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Hi KIPPsters,

Are you ready for tomorrow’s Seminar? I can’t wait to hear all of your awesome thoughts and analyses of A Raisin in the Sun and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s I Have a Dream speech. Please don’t forget to take 10 notes for each Guiding Question.


1. Username.

2. Your favorite note from Guiding Question 1.

3. Your favorite note from Guiding Question 2.

4. Explain the importance of a check as a symbol during this time period. In what ways did a “check” represent hope, opportunity and possibility for people? How does the economic value of a check add to that meaning?

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  1. magaly2015.
    favorite1:there were many streotypes in the 1950’s.onr of them were that is was tought to believe that men were better at the time then women.it is believed that men needed to take over and that women needed to stay.
    favorite2:the book connects alot to martin luther king. they talk abouy many dreams they have to deal with in many different ways that the family needs to deal with.
    the check meant a lot during this time. it meant wealth, richness, and alot of value. the check helped see how thry dhouldnt be trusting poeple and how they should use money wisley.it shows how many poeple tought it could have meant alot in so little time of period. the check showed how they were early as equal with the whites when they really werent at all.

  2. My user name is jasonb2015. Guiding Question 1: (Inference) Mama believes that just because Walter is a man, he should be the head of the family to take care of all the others. It was a common stereotype to say that men were usually leaders of the house.-pg 107

    Guiding Question 2:(Inference) Walter’s main dream for the family is to have money so that everyone’s dreams cam come true such as his dream of opening the liquor store and Beneatha’s dream of becoming a doctor. Walter strongly believes that money is life.

    The check represented hope, opportunity, and possibility for people because many blacks were optimistic about the possibility of having the same equal rights as whites. They hoped that one day that dream of being equal would finally come true and that their lives of social divisions would end forever and that everyone would live in brotherhood with each other. The economic value of a check adds to that meaning because it signs that that “check” is a promise and that it will be given to the ones who receive it. The “check” is a promise to black people that promises them freedom and equality, but even today that check has yet to be turned in to everyone.

  3. s.brownie2015 Note 1:Beneatha lets Asagai treat her like an item, letting him do whatever he wanted to her. Note 2:Walter`s dreams seem irrelevant to the rest of the family. He, apparently, can`t make a dream that works with the family. A check can represent how life can be changed by money and lives get better with help that was never provided before

  4. Janibell2015- 1)INF: Mama told Walter that he needs to be the head of the household because he’s the man of the family. 2)TW: Many African Americans dreamt of getting jobs such as the ones white people had. Beneathea wanted to become a doctor which was unlikely for a African American.

    The check was important because it represented a new life for the family. With that money, they could buy a new house and not be considered poor any longer. It showed how they had hope because the check helped them progress from the southside to a better neighborhood where nothing had to be shared with other families. The economic value can help with their dreams to be accomplished.

  5. They live the stareotype that woman have to stay home and take cate of the family like Mama and Ruth.Like the the women of the 1950’s they could only take sertan jods because they were women ,like cleaning others homes.
    Their dreams were to move into a house and have a better life ,but to do so they had to move into a all white neighborhood and they want to be treated equal as their other neighbors.This is like all blacks in the1950’s and Martin Luther King Jr.
    The cause check symbolizes meany things like hope, opprotunity and possibility because money could be talking about having the same jod no matter your color.The importance of this was that money was a promise of freedom so that check was worth more.

  6. suni2015- Guiding Question 1: One of the stereotype prevalent in the 1950’s was that blacks weren’t paid fairly,or treated equaly. I think that the Younger lived this when they didn’t have that much money but 50 cents, anf for Lorraine Hansberry i think that her life was similar like that, because most of the black people during her time of period were treated like they didn’t belong.

    Guiding Question 2: The role of dreams in this play was to show how an African American family had the dream of having a better life. I think Beneatha dream are apparent, because she shows an open judment of what two culture she in. It connects to MLK and other AA dream because they too wanted to change the world to a better place were people treat each other kindly and respectfully. It connects to a social issue because it shows how AA families are struggling with their surrounding and ways that they are looked at with the world. Lorraine Hansberry discusses these issues in the play by telling us how the new neighborhood that the younger are moving at doesn’t accept them, since they’re black people.

    The importance of a check as a symbol during this time of period is that it showed hope and chances. It represent opportunities because AA could move to a house that is wealthy and that could help them with poverty, also with money for jobs. The economic value of a check add to that meaning because it means that they are being treated respectfully, or are seen as human not for your skin color.

  7. AG2015. My favorite note from Gudied Question was they didn’t make a better life for themselves when given the opportunity to make a change they didn’t take it.
    My other favorite note from Guiding Question 2 was they tried to be sucessful but they hesitated for the sucess they can recieve.
    This symbol shows that their lives are okay they still have room to sucess more to achieve their goals. The check represented hope and opportunity for the peolpe because blacks did’t really have the chance to get all this money, so once it came it was helpful and convient. The check adds to the economic vaule because they weren’t rich and it was harder for them to get paid the same amount as the other people (whites) did. So if they were given this money they should have used it right away because they don’t have great economic’s so, in my opinoin they really need the money to get what they need. In these times it was hard for them to get money for the things they truly need.

  8. Angeline2015:
    Guiding Question #1: Not having money/ not being wealthy. When Travis asks Ruth for 50 cents she can’t give it to him because she doesn’t have the money.
    Guiding Question #2: Mama’s dream came true about buying a house. This connects ti Martin Luther King because the house was in a white neighborhood, so they’ll have to live together and do their best to get along.
    The importance of a check representing hope, was that the families that weren’t rich for example the Youngers, they saw the check as hope because they were a poor family. The check helped them come out of being poor and not really being wealthy, but at least having enough money to say for once they have.

  9. Ola2015-
    Note 1) The African Americans of the 1950s were treated very unfairly, and black heroes like Martin Luther King fought for the equal rights. Segregation was made for whites and blacks separate because obviously slavery ended a few years back. And in this article MLK is basically fighting same education and other rights that black didn’t have.

    Note 2) If violence is still going on why is MLK fighting? What inspired to fight for his dream even though there is violence?

    The check represents the promise that all men… and women are equal. And that we are all Americans. The check also represents the constitution and there is hope for the future..

  10. Note GQ 1: Mrs.Johnson, as far I can remember, went to the Younger’s house saying that a black family was bombed out of a white neighborhood. The stereotype is that blacks shoudn’t live in white neighborhoods.
    Note GQ 2: One of the most important symbols of the play is mama’s plant. The plant symbolics mama’s dream of living in a bigger house with a lawn.
    The importance of a check at this time was big. “Money is life” Walter quotes. To the Younger family money brings happiness. This check represented hope because the Youngers hoped for a better future and hoped that the check was going to lead them somewhere they want to be. The economic value adds to that meaning because without the check and real money, a family woudn’t succeed. If the check isn’t real, then is just a piece of paper.

  11. krod2015.

    Note1: Asagai and Mama are the only ones who didn’t make that much of a deal about the problem.

    Note2: Walter’s dreams of having money is not fulfilled because his family does not want him to take the money Mr.L wanted to give them.

    The check repersented a lot of symbols because it could have been used to pay fot the liqor store, or to pay for Beneatha’s docter job, or for the graden Mama wants, etc. Thats why they were all happy to get the check.

  12. Rashell2015
    GQ1:Are blacks free?Really free?Even today?
    GQ2:Even today i don’t think that black people have the same rights as white people.
    Checks were important at this time becacuse money was a big deal at this time if you didn’t have money it was like you were nothing in this world.The check represent hope, opportunity and possibility for people because with money you could buy food and sheter for your family.Food and sheter was very important at this time men had to work hard to maintain thier wife and kids and even thier parents,brothers and sisters.If you were a man and you didn’t do this you were consider to be a failuar as a men not a breadwinner.

  13. lourdes2015-
    Note1- Mama acts more like the head of the family than Walter does. The decsion Mama made to buy a house made him feel inferior because he was suppose to be in charge. At that time, men were suppose to be te breadwinners and helping out the family.
    Note2- Walter accuses Mama of crushing his dreams. It was harder to accomplish dreams at that time, especially for African Americans and women.
    The check symbolized many different things to African Americans around the 1950s. It showed hope and oppurtunity because of how it gives familes money that they need. It also symbolizes a promise. In the “I Had a Dream” speech, he explains how whites owe a check (promise) to African Americans for more oppurtunities and equal rights.

  14. Marien2015 : Note #1 – One of the stereotypes was that women were not usually the ones who made the money . Beneatha was trying to change that stereotpe by becoming a doctor which was even nore rare because she’s African American.

    Note #2 – One of MLK’s main goals was to try to end segragation and be able to intergrate blacks and whites . The Young family partisipated in this because they wanted to move into an all white community even though they were black.

    The “check” represented hope in two ways . One way was that it was , for MLK , representing a contract stating tht Blacks and Whites should have equal rights . Another way , as it does for the Young family , was independance because they could do whatever thet wanted with the money becoming mor and more independent. Economic value of a check adds to the meaning because blacks supposably didnt have as much money as whites.

  15. markos2015-
    1.if walter were a real person and we were in the 1950s how would things be different what would he have done?
    2.dreams are mostly about the futur the youngers dream was to move and have a better life that came along but messed it p big.they ended up happy but with no money
    the check was a symbol becuase the youngers finally got a house and they could move from that old house.and some of the family members got their dream from that.(mama,and ruth)its showed hope becuase it also ment how hard they have worked becuase you need to work to have money.and the more you have the more you have worked hard.it adds to economics value becuase as whites work they get payed more and they dont work hard sometimes.also the check also puts u in economic classes.

  16. diamond2015.
    Note1:Stereotypes that were prevalent were men working and the women staying home. The Youngers Believe in this because Walter worked and Ruth didn’t do much.
    Note2: Walter’s dreams were most apparent. The way they connect to other African-American dreams is that in those days some people lived in poverty. They wanted to upgrade to something that’s nicer. A social issue that arises is racism because white people didn’t want blacks in their neighhborhoods. Lorraine Hansberry shows them in the ways of a struggling black family in poverty.
    Some ways that a “check” represented hope opportunity and possibilities is that poeple get excited and know they can use the money to help them with things. The way the economic value adds to that is that it can get poeple out of debt sometimes.It can also help poeple pay their rents too.

  17. sammy2015: Note 1: Men were considered to be stronger and meant to be leaders unlike women. In the novel, ARITS, Mama wanted Walter to be leader and be in charge of the money that is left over. It was stereotypical for women to be considered inferior to men. Note 2: Each character had their own “dream” that they wanted to accomplish. For example, Beneatha wanted to be a doctor and though she had doubts, she is pulling through. Walter wanted money for his liquor store. Eventually in the end of the novel, they all got a dream all in one. They got a house that they would move to even though it is in a white neighborhood.
    As explained in class today, the check represents a promise. A regular check is just paper but when the bank gets the money, it’s more than just paper. The check represented hope because people wanted a promise to happen and they hope for a good outcome not a lie. They can have the opportunity to have freedom and though the check/promise was seemed to be kept it really wasn’t fully. The possibility that people can all be like one was meant to be included but then it turned out that though there is freedom, there is also inequality. A check can also be just considered as money. Many families were poor in this time period and so the check was good for them because money was needed.

  18. Josh2015:

    1. In the 1950s mostly everyone’s goal was to make as much money as possible. People wanted money so they could live much better lives. Many people had striven and worked hard to make money.
    2. Blacks were not equal to whites. Whites got more privileges and got way more special treatment than blacks or African Americans. Martin Luther King said that he wishes his kids were judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.
    3. Well, a check is a promise and many families were promised money. The would open up new opportunities and sometimes even new lives for many families.


  19. 1) ClarissaC2015 =]

    2) I think that Walter thinks that women are made for cooking, cleaning, and boosting the husbands confidence just so that the house will run smoothly. pg. 34

    3) Cant having a dream also turn into being an assimilationist? pg. 65

    4) I think that the check is important during this time period because it represents freedom. It shows that money gives you power and freedom. I think it represents hope because it gives people hope that the dreams that were considered differed could possibly still be possible. The economic value to the check makes it more significant because it shows that they are able to do more things than people of their color were able to do.

  20. Note1: Some stereotypes were that women are supposed to do “lady-like things” such as clean the house,cook for the family,make sure the family is in touch and dont’t have any problems.Many of them weren’t allowed to go to college or get another job,even if you had the abilty for them.

    Note2:A dream in the book was being able to live in the suburbs with the white people.Mama really wanted to be able to live a regular life and not have any problems.They kept telling the Youngers that they’re a peaceful white community and that they don’t want any problems.This relates to Martin Luther King because he wanted to have equal rights as the whites.

    The check in Martin Luther Kings way was a symbol to show that if you don’t give us the whole check, its like saying you didn’t give us all the rights.This is different in The Raisun in the Sun because in the book its mostly about economic problems.They’re both still connected in a way.The check symbolizes economic problems in the book but in the speech it symbolizes receving more privilidges just like the whites.

  21. kayla2015
    black people are poor and doesnt deserve the same rights as white people.
    beneatha wants to become a black woman doctor and there wasnt that many during this time period.mlk was similar because the werent alot of black public speakers that fought for blacks independance, blacks rights, black privilages, and dighting so that can have the same rights as whites.
    the check is a symbol because it brought them happiniess and dissapointment because mama gave walter the money to put away and he lost it all but they were still able to move into the house they always wanted. it brung another opportunity because when they move into the new house they will be much happier and might want to start fresh and be happy.

  22. This is Shawn W andd im going to blog about Martin Luther King and the different connentions between that and A Raisan in the Sun. One sterotype from the book was white dominance. That is very similar to Martin Luther because it was segregated and the white people thought that they were better than the blacks. My second note was that Beneatha wanted to become a doctor but she could not because she was a women. The women in the world could not do certain things and they also had to stay in the house.The men in the house were the ones who were able to go to work. The check represented hope because the family thought that they would be able to move out of the misery apartment they lived in. Another way it showed hope was that it gave the family confidence that they will succed.

  23. Hello this is argenis 2015 and today i answered some Guiding questions. Guiding question1: One Steryotype that came upon A Raisin In the sun was that black and whites were not made to live together. i say this because Karl Lidner seemed to be trying to persuade the Youngers not to move to clybourne park. This proves my steryotype because most of the people that lived in Clybourne Park were white and since those people were white they did not want to live with the Youngers.(black people) Guiding question2: One dream in A raisin In The Sun was opening a liqour store, walters dream. The fact that that dream got crushed also seemed to crash some oppurtunities that the Youngers could of have. I say this because the Liqour store could have caue success and give the Youngers money.The check let the Youngers move into a place of their own. throughout the story the check seemed to be an important item for the Youngers, it both brought them happiness and also sadness.

  24. Its KathyV2015 also known as Katerin Villar 🙂

    Lorraine Hansberry uses the Younger to show the life of poverty and living a harsh life. I think the new house is a symbol of a new a living and a fresh start in life.

    These dreams connect to Martin Luther King dream’s because they both wanted a better life for the blacks.This connects to the play because Mama is a symbol of confident and hard working because nothing will be possible because mama didnt go out and buy the house.

    I think the check is a symbol of wealth , freedom and i would add reputation because if you dont have the money people will begin cominting and saying negative things about poverty.

  25. Keema.T

    GUIDING OUESTION 1:Lorraine Hansberry, is sterotypical to the fact that not all Black familes live in proverty. Some Black Families are able and worked hard enough to prove their race.

    GUIDING OUESTION 2:Martin Luther KIng and other Afraicn Americans stood to gether to chase their goal, some wanted to be indivial ,at the end all came to their sences and thoght about the well being about every one else.If the check comes with a little value, it is no point on planing big for it. If the check comes with lost of money everyone is able to get hopes dreams up on what they will do with the money.

    The “check” is a symbol of freedom, money in your pocket, food and house to be in, being treated equal.The check represented hope for the Younger Family, when the money came it opened doors to a new start, dreams to come true or to come to a stop.

  26. My note that i like is that the whites in the 1950s tried to pay the family to not live with them and they do this because they probably saw or heard of blacks from were they are from automatically means that they are bad.My second note is that Beneatha’s dream was the most appernt because she is smart and knows more about all of these culture things and she is good in school.The check was hope to some individuals because it shows that the blaks have freedom and thw whites can hate them but cannot do anything about it because the check i believe exemplifies that all men and women are created equally.Economic adds to this check because now blacks are going to have jobs and be able to work and the bosses has to pay them.

  27. Arsthly2015:

    GQ1: Blacks being inferior to whites is the main stereotype in this book because it represents many themes. It represented a black not being able to be a doctor, not being able to be rich, and etc.

    GQ2: Mama’s dream of owning a house not only brings the family closer together, but also proves that blacks can live the American dream.

    The economic values of the check add to the meaning of hope and opportunity because money seems to get these things. Money was something very important at the time because people wanted to get away from poverty and their old lives that were full of struggle. For example, by buy a house with the money from the check, the Youngers were free of their old home full of bad memories.

  28. Whats up kippsters Hayden here jus came home raining od.
    Note1: Walter was robbed for all of his money from the check, why doesn’t he try and get it back in some kind of way? That is a lot of money and it wasn’t just thrown out of the sky so i dont know why he isnt reacting much.

    Note2: Why doesn’t Karl Linder want the family to move to his home area? Is it only because of racism or is it much more than that. I will also like to ask that alot of people has dream and in this family every person has a family.

    The check in this family represent a better future for their life and this check I think is very important for the family

  29. Hey this is jbennett2015.

    1) In the 1950s, black people rarely ever interracially married. Lorraine Hansberry, on the other hand, married a Jewish man named Robert Nemiroff.

    2) I realized that the dreams and realities of the African Americans were the exact opposite of each other. Their dreams were to be equal to the whites and they never were until a few years later.

    The check represented freedom as MLK put it and in economic value, the whites promised the “check” to the blacks and they weren’t able to give it or else “they’d go bankrupt.”


  30. Angely2015

    Note 1: I think that Lorraine Hansberry shows that colored people shouldn’t be treated differently because of the stereotypes that people think that all blacks are which isn’t true for all colored people.

    Note2: Most blacks want to be treated the same and equally as whites, and also have the same opportunities that whites have. In the 1950s it was harder for that to be possible and a bit today, for some blacks.

    I think that the check brought hope to the Youngers family because it showed them that they were finally were going to live a good life when they move. I also think that they felt like they accomplished something that not a normal collared person would do.

  31. Emanie2105. My first favorite guiding question answer is answering the first question is that some of the sterotypes in the 1950s is that the black people did not have the same right as white people and the whites got treated better than the balcks and the whites had more freedom than the black people and they had more oppertunities than the african american people for example, sitting at the front of the bus, the water fountain had one slot for whites and another for blacks, and the bathroons had a sign for the whites and the other bathroom was for colored and many people felt offended by that. The youngsters and maybe even lorraine hansberry believe in and live out those sterotypes because she knows how they lived because she is an african american and she knows how it feels to be segrated but today there is more people joining together as one. For guiding question 2 the answer is the dreames in the play is that a black girl wants to become a doctor and others fell like ot is not nessary. Also the black people is very difficult to fimd a house or get ajob because they are black and it is less likely find anything that white people have already taken.these dreams can connect to African Americans and Martin Luther king because they also had a dream that they wanted to achieve and it was difficult for all of them to suceed becaause they were colored and it was hard for them to find the things they wanted.dreams can connect to a social issue because for example, martin luther king made a speech that his dream one day was to have segration stop and their social issue is that martin luther king got shot for standing up for what is right and having a dream. The importance of a check is that it symbolizes freedom because they have enough money to help their family and to do something that they always wanted to do for example to buying a bigger house with a yard. The check has symbolizes hope and an oppertunity because even though the check at first was just a paper and now that they have put value into the piece of paper it can make a change in peoples life and may at least put a better roof over someones head. Econimoc check because they have income and they have means to improve theirs and their families lives.

  32. Genesis2015.My first note that answers the seminar question is: Many people believed that women had to stay home while the men go to work and make sure that the family gets enough money to buy food and other nececities.The Youngers believe that the stereotypes might sometimes be fair and it might not be at times its not fair because when Walter gets mad he doesn’t work as hard as the women in the house which then get the women not to work as hard as they used t o work.My second note for the second seminar question is: The role of the play is to gain equality and to get money to buy something that would support the family. The dreams that were apparent were Beneatha’s dreams were apparent then Mama started to understand why Walter wanted to open up a liquor store but even if she understood, she didn’t want him to open one up. Martin Luther King’s dreams can connect to most African American dreams because many of them wanted freedom that they had to argue and fight together in order to get their freedom just like Martin wanted freedom for all too. These dreams connect to social issues because many people wanted to gain freedom and they finally got their freedom even if it took arguments and fighting to get towards it. Hansberry discusses them in the context of the play by showing how the Youngers wanted to get their money and start a new life. The importance of the check is that it can make an opportunity of hope and make a dream come true. At this time, the kind of money that the Youngers received was rare and something can change a family’s way of life.

  33. My two notes are that Martin Luther king Jr wanted freedom for black African American people and was very successful. my second note that i have taken is that, But today there is still some racism going on. back in they days the reason why checks were important and was a big symbol is because it was a time of poverty and slavery so the little money that generation made for a living had to stretch a long way.

  34. justin2015. Note1: Men work and women clean at home. This was a stereotype because they do the same thing. Note2: Men work harder than women because when Walter would come come he will get mad and think he works alot. The check is important becuse it shows a new beginning. It showed hope and oppurtunity because it was to get a new house, for Beneatha or a new job. The economic check added to that because it was a opprtunity of freedom or a new beginning.

  35. Note 1: Why did MLK mainly want all the blacks to join together to try and get their point across to others? Why didn’t he also try and reach out to other cultures and even whites that thought it was wrong? Was he really just trying to get his point across by getting more people to get his story?

    Note 2: I like the way that MLK made his speech sound not to complicated but just right. When I say just right I mean like any audience of any age groups could understand what he is really trying to say. Also , the speech was related to many different social issues not just black racism.

    Checks kind of symbolize the difference between high checks and low amount checks. This means that blacks are getting the low checks which symobolizes the little respect that blacks have earned but the high checks represent the whites and their superior like respect. Also the high and low amount represents the poverty and high class.

  36. Hello im Orlando G 2015.tonight i did my 20 nights and i had 2 notes that i think are really good.
    INF)I think that slavery and racism was influenced a lot by the saying of Manifest Destiny because it made “White Americans “belief that they had control and since blacks didn’t really do anything as they say didn’t do anything.
    ??)Why did the dreams that Lorraine Hansberry gave the Younger a dream that was really different from what most A.A dreamed of?
    “The check” represents opportunity for the A.A .It shows how they want freedom and that they want to be treated like whites.it shows that if they aren’t taken seriously the check has no funds is like a blank piece of paper.it also shows a lot of hope.

  37. ae2015

    GQ 1: On page 107 Mama gives Walter the money that is left for the family. She says that as the man of the house he must take charge and have that money. This was similar to a stereotype because it is saying thet men are superior.

    GQ 2: On pages 118 and 119 Walter tells Karl to leave his home because they are moving to the suburbs. The family wants to move to the suburbs ,but it is very difficult since they are an African American family. The segregation will affect their life. They want intergration just like Dr. King.

    CHECK : The check is a symbol of all those things because during this time having money is what would bring you to the top of the chain. The check can lead to you living in a higher quality home and a more sophisticated community. These checks to some people would be their key to freedom and more rights.

  38. Hi DD2015 here!
    1.S.T.) If you don’t have any money then your really don’t have freedom.
    2.DRE.) M.L.K. wanted everyone to have the same opportunity with money, homes, class, education, etc.

    The represents money and if you had money you had freedom. The Younger Family had money which got them a house. Now they can get out of poverty and live a better life and be free.

    I’ll see you tomorrow.
    P.S. When is book clubs?


  39. IsraelP2015- NOTE 1 why does Beneatha show off the way that she’s the only one in the family that is going to attend college and become a nurse? NOTE2 I think that the family mama and Ruth should now trust Walter to do the right decisions even though sometimes he doesn’t I think they feel as if Walter has the ability to make the right choice for the family. A check back then was sort of a symbol of freedom and that u has succeeded enough in life and you deserve it. The check represented hope because soon the family will place the money in the bank par for Travis’s college and he will become something important make a lot of money and give some to the family. This shows economic value because the only reason some whites get there respect is because they have lots and lots of money from checks that are good and not “bad”.

  40. Adianis2015- NOTE 1 I think that in the middle of the book like in act 2 Walter was doing things like going out and drinking and waiting his money on beer when he couldn’t used it to buy a new home. But now when he sent Mr. linder out of the house that was one act of maturity for Walter.
    NOTE2- why does Asagai think that Beneatha’s going to go live in Africa with him and marry him?
    The check represents faith because not just everybody in the 1950’s received a check for 10,000 dollars. Which shows that they’ll soon have enough money to support a family the way ”white” people do.

  41. Jerick2015.
    Note for guiding question 1: Why were there divisions back then between blakcs and whites?
    Note for guiding question 2: “Thank Almighty, we are free at last”- MLK. The check represents care. It represents care, because its showing that when people receive a check it shows that they use it in a smart way. The check that mama received, she used it in a smart way which was by buying travis a house. this is because people werent treated the same. Also blacks were treated way different from whites which wasnt fair at all.

  42. Cristina2015- NOTE 1- I think that Walter would probably make better decisions in the family for the future and eventually the family would be very wealthy. NOTE 2- how does Beneatha feel being the only person in the family that has graduated college and in the future is going to be successful? This check represented hope because not many black people had checks they normally were paid in very little amounts. It also has to do with an economic issue because it shows if the family is responsible and they save their money all there trouble would soon end and they’ll be a happy family.

  43. AnthonyP2015.

    My favorite note from the quiding question one was when i inferenced that Walter wasn’t going to listen to Mama when she gave him the money for Beneatha and himself. It is a stereotype because Walter didn’t respect women as much.

    My second favorite note was when I inferenced that the families will be crushed if they put it in the hands of Walter. Mama gave him the check. He gave it to Willy Harris and he lost it all, even Beneatha’s money for her school.

    The check represents hope for the family because that’s the only money the family has. The money bought them a house, and could’ve went to college money, but Walter drained all that “Hope”.

  44. kdozier2015.

    1) walter is type wrong for going away and giving wiley all the family`s money to invested in a liquor store. that money money belongs to his mom even though she gave him and beneatha to split between each other he still took beneatha`s part of the money and now it is gone.

    2) i think Carl and Claybourne park are discriminating against blacks because they think all blacks bring loud noises and drama to were ever they are its not right.

    the check is a very important because it symbolizes a way out of the “ghetto” it gives them a new beginning and better place to live . the check meant they were rich then.

  45. Zariah2015.
    note1: African Americans weren’t educated so they were given very little job offers, which cause them to work for the white people.
    note2: “All men are created equal”-the constitution. That quote is true and will always be ,but all men aren’t being treated equally. White men thought as theirselves superior and that they were abouve the black men.
    The check represented hopes, opportunity and possibility for people because it helped pay for it. Without the check, there would be no house on Clybourne Park for the youngers. Without the check, their would probably still be segragation going on. Without the check, there would bhe no Barack Obama as president.

  46. kaylap2015. I think one of the stereotypes that prevalent the 1950s is that men would say that women should do all the work around the house just because they are women but i disagree with that because not all women do work around the house and i think its should be men and women doing the work too because it would be more fair and it would make women less stressed over working so much and working so hard. Lorraine Hansberry shows that in the book because Walter would probably think that women are the people who are mainly the ones that have to do the work. The role of dreams in this play is that actually one of the family’s dream is to get money to be able to afford a house and afford more space for the family. Those dreams connect to Martin Luther King because sense he wrote and “I have a dream” speech he would most likely have dreams of his own. The dreams connect to social issues in the play because the family needs money to survive and to be able to get more space for the big family they have. A check is a good symbol for the time period because they would describe so much about the money they need to survive and to be able to afford more room for the family. This would relate to the economic issues because some families back then could not afford another place to live because of how very little money they had.

  47. Jalisa2015:Note from Guiding Question1:A symbol that in the play is the check.The check symbolize how though people work and try to earn their money.They as African Americans they work hard they do whatever thing as hardship to have money in order to survive in life, and also for a better future.
    Note from Guiding Question2:The dreams of this play were awesome dreams for people like African Americans can do. Their dreams at the beginning of the play or each chapter were pretty much hard .The best thing was that like Benethea she wanted to become a doctor so she went ahead to her dreams.
    The importance of a check as a symbol during this time period was that in the 1950’s people were struggling for hardship like their survival.This empathizes that the check they received were really, really useful to those people with the struggles.A “check represent hope, opportunity and possibility for people like having their survival.Also the ones that had children they wanted the better and the best for them. The economic value of a check add to that meaning for people who don’t have the money to afford things in life.This why always when you work in a job you defiantly want a check!!!!!

  48. the stereotype that women were less important than women was pointed by larraine many times in the book. i think that women that should have been treated the same as blacks not just black women all type of women.

    the deams in the book was tried to be denied because of their skin color . for example mama dream was to live in a house but was almost not fufilled because they whites didnt want them to live there.

    the check is a very important symbol in the book because it represent a fresh start and it symbolizes now more inequallity. this is important because as an african american i do not want to be treated as less of a person.

  49. hey, andi read about the whole passge of martin luther king. a note i would like to say is that martin was a brave man because he knew hat the dream he wanted ha to happen so he knew he had to do something about it so what he did he stepped up to the plate and made a change to mant of the people that had issue with people with different color skins. i would say that the check in both storys are ery similer becaurse it has to do with a person waiting and if you had to wait years for a check you wont eat for a while .That is why martin luther is a very brave man

  50. My name is Adrian.

    Guiding Question 1: A Rasin In The Sun by Lorraine Hansberry shows that African American families struggle because of economic class while a White family on the other hand have it all good and don’t worry about anything.

    Guiding Question 2: The dreams that were appearant was Walter’s which was then crushed by Ruth. These dreams connect to MLK’s because he had a dream that whites and blacks will intergrate.

    The check symbolizes pride and wealth because with the check the Yonger family can do whatever they want with it. It represents pride because they won’t have to feel like they are not as good as the white folks. This is an oppurtunity to buy a new hose and move into a new neighboorhood.

  51. Freddy p2015
    Note1: Some sterotypes that i found in both my reading the book and my prior knowlege was that women thought to be just maids and servants. I think this happend because men thought since they were stronger the thought a female couldnt hadle the things they could.
    Note2: I think that the check the Youngers are getting is a symbol of a key to heaven that the check means the could have a start over on there lifes. Also that ment that the check to freedom was the same when MLK said it in his speech.
    That shows you that Money was the key to sucess in the 1950s and was a sign of Power and Respect. THANK U

  52. Guiding Question1: Women were sterotyped because most business owners thought that women couldnt do as good of a job as men could at their jobs.When in reality, most women can actually do a better job than most men.

    Guiding Question2: Benneatha and Martin Luther King both had similar dreams.Benneatha wants to become a doctor and work as one with her white people.Martin Luther King wants people to become intergrated and work as one with others.

    A check is a symbol because when you get it shows that it is a possibilitie to get away from the life of poverty or racial issues.For some families it shows hope because most families hope that the check will help them.It adds to the meaning because when a family gets a alot of money,they feel good when they deposite it.But if there is not enough money,when they take it to the bank it will be declined and then they would feel as if they are an outcast.

  53. leah2015 ARITS by Lorraine Hansberry

    Guiding question 1
    Note 1 : Some sterotypes prevalent in the 1950s were that, women had to do all the work and that men had to care for the entire family. Also that women,black or white, didn’t need an education like men.Women could only be teachers, or maids. Women had to do all of the house work and men just had to sit there and work.

    Note 2: Why did people in the 1950s treat each other with such disrespect, they were all human so why? Just because one person’s skin color is darker than yours or is it because, they are African-American? Don’t treat others the way you wouldn’t want to be treated, because if I made fun of you just because the way you look, you’d be hurt badly. The importance of a check in this time period is of freedom. It represents freedom because, they needed the check to move out and get a better house. Also it represents power because, with out money you have no power and you have to struggle to live. The check also shows hope because, with out it they hope to surive and they hope for a better life. The check shows opportunity because, with it they could do so many things to help make their life better but they chose to buy a house. Economic value goes to the check because they all want to buy things with it and all want it to go a certin way. Also they all want their lives to be better with the check and think they know what to do with it.

  54. My name is Ashley .

    Guiding Qestion 1: “I don’t think I never met no african before…well, do me a favor and don’t ask him a whole lot of ignorant questions about africans. i mean, do they wear clothes and all that-…well now i guess if you think we so ignorant ’round here maybe you should’nt bring your friends here-” this shows that racial issues and not allowing people. This shows that the family doesn’t accept different racial people going out. they dont like the fact to see something different because they never had tried it .

    Guiding Question 2: Martin Luther King Jr. says that we don’t want a bus to go from ghettos and by the end the younger wants to be free nd live in a neighborhood. This shows that the family wants to move to the white neighborhood by the end of the book, but the people don’t want them to move in which shows how racist they are. This also shows how Blacks as a whole racial group don’t want to stay under, they want to be up with every other and culture , and have equal rights.

    A check in this time basically says that you nhave some type of monmey and it meant that you have your oppurtunity that you have been working for almost all your life n which means that this was your one time for you to chase your dreams ; move into a prodomenetly white neighborhood, go to college, start a liquor storre or a buisness,etc. The amount of money the check is might just help you move up in economic class depending on what you do with the money, such ass buy a house juast as the family in A Raisin in the Sun did .

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