Blog on vacation… and get ready for Mockingjay

Summer School 2010 is in full swing… but the new 7th graders (Welcome, 2016!) aren’t quite ready to blog yet. Soon enough, my dears, soon enough.

In the meantime, I’m reading City of Bones and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. We’re getting ready to start reading When You Reach Me tomorrow as a whole class. I’m hoping that the KIPPoes love it as much as I do!

Lastly, I’m anxiously awaiting for the arrival  of Tuesday August 24 and the landing of Mockingjay on bookshelves across America. Lucky for me, Suzanne Collins is coming to Bank Street Bookstore on the 25th for a reading and signing. I’ve reserved 10 seats for the big event… fingers crossed that the KIPPlets and I get to meet her!

I’ll submit a review of City of Bones and A Great and Terrible Beauty once I finish them.




3 thoughts on “Blog on vacation… and get ready for Mockingjay

  1. i heard from Ms.Emery that the hnger games movie is coming out in 2012. i want to go and see. i hope it’ll be as good as the movie.:)

  2. stabookski, i heard that there’s going to be a Hunger Games movie in 2011. I’m excited, but there are some problems about turning such a graphic book into a movie. After having read both books 1&2, what movie rating should it have in order to be a genuine remake of the book? I’ve read a few other blogs that discuss this and most of the blogs say tha it should be rated R.

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