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Scout as seen in the movie version of the novel

Hello KIPPsters!

Sorry to get this blog up later than usual. It was a crazy afternoon in Stabookski-land. Anyway, today you started to map out relationships between characters. I’d like to see some of what you’ve learned…


1. Username.

2. Character Relationship Note 1.

3. Character Relationship Note 2.

4. Why are the kids so obsessed with Boo Radley? What is it that they want from him? So far, what has been the result of their efforts to snoop on him? Why do they keep trying?

Question 4 is an inference question. Dig deep in order to answer it. Use proof from the text to back up your thinking.

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  1. My user name is jasonb2015. The first character is Boo Radley.
    -he’s crazy
    -now dead
    -many rumors about him
    -he comes out at night to scare people
    -He was a normal and sweet child but as he became older, he began to be anfry and aggressive
    -He once even stabbed both his mom and dad with scissors
    Boo Radley is related to Nathaniel Radley-they are brothers.

    The second character is Ms.Fisher.
    -hit Scout with a ruler once
    -Doesn’t understand her students at all
    -Scout does not feel comfortable being in her class
    In all, Miss Fisher and Scout do not get along very well.

    The kids are so obsessed with Boo Radley because Boo Radley had a mysterious life and just like any kids, they’re curious about him and want him to come out since they’ve never seen him. The kids just want Boo Radley to come out of the house and even play with them. Their effforts of snooping on him have not gone so great. None of their plans to allow Boo Radley to come out work. This leads to the fact that they keep trying so hard because they beleive that he’s there and they believe that he will come out of the house. They’re anxious to meet Boo Radley and see if all of the rumors about him are true or just a load of lies.

  2. OLA2015-

    Character relationships – Scout, the main character and Atticus, the father, seem to have a tight relationship where they are always looking out for each other. In the other character’s family it doesn’t seem that they care for each other as much as Scout and Atticus.

    Character Relationships Question- Why are the other boys trying to annoy and pester Boo? What did Boo do to them?

    I think that the kids are obsessed with Boo because he comes from a family of “weird” people. And the town thinks Boo is just as weird as his family. The result of snooping so far is them getting in trouble. They keep trying because they want to find out about the house and about boo. One quote from the book is “What mister Radley did was his own business”. What does this mean?

  3. Character relationship note 1: I’ve noticed that Dill, Jem, and Scout’s realtionship are starting to come closer again. They started playing a game together which was rolling an old tire while one of them is in the tire.
    Character relationship note 2: When Atticus asks Jem if their game has anything to do with the Radelys, he lies and says no eventhough it does. Their realtionship here is a bad example of a father and son close realtionship.
    The kids are so obsessed with Boo Radely because his crazy story of him getting in trouble draws the kids attention. I think these kids want the same attention he has because every kid wants people to talk about them. The results of their efforts are just rumors that nobody knows if they are right or wrong.

  4. sammy2015: Note 1: A relationship between a few characters is Calpurnia toward Scout, Atticus and Jem. Calpurnia is a colored woman that is like a mother to Scout and Jem since their mom passed away. She is part of their family. They connect. Note 2: Another relationship is Dill and two of his newest friends, Jem and Scout. They are meeting because Dill only visits the summer and lives with his aunt. Their relationship is friendship. Boo Radley is a boy that is considered and rumored about as a crazy and aggressive person. He is described in a negative result. The kids are curious to find out who he really is, how he is and get to meet the mysterious Boo. They heard so much about them and it’s natural for kids to get curious and so they really want to know the boy that lives in that house. They really are anxious to see/meet Boo and they attempt a couple of plans to see if Boo would agree to it but there is no success. They played a little game of trying to recreate Boo’s life. They also attempted to give Boo a letter by delivering it by using a fishing pole. It eventually didn’t work.

  5. lourdes2015:
    Note1- Ome new character is Miss Maudie. She is nice to Scout, Jem and Dill. She let’s them play on her lawn and is considered their friend. I leaned that she is a widow and dislikes her house. She also loves plants and nature even things like weeds, except for one. She talks to Scout in one scene about “Boo” Radley.
    Another new character introduced is Nathan Radley. He is the brother of Boo. He fired a gunshot when the kids snuck in at his house. It was fired at a Negro working on his field- only to scare him. Miss Maudie told Scout that he and his brother might be kept to themselves because of their mean father. So far, not much is mentioned about Nathan Radley specificly.
    The kids are obsessed with Boo because no one knows him well and he was stuck in his house for many years. There are many rumors about him and they want to know if they’re true or not.

  6. Angeline2015:
    Character Relationship Note 1: Mrs. Henry is Scouts and Jems neighbor. She’s an old woman, which is said to be a very mean person.
    Character Relationship Note 2: Calpurnia is like a mom to Scout and Jem. She’s the only black person, and is said to be unfair. Shes a maid and Scout says she has wide hands.
    Kids are so obsessed with Boo Radley because they are finding things in the tree of his backyard. When Dill comes for the summer, they stand outside and he says he can smell death. As a result, Scout starts to feel left out and she starts to spend more time with Miss Atkinson. She tells her stories about Radley’s action when he was a little boy. When they sneak into Mr. Radleys backyard, while they’re their they heard a shot gun and they immediately run out of their. While they try yo go, Jems pants got caught on the fence.

  7. This Shawn.W and i read up to page fifty-seven which is also chapter seven. Atticus is related to Jem and Scout because he is their father.Calpurnia is not related to them but she is their nanny/maid of them. Sometimes she may act like their mother, but she really is not their mother to listen to. Their real mother died when they were very young kids at the time. Jem and Scout are also brother and sister and they protect each other like their life. For example, when Jem saw Scout chewig on the gum she found, He told her to spit it out because it might be poison from the Ridely tree. The kids are obseed with Boo Ridely because the kids want to play with him and they have never seen him come out the apartment he lives. They are very curious to what happen when he will come out side.

  8. suni2015-

    Note 1: Jem and Boo relationship is unlikeable because Jem is scare of Boo.

    Note 2: Mrs.D relationship with the childrens is sirious because she hates them.

    The kids are so obsessed with Boo Ridley because they never see him. What they want from him is so that he could play with them, also to see how he looks like.The resort is that they end up failing becaause they’re scare of him.They keep trying because they want to see if they could get him out of the house.One time Scout was asking Maudie about Boo and why he can’t come out of the house and play, she even learned that his real name is Author.They even tried to send him a note telling Boo to come out and eat ice cream and play with them.

  9. Gabriel2015: To Kill A Mocking Bird by Harper Lee

    Note 1: Miss Maudie Atkinson
    *Owns cows
    *Owns a farm
    *Is a woman
    *Is an Adult

    Note 2: Miss Rachel
    *Is a female
    *Brought into book because of Dill so far
    * Escorted Dill when he came to visit for the summer that he came alone.

    I think that the kids are obssesed with Boo Radley because people do not seem him ever get out of his house. This makes them wonder why he doesn’t leave to even communicate to anybody. They haven’t really succeded in snooping in on him and they keep trying to do that because I think that they are curious of him.

  10. New Character # 1: Mrs.Maudie.- Mrs.Maudie is the childrens favorite neighbor. She’s popular because she’s kind and treats them with respect. She’s like a role model to Scout because she looks up to her. She’s intrested in gardening,nature, and outside things. She knows whats right and whats wrong. She’s responsible for what she does and never tries to lie her way out. She rarely makes bad decisions

    New Character #2:Ms.Dubose- Ms.Dubose is the mean old lady who lives two houses away from the Finches. She’s a old lady who is always yelling bad things at Scout and Jem. She wasn’t really liked by Scout and Jem because they way she acted and always treated them.

    The kids are so obsessed with Boo Radley because of his intresting background. Knowing what they know make them curious about whats really going on. This makes them want to know how does he look, and how he looks. He hasn’t been out a couple of years making them wonder. Also, someone who keeps putting things on the tree makes them wonder who is it. They want to listen from him and find out who puts these things there.

  11. ClarissaC2015

    1. (Boo Radley) – Discusting, Mean and Cranky. People in the neighborhood seem to be afraid of him. Why are they afraid if they of him, if they really havent met him? They only really know his name and rumors they’ve heard.

    2. (Calpurnia) – Calpurnia, also known as Cal. Plays the role of the mother in the book, even though shes not. She is actually the black maid. I think this is interesting because it shows about what time period they’re in and i can assure you its not going on right now.

    3. I think the kids are obessed with Boo Radley because there have been rumors about him being gross and discusting and they want to see him in action. So far Boo Radley has done nothing. He didnt even step outside of his house. The kids are still wanting him to come out even though they are scared of what they have heard about him. Maybe those rumors just arent true.

  12. Hey DD 2015 here!
    1. Atticus and Scout’s uncle were home schooled, unlike Scout and Jem.

    2. The Rodley’s place seems to be the eye stopper on the street. Well it is scary.

    They are so obsessed with Boo aka Arthur Rodley because they want to see what he looks like. They want him to come out of the house and talk to them, but he does not want to come out all. They won’t stop because the are really want to see boo. On page 53 they wanted to see him so bad that they peeked into his window. I would be to scared. All the Rodleys seem scary.

  13. Today the reading was interesting because it talked more about characters. In my oponion this book is a very hard book. I remembered to notes I took while reading. And herer they are, Note 1- I have a question about boo-radley. How is boo radely a very scary person? Now here is my second high quality note. It’s a inference. Note 2- This note is an inference. I can infer that Scout might have a crush on Miss Laudie. The reason that the kids want to be with boo is because they want something from him. They think that if they follow him around he will finally give it to them. The reason they keep trying was to see if they suceeded, when they actually didn’t.

  14. Cecil Jacobs is afraid of Boo Radiely and Miss Duoose. Calprena is raising Scout and and their relationship is strained. They are so obsesseed with him because he is creepy and people like to snoop in his house. They want scissors from him. The results they had is that they almost got caught snooping because they were trying to run away from Boo Radiely’s sight and they crashed into something but not with a car.they keep trying because they are susipicious about him and the want to see if thr rumor is true. The rumor is that they believe that Boo Radiely lives in the basement of his house and that he’s going to come out and snacth them up.

  15. Rashell2015:
    Note1:Atticus has a brother named Uncle Jack.
    Note2:Uncle Jack knows Miss Maudie Atlkinson since they were young.
    The kids they are interested in Boo because Boo has not come out of his house in a long time so they want to meet him and they want to see who this man really is but at the same time they are scared of him and where he lives.What the kids want from Boo is to know who he is and what he looks like because he lives in the community though no one has seen him in years.Scout and Jem have found different objects in the tree near by Boo house like gum,tin foil,and old pennies,they also know that he is in the house but they don’t want to say anything.They keep trying because they want to know who he is but they keep trying because every time they try they can’t do a lot because they are to scared to go to close near the house or near to Boo.

  16. s.brownie2015
    note 1:Atticus cares for Scout’s well being and health. When she wanted to quit public school, he told her she would have to continue school because her reason to leave school is one sided.
    note 2:Calpurnia treats the children as if they were her own. She never spoiled them, but was never a complete dictator, either. She never made them see her as a pushover, nor as a slave owner to them.
    They are obsessed with Boo bacause they want to figure out if the rumors that were spread around town were real.They want to see him in person and interrogate[?] him for information about the supposed events. So far, they couldn’t get close enough to have a complete talk with him. They don’t give up because their curiousity drives them to try to discover what’s really been happening in that basement.

  17. IsraelP2015- Ms. Dubose is mean old lady. I will be a person that would portray her as a stubborn lady. ms.Caroline is a teacher and shes very eager to read. I personally think that she has a passion for reading. I think that the reason that they are looking in there so much is because since he is never coming out there curious to see what is going on in there. the results of the effort to snoop on him has resulted in Jem losing his pants and having to lie to Atticus saying that he lost his pants in a game of strip poker. They probably keep trying because they sense something suspicious. They even go so far as to using a fishing rod to stick post it notes on the windows of Boo’s house.

  18. Marien2015 :

    Character note #1 : Three new characters that were introdused were Tom , Sam , an Dick . They all seem to be known by one name . This name happens to be the Rover Boys.

    Character note #2 : One new thing that I have learned about Dill is that he is probubly snobish . What I mean by this is that he probubly likes to wear nice clothes . What this also means is that he likes to boss people around .

    The children are sk obssesed with Boo Radley because he has always been locked up so tht makes them want to learn about him . They want to play & learn about him , but they are also a little scared. The resaults of their efforts from snooping is that they found the qum and the penny in the tree. They keep tryinq because they find this quy verry inturesting and they want to be able to get to know him .

  19. Hi! For the record that is something similar to what I picture Scout as, just even shorter hair (and I pictured her in color 🙂 and not in the kitchen table).

    Note 1- Miss Fisher hates her job, but feels offended when people try to do her job (in direct relation to when Atticus was told not to teach Scout how to read).

    Note 2- Boo Radley is a misunderstood man who is talked about constantly and there are so many rumors about him. He is the “crazy” neighbor of Scout, Jem and Atticus.

    They are obsessed with Boo because he’s sort of like the village fool- everyone makes fun of him and there are rumors about him. They are curious about him and they just want to see if he is what they expected.

  20. Adianis2015- Jem and Dill and they both have a connection because there both interested and curious about seeing Boo.
    Another character connection is that all the parents in the neighborhood all have this scared feeling about Boo since the day he shot the negro.
    I think that the kids just want to see what is up in the house and what is Boo doing in there. And the result of the attempt to enter was missing pants and almost getting killed from Boo’s shot gun. this shows from the text where they play the “BOO BRADLEY game”.

  21. Its Katerin V

    The first character relationship note is the kids in the neighborhood and Miss Caroline because they are both constantly talking about the Radley family.

    The secound character relationship Ms.Fisher and Mrs.Dubose they both have a reputation of being mean especially to the students.

    I think kids are obssesed with Boo Radley because of rumors that arent true. whats being going around is that he is a crazy kid and he is known for being a bad person and has hatread around the family.When Scout found the piece of gum Jem made it seem a big deal and says that there something wrong with the house or neighborhood.

  22. MY NAME IS ASHLEY2015.
    One characters relationship is Calphernia , she is the black maid. She is the main one there with the children in the house, and she has a bad temper as said in the book.She also puts down diciplne in the kids minds, because she trys to put these kids in order, and get them to do the right thing all the time, and they barley ever try to second guess what she says because she is set in her ways.
    another character reltionship is Dill, because he is the kid AND HE COMES TO VISIT HIS AUNT EVERY SINGLE SUMMER . He is very adventorous and he also is talkative in myt opinion. i the book it says that he is bone legged i find that weird because it seems to me as if he is rich or his fmaily has money because they own the railroad.
    The kids are so obsessed with bo radley because they want to see what he looks like and make him come out of his ous ebecause of the rumors that they have heard about him.So far they have knocked on his door they have also kept looking back at this house they are all scared and terrified of him and his house, but they all would like to see him and what he looks like. i paraphrased my proof. Eveeryone in the neighborhood has heard about boo radley, and they want to see if these things are true and if they are not why were thye said about him in particular.

  23. note1: boo seem to be very suspicous and unliked in the nieghborhood. this leads me to think how can someone be unlike if they arent around people very much.

    note2: who started or realized that boo radley was very creapy man?

    people were very obsessed with him because he seem to be a very mean person in the nieghborhood. they just want to eventurally met him.

  24. Hello its jerick2015.
    Character: Atticus. Relationship: Is the kids nanny/babysitter.
    Character 2: Miss rachel. Is the neighbor of the kids and others.
    The reason the kids are obssesed with boo radley is because he is fun, entertaining and he is kind of important to the town like Jem and Dill. They know he is like the loudess in the town so he is like the main person or saying like the most important in the town. they want some things from him. Like money, happiness and things that would make them happy. the results is that they keep on leeting themselves down and they not getting what they want to get. They keep on trying because they want to get what they want.

  25. My first character note is: That Mrs.Dubose was a mean lady. She is also a old lady to lots of people.My second character note is: Boo has a reputation of being scary. He is like always in the house so he hasnt experienced much.The kids are so obessed with boo because he is kind of a complicated guy.They want him to go out with them so they can go hang out.The result of this happening is really not that much because he doesnt come out.They keep trying because maybe he will give in and come out just to hang out.They also look like they really want to get to know him alot.

  26. kaylap2015.Note1: Well what i just learned is that Atticus used to be home schooled with their uncle. Note2: Scout and Jem are brother and sister and what i learned in chapter 4-5 was that Jem really cares about what Scout did on page 33 which was that she saw gum on the Radley’s backyard tree. So Jem is trying to figure out why Scout would do that because you never know what has been in that tree. Kids are so obsessed with Boo Radley because they would always go up to his front porch and play but they would always smell that someone is dying and on page 36 they said that they wonder what summer might bring to the Radley’s house..or front porch. The result of them coming over is that they are getting interested because of the smell of the house/front porch. And they keep trying because they want to find out whats is going on with that family.

  27. Arsthly2015:
    Note1: When Dill and Jem start getting closer, Scout feels left out, so she starts handing out with Miss Maudie Atkinson. Miss Maudie Atkinson is a widow who loves to garden, and bake cakes.
    Note2: Atticus has a brother named Jack, and he was good friends with Miss Maudie Atkinson.
    The kids are obsessed with Boo Radley because there are so many rumors, and they want to know if they are true, and since they are scared of him, they want to know what is so scary about them. They want him to come outside because he has been inside for so long. Their results of snooping him have only caused them to get scared, and be nagged at by Atticus. They keep trying because they are not going to give up, and they want to know how he is today. They trying because they are scared of him, and want to know more, they are curious.

  28. Hello Kippsters Orlando G 2015 here today i read to kill a mocking bird while I did that i had to complete the task of doing 5 relationship notes.
    Note 1) There is a part in the book where it says that Dill comes from Mississippi to Maycomb by him self but then he is picked up by a woman called Rachel she picks him up at the train station and he stays in Maycomb foe the summer.
    Note 2)There is this other her name is Maudie Atkinson. she seems to be a really nice lady because she gives Jem and Scout milk sometimes I mean that just does people don’t go around saying oh her take some of my milk .
    the kids are obsessed with Boo Radley because they want to learn more about him they want to get him out the house.they want to get to know Boo they want to see if all the rumors around town are true but they are really scared.they haven’t really succeeded because they haven’t really wanted to get close to the house because they are scared. they keep trying to get to know Boo because they are really interested in him to get to know him.

  29. Jm2015:Tonight I read up to page 63.
    (Note1)Lines I love:”You’ll get outa that sun for it fry you alive.” I like that line because it shows that calpurnia can also have a fun side to her rather than just being strict.
    (Note2)INF Dill is described as a villains villain. He’s described that way because he can get into any character and has a great personality.
    All of the kids love Boo because they hear stories about him that are very interesting. They are trying their best to see him so they play their games and continue knocking on Boos door to convince him to get out the house.

  30. ae2015

    Note 1: Jem and Scout are siblings. They seem to have a very common relationship. As siblings, they have mixed feelings towards each other. In my opinion this siblings act is ver common and realistic.

    Note 2: Atticus is the father of the family. He seems to get along with the kids. The children seem to have mixed feelings about him. They love him, but they might not admit it. This is totally normal for growing children.

    Boo Radley: The kids are so obssesed with him because they want to solve a little mystery about him and so they have to see him. They want to know whether or not he is a criminal/ murderer.
    So far, they are slowly coming closer to a conclusion and they are becoming more and more curious by the second. They are on the edge of solving this case.

  31. 1:magaly2015.
    2:Calpurnica is considered “related” to Scout because she raised her.also she was their manny and another mother they never had.
    3: miss coroline and burris are related by school.meaning they know each other because she teaches him and she seems to have a bad temper.
    4:Many kids are atracked to boo because he seems to be the crazy guy who stabbed his father.many kids wonder about him and would like to know him more.just like scout she was curious to know him and she did but she is still afraid of him.

  32. Genesis2015.One realtionship is the reationship between Jem and Atticus their relatonship goes well at times though Atticus should be more on the look out for Jem because Jem has done things such as going to the Radley’s house late at night and Atticus had to Scout and Jem not to go there again, but Scout tries to do the right thing and tells Jem to sty hme stay home Jem just threatens her not to say anything it is unpredictable to see if one day she would step up and say the truth to Atticus. Another realtionship is between Scout and Boo Radley, they are both friends and at the begining she didn’t likehim and was in a fist fight with him, then Jem took him home for dinner and then Scout and Boo became friends.Kids were obsessed with Boo Radley because hewent to the Radley’s house and many wondered if he would make it out of there alive.For example on page 39 it talks about how Jem thinks that Boo is in the house and how he made his way into the house. I think they want to know how they can get into the house to get scissors.The results of them snooping him is that it he is still doing what he is still doing and he hasn’t changed.

  33. kayla here !
    calpurnia is like their mother but shes not. shes their nanny and helps take care of them. and her and scout are alway arguing going back and forth.

    boo radley is known to scare people in their neighborhood stays in the house.

    KIDS wanna noe who boo radley is because they never saw him before but they noe hes very scary and wants to kill everyone on the block. they are very scared because when they get next to his house they run pass it. i think they keep trying because they really want to know who he is and they find him very interesting.

  34. One of my character relationships are that almost eveybody is scared of boo radley because he is very creepy.
    My second character relationship is that jem dill and scout are very good freinds I think that the kids are so obsessed with boo radley because they want to find out why he is so wierd and creepy the results of them to snoop around is that they did not want scout to eat something from the tree next to his house and they did not even know what it was

  35. Jalisa2015:
    Character Relationship Note 1:At the beginning of the story everything was calm.But there are always a relationship in the book/novel that you’re reading.A character relationship in this book is that Scout the narrator has a friendly relationship with Atticus, because is a father and a daughter.This empathize that some parents they don’t have a good behavior with their child.This relationship is really full of happiness.
    Character Relationship Note 2:Now with Calpurnia and the kids is a excellent relationship because the kids see her a as a mother even though she the only dark color, and because she is also a maid but the children don’t see her as a maid they actually need a mother and Calpuernia is there mother.
    The kids so obsessed with Boo Radley because he lives on the same street street as Jem and Scout, but he never comes out of his house.Since he does not come out-but he only comes out in the night, that when Jem and Scout see him.They have too much love for him.What the children wants from him is that he want the campaign of Mr. Radley to form a better life with their children.So far the results to snoop him is that actually one of the kids acting like him.They keep trying because they want to get ideas of what can Mr.Radley do and have to know the kids much more better.because I think that there is something so creepy,for the reason that he does not want to come out.

  36. Hello kippsters is Hayden here od tired.
    Today I had a fun time I went to ma grandmothers house….
    Other than that one of my note was a prediction note. I think that boo is going to be a person that is going to be a person that opens up in the book.
    My second note is a question and is why does Boo just go outside and discover the world.
    The kids are obessed about boo because they haven’t met boo and they would like to Noe who he is.I think that Boo might step out of his cocon. The kids might thing that he’s weird at first but they going to start to get to know him

  37. Zariah2015.
    Character Relationship Note 1: Maddie Atkison. She is a neighbor and she sat with Scout during the summer.
    Character Relationship Note 2: Scout. She feels neglected by Jem and Dill. She is alone and sits with Maddie Atkison for the rest of the summer.
    The kids are obbessed with Boo Radley because they want to see what he looks like. All they hear are rumors about him. They want him to come out of his house during the day so they could see his face and how he looks. They have played a game to reinact all the stories they heard. Jem pushed Scout down to the Rdley’s yard in a tire and she heared someone laughing. They keep on trying to disturb the house because they want to see if there is really someone in there and they want to see if what they have been hearing it true.

  38. Hi it’s Miladys.
    Character note 1:
    Calpurna, she is the maid whop takes the motherly figure, she is also black, 15 year younger than the father, lastly she is controling.
    Character note 2:Scout is the narrator of the story, at the time she is 5, she loves to read, she is the type of person who tells it how it is and she is a tomboy.
    The kid are so obsessed with Boo because of all the rumors they hear about him.That it was said he lived in his father basement and that he killed animals with his hands and ate them raw so his hands were blood stained.They were not succsesful but they kept on.They would walk home and spy on the house.

  39. Hello this is Argenis 2015 and tonight I read to page 62. note1: To the family Calpurnia seems to be a mother to them. I say this because when Scout had the gum Jem was just like Spit it out or I will tell Calpurnia on you and a son only tries to get their sibling in trouble with their parents, so Calpurnia is like the mother that scout lost when he was only 2 years old. note2: My next character is Mrs.Dubose. Mrs.Dubose is known to be the other mean neighbor in the neighborhood. Their is a diffrence between Mrs. Dubouse and Mr. Radley , I say this because to the radleys kids are both scared and curios,but to mrs.Dubose they are just plain scared of her.The kids seem to be so in love with Boo Radley because they have heard alot of rumors about him and how he kills animals and tyhe animals leave him marks of blood and he has dirty teeth.

  40. hi my name is Adrian.

    Character Note 1:
    Scout is the narrator. She is a tom boy and she is only six years old and can read. She also tells it how it really is. She also uses a lot of dialect. His father is Atticus and he wants all his children to go to school.

    Character Note 2:
    Boo Radly is the son of Mr.Radly. He lives in his fathers basement. He has rotten teeth. He kills animals. He eats them raw. The children likes his stories.

    The kids are so obsessed with Boo Radly because they heard a rumor the he kills animas with his bear hands and eat them raw. This is why he has blood stains on his hands. He lives in his fathers basement. He has ugly teeth and they think he is crazy. What they want from him is to scoop him. They keep on scooping him because they want to catch him in action. They just keep on trying and trying untill the catch him.

  41. Character Note:
    Dill visits for the summer only and when he does, he stays with his aunt.Dill has a very imaginative brain and he likes to talk a lot.

    Character Note:
    Calpurnia is like a mother figure to the kids.she is a black maid that works for the family.she talks to the children but she wont discipline them.

    The kids are obsessed with him because they want to know more about him and they think he is far, they have knocked on the Radleys door to see what would happen and they would snoop on the family.

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