Wednesday January 6, 2011 – Please do not AGREE or DISAGREE…


Hi KIPPsters!

Hope you had a great Wednesday! I had a blast sharing those doggy cartoons with you. It was really funny to listen to you guys try to figure out the humor behind the drawings. 🙂 Anyway, building off of today’s lesson, please complete a post that shows off your ability to think for yourself and to use a Discussion Starter that doesn’t lead to you agreeing or disagreeing with someone!


1. Username. Title of book.

2. I read from page ____ to page _____, which is a total of _____ pages.

3. Three sentence summary of tonight’s reading.

4. Choose a Discussion Starter from today’s list. Copy a quote from your book then use the Discussion Starter to show your deep thinking about that quote. (Should be at least 2-3 sentences total.)

Have a great night, KIPPoes!




9 thoughts on “Wednesday January 6, 2011 – Please do not AGREE or DISAGREE…

  1. Tonight I read from page 54-62 which is a total of 7 pages ( I couldn’t read a lot ]: ). In my reading tonight, the four sibilings are still headed for their Aunt Cilla’s house trying to find money on the floor, purchasing foods, and trying to find shelter. They are pretty good with finding shelter, but they’re running out of evergy and money. They need to speed up their pace so they don’t run out of money before their destination. I can’t wait to see what happens as a result to these kids, “But then Momma ran away from us. And now we’re running away from everybody. But we’re running to Aunt Cilla’s house, and that makes it different. And Momma may be there. That’s another difference. We’re runaways to, not just runaways,” (Pg. 60). It kind of shows that they picked up this trait from their family, just running away like their mom did. It also means that they are running away to somewhere, not just running away not knowing where your going. Maybe “running away to” is a good idea, or maybe it will come to a horrible outcome.

  2. Tonight i started a book i read a book series called “Warriors” by Erin Hunter. I finished reading from pages 1-40 and the total pages was 39. So far in my book i’ve found out that a house cat name Rusty has joined a clan full of wild cats called “the Thunder Clan” where they battle other wild cats like Shadow Clan, River Clan, Wind Clan, Star Clan, and Thunder Clan. Its is going to take Rusty a few weeks to get use to them , and if he doesn’t succeed then the Thunder Clan will loss all of their terrortory. ” You threaten our clan when you take our food”, yowled Blue Star. ” You have plenty of food in your twoleg nest already. You come here only to hunt for sport. But we hunt to survive.” thank you all so much good night

  3. My name is Yessivetted2016 and tonight i read from page 36 to page 47 which is a total of 11 pages. What happened in my reading tonight was that Clover, Amy’s aunt, was pretending to be Amy’s friend so that they can meet Brett. Also when they met up with Sophie and Mills, Sophie seemed a little jealous that Clover was with Amy because they consider themselves best friends. Lastly, while the girls were walking in the hallway, a boy touched Amy’s bottom and was “charged.” When they finally met Brett, Clover kept showing off to get Brett’s attention. “There was a dangerous look in her eye” (page 44). Could it be that Clover really likes Brett, and that shes not just showing off to get his attention?

  4. Today I read Miracle On 49th Street. I read from 43 to 60 ,which is a total of 17 pages. This evening I read that Molly went to the Celtics basketball game with her friend and Uncle Adam. Molly went to see Josh play basketball at the garden. Last, Molly wanted to go to the locker room to see Josh with her friend to meet him. “Who is taking us to the game?” “Uncle Adam.” Uncle Adam the sportswriter?” I’m surprised that Molly didn’t take her Mom, Jen because she doesn’t have a father. In addition, Molly was in punishment but her mom let her go to the game.

  5. Today I read Cracker Jackson for 35 minutes. I read from page 72 to 117, which is total of 45 pages. Today in my book Cracker Jackson Jackson and his friend took Jackson’s mother car and went to rescue his babysitter Alma be cause she he getting hit by her husband Billy Ray. When they were going to there destination of a place where wives that are hit should go Alma said she wanted to go back to her home and said if they would not take her than she would walk the 14 miles. When they went to there homes Jackson told his mother about Alma problems with her husband and that was when Jackson mom called alma to a meeting, but Alma did not attend for there was a problem that occurred with her and baby Nicole. “Who was hurt? Was it Alma? Was it the baby?”(page 116). I wonder what happened to Alma and Nicole and what the accident really was in the first place.

  6. Tonight i read from pg 64 to page 89 and the total is 25 pages. Tonight my character met up with her fammily that she says are her friends. They went out together and they were just shoopping in the mall. Also they were picking out cloth for this big event that was going to happen. A quote from my book is ” they got the bags as soon as possible and ran in a breeze to catch the bus.” If i were in the book i would do the same thing so that i can catch the bus.i would not like to be the one to wait five hours for the bus. i probably would make it walking but it describes many bags.

  7. Hi! Today I read Octavian Nothing from page 36 to page 55. Octavian found out from Bono that he and his mother were purchased. He also entered the forbidden room, and he found out in a way he’s been an experiment. Mr. 03-01 has kept track of everything in Ocatavian’s entire life. ” Revolving my thoughts uopn this curious state, I resolved thus: I would not fail 03-01. I would not fail my mother. I would prove the superior excellence of my faculties.” (Page 52)I’m curious about why Octavian doens’t seem to mind everything that has happened- that he was bough, that he’s an expiremt, that his who life has been a lie.

  8. Today I read the book called “I Am Number Four” by Pittacus Lore and I read from page 6 to page 48 which is a total of 42 pages and I read for 35 minutes. And what I had read about today was that three strange people were killed and had resulted in this kid getting scars on his leg that had meant that some other race called the Mogadorians have found and killed number one, two, and three. That was horrible news for the person known as number four because he new that he was next to be killed because each of the people were to be killed in order of their numbers. Also today I read that they had come to this planet because their planet Lorien was not able to sustain life any more. A quote that I had found while I was reading was “when one of us is found and killed, a circular scar wraps around the right ankle of those still alive”. I like the way that the story gives each person the information about how many of them have been killed so far in their lives. If I were to be in this kind of situation in my life I would be felling a whole lot of pressure because as others are being killed, I slowly come to realize that my time to die is getting closer every time. I can’t wait until I figure out what happens to number four because he should have gotten three very strong signs that his life was coming to an end and was getting the chance to run away and hide so that he can’t be found by the killer who will probably find him soon.

  9. Today I read Blonde Ambition from page 57 to 75 which is a total of 20 pages. I read about Ann having problems with her new stepsister. The first day she got there she went into Anns room and tried on her close. When Ann went to her room she saw her in her underwear. I wonder why her stepsister already made a bad impression of her self to Ann.”Stay out of my way and I’ll stay out of yours are we clear(pg.58)”. I would never like someone new to my house to just bargin my room and try on my stuff. It can be things that are personal and they still take it and touch it.

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