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Is your book HIGH QUALITY? Or does it belong in here? 🙂

Hi KIPPsters,

It was talking with you guys about JUNK vs. QUALITY in terms of literature today. 🙂 Today, continue to keep those criteria we talked about in mind as you read.


1. Username. Title of book.

2. I read ______ pages tonight.

3. High quality note 1.

4. High quality note 2.

5. Evaluate one aspect of your book (character depth, quality of themes, quality of lessons for teens, language/vocabulary, dynamics of plot). Is it high level and high quality? Would a teacher, parent or other adult be interested in it? Why/Why not?

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53 thoughts on “Wednesday May 26, 2010 Post

  1. Jm2015: i am reading 9-11 poems by Francine Skye.
    (Note1)INF The title of the poem is Dancing Partner. It is about the begining of her and her hero’s relationship.
    (Note2)? What are the best moments Skye an her hero had?Why?
    The quality of the themes in my poems are very meaningful but not hight quality. Almost all of the poems are about love and her hero and both of their accomplishments. Thats not evening teaching a lesson i think my book is both junky. It’s not a junky book it tells a story witch teaches a lesson.

  2. My user name is jasonb2015. I’m currently reading “A Mater of Trust” by Anne Schraff. I read 21 pages tonight. Note 1:(Inference) Hakeem really does feel pain for Roylin’s mother because he’s willing to help her out now that Roylin is in the hospital. Hakeem knows that it will be hard for her to maintain the family without Roylin(Schraff 71).

    Note 2:(Prediction) I predict that Roylin and Hakeem will become close friends after Roylin hears about Hakeem taking care of his mom because before the accident, they were enemies(Schraff 74).

    The quality of themes in my novel is really high level. The book has themes such as forgiving someone for their actions and the pain they’ve caused us. This book also has the importance of friendship because Darcy, the protagonist, helps out Hakeem because Hakeem is blaming himself for almost causing Roylin’s death when it even wasn’t his fault. A parent and a teacher would be interested in this because in overall, this book is high-quality literature because there are meaningful themes about life that young adults can take and actually learn from them. It’s something that adults would enjoy their children to read about because it will help them make the right decisions when they’re older.

  3. The name of my book is, A Dog Like No Other. Tonight I read 25 pgs.

    Note1: (Opinion) I think that my book has no true theme except a regular theme of family and care. Most of the book so far is all about Marley and the family. It shows how the family care about Marley and that other people should get a dog and give it love and care.

    Note2: (T-S) I think that if I were being chosen I would always be the “oddball”. I think this because in real life it seems like im different than other people because im smaller. This shows that im like Marly, different.

    My book is not high quality because it has not true meanings. Even though it does talk about family and how you should take care of them, its all boring. I think this book is junk and people should read it in a fun way. I wouldn’t recommend it to adults but maybe to a child who wants to read for fun.

  4. s.brownie2015. Dreamland.
    Today I read 20 pages
    Note 1:Rogerson sells pot behind his parents back and Caitlin is still attracted to him.This is towards the cliche of ‘good girls liking bad boys’ in the sense that she never rethought her actions aound Rogerson.
    Note 2: Why does Rogerson tell Caitlin to smoke pot before entering his house? Why does he say she needed it?
    This book isn’t one of the best books for a 7th grade teenager because it goes through high school topics like drugs and liquor and unprotected sex. A student at this point of maturity wouldn’t be reading the normal language level; most sutdents would feel as though it is their age group and not act their actual age or would feel uncomfortable speaking about their book because of immaturity.(I won’t even start to talk in a parent’s perspective) 😉

  5. Hi my name is Deion, tonight I read 40 pages and I read Mississippi Trial 1955.

    Note 1; Chris Crowe the author is trying to teach us that friends aren’t truely our friend, there just there to get in the way of life and get on the ride of your trust and respect.And as soon ass u turn your back they will winde up hurting you and ur TRUE FAMILY.

    Note 2: Why is the mother blaming everyone in Mississippi for her childs death? Now if I was mother I would have tried to find how and ehy he died because I really really loved him. I would have also tried my best to not cry because he would have probably told me to not cry because I will always be here with you.( And always remember that.)

    I know that my book is a high quilty book because it talks about how a teenage book betays his best friend and tries to kill him.But the author Chris Crowe teaches us that friend are there just to get in the way of life. I think that parents will find this book interesting because some of their children could probably relate a issue when ur friend protrays you.

  6. cristina2015-i think this book is quality because this is a very good book and it is very detailed.
    note1:inf i can infer that this book is going be about ghost and mysteries because it starts of where the main character sees dead people and she is afraid of her house basement.
    note2:? why is emily one of the main charcters very mean to chloe and shes being mean when she knows shes not allowed to go to the basement.?
    i think that my charachter is static so far because it is staying constant and she is still with the situation of her being scared of ghost and she cant go to her house basement because she then sees dead people.
    i think that a parents wouldnt like their child to read this book because this book is scary. the parent would also think that this book would make their child scared.

  7. I read 25 pages of The Boxer and the Spy.
    note#1 I think that george is influencing Terry to take steroids. I also think that Terry should take steroids so that he can win his boxing games.

    note #2 Why did George give up on his boxing career? I believe that George is a dynamic character because he changes his beliefs about the boxing world. When the box began George thought that he would be a boxer for his whole life, later in the book he begins to realize that boxing is not everything. Terry is a character that didnt believe in his abilities as boxer. He tries very hard to excel in boxing that he neglects his other responsibilities like school and his future outside of boxing. He wants to take steroids to improve his chances of winning his matches. I agree with
    Terry’s decision to try steroids.

  8. The title of my book is The Diary of Anne Frank and tonight I read 32 pages. Note 1: what are Anne Frank’s interest in why she wants to marry Peter Wessel in the future? Note 2: Why did Anne Frank and her family emigrate to Holland in 1993? the quality of themes are very significant I think because racial critism is one theme and Anne expereinces it. This historical fiction book is very important to read if you wanted to know what was happening during the holocaust. A teacher would be interested to teach to their students because students should know what war was like.

  9. ClarissaC2015 The Diamonds
    I read 21 pages tonight.

    High quality note 1: From the tittle of the book i can infer that the characters will be static because diamonds can symbolize a materialistic character.
    (no page , INF)

    High quality note 2: Clarissa is the leader of the pack. The one who influences the materialistic ways of the other girls in the clique. Hopefully she changes before i have to put this book down =[ (Character, p.19)

    Character depth – These character are as shallow as a kiddie pool! I hate to say it about Clarissa(tear) but she is the shallowest of them all. She only really cares about boys, money, and i guess diamonds. I think that any other parent would TRASH this book, but im still a teen, so I’ll continue to read it, no matter how trashy it is. To find out more on the character depth, the only thing to do is keep on reading =]

  10. Angeline2015: Party Princess by: Meg Cabot. I read 25 pages tonight.
    Note #1: I think this book is junk. It deals a lot with a group of girls helping each other.
    Note #2: Based on what I read, I think Mia enjoys reading and seeing books that she knows aren’t junk.
    This book is not high quality. It deals with a lot of drama and I don’t think a parent would see this book as a “good book” i think they would see it more as junk. This book talks mostly about the importance of becoming a teen and all the things they do to maintain and stay with their boyfriends.

  11. Ag2015. Titans Curse .
    2. I read 21 pages tonight.
    3. Note1. Percy loves his mom but she keeps talkin about embrassing stuff about him.
    4. Note 2. How does Percy have so many friends?
    5. The plot is very dynamic it changes a lot because this book is of a book with good character and he faces a lot of obstacles. It isn’t a high quality book. They might if they enjoyed fantasy but it doesn’t belong in the trash… hey that was my joke the pic of trash can

  12. lourdes2015: I am currently reading The Book Thief by Markus Suzak. I read 30 pages.
    Note1- Why does Liesel steal books? How does it make her feel better about what happened on her past life?
    Note2- Inf: Liesel seems closer to her foster father, Hans Hubermann. They spend more time together and he reads to her because she can’t read well. He has to join the Nazis, so leaving Liesel behind will be hard for the both of them.
    It is high quality because it has meaningful themes and Liesel is growing up and changing; she’s a dynamic character. It meets many of the traits for a high level book.

  13. Ola2015- Today I started a new book called “Life in the Fat Lane”, by Cherie Bennett. I read 44 pages. 🙂

    CA- The main character of my book, Lara Lynn Ardeche, feels fat on the inside and out and is practically dying to get back to her old beautiful self.

    INF- I think that the main character feels alot of peer pressure about her gaining weight and I think that while be with her throughout the book.

    I think the lessons in this book will be based around the idea that skinny or not fat is better. And the character will learn to accept herself. This book is not high level because it is a kind of cliché. I think a parent would not pick this because it talks about peer pressure which might not be suit able for the child based on the parent’s opinion.

  14. Hi it’s Miladys and I read 27 pages of Marked.
    TTS: Elliott is like some kids in my class who wait till the last minute and like me at times. What Zoey is going through is normal teen aged probles like feeling different but, she is a vampyre.
    TTS:Prof P is like my teachers she won’t let them slack off ,she also talks about their character and how much she pushes them.
    If I was a parent I might and might not buy this book. Yes because it has a fair level of vocab and no because it makes it seem like everything is about your looks.

  15. Hey guys its DD2015.

    1. Jasmine, the new girl, has a big crush on Tyrell, even though he he has a girlfriend.

    2. How are you able to go to school if you are in shelter?

    I think my book belongs in the dump. It is a very interesting book but the theme is the same you can find in any other drama book. Also Coe Booth seems like she doesn’t give suspicion. The ending is kind of predictable. GARBAGE!!!!

  16. Kdozier2015. knights of the hill country.
    tonight i read 39 pages.

    why is blaine so hard on hampton even when he knows hampton is going to make it farther than him in football just because blaine knee blew out.

    Hampton says that he used to be able to talk to his mom about everything then it changed is the change that his dad left.

    one theme in my book is Bringing people down. i say this because every time hampton has a great moment his best friend blaine is always there to destroy by talking what could of happen if he did that again on the feild. i think an adult would be intrested in my book because its a fun and intresting read well at least to me.

  17. Hello kippsters Hayden here just came from my cuzins house.

    Today I read a total of 20 pages of the second series of Percy jackson. One of my first note is an prediction note.I picked the note because I think that this book is going to be about how so far in the life that he has now there hasn’t been any monsters to fight.
    My second note is about a question. My question is why would Percy go out to another adventure when he’s good where he’s at.

    I think that my character Percy is a kind of person that won’t give up until he does what he needs to do.
    This is Hayden and I’m out.

  18. Sammy2015: I am reading The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. I read 26 pages. Note 1: At first, Jack was the one trying to get Mr.Harvey caught for his assumtion that he killed Susie. Now, Lindsey is starting to believe he is the killer too and wants to get proof. Note 2: If Mr.Harvey doesn’t want to keep caught, why would he call the cops to inspect the intruder? Has he got no more proof which is why he is isn’t worried? The vocabulary of the story is pretty high. It isn’t too difficult nor too easy. This book is mostly high quality. It isn’t completely because there is some fantasy in this novel. If I was a parent or a teacher, I would recommend this book as reading for fun like to be in partner groups. It’s a good book but not not that make people really think but just keep entertained.

  19. Josh2015blog:

    Tonight I read 32 pages and Drew’s school, James Baldwin Academy, had made the playoffs.

    1. Drew changed his perspective about Fredrick Douglass Academy (FDA). He was scared before because they had really good defense and were known for shutting down star players. But now, he considered it a rivalry he likes it because it attracts more people. Page 102.
    2. Drew now knows he has to practice on his defense because the white player on FDA has crazy jumper. When he shoots Drew does not even have to look to see if he will miss because he knows it would be all net. Page 107.
    My book would most likely be recommended to kids who play sports particularly basketball. It’s always what you expect. Improve your skills in basketball and make sure you have acceptable grades.


  20. Keema .T.
    I’m reading “Holler If You Hear Me.”
    I read a total of 25 pages

    ?: Ws Tupac’s godfather being a panther, cause the volinent effect opn Tupac’s life.?

    INNER THOUGHTS: I think that if i had the oppertunity to have a child and but them book as they grow into a teemager, I think that “Holler If You Hear Me” would be my top choice.

    Tupac is a dynamic character , it shows how even though pack grew up with volient family mebers he used that experience to show other his life and he successed with people being inspired by his writings. I think any adult would buy this book for a teen. This book teaches and lets you know about the real world and its outcomes.

  21. Rashell2015:Izzy-willy nilly.I read 35 pages tonight.
    Note1:That’s true why do bad things happen to the good people?It’s like karma is lost and goes to the wrong person.
    Note2:I don’t think that Izzy will ever be treated the same just because people feel like they can’t do anything for her though they want to.
    I think that my book is pretty good.I think the main character Izzy is a very interesting she tries to make her her life go back to normal after a big accident were her leg had to be taken of.Her life doesn’t go back to normal though, everyone tries to be her friend still but it gets a little awkward at times.Also I can connect to it because after my cousin got cancer I felt bad but I felt guilty because I couldn’t do anything just like Izzy friends feel.I think adults would like this book because I think “Ms.Stabookski” liked it because she told me it was very good,so she is an adult so i guess other adults would like it.

  22. Kai2015:Today I read 25 pages of, If You Fight Monsters.

    Note 1: I think that the main serial killer is the one that killed and raped 10 women from Washington D.C. I think this because he wasn’t caught until 1 year later when a body was found in Virginia. All of the other killers were caught sooner so their strategies in staying away from the FBI and the cops weren’t well planned.

    Note 2: Why did the quote titled If You Fight monsters make the book already exciting before it started? Why did the author choose this special quote to lead of his or her book?

    My book is very well written because it is non-fiction and it has very high vocabulary because the book is basically files from the police and files of murders and serial killers. I like this style of writing because it keeps me interested and it is on my level of interest which are the kind of books i like.

  23. kayla2015. absolutley normal chaos.

    ??: why doesnt mary lou know what a journal every kid knows what one is or used it before?

    p: i think this book is goimg to be about a girl, mary lou, that writes about how her day ways and everything that happened. her journal is a way for her to comunicate ti herself or let out her feelings.

    i just started the book but it is know dynamic plot because all mary lou is writing aboutis how her day was.

  24. Justin2015. I read 20 pages. I’m reading One Piece.

    Note1: How come Luffy doesn’t listen when Sanji and Gin tell him not to touch the cannonball?.

    Note2: new character, Don Kerig. The quality of lessons for kids is that it’s not high quality or hig level. Teacher or adults will not read it because it’s a book for kids to read for fun and it doesn’t teach teens anything about life or how life could or will be for themm.

  25. IsraelP2015- tonight the book I read was The Kite Runner. I read a total of 13 pages. (INF) I think that Amir is not headed in the right path with Hassan because he seems as if he jealous and baba likes Hassan more than him.(Question) why does Hassan live in a cabin if Amir’s father is rich and Hassan’s father works for him. Shouldn’t Amir’s father be nice enough to get him a cozy house? I think this book wouldn’t be considered junk, because I think this book was written with lots of thought. I think a teacher would be interested in it and they would consider it as class novel. I even think that this was the book that kipp high read in September.

  26. Oops! sorry i wasn’t finished. It isn’t cliche even though it involves some themes and major events we’ve all seen in the past. It is a new take on a relatively simple and plain theme and lesson. It is a new twist on a seemingly cliche topic.

  27. Angely2015- tonight i read 35 pages of If I Stay.

    Note1: I think that if i were to wake up as an orphan, i wouldnt be so happy because i do have arguments with my family, but in the end i do love them because your family is going to be with you forever.

    Note2: why did she stop tryingt o find her way back in the first place, did she want to be alone, did she have doubts about her wanting to go back, does she regret her actions??

    I think that my book is high quality because this book can show teenages that when life gets rought, either at home, or at shool you cant escape it by running away , you have to be strong and keep going. I also think that a teacher would like it because of the lessons that it is trying to teach, witch can help teens later in life. At the same time I think that the teacher may not like some parts in the book because it shows some habits that you make a kids that can effect you in life, when you get older in a bad way. I also think that the teacher wont hate the book because it also teachers the reader about futer in life. An eaxple, is when Alice Cooper [the main character] makes a big dissicion as a seveneen year old , to runaway , witch she now regrats,because she feels
    – alone
    – tired
    – like she cant take care of herself
    – like she has failed a chapter in life
    – and a failer to her family

  28. Hi! I am reading The Book Thief. I read 25 pages.

    Note1- I like how the book is narrated by Death. Instead of a regular character like a person or an animal it is original. I think it also gives another outlook on Death, almost like Death was a person.

    Note2- At first, and even a little bit now, the novel doesn’t seem like its about the WW2.

    The book is high equality. In fact. it it is one of the books the class rated as high equality and meets all criteria.

  29. Arsthly2015:
    Ask the Dust
    I read 30 pages tonight.

    Note1: Arturo and Camilla seem like they will only be friends because the way she talks to him makes it seem that they will only be friends. Arturo wants to be more than friends.

    Note2: Does Camilla have another man in mind? How will Arturo feel if she does?

    I think this high level reading, but at the point I’m in, you can’t really tell. I think this is high level because though it is a book about romance, it is about a writer who gets an idea for a book because he will get his heart broken. This is a twist on the typical cliché of a love story. Though it is not the end of the book yet, the protagonist is already growing, and the language in this book is very high level. Also, I’m enjoying the so far. I think a parent or a teacher would like this book be it’s a book young readers can understand, and older readers can connect to.

  30. Emanie2015. The drive by. Lynne ewing. I read a total of 35 pages last night. I think that the family really missed jimmy because he dies and the family misses his dumb jokes and now that he is not there every one is sad and depressed all the time and the family is no longer fun without the brother there. I think that the main character ythey do not say his name yhey know him as I and me, has low self esteem because he said that everyone is good looking in the family and he is the only ugly one and just becauase his brother jokes around with him by calling him a worry toad it does not mean he has to bring himself down like that. I think that it is high level because it has to do with some people lives and many people can relate to it in many ways because many people die everyday. I think that the a parent would recomend this book or they would be intrested because it is mystery and it can have a powerful theme and it is age appropriated.

  31. Wussup its Naz and the book I am reading is called Scorpions by Walter Dean Myers. I read a total of 23 pages today.
    Note1: Why doesnt Jamal tell the Scorpions that he does not want to be in their gang deep down he knows its really not for him but he does it anyway. I guess Jamal wants to be just like his older brother Randy. He probably does not want everyone to think that Randy is a punk and does not want to mess up his rep.
    Note2: Jamal’s mother is very hardworking and Jamal noticed that alot in the beginning of the story but as time passed he would not appreciate all the sacrifices his mother made for him as much as he used too. Jamal needs to get it together and stop pretending to be like someone when he knows he is really not.
    I think that this book is a meaningful book beacause it teaches a life learned lesson that most kids in bad communities can relate to and it also shows you to always do the right thing even when you are scared and times get rough you should always follow your instincts. I think the type of person that would probably like this book is a person thats into violence and gang life struggles also known as a brotherhood.

  32. suni2o15- The book im reading is Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins. I read over 36 pages.

    Note 1 : INF- Why is districy 8 being uprise by the president?

    Note 2 : ??- katniss has given other people the opportunity to realize the unfairness that the capitol is using against them.

    One espect fom my book is the theme, because it is trying to show that you always have to think of what you are going to do to not cause bigger problems in the future.It is high quality because it talks about the plot.Yes a teacher or a parent would be interested in it because it has alot of great actions and problem that can occur in real life.

  33. jERICK2015. The Sea of Monsters. today i read a total of 34 pages. Note 1: Is Percy dreaming or is everything that is going on really happening? Note 2: What does the word reassuringly mean? The quality of themes in my book is high level and high quality. The themes in the book make a lot of sense and i myself understand it very well. In mt opinion a teacher parent etc will enjoy and understand the themes because the themes clearly make sense. So far im really enjoying my book.

  34. Jm2015: tonight i read 3 poems. I am reading the 9-11 poems by Francine Skye.
    (Note1)INF skye is the type of person that can control their self when she is around annoying peolple an all they do is nag.
    (Note2)? Whàt are the most important characteristics that describe her hero? Why?
    There are very important thems in my poem book. The main theme is love. This is high quality becuse in this book without love Skye would be an normal old person. Thats what makes here unique her way of thinking.
    My book is not trashy. My book may be about poems but it teaches vaulable lessons. My poem book shows how life can be different when a special person in her life dies. Also this book keeps me intersted about what the next poem will be.

  35. Genesis2015.The Old Willis Place.Today I read 24 pages.My first note is a quality note:This book is not high quality becase it doesn’t have a lesson that can be learned other than lessons that aren’t lessons that are age apropiate because this book and the lessons that are shown are a level for younger kids.My second note is a making more inference: On page 101, Diana talks about Georgie to Lissa and Lissa thinks that Georgie is mad at her but he’s just trying to stay out of trouble and follw the rules.I think that what Georgie is doing is the right thing to do because now that there is a lot of trouble in the book he is trying not to get involve in none of them.This book’s aspects are not high quality because is not a book in which you can have teens learn a lot from it. I don’t think a parent would buy this book because is not interesting and maybe younger kids would enjoy this book because some kids believe in thigs such as ghosts and monsters and as teens we change our minds in things that we believe in.

  36. Julio2015: The title of my book is Hoops. Today my reading was interesting, and I took two high quality notes which were about how Jackson ants to become a basketball player. Note 1- My first note is a inference. Since he wants to become a basketball player he is sadly facing many changes that is affecting his future career of being a basketball player. I can infer that Jacksons coach is woried because he doesn’t know if Jackson has a good chance of getting in the NBA. My second high quality note is a question note. Note 2- My second note is a question note. Why does Jackson want to become a NBA player? Does he like the fame? Does he want Cal to be his coach? My book is a little high level because of the way it’s written. It has a meaningful theme or lesson behind it. A teacher would be intrested because they might even connect with this.

  37. magaly2015. red is for remembrance.i read 27 pages.
    1(TTS):i can connect because sometimes i make no sense and my friends are like huh? in the book they do that a lot most of the time. janie does that especially that, she leaves her friends all confused.

    2(TTW):i can connect the to the world because every time someone likes someone they always let someone the book it talks about people liking someone and they all let each other know.

    3: this book isnt high level.why? it just taks about girls teenagers and how they were in middle school. meaning it doesnt have a meaning to it it just talks about girls and nerds, geeks, ect.i wouldnt think that i high level parent or teacher would have their kid/tudent read this.

  38. kaylap2015. The Face on the Milk Carton. Today i read 30 pages. Note1: Why when Janie has a serious problem she keeps it shut with her parents? Note2: Why doesn’t Janie’s parents tell her the truth from the beginning instead of her finding out about it? Well a lesson in my book can be to always know about your parents from the outside and even the inside and don’t let them fool you with who you think they are. Also don’t believe anything that looks sneaky from your parents. And i would say yes that adults would be interested in the book because it talks about a real life situation that happens to kids and teens all over the world

  39. Jalisa2015:Tonight I read 20 pages of Dance Trap.
    High quality note 1:I think my book does not meet all the criteria because it uses great details but it does not have high quality of vocabulary.Another thing is that as parents we need to make sure what teen are reading and is also basically about boyfriends and things that include love.
    Note2:What can Claudia do is to stop thinking about Brad if he is going to the dance?
    Sometimes we need the things that stress us out to let everything out of our mind.Things that Claudia has to do is to get rid out of plans because that when everything goes wrong. Just go ahead and talk to him without no problems.
    I think I would say on a lesson for teens.A lesson for teen because actually there are going to come times that girls are going to start having problems with boys.Is not a high quality but girls can learn something if they actually like boys and boys that like girls much more of a relationship.Adults and teacher would not be interested in it because this much more include of gossip girls and boys.Also a parent would not want their child to reading about gossip things.Is not much more of a interesting genre to read about unless your parents would not mind.

  40. ae2015: Strange Angels: 36 pages

    Note 1: Mrs. Bletchley seems to be a symbol of a person who cares a lot about the people around her. She cares about how others are handeling their lives and if they are handleing it properly. This is a very good thing about her(p. 8).

    Note 2: ” Night Hunter. Knife Thrower. Heart Breaking.” I like that these lines are in the front page because they give the reader a glipse to what is going to happen in the novel. This a very intellingent and high quality way of writing(title page).

    Aspects: In my opinion my book is pretty high quality literature, because it talk a lot about life as an orphan. This serious topic is very well expressed through this novel and I think more novels with the events and themes that this book reveals should be written. VERY HIGH QUALITY!

  41. This is ShawnW and im reading the book Slam and i read twenty-five pages.My first question is, Why does Greg’s brother care so much about his pants getting sewed before his mother comes home?My second note is an Inference. I think that they are critizizeing the cheerleaders because they will be in a situation where it involes Greg and his brother. I think that not alot if adults will be interested because it does not contain lots of high quality themes and lots of high quality words to decribe Greg.

  42. heller Orlando G 2015 here.tonight i read up to page 85.I took 5 notes and my favorites were
    why arent african americans seen the same as others if they are still human beings?why did whites only enslave african americans were other races enslaved as well.I think that my book might be a graphic novel but it is great in the way that it has good theme high vocabulary and it has dynamic characters.I think that people adults would be intrested in it because they would like to learn about other races history.they would do it because they wanted to study their culture.

  43. Whats good Tonight I read 13 reasons why. I read 30 pages tonight. note1: Hannah wants to get revenge, but why would she want to get revenge on her first kiss. Also, when she said that they all had maps they all had stars in it and why would she give the markings.note2: I don’t understand. Why is Clay listening to the tapes? Though he had a crush on her and she suddenly chooses to commit suicide, that would give me more reason to not listen to the tapes. This book isn’t very high level. It is good to read for entertainment but not very important. It doesn’t have true meanings and many kids can’t reallly relate to it. I wouldn’t recommend this book if I was a parent/teacher. It would be nice to read for fun with friends but not if we are writing essays or describing TRUE meanings about it.

  44. I am reading Club Dread. I read a total of 55 pages.
    Note1: Inspector Wise thinks that Clarissa killed Josh Emmits, since somebody seen her throw a peice of metal behind the dumpster.
    Note2: Marco should’ve went with his friend because now he could get blamed for doing something he didn’t do.
    My book isn’t a book a parent or teacher would probably want their child reading because of some words in it. Also because it has a lot to do with murder. It seems like the setting of the story is static. It goes back and fourth from places.

  45. Im reading If I Stay and i read 30 pages.

    Note 1: “In the wrong place at the wrong time.” i like the way they used this because it shows that they understand that it wasn’t the drivers fault that the accident happened.

    Note 2: i can infer that while mom was getting ready to give birth to Teddy she was frustrated because she started cursing at dad and everything.

    this book isn’t really dynamic because the characters are beginning to grow more and more throughout the days they spend in the hospital. i don’t really think this book teaches a lesson because it mostly shows the way Mia spent time before the accident happened and before Teddy was born. I don’t really think an ADULT would recommend this to a teen because they might find it boring since it isn’t as much of a high quality book.

  46. hi last night i read 25 pages,that was the end of my book.Honestly i would not recommend this book to any shcool or any type of indiviual group .this book does not have high vocabulary ant is actually not well writtien it has lot of confusing parts and it talkes about things they are not supose to talk about in in type of book but no this wants to be the odd ball and talk about it.but any way lets get to the good part finally out off so many years anna and carly have finally deside to talk to eachother that is probaly beacuse they are going off to another grade .Also clauida as found out the person that stole annas money ;which clauida her self was acussed of stealing it .but actually it was anna own brother ben that stole it.and the crazy part is that anna knew it was her brother ben she just wanted to make clauida and her best friends look bad in front of the whole grade.Do any of you guys have enemies?well clauida does she has two at the beginning of the year that was because the “mean girls”knew that clauida was better then them in some type of way so they always try to hurt clauidas feeloing without her even starting any problems .Well lets see was going to be the next book.

  47. the name of my book is called sammy.

    note1: many people seem to be going to the caisno. the mian reason why they are going is because they seem to be depresssed. depression seems to play huge role in the 1950s and seeem to affect alot of people family.

    note2: why does he see everything as racial issue? this lead me to think that racism was a theme that seperated culture from each other all because of hatred between them.

    my book is very high level because it is very sophistacated in terms of its vocab. the book also identify alot of important themes in the book.

  48. I am reading Tyrell by Coe Booth. Tonight I read a total of 25 pages.
    note1: Novisha does not have a good relationship with her father because he just comes in and out of her life. He mainly just came today to eat food and he came to “fix the television” just to flirt with mama. He really needs to talk to his daughter more instead of running around with women.
    note2: My protagonistn is a freak and is to grown for his age. He says “cute as hell” : sexy as hell with that catholic school girl skirt on” which shows thatb he is all about physical traits. He is so predictable and I can tell that this book is probably going to be about sex and doing things at the wrong age.
    The tyheme of the book is a high quality theme , but i think that this book is not original enough because it does not use its own originality with the story plot so far and the book is predictable. I made a prediction and one page later it was true. An adult probably would’nt be inteerested in this book bec ause the way this book is written it is in a form for children to read and enjoy.

  49. Tonight i read 30 pages of my book The Afterlife.
    Note1:I think that my book meets four of the criteria because it uses great details and some teens might be able to relate to whats going on in the book like people getting murdered and young teens dealing with drugs.It might also be appealing to people who want to read about how a youong boy dies and how he identifies himself as an angel once he dies.
    Note2:How does chuy feel now that he is ghost,that is free to do whatever he wants, when he wants on his own time?
    I would evalute the lack of high vocabulary because the book has more simple words and simple sentences rather than complex sentences and challenging words.I think that a parent or teacher will like the book because it has the ability to show that some people get killed for no reason and that some people just want to kill you.Even though the book doesnt teach a lesson, people still might want to read it just because it sounds interesting or just because they like scary books.

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