Monday, June 14, 2010 – TKAM Post

Atticus defending Tom in the trial from the movie version of TKAM

Hi KIPPsters!

Can you believe it? We’re in our second to last, or in super sophisticated vocabulary terms, our penultimate week of school! Today, let’s blog about what we discussed in class today: universal themes and Harper Lee’s unique portrayal of those themes in the novel.


1. Username.

2. Identify a universal theme that is portrayed in the text.

3. Provide an example from the text (with a page number) of that theme in action.

4. Explain what Harper Lee’s message is about that theme. How is it unique? How is her perspective of the theme different from or the same as the way other authors have portrayed that theme within their texts?

Happy reading and happy blogging!




47 thoughts on “Monday, June 14, 2010 – TKAM Post

  1. Adianis2015-one character that i think has grown is Boo. i think he has grown is because at the end of the book it seems like he has become more social. he is now being more friendly and actually getting out of his house. Page 270 a reason i think he is a dynamic character is because he is now being shown a said in the book.I think that Boo Radley is a symbol in this book that also has to do with the mockingbird

  2. Chris2015: A universal theme that is shown in To Kill A Mockingbird is seeing others perspectives in a different way from what it really is. “Why were you scared?””Mr.Finch, if you was a nigger like me, you’d be scared too.”(page 195)Harper Lee’s message is that you can’t really feel the same way the person feels if you really dont know him very well and understand where he’s coming from. You have to be empatheic in order to feel the same way. I think it’s unique because other authors would choose a different setting for this theme. I think Harper Lee’s perspective is different from other authors because she forces the characters to learn to understand another character better and other authors end up with the character not knowing who the other characters really are.

  3. Angeline2015:
    Universal theme: Coming of age
    “There’s four kind of folks in the world. Theres the ordinary kind like us and the neighbors, theres the kind like the Cunningham out in the woods, the kind like the Ewell’s down the dump, and the Negroes.”( pg.226).
    Harper Lees message about this theme is that the place you live in depends on what class you’re in. Its unique because she mixes the idea of even having white families like the Ewell’s live in a poor environment just like the Negroes. Her perspective is different because other authors always put all whites as high class and Negroes as low class, but Harper Lee writes blacks and even some whites as poors.

  4. My user name is jasonb2015. A universal theme presented in the novel is racial tension. “…This morning Mr.Bob Ewell stopped Atticus on the post office corner, spat in his face, and told him he’d get him if it took the rest of his life” (pg.217). Harper Lee’s message about racial tension is that one’s beliefs about the rights of others such as blacks, are not respected and perhaps even discouraged to stick to what one believes. Sometimes even violence can occur between the beliefs of descrimination. Atticus was spat on the face because Mr.Ewell dislikes blacks and treats them like criminals while Atticus believes in the rights of blacks, but Atticus is still not dicouraged about believing in what he believes. Harper Lee’s perspective is unique from the way other authors portray racial tension because in Harper Lee’s novel, one can clearly see the consequences of being black or standing up for the rights of blacks while in other authors’ books, racial tension is portrayed with small problems that do more telling than showing and do not show the main consequences of being a certain race. Harper Lee in an interesting way, shows the disaster and horror of being black as you were mostly thought as a criminal and overpowered by a white’s words.

  5. Sammy2015: In TKAM, a universal theme that has been protrayed is that age doesn’t matter but its about the power in you. “Don’t you remember me, Mr.Cunningham? I’m Jean Louise Finch. You brought us some hickory nuts one time, remember?”… “I go to school with Walter. He’s your boy, ain’t he? Ain’t he, sir?”(Lee 155)”So it took an eight-year old child to bring ’em to their senses, didn’t it? (Lee 157)” Harper Lee’s message about the theme is that Scout, an eight year old, changed the subject and stopped the men from trying to go in the jail and get Tom Robbinson. She didn’t even seem to realize she just helped Atticus because if that hadn’t been stopped, the mob would have probably made it through and Tom Robbinson would have been hurt or even killed. Not many novels express that the youth can be more powerful than adults. Children have their ways to settle things and Scout’s way of getting things settled is by changing the subject and talking a lot. When children’s power is expressed in other novels, they may be showing that children are inferior to adults; adults are higher ranked than children. Though children need to follow the adults, it doesn’t mean they need to be considered as something less than them. In TKAM, children, Scout, Dill, and Jem, show that they can do more than adults and Scout shows she can have more power than Atticus which caused the mob to stop and leave.

  6. lourdes2015- The theme I read about was racial tension. On page 214, the case ends and everyone waits to find out who wins. At that time, supporting a colored man is not common so they lose the trial. They think it might happen with Tom Robison’s case. In other parts of the book, people treat anyone who is colored or nice to them are treated badly. For example, Atticus defending him effected how people treated him and his family. Now that they won, the community might have more respect or dislike his actions more.Throughout the book, Harper Lee shows the racial tensions growing between blacks and whites using small issues. Eventually, it will become one big problem, and maybe Scout or the other kids will solve it. This is another theme- how kids can have as much power to help and change the community/world as adults do.

  7. I think that a universal theme is that a lot of racism going on in the book because if there was a case of a white man rapeing a woman then the cops would not really care but if there was a black man who did it which there was a case of that they would arrest him with no questions at all asked or just would not beileve him. Harper lee is saying that in the past and kind of now that it isn’t at all easy being black. On page 93.

  8. Ola2015- One universal theme in this book that is pretty big is the racial tension. Atticus is a white lawyer who is defending a black person. In this time period, people of color are treated like they are inferior by most whites.

    Quote- For example, “With Mr. Ewell and seven children on the place, boy?” (pg.195) This is an example of a quote where the judge is speaking to Tom Robinson, a black grown male, like a little a boy. And you might notice the he doesn’t call Mr. Ewell “boy”!!…

    Harper’s Lee’s main message here is to state the issue of racial tension in this time period. It is unique because it coming from the point of a white little girl. Her main perspective is that the treatment of Negros is very unfair.

  9. Marien3015 :

    One universal theme that is portrayed in the text is steping into anothe person’s shoes . This means that the person should try to think how the other person one think fromtheir perspective.

    “Mr.finch , if yu was a nigger like me , you’d be scared , too.” (pg . 261)

    Harper Lee’s message and theme is that whit people should step into black people’s shoes more often to see what they are going through in ther point of veiw. This is uniqe because authers usally just say that children should step into adults shoes , or enemies should step into eachoters shoes , but she portrays this theme in a diffrent way . Her perspective of the theme is diffrent from other authers that hav portrayed this theme because she uses diffrent examples of situations that people should see eachothers perspective.

  10. My name is Katerin Villar.

    A good universal theme is Racial Tension because it proves the judge treats tom like he is in a lower class. Also the angry mob , and community racism.

    An example from the text is in page 194 it states that the judge is basically taking most part on the whites “witness ill answer , though” she shows a part that she don’t wanna listen to Tom’s discussion.

    Harper Lee’s novel is unique because she is finally an author that doesn’t uses romance to describe racial issues. This is different because she uses the eyes of a young girl and uses her perspective to describe how racial issues affected the kids back in the day.

  11. MY NAME IS ASHLEY 2015.

  12. Gabriel2015: To Kill A Mocking Bird by Harper Lee

    Universal Theme: Do what you think is right.

    Atticus was actually defending Tom on page 190. This shows the theme in action because Atticus is helping a balck man with a case that people in the community will probably still find him guilty and he is doing what he thinks is right by defending him.

    I think Harper Lee’s message is for more people to do what they think is right. It is not that unigque because other people use that theme a lot but how she portrays it is unique. Her way of writing is different because you have a white man defending a black man in a pretty racist time and to do that was very unlikely to be seen or done.

  13. markos2015-a universal theme is class division. you are treated on ur pay role and ur education and in your backround. the Ewell’s family are dis respected. its not becuase they are mean its becuase of their class. they are very poor and very uneducated.”every town the size of maycomb had families like the Ewells. no economic fluctustion changed their status-poelp like the Ewells lived as quests of the county in prosperity as well as the depths of depression” pg 227
    this is unique becuase they arent like slaves and they dont seel revenge. and they are nor extremly uneducated they are just not very smart. other authors but blacks or class like people slap them hit them or tourcher them. Harper Lee puts blacks and lower clasess in tough situations but not as tough as slaves or like Francie in A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

  14. justin2015. One Unversal theme is that on page 195 Tom answered the question and said “suh” at the end of almost every sentence. The universal theme I choose is class division because since he’s black it doesn’t seem like he got a good education because he would say a sentence and say “suh” after it. Hape Lee’s message on the theme is that little kids can change the future no matte how young they are because they are the future. It is unique because she shows it I the way where people change in the book for what they did or said. Her perspective is different because she thinks that childern can change people’s minds to change the world and other write how they can just change the world. She also says that they are the future

  15. Hi it’s Miladys.I see that Harper Lee theme is that people might go on a persons side because of something they share in comen even if they know it’s wrong. The community are aggenst Tom and with Mayella because she was white and he was not. Even if the proof points to her and you can see the motive of her to take it to court. “She must put Tom Robinson away from her.Tom Robinson was daily reminder of what she did. What did she do? She tempted a Negro. ” (pg 203). In a way it is the same as other authors talking about racism and how they treat colored people differently.

  16. Rashell2015:One theme that is in the book is racial tension.”Mr.Finch, if you was a nigger like me, you’d be scared, too”(page 195).What Harper Lee is saying about racial tension is that being a black man was so much harder than being a white man.Black men had to think about what they were doing because anything bad they did they could get killed unlike a white man. It’s unique because this trail is based on the family they don’t like.The family Ewell and black people are both unlike in the community but because its black against white they go for the whites even if the Ewell are a disgrace. Usually the blacks are against the liked white so the blacks lose easily but now both sides aren’t really liked. This is like tan against black there both colored but because one is more colored than the other they go against the darker though they are both not liked because of color.


  18. i think one universal theme is gangs in this book and as well as others. On page 147 they said that scout didnt know that there was a gang in maycomb until now.i think the message is that if you not apart of anything dont worry about it.In other words stop being nosie.I think this is unique about the gangs and being noise in the world and in books.I think her perspective of the theme is diferent in a way because she tries to put a line about it and other authors will try to put a whole page and i think both ways are fine.

  19. You can obviously tell that standing up for what you believe was changed in To Kill a Mockingbird.

    Tom Robinson is a black man who was being accused of rape. It says on page , “Why did you run?. I was scared,suh”. This shows how Harper Lee changed the way black people stood up for what they believed. Most other novels will show Tom standing up to him and showing how he needs to stand up for blacks. But he shows it’s either to run and live or defend and die. Him running away showed how afraid black people were of whites. This also showed how much power the white had, and what they can do with that power.

    Harper Lee’s message about this theme is basically believing in what to do is best. For example, it wouldn’t have been the best idea to argue if you were in Toms perspective. Unlike other authors Harper Lee changed it and showed how the real life is. It’s unique because you wouldn’t really see a author writing about how a black man ran away because he was scared of what can happen to his life. This isn’t what other authors probably would’ve wrote about, instead they would write about the black man trying to stand up for himself and fighting for rights.

  20. AG2015.

    2. Class Divisions is one because Tom doesn’t know how to defend himself as well, and other people don’t wanna listen because they are stubborn they feel.
    3. Always try to step into other people’s shoes, on page 197 they accuse him still after we found out his arm doesn’t work and it’s hard to beat someone with one arm that bad to get brusies and to get away that fast if he did do that.
    Harper Lee showing that people become stubborn when they divide people by racial tensions and class because they’re positive they’re correct because are a higher class.
    It’s the same because it shows the ways the themes are correct or used to describe them.

  21. Arsthly2015:
    A universal theme portrayed in the text is innocence.
    “Remember, it is a sin to kill a mockingbird… Mockingbirds don’t do one thing but make music for us to enjoy… but sing their hearts out for us.” Pg.90
    Yes, it is the line in which we see why the title is To Kill a Mockingbird, but it’s more than that. This is quote shows the theme of innocence, and how a mockingbird is innocent, and so are many other characters in this book. Two of the characters that are innocent and are described like bad people by others are Boo, and Tom. This is unique because not many authors go deep enough to show a “villains” true person. I put villain in quotes because they are not always the villain, but are blamed, Tom. This changes the perspective of the book because we can now see more than one perceptive on the bad guy.

  22. Jm2015:A universal theme is racial division.
    That is a universal theme because there seems to be a lot of that during the trail in the court room. When they were questioning Tom they brought up false facts just because he was black. If Tom was white then they would believe that he didn’t rape Mayella. Also how was it possible for Tom to rape mayella if he only had on arm because she could have gotten away. The only reason they arm accusessing him is because he is black. If it was a white person they would just let it go.pg195.
    Harper Lee’s message about this is that just because your a different race you shouldn’t be treated differently. It is unique because probably in her other book it shares the same universal theme. Her perspective is different from the text because maybe she think segregation is negative an she wants everyone to make peace. Also she may think as if she was each character and how they may feel while all of this is happening as time goes on. I believe that Harper is in each of the characters’ shoes an how they would feel at this time.

  23. ClarissaC2015 – I’m back again :]

    1. Universal Theme: Racial Tension

    2. “Mr.Finch, if you was a nigger like me, you’d be scared, too.” p.195

    3.I think racial tension is portrayed a lot in the second story line because of Tom Robinson’s case. Of course the readers would think that Tom is innocent, but the people of this story don’t seem to think so. Why? Because hes black. I think that since he is black it gives the whites of the town more of a reason to think that he raped Mayella Ewell. Harper Lee’s interpretation of this universal theme is different from other texts because its not sugar coated. Meaning that the facts are hard to cope but she tells it like is. Other authors such as Jacqueline Woodson, kind of sugar coat it a bit. They make things all happy when its actually no where near that.

  24. Jalisa2015:A universal theme that is portrayed in the text can be racial tension.
    One example that in this novel racial tension is represent when (“She couldnt live like Mr.Dolphins Raymond,who preferred the company of Negroes, because she didnt own a river bank and she wasnt from a fine old family)”pg#192.
    Haper Lee message is about this theme because she tries to tell the readers that even though we have a diffrent colored-skin we still should be the same.Another thing is that how we have families that can own something eighter because they’re poor and they dont own something.We are still equally in a matter of life.Is unique because it can still happen today maybe still we dont Know but is just the way of people act in a certain way of today. This theme is diffrent from the other author because in some how they always lead the racsim go through and never give the readers a message of what they’re trying to persuade.

  25. emaine 2105. a universal theme that i have relized that has poped up in the story is that kids at a young age that others can do. the reason id because scout is 5 years old and she can read and write at the age of 5. “Until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read. One does not love breathing.”page 18. it is unique becuase it is tring to say that scout is one of a kind and she is different from other children more than one way. the perspective of harper lee is different than any other author because she thinks that it does not matter what age you are you can always push yourseld to be much older and make bigger choices.

  26. kaylap2015.A universal theme that can be in the book is coming of age or going through puberty. One example of that theme in the book is that on page 115, Jem is twelve years old and its said “Atticus said no, Jem was growing. I must be patient with him and disturb him as little as possible. Harper Lee’s message about this theme is that everyone that goes or starts going through puberty is gonna have their changes in life and the people who are used to them have to start getting used to the new person that comes out of the old person. Her perspective is similar to other books because going through puberty teaches everyone a lesson about growing up.

  27. emaine 2105. a universal theme that i have relized that has poped up in the story is that kids at a young age that others can do. the reason id because scout is 5 years old and she can read and write at the age of 5. “Until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read. One does not love breathing.”(Scout) page 18 it is unique becuase it is tring to say that scout is one of a kind and she is different from other children more than one way.
    the perspective of harper lee is different than any other author because she thinks that it does not matter what age you are you can always push yourseld to be much older and make bigger choices.

  28. Julio2015: Today I read chapters 20-25. It was very interesting because I read about how there was a universal theme and that is steping into someone elses shoes. In the prevous chapters we read about how Atticus steped into Toms shoes, to try to defend him in order to win the case. This shows how Atticus has to step into Toms shoes and try to compare and constrast characteristics about each other. Harper Lee message is that in order to really understand a person you have to really get in there shoes and take there role. You have to this this in order to know a person better and to compare the similarities and differences about each other. This theme of steping into other peoples shoes is unique because you can really elaborate why or how a person can be you for a day.

  29. Hey dd2015! I think a universal theme in this book would be racism.”He says you goddamn whore i’ll kill ya.” This is when Mr.Finch found Tom with Mayella and thought he raped her.Harper Lee was trying to show that once they see a black in the wrong place at the wrong time they automaticly acuse the black person of doing something wrong.Her perspective is different than other authors because others would put blacks as being violent people,but H.L. is showing that blacks are being acused for the wrong things.

  30. Orlando G 2015 here. Today I read the book to kill a mocking bird and i realize that through out the book there is one theme that keeps coming up is stepping into other peoples skin is always good when you are listening to their issues and racial tension.I think that there is a part in page 195 where judge Taylor is being sort of racist towards tom Robinson but at the same time you have people like Atticus trying to get into toms shoes by saying how he cant do anything because he only has one arm his other arm is really damaged.I think that Harper lee’s theme is that you should always have a perspective on someone doesn’t matter the color of their skin.her themes are similar to the other themes of other books because hers is sort of the same it doesn’t really change fro m the casual,but at the same time it is different because she proves very differently.

  31. Zariah2015. A universal theme is racial tentions. on page 195 and 196, they are in the court room and Tom is being accused for a rape he did not commit. He is only on trail because he is black. If he was white then everyone would not care or bother to look into the situtation. This is a unique because it has come up in many other class novels. It appeared in A Tree Grows In Brooklyn. It is the same like other books with with universal theme because they show how hard it is for black people to live during this time period. It shows that people didn’t care how they treated the black people.

  32. This is ShawnW and im going to blog about the chapters twenty to twenty five in To Kill A Mockingbird. My first note is a question and it is, what does he mean by”settle your stomach”? One continued universal theme is racism because on page two hundred one, it says that “cheaten on a colered man is ten times worse than cheatin on a white man.” I think that Harper Lee’s message about universal themes is that different themes can appear at different parts of the book and that also different themes can pop up at any time. Some universal themes can help people become different people and act differently.

  33. This is ShawnW and im going to blog about the chapters twenty to twenty five in To Kill A Mockingbird. My first note is a question and it is, what does he mean by”settle your stomach”? One continued universal theme is racism because on page two hundred one, it says that “cheaten on a colered man is ten times worse than cheatin on a white man.” I think that Harper Lee’s message about universal themes is that different themes can appear at different parts of the book and that also different themes can pop up at any time. Some universal themes can also teach lessons that change lives and also the way that people act and speak.

  34. cristina2015-one universal theme that is portrayed in the text is racism. for example on pg 195 it says “if you was a nigger like me, you’d be scared too.” She is trying to show that racism occurs in her book a different way. she is also saying that if blacks did something bad to white they would get killed. it is unique because not all books show how blacks and white kill each other because of their skin color and class.her perspective is different because she shows that whites are very serious with whites and blacks can get killed for doing very small things.

  35. One universal theme is racial tension because Atticus is being called a nigger lover and Tom
    Robinson might be sent to jail for a false rape accusation.On page 194-195 Tom said,”she reached up and kissed me ‘side of th’ face.She says she never kissed a grown man before an’ she might as well kiss a nigger.She says what her papa do to her don’t count.She says “kiss me back nigger.”This shows that Tom did not want to rape mayella,she was trying to seduce him into having sex with her so that she can claim he raped her.

    Harper Lee message is about theme because because she wants her book to connect to some young readers that have been through the same situation.Her perspective is that she wants people to see that blacks where accused for some of the conflicts that went on, even if the person didnt know you.

  36. 1- Hello! I’m Samaiyah2015.

    2- One universal theme obvious in To Kill A Mockingbird is racism. It all started when Scout used the word “nigger” and her brother didn’t seem to care and it was like she used the word “black.” To Jem, it didn’t seem like she did anything wrong which is as, if not more, awful than his sister saying the actual word.

    3- Way back in Chapter 12 (of part 2), “I want to know why you bringin’ white chillun (children) to a nigger church (Lula)” pg 119.

    4- It shows that discrimination can go both ways; we usually think of whites making blacks feel inferior, but that isn’t always the case. Lee is also showing that people can be colorblind- they only see things in black and white. Instead of just being happy that Scout and Jem are there, she wants to know why and question their appearance. Yes, two white children will stick out in an all black congregation, but it is uncalled for to comment or question or be so blunt by using words such as “nigger” and talking about the children’s race. That also spreads a bad message to the kids. Maybe the reason Scout could use the word nigger so indifferently is because of people like Lula who subtly send the message that it isn’t bad to use words like nigger and be discriminatory.

  37. My name is Adrian. A universal theme in TKAMK is racism. This is a universal theme because it can and has showed up in many different books and films. This is also a universal theme because people can argue about this issue/theme. An example from the text is on page 195, “I was scared suh.”Why were you scared?” “Mr.Finch if you were a nigger like me, you’d be scared, too.” This shows racism because he is scared because ince he is black and the judge is white he is going to accuse him for being guilty since he is black. This also shows racim because he knows the white folks are not going to believe him. Harper Lee’s message about this theme is that back then your skin color was used against you if you did something that got you in trouble. It is unique because she potray’s it differently than other authers like Jaqualin Woodson does.

  38. Hello this is Argenis2105 and today I finished the book to kill A Mockingbird. One universal theme that is portrayed in the text is Integration; this appears in the text when the whole town is against Atticus defending Tom. If it was white another person defending Tom that person would have probably already leave the case alone and leave Tom go to jail ,but to Atticus it doesn’t matter if the whole town is against if you start something try to finish it. This part happens in many part of the book including page 187. Harper Lee’s message is that not always a whole town has to be by your side for you to know that you are doing the right thing.

  39. hi my name is brian. i would say that a universal theme could be either poverty in low class people or sterotype within color people. one example could be “atticus says cheatin’ a colored man is ten times worse than cheatin’ a white man,” i muttered. ” says it’s the worst thing you can do.” page 201. what she author is tring to say is that it doesn’t matter if your white black purple or red, you should treat every one the same, because men and woman are made to be equal people in this univers.

  40. leah2015

    A universal theme portrayed in the text is the act of going with the crowd. Since most people in the timeline of TKAM don’t like blacks, many people just assume Tom is gulity, instead of going with what they believe in. An example in the text was when the white men went to the jail and tried to brake in, but Scout saved the day.(pg192)Harper Lee’s measage was that you have to do what you think is right not what others think, be your own person and think your own thoughts.It is unique because not many people think for them selves. Her way of saying this theme is the same as the way other authors’ have said this theme because, its a group of people that all want the same thing,and that’s to get Tom’s trial case to be gulity.

  41. Adianis2015

    one universal theme was racial tensions.

    one example was on page 204, they were saying that gentlemen would go along with an assumpition- the evil assumption- that all negroes lie. its in action because its showing that they always accuse black people just because theyre black.

    his message is that back then not many people cared about if you were innocent or not, they just looked at youre skin color. its unique because not many peoplethought of that. its different because its used in many different ways.

  42. emanie2105.The universal theme i have relized that has occured in the story is that age does not really matter in the story…ill finish the rest at home…

  43. Josh2015blog:

    One of the universal themes Harper Lee has portrayed is racial tension. One big example of that is the trial with Tom Robinson and Mayella Ewell. It was very dangerous if you were a black man and you did something to a white woman. There was mob full of white angry men trying to break into the jail trying to seriously hurt, or maybe even kill Tom. But luckily, Scout saved the day without even knowing. Harper Lee is trying to tell us as well as her readers that race can lead to very serious things. Also I think that everyone should come together and not fight about race.

    JRICH OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Freddy p2015, today i did all the reading i had to do. A universal theme i seen in my reading today is, standing up to what you belivie in. This theme is shown when Atticus is giving his point on how Tom is not guilty, to the crime he was accused to doing. ” She was white, and she tempted a Negro. She did something that in society is unspeakable: she kissed a black man. Not an old uncle, but a strong young Negro man. No code mattered to her before she broke it, but it came crashing down on her afterwards.” Harper Lees message is very unique because it expalins how a man who doesnt belivie someone did a crime just because of there skin. But is going agaist everones word, and is fighting for what is right. This theme is different from the others, because it expalins it in a way werre you could pictuere it, and you are living the scene like your there. THANK U

  45. Hey last night iread from pages 260 to 290,i would say that this book is basiclly about raical tensions beacse you and people get treated based on there apperence and not the persionality.this is realted to martin luther king jr beacse all he wanted to do is stop raceism nd still people now in days still have race problems.i would say that the authors are not related to the characters life and they are just trying to teach people a lesson.i wold say that also Scout should not be using those type of words because she is to young and she doest know what she saying,And that would be a good reason why they live in a bad enivroment and doesnt get respect from i wish i understood this book but i just do get the climax about it all like i understand it a littile but it makes no sence to me .can you pleace talk to me during reading class tommrow.

  46. Jerick2015. A universal thme in the book right now is racism and dislikes. ” Cry about the simple hell people give other people without even thinking. Cry about the hell white people give colored folks, without even stopping to think that they’re people too”. ( Pg. 201 ). Harper lee’s message is to never dislike/ judge someone or their race without you even knowing them. This is unique because this happens all the time specially back then. People sometimes hate each other and people sometimes hate/ dislike each others culture. Her perspectice of the theme is different because she takes all the themes in the book seriously. If the theme is occuring she explains what is happening and she expresses her feelings and toughts about it. Also she makes the explanation interesting and the theme interesting.

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