Tuesday January 4, 2011 – Notes of Interest :)

Taking Notes 🙂

Hi KIPPsters!

I hope you had a great Tuesday. Today, in your post, please make sure you follow ALL of the criteria in the CFS. If not, it will be an incomplete homework! (And that would really stink!) In class we practiced taking notes on things that we would be happy to share with our partners if we were reading our books with friends. In tonight’s homework, let’s take a look at some of the notes you took!


1. Username. Book Title.

2. Tonight I read from page _____ to page _____.

3. Two sentences telling what happened in your reading tonight.

4. One quote/passage from the book that you found interesting.

5. A note about the passage — something that you’d like to share with THE ENTIRE world! (Be smart here, KIPPsters, ANYONE can read this post!)

That’s it. Remember, feel free to type into a Word document first and then copy/paste your post into the box. Thank you!




14 thoughts on “Tuesday January 4, 2011 – Notes of Interest :)

  1. book: break that code
    i read from page :1 to:28
    retell: tonight i read about how people today and from the past were able to break codes. for example, scientist have been trying to brake the code on the mayan glyphs palenque. also, i read about how the egyptains left mysterys when the left mummies and pyramids. heres a joke i read from the book…. why are mummies good spies?? because they,re good at keeping things under wraps!!! hahaha so funny ( wellington )

    what does the check represent to the family?: well to me the theme of the check is hard work being paied off. everyone likes to be noticed in a way and expectually with mulaa (money)!!!!

    explain who asagai is. how does he affect beneatha’s behavior?: Asagai is one of Beneatha’s fellow students. she affects her life by criticizing the things she does to help beneatha learn.

  2. Hi! My name is Yessivetted2106 and tonight i read from page 1 to page 40. What happened in my reading tonight was that a girl named Youn Ju was being taught about things shes never heard. Also, she finds out that she is moving to a town named Mi Gook. ” I do not like to be pretty ” (page 15). I found this interesting because i’ve met many girls that don’t consider themselves girly girls, but they never say the dont like to be pretty. I find this book interesting because it reminds me that there are people all around the world who dont have as much as we do so we hsve to appreciate the people around us or one day the might not be there.

  3. Tonight I read about a famous African American historian speaker named Malcolm X a biogragraphy made by Walter Dean Myers. Tonight I read from page 1 to 40. Tonight what happened was that Malcolm X who’s real name is Malcolm Little had to go through struggles and issues with racism and this period of time was known as segregation. This is very difficult for him at school but he still tries to do his best at school. Malcolm X is a very inspiring person and I admikre him and people should look up to him.

  4. hey, sorry about being late. I’ve read a new book called “Goosebumps and the Magician’s Spell”, i also read 132pgs( finished book ) for about 37 minutes. In goosebumps, your the character and your at the mall with your sister name Joanie who you really don’t like with your best friend named Slid. Then you find out that Joanie wondered off again into a magic store. You meet this guy who owns the store and he says he’s a magician. Joanie steals the book from the magician that is full of magic spells. You accidentally sayone of the words and are at magic act. The magician is really angry at you and if you don’t return the book then Joanie is going to be gone – forever! one quote i really like was this… “Joanie”, you holler.”I’m leaving now!!”You jump on your bike and pedal as fast as youcan”. (pg.3) One last thing before i go to bed is that i want to say that as the characterof the story which is supose to be a boy because the character is friends, best friends with a boy. Onthe front cover of the book, that really doesnt look like boy. It looks like a girl with nappy hair that hasn’t been brushed since’92.Everyone have a goodnight and see you guys.

  5. Hi i am Yessivetted2016. Tonight i read Ask Amy Green Boy Trouble and i read from page 16 to page 33. What happened tonight was that Clover goes to Wendy’s house “to do homework” but her mom knows that it’s impossible to get them to do homework. Also Clover and Wendy might be related because Wendy talks about having the same grandmother. “But gran died 4 years ago of breast cancer” (page 18). I can relate to this because my grandfather died of a tumor in his brain but he died 14 years ago. I found this interesting to me.

  6. Today I read Greek Myth for 35 minutes. I read from page 158 to 189. In my book I read about a myth about a boy name Jason who had to find a magical fleece so he could be a king. On the adventure he finds a girl named Medea who was shot by Eros (cupid) to fall in love with Jason because he needs help in trying to over come the heat of an task that will let him take the golden fleeces to leave the kingdom that he is now marooned on.”What is it that walks on four feet in the morning, on two at noon, and on three in the evening,’ she said with a sinister leer when she saw Oedipus.”(page 158)I like this quote because this shows that riddles can be really difficult and challenging which I like.

  7. The book I am reading is Lily’B on the brink of cool. Tonight I read from page 30 to page 52.One thing that happened in my reading tonight is that lily is now knowing more and more on how to be cool. Another thing is that she us begging to become a little more funky.The food had all been eaten and removed.This book is about lily meeting her new family member she used to just be friends with and then she starts her cool life.

  8. Hi!
    Tonight I read Octavian Nothing, I read from page 3 to 35 I read for about 35 minutes. Tonight what happened was that Ocvatian was telling about his home with his mother and Mr. 03-01. They are very strict about learning and observations.”I was trained in obervation, not in reaction”(page 15). This was interesting to me beacause they don’t seem to aknowledge feeling, but observation. And what’s more intersting is that he doesn’t even care, he doesn’t fight it. He just lets his teachers ignore his feelings and theirs.

  9. Hi!
    Tonight I read Octavian Nothing, I read from page 3 to 35 I read for about 35 minutes. Tonightwhat happened was that Ocvatia was telling about his home with his mother and Mr. 03-01. They are very strict about learning and observations.”I was trained in obervation, not in reaction”(page 15). This was interestin to me beacause they don’t seem to aknowledge feeling, buh observation. And what’s more intersting is that he doesn’t even care, he doesn’t fight. He just lets his teachers ignorehis feelings and thiers.

  10. Tonight, I read the book Homecoming by Cynthia Voigt. I read from page 30 to 54. Something that happened in this book during tonights reading was Sammy, Dicey, James, and Maybeth on their journey to their rich Aunt Cilla’s house. Through their journey, they’ve had some challenging times including getting yelled at by a crazy lady who is threatening to call the cops, being hungry, being tired, and trying to find shelter. ” Dicey woke from a dream about a big white house that faced the ocean. Aunt Cilla’s house,” (Pg. 36). When I ready this, I tried remembering a want I’ve had, then I though of the new blackberry I want. Then, I realized how I’ve had dreams about it picturing what it would be like to hold this device in my hands. I’m guessing, that when you really want something to happen, you can just picture what it would be like to have that want. Another quote that I found that I would like to share is “Dicey walked ahead of the others through a rain that resolved itself into drifting mist. It was gray, cool, chilling. She clutched a grocery bag in each hand and then, as the brown grew sodden, under each hand. She didn’t allow and afternoon rest, just kept moving ahead,” (Pg.42). When I ready this I imagined all that grit. After days and days of walking, it’s important to have this kind of attitude. Then, to top it off you have 3 little brothers and sisters to be watching. This is my motivations to be able to do anything I can image, and anything that I think is impossible.

  11. Today I read “The Year the Gypsies Came”. And today I read from page 37 up to page 72. Tonight I read about some people who had come in a Land Rover and the many things that came after all that was that Emily found out who the people in the car were. Then it was interesting to know that the person who came out of the car was actually a person who was called Jock Mallory and to Emily and Sarah he was not considered to be a real gypsy, just like there father had told them. One quote/passage that I had found to be interesting to me tonight while I was reading was on page 39 was when it said “Outside there is still watery sunlight, and the chameleon digs its claws into my arm even deeper.” To me this was just fascinating and had really stopped me to read it over a few times, this made me paint a picture in my mind of pain that you would be experiencing if a claw were to go into your arm deeper in to you. Also this part of the story was one that caught my interest because I can relate to the character in a similar kind of way because I know that claws can be something like a razor sharp blade and to me I had a whole lot of things in common with this quote.

  12. Today the book I read was Miracle On 49th Street. I read from page 23 to 40. In today’s reading I read that Molly has tickets to see basketball games. I also read that Kimmy is go to go with Molly to see the basketball game. “You’re calling me a loo-zar when I have just present you with two tickets to basketball heaven?” (pg 38) I really like basketball and I know that the title of the book doesn’t sound about basketball but it is about basketball.

  13. Today I read Blonde Abition for 35min with a total of 26 pages. From page 32 to58 .In my book Ann meets her father at the most famous hotel in be Beverly Hills finds out that her older sister Susan, was going back to rehab.”I guess you two get to live happily ever after, huh?”(pg.46). This quote is interesting because it shows how sometimes you think your in heaven and your going to be happy forever but then switch it all goes away.

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