SonnenBlick
    Tonight I read from page 1 to 45
    Retell: Steven Alper was a geeky boy who had a crush on the hottest girl in school and loved to play the drums. One day he got up early with his little brother Jeffrey (who is cuter than him) and fixed him some cereal. While sitting up on a stool, Jeffrey fell, hit his head, and his nose started bleeding a lot. He was rushed to the emergency room and discovered that he had Leukemia. Now Jeffrey and his mom have to go to Philadelphia to see a different doctor.

    Exposition: This story takes place in New York City. Steven Alper is the narrator in this book and his little brother Jeffrey has cancer called Leukemia. Now he has to deal with that, his parents, homework, his band, girls, and Dangerous Pie.

  7. Im reading Sold by Patricia Mccormick. I read from page 4 to 56.
    RETELL: In those pages Lakshmi is talking about how confusing her life was and still is. And her stepfather is acting very wired. She sees strange behavior from him and is kind of freaked out. The stepfather said she must go to the city to earn her maid. Also, she is observing her location to try to know whats going on.
    Expo: The true location is a small village in Nepal. but to me is a mysterious place in really anywhere and she doesn’t know what to do because there are stupid laws.

  8. Steal Away Home by Louis Ruby
    Tonight, I read from page 1 to page 30
    Retell: Dana Shannon was a normal girl who lived in the year of 1856 moved from Boston to the state of Kansas. Dana one day started to peal of the wallpaper and found a secret door under the wallpaper. She then opens the door to find the body of a female negro slave. And her dad is somewhere fighting to make Kansas a free man slave where there is no slaves unlike missouri . Lastly, last year before Dana and his family from Boston there were skirmishes, the Wakarusa War.
    Exposition:The story takes place in Kansas. The main characters are Dana and James. The main problem right now is that there was a female skeleton found in the secret compartment in wall.

  9. Hi!
    I’m reading As Simple As It Seems by Sarah Weeks
    I read from page 87 to pag 112
    Exposition: A 5 grade girl, Verbena Colter who just found out she’s adopted and that her real mother is why she had birth defetcs and now she is confused about her life and who she is.
    Retell: Pooch think she is the ghost of Tracy Allen and Verbena is going along. Pooch is helping her with the boat beacuse she is rebelleing against her parents and shes out late at night. Pooch has no idea she is not a ghost.

  10. TITLE: By the Time You Read This I’ll Be Dead. By: Julie Anne Peters
    Pages: 120 to 200
    Retell: Daelyn wanted to atempt suicide very badly. When she meets this boy, Santana, he loves her at first sight. Daelyn goes on this website called THROUGH-THE-LIGHT.COM and she explains he whole life story about her horrible and abusive life. Daelyn finally atempts suicide by drowning herself because any other suicide way doesn’t seem right. Daelyn has thought this plan carefully because after her last suicide atempt, her parents found her and she was saved. In my opinion, Daelyn shouldn’t have killed herself because life is pure and you should live it to the fullest.
    EXPOSITION: This story takes place in three main places. One main place is in Daelyn’s house because that’s where she atemps suicide. The other two places are in Santana’s house and at Daelyn’s Catholic school. The main character is Daelyn who is sort of a suicide addict. She is over weight and she can’t make friends because her ‘friends’ judge her because she is ‘fat’. She faces challenges such as her parents finding her atempting suicide and her friend Santana is deing of a disease.

  11. Book: After Tupac & D Foster
    Page Numbers: 1-31
    Retell: D Foster, Neeka and the main character are in her house and they are watching one of Tupac’s video. All of them fall in love with his eyes and the lyrics that are coming out of his mouth. When the pizza arrives, D’s eyes are wide open because she has never seen so many pizzas before. D feels as if she can relate to Tupac a lot because of the childhood he had and the childhood she is living. When the video finishes, D packs her stuff and goes home. Her mom left her when she was very young and she has to live with FLO her foster mother. As Neeka and the main character watch D leave on the bus, they have a flashback of how they first met D.
    Exposition: This story takes place in Neeka and the main character’s neighborhood. The main characters are Neeka, D and a girl whos name is not mentioned in the book. The conflict in the book is that D is lonely and is hoping her mother comes back for her, but her friends doubt it.

    • Wow, Naroly! What a thoughtful post! I appreciate how clear and grammatically correct your retell is. I hope you enjoy this book! I know it was VERY popular with 2014 and 2015!

  12. Behind You: by Jacqueline Woodson
    Tonight i read from page 3 to page 27
    RETELL: In the beginning of the story a boy named Jeremiah had died. After his death many people couldn’t sleep, they would just lay down with their eyes wide open. Also, people felt different as in they couldn’t remember what they were doing or had to do. His death made people feel different like as they were all lost.
    EXPOSITION: The story takes place in Central Park, past the statues and runners and children in the park. The narrator Ellie lives on a apartment with a door man. Has a dad who’s a doctor and a mom who just stays home. She is the one who seems the most lost with Jeremiahs death and feels like know she has nothing to do.

  13. 1. By The Time You Read This, I’ll Be Dead by:Junie Anne Peters
    2. Tonight I read from page 3 to 30
    3. Daelyn Rice is a teenage girl who wants to commit suicide. Green boy, keeps stalking her after school as she waits for her dad or mom to pick her up. She thinks he’s annoying since he never stops asking her questions untill someone picks her up from school. She found a web site that teaches you how to kill your self and allows you to talk to other people who want to commit suiside like her. Also she doesn’t have a good relationship with her parents, she keeps her distance from everyone in her life.
    4. This story takes place in her house and at her school. The main character is Daelyn, a girl who is planing on killing her self- 23 days until her death

  14. Title: I Am Number Four
    Author:Pittacus Lore
    Page Number 38 to 60
    These past couple of pages have been very very intense. The main charcater has joined a new school. His new name is John Smith…. Very original right??? NOT!!! John is has always hated bullies. He knew he can hurt them with one punch but had to hold himself back. He just started glowing in front of all of his class mates. Wow what a freack!!! This glowing is his full powers coming in. So john is even more dangerous than before. After looking at his glowing scares on his legs and the rest of his body, he leaves the janitor closet. He went to his new assigned locker and BOOM!!! A splash of goo on his face. He looks around and see the popular kids laughing and the same kid who stuck his foot out was there. John pick him up of his feet and slamed him against the wall. What am i doing John thought to himself while putting him down. Everyone yelling fight fight fight to be disappointed at the end. The girl that has a crush on John is now concered…… and worried.

  15. Little Klein by Anne Ylvisaker
    Tonight, i read from page 1 to 31
    Retell: Today i read about how there is a little boy named Klein who is nine years old. His father is a businesman who takes long trips so he stays with his mother and three brothers most of the time. Matthew, Mark and luke are called the big klein’s because they’re strong and big. Little klein however is small so he’s always feeling left behind. Finally, little klein found a friend(a dog) who keeps him company but soon his brothers take it because his mother thinks little klein is to fragile to take care of a big dog like that.
    Exposition: This story takes place in small neighborhood where theres little houses with grass, dirt and a forest around it. Little klein is the main character who is sort of like a nobody. The problem so far is that little klein feels frustrated because nobody listens to him.

  16. 1. By The Time You Read This, I’ll Be Dead by:Junie Anne Peters
    2. Tonight I read from page 3 to 30
    3. Daelyn Rice is a teenage girl who wants to commit suicide. Green boy, keeps stalking her after school as she waits for her dad or mom to pick her up. She thinks he’s annoying since he never stops asking her questions untill someone picks her up from school. She found a web site that teaches you how to kill your self and allows you to talk to other people who want to commit suiside like her. Also she doesn’t have a good relationship with her parents, she keeps her distance from everyone in her life.
    4. This story takes place in her house and at her school. The main character is Daelyn, a girl who is planing on killing her self- 23 days until her death.

  17. The Diary of Latoya Hunter by Latoya Hunter
    Tonight, I read from page 1 to 20.
    Exposition: Latoya Hunter is just getting to know her parents because she has been seperated from them for a long time. Also, Latoya has to learn how to adjust to the new lifestyle in the Bronx. She is getting the taste of how overprotective her parents can be. Not only that Latoya fells unsafe in the neighborhood she live in and she feels as if it is dull. On the other hand, her family is like siblings to her because they took care of her. From what I read so far I think that their are more intresting facts to uncover about Latoya Hunter.
    Exposition:This story takes place in a house. Latoya is the narrartor. She is new ti the lifestyle she live in the Bronx. She face challenges with her parents about keeping her on lock down.

  18. The Sword Thief by PETER LERANGIS
    Read from pg 1 to 31

    RETELL: Siblings Dan & Amy and their au- pair Nellie are in a Italian airport. Amy worries that security will spot the sword in the suitcase. They are catching a flight to Tokyo and are running late so they rush to Gate 4. But their enemies Ian & Natalie Kabra steal their boarding passes and they couldn’t get to to the plane because a flight attendant (which turned out to be espionage Irina). Now Nellie is on board the plane to Tokyo alone with the Kabras.
    EXPOSITION: Amy and Dan are both grand children of a rich grand mother that they had. When she passed a way, in her will she introduced a challenge. The challenge of finding the hidden 39 Clues that are all over the world. Dan & Amy have to find all pf the clues do they can win the grand prize- limitless power. But all the other Cahills are after the clues as well. And the #1 rule TRUST NOBODY

  19. Titile:The Diary of Latoya Hunter by Latoya Hunter
    Tonight, I read from page 1 to 20.
    Retell: So far Latoya has been talking about her family and her first day of high school. Also she was expressing her feelings towards going to high school for the first time. Also she was talking about how all of he family are so close. One of the things that I learned while reading is that Latoya is just beginning to meet her parents because she used to be apart from them. Latoya family is akward because they are like brothers and sisters because that is how they act. Fom what I read today it make me think that Latoya went through alot and I know that as I read i will uncover more of her story.
    Exposition: This story takes place in Latoya house and in High School. Latoya is the narrator and her diary is her best friend. Latoya is a strong, independent, and talented young girl. She is new to this new school and home so she is trapped in a box. She face challenges withe her trying to explore the out doors and look at what NYC is really about.

  20. Ola!! Tonight im reading a book called “39 clues”. I plan to read the whole seires from 1-10. Im reading bk1, so far that has happened is that Dan and Amy’s grandmom Grace has died. Dan and Amy are going to go to Grace’s funneral, Dan and Amy are both disapointed because the realatives are only there so that they can have her money. Grace signed a will and the executor anounced who is invited to join her event. I read from pages 1-12 in exactly 30 minutes. Have a good night a sleep well.

  21. Book Title: Bone
    Author:Jeff Smith
    Tonight I read from page:1 to 30
    Retell: Fone Bone, Smiley, and Phoney Bone are lost in a desert and cant get home. Then they are chased by Locusts which separates Fone Bone from his cousins and he is trying to look for them. He is asking all of the animals if they know the village Boneville but none of the animals heard of it. also, some of the animals help Fone Bone with staying safe in the winter since where they are at winter comes hard.
    Exposition:The main character is Fone Bone and he is looking for his cousins.

  22. Tex by S.E. Hinton
    Tonight I read from pages 49 to 68
    Retell: Tex is still drunk after the party that he had last night with Johnny and his family. Their father, Bob, though, did not know anything about the party so when his kids came home drunk the first people he blames is Johnny’s best friend Tex. Bob approaches Mason, Tex’s brother, aggressively in their house and mason sees him out of their house.
    EXPOSITION: We quickly learn the main character is Tex. His best friend is named Johnny and brother is named Mason. Tex father leaves to go work every few months and has yet to return and their mother has been dead since Tex could barely reach the door knob. To make things worse Tex is a magnet to trouble.

  23. Retell:So what happened so far was that a bomb went on in a country and now it is very crowded.Also the grown kids are going to try and find the people that caused the whole bomb.They will defeat the villans by using their super powers.They are the only kids in the village that got powers.They are all smart so they know exacly how to defeat the group.
    Setting:The setting of the book is in a country in china japan. In japan is where most of the things start to happen since it a crowded place.

  24. Horowitz horror: stories youll wish you never read by Anthony horowitz
    Tonight i read: pages 1 to 55
    Retell: Isabella, suspects that sometihng is wrong with the new bathtub her parents purchased. she goes to the place where her parents brought it to find out the truth then smashes the bathtub after figuring out. her parents think she is going crazy. Experts said that it was due to her parents fighting.
    In the end, Isabella’s father Jeremy buys an axe to finally get rid of the problem by possibly killing Susan, Isabella’s mother and the kids that Jeremy teaches.
    Exposition: this story mainly takes place in Isabella’s house and the main character is Isabella. the main problem is Isabella getting her parents to believe what is actually happening

  25. Deogratias
    Tonight: i read from 1 to40
    Retell: A boy named Deogratias steals money from his father and get caught, but than when he got caught his father told him what it for he told him it for his mother because she is in pain,but it was for this girl he had a crush on. Also people pick on him and calls him an DOG.
    Exposition: The story takes place outside of school and the neighborhood and in Deogratias father’s office, the main character is Deogatias, the problem is that he stold from his father and lied to him and say it was for his mom in the doctor but it for a girl in school.

  26. Book Title: The 39 Clues Book 1
    Author: Rick Riordan
    Tonight i read from page: 4 to page: 20
    5 sentence RETELL of what i read about today: Grace DIED! William McIntyre was someone who had never been certain about anything. William met a man in the place and the man is kind of on Williams side. Now they hold the secret of finding the clue that people are trying to find out.
    Exposition: This story takes place kind of in a laboratory and the main character is William. The problem is him and a man know the clues and other people don’t.

  27. By The Time You Read This I’ll Be Dead by Julie Anne Peters
    Tonight, I read from page: 1 to page: 24
    Retell: Daelyn Rice, the main character of my book, was teased for her weight when she was younger. Unfortunately, now she wants to kill herself over it and her parents are worried. People also think that she’s a freak who doesn’t talk. She finds a website that tells her ways to kill herself. She also meets this annoying boy named Santa who she does not like at all.

    Exposition: This story takes place in Daelyn’s house mostly. The main characters so far are Daelyn, Santa & Daelyn’s parents. The conflict is that Daelyn wants to kill herself.

  28. Owl Ninja by Sandy Fussell tonight i read from pages 1 to 28 . I read about a group of ninjas who hear drum and dont know what it means so they ask there sensei and sensei tells them. And sensei tells his student to prepare for th worst due to the drum beat that isplaying from the mountains.

  29. The Prince Of Tennis Vol.14
    Author:Takeshi Konomi
    Tonight, I read from page 1 to page 72 [In 30 minutes I finished in an hour]
    So the team is in this tournament, when suddenly Kunimitsu and Sadaharu have to face each other in one shot. They go at it hard, none of them want to loose so they show their true skills. No holding back! Takeshi and Gakuto where going at it. Just for the fun of it 🙂 . Obviously, Takeshi noticed that she plays tennis just like her brother. It kinda seems to bother him in a way.
    Exposition:It begins on the very first page with a problem. Kunimitsu doesn’t wanna loose neither does Sadaharu. The problem is building page by page.

  30. blood promise by Richelle Mead
    tonight, i read from page 1 to 82.
    retell: the main character, Rose, has the reputation of the bad girl and has fallen in love with her teacher, Dimitri. Since when Rose graduates her and Dimitri are supposed to be Lissa’s guardians they can’t be together. then, in the book before, Dimitri was caught by a Strigio, a evil vampire, and turn into a Strigio himself, so Rose went to russia to find Dimitri.
    this book takes in many settings, but it mostly takes place in russia where Rose is looking for Dimitri. another thing is everyone was not okay with Rose actually leaving to go to Russia because if she went it would put her in great danger, but knowing Rose she’d still go against all their wishes.

  31. Title: This is What I Did by: Ann Dee Ellis
    I read from page 1 to 32
    Retell: He talks about the time he went through being depressed about what happened to Zyler. He moved from Mulholland to Judge because his parents thought he’d get a good start. In the school he was in with Zyler they liked this girl namd Cami. Aso his mother is pregnat after 11 years . His parents make him babysit his 11 year old twin brothers. He is 13 years old and talks about a phaze of dating his parents went through.
    Exposion: The setting went from Mulholland to Judge and the character is a 13 year old boy who has witnessed something bad happen to his best friend Zyler and has gone through a tough time getting over it.

  32. Title:Angus,Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging by Georgia Nicolson
    (Read the glossary to understand some words)Read Pages 235-247
    Retell:Today I read the glossary of my book.I read this because my book has words with a differnt meanings then usual.Today I learned about diferent words have diifferent meanings.For example,a Fag means a cigarette.Another example that i thought was cool is a milk tray which means a box of chocolate.
    Exposition:The story takes place in a house in the beginning of Summer and the chapters a based on the months.The main character is a girl named Georgia and she lives with her uncle and aunt.

  33. 1. The Wednesday War
    2. Tonight, I read from page 1 to 43
    3. So far in this book, Holling Hoodhood is introduced in the story and is shown having a hard with her teacher , Mrs.Baker. She feels as if Mrs. Baker shouldn’t be talking about Shakespeare when there is a war in Vietnam going on the moment. She’s fustrated because she has to help run the Hoodhood family business too. To her Mrs.Baker is over exagerating with the Shakespeare book and wants to say something. She controls herself though.
    4. My book takes place , starting on a Wednesday in Camillo, State Unkown. Main Characters : Mrs.Baker and Holling

  34. Romiette and Julio by Sharon M. Draper.
    Tonigth , I read from page 1 to page 32
    Retell: Romiette had a dream (a bad one ), she dreamt about drowning. She quietly got up and changed her gown beacuse it was all damped in sweat. This had been the third day in a row that she’d dreamt about drowning . She was too busy trying to figure out why she’s been dreaming about drowing, like she said, ” I don’t swim”. When she looked at the clock it read 3:00 A.M, besides she couldn’t fall asleep, so she decided to write in her journal. Writing in her journal relaxes and soothes her. Her journal was one of her best Christmas presents. She liked starting on fresh, clean pages of her journal. She decided to describe herself.
    The Exposition: This all took place in Romiette’s room.

  35. 1.Before I Die by Jenny Downham
    2.Tonight I read 1 to 36
    3.Today I read about this girl that is the narrator of the book. She wants to have a boyfriend and she wishes that he can live in the wardrobe on a coat hanger. I also read that the narrator has friends over her house and she is with Zoey, Jake, and Stoner Boy talking, relaxing, and drinking beer or tea. In addition, I think Jake has a relationship with the narrator because they’re kissing each other in the kitchen. For instance, now after all the kissing happen she finally had something with Jake that she always wanted. This was sex that they had.

    Exposition: The setting is at home and the main character is the narrator. Finally, the developing conflict of the beginning is that the narrator is having sexual relationship with Jake.

  36. The Face on the Milk Carton by Caroline B. Cooney
    Tonight, I read from pages 1 to 24
    Retell: Tonight I read that Janie is in the cafeteria having lunch with her friends. Janie is allergic to lactose intolerance, so she can’t drink any milk but she really wants to. Her friends try to distract her, so they talk about the essay they need to hand in. But Janie drinks Sarah-Charlottes milk and notices a new kid has been kidnapped. When she look into the pictures, she relizes that its her and tells her friends but they don’t believe in her.
    Exposition: The story takes place in the school, and the main character is Janie. The problem is that Janie wants to know if she has been kidnapped and if those are her real parents.

  37. Brian’s Winter by Gary Paulsen
    Today i read from page 1 to 22
    Retell: Brian had a hard 44 days because the plane had crashed and he did not go nowhere. Also he had a hard time to bring the wood in after he did the easy ones, but it was near the camp so he had to get more. The days are getting warmer and warmer each day than the other days before. Why did he want to go to the bears if the are going to probably going to eat him or attack him? Brian wanted to fit in with the bears and the wolves for some reason.

    • Exposition: The problem is that he is in the middle of no where and he is trying to make friends with animals that could kill

  38. The Scorch Trails by James Dashner
    Tonight I read for from page 95 to page 134
    Retell:In my book Thomas and the Gladers are talking about how far away they are from mountains and building in the Scorch . Then they see a man and a women. They learn that the are cranks.From the women and man they learn more about the flare they have in their body that was planted in their body. When walking they a hear a girl screams.They continue to walk and then they find the girl and Thomas a Glader goes to look at her. He goes convinced it is a girl he knows Teresa. It is Teresa and it seem like it is not her but it is. She tells him to leave and he leaves to go tell the Gladers what he just found out. He goes back and then the they see this man and talk to him to find information. Then they continue their trail.
    Exposition: The setting of the book is in a desert.The main characters are Thomas,and other Gladers. A problem is that they are in the middle of no where.

  39. Love, Star Girl
    Jerry Spineli
    Read Pg. 1 TO 32
    Stargirl is writing letters to hew old boy friend Leo who movede to Arizona. Stargirl feels asthough she over did her relationship with Leo. Also she sees this old man everytime she goes by the cemetary. Also she is introduced to a very anyoning little girl named Doostie. Which tries to find anyway possiable to talk to her.

    The main character of this novel is Stargirl.Her old boyfriend seemed to have left her because she was very over doing the relationship. This takes place in a house, cemetary, and in the streets. The setting and story is written in a way which makes it seem like a diary, which make her feeling more open and deep. Leo seems to be the type which does not believe in relationships which is why i think he mooved to get away from Stargirl.

  40. No Fear Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet by Spark Notes
    T onight i read from 1 to 30 pages.
    Retell: Juliets father wishes her to not be married while her mother does wish her to be married. She thinks that Paris is dreadful. Paris loves Juliet. She loves noone and wishes to not be married. Her mom doesnt even let her speak.
    Exposition :The setting is in the Capulets house and Juliets dad is telling Paris that she will m
    ot marry him.

  41. Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver.
    Tonight I read from pafe 1 to page 35.
    Retell: Tonight I have read that Samantha is one of the most popular girls in the school. It’s Valentines Day and all the girls are sent roses from other people from the school. Also, Sam’s boyrfriend’s parents are going out of town and he’s asking her to stay over- obviously do you know what.
    Exposition: The story takes place in Sam’s highschool. Sam is the main character and she’s always with her “girlfriends” Ally, Lauren and Elody. Sam also has a boyfriend, Rob, who everygirl likes. The current challenge is fitting in.

  42. Horowitz Horror Stories you’ll wish you’d never read by Anthony Horowitz
    Tonight, I read from page 1 to page 40
    Retell: Jeremy,and Susan who have not used the bathtub all day. They think it is haunted, and they’re scared to go to the bathroom. Also, they don’t want to be all alone puddled in the water. The bathtub’s name was the Victorian bath because of it’s creppy feautures. Lastly, at the end of the day they didn’t took it seriously so because of it they got a good Victorian ax.
    Exposition: This story takes place in a house, and the main character is Jeremy, and the problem is that they’re scared of a bathtub, and they think it is haunted.

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