Thursday January 6, 2011 – Conflict Mediation

Hi KIPPsters!

I hope you all did a great job on today’s RTP test! Today, think about the conflict in your book — the main conflict that your characters face. It’s almost Friday!!


1. Username. Title.

2. Tonight, I read ______ pages.

3. Summary in 3-5 sentences.

4. What is the main conflict in your book? How do the characters feel about that conflict? How do you think they should or can solve it?

Tomorrow is Friday! Hooray!




8 thoughts on “Thursday January 6, 2011 – Conflict Mediation

  1. Tonight I read 23 pages on my partner book. The main conflict in my book is that Young Jun is movin to California and she thinks that what they call it means heaven. Her Uuhmma dresses her up nicely to go to this new place Young Jun calls heaven . Her mother thinks that in california people have curly hair so Young Jun has to get curls her self

  2. My name is Yessivetted2016. Tonight i read 12 pages. What happened in my book was that Clover is on the boy’s stage dancing to impress Brett. The girls are so shocked, especially Sophie, that they can’t even get their words straight. Also, now that Sophie takes a second look at Clover, she wants to be like her. But instead of in an influenced type of way, she wants to be the type to impress boys like Brett. The main conflict in my book is that now Clover is taking it too far, and she’s dirt-dancing up and down a boy. I think the girls feel kind of upset that Clover is taking things too far. I think they’re going to solve this problem by pulling Clover out of there and convincing her that she’s wrong.

  3. The title of my book is Cracker Jackson written by Betsy Byars. Tonight I read 29 pages and finished the book. In my book Jackson went to this lady and talked to her about what happened to Alma and her baby Nicole because there was an accident that occurred to them both and he wanted to know what it was. The thing was that it was that Alma got hit with a wrench and dropped her baby Nicole and her husband Billy Ray did this just because Alma went to Jackson’s mother to get tips about what to do if your husband hits you. Then Jackson and Alma had a conversation about old times together and Cracker otherwise known as Jackson went home to get a call from his father (who has stopped being silly and has became a little more mature) that said he was coming to Jackson home on the on the upcoming weekend. After that call Goat called Jackson and told him that the funniest people in class was coming to his house to do a show and Cracker went to the invitation his friend gave him for him to go to his house. After that his father came and they took Alma to Avondale and this time she did get to the destination and that was the end of the story. The main conflict in the story was that Alma was getting hit by her husband. The characters want to fix the conflict, for Alma is a nice person does not deserve a beating from her own husband Billy Ray. They solve this problem by putting Billy Ray in jail and putting Alma and her baby Nicole in a place that parents and their children go when their husbands/father hit them.

  4. Today I read blonde ambition from page 74 to 97. I read about Ann trying to tell Sam that she’s beautiful as she was. Then she woke up in the morning barfing because of her weight . And the girl is like 105. Sam thinks that she looks like a cow when really she doesn’t .The main conflict is Ann trying to get used to her life with her new stepsister and her fathers girlfriend. Her father thinks it’s a phase at her age but it’s a feeling. They should all just have dinner together and express their feelings upon each other.

  5. Tonight, i read a book calledWarriors. I read about 30 pages for about 40 minutes. So far in my book the leaders assistant has just been killed in their own terriortory by the river clan. The murder was oakheart, and for doing that tigerclaw killed him. Rusty has just earned his thunderclan name and it’s called “FirePaw”. Blue star the leader of the thunder clan just waits with her partner. Ravenclaw has been hurt really badly in the battle and he can’t move until he’s fully healed. The main conflict of this story is that thunder clan is lossing their terriortory and lossing soilders while the shadow clan gets stronger .

  6. Hi!
    Tonight I read Octavian Nothing from page 60 to page 85 which is a total of about 25 pages and I read for about 30 minutes. What happened today was that Octvian was explaining his Latin and Greek 19-01, who had weird beliefs. He also spke of his music proffessor 13-04who began to teach Octavia chello when he was about 4 or 5. Also Lord Chelthorp which they were welcoming in their institute who is just another of one his mother’s admirers. They have to kiss-up to him beacuse he is very wealthy and will help the institute on their endeavours. Octavian’s conflict is that he is an experiment and he has to work very hard so he can rpove to 03-01 , his mother and the superior others that he is magnificent. He isn’t exacly angry about it, although I am sure if he will later on. He is just very determined that he can prove himself. But it cannot be sure how he can solve this issue, I am not far into the book enough.

  7. Today I read Miracle On 49th Street. I read from 43 to 64 which is 21 pages in total. Molly was at the game to see Josh and she heard Kimmy so she got very happy. Also, Molly just found her “father” and question him like she didn’t recognize him. Last, Molly went to see the game in t.v New England Sports Network. The main conflict is that Molly like Josh but it’s hard to see him in the locker room so she can’t nothing about it. Molly feel very sad that Kimmy and her can’t see him. I think Molly can see him if Molly does something important for him.

  8. Today I read the book called ” I Am Number Four” and today I read 29 pages and I read for 35 minutes. Today I had read about what was going on in the life of Number four and how he had gotten the scars and when did he get them in his life. Also today I read about what was going on in the mind of Number one and also the way that he had felt in his life living on Earth were people were different and a place where things just happened and mostly was a place who didn’t go wrong.Also today I read about how Number Fore was getting a new identity in his life and it had been something that was kind of usual for him and his life in order to be safe from the other people who want to kill him and the rest of his race that is left in the world that are still alive. Also today I read that Number Four was close to his death than he had expected in his life because some time was being wasted. The main conflict of this story is about a person who is Number Four and is mostly trying to stay alive with the other kind of people who are similar to him but are different just by their numbers in their life that they were given. Also the main problem of this story is mostly just staying alive for a long time. The way that the characters of this story feel like s harmed because they might just be the only survivors from a different planet in the universe and might risk the chance of dying in the world that is left for them. They can all solve it just by being very cautious about all the different places that they go to in the world while they all still have their lives and they can prevent from dying if all of Number Fours ” brothers and sister” do not come close to each other because they will become six targets and soon might be dead.

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