Sunday May 23, 2010 – Weekend Post

Saddle: Symbol of dominance, power, and authority over domestic work animals.

Hi KIPPsters!

I hope you all had a great weekend! This weekend, I spent some time with friends upstate and I got the chance to snap a picture of an object that I consider precious — a saddle. Saddles are the most important tools for horseback riding. They symbolize human control over animals. They symbolize dominance, power and authority because they are necessary to ride and use horses for work, adventure or pleasure. Speaking of symbolism, what are some symbols in your books?


1. Username. Title of book. This weekend, I read ________ pages.

2. Copy one of your best notes here.

3. Copy another of your best notes.

4. Identify a symbol in your book. Pick out a person, place or object that has some kind of thematic meaning in the story. Describe the physical traits of the symbol. Describe its meaning. Is it a metaphor for something? For what? Why did the author most likely use that symbol in the story? Be as specific as possible.

Happy reading, happy blogging and happy Sunday!




49 thoughts on “Sunday May 23, 2010 – Weekend Post

  1. the title of my book is the plan jeans. its written by cecil castellucci. i read a total of 120 pages this weekend. why does jane want to change her and someone else? another note c.s: i could imagine how if i was jane and i had another chance of life i would change it too. one symbol is survival because jane and the plant survived the earthquake without getting hurt at all. well i think that the author made this symbol/theme in the book is to show use that it isn’t only of eating or having energy that is need to live our lives. also i think it is to stand out not be like everyone else.

  2. Sammy2015: I am reading The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. This weekend, I read 31 pages. Note 1: Everyone is divided in to groups. No one is just one group. There may be a group of girly girls, smart people, gothic people, etc. From Susie’s perspective, the students are divided into subjects they are good at. There are groups like for students good at math, history, etc. Note 2: Lindsey isn’t very proud of showing people her last name. Since Susie’s death, people have noted her name and know who is part of her family. She is known as the Salmon girl. Lindsey doesn’t seem to want people to come up to her and remind her of her loss. Instead of stating her last name on her name tag, she draws a fish.

    A symbol in the story is the gazebo. The gazebo is the place where Susie hangs out most of the time and spends her heavenly time watching her family from there. She watches down on Earth to see her friends and family grow up. The gazebo is a structure with a roof and openings. It isn’t the only place she can look from. She can see Earth anywhere she goes but she chose to be in the gazebo. The author, Alice Sebold, probably chose a gazebo as a place where she spends her time because usually around streams, people can go to a gazebo to relax and sit/stand. It is a calming area. Alice Sebold may agree that it is a calming place and chose to illustrate Susie to be spending her time watching from there.  

  3. krod2015. Hoops. Walter Dean Myers. i read 45 pages over the weekend.

    Note1:Pred.: I predict that Lonnie is going to get way much better at playing basketball because he won 3 games between him and his dad.

    Note4:Question: Why did Lonnie start playing basketball at the age of 17? Did he start because his dad also liked basketball at this age?

    I think that a symbol could be the ball because Lonnie is mostly with the basketball, and because playing basketball is kind of what he is mostly into. I think that the author made the ball a symbol because its something that Lonnie is good at, and its something he’s into.

  4. Angeline2015: Party Princess by: Meg Cabot. This weekend, I read 95 pages.
    Note #1: Is Shakeema telling the truth, or is she just acting like she knows whats going on so people would tell her?
    Note #2: I think the best thing for all of them to do is tell Amber their sorry and that they don’t have them money to pay for the Alice Tully Hall instead of hiding it because shes going to find out anyways.
    One symbol in my book is magazines from “Sixteen Magazine.” This represents a bad example for kids. According to adults they teach kids how to think about nothing else then things that aren’t appropriate for their age. The author most likely use this symbol to show how their are many things that can change a child’s mind.

  5. Janibell2015- Im reading The Rag and Bone Shop. This weekend i read 121 pages. INF: I think that Jason’s going to meet Trent in the police station because they think he is a suspect and not because they need help. ?: Who were the other people who were going to be down at the headquarters to get questioned?

    A symbol in the book is the jig-saw puzzles that Alicia used to put together. They represented how different she was from other kids. Even with the advanced technology, she only liked to build those puzzles. The puzzles are so hard that not even Jason who is older can solve them. This shows how intelligent Alicia is for her age and why someone might envy her and murder her.

  6. Rashel2015:Like a Person.I read 103 pages.
    Note1:Why would anyone do something that they know will get them in trouble?Unless they like trouble.
    Note2:Why is Carla in the car if she is not trusted if Harley thinks she will kill them?
    I think a symbol is Harley being adopted.I think that’s what will make Harley strong at the end of the book.Her parents are weak because they don’t have love for their kids.Because Harley is not really a child, she is unique and she will learn not to be like her parents.She being adopted will show her to be a strong person and not like her parents.

  7. lourdes2015- I am currently reading The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. I read 40 pages.
    Note1: How has her brother’s death effected Liesels life and decsions?
    Note2: It seems like racism was a minor thing during the Holocoust, but still mattered. Jesse Owens won many medals at the Olympics and at the end, Hitler was supposed to shake his hand to congradulate him. He didn’t because he was black. During this time, being different was not a good thing in race or religion (it never was accepted). Some of these issues only got worse.
    The book The Grave Digger’s Handbook is the first book Liesel steals. It symbolizes her love for her brother and how difficult it was to deal with his death. It changed her life and she took it out on taking books. She took it from where her brother was buried.

  8. marien2015 : This weekend i finished 59 pages from The Vampire Diaries by L.J Smith.

    Note #1 : INF- Elena feels like something terrible is going to happen but she is not sure what exactly it is . She even questions herself if she’s scared of her friends and surroundings. this is extremely surprising because Elena isn’t usually scared of anything.

    Note #2 : PRE-Elena just left her house in the morning in a hurry with ought letting her aunt speak. I think that this shows a small sign of disrespect and it will lead on to something bigger.

    One symbol so far in my novel is the crow that Elena saw on her way to school. The black crow was sitting on a tree watching her but it caused her to feel wired, which also made her feel like something els was also watching her. I think that this crow symbolizes that when one small thing is watching you many other things or people can also be evading your privacy. I think that the author chose this crow as a symbol to foreshadow something that will happen later on in the book.

  9. IsraelP2015- this weekend I read the book the kite Runner, and I read a total of 43 pages. (Question) what language is it that they are speaking in my book The Kite Runner because instead of Amir saying father he said buba? (INF) I think hassan is treated differently because of his physical defects like in the way he walks, the way his nose looks, and the way he acts in general. I think Hassan is a symbol of difference. He is not only different he is one of the only few Hazaras which is a tribe while Amir is a Pashtunt, and the Hazaras where abused and mistreated in the 90’s by the Pashtunt Amir’s tribe. The author most likely made some people different so that people can have somebody that’s different so this can be a multicultural tribe so that it can be a longer story with some conflict.

  10. Hello this is Elianny2015. This weekend 20 pages of i read Confessions from the Principal’s Chair. Note 1: How does she get in the office? Note 2: I think that at the end she is going to see that the principal has to be the way she is. One symoble it the office. The office for her is one of the worst places in the world. It shows missory. But for th principal it represents a big amount of respondsibility. It shows a place in which people have to respect you. It shows a big amount of determination for the ediction and grit.

  11. Josh2015blog:

    Over the weekend i read about 50 pages.

    1. Walter Dean Myers uses substitutes. In real life everyone knows that Rice and Wadleigh are the best basketball high schools in Harlem. Myers actually decided to make James Baldwin Academy one of the best basketball high schools which is the school Drew goes to.
    2. Drew was scared play FDA because even though they didn’t have any big time players, they had very good defense. They were known for keeping other schools’ best players on lock down. Drew did pretty good. He had 23 points,8 assists, and 5 rebounds.
    School is a big symbol. If basketball doesn’t work out, his job can get him a good education. Pus, schools won’t accept him if his GPA is not acceptable.

  12. Keema .T.
    “Love Rules”. I read a total of 52 pages.

    NOTE:1:Who was the 1st person in the world to state that they are Lesbin?
    NOTE:2:Will Kit end her friendship with Lynn because Lynn is not straight?

    I think that Lynn is SYMBOL, because she represents the fact that people can be different and don’t care if people except her change or do except her being different.Lynn is a senior, keeps to herself and trusts her friend Kit alot.Lynn does not appear to be lesbein but she is.NO is’t not a metophor. Ithink that Marlyn uses this symbol is to show, reader not to afraid to show their true colors.When your different , people tend to shut down, but th auother wants them to just be their true self

  13. angely2015-tonight i read 51 pages of If I come softly.

    ?- Itink that she shoundnt ink so negative about her self, even thought her family has issues.

    pre- I think that her families fighting is going to lead to something bigger.

    Ithink that in the book the dad and mom are big symbols in the book because they both have a big effect on the kids.I think that the author put them as a symbol, because she wants to teach kids that when somethingbig happens in life you have to know how to be strong and keep on going. there parents are fighting most of the time small, but can lead to something bigger.

  14. This weekend i read a total of 50 pages.Note1:skipper is telling adam that the world is dangerous and if he uses a payphone,beware of the clicking noise because someone could be listening to his conversation. Note2:adam,being a child,is traveling on the train but without adult supervision and he is going somewhere that is far from his home.A symbol in my book is the mystery of adams seceret life because he is trying hard, how to figure out why helives the way he does.

  15. Hi my name is Adrain. I’m reading The Titan’s Curse by Rick Riordon. This weekend i read 65 pages total.

    Note 1:
    TTS. Thalia actually goes to New England there and torchers there. Next Monday we are actually are going to New England which i thought it was pretty cool that they actually go there.

    Note 2 :
    Inf. I think it is hard for the Artemis’s because their parents died. And so they are orphans. The bank’s trust pays for their school. But Annabeth, Percy, Grover, and Thalia don’t believe them.

    A symbol in this book is Bianca di Angelo’s huge slver bow. This bow has carved to resemble gazelle horns. I think this symbolizes great power and leadership. It also symbolizes determination. This is a god’s symbol of power.

  16. Gabriel2015: Forests of Secrets by Erin Hunter

    This weekend I read 90 pages.

    Note 1: If I were Fireheart i would have thought about going into the tunnel a bit more because if he is thinking that he should have never done that, then he should have thought about it more.

    Note 2: How were Mistyfoot and Stonefur from Thunderclan when they were in Riverclan? Were they just being undercover?

    I think that Fireheart is a symbol. Fireheart is a rough cat and never stops until he gets what he is working for. I think that means that you should keep going until you finally reach your goal no matter how far it may seem. I do not think it is a metaphor. I think that Erin used Fireheart as a symbol because he is the main character and he is easy to follow and easy to learn lessons from him.

  17. My user name is jasonb2015. I’m currently reading “A Matter of Trust” by Anne Schraff. This weekend, I read 45 pages.
    Note 1: (Inference) Hakeem doesn’t realize how much Darcy loves him. Darcy defends him when people make fun of him because he stutters a lot. Hakeem should take notice of Darcy and not Brisana because Brisana used to make fun of him as well (Schraff 2).

    Note 2: (Theme) A theme presented in the book is the idea of trust. In a family, one should have trust with each other and not abandon the family. In the novel, Darcy’s father abandoned the family and now the family is not sure whether they trust Dad. He left them and don’t want him to abandoned them again (Schraff 30).

    A symbol in my novel is Dad which represents love, abandonment, and trust. Dad has dark colored skin, is tall, strong, and has black hair. Even though Dad abandoned the family, the family still loves him. No matter what his past actions were and the bad choices that he made, they still love him. They all want him, but there is a lack of trust. They all fear that with his return, he will abandon them again. Dad is a metaphor for acceptance and his willingness to come back to the family and treat them with respect. Anne Shraff used Dad as a symbol to portray the importance of love and the hardships that show up in a family such as Darcy’s family.

  18. The title of my book is The Diary of Latoya Hunter.This weekend I read 80 pages. Note 1: I can infer that Latoya’s parents are overprotective because they usually dont let her go outside, but for the first time they let her go outside; she felt independent(page 5). Note 2: I can infer that the relationship with Latoya and her friend in Jamaica was very serious because she named the diary after her. Janice Page(page 15). A symbol I saw was the neighborhood in general.The houses, the sidewalks, the streets, and even her house was ugly to her. The author used the symbol in the story to show that the bronx was a poor neighborhood at this time and it was filled with African-American.

  19. s.brownie2015.Dreamland This weekend i read 60 pages. Note 1: A class with no grades or critique would be an extracurricular instead of a class. That would possibly be the reason his class is liked. Note 2:Does Caitlin not agree Boo has issues?Why not? The dream journal is a symbol of possibilities and friendship. The dream journal is a blue book with yellow stars on it that was given to Caitlin by her sister, Cassandra, for her birthday. On the first page of the journal, it said, “See you in Dreamland.” The dreamland shows how she would have the chance to meet Cass in her dreams and Cass to meet her in her own dreams.

  20. Its kathieeV. I am reading Ball Dont Lie. I have read about 50 to 60 pages.

    Note 1: Why does he say he doesnt have much? His friends discribe him as a boy who gets many things. They also said that he walks out the stores with 3 or more shirts.Does he mean he doesnt have no one in his side to support him?

    Note 2: Rob is getting angry because the people on the bleaches are saying “White boy ripped you clean You weak Rob” Rob was known as a very smart basketball player. I think his reputation is ruiend because of one white boy.

    I think Dallas is a symbole for determind and pain. Determind because he is learning to do things on his own.Pain beacuse it takes pain and teasing so he can be where he wants to be. Meaning he was getting teased to improve in basketball skills.

  21. Hello Orlando G 2015 here .Over the weekend i read the book called still i rise and i read 50 pages of this book .
    INF)I think that this book was written to show African Americans how they have a history of being brave and strong people because of all they’ve gone through.
    ??)Why doesn’t the book have any characters in specific they technically they don’t have main characters?
    I chose the slave master because he represents the people who discriminate others and make them feel like they are less then them.He is a white man and he has laves and a plantation. i think the author put it to show that even though it is a bad thing sadly it is part of African American history

  22. kayla2015.the man that loved clowns. i read a total of 79 pages.
    qoute:”her mom tells her since she’s thirteen that she is too old for toys and too young for boys.”pg 13
    prediction:i think that delrita and avanelle is going to become best friends and delrita is going to trust her and tell her that her uncle punky has down syndrome.
    a symbol in the book is mcdonalds because punky loves clowns and mcdonalds symbol is a clown. the pysical traits of this symbol is white face, red nose, red hair. yellow and red suit, red and yellow shoes. the author choose to make this a symbol because the title is called the man that loved clowns and mcdonalds is known for their big clowns.

  23. Zariah2015. 145th Street Stories. This weekend, I read 23 pages.
    Note1: Willie Murphy is like a big brother to the guys because he is older than they are. They think since he’s the oldest he should know everything, in this case it’s not true.
    Note2: Walter was forced to go upstairs to the crime scene because the lady wouldn’t go without a black man.
    I think a symbol is Walter because every story he is involed. I think he symbolizes war and peace because he is always at a place where everbody is yelling and it’s always him who stops it. He is an African American young man who is just trying to find his way in life.

  24. Justin2015. I’m reading One Piece and I read 76 pages. Note1: CL: Don Krieg, Chief Zeff, Roronoa Zolo, Nami, Usopp, Gin, Shanks, Sanji, Luffy. Note2:INF: Sanji is going to spare his life on the line to protect the restaurant ship. A symbol is the restaurant ship. Sanji has a thematic meaning to the ship. Some personl traits of the ship is that it carries cooks that cook around the world on a ship and they fight to protect it. It’s meaning is that the cooks will spare their their lives to protect it and cook around the world. It’s not a metaphor. The author put that in their to show their gatitude for being able to cook and fight around the world.

  25. magaky2015.666 the number of the beast.l i read a total of 90 pages.
    1: i can connect this this to the world because i know that ghosts dont exisite, and if they do then they probably dont hunt.they make it seem like death and ghost are really bad and scary.
    2:i can connect to this book because i have had family members scared by ghosts and in the book most of it is based in ghosts.

    4:my book has a lot of characters and places. in my case in every part if the book the setting if the most inportant thing going on. why? because the setting is where everything happens. so i believe the setting can be a symbol.

  26. Hey DD2015 here.

    1) Why would Mom ask Dylan if she would want to go tot school?

    2) Dylan is just like me because she doesn’t want to do anything. Were both lazy. That’s not good.

    A symbol in my book is Dylan. She means a lot of different things. She describes difference, love, help, and a hero. She has weird visions that is helping a case about a missing girl. Adrienne Vrettos chose Dylan to be a symbol to show that not everyone is the same. And people need to take pride in what they have.

  27. tonight i have read 20 pages.2 favorite notes
    1.INF i can infer that this book is going to be baised on killing and murders or mystery about a certain person.pg1
    2.on page 18 it shows that they pick up dead bodies to take them to places.”flipping down the backseat of their station wagon to make room for the body they’d be picking up.”this shows that they probably kill people and then they put them underground.
    a symbol in my book is Cammie one of the main characters. she is very curious to know thing about forensics and she wants to be her dads assistant in the story. the meaning of this is that it has something to do with the climax of the story and i do think it has a meaning because Cammie shows a mystery in the whole book and her fathers victims.the author used her as a symbol because in the story she is very important and it leads to the climax. the climax is when she is accepted to be assistant of her father she finds one of the victims to be one of her friends and someone she knows.Cammie is also known as one of the main characters in the story.

  28. AG2015. Avatar. This weekend, I read 102 pages.

    Why was Aang being so over protective of Katara?

    I finally figured it out why he was being so protective, it was because he loves her and hopes one day or she loves him to, this was really crazy I couldn’t believe it.

    Aang he symbolizes hope and peace in our world because he can stop and help us end the war in this world. He is pale with a blue arrow on his head and bagge pants and shirt. He means that our world will stop war and end it. This means our world can and will end war for peace. The author used this symbol to show that in our world we have a lot of war going on and it should stop.

  29. diamond2015. Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson. This weekend i read 55 pages.
    Note1 Prediction: I predict that Scarlett’s dad wants to be like the NYU students.
    Note 2: Clarifying question: Why didn’t Scarlett’s parents have a suite to care for?
    A symbol in my book so far is the suite Scarlett has to care for. The suite Scarlett looks after has a theme also. The physical traits of the suite is that it’s big,spacious,and is special. It means that there are responsibilities that go into caring for it. It also means that you can easily get unfocused because of its appearance. I don’t think it is a metphor yet. I think the author chose this symbol because farther in the book it will mean something but it will teach the reader a valuable lesson.

  30. Genesis2015. The Old Willis Place. This weekend I read a total of 47 pages. My first note is a making more inference: On page 24 Georgie likes to read books with Dianna but they have already read all the books they had so now Georgie wants to hear stories about when they were both young. Diana promises to get some books to read from Lissa, she has a shelf full of books. My second note is main idea note: On page 33, Diana had three reasons why the pictures on Lissa’s book were as she remembered and the reasons were reasonable and I can tell that Diana took Lissa’s diary without permission and they are reading it in which is not something they should do. A symbol in the book is a book because Georgie is looking for something so that he can read it with Diana so he wants to make Diana look for a book or something she can tell without her having to get a book. Diana and Georgie want to find books that they haven’t read and they use books to read together. The author most likely used it as a symbol in this book because she wants to show that books don’t just have to be read but they each have lesson in the book and a lesson outside the book.

  31. Arsthly2015: The White Darkness This week, I read a total of 96 pages.

    Note1: Antarctica is a cold place, but Sym goes any ways because she feels it is the only way to connect with her father.

    Note2: The bias in this book is that Antarctica is a bad place because the protagonist is having a bad time.

    A symbol in this book is Uncle Victor because he is the one that helps Sym over come her dreams. He is a middle aged man who is very tall. The author used this symbol so that Sym can have some kind of family support. Though it is not shown as a metaphor, he is the father Sym has lost, and she does not notice that yet.

  32. Jerick2015.Game. Walter Dean Myers. This weekend i read a total of 70 pages. Note 1: i predict that throughout the book Drew will commit something bad. Note 2: I can connect to this because i like hanging out with cool and bad people. A symbol in my book is the basketball. Drew is into basketball a lot in in the book. So, the basketball is the only thing that can keep him from doing bad things. Also it can keep him concentrated in better things. This symbol is not a metaphor for something. The author probably used this symbol to show how an object or a sport can keep someone out of trouble and keep them concentrated in better things.





  34. markos2015-i readthe whole book and its call one peice.
    1.INF:in this book theres some sort of realism.back then treasure(gold was very popular)in this book they r looking for treasure from a man and its in an island.back then they would just mine it.they just have to look for it.
    2.?:why is she so rude when they start argueing its not like she is in the arguement?
    one simple is one pieces hat.his hat is a symbol becuase his hat was his fathers and his parents died.the hat also symbolizes overcomeing struggle/obstacles becuase when he wore it it felt like he acctually can have the power to over come sadness,obstacles,or struggles.he probably used this beccuase he wants to show the past through a hat that has holes and dirt on it.he also wants to show the familys struggle.

  35. Ola2015- This weekend I read some more of CLAY, by David Almond. In total this weekend I read 48 pages.

    AUT- The author, David Almond, portrays a sense of foreshadowing with the character Stephen. Stephen seems suspicious and the other characters in the novel think that Stephen’s hobby is very “unnatural”.

    INF- Father Mahoney seems to be persistent on the friendship with Stephen. Why? Why is the author making Crazy take care of Stephen?

    One symbol in my book is clay. Clay is the thing that is most prized by Stephen. I think it makes him happy. I haven’t reached the thematic meaning in the story, but I think the theme would be “the importance of clay”. Two physical traits of clay are that it is gray and able to be turned into many things. I unfortunately don’t know the meaning of clay yet from the author but I intend to find out. 🙂

  36. kDozier2015. knights of the hill country.Tim Tharp, this weekend i read 80 pg.

    Hampton green thinks hes a civil war expert but you cant really be an expert unless you feel the pain that a lot of African American people went through.

    Hampton is a very good friend to Blaine because when Blaine gets into trouble Hampton is always there to bail him out. i wonder if Hampton was in a situation would Blaine do the same for him.

    one person that is a symbol is Sara she listen to Hampton and she doesn’t care about football she just likes Hampton. she is a girl she has blond hair like 5’3 and cares about people. it more than a cover of a book its whats in it that matters the most to people who care about you alot.

  37. The book I’m reading is KickOff! I read 95 pgs this weekend.

    Note1: (OPINION) One opinion of mine is that I like the way that the author is very humorous.He shows a way to keep you entertained and even though there are moments that aren’t the best, it still keeps you in tune.Another thing I like is the very descriptive writing.It really helps you picture whats in ur head.

    Note2:(T-T-W) I would relate thos to the movie Coach Carter because it shows how education is also important to your sports.Colleges will most likely want you if you’re good at a sport and pass every class.They wouldn’t want someone who is good at football and never show up to class. They want someone who can have fun and have self control at the same time.

    A symbol is a football.To Tiki a football is valuable it symbolizes something that he loves to do and will do for his life.Even though its just a ball, it helps Tiki relax and be himself.He used that symbol in the story to show that sometimes to make someone be a better person you just have to give them something they love.

  38. suni2015- My book title is Catching Fire by Suzanne Cullen. Over the weekend I read 55 Pages.

    Note 1: ??- Why would president Snow want to create a game were kids kill each other just to get rich and not starv.

    Note 2:INF – For Katniss to save everyone in District 12 she has to please or convince President Snow that she is inlove with Peeta by marrying him.

    A symbol in the book is the pin that Katniss has. This symbol describe hope and determination. It is a metaphor for describing the courage that Katniss had in the arena. she uses it for showing what it means to Katniss, and what it show to her about her father death.

  39. ClarissaC2015 , Gossip Girl , 36 pages =)

    1) These people all seem plastic. Like they’re perfect or something. Maybe they have deep dark secrets. p. 31 (INF)

    2) Something tellls me that if they come out, all this kumbaya stuff will be over. p. 31 (INF)

    I think that money is a symbol. It represents power and superiority. I think that its a symbol because for the main characters, money seems to run their life. They think highly of themselves because they money and look at others as inferior because they have less money. I think money also represents respect and the more money you have the more you are respected.

  40. This is shawnW and im reading a book called “I am The Cheese ” by Robert Cormier. My first note was a question. It is why did he past the hospital, it brung him more memories? My second note is an inference. I think that maybe he was obseesed with his father because almost every thing he looks at reminds him of his father.One symbol in my book is the hospital because it reminds him of his father the most.

  41. Hi ma name is Deion I read Mississippi Trail 1995 and a total of 81 pages. (This book is crazy u should read it.)

    Note 1 : I infered that Hiram is tired of the city because it states that he could never see the mountains and its all ways noisy and hot. I could relate because in New York City its most of the time hot and it is always loud.

    Note 2 :Chris Crowe is trying to teach us that parents aren’t there only to take care of us, but to also talk, feel comtable with, and become friends with. I think she is teaching us this because in this book the parents don’t play a huge role in deciplining their children punishment.

    Ill have to say a huge symbol in this novel is Hiram, the main character. Hiram is a huge symbol because with out him R.C would have no one to help him get out of trouble, which happens almost in every chapter. Hiram is African American, tall, has short hair, has brown eyes, and light but datk lips. He is a symbol because he is different from all the other characters in many ways, like knowing a “friend” that kills, smokes, and steels. I think Chris Crowe used this symbol maybe because some teens in life could relate to issues like Hiram and R.C has.

  42. Kai2015: Strange Angels. This weekend I read 45 pages total.

    Note1: I don’t understand why the Angels get to be on earth when they can be like regular typical angels. I don’t get why they have to go to school and work when theyre angels.

    Note2: I like the way this book is written because it helps you understand what is going on and it is easy to picture what is actually going on during the book.

    A symbol in this book could probably be wings because they represent freedom and the ability or the power to help someone or make a change. The angels can make changes and help others with their life and issues. Wings make the world in this book easier and symbolize that everyone has the power to change something or someone no matter who you are. This especially goes towards the book because the angels can basically change anything they want to change whenever they want to.

  43. Julio2015: Today I read a very interesting book and it was called Cracker Jackson. I read about 55 pages over the weekend. One of my best notes from over the reading was a question. Since Jackson has a problem, he is always trying to protect Alma. In my opinion Jackson really has a crush on Alma. Even though Alma is basically an adult, Jackson probably has a crush on her. Now my question is since Jackson protects Alma, how is he considered a brave person. To have the gusts to protect a older person than you is a very brave thing to do. My second high quality note is a inference. It connects to my first note. I can infer that Jackson thinks that he’s older than he looks or that he thinks. He is sort of disrespectful, and to think that he’s protecting an older person is a very responsible thing to do. One symbol for Jackson is probably his bike. I think that’s a symbol because he is always in a rush, and when he’s in a rush it’s faster for him to go with his bike. In my opinion it’s like his sidekick. I think this because he is always togetrher with it. There like family. Jackson and his bike!

  44. Jalisa2015:The title pf my book is called Dance Trap.Over the weekend I read 35 pages.
    Best Note1:I think you shouldn’t be scare or nervous to ask something really important for someone special to you.You never know and never will if that person will like it back.That shouldn’t be very awful for telling someone the truth.

    Best Note2: Claudia the main character has made a plan.The plan is to tell Brad or one of the other people that are going to the 7th grade dance to go.Now everyone would not want to go because some of the boys don’t know how to dance.They think that they would make a huge mistake of going and not asking the girls to dance.

    A symbol in my book is that being a shy girl don’t mean that you should not talk to no one only your 2 people that you trust on which are your best friends.That can be very not good because you should talk to everyone because you are human like everyone else.
    Claudia she is the type of person that can be very helpful and look for solutions for others.The boys don’t want to go to the dance and Claudia she has a plan for this and I think she has the thematic meaning in the story of wanting the boys to go to the 7th grade dance.Some physical traits about this symbol is to let your shyness not to overcome your strength in your future.This is not a metaphor but it can shows how we overcome our expression in life. The author use this symbol to make the readers understand that change can happen and huge change for all the people in life that can include depression.

  45. Hi it’s Miladys, and this weekend I read 75 pages of Marked.
    INF: Her mother is never on her side, she only cares for the step-father’s opinon like now he is agenst her because she is marked he is kicking her out and the mom agrees.
    IMP:So the woman she thinks that is her mother is not her mother is Nyx and that why she is a vampyre.
    A symbol I see is the mark that everyone treating you different wanting to change you because your different.Not everyone will understand you and what is happening to you.

  46. Adianis2015. The title of my book is If I Stay. I read 60 pages.

    Note 1: I like the way that the people who were supposed to keep driving in the road got out their car just to pray for Mia and her family, it shows that they really care eventhough they don’t know them.

    Note 2: I can infer that Mia doesn’t really like being checked by nurses a lot since they don’t give her space of her own and also because she’s being interrupted.

    A symbol in my book is family. Family is a symbol in this book because it shows ways in which family would help you out and what all families go through while trying to spend time together. This connects with this book because the family was trying to spend a snowy day together by going to different new places. While trying to spend time together, the family end up in a severe car accident. The author is trying to show that eventhough you want to have fun one day you have to be careful because things happen without it being planned, just like what happend when Mia’s family were driving.

  47. kaylap2015.The Face in the Milk Carton. This weekend i read 49 pages. Note1: Was Janie kidnapped by her own parent? Note2: I would say that Janie has parents that got divorced and then one of the parents kidnapped her. One symbol in the beginning of the book is the protagonist name because that would be a symbol of growing up because she wants to change it up a little bit because she thinks that “Janie” is too little for her. I would say the author used that symbol to describe girls who are growing up and who think their name is not right for them

  48. jm2015: I am reading Heart and Soul by Francine Skye Morales lentini.
    (INF) Skye’s father probably died because she said “I was his princess he was my king.” I also think that could have been her boyfriend at the same time.
    Note 2 (CS) If i was Skye i would be happy that i am a hero to someone that’s important to me.
    A symbol in my book is love. love is a symbol in my book because each poem is about someone or some thing that’s very important to Skye. love is a very important part in Skye life. i don’t think that love is a metaphor it is just a thing that is really important. love is something that Skye couldn’t live with out .

  49. ae2015: 83 pages – Black Mirror by Nancy Werlin

    Note 1: I predict that the reason that Frances is treating herself so poorly is not only because of Daniel’s death, but also because of how she is being treated and lack of popularity. p. 39

    Note 2: Frances has been thinking alot about drugs and drug usage. I wonder why the author put Frances in the position of using drugs. She has had drugs on her mind, but also getting high. Who has inspired her negatively to do this? p. 64

    Symbol: I think that Daniel, who is dead, is the most important symbol of all. He represents pain and change in a person. Ever since he died, Frances has being acting very strangely. He is the reason why Frances is feeling guilty. I think the author put his death in the novel to show how the death of a loved one can affect another drastically.

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