Thursday January 13, 2011 – Characters and their Mistakes

Hi KIPPsters!

The blog is back tonight and, more excitingly, tomorrow is Friday! Tonight, I’d like you to copy the best of your three character mistake notes as your post. Follow the criteria carefully for full credit!


1. Username. Title of Partner Book.

2. I read from page _____ to page _____ tonight.

3. Describe a mistake your character has made.

4. Use a quote that explains the mistake or the possible lesson (or the lesson NOT) being learned.

5. Explain how the character is or is not growing and learning from the mistake.

That’s it! Have a great night!




9 thoughts on “Thursday January 13, 2011 – Characters and their Mistakes

  1. Behind You: by Jacqueline Woodson
    Tonight i read from page 3 to page 27
    RETELL: In the beginning of the story a boy named Jeremiah had died. After his death many people couldn’t sleep, they would just lay down with their eyes wide open. Also, people felt different as in they couldn’t remember what they were doing or had to do. His death made people feel different like as they were all lost.
    EXPOSITION: The story takes place in Central Park, past the statues and runners and children in the park. The narrator Ellie lives on a apartment with a door man. Has a dad who’s a doctor and a mom who just stays home. She is the one who seems the most lost with Jeremiahs death and feels like know she has nothing to do.

  2. The Fallen by Paul Bryson
    Tonight, I read from page 1 to 30
    Retell: In the book so far, Martin Luna is about to be expelled from his school because he has had multiple fights in the school which he has only been in for two weeks and plus he has hit a teacher. Now he is telling his story on why he has done the things he has done and most of it is because of his brothers death and the rage he has had after it. When Martin is told who killed his brother, Huero he wants to kill the person with three shots. Later his homeboy tells him that the bullet that hit his brother was probably for him which changes his mind about taking revenge. This also makes him secretly hate his homeboy, Frankie. This book takes place in the barrio and so far most of the events have happened in Bluford High School.

  3. Hello my name is TiemokoK2016 and I read Naruto Anime Profiles Episodes 38-80. I read from pages 1 to 66 tonight. A mistake I found in the book was that Naruto was not really ready for his special ninjustice. A quote I found was “Unleashing a new technique…?! Poot( That was the sound of Naruto farting ). Gaah”.(That was the sound of Naruto challenger ) Naruto does not learn a lesson because he defeats his challenger.

  4. Hi I’m aliciar2016 tonighht I finished reading Before I Die.
    A mistake Tessa made was that she fell in love. I say this is a mistake because she is going to die and this will hurt Adam very much. Adam is already dealing with the loss of his father and now Tessa because she is on the verge of death. “His mouth is beautiful. He leans toward me and I know. I know. It hasn’t happened yet, but it’s going to. Number eight is love.”(page 209).Tessa should learn that she should not hurt the people that care about her. Although I don’t think she’s learned that yet, she will. When she is dying and sees Adam in pain she will feel sorry.

  5. I read A step from heaven from page 47 to 71. A mistake my character has made was fighting over an object with her little brother when, she should have been the bigger person.”I hope it flies away, I say and lean way over to pinch him on the arm.” Young Ju is growing because when the balloon flew away she let her brother play with her elaphant teddy bear.

  6. Hi my name is Yessivetted2016. My partner book is called A Step From Heaven. I read from page 40 to page 122. One mistake that my character has made is that she lied about her brother being dead. “I cover my lies with dirt” (page 44). Young Ju has not learned a lesson from her lie but since her dad is watching her she knows that she will have to tell the truth sometime. I think even though the character has not learned a lesson she has been growing because she is new to America so she is trying to adapt to a new way of life. I can’t wait to find out how the character finds a way to live in America without being the type to fall behind. That’s it for tonight. Goodnight everyone !!!

  7. I’m aliciar2016 I’m reading Before I Die.
    I read from page 71 to 101 today.
    Tessa chooses to do go into the river, just to complete another item on her list, not caring that she can get really hurt.”The man in the pyjamas has waded into the canal. He’s splashing about in the shallows and smacking at the water wiht his hands[…]’Fancy a swim, ladies?'[…]’Get in wiht him,’ Zoey says. ‘Why don’t you?'[…]I dip in my big toe. The water’s so cold that my whole leg creeeps with numbness.” (page68)Tessa didn’t really learn anything. I think that is really sad because she ended up at the hospital. All she cares about is completeing her list, and she will mostlikely regret that later.

  8. Hello my name is TiemokoK2016 and the partner book I reading is called This Is What I Did. I read from page 56 to 80 tonight. A mistake my character made was that he ran away from his house just because his mom read journal and she lied to him and for she said he was grounded for stealing candy from Mr. Beeman’s he was . A quote I found was “I ran away because my mom lied and read my journal.” (page 58) Logan never learned his lesson because he was more disappointed about getting in trouble than learning an lesson for stealing.

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