Tuesday June 8, 2010 – To Kill a Mockingbird Post 1

A Mockingbird!

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Welcome back! Welcome back to school, those of you who went to New England, and welcome back to the BLOG, everyone! I’ve missed you guys!

Today, we got started with our first 3 chapters of To Kill a Mockingbird, arguably one of the best American novels of all time. I can’t tell you how excited I am to be reading this with you. I look forward to this novel all year because 1) It’s AMAZING! 2) Scout is my all-time favorite narrator and 3) It means that you all have grown as readers… in fact, you’ve grown so much that you are ready for the most difficult and most rewarding novel of 7th grade! Congratulations!


1. Username.

2. High quality note 1. (Choose your best one from your notes tonight.)

3. High quality note 2.  (Choose your second best one from your notes tonight.)

4. Talk to me about Maycomb. What kind of place is Maycomb? How does the narrator feel about this town? What kind of issues could arise in a town like this? (3 sentences)

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49 thoughts on “Tuesday June 8, 2010 – To Kill a Mockingbird Post 1

  1. Angeline2015:
    Note #1: question: Why did it had to start with Andrew Jackson?
    Note #2:inference. I think the impact of braking his arm, is making Jem to react different to other things. I think is hard not to get to do the thing you like, but mostly knowing tou can never in your life do it again.
    In my opinion, Maycomb is a small town. Its a really bad environment to live in. People suffer a lot and they don’t get treated right. Many problems are started very easy and they include a large crowd. The narrator doesn’t like this town because its not a safe environment. Many issues can arise in a town like this like stealing and drug issues.

  2. Note 1: Boo is a crazy kid. He is a troubled kid who gets in trouble with the law. The consequence was that he would go to house prison. 15 years later, he stabbs his father with a pair of scissors!
    Note 2: I predicted that Scout’s first day at school was going to go well for her, but i was wrong. Her and Miss caroline get along very bad in the afternoon.
    maycomb is a tired, poor, old town that have many people living through the great derpression. I think Scout wants to be in a better place than maycomb, obviously. The type of issues that can arise in this town is like livin through The great drpression where most of the people in the town are poor.

  3. My first high quality note is what does it mean when it says that jem was not doing something for the glory of god. My other high quality note is that I like the way the author wrote this book writes it with meaning and srrenth of detail. I think that maycomb feels like he is poor because the teacher lended him a quarter and he rejected it because he could not give back that cent because he is poor. I also think that the author is thinking that the socioty is full of poverty

  4. sammy2015: Tonight, I read to the end of chapter 3. Note 1: If Alexandra’s husband is so lazy and not acting like a great husband, why is she still with him? Note 2: Scout seems to be very anxious in what he has heard about Boo and may want to find out who he really is. Scout seems to be very brave.
    Maycomb is described as an old and tired town. It had rainy weathers but a very hot temperature. From Scout’s point of view, everyone was practically described as a foreshadow but mostly representing lazy actions. Harper Lee is probably connecting this too. Maybe she knows or is the person dealing who has had a similar story to Scout’s. An issure is laziness and bragging. Dill bragged to express his joy and that he could read better when others had no interest because Scout was a good reader too. Not many big issues occured soon there may be.

  5. s.brownie2015 Note 1: Ive noticed that men respected women more than now. I have two explainations: the men dont want the use of profanities to come across in women,or they actually respect women. Note 2: Through most of the reading, i always pictured Scout as a boy instead of the girl she actually is. Maycomb is a solitary town that lives off its farmers. People from there are strictly religious and usually when they get a chance to see a movie, it is about jesus. The Maycomb people dont see a lot of diverse people in their town,so they have a bad impression on different people from the Radley family. Maycomb, overall, is an old little town that people would forget, usually.

  6. why is the town basically a farm so far? pg5. does he wish that his mom was there and still with him now? the town is like a town with a lot of trouble basiclly because word gets out quickly. maycomb is not really a town but a little farm town . with grass growing on the side walks ect.. also there are lot of animals mostly cows.

  7. krod2015.

    Note1: The main characters so far are; Jem, Boo Radley, Dill, and Atticus. Jem is the brother. Dill was the one who visted in the summer. Atticus is the father of the kids. & Im not pretty sure who’s Atticus, but im gussing that its a place.

    Note2: I think that the setting takes place in Alabama. I think that the book takes place in Alabama because its hot, and they say that its also boring. I think that at this place, there is only one horse town.

    Maycomb is the town that they all live in. Maycomb is the kind of place that the characters call boring. They feel like they dont have anything to do. The narrator feels sad because she doesn’t have much to do in this place. The problem that they could have in a town like this, is money problem and and family issues.

  8. lourdes2015:
    Note1- Maycomb is a sleepy, old place and it’s like the countryside. How will it effect the conflicts the characters get in the book?
    Note2- Miss Caroline doesn’t like Scout. She is a new teacher, and she doesn’t know her well. She punished Scout by hitting her hand and sent her to the corner.
    Maycomb is an old, tired feeling town. Since it is slow, news and other things are behind. It might effect themin the future.

  9. Janibell2015_ 1]INF: I think that at this time family was important because it was mentioned so much in the first chapters of the book. 2]? : I wonder if the narrator ever asked about his mom or felt that he needed her at any moment?

    Maycomb is mostly farmland with families settled in it. Matcomb is a old town. People move slowly and they are never in a rush. The narrator feels that the town is boring and nothing exciting happens there. The kind of issues that can arise in this town would be family related. They would be family related because the families are so close and there is not much else that would matter in this kind of enviroment. There was no danger from outside but inside of it there can be some dangers.

  10. suni2015- Tonight i’m reading the book To Kill a Mockingbird.

    Note 1: INF- The speaker in the book probably thinks the town was old and boring, because the weather was probably grayish and raining and the people that live in Maycomb town are probably not i n a mood to be talkative.

    Note 2: ??- Didn’t nobody get to tell him how his mother use to be like or what she did?

    Maycomb is a very otdinary placer were people don’t have be told to behave good.The marrator feels that the town is very boring because the weather is very uncomfortable.Some issues that can rauise in the town is roberty because not many people help each other in the town.

  11. Hello this is Deion

    Note 1: From the sound of this Dill person, he’s just a whole lot of trouble waiting to come the Finches way. I say this because Dill wants Jem to go up to Boos house and touch it. By the Boo is a crazy person from my point of view.

    Note 2: If I was Jem instead of thinking of all the negatives, I would try to think of even the smallest positive thing my mom did for me, if she wasn’t really a true mother. When I say true mother I mean she is there to take care of her kids and she is there for the family.

    Maycomd is a tired, poor old town in the grips of the great depression. The narrator doesn’t have a problem with this town because they are living a pretty good life, sine the grown ups got some interesting jobs.(lawyer farmer etc….) I think a kind of issue that could araise in this town is money problems. The animals could run away and the parents could get fired from their jobs. Another issue is family wise. The family could start to argueing about small things like hightgeen or independence.

  12. Ola2015-

    Q) What is the time period in this book? Why does the author start the book with a mini conflict instead of background information, this exposition is unclear…

    ??) Why is Jem’s arm shorter than the other one the author does not do a good job as to explaining when and how he broke it…?

    Maycomb to the author, seems like a dull place to be. Maycomb is a place where there are farms and there is a lot of “talk” and farm animals. The narrator seems to think at first that his town is dull and “moves very slowly”. I would like to see how his thoughts change over time

  13. Julio2015: Today we started a whole class novel. It was fun because former students who read this book told me it was there favorite book out of all of there whole class novels. While I read I made two very important notes. My first note was an inference. Since the author, Harper Lee, is always comparing and contrasting, I decided to connect my first note to her comparasins. I can infer that Maycomb is a very positive and calm place to leave. Even though a lot of poverty and sad themes accor in the book, this book is still very interesting. My second note is also a inference. I can infer that Maycomb is a farm. This is because in the book in chapter 2 it explains about how Maycomb was a farm. Maycomb as I told u before is a farm. The narrator feels like Maycomb is a very positive place. A lot of themes could arive, such as racism.

  14. Rashell2015:
    Note1:I have also heard that saying there is nothing to fear but fear itself and I think it’s true if you have no fear you can’t be scared of anything.
    Note2:I think that not everyone in the town went to school or in Dills town and he is surprised that him and other kids can read.
    Maycomb was a small town. Everyone knew each other and even when new neighbors came you knew them.It was a close community.The narrator feels good about were he lives.He knows and meets a lot of people because he lives in a small town where people are close despite the fact that his mother died.I think that because it is such a close town people know each other and that is not always the best.If anything happens people are forced to choose sides and the town may separate little by little.

  15. MY NAME IS ASHLEY2015.
    NOTE 1: CHARACTER I THINK THAT MS. CAROLINE DOES’NT LIKE THE FACT THAT SCOUT CAME IN PREPARED AND READY TO READ. SHE ALSO DID Not like the fact that scout knew how to read, because she thought that that was her job to teach the students how to read.
    note2: in this story you can see a theme of proverty ‘ being rich’ and economic class being your life. I can see that as of now because some students get ttreated much better ib Ms. carol,ines class because she doesnt really like the Cumminghan because he is poor. just as when 1he needed money for lunch and when he decided to be different with the way he dressed his food i say he was put as a outkast.

  16. marien2015 :

    Note #1 : People in Maycomb , specifically men , were expected to make money off of cotton . I think that this is a expectation that should have not been true. I say this because this was not the only job that was able to get money for the family out there. I personally think that people should have had higher expectations.

    Note #2 : Maycomb was actually thought of an old town that was not very big and successful. If I were one of the few people that lived over there I would try to change the point of view of Maycomb for the world . I would try to do this by becoming successful in that small town and then expanding.

    Maycomb was a small old town . It was not thought as one of the most successful places in the world , but people still tried to make money. The author seems to think of Maycomb as a small and not popular town. Some issues that could that could arise in this town are small secrets and crimes that were kept on the down low , but then came out because of the size of the population.

  17. IsraelP2015- I think one of the possible issues in the book is poverty and possible death or starvation because of the struggle to get money.

  18. Adianis2015- when Jem broke his arm what does that have to do with one arm being shorter than the other?
    NOTE2- I think Jem is a coward and is not a tough guy he is a scared and curious guy.
    Maycomb is big farm. not many people that live there have so much money. people are not in the best conditions living there. i think poverty is a possible issue in the book

  19. magaly2015.
    1 ?: since a mockingbird is so inportant, would they be consindered like another human being?
    2INF: i see that many people had many beliefs about mockingbirds.they all had accurete things to say about them.
    the maycomb doesnt really seem like a pleasent place to be in.why? because many of the places werent really up like before and people were barely there.many things happpened in this place and that remained him about his family because they had teir ups and downs there.

  20. IsraelP2015_ I still do not notice how does the mocking bird connect to the book even though we did discuss this in class?
    NOTE 2 why don’t people leave Maycomb I mean he is uncomfortable?
    I would describe Maycomb this barren farm where people live in. the population of the people did not have any money and it was a big struggle. Also an alternative places to live in for low class families that can’t afford high class houses.

  21. Gabriel2015: To Kill A Mocking Bird by harper Lee

    Note 1: Definition- Domiciled: a home/ a place where someone or a couple of people stay.

    Note 2: Is Scout going to use the fact that he is going to school so he can replace his friend-Dill?

    I would say that Maycomb is pretty poor place and not the best county to be living in. Many crimes happen in Maycomb and I think that Scout doesn’t like the place because of all the crimes that happen. I think that Scout wants a better life than the one that he has at the moment.

  22. My name ? Katerin V.

    Note 1: ? How does Jem’s arm affect the main character’s life style ?

    Note 2:On page 26 i noticed that one of the character Burris Ewell says he doesnt have a real first name. In this case am confused because he says i’m Burris Ewell.

    maycomb is something big to the narrator because it says he grew up there and he knows them and they know him.I think he feels good about it and hes happy where he lives.Maybe because there so tightly pack they know each other and there is not a big of a difference between each other.

  23. wussup its Naz and today i read up to chapter 4 in To Kill A Mockingbird
    Note1: Mr Conner said he knew who each and every one of them was and he was the bound to find out what they did and they were not going to get away with it. What specifcally was Mr Conner talking about when he said that they were not going to get away with it?
    Note2: Walter Cunningham had hookworms and at first i asked myself what in the world were hookworms. As i read on i noticed that you can catch it just how you catch athletes foot except ou catch it by walking barefooted in a barn. They said if Walter owned a pair of shoes he would of worn them on the first day of school and would of never been in this situation ughhhh nasty lol.
    Maycomb would be considered a bad place in my eyes because its a jail some people get hanged there also known as killed. Now who do you know that wants to be killed and at that hanged thats like one of the worst ways to die. Maycomb would be a place were people go for doing crime and need to serve the time for it.

  24. My first note is: Where would Jem live if they had a choice but they couldnt pick his home at Maycomb?My second note is:Why would anyone want to know if Charles could read or not i believe he was just bragining that he can read which is not intelligent.Maycomb is a place that is old. It is a very tired lazy old town back then.The narrator feels that this town was full of people who moved slow and didnt really was active a lot.An issue that can occur because of this is that if someone new comes in to live there or someone already there gets tired of the same boring thing they are going to go.Also they are going to tell others why they are leaving and then others are going to think about it and then they will probably go.

  25. ClarissaC2015 =) Miss me ?

    Note 1 : This place seems warn down and old. I can tell by the way the characters speak and and how they act. p.7

    Note 2: It seems as they have lack of education by the way that they are talking. (INF) pg. 7

    Maycomb seems like a quiet place. A rural place where almost nothing goes on. It also seems as if they don’t get a good education by the way that some of the main characters talk. I think that they think its boring and run down as well. It might not be significant to them at the moment but as the story goes on, it might appear to be more important.

  26. Arsthly2015:
    Note1: The way Scout talks about Jems broken arm makes you feel a sense of foreshowing. You feel like they are going to talk about this moment once again later on in the story.
    Note2: Scouts well meaning mistake (critizing Walter) shows that she is entering a world where everything is no longer a joke. People take that type of thing seriously, and it comes by as rude.
    Maycomb is a majority poor society. Even though Scouts family is not poor, they went to Maycomb because of the great business for a lawyer. Scout describes the town as old, tired, and less hot than before. In this town, there is a lot of issues with poverty because most of the families living there are poor.

  27. Zariah2015.
    Note1:Maycomb County is an important place because it is where most of the story is taking place in the first three chapters.
    Note2:Dill is another character we meet. He is from Meridian,Mississippi and he is almost seven.
    Maycomb is a old tired town. It is descriped to have nothing and it should only fair its self. The narrator thinks that the streets turn red and grass grew. It was also descriped as “hotter than a black dog suffered on a summer day”(page5). In this community there could be a problem for space. People may be stuck together or stuck in a crowded area. Another problem may be that people keep to theirselves, while others communicate.

  28. MY name is Keema

    INF: When some one is injured it causes their life to move around in a slow motion. Like my mom she broke her ancle so she needs assitance, even though she wants to do everything on her on. Jem will need assitance

    START OF BOOK: IN the beginning of this book , the author is trying to catch the readers attentions by using the history and the backround of the novel. I personal think that the author did not make a 1st good im perssion on introducing the book. IT COMPLETLY BORED ME OUT.

    Maycomb is very different from other place in most novels. Most novels have a little bit of livelyness in there settings . But in Maycomb the place is old and to me I will feel barren in the place like Im in the middle of no where

  29. Today I read up to page 32.

    Note1: (CS) If I were Jem I wouldn’t feel the same because I would feel like it could happen again. The moment I broke my arm, I would be scared to do anything to break it again. It says as long as he can pass and punt he didn’t care. I think he should pay more attention to his arm and make sure its safe.

    Note2: (?) Did Jem or any of them have something in Maycomb that they valued? I ask this because it says that Maycomb was a tired place, rainy weather, and old. Do they have anything in Maycomb that they wouldn’t leave with? The way the setting is shown might show how one character might have something that they value.

    Maycomb is said to be old, and an tired old town when she first knew it. In the rainy weather the streets turned to red slops and grass grew on the sidewalk. It was hotter than a black dog on summer. Some issues could be about being racist because the town is racist to black people and how unfair they were treated. The nararrator thinks that there’s no rush there. Theres nothing to buy and no money to buy it with.

  30. Hello its jerick. Today i read until the end of chapter 3.
    Note 1: INF- Jem just broke his arm and one arm is shorter than the other.
    Note 2: SETTING- Right now the book is taking place in the house. They are arguing about little things and characters are being introduced.
    Maycomb is a little place that is very old. Not a lot of people go there because of the fact that its really old. The place is kind of dangerous and its like a lonely place. The narrator might feel uncomfortable maybe because the place is old and the place is lonely. An issue that can rise in the town is lonelyness and warness. This is because the place is lonely and the place is like a warning to stay out of it because something can happen and nobody is there.

  31. Hello!

    Note 1- This book may be another case of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. It’s about growing up, its considered o be one of the top books in American literature and seems to be incredibly boring or at least nothing like what I expected because of Ms. Stabrowski’s consistent praise of the book.

    Note 2- This is 1st person narration which is common in most of the whole class novels we have read together.

    Maycomb is an old rural place. He feels a certain amount of pride since his ancestors came from this place. Issues of the supernatural can occur (but I find that unlikely in a book like this), I think poverty, discrimination, and lack of technology which effects health care, are more likely.

  32. Hello Orlando G 2015 here back from New England .Today i read To Kill a mocking bird.
    T2S)I think that Maycomb it’s a really old town especially the way the narrator describes it but they are probably way older towns then Maycomb and they still are able to survive because they try to stay together and to give life to their town this reminds me of the town that i grew up in D.R it was one of the 1st town in DR it still standing because don’t let come down.
    ??) Why did the author write a book about a old town during technically 1800’s because they are talking about Andrew Jackson?
    Maycomb looks like a place only good for farmers if you like to farm that is your place , don’t forget it is very boring .she doesn’t really like her town very much is like she thinks is like living in the middle of no where some people may have some rundown with the officials from the town that’s all i have encountered so far.that isn’t that bad.

  33. kayla 2015
    ttt: this reminds me of the book tiki and rhonde barber because when they was riding a bike one of them broke they arm and thougt they wasnt going to be able to play football just like jem. pg 3.
    ? why does a seven year old come they house and tells them that he knows how to read ? pg 7.
    Due to the Great Depression,poverty is a subject that affects many i think that the olace the boys live in is boring and misreable and seems to be no fun at al. i dont think the boy likes the environment because he never talked aboy the fun hes had or is having.he doesnt like the town.

  34. Hey is Jalisa and today I read up to pages 32.
    Note 1:Maycomb was a town in a Great Depression, but so far we have seen only the rich side of town represent by the successful and comfortable characters such as Atticus.
    Note 2:I think that Jem should or is going to think better next time and take everything calm now that he broke his arm.Do you think that he going to calm/relax more often?
    Maycomb is a place that can be with problems and you would not want to live like that.The narrator feels uncomfortable that the town is not rise the way people should be treating the community as a fantastic one. This book does agree with a lot of the emotional of the character towards their town.Also some kinds of issues that arise in a town like this is that there are unhappy, also is that the town might be different and they don’t want to live there but they have to.

  35. Hey DD2015!

    1. Calpurnia is like the narrator’s mother, but she really is only the cook.

    2. Charles Baker is a six year old boy, going on seven, who knows how to read.

    Maycomb is an old droopy town with very little people. Maycomb had ” nothing to fear, but fear itself”. I agree this place does seem mighty creepy. Also this town seems very poor.

  36. ae2015:

    Note 1: I think that the fact theat the book is written in first person helps the reader understand the novel better. That is probably one of the best features that I have seen in the novel so far ( p. 10 and on).

    Note 2: I love the way that the author is so specific when it comes to describing the characters and the settings. That is a good thing because it does not keep the reader confused and the reader always knows what they are reader and where they are in the novel ( p. 5 and on).

    Maycomb Town: Maycomb is a little old town. It is not high class. It is not rich. This town is pretty old fashioned. The narrator has mixed feelings towards the town because it is pretty unique. Something that might occur in this town is crime and strange situations between all the people in the town.

  37. My name is Shawn.W and im reading To Kill A Mockingbird. The book is written by Harper Lee. My first note is a question. What happened to jem’s arm and how did the conflict occur?My second note was an interesting thought. I think that Jem only cared about himself because when he almost broke his arm, he only cared about punting and passing. When everybody was worried about him and his arm he was not paying back the respect his family deserves from their love and care. To me, I would say that Maycomb is a small little town in the southern area and i would describe it as quiet. I would describe it as quiet because not a lot of problems arise when Jem and Ewell live in a quiet neighboorhood.

  38. Jm2015:Tonight I read chapters 1-3.
    (Note1)Calpurnia is described as an angel an bones. She was also known as their cook.
    (Note2)Charles Baker is a very intelligent girl to be poor and didn’t start school yet.
    Maycomb is in the south. It is a very poor part in the south. It also a very old fasioned country. The narrator feels like Maycombs is a very poor part of the south. Problems that can arise in Maycomb is low resouces such as milk because they need cows for milk. If they lose cows than they wouldn’t have things such as milk.

  39. kaylap2015. Note1:What does the title of the book have to do with family and people? Note2: I would like to connect Jem’s broken arm to my brother because when my brother broke his leg he actually did not care how his leg would look after and it really did not look that bad after the accident, and also because he broke it by playing football too. I would say that the town Maycomb is a really boring, dull place to live because its really old and really tired. Even the people who lived in the town acted all dead. I would say that the narrator feels really dead also because its not like a times square place where there are so much people that act really hype. The types of issues that might arise from this town might be poverty because they don’t have that much money in that town and maybe some scary stuff cuz it says “the county had recently been told that it has nothing to fear but fear itself.

  40. Hello kippsters jus came back from Boston on Sunday wish I could last more tine over there.
    Today I read the book kill a mocking bird. One of notes is a question. My question is why did the author write this book? Does it have to with childhood.
    My next note is a prediction note. I think that this book is going to be about a book that has to with a group of kids getting into trouble and that has problems through out the book.
    To me I find that maycomb is a unhappy place because there’s alot of rumors going around and is not a very great place for kids.

    Peace out.

  41. Hi it’s Miladys.
    INF:He seems plain in the way he talks and his personality saying he never felt his mothers absence’s aftyer she died, also he tells it as it is.
    TTW:Mr.Radley is like the old man from moster house he wanted them away and if your on his property your a dead man.
    Maycomb is a old town in the more countery side totally differencethan the city.He seems to like this town he finds the fun in everything even if it gets him into trouble. The kind of issues that arrive in this town is getting into trouble because of bordem.

  42. Heller this is Argenis2015 and today I read 32 pages of To Kill a mockingbird.note1: Mr.Radley is known for the bad person. Most small children believe that if your ball touches his lawn your dead meat. For them Mr.Radley is not the most fun person a small kid would like to hang out with. note2: To Kill a mockingbird is a book that can be related to a tree Grows in Brooklyn. I say this because in both of the places that they live in are poor communities. Maycomb seems to be a very old town and is probably because of that that the place seems to be poor. They seem to live in the countryside in which they have mean neighbors and they do not choose the people that they are around, it all depends on how much money you have. Their is also more freedom and space to hang out because they live in the more countryside.

  43. Note1:i think that jeremy’s familyseems rich because they can afforda personal chef named Calpurnia. Note2:so far all of the charactersthat i met are jeremy,charles,Mr.radley,mr.conner,stephanie,arthur,calpurnia,and nathan radley.Maycomb county was a farm thatraised animals like cows.Cows are important to their community because cows provide milk and people need milk to drink or cook with.Some problems that could arise in the book is that they could run out of resources that they need to adapt.

  44. AG2015.

    2. High quality note 1. Jem tries to be the bigger person!!
    3. High quality note 2. What is cooites, in this book considered it sounds weird.
    4. Maycomb is nice. Maycomb is like suburs but around the forest too. The narrator feels that its ok and ther’s a lot of freedom. The issues are fighting and other big conflicts.

  45. My name is Adrian.

    Note 1:
    Imp. They all live in the residentail street in town- Atticus, Jem and I, plus Calpurnia their cook. This an important detail because it tells where they live and who lives with them.

    Note 2:
    Inf: I think since Jem broke his arm its going to slow him down a little bit since one arm is shorter than the other. How did he brake it?

    Cows are a big part of life in Maycomb County. Maycomb was a farm country, nikels and dimes were hard to come by for doctors and dentist and lawyers.

  46. markos2015-1.?-what does this family have to do with killing or anything with a mockingbird.
    2.EXPOSITION- it mostly explains the characters, characters history, personalities, settings, and how they get along.
    Maycomb is an unhappy place becuase it is a really old and like a warn out place and not a lot of people like it there.he feels ok becuase his past generation almost his whole family lived there nd he might feel the same or different.an issue is maybe cranky ness becuase alot of those people might not like that place but have to live there.and they might not like the comments about the town.others might think differently about this town.

  47. hey is kimbeerly and today i read up to pages 32.what i have read so faris about brother jem and his messed up arm so i was wonderingHow did he get that arm injured?i was tinking he played football or basketball that would have been a good excuse.Before moving on Whos is Simon?in the book it had said that he is very rich and he was every wealthybut there was a big accident that occuerd .Simon died rich .Isnt that sad .i would say that Maycomb is a unhappy placethwere were lots of crimaial crimes and not many good things happend.i would say that this book is very interesting becasue it speaks for many diffrerent things and it seems like later onm in the book there is going to many different kind of emothions .ohh and ms stabroski i dont really understand this book so if you dont mind helping me tommrow during class.bye

  48. Freddy p2015. Today i read up to chapter 4 in the book and it was very interesting.
    Note1: Why was Jem so scared to go on the Radleys front yard and knock on the door, if he was so anxious to go and see Boo’s face?
    Note2: I predict that the sudden movement all the kids witnessed was the ghost of Boo. I predict that that he is going to hunt all the boys, or he might come out of his house.
    The town of Maycomb is a very weird town. There are lots of things that take place in that town that spreads very quickly. I think Maycomb is the Gossiping, rumor, Therory capital.

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