Monday May 24, 2010 – Two Day Post (Due Wednesday)

STATIC.... or dynamic?

Hi KIPPlets,

Happy Monday! Today, we spoke about the difference  between static and dynamic characters in class. We decided that Walter from A Raisin in the Sun was dynamic because he “entered into manhood,” as Mama put it at the end of the novel. He changes so dramatically that it almost surprises the reader. Travis, on the other hand, was static because the events of the play didn’t really affect him at all. In tonight’s reading, continue to track your character’s changes…


1. Username. Title. Today, I read ________ pages.

2. Describe your protagonist. Describe his/her physical traits. Describe his/her emotional traits.

3. Based on your reading, do you believe your character is static or dynamic? Why? Provide proof from the text.

4. Evaluate the quality of your character. Is this person “well-written,” as in, does he/she have interesting or important character strengths? Does he/she grow or is he/she so static that he/she seems like a bad person? Be critical of this author. Tell me your opinion on whether or not this is high quality literature based on the quality of the characters.

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48 thoughts on “Monday May 24, 2010 – Two Day Post (Due Wednesday)

  1. the name of my book is The Plain Jeans, and it was written by Cecil Castellucci. these past two days i read a total of 30 pages in total, because there were a few pages left to read. what i think the character Jane is trying to change every one in the town or not scare them up. another character is Jen she has really strong emotions in her life. i think she is static because she is the same person through out the story but also dynamic because she changes is the story and so do the other girls. in the preview of the other two books . well i would say that my character is sort of well written because she changing her life in many ways as she can.

  2. Hi it’s Miladys and I read 28 pages of Marked.
    My main charater is Zoey she is 16 years old with the mark of the vampyre on her forehead. She is a very shallow because she only cares for her looks.
    Zoey is a static character she does not really care for any thing but her looks. “I did hurry, even thought I was really nervous about not looking right and I wished I could take hours doing and redoing my hair and makeup.”(pg100)
    I do not think she is a well written character she seems like a girl from Gossip Girl were all they care for is their outsides and don’t really grow.I do not see this as very high quality.

  3. My user name is jasonb2015. I am currently reading “A Matter of Trust” by Anne Schraff. Today, I read 20 pages. The protagonist, Darcy, has dark colored skin, black eyes, dark brown hair, and wears a chain that has the the initial “D” for Darcy. Darcy is a very sentimental person. She is also kind, brave, loving, and friendly. She is the type of person that has everyone’s back and won’t let them down. She’s the greatest friend that anyone could have mainly because she’ll understand you if you have any problems and will help you out through those problems.

    Darcy is a dynamic character in the story. In the beginning of the novel, Darcy doesn’t seem to accept Dad because he abandoned her. Now, though, Darcy seems to be willing to forgive Dad and give him a second chance. Anne Schraff demonstrates that in a family, everyone loves each other and we all make mistakes, but we should forgive those who have caused us pain.

    Darcy is a well written character because she is represented as someone who has a strong character. First of all, she did make a significant change when she decided to accept Dad and forgive him for abandoning the family. Also, Darcy controlled Hakeem when he forced himself to think that he was the cause for Roylin’s shot in the head when he wasn’t. Darcy really did make an effective change in the story that helped out another character. Darcy does grow as a character because at first all Darcy seemed to care about was Hakeem’s love, but now Darcy seems to have opened her eyes and now realizes that she must worry about other things too such as her family(her grandmother who’s days of life are shortening, her dad who wants to return to the family, and even Hakeem who can’t take it anymore with people making fun of him because she stutters. Because Darcy portrays a strong character in the book, this novel is high quality literature. This book demonstrates the serious problems that teenagers get into and their struggle to prevail all of their obstacles. Young adults can really take this book as an example of their lives and be aware of the dangers that this world has prepared for them.

  4. suni2015- The book im reading is called Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins. I read a total of 32 pages.Katniss is a very clever and smart girl, she always knows what she is doing. She is also very kind , sensitive, outgoing, determined, and courageous. My character Katniss is static because over the book she is changing from being very unopen-minded to open-minded with what can occur to her family if she is not careful. My character is well written because she has an important character strengh were she has to deal with her entire district being eliminated. She grows to changing the way she acts and the way she treats very sirious situation. For instance she is well aware of the consequence that she might have for not convincing everyone that she is fully inlove with peeta

  5. s.brownie2015. Dreamland Today i read 40 pages. The protagonist,Caitlin is the exact mirror of her sister,Cassandra without the same athletic abilities as her.She has brown hair and brown eyes with a small scar over her eyebrow. Her life gains fun and interest when another person is with her. In most cases when she is not doing anything with another person, she is thinking about someone else. She can be a static character because she lives off of other people`s lives. Caitlin is a well written character because her way of thinking about other people isn`t a way i would never see a person as.

  6. Sammy2015: I am reading The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. Today, I read 36 pages. My protagonist’s name is Susie Salmon. She is a 14 year old girl that died from being brutally raped. She is average sized and has blonde/brunette hair. That last outfit she wore before her death was a hat, yellow pants, her school backpack and a jacket. Eventually, her clothes became partially red from her blood. She is a caring girl and never hated anyone. She now started to and wishes he’d die. She wishes Mr.Harvey would die as a result from raping her and murdering her. She is a very loving person and shy. My character was a bit dynamic in the beginning of the novel because her feelings of hatred were unused until Mr.Harvey came along. Now, further along the story, Susie is static because she is just calm watching her family from above, angry at Mr.Harvey and seeing if her family is safe from him. She can’t be much more dynamic in the novel because she is dead and she can’t change herself. The dead can’t do anything toward the living. Susie isn’t alive so really she doesn’t have much potential to her character. She is well illustrated by Alice Sebold but the novel includes a bit too much fiction. Susie isn’t really going to be doing anything much in the novel because whatever she does in heaven won’t affect what is happening down on Earth. I wouldn’t consider this novel to be high quality. It is a nice story and very interesting to read, but you really can’t get much from Susie. What is most likely taught to the readers is that you shouldn’t be with strangers. This has a lesson but it is just mentioned in the beginning but throughout the story, Susie is just narrating what is happening after her death and trying to get Mr.Harvey caught. From a scale of 1-10, I would rate this novel an 8. It’s a good book and I am enjoying it but it can be better.

  7. krod2015. Hoops. Walter Dean Myers. I finished reading the book.

    My main character is Lonnie. Lonnie is dark colored skin, and is in a basketball team, which they’re all white. Eventhough Lonnie is the only dark colored kid, his mind is still im basketball, it’s a sport he doesnt want to stop.

    I think that my protaginist is dynamic. I think that Lonnie is dynamic because he changes but he changes a lilttle bit. Some times he doesnt want to become a basketball player, and some times he does.

    I think that Lonnie is not well writen because he has too many emotions about a sport he always dreamed of doing. Lonnie does not grow into a better character, he just stays the same, but the only thing that changes is his emotions. I found this book a lilttle boring, because Walter Dean Myers repeats the same details, and the charater doesnt become a better person.

  8. The title of my book is The Diary of Latoya Hunter.Today I read 26 pages and finished the book. I would describe Latoya Hunter as funny, inspiring to young girls, bright, strong, and imaginitive. She is dark skin. Sometimes she feels optimistic of hoping to live in a better environment. Through out the book, she is static because she doesnt change much. Her personality doesnt change and shes a girl who always loved her classes. Latoya has important character strengths and that is developing and growning up to be independent. The author is the protagonist so I cant really critcized much but I can say that Latoya did a good job expressing her feelings to her diary and building on her own thoughts.

  9. lourdes2015: I am reading The Book Thief by Markus Suzak. I read 48 pages. My protagonist is Liesel Meminger. She grows up throughout the novel, showing how she changes and what she does. Liesel is skinny and a little bony. She has a love for books, even though she can’t read very well. Liesel is a dynamic character. In the beginning, she is innocent and suffers a lot of issues. She is becoming more independent because she overcame the deaths of her family and friends. Liesel is well written. It was written in an interesting way. She doesn’t narrate, Death does. Through the struggles to overcome the deaths that happened, she grew to be stronger. It shows in her actions.

  10. Ola2015:)- Today I continued reading Clay, by David Almond. I read about 36 pages. The protagonist is from a foreign country and he is discovering the power that Stephen has. He is honest to the father but has many sins that he is not telling. In the book it does not say much about the protagonist’s physical features, but Stephen’s physical traits are that he resembles a wax figure. His emotional traits are that he is scared of Stephen and Mouldly. I believe that my character is static right now because his emotions or actions haven’t really changed… yet. For example, he keeps hanging out with Stephen and avoiding the other gang with Mouldy. Yes, my character does have important traits he imagines once Stephen talking to him in his sleep, which is odd. David is not a bad person he just breaks the rules and he is stuck. I honestly think this is a book for entertainment it is not a very high quality book.

  11. Tonight i read 30 pages of my new book the afterlife.My protagonist,Chuy,is very peaceful until he was murdered but he still keeps his peace with people before he died.I think that my character is dynamic because at first,he was a normal teenager doing normal things but once he died , he started to act funny and do odd things to get attention.Well my character plays a big role because he is the victim and he makes the book what it is today and how it can relate to most situations that go on.

  12. Angeline2015: Party Princess by: Meg Cabot. I read 60 pages. My protagonist is kind of sassy. She enjoys helping others but at the same time only cares basically for herself. She’s an athletic person and apparently likes doing laundry everyday.
    Based on what I read, Mia is static. Since the beginning of the book her friends and teammates describe her as a dorky princess. She dresses up like a princess but acts like a dork. She gets nervous and stutters when she’s talking to people. Cabot shows how someone doesn’t let people change their appearance.
    I don’t think this characters well written because she’s basically kind of mean and sassy. She would’ve been a better and helpful person. She’s static.

  13. My name is ashley 2015 today I read Narnia and I read 29 protagonist are four young kids names Lucy;Susan;Edmund;Peter.They all have been to Narania before and they are suprised at what they find whent hey go backk and they are emotionally attached because they remeber thigns witht eh faun during their time going back to narnia . I believe that my characters are all static . I think this becauswe the main characters are four instead of one because they are all together so far. In the book these characters just mainly jave dialouge with eachother about their old tims so for now the book and characters are static . I don’t think these chararcters are well wriTten because you can’t really get into them if you had’nt read the beginngin of the setries of the other books . You should be able to uinderstand them just by reading this book. My characters do have character strengths beut their not strengths their characteristics . Edmund is the sarcastic one . And Susan is the older mature one who is always telling Peter be realistic . Lucy is the younger sister with a wild immagination. The characters have not grown yet so far. I think the aouthor did an okay job so far.

  14. Julio2015: The title of my book is Cracker Jackson, and tonight I read a total of 30 pages. In my opinion my protagonist is very interesting beacuse of his triats. He is 11 years old and always or most of the time has his bike. In my opinion he likes his bike because it’s sort of like his sidecick. So it’s like Jackson and his bike. They’re like a team. To me Jackson is a dynamic kid because he has change throughout the course of the book. So he is like at the beginning very calm and is a regular normal kid. Across the middle of the book, he got a little suspicious and wondered what was giong on with Alma. I think Cracer Jackson was badly writen because he should have a bigger and better role, and he should have a better personality trait because he is changing, but he needs more traits because that’s what’s important about a character. Jackson is a good person is that he just needs a lot more traits. Even though Jackson needs more character traits, he is still a good person.

  15. Hello kippsters yesterday I wasn’t feeling very good and I had to go to the doctors.

    Today I have read 30 pages of my book. My main character in the book is a great and clever person he’s alway one step ahead in the book. He is a kind of person that If there is a problem he would start to think of solution or will get revenge.

    My may character is a well writen character because he is a kind of person that would be a good person to look up to. I think that the author wrote this character to show is that we as person so be ahead in the game weather if is school or the games or probelms you got.

    Peace out kippsters.

  16. Keema .T.
    Holler If You Hear Me. I read a total of 30 pages

    The protangist Tupac Shakur. He was known to be one of the bests POEM writers. He was able to create poems that related to every one in and out side of his scemia.

    I think That TUpac is a dynamic person and as in a character, he change ,but mostly changed the perople who read his poems and heard his raps. When the artist recored with TuPac he said that day of recoding was the day he knew that Tupac didnt not want to be al famous with the money and bling and stuff. Pac wanted to write and rap so other can relate to him. Ray J said that he defeintly can relate to Tu Pac.

    I think that TuPac is well writen because most raper or R&B artist are in studios and their songs and stuff really dont have any meaning to it , but Tupac’s rymes and stiff in conter you and me and every one around the EARTH. Tupac is a strong person in and out of this novel from my own eyes.

  17. Hello this is Argenis2015 and today I read A break in charity. Susanna feels left out, and is very curious at the beginning of the book. Also Susanna seems worried for her brother So what she does is go to Tituba – a lady that is known to have black magic. She is known for reading leaves and tea. My main character Susanna seems to be dynamic, because in the beginning of the book like I already said she seems to be left out, but throughout the rest of the book she seems to be getting more in contact with people like Tituba. Susanna seems to be well written. I say this because this character seems to challenge people in thinking whether or not she is shy. I think this writing is high quality based on the setting of the story, which is in Salem Massachusetts

  18. diamond2015.Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson. Today, I read 28 pages. Scarlett has blonde hair, brown eyes,skinny,and is in between short and tall. She doesn’t get mad easily but that’s only if you push her to it. Scarlett is not a very patient person. Sometimes she acts like a girly girl when she is in the mood. I think that Scarlett is static because ever since her sister goes out with this big time movie star, the crush Scarlett has for him never went away. Its like she is scared to change or doesn’t want to. On page 65 it says “Stop it, Orlando. Stop calling me. If we get married, my name will be Scarlett Bloom, and that sounds like a rash.” I think Scarlett is slowly becoming “well- written” because the new actor she meet is making her really fall for him. She is static but Scarlett is not really a bad person. I think it really isn’t high quality literature because the author didn’t really include mini problems in the story so far and it’s making it kind of boring. The characters though, make it somewhat high quality because they seem to have something that keeps catching my eye or in other words making want to know more about them.

  19. Julio2015: The title of my book is Cracker Jackson, and tonight I read a total of 30 pages. In my opinion my protagonist is very interesting beacuse of his triats. He is 11 years old and always or most of the time has his bike. In my opinion he likes his bike because it’s sort of like his sidecick. So it’s like Jackson and his bike.

  20. Genesis2015.The Old Willis Place.During the 2 days i read 40 pages.Diana is drity and she is always wearing new clothes and Georgie does the same. Her emotional traits is that she is worried too much and she also gets scared at times.For example on page 62 it talks about how Lissa was the one that made Diana and Georgie feel dirty and act dirty.Diana’s character traits are that she wants to be around Georgie alot and she is careful with what Georgie does all the time.Diana is dinamic because now at times she is carefull about Georgie an at tims she lets him do what he wants and not worry about any problems that are going on.Hahn tries to show that amny of the characters change over time and this is a quality because having dinamic characters and having different settings at differents parts of the books.

  21. Zariah2015. 145th Street Stories. Today i read 45 pages. My book is written in first person, so the main character is Walter Dean Myers. He goes through his life stories and other people stories. Since the book is a bunch of short stories, we don’t really get a view of what he was like or a true personality. I think Angela is dynamic because she changed from the girl who was always by herself to the girl that likes to talk and be open. She is a well written character because in this short story she goes throught the death of her father and she has to overcome that obstacle. She isn’t a bad person since she made a huge improvement.

  22. Its Katerin Villar. The book I am reading is Ball Don’t Lie. Today I read upto page 89.

    My protagonist is Dante, Dante thinks about trying to succeed and becoming someone in life. He is different from the guys though. The guys use their skills to compete with others. Dante tries to use his skills to change the way he sees things. Dante isn’t always sad and he isn’t always happy he mostly in between.

    Dante is STATIC because he always has the same emotion and thinks the same way. He is always refering things to basketball.For example, “Damn, Dreadlock Man , your shot’s straight broke. Hawk falls into the bleachers laughing, goes to lace up his new sneakers”. what the author shows not only in this page is that even new sneakers is used for basketball new shorts anything.

    I believe Dante isnt a bad person he just doesnt grow. He shows a message but within other characters.I think the author should have writen the protagonist as someone who grows because it will make the book just a little bit more intresting. I also believe this isnt high quality literature because it could have been writen better with more high class vocab.

  23. Jm2015:tonight i read 30 pages.
    The protaganist in my book is very expressive. She is a very open person. I cant explain how she looks because my book is a poem. My protaganist is very emotional. She is a strong person. A very important person in her life died and she is a strong person.
    A big theme in my poems is love. Love is like the thing that keeps her living she is a very caring person. I think love is a theme because it is something that she always focus on. She is a very caring person to everyone who’s in her life. Without the thought of love she has no life. Her love goes directly to her heros in her life.

  24. Hey wussup its Naz and I am reading Scorpions. I read 28 pages today.
    Jamal’s physical trait is that he likes to play basketball and hang out with his friends during his free time. Too bad the Scorpions are his friends and really would not eve consider them as his friends because they only wanted him to join the gang since his brother got sent to jail. They want Jamal to take over and be the leader of the Scorpions they want him to finish what his brother started. Jamal is not sure bout this because he was known to not get himself into introuble and to be treated like a responsible young adult.
    I believe that my character Jamal is dynamic because he used to be a god kid im not saying that he is a bad kid now but he is making the wrong decisions that he know that are wrong. He used to help his mother around the house with some things. Now Jamal has a gun and is acting out.
    Jamal is a good kid deep down and i guess he just gave in to peer preasure and really does not know how to get himslef out since he is so deep in the gang life with the Scorpions.

  25. Hello I am reading Hawkes Harbor by S.E. Hinton. I read 34 pages.
    My protagonist, Jaime Sommers, is emotionally disturbed. He is told repeatedly by Catholic nuns that he is born out if sin making him feel like he’s the anti-Christ. Jaime really cares about this because he follows the Catholic religion. He is emotionally messed up and is depressed. Him not fitting in with the Catholic society is almost like the end of the world to him.
    So far, my character is static. However, if I know anything about S.E. Hinton, that won’t be true for long. Jaime is depressed; that just doesn’t go away in two or three chapters. I do believe, however, the character will still seem, in some way, misunderstood and misguided, but if he is anything like Ponyboy or any other character, he will change and straighten up.

  26. Marien2015 : Tonight I have compleated 27 pages from The Vampire Diarys.

    The protagonis in The Vampire Diarys is Elena is a tall blond girl. She is the girl every guy dreams of and wants to have. She is verry emotional nd thoughtful at the same time.When she wants something she does what ever she possably can to get it.

    I think that Elena is a dynamic character. Towards the beginning of the book Elena knows that she has feelings for Stefan. She has shown growth because now , even though she still likes him , she wants to get to know him better and get him to open up. She says , ” I knoe that behinde his wall that surounds him , he is a verry depressed guy.” (pg: 102) this shows that Elena does want to help him.

    I do not think that Elena is not a high leval character. She does have inturesting strangths, but they do not help the reader learn important lessons. She does show groth , but only over a guy. I think that the auther could have done a better job of creating a character who helps teach a lesson throught the book.

  27. Orlando G 2015 here.Today i read the book still i rise by Roland Laird.Today i read a total of 25 pages.Well i don’t have a main I do but it is a whole entire race.They are dark skinned and really hard working they were enslaved are were treated unequally.they are really emotionally destroyed they were treated with no emotion. I truly believe that my characters are dynamic because they start really low then they grow to higher place in society . it gets to the point where the 44th president of the U.S is African American.i believe that the characters aren’t well represented for the fact that that’s how they were treated and it makes a lot of sense.they grow a lot because they become bigger in society.i think this has to be one of the greatest history novel of all time i think it is great it shows a lot of African American History.

  28. My character Tiki is a football player. He’s a shy person and does care for what others think. He feels embarresed of what he does sometimes if no one supports him.

    My character is dynamic because in the beginning of the book he’s very shy in games and practice. When he sees his mom in the crowd and people cheering him on he feels proud. This makes him want to show what he knows. This shows he cares about what others think and wasnts to impress people.

    It’s intresting how he can be diffrent when he’s playing football and with his twin. With his twin he acts tougher and as if he doesn’t care. In the game while everyone is watching he acts more stressed as if he is scared. This is intresting because it’s like he’s 2 different people. An example, is like someone in school and someone outside of school can be a big diffrence of behavior.

  29. This ShawnW and im going to blog about my book titled Slam made my Walter Dean Myers. I read thirty-five pages in my book. My character is named Greg Harris and he is actually dark skinned with a white t-shirt on. He wears the shirt because he is always playing basketball. I think that my character maybe dynamic because right now in my book, He is all about basketball and is not paying attention to his grades in school. In the end i thing he may worry about his grades first, then basketball comes next. To me i think that this person is maybe in the middle because in certain parts of the book, he is written as a sophisticated characterand in some parts he is written as a regular character.

  30. Gabriel2015: Forests of Secrets by Erin Hunter.

    Today i read 30 pages.

    My protagonist is named Fireheart. Fireheart is a yellowish/ orangish/ redish color and he has small teeth. He is a perserverant fellow and has much grit.

    I believe that my protagonist is static. I believe that he is static because thoroughout the enitre book, he always showed grit and the ability to work hard and to work at his hardest. In the beginning it says “He caught 8 mice for the clan”. He also had ” Saved two kits from the raging river”. I believed this shows grit and hard work because it takes work to find and catch 8 mice. it also takes grit and courage to sacrifice your life to save two kits.

    I believed that he Fireheart is a well written character because he has mostly good characteristics and some bad ones like everyone has. Although my character is static, I believe that he is not a bad person. I think Erin Hunter was trying to keep a good character the same thorughout the novel to show children a lesson. I believe that thos literature is in the middle of a good literature and a bad one. It really is not the worst.

  31. Angely2015. If I Stay. I read 20 pages tonight.

    DAD: he is always wearing baggy pants, not the regular dad you usually see. He is a very down to earth cool dad that really doesn’t care what you do, unless it’s a bigger issue.

    I think that Alice has really changed because before, like any teenager, they think that life is boring, that they hate their family, or any of that kind of stuff. She says in the book, “I’m not sure this is the world I belong in anymore. I’m not sure that I want to wake up.” This shows that his thoughts are changing, and she is also maturing in age.

    I think that Alice is well written because she is the type of character that changes in the book, and her situation is interesting because she really doesn’t knew where she is , but has made the discussions to go away from that place and she regrets it now because she wishes that she was back with her family ,the only thing she has left.

  32. kaylap2015.The Face On The Milk Carton. Today i read 41 pages. My protagonist which is Janie can be really selfish at times because she would only care about herself at times in the book but she is also a kid who really wants people to tell her the truth. Her physical traits are that she has red hair and that she is tall and skinny she also has curly hair. I would say that Janie is dynamic because in the book because while she is growing up she is letting some stuff behind like her Barbies and her toys. I would say that the protagonist is very well written because the author knows how to write about a girl who some readers can connect to and also she does grow through out the book because of the kidnap that happened. I would say this is high quality literature because it talks about how kids would get kidnapped by their own parents.

  33. ClarissaC2015 =) , Gossip Girl Cecily Von Ziegesar . I read exactly 20 pages.

    Im going to talk about one character in particular that continues to pop up: Serena.
    I think that she is a regular rich girl stereotype. Has money and is and air head, or appears to be. She is a girly girl, cares more about fashion and gossiping about people that should be her friends.

    She is static because all throughout this book she has remained the same and hasnt thought of changing her ways to make her life better. Habits that she has kept are contributing to the gossip and drama happening in this book. Maybe, the author didnt want her to change. Maybe, she just wanted girls to read about the drama and troubles of rich New York City girls.

    I actually dont think that my character is well written because she doesnt show growth at all. All she does is shop,gossip, and create conflict within the other characters. She doesnt seem to grow or learn from her mistakes because there are like 20-30 more books with problems involving her. All I’m saying is Von Ziegear, STEP IT UP!

  34. Adianis2015. I’m reading If I i read 25 pages.

    Mia is a very kind person. She’s always as polite as she can be.she also isn’t a dramaful person which makes the book even more interesting.

    I think that Mia is a little bit static because she changes throught the book because of the accident that happend; it changed her life. Eventhough it didn’t change a lot of it, she isn’t in the same position as before.

    My character Mia is a very good character. Throughout all the days in the hospital, she began to think back to the old days when everything was fine. She’s important because she’s the reason why everything is going back to its place. Mia also begins to grow because she begins to change things that were going on and interupting her from being happy.

  35. ae2015: Black Mirror : 46 pages.

    My protagonist is very mysterious. She is not always comfortable around all people. She is a very unique character because of how she handles situations.

    STATIC VS. DYNAMIC: My protagonist, Frances, is definetly dynamic. This is because she has gone from lonely and sad to middle popularity and a somewhat happier life. For example on page 20 she is talking to her self about US history. On page 114 she is talking to her friend Saskia. These show that she has changed in a positive way.

    EVALUATION: My protagonist is very well written.
    Her thoughts are very well described. Her personality is very well shown and her ways of life are evry well described. My character has definetly changed in a positive way. She has been expressing herself more freely. he is a good person that anyone would love to have as a friend.

  36. Freddy p2015. Today i read 29 pages in my book. The main character of my book is The savage. The Savage is a made up character who came to life. He is very bad person who kills, and eat people if u look at him. Lastly he always haves trouble finding his family, so he destroys peoples familys. From just starting the book i think that my character is static. I think this because he always does the same thing. KILL. From my reading i think that my character is very well written. I think this because he connects to the real author, and is very interesting person. This helps because it makes me wanna read and it makes me wanna think whats gonna happen next. Lastly i think this is a very good writing because other picture books dont have good writing and its low quiaty. Lastly this helps the author be more known.

  37. Today i read 25 pages.My protagonist physical traits is that he is not like a really poor person.Jerry is my books protagonist and he has little emotional traits like he cares for something like his world but not really to die for it. I believe that he is dynamic because in the beginning he sees the question in his locker and doesnt really wanna answer it untilv a little later.So he acually does change throughout the book.Yes he is well written in my opinion because he really is very intersting.Yes he has grown as a person and in character as well.I believe that this is not the highest quality of writing i’ve read before but it is good because it explains but i think it kind of goes a little all over the place.Also the characters are described at times but some are just in the story.

  38. Jalisa2015:The title of my book is called Dance Trap.
    Today, I read 20 pages.The protagonist of my book is a sensitive girl that make sure to have everything right for others.She a lovely protagonist, she can be a helpful character.Claudia physical traits are she has brown eyes, she a white girl and she is skinny because her traits in the book says she does not eat that much.Her emotional traits are loving, protective, and self-help also the most important of her is intelligence.I believe that my character is static because early on the book she does not change.She is totally focus only on whether, Brad going to the 7th grade dance.(“Ask Brad if he like the idea of a fancy dance”)pg#21. she is well written and have interesting and important character strengths because well she actually the main character.The main character are actually the ones that has the most chance of being the best in the book.Cortez can write the character pretty funny especially when this can happen in real life with girls and boys liking one another.This character does not grow but defensively, she is a good character. This is a high quality literature because this book show what in real life things can happen as like also in the future too.

  39. Justin2015. I’m readng One Piece. I read 20 pages. My protaginst is Luffy and his phiscal traits is he’s rubber and he’s funny and works as a choreboy. His emotional traits is that he doesn’t lik it when people beat or make fun of his friends. I think he is static because he doesn’t listen to people when they tell him not to do things and he sometimes play around. He’s static because in the book Sanji told him not to interfer in the fight and he did. Yes he is rubber. He didn’t grow but didn’t stay so static he’s a bad person. It’s high quality because he details the characters very different personalities.

  40. shawd2015.The boxer and the spy. My main character’s phisical traits terry always wants to be a winner he always cares about what people think. His emotional traits are that in the inside he always dought himself. I think that my character is a dynamic character. My character in my book is a pretty interesting character because he swicthes personalities once in a while and then like caring about his life then to only thinking abgout what other people think.

  41. Jerick2015.Game. Walter Dean Myers. I read 25 minutes in total today. The name of the protagonist is Drew. He is Black. He loves playing basketball. He is a great athlete. Last he is sort of a gang banger. Drew is static. he hasn’t changed throughout the book at all. On pg. 71 it says, ” You are” he said ” Now sit down and watch the game maybe you’ll learn something”. This shows that Drew keeps on arguing and acting like a baby. Drew has character strenghts. He is strong, mature, confident, etc. drew is okay. he aint bad or good. he is just okay.this is a high quality literature. This is because the characters show a lot of character strenght etc.

  42. Arsthly2015:
    The White Darkness
    Today, I read 36 pages.
    The protagonist is my of my book is named Symone, but they call her sym. Sym is tall, blonde haired, and has blue eyes. She cares a lot about her dreams, and what she wants in life. She likes paying attention to those who are dead, and uses them as imagery friends. I believe that this character is static. Even though she is the protagonist, she only pays attention to herself throughout the whole story. She never asks Uncle Victor what he wants to do, and they just do what she wants. The person is not well written. The only thing I see that is worth reading about in this story is her relationship with Uncle Victor. Though she doesn’t change through out the book, the author does something unique. He makes the main charter change a minor character. Sym’s strong sense of control helps Uncle Victor lose control. This allows him to she the world not form the top, but from a calmer view.

  43. markos2015-one peice part 1.i read alot of the book(theres no pages on it)
    my protagonist is very strechty becuase he started eating fruits from a gum gum tree.which made him strechty.he can change moods very quickly.he changes from ferious and like punching a guy in the face to laughing and eating right after that.

    i believe he is a static becuase he never changed his dream of being the king of the pirates. and he is always doin the same thing getting mad then happy and eating right after the incedent.

    this is very interesting becuase it isnt normal but it isnt real too.i thing this is sort of in the middle becuase the author didnt change him but the way he acted.he would just go around and say join my crew and now he is getting to know his crew and new people that will join.i also think its in the middle becuase theres alot of characters and u can tell alot just from what they say.

  44. Hey DD2105 here! Today i read 37 pages of Tyrell.
    The protagonist in my novel is Tyrell. He is 15 years old and is living in a shelter. He is having a big problem with his family. His father is in jail and his mother only cares for herself. I think Tyrell is static because he really doesn’t change his ways through the book. In the beginning he had a strong attitude and now ( 30 pgs.) later he still has a strong attitude!
    Yes my person is well written. He doesn’t have character strings and he’s a bad person , but he is still well written. He has a lot of description. He has some struggles but he doesn’t show any signs of strength.

  45. This is jbennett2015 and I’m reading The Battle of the Labyrinth. I read 41 pages tonight.
    Percy is a caucasian male with brown hair who can’t be alone because his friends give him courage.
    I think that he is static because he will always feel the same toward the gods, his family, his friends, and his enemies.
    Percy is well written but he still static. The only way he changes is in maturity, every time he’s in a life or death situation he realizes that he can’t live without his friends.

  46. IIsraelP2015- the book I read tonight was The Kite Runner. I read a total of 17 pages of my book. My protagonist, Amir, is a young boy living in Afghanistan. He feels as if his father doesn’t think of him as the child of his dreams. He feels as if he has to change his ways and pretend like he someone he’s not to impress his father. He also thinks that he was the fault of his mother’s death. His mother died while giving birth to him. I think that my character is dynamic because he is thinking about how he could change and do things better so he could be accepted by his father. He even made the sacrifice of pretending as if he actually liked soccer only to impress his father. I think that my character is kind of fake. He sometimes does thing that friends won’t do to other friends. He also acts like a person he’s not.

  47. My name is Adrian. I’m reading the Titan’s Curse by Rick Riordon. Tonight i read 25 pages of this book. My protagonist is Percy. Percy Jackson is ayoubg teenager who gets in alot of trouble lately. He is suffers from dyslexia. Percy likes Annabeth and misses her. Percy becomes friends with Thalia Zeus’s daughter which is wierd because Zeus and Poesidon don’t get along. Percy has blue eyes dark hair and is light skin. Often Percy furious at somebody or he is tired and sad. He rarely shows the emotion of happines. He is so serious. Percy is dynamic becausein the pass books i read by Rick Riordon he changes over the course of the book. In The Titan’s Cuse Percy is changing because he is starting to feel what is like tolose a love one for the second time. Percy loses Annabeth fighting of monstres on a cliff. Percy Jackson has interesting and important character traits because he can change the mood of the reader and the book. Percy most definetly grows and matures in previous books and The Titan’s Curse. To be honest I think this series of books by Rick Riordon is low quality because it doesn’t teach you a moral/lesson. I think this series was meant to be read as enjoyment. But on the bright side Rick Riordon is a talented writer and keeps his readers like I excited and with suspense. Sorry I wrote alot.=];].

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