Thursday May 20, 2010

Welcome to the world, baby Angel! This is Ms. Rosario's little boy. He's now 1 day old!

Hi KIPPsters!

Congratulations on finishing A Raisin in the Sun! I’m very excited to see how everyone did on their final exam today. From the looks of it, there was some high level thinking going on! Good job!

Today was also important because of our visit with our KIPP cousins from Lynn, MA. Although I am putting this blog up before we meet our visitors, I’m going to allow you to write about that visit on the blog tonight if you’d like to do so. 🙂 Please follow the Criteria for Success after you’ve read for 35 minutes.


1. Username. Title of book. Author of book.

2. Your 2 favorite notes from tonight’s reading in your independent reading book. Make sure that these notes prove that you read and understood your book. If they don’t, don’t be surprised if you end up with an incomplete homework.

After you’ve completed 1 and 2, choose either A or B for part 3:

a. Tell me about someone you met from KIPP Lynn. What did you learn about them today? Did you ask what kinds of books they like to read? Did you find out anything about the books they read with their teachers there? Tell me anything you remember about them.

b. Tell me about your protagonist. Describe his/her inside and outside traits. What are his/her major worries? What does he/she like to do? What kind of person is this protagonist? Explain in detail.

Thanks for all of your hard work!

Happy reading and happy blogging!




55 thoughts on “Thursday May 20, 2010

  1. Keema.T.

    The Title of my Book is “LOVE RULES”by Marilyn Reynolds.

    NOte:1:Some Times its hard for friends to except the fact that your comfortable being something other then straight.

    NOte:2:Why does Kate think that Lynn Living in Sn Francisco, turned her into a lesbain?

    Today When our KIPP cousin came from KIPP:LYNN. I meet a boy name C.J, Markos ,Marquis, Juilo.I learned as thier uniform they wear jeans with a iniform shirt. They do wear the animals beracelets like some of us wear. They speak like us.Irember that they are in the age range of 13-14.They are funny and down so earth people..Please can we vist their school.

  2. s.brownie2015.Dreamland. Sarah Dessen Note 1: Teenagers are always blinded by love. No matter what circumstance it is…Even if the age*koff twilight koff* difference is far apart. Note 2:Why did Cass leave the house if her life was perfect? I met Julie, a Vietnamese student at KIPP: Lynn. I learned that she was born in Lynn, but has visited her grandparents in Vietnam before. She likes to write stories and draw anime (like me!). She is shy, though and slightly reminds me of Lourdes. I wanna be her personal pen pal… but i didn`t ask for her adress and P.O. box number 😦

  3. Janibell2015- Im reading The Rag and Bone Shop by Robert Cormier. ? : How did he kill those people? INF: He’s nervous that he committed a sin even though he didn’t mean to kill them.

    I forgot the name of the girl who i met from KIPP Lynn, but she was really friendly. We talked about how different New York is from Massachusetts. She said that New York City looks as if it’s more social and ghetto. She said that she wished she lived in New York because it’s much more beautiful and comfortable than Massachusetts. We didn’t talk about the kinds of books we read and it felt as though i had known them for a long time. Even though they were different from us, we also had many similarities.

  4. Hi ma name is Deion, Im reading Freeze Tag by Caroline B. Cooney

    Note 1: West is just like me when he likes almost everybody and he isn’t discriminating. To me this mean that he is comtable aroun all his friends which is everyone. And it wouldnt matter if u were popular or not or if they didn’t even like each other.(this is like a dream he also love football. What are the odd.)

    Note 2: I predict that the girl on the cover is Lannie because she looks different, and looks like she wants or after something. I also thing that this is lannie because it matches West and Meghans description of the way she is.

    Today when we met KIPP LYNN it was this one kid that I really talked to about school and his name was Mathew. Today I learned that he like football and takes school for real because he wants to make it all the way to college.He actually said that his favorite kind of books are mystery because he like to solve problems before the book solves them. He didn’t tell me any books they read as a class because I didn’t bother to ask. I also I that this Mathew kid like girls at times but sometome they could get reall complacated so right now he’s trying to keep a relationship now. Mathew also told me that he finds New York to be a great place because its different in negative and positive ways. ( And that was the end of ourr conversation untill started playing football and kick searching.)

  5. krod2015.

    Note1:CS: If i were Lonnie I would work hard in my basketball games, so Cal could say that i have really improved.

    Note2:Pred.: I predict that this book is mainly about a son and a father, who are into basketball and they help each other become better.

    A: I dont remember the name of the people in KIPP Lynn, but there was this girl that she was really funny and she reminded me of Shakemma. In my group, we didnt really talk about books. But in our conversations, we tried to remember each other names, but i guess i cant remember them. We also talked about the rules in KIPP Infinity.I had a lot of fun today.

  6. kdozier.

    Knights of the hill country

    My character is a 6’2 quatuarback.

    Setting: a kennishaw

    Main character tommy hampton

    Inf: i think there the best football team in there state everybody knows them

    Pred: they will win the state championship for the state and there will be a problem it happens in everybook

  7. Today I read CLAY, by David Almond.

    1) T-W – The first thing I realized was the writing “accent” the author is trying to portray as well as the stereotypes. For example, just because you smell funny and you look like wax doesn’t mean you’re weird but in this story it does. The character Stephen has just moved to a town named Fellings and alot of his family members have died and his mother is in a mental asylum.

    2) AUT/?: Why did the author choose to write about Stephen, what made him so interesting? How is the character of Geordie necessary?
    When KIPP Lynn visited us I met quite a few friendly people. One girl that I met (I forgot her name ) was talking with me and Jalissa and we were having a ball. We were talking about teachers, schedules and much more that I cannot tell you right now. I learned that INFINITY is not that much different from LYNN. WE have the same clap and a form of detention. Also I did not ask them what books the read, but overall it was really fun.!!! 🙂

  8. My book is called KickOff!

    One of the notes I wrote about was about the coach is perspective on the kids.Does he want them to be able to play sports and have good grades?Or is he just looking for a star with bad grades.Depending on which one he chooses, shows how he feels about academics and sports.

    Another note was a (CS).If I were in Rode’s shoes I would watch what I do because maybe even if im good i can still get kicked out for silly things.I think Ronde believes that the coach wasnts just skill and no academics.Maybe he’s wrong.

    Well,I didn’t really talk about their teachers or books.But I did get to speak to one boy about the time they enter,his favorite sport,what time they leave and etc.Their school isn’t really far much different because we usually use the same ideas.But we also have different music programs and etc.

    My main characters major worries are about being able to join the team and being sucessfull.They want to become a star and be able to be the best of the best.He likes to play football.He plays it because it’s something he enjoys and does it for fun.He’s the type of hard-working,but at times different.

  9. Justin2015. I am reading One Piece The Crap-Geezer and I read 20 pages. Note1: Pearl got scared when he saw blood on his face because in fights he never dropped a single drop of blood and his nose was bleeding. Note2: How come people are scared when Pearl feels like he’s in danger. The protagonist inside traits are that he’s a lonely boy and has not that much money. He gets worried when something big comes at him when he’s not looking. The protagonist likes to have fun and fight. The protagonist is a person that is loose and calm with whatever he does.

  10. Angeline2015: Party Princess by: Meg Cabot.
    Note #1: Text to Movie: This book reminds me of the movie Princess Protection because its kind of a similar problem. Someone tries to kidnapped the princess so they can rule.(pg.10)
    Note #2: Question: Why doesn’t she want to be a princess?(pg.15).
    Someone I met from KIPP: Lynn today was these two boys and a girl. I learned that they’re reading To Kill A Mockingbird. I found out that they have almost everything we do, except they call it a different name. For example, they call bench, homework helper. Both of the boys were Dominican and the girl was half Puerto Rican and Dominican. They said they liked the way we played and it sounded really nice.

  11. ClarissaC2015 =) , Gossip Girl by Cecily Von Ziegesar .

    1) Right off the back the character seem stuck up. What if these characters had no money at all? I wonder how they would survive! p. 27

    2) What if the Youngers and the students of Constance Billard School switched lives? How would it be different and how would it be similar? p.27

    3a) I met 3 girls from KIPP:Lynn but the only name I remember was Margy. She was cool and she seemed really nice. She was funny too! Im sorry to inform you that we really had no time to ask about books. On the flip side we exchanged AIMs so I can ask her anytime about books if you are really interested.

    By The Way – Angel is soooooooooooooooooooo cute ! Hes going to look related to Angely.

  12. Gabriel2015: Forests of Secrets by Erin Hunter

    Note 1: No clan in this novel does not decide to do a hibernation state during the winter. They all stay up and hunt although resources are scarce.

    2: Bluestar is the clan leader for the Thunderclan and is a female which is not usual for the world of the Warriors.

    The protagonist of the Forests of Secrets is named Fireheart. Fireheart is a warrior and he is working on be the best that he can be and likes to help out the clan. On the inside he is a hard working warrior and never gives up (gritty). On the outside he is a reddish orange with yellow eyes. Average sized for a cat.Fireheart os a kind of person who will do anything for the better of his people in the clan. Even though it may seem far fetched for him, he will still try to do it because he believes that he can do just about anything if he sets his mind to it.

  13. suni2015- The title of the book that I am reading is called Blue is for Nightmares by Laurie Faria Stolarz.

    Note 1: INF- Why if Drea is Stacey best friend, she is jealous of the way her friend is prettier than her.

    Note 2: CS- One connection that I have with Stacey is that sometimes when im dreaming, is weird how my dreams can come true like if im able to see the future.

    My protagonist is Stacey Ann Brown. Her inside trait is very misterious she is also jealous and very smart. Her outside trait is smart, suspicious, curious, vivid. Her major worries is that somebody would find out what her secret is. She likes to do love spells and dream spells. My protagonist is very curious she is smart , aggravating sometimes and even jealous.

  14. the titile is Mouse Trap by walter dean meyers.
    my nameis ashley 2015.
    note 1 : why does my main character name Mouse , why does he get that name?
    note2 :the kiss that pooky gave mouse made him start making some shots, and he was getting cheered on by the crowd. Thenn he starts missing again and all the little kids jump in lol.
    i met magii , and i learned that she is dominican and she likes to play basketball. also, she loves too shop aqnd find new things just like me. no i didnt ask about books. I asked what they’re schedule is like and she told me they go in from 7;25 to 5;00. also she said theyre school is a church and some trailer classromms for the 7th and 8 th grade.

  15. Marien2015 : Tonight I have startsd reading The Vampire Diaries by L.J Smith.

    ❤ Note # 1 : Elena has finally just got home , but she does'nt feel home . She feels like she belongs some were els even though she has lived in this house for all her life.

    <"3 Note # 2 : I predict that Elena will either go on a serch for this place she is not in . If this does not happen then Elena will probubly become depressed.

    The protagonist of my novel so far is Elena. She is tall , tanish skin , and long black hair . She is one of those people who always wonder about things and like to look at the wild side of things. So far the character's major worry is that she is not in the place that she "belongs" in . One if the things that I infer Elena likes to do is write in her diary.

  16. Sammy2015: The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. Note 1: Susie’s father is now more secure than ever. Since Susie’s death, he needs to get on his children to make sure they’re safe and at home and especially alive. He even checks on his wife who was laying beside him in the morning. Note 2: I predict that Mr.Harvey will not get caught. The policeman ,Len, is gonna keep denying the fact that it might be Harvey. Though Jack may never stop believing it isn’t him and he is his daughter’s killer, he can never do a lot because if he continues, he may e sent to jail if Mr.Harvey agrees to press charges.
    One person I met in KIPP Lynn was a girl named Alex. I learned she has parents of a different race, white and black. She can’t speak Spanish. She was born in Boston. I didn’t ask what books she reads but she told me that, as a class, she read To Kill A Mockingbird. She told me it was a good book and I mentioned to her we would be reading that book soon too. That’s pretty much our conversation.

  17. Hello kippsters Hayden here came from the best day I ever had in Kipp infinity sorta.

    One of my first note of the day has to do with a questio and I ask this questio because I want to know who is consider to be a witch in the book?I think that this causes alot of problems.

    My second note is a prediction of the book. In the book. I think that in the book this Is going to be about a woman being a real witch and causing problems and also probably a family that has problems.

    Today I met Kipp Lynn and today we got together and got to share details about how our schools are different and also about their life up there in Boston. Some of us might of gotten happy because they might of seen a cute girl or a boy and that was the funniest part. It was really fun to spend some time with our Kipp cuzins…

    I had the best day ever Peace out.

  18. My user name is jasonb2015. I’m currently reading “A Matter of Trust” by Anne Schraff.
    Note 1:(Inference) Hakeem ignores Darcy even though she’s trying to make him feel better about his embarrassment in his oral speech. Darcy seems to love and care for Hakeem, but all Hakeem does is ignore her (Schraff 4).

    Note 2:(Theme) A theme in the story is that sometimes friendships end in betrayal and the people one most loves don’t care for them or show love for them anymore (Schraff 15).

    Darcy’s outside traits are that she has dark-colored skin and black eyes. She wears a chain that has her the initial “D” for Darcy. Darcy’s inside traits are that she is very kind, caring for others and even sentimental. Darcy worries that her best friend, Brisana, might be stealing the love of her life, Hakeem and that he’s ignoring her and not even willing to speak to her.
    Darcy seems to like to hang out with her friends Cooper, and Tarah. As mentioned before, Darcy is a very sentimental person because when she saw Brisana with Hakeem, she started to cry since she loves him and felt angry that Hakeem had betrayed her for another girl. Also, she cried when the memories pf her father came to her and the fact that he abandoned the family.

  19. lourdes2015: I am starting a book called The Book Theif by Markus Zusak.
    Note1: INF- Liesel is the book theif, so she must enjoy reading and is good at it. Here, it says she has a hard time reading. Maybe she enjoys trying or will grow to love it.
    Note2: Predict- I predict that Rudy will teach Liesel how to read. She is the only one who didn’t laugh at her when she tried to read.
    B: Liesel is an orphan after her family dies. First , her brother dies. Then, her mother dies and she is put into an orphanage where she is adopted. Liesel is the book theif, maybe because of those deaths that changed her life. She likes to read (trying to reading).

  20. My title of the book is THE BOXER AND THE SPY, my author name is Robert B. Parker. My two favorite notes are that Terry wants to a better boxer but then every time he tries he would give up, but George is trying to help him on that. My other note is that George is now 55 years old now and he has been a boxer ever since he was a kid, but he quit when he was 41 years old and now he is Terry’s boxing coach. The protagonist of my book is Terry and he is very worried about winning his boxing games and he needs to get better at it so therefore George is going to be there for him.

  21. diamond2015. Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson.
    Note1:INF: I can infer that when Scarlett gets to work at her suite, she might have the time of her life.
    Note2:Prediction: I predict that Scarlett’s guest in the suite will make her do a lot of work and wait on her a lot.
    The protagonist in my book is Scarlett Martin. She is outgoing and likes to get her point across. She mostly worries about her permenant guest Mrs.Amberson. She likes to think about boys and likes to do what she is told sometimes. Her outside traits are: she is a blonde, has brown eyes,and skinny.

  22. leah2015 Sea of monsters by Riordan

    NOTE 1: (inf) It is very interesting at how adults can’t see the monsters. They can’t see the monsters because f the mist(a magical force feild).It only lets them see what they can understand and handle.(pg 18)

    NOTE 2 : (inf) I think the girl behind the locker is Annabeth. I think so because, she knew who he was. Also she was the only one who was hiding.(pg 14)

    Today I met a few new friends-their names were CJ,Marcus,Jose,and Marces. They were very nice. They said they too have a pay check system,and spereation(bench).I didn’t ask them what kind of books they read but they did say that they are staying in a hotel in New Jersey.

  23. Angely2015,i am reading if i stay by Gayle Forman.

    ?- How does the daughter feel about having a dad as a teacher?

    INF – I think that she likes her dad better because her dad is more of the free, do watever you want and ill be cool with it type. and her mom is the type strict mom.

    Three people that i meet were Jalyssa, Jade, and Olga. I found out how people in boston greet eachother, and how people treat each other as friends. i think that the way they do things over their is better that how us kids do it here . also wat i have learned form them is that that they really like New York for as long as they have been here. and that the people are very nice around here.

  24. Josh2015blog:

    1. Education is important in this story and it’s the same in the real world. But if you don’t have a good education in this story an in the real world also, you would get lured into bad things like crime.
    2. I think Drew will focus on basketball and try to do his very best in his academics. It is a wise choice for him if he wants to be a successful college basketball player as well as a good NBA player.
    A- One cool person I met from KIPP Lynn was Daniel he said he was a Yankees fan even though he lives around Boston. He told me he was a very active person and liked sports like football and baseball.


  25. KathieeV2015.The book i am reading is called Ball Dont Lie and the author is Matt de la Pena.

    In page 7 its shows that these boys are very low class. It mentions that one of the boys steel an item from the famous store called Macy’s. It also shows tha the character Sticky,just his nickname, is a very rude pewrson and uses bad language.

    The protagonist and i have alot in common one being we both play basketball. We both been playing basketball around the same age too.

    A: I met this one girl witch i forgot her name but she was very nice to me and loved to ask me alot of crazy question. I also met this boy named Markos and he sort of remind me of Kai.I didnt ask what kind of book they read because books didnt come across my mind. Some girls played basketball and they explain it was their first time wich i thought it was very cool.

  26. (I CHOOSE A AND B)






  28. Jerick2015. Games. Walter Dean Myers.
    Note 1: I predict that Drew is going to do something bad throughout the book and is either going to end up dead or in jail.
    Note2: This connect to the world, because many mothers/parents really care about their children and want the best for them. I just started my book and so far its about violence and basketball. In the beginning of the book it says how 2 young man shot this kid and the kid ended up dead. Also that they shot a cop accidentally.
    Someone that i met in kipp lynn is alex. She is a girl and she looks cute. I heard she likes Hayden lol. I dont know about that though i heard. I learned that her favorite subject is math, and that she is smart ;-). She likes to read fiction and gossip books. Sorry but no i didnt find out what books they read with their teachers . In my opinion she is a nice girl, okay looking, and pretty. BYE MS. STABOOSKI.

  29. Three people that i meet were Jalyssa, Jade, and Olga. I found out how people in boston greet eachother, and how people treat each other as friends. i think that the way they do things over their is better that how us kids do it here . also wat i have learned form them is that that they really like New York for as long as they have been here. and that the people are very nicearound here.

  30. Wuzzup this is jbennett2015 and I’m reading The Battle of the Labyrinth by Rick Riordan.

    1) I like how R.R made Rachel keep multiple secrets even though she doesn’t even know him.

    2) I don’t like how R.R always has to retell what happened in the last books because there’s no point in reading part 4 without reading parts 1,2,and 3.

    The protagonist is Percy Jackson and he is a caucasian male who is also ther son of Poseidon. He would also be called a half blood. His major worries are losing to the war between the gods and the titans. He would love to have a regular day for once. He is also the type of person who doesn’t laugh alot but likes to hang out with his friends.

  31. Hey DD2015 here.

    1. CHAR.) 15 year old Dylan has these visions about a young girl.
    2.?) How did Dylan start having these visions?

    Today I met a boy named Markos. what I learned about him is that the love animal bracelets. I also learned that he is 14 and his birth day is December 15. I didn’t talk about books, we talked about him. I’m not going to lie, I did like him. He let me wear his heart bracelet which I thought we sweet. I’m attached to him. There is one problem though, I may not be able to see him again. BUT, I got his aim:)!!

  32. Arsthly2015:

    Note1: Sym pretends that Oates is not dead because she loves him. She pretends to talk to his sprit, and her family finds that odd.

    Note2: Uncle Victor believes that marriage is not necessary, and should not be done. I believe that if a person has strong feelings for someone and believes they love them, they should be allowed to marry.

    I meet three girls from KIPP Lynn today, Olga, Jalyssa, and Jadie. I learned that Kippsters from Massachusetts and New York are not that different. Though we do have different types of slang words, we are all really alike. I really didn’t ask them about the books they read with or without the teacher. Most of the time, we talked about how people were similar to the Kippsters from our school, and compared the two schools. It was really fun, and I like the people I hanged out with.

  33. Hello I’m Orlando G 2015 . I read the book Still I Rise by Roland and Taneshia Laird.One of the notes i took was sort of one of the questions i don’t like to ask ,but it is:
    why did they decide the write a book about slavery segregation and finally the fist black president?
    INF)think they wrote this book to sort of show A.A history and what they had to go through to actually succeed because people wouldn’t let them be in life.
    Today i talked to many people but the ones i interacted with the most were Page and a boy named Tyler. they were very interesting i learned that Tyler has read many of the books I have read like the outsiders and a book called Jude.Today he just finish reading to kill a mockingbird he says its good.i didnt find out any books he read with his teacher though i forgot to ask.

  34. Genesis2015.The Old Willis Place by Mary Downing Hahn. My first note is a thick question on page 6: Why is Diana worried about staying with a man that they haven’t had any experience with this man in talking or they haven’t had any positive intentions on him? My second note is an inference on page 3: I can tell that the owner used to own a place where the caretaker used to live for ten years and on the front it had said that it’s not haunted and it’s not trespassing. Then Diana and Georgie are looking at him more and find more about his history. Diana is a worried and careful. She is most worried about staying home with a man she doesn’t know about. She is judge able and judges her new caretaker and a young girl around her age. I think Diana likes to spend time with her brother.

  35. My frist note is:Why does Jerry keep thinking of the question in his locker?My second question is:I figured out that Jerry has to do this thing for his school and he does not want to do it.What i learned from Kipp Lynn is that they know the claps the same way we do it and they are kind people.I asked one person and they said that they like Mystery books and others. I did not ask someone what book they read with their teacher because i didnt get the chance to because i was playin catch with a football.

  36. Hello! I am Samaiyah2015 and I am currently reading the book Rufus M. by Eleanor Estes. I read 29 pages.

    Note1- I can already tell that this book is babyish and sort of immature because there are illustrations, which is a signal that this book will not be the most mature book (pg2).

    Note2-Rufus’s feats are impossible. To write, you must read and Rufus is doing the exact opposite. He is smart (I am not implying those who cannot read cant be smart in other things) and is very bright.

    KIPP LYNN- The finished reading To Kill A Mockingbird. When i asked them about it, I got mixed answers, but most people agreed that if you miss even a page of reading, you will fall behind so quick that you won’t see it coming. It was also a whole class novel so if you fell behind, the teacher would notice so much faster.

  37. markos2015-
    1.INF:what do they mean treasure is the happiest part of life?
    2.CHAR:the girl is interesting becuase sometimes she goes against them and sometimes she is with them.
    i met 2 KIPPsters their names were micheal and shi.shi plays basketball and she says she likes to read mysterys.micheal is into soccer and he likes to read non-fiction books.ive also learned that they have only 2 sports to try and basketball.others play football but they dont have a football team yet.

  38. Emanie2015. The summoning. Kelley armstrong. Inf. “Mommy forgot to warn the new babysitter about the basement” (page.1) I think that the basement is scary or haunted because if you have to warn somone about something I don’t think it is a good thing. Inf. I think thast they are going to move because the kids are paranoid because when the friends saygo in the basement they begin to studder and the dad said that all they had to do is say was that they wanted to sell the house and the sign will be up which means the for sale sign. I met like 10 girls fron kipp lynn and they are cool and not different from us at all. I did not ask them what books they like because from when you came to the table and asked who likes to read no one picked up their hands so I don’t think they enjoy readinng at all. I found out that they are not allowed to wear earrings or braceletts. But they do get to wear jeans. They are all 12 or 13 one of them like gabriel,hayden,keith,julio,and more…I also found out that they get paychecks and they are very nice people and it seems like we have aalot of simarilities.

  39. Jm2015:I am reading Heart and Soul by Francis Skye. tonight I read the first poem called “Missing Blu”.
    (Note1)INF: This is a poem about how there is one person in his life that he really loves an is always on his mine.
    (Notes2) POV I feel bad for skye because one of her parents died and now she really misses them and loved them a whole lot.
    (A) today I met a boy named Scruffy he is very quiet and likes the Red socks. He is a very smart person , but at the same time he is a very shy boy. I didn’t ask them what books they liked to read but he said he loves to read during his free time. I remember that Scruffy was telling me an ashley he was a kind of person that’s real shy. He has never took a train till he came to New York.

  40. Hello this is Argenis2015 and tonight I read A Break With Charity Note1:Sara Bibber is the mainj Character, I predict that in her family at least one person is going to be acused of being a witch, i say this because since Sarah loves scandalmongering. People back then use to say that scandalmongering was a activitie that witches loved to do. note2: Sara seems to know what Elizabeth and susanah were trying to do.they were the ones that usually caused problems ,so for Sara she knew they were on to her.In KIPP Lynn I met a girl named alex. she seemed to be very nice. the books that she liked seemed as if they were outgoing books like Science fiction. I say this because her outgoingness showed love of learning and love for loving fiction books.

  41. magaly2015.666 thr number of the beast.there is many authors.
    1:i can connect to becky because i would also be scared to be in my house alone and see the same scary guy in front of me that was on t.v.i could picture how she is feeling and looking at this point.
    A:i remember i met Taylor. i learned that they cant wear any kind of jewlery unless its religios.also i learned they come out of school at 5 and go in at 7:25 like we do.yes they are reading, to kill a mocking bird, i tought that was pretty intersting.

  42. This is Shawn Wand im going to blog about my new book called I Am The Cheese by Robert Cormier.
    What does this boy mean by ” ghost winds”? ( this note was a question)
    My second note is an Inference. I think that the boy misses his father so much because since he is riding by the hospital, it reminds him of his father. I did actually meet one boy from Kipp Lynn and we meet by both catching the ball then we started talking. I did not get to know his name but we knew we both liked football. I got to now that their school got their own space. I also found out that his favorite genere was science fiction/ mystery horror.

  43. kaylap2015. The Face on the Milk Carton by Caroline Cooney. Note 1: Why does Janie have problems with her name? Note 2: I think that Janie is being a follower because just because her name is different does not mean she can change it so it can be like her friends name. My protagonist name is Janie and her outside traits are that she has red curly hair and also she tends to blush a lot(like me). Some of her inside traits is that she can be a follower sometimes also she can be a really nice person and she loves her friends a lot so that shows that she has feelings for people. Janie loves to change her name around a lot.

  44. Hello this I Elianny2015. Note 1: Why is it that she so scared to tell her that her mom she was pregnant. Note 2: How did hr mom feel whese told her? What was the first thing that went trough hr mind? I did meet new KIPP Lynn KIPPster name was Jalyssa. She was really nice and introduced us to more people like Jadie.We didn’t really talked about books but we did talk about other things. She was really cool and was nice to every one. It was nice to meet our kipp cousins. They were fun to hang around with.

  45. Jalisa2015:The title of my book is called Dance Trap.The author of this book is Claudia Cristina Cortez.
    Note1:Claudia is the main character.She can be or has a positive mind always.She is in a school that is called Pine Tree Middle School.There are having a dance rehearsal where they might do something.It can be some competitive people making good decision and be always in dance team.
    Note2:Kids at certain age have really hard times.
    Like for example things that Claudia did to success in the dance team.She as a competitor did many actions that were really impressive that all teacher see.It can be really nice to be at a 7th grade dance team.

    Someone I met from KIPP Lynn was Norena.She is really nice and cool to be with.What I learned about him was that she use to live in here New York.She moved over there because her sister wanted her to be there.Norena sister actually work at KIPP Lynn.(Isn’t that cool teammates!!!)She can be really friendly because her life has not be so easy for her.Another cool thing was that she gave me her aim so I would communicate with her.Norena is the best, I know this by already talking to her today.Wish she would be at KIPP Infinity! Wish her the best Norena!

  46. hi, the name of the book that i’m reading is called the plain Jane.. the book was written by Cecil Castellucci. one note is that why does Jane want to be different? also how does the plant symbolizes her in survival? well my character is the same person as everyone else. then some type of earth quake happens and her and this dandelion survive whit out getting heart. well right now one of here worries is trying not to be the old Jane , but the new one. my protagonist is a calm person who wants to be friendly with new people.

  47. The tittle of my book is I Am The Cheesse.The author is Robert Cormier.

    Note1: The setting of my book takes place in Monument,Massachusettes.But the narrator soon travels to Rutterburg,Vermont on a bike.But my question is why did they travel on a bike?
    Note2: Each chapter starts with a tape recording like the story 13 reasons why.Each chapter has Brint speaking as if he is interviewing someone.

    When the kipp lynn students came , i met two girls but i forgot their names. We had fun, we talked, we exchaned numbers and we talked about our schools.We also talked about what each school does the same and what we do different.

  48. ae2015: Black Mirror: Nancy Werlin

    Note 1: Popularity seems to be a very big deal to this novel. I say this because on page 7 it talks about how only the popular people could be in certain places and at certain times.

    Note 2: I enjoy reading the author’s style of writing bacause the author is very specific. I can always tell where the characters are and who is speaking. I can always tell what the topic that two characters may be talking about is. She is extremely specific about her settings and I really like that.

    a. I met a group of girls. I did not ask them much about school because for some strange reason we ended talking about the boys that they saw in my school and who they liked. I remember some liked Gabriel, some liked Nazjir, and some liked Keith. Although I did not learn much about their school I did learn alot about the kind of guys they like and their taste. 🙂 😀 😎

  49. Zariah2015. 145th Street by Walter Dean Myers.
    note1: I think Big Joe shouldn’t play dead because that is not anything to play with. That is very inappropriate to have a funeral and you’re still alive.
    note2: Is Peaches mad because he proposed to her mother a million times or because he planed a fake funeral?
    Today i learned that the Kippsters at KIPP Lynn are very funny and are like us. I didnt ask what kinds or books they liked, ut i asked about their uniforms. The colors are a kind of yellow and burgindy. Ariel and I spent alot of time talkin to MaryAngales. I like her because she was very nice and funny. We spoke about her favorite things to do & made alot of jokes. While we are i boston i hope to visit them again.

  50. Hi it’s Miladys ,I am reading MARKED by P.C.Cast and Kristin Cast.
    JC:Zoey cares for stupid things including her looks she is turning into the living dead and all she cares about is how she is going to have to dress like.
    THEME:She may say K is her best friend but would a true friend leave you when your struggling with life like now.This is teaching us you need to learn who your real friends are.
    I meet on girl and her name was Julie and she was Vietnamese. She liked to draw like me and enjoyed to write.
    Me main character is mainly a shallow girl she is turning in to a vampyre and she only cares for her looks.But all her probles are because of this.

  51. Kai2015. Strange Angels. 23 pages.

    Today I read 23 pages of Strange Angels and these are my favorite notes from tonights reading.

    Note 1: I think I will like this book because of the way it started. It started with suspense and mystery, also a little bit of sadness. I like books that start like this because they usally have endings with many different thoughts to them also they have a lot of suspense in between the book.

    Note2: Why doesn’t the angel just stay in one area and guard the state, why does she keep on migrating I think thats not a good idea.

    My protaagonist is kind of confusing because she always changes her ideas and doesn’t get her point across the right way which makes her confusing.

  52. My name is Adrian. I’m reading The Titan’s Curse by Rick Riordan.

    Note 1:
    Inf: I think Thalia doesn’t know that Pecry is Poesidon’s son yet. I say this because Since Thalia is daughter of Zues and Percy is son of Poesidon they might not get along. This is why I infered this.

    Note 2:
    SET: Annabeth, Percy, and Thalia got a call from Grover to go to Westhill Castle. So now they are there at the place because Percy’s mom dropped them off there. Right now they are entering the castle.

    My protagonist is Percy. He has dyslexia,has blue eyes, and has balck hair. Percy gets in trouble alot and Annebeth protects himfrom the dangers.

  53. IsraelP2015- the title of my book is The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. (INF) im starting to think that Amir is very wealthy, and is not focusing on many financial problems like the other people in the village. Because Amir’s friend, Hassan, lives in a very uncomfterable condition because he lives in a very small cabin with his father and the cabin is basically empty. the only thing that is in the room is 2 beds.
    (QUESTION) Amir’s family is a very wealthy family and there very important considering the fact that Amir’s grandfather was a king, but my question is that Amir’s father is always traveling to different places? My protagonist lives in a place somewhere in India and is very wealthy and basically has this friend Hassam that is very close to him he is about 13 years old and runs around bear foot. they both like to play with kites and hit people with slingshots.

  54. hi is kimberly and today i read 33pages in my i read about how a teenage girl her name is Claudia and she one of those reuglar kids in a junior high school .she has two best friends and they are very close to her and they kown eackother since they were in kindergarden and they never had those problems with gossip or anything.i have a question though ,Why does Claudia make it seem like only two girls in the school can roll them?this is what she says that she is not going to compete with a girl that has a low life and doesnt know what person to be .you see i can really relate to clauia bcause she speacks the truth about live in the junior hight school,the majority of teenager fight and want to bully kids but not claudia she speacks with her feeling and she doesnt like to back and forth with the “you said,I said”thing .i can relate to claudia because when i dont do my chors i get grounded and when clau.. doesnt wash the dishes she loses the ” BAD DOGS”tickets ..well lets see what happens next bye

  55. Adianis2015. If I Stay, by Gayle Forman.

    note 1: i can infer that throughout Mia’s life shes gone through many struggles because every time something bad is about to happen, she starts thinking about the past few months.

    Note 2: I think that its crazy the way the car accident happened because it happened very fast and unexpected.

    my protagonist’s name is Mia. Shes a very shallow person. She seems to be a very kind person since shes always on task. her major worries are being separated from her family,family, and bf. Mia really likes to play the Cello. she also really likes classic music.

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