2016… Getting Ready for the READ A THON!


Derek and Joel... Two Tough Contenders for the 2016 December Read A Thon!

Hi KIPPsters!

Can you believe? The first half of the year is already coming to an end! In celebration of our hard work and our love of reading, I am SO excited for this coming Thursday’s READ A THON! Get ready to READ, BABIES, READ!

Here’s what we’re looking for:

1. Sustained, silent, engaged independent reading

2. Extreme focus (no looking up, sideways, down or out the window!)

3. Page turning (no staring at letters until they turn into alphabet soup!)

4. Attentive reading (no dozing, snoozing, daydreaming or zoning out!)

5. Solo readers (no talking, whispering, eye-messaging, or distracting of teammates!)

Could you be the first Marathon Reader? Prizes will be awarded to the readers with the greatest stamina, including guaranteed entrance onto our Class BLOG!

Good luck, Readers!




One thought on “2016… Getting Ready for the READ A THON!

  1. book: Bone
    started on: 78 finished on:150
    retell: well, so far the crew has been traveling looking for a ghost circle. they’ve had some hard bumps and times where the disagreed, and they also met people that where able to guide them even closer to the circle. thorne has also learned to use her powers from when she first had them. overall the book was good and more people should read it. also, it leaves the reader thinking
    what kind of roles did women have in american homes in the 1950s?: they would be the house wives and sometimes when there husbands where at war they would aply for jobs.

    how was this different from what we know about women today?:now adays women dont have to do what they are told to do by there husbands and make decisions for them selves.

    what were the 1950s like for the african americans?: the 1950s where kind of harsh because they werent treated equally as the whites.

    what efforts were being made toward equality?: they boycotted and they would set up marches.

    who were the leaders?: Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks

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