Tuesday June 15, 2010 – Last TKAM Post

My two favorite characters: Scout and Atticus

Hi KIPPsters!

Great job today on Part 1 of your TKAM final exam. Tonight, I want you to focus on getting your reading done, and really doing a good job so that on tomorrow’s test, you don’t have any trouble….


1. Username.

2. Describe your favorite character in the text. Is this character static or dynamic? (Check your iThink Journal if you can’t remember the difference.) How has your character changed or grown over the course of the novel?

3. Provide one quote that reveals that your character has made some kind of change throughout the story. Provide the page number. Explain how that quote shows the character’s change.

Last night to blog… happy reading and happy blogging!




44 thoughts on “Tuesday June 15, 2010 – Last TKAM Post

  1. My user name is jasonb2015. In the novel, my favorite character seems to be Jem because he’s a dynamic character. In the beginning of the novel, Jem was younng and innocent about what was going on in the community and knew mothing about the issued occuring in Maycomb. Later on in the strory,though, as Jem gets older, Jem grows older and understands that in his community and in the outside world, there is a lot or racism and divisions between people. “That’s what I thought, too,” he said at last,”when I was your age. If there’s just one kind of folks, why can’t they get along with each other? If they’re all alike, why do they get along with each other?(pg.217). Here, readers see how Jem has grown up and now views things differently. He has a much stronger and mature mind and just like Scout, Jem used to be that innocent child as well who didn’t realize the racial tension occuring in the community. Now, though, Jem realizes all the issues occuring in the community and now understannds why the community does not live in peace.

  2. Hi it’s Miladys and I finished the book! My favorite character from the book was Scout for several reasons. She not a static character she does grow she was a small kid in the beggining she seemed to think the world better than it was but now she understands ,more espeshally after what happened to Jem. She leared the world was much scarer than she taught she learned what it ment to fell fear. ” Aunty is Jem dead?” she found out how the world was a hurtful place.

  3. Suni2015- My favorite character is Scout because she seeme to be very adventorous and sometimes a trouble maker. Scout is dynamic, because she is growing up to learning the rough ways of life, and what is happening around in the world that is affecting most people.My character changed because she is now growing to knowing the ugly things about her neighborhood. “Miss Gates said it was awful, Hitler doin’ like he does, she got real read in the face”{pg.246}. This quote shows that Scout is seeing more to the world and what is happening to people and what people have to go through.

  4. my name is ashley 2015. my favorite character is jem and he has a major change in the took in my opinion. in the beginning he was a little kid who played with his little sister then he had changed and stopped and matured and started to leave her out. he instead replaced her with dill and did mature things. they had also showed that he had grew in a major way because in the beginning of the book he was childish and when bob ewell was coming and harrasing them, Jem stepped up to the plate and was the bigger mature brother. “run scout! run! run! jem screamed. i took one giant step and found myself reeling my arms useless, in the dark, i could not keep my balance page 351” this is a classic example of how the character actually is not playing the child role and playing with his sister and instead of pushing her away he is trying to protect her in this particular quote.

  5. Sammy2015: My favorite character is Jem. Jem is Scout’s older brother. Jem would be described as a dynamic character. At first he is just a young typical brother. He acts like an older brother usually is. He cares for Scout even though he won’t admit it. As time passes and he gets older. He starts to change. He is going through puberty and by age 12, it’s noticable that he isn’t himself much. Scout notices his attitude changed from calm and nice to a bit rude and just moody. “Jem was twelve. He was difficult to live with, inconsistent, moody. His appete was appaling, and he told me so many times  to stop pestering him I consulted Atticus: “Reckon he’s got a tapeworm?” Atticus said no, Jem was growing. I must be patient with him and disturb him as little as possible” (Lee 115). Scout doesn’t really understand his concept but knows she needs to give Jem some space for him to be okay. He just needs to focus and be alone for a while and he will be better eventually.    

  6. Marien2015 :

    My favorite character throught the novel was Jem . He was a dynamic character because he has grown ker the course of the book . One way that my character , Jem , has changed over the course of the novel was that he started to become more independent . He also started to act more muture as he got older .

    One qoute that shows Jem that Jem jas become older was when Scout said that , ” Ovetnight , it seemed , Jem had acquired an alien set of values and was trying to impose them on me: several times he went so far as to tell me what to do.” (page : 153) This quote shows that Jem has shown some change beacause even another character , Jem , notices it. She sees that he has become more mature , and more like a grounup.

  7. Lourdes2015-My favorite character is Scout. She is a dynamic character because overtime she grows up from a naíve to smart. Earlier in the book, she is too young to understand what really is going on and take this too literal. She slowly becomes more aware of the problems coming up involving racial descrimination, class and more. She grows up seeing the real world and Atticus guides her through it in a way. He told her in the beginning a quote that she followed after throughout the book, as seen through her actions. At the end, she knows what he means, “Atticus was right. One time he said you never really know a man until you stand in his shoes and walking around in them. Just standing on the Radley porch was enough.” (pg.279). This quote explains the change Scout went through. She is now more optimistic to others like her father by following the advice of the quote. Now the rest of the community should try it.

  8. Ola2015- My favorite character is Atticus. He is very truthful with himself and his children. Honestly, I think he is a kind of static character he always tries to do what is right, from raising his children right to defending a black man in court despite death threats. My character has grown because he has begun to understand more his town. For example racial tension.

    Quote: “That was the only time I ever heard Atticus say it was a sin to do something”…. (pg.90) This quote the slight transition of how my character has made a little change in the text. I do think that Atticus’s action have impacted the children greatly in a positive way.

  9. Rashell2015: My favorite character in the book is Jem. He is around my age about 12-13 years old and he likes football. I think that Jem is a dynamic character but not fully I think he also stays the same in some ways.”Jem’s growin’ up. He’s gonna want to be off to himself a lot now, doin’ whatever boys do…”(page 115). This shows that Jem has changed because at the begging of the book Jem likes being with his sister and being like a child exploring everything they could. Jem then changed because he is not a child he wants to do things more serious, he just doesn’t want to met Boo and spy on him. He want to do what grown boys do not be with his younger sister and play all day with her. I think the Jem is a dynamic character he is done playing games and is ready to move on from that point in life.

  10. Gabriel2015: To Kill A Mokcking Bird Harper Lee

    My favorite character is Jem. He is my favorite character because he is starting to become a man and I can relate to him in many ways about that. I think that he is dynamic and static at the same time. He is dynamic because he is coming of age. He is static because he doesn’t really change and he just learns many lessons throughout the whole story.

    Quote: “I can’t deny Mister Jem becoming a man, he just needs some space…” (pg. 115)

    This shows that Jem is growing because he is starting to become a man as the quote says, and he needs space as some guys may need at times especially when a parent is nagging at them for something. I’m just saying at least.

  11. Chris 2015 my favorite character is scout. I would describe her as intelligent, confident, and thoughtful. She is a tomboy. Scout is static in the novel. Scout had changed over the novel because she develops a more grown perspective that forced her to be empatheic towards grown folks. “when they finally saw him…to the end”(page 281). This shows that scout changes because in the beginning of the book she couldnt put herself in others shoes and feel the same way, but in the end of the book she can see a grown up’s perspective.

  12. I forgot to include that at the end of the book Scout climbs into Boos skin and just like Atticus said. At the very end of the book Scout finds out that everybody is not so bad after all.

  13. Julio2015: Today was a very exciting day. This is because we finnaly finished the book. It was a very good and exciting ending. My favorite character is Atticus. Since Atticus is the oldest, he is a very important character. He is the only character constantly begining mention in the book. In my opinion Atticus is very dynamic. He changed, not a lot but he changed. Atticus” was trying to defend Tom in a case”. This is very surprising, because Atticus in the beginning didn’t really like black men. He was known for a man that did’t like colored men. This page was on chapter 19. Now it shows that Atticus has changed ver the course of the book.

  14. 1. ClarissaC2015 :] One Last Time . . .

    2. My favorite character is Jem. He is dynamic of course because he is going through the process of puberty during this book. He became a little bit more serious and less playful towards Scout and Dill. He became a little moody, but it was only because he was going through puberty.

    3.”I just cant help it if Mister Jem’s growin’ up. He’s gonna want to be off to himself alot now, doin’ whatever boys do , so you just come right on in the kitchen when you feel lonesome. We’ll find lost to do in here” p.115

  15. Justin2015. My favorite characte in the book is Scout. Scout is dynamic because she changes over the coarse of the book. She has changed over the coarse of the novel because she is growning up and she is understanding more how she should handle some problems
    she has change over the book because she was talking to Mr. Cunniginham and she said ” Hey Mr. Cuniginham it’s me Scout” and started talking and how she tok it seriously.

  16. Wussup its Naz again and I am reading To Kill A MockingBird.
    Out of all characters I would say that Scout is very dynamic because she has alot of courage and is not afraid to speak about whats on her mind to anyone. Scout is a unique peson and plays an important role in this book. At first Scout was a crazy little girl that needed some growing up to do and based on what i was reading over the course of the book I knew eventually she would or she would hav had to made that change for her and for other people. Others were not liking how she would treat other people so she has grown as a person in To Kill A MockingBird.
    Before in the begining of the story in a situation like this Scout would of had probably had left it alone but since she has grown as a person she decided to step in and once again decided to speak her mind. It was a huge argument invloving the the men that were all in jail and Scout decided to break it up and talk about what really matters that eventhough they are locked up in jail its not to late to turn your life around and just because you are in jail you should not be argueing all the time. This happend on page 138 and this shows that Scout can be mature and not take everything like its a big joke.

  17. Hey DD2015! My favorite character is Scout. She is a static character. I can’t tell if she’s really grown becasue in sometimes she acts so smart but then in the next chapter she acts like a little kid. “He gave a short contenptuous snort.” pg.27 Then this, “Hey Jem what is snow?” first she uses big words but doesn’t know what snow is.

  18. Arsthly2015:
    My favorite charter is Jem. I think he is dynamic because of two reasons. The obvious one is that he changes ages throughout the whole book, and Harper Lee includes that. Another reason why he is dynamic is because he because more like an adult in every chapter of the book.
    Jem was scowling. It was probably a part of the stage he was going though, and I wished he hurry up and get through it. He was certainly never cruel to animals…” pg.238
    This shows Jem’s change because he is going through stages which means he is growing up. He is growing up, but not as fast Scout wants him to, so he can stop being annoying.

  19. s.brownie2015
    My favorite character is Scout because she is a dynamic character that grows in many ways. She learns that people aren’t always the way they show you at first. She is exposed to racism and how a black person was exposed to an immediate guilt snetence because of his race. Scout overall learns that the world around her isn’t as pretty as she was seeing it before.
    “Jem was twelve. He was difficult to live with, inconsistent, moody. His appetite was appalling…’Reckon he’s got a tapeworm?’Atticus said no, Jem was growing. I must be patient with him and disturb him as little as possible.” This shows that Scout isn’t used to changes like this or any others that follow this. Scout is unconfortable about the fact she fact she must be patient with one of her best friends.

  20. Hello this is Elianny2015. My favorite character has to be Jem. Jem has grown in many ways in To Kill a Mockingbird. “This change in Jem had come about in a matter of weeks”(pg115) MY character is static. This quote is indicating that Jem is really growing up fast. He is starting to realize what is really going on in this community around him. He is also noticing how wrong the things that the people of the town are doing is wrong. He is know reilzing that somethings thathehas said n the past have ben dimb in a way.

  21. KathieeVee2015 🙂 aka Katerin Villar.

    My favorite character has to be Scout because she is a young girl who doesnt act as young as she is she has a opened mind. It also seems as she isnt scared to tell you the way she feels.Scout i think should be named a dynamic character because she build up to what she believed in. She also grows up instead of being shalow in a way.

    This happened a little towards the middle but Scout decides to use the word nigger. Also in 250 she says “I learned more about the poor Mrunas’ social life from listen to Mrs.Merriweather..” In this quote it shows that she now understand the way other feel and she sees it in different point of view.

  22. IsraelP2015_ one character that i think is dynamic is Boo Radley. Even though he wasn’t presented in the book a lot. At the end he really grew. I think that he grew in many ways, the decision he made to help Jem and Scout out when they were about to get stabbed with the man with the kitchen knife it really showed bravery because it took him this long to finally come out his house. In 30 Boo Radley finally comes out of the house to help the kids pg 265. I remember that Atticus thanked Author and said thank you for my kids.

  23. 1.magaly2015.
    2.one of my favorote character is boo radley.why? because he seems like a very unique character. i believe he is dynamic because he goes from a bad guy to getting attetion from others. he is known as a crazy guy who killed his father and others. but still many people wonder about him.
    3.in chapter 30 it says, “Although he knows that Boo is the one who stabbed Ewell, Heck wants to hush up the whole affair, saying that Boo doesn’t need the attention of the neighborhood brought to his door.” thid shows how he has killed another person in his life which isnt very good.

  24. Josh2015blog:

    Jem is my favorite character in TKAM. Jem is a very dynamic character. He has changed because he is older and more mature. One example of how he has changed is that he was always “isolated” from Scout. He never really wanted to anything with her. Until later on in the story. He starteed to connect to her more. Especially at the the end of the story.


  25. Jm2015:my favorite character is scout because she is a very dynamic person with a lot of personality. She reminds me of tone of my own friends. She reminds me of Ashley. She is the type of person who acts like a child but at the same time she knows how to carry her self in curtain. situations. She is a very outgoing little girl. My character changed because at the begging of the book she was very Immature but now she’s learning to be more mature. She has seen as she got older everything wasn’t funny.
    As the men were arguing Scout took the time and she stopped the drama she was being the bigger person in the situation. That’s shows that my character was being very mature and out of all of the people she stopped the situations.(paraphrased) My character is very unique in her own ways.

  26. My favorite character from To Kill A Mockingbird is Scout. This character is dynamic because throughout the book she begins to grow with more knowledge. My character has grown throughout the novel because as she grew she learned more about the real world and about racism and struggling to survive. For example, in one part of the book she says why do you cry? Do you itch? She says this because she didn’t understand anything when she was younger. As she grew she began to change her ways of thinking and way of act.

    One quote is on pg.30, “You can’t do that, Scout Atticus said. Sometimes its better to bend the laws a little in special cases. In your case the law remains rigid. So to school you must go. I don’t see why I have to go when he doesn’t.” This shows how Scout isn’t really old enough and doesn’t understand what’s really happening

  27. Hi this is Deion speaking

    Mt favorite characfer is Scout becuase she’s a girl but likes to do bot things, so she’s a tondoy.Scout is a dynamic character because she becomes more independent and more intelligent. Toward the beginning of the story Scout doesn’t really know any better, and does childish things. And toward the middle of the story she focuses on more important and adult issues, like saving her father from getting beat up.

    “Do you defend nigger Atticus?” I asked him rhat evening.”of coures I do. Don’t say nigger, Scout. That’s comon.” “So what everybody at school says.” Well if you don’t want me to grow up talking that way, why do you send me to school?” Scout has changed because at the beginning of the novel Scout talks about school, Dill, and Boo. But now that shes grown aliltle she thinks about wat others don’t. I also think she changed because she is ass close to Dill as she use to be with him. “FAMILY”

  28. This is ShawnW and im posting this post about To Kill A Mockingbird. My favorite character in the book is basically Scout because she is an interesting character. To me one of the funniest things she did was walk in the middle of a prison kill. They were about to kill Tom because he was a black person and at that time black people were treated very horrible back then. She walked into the group of the men and started asking question to try and calm the situation down and controlled. That is exactly what happened because of her so calm voice when she was talking. I was suprised when she actually calmed the situation down. To me I think that Scout has changed because in the beginning of the book, she had a different view of the world then how she looks at the world now.

  29. My favorite character is Atticus because he knows a lot about the world. He is also a great role model to follow.i believe my character is a static character because almost throughout the whole book he is trying to help someone do the right thing.Also he is trying to help others by preaching so he doesnt really change a lot.My character has grown because Scout and others are calling Atticus pretty old.”His father was a lawyer like Atticus, only much younger.” (-page216-) The character has grown because Atticus is getting not old but much older and everyone is saying he cant do as much tasks and he is still giving good advice.

  30. kaylap2015.My favorite character in the book would be Jem because he makes it really obvious that he is going thorough some changes in life that people notice. And not only puberty but the way he acts for example on page 115 Scout says “i must be patient and and disturb him as little as possible” and i would say that Scout really knows whats going on with Jem’s changes in the way he acts and with the way he even looks.

  31. Orlando G 2015 here . today i just finished reading to kill a mockingbird.My favorite character in this book is Atticus because he is a great example. I think he is the kind of person that doesn’t care what others say if he thinks that it is the right ting he will do it.i think that Atticus is definitely and dynamic character because he changes a lot through out the book. he helps a lot of people going against peoples beliefs .i believe he is his own person.in page 89 it says Atticus was becoming feeble he was nearing 50. I think that Harper meant that Atticus becoming older and that he was becoming wiser .that even though he was aging that didn’t mean that he was getting weaker.

  32. My favorite character in the book is Atticus. Atticus is a dynomic character. He significally changes throughout the book. At the beginning to the book Atticus was so conceited and selfish. He basically only tought for himself. As the book went on he helped people. He had personal feelings for white people. Also he helped people with their struggles but some people. He also supported people. Atticus has changed a lot throughout the book. He went from selfish to supportive. I really like the way Atticus has changed throughout the book. Quote- “There’s a lot of ugly things in this world, son. I wish I could keep ’em all away from you. That’s never possible.” This quote shows the way Atticus really cares about one. I like this quote a lot. In this quote Atticus is developing his caring for others.

  33. My favorite character in this book will have to be scout because she could be really smart and she really knows when to be sirioius and when to act her afge that shows she’s smart I think that she is a little bit of both static and dinamic. Only becuase she changes sometimes during the book I think that she has change that realizing to be a better leader. It took a lot of guts to stand up to a bunch of men

  34. Genesis2015.My favorite character is Tom Robinson because to me he made the story be more interesting with the situation of people accusing for hurting Mayella. Tom is static because he has been calm and innocent. At the begining he doesn’t play a big roll in the book but he does on page 194 and 195 where JUdge Taylor is making sure that he did’t hurt Mayella. Mayella knows who hurt her but she doesn’t want to blame him. On page 195 talk about how Mayella wants to kiss Tom but the Judge thinks that he might have done something afterwards. Then he was sent to Alaska for punishment on the electric chair. This shows character change because Tom just kept his thoughts to himself and didn’t want to make a big deal because he thought that there were no other way he could have defend himself.

  35. manii2015 (emanie cruz). my favorite character in the story is Jean Louise “Scout” Finch. this character is dynamic because scout has changed throughout the story. my character has changed or grown over the course of the novel because first she is a little girl doing little girls things, then she begins o learn how to read at the age of 5, then she begins to go threw a big change and begins to make big changes that can cause an affect to her life. scout is also intellegent and a tomboy. then she begins to talk to judges about situations. “i was born good but had grown progressively worse every year”.(Chapter 9.) this shows that she somewhat relizes that growing up is hard, but she had relized that in an early age. “She seemed glad to see me when I appeared in the kitchen, and by watching her I began to think there was some skill involved in being a girl.” (Chapter 12.) this shows that she has went through some hard times and she relizes that when you are born a girl everything i sall fun and games but that there is some negitivity to being a girl and it has to do with growing up and being mature.

  36. kayla 2015
    my favorite character is scout because she is out going and adventurous. she is a dynamic character. she is a dynamic character because in the beginning she was about 5 or 7 and very childish but now shes growing up and becoming more mature and realizing that she needs to grow because shes in the 3rd grade. and shes able to express her fellings more.
    “boo and i walked up to the steps of the porch. his fingers found the front doorknob. he gently released my han, opended the door, went inside, and shut they door behind him. i never saw him again.” this shows that scout bdoesnt think that boo radley is a big mean scary person because she abe to understand him and act like her childish self any more.

  37. Jalisa2015:My favorite character in the text is Scout.
    Is Scout because since she the narrator of the story. Another thing is that she a really interesting character, that I’ve not ever since in a novel before. Scout is a child just a small kid and smart. Even though this is a smart character she act like a grown up. My character is dynamic. During the course of the novel she has change because since we’ve read already ahead in the book we Know that Scout has said a word that really has affect the community/society. She has said the “N” word which really people can already be thinking of Scout. This is why my character has grown in the novel.
    (“I seen that black nigger yonder ruttin’ on my Mayella” )Chapter 17.This shows how Scout has changed in the novel because we as the readers never though a kid like this would actually affect the community with this word that include the Negroes at Maycomb town.

  38. my favorite character is scout because she has grew over thye entire course of the book and it shows that she is dynamic.she has grown because before she used to always fight with people over the little things.Now she doesnt get angry over little things,she knows h0w to control her temper.
    On page 74, scout was tempted to put her fist up to cecil jacobs because he was making her angry.Atticus told her to let her anger go and hold her head up and that will show how strong she really is.

  39. Zariah2015. My favorite character is Jem. He is a dynamic character because he changes throughout the course of the story. he changed because as he got older he didn’t want to be around Scout all the time. He wanted to do his own thing. In chapter 12, Jem,”…was 12. he was difficult to live wwith,inconsistent, moody. His appetie was appalling, and he told me so many times to stop pestering him…” (page 115). This shows my character changed because in part 1 he would always be with his sister,Scout,and he wouldn’t tell her to stop pestering him so much. He also changed because he got older.

  40. Zariah2015. My favorite character is Jem. He is a dynamic because he changes throughout the course of the story. he changed because as he got older he didn’t want to be around Scout all the time. He wanted to do his own thing. In chapter 12, Jem,”…was 12. he was difficult to live wwith,inconsistent, moody. His appetie was appalling, and he told me so many times to stop pestering him…” (page 115). This shows my character changed because in part 1 he would always be with his sister,Scout,and he wouldn’t tell her to stop pestering him so much. He also changed because he got older.

  41. Zariah2015. My favorite character is Jem. He is a dynamic because he changes throughout the course of the story. he changed because as he got older he didn’t want to be around Scout all the time. He wanted to do his own thing. In chapter 12, Jem,”…was 12. he was difficult to live wwith,inconsistent, moody. His appetie was appalling, and he told me so many times to stop pestering him…” (page 115). This shows my character changed because in part 1 he would always be with his sister,Scout,and he wouldn’t tell her to stop pestering him so much.

  42. Hi my name is Adrian. My favorite character in TKAM is Atticus. He is my favorite character because he is a lawyer. He is also my favorite character because although he is white he is defending a black male named Tom Robinson. I think this is so brave of him to do that because I think no other white men will defend some one who has a different skin color because they will be afraid on what the community might do or say. I also like Atticus because he gives good advice. On page 194 he is at court asking his client questions and then laterb on he wins the case. This character I think is static because he pretty much through out thee book stays the same. I’m sorry but Atticus does not change he stays on point through out the novel.

  43. Ag2015.

    2. My favorite character is Jem he is a dynamic character he changes through the parts.My charcter has changed because before he enjoyed playing games and acting like a kid but now he acts like the man of the house or he is incharge of his sister.

    “You do and I’ll kill you.” Page 56. Jem has never spoken like that in this book he was always happy or serious but not aggressive enough to kill someone.


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