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THINK: How does this play fit into the historic schema of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 60s?

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Can you believe it? Today is the last day of reading A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry. For tonight’s blog, I’m asking for notes again, as I want to ensure that you are catching up on your nightly note-taking.


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4. Walter changes over the course of this Act. First, he has an idea about calling Karl Lindner. Explain why he wanted to talk to Karl Lindner originally. The family then gets very upset with him. Why does that anger them? He then changes his mind and tells Karl something different from his original plan. What does he tell him instead? How does this action show that Walter “finally come into his manhood today” as Mama said?

Be as specific as possible and be prepared for a quiz on Act 3 in class tomorrow.

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  1. Josh2015:

    1. Beneatha is trying to explain to Asagai that there are many people in the world. Some will make excellent choices and some will make really impaired choices. Her point is that we have to deal with all situations maturely even when something is blamed on us(p.134).
    2. Walter is laughing at the fact that the white people don’t want them there so badly that they were willing to pay them not to move there. Walter laughed in Willy Harris’s face and slammed it in his face(p.142).
    Walter made his family happy at the end because he tells Karl Linder that he and his family will move into the white neighborhood because they have a lot of pride and are willing to face the challenges. Mama agrees and has nothing else to say to Linder.


  2. Note 1;benetha is mad at walter because he spent her portion of the money for her to help pay off for colleger ! How does she feel when asagi tells her to calm down?
    Note 2: Why didwalter walk out of the house and not tell anyone what he was doing ? Because everyone wanted to know where he had gone ?
    He wanted to talk to Karl Lander at first and told him that he wanted him to make a deal with the fanily. It angers them because they still might of had moved there’ but since walter told him that then now they can’t,they also don’t want to get payed offf either . This shows walter has finally come into his manhood because he if finataking. Up for his actions and mistakes .

  3. Keema .T. Im sorry to blogg at this time ,but this is when my computer is ready to work.

    Note:1: The Younger Family seems physcially ready to move ,but are thaey emotional ready to move?

    Note:2:It seems like Karl is trying ti change the Younger Family’s mind about moving to Clybourne Park.

    Walter calls Karl over because he wants the family to put on an act for him ,and things they were going pay them not to move.They get upset with him because they don’t want to get any money they want to move.Wlter changed his mind to state that the family is moving and there is no way to change their mind becuase it is already made up to move.

    This shows reader that Walter is finally taking charge in the family and is thinking about the family’s well-being and not just his.Walter is making an chocie where is goes wrong the family has each others back

  4. Angeline2015:
    Note 1: Theme: “And the next time I saw Rufus he just had a little line down the middle of his face… I never got over that…”(pg.133). Lorraine Hansberry uses Beneatha in a way to show how a girl’s background affects someone when they get older.
    Note 2: Prediction: I think the main reason Beneatha wants to be a doctor is because she remembers how someone else can fix someone up. She wants to be able to safe other people just like that doctor did to Rufus.(pg.133).
    He wanted to talk to Karl Lyinder because he wanted to make business with them. That angers them because he’s doing something behind their back and all he’s doing this for is the money. Walter ends up telling him that they have decided to move into the house because his father earned it for them. This shows Walter finally acted like a man because he wanted to sell the house and geta lot of money, but instead he did what the family wanted.

  5. sammy2015: Note 1: Isn’t it mostly Walter’s fault for trusting others with his money? It’s so much and it would be hard for someone to just save all that money. Note 2: Didn’t Walter kick Mr.Lindner out of the house the last time he came? Why would he bring him back?
    Walter wanted to talk to Mr. Lindner about a deal they can make an exchange for the house and get money. Mr.Lindner offered this before but the family denied it the. Walter now decides he should exchange it for money. The family gets upset beacuse they wanted a house and Walter is giving it up for money. Mama pointed out that money wasn’t accepted showing that they weren’t welcomed in an area. They don’t really care about what the others think nor what Mr.Lindner thinks but all they want is their new home. Afterwards, Walter changes the plan and tells Mr.Lindner that they will be moving in to that neighborhood to their new home. He mentions they are hardworking people with pride and his father worked hard for the money they recieved to buy the house which is why they honor it and use it to buy their home. What Mama meant when she said Walter came to his manlyhood was that Walter stood up for his family to recieve and honor the home they were gonna move into.

  6. kdozier2015.

    1) if beneatha had to choose between asgai and george who would she choose?

    2) walter and mama argue for no reason but if i was walter i would listen to mama not because she my mama but because shes been here longer then me and knows the world

    He wants to talk to him because he feels like hes trying to drive them out the neighborhood and he wants to confront him but he changes his mind and doesnt

  7. Janibell2015- INF; I think that Walter has a low self-esteem because of his race. ?; Why doesn’t Mama want Walter to achieve his dreams if it’s what would make him happy?
    Walter wanted to call Mr.Linder and tell him to just write the check and they won’t move to his neighborhood. This angers the family because its making them seem even poorer than they really are. It’s making the white people have their way as it happened most of the time and they didn’t want to see that happen. He then tells Linder that they are going to move into the house because his father earned it for them brick by brick and he doesn’t want any of Linder’s money. She says that he came into the manhood because he finally decided what was right for his family. He truly proved that he was the head of the household.

  8. s.brownie2015. Note 1: Why is Beneatha shocked to find that Mr.Lindner is coming to their home? Note 2: Walter still thinks that money is life, even though it comes to its use. Walter wanted to talk to Karl because he wanted to try to get money for not moving to Clybourne. He planned to grovel on his knees and persuade him to give the family the money. The family doesn`t like his choice because it shows that they would just give in to predjudice. He actually tells Mr. Lindner that he wanted to live in the house because his father earned it for them and they were not going to waste it

  9. Rashell2015
    Note1:Ruth seems very happy because she is going to run herself a hot shower.This is like her first step towards being free because she shared the bathroom.
    Note2:I think that Ruth and Benathea have a close relationship there more like sisters and Walter the brother in law.
    Walter wants to call Karl at first to make the deal to take the money and not buy the house.They get mad because they don’t care what other people think so they want to stay in the house that Mama bought.Walter changes his mind and tells Karl that he wants to cancel the deal and that he will keep the house.This quote goes with Walters actions because it shows that he now thinks different that money is not the most important thing in life.Mama used to tell him that love and care was more than money and now Walter has learned that lesson.

  10. Note1:(INF) An inference I made about Walter is that he never really shows what he feels.It says on pg.131 he just lays on the bed thinking without even saying what he thinks or feels. This shows that Walter does have feelings and does realize the mistakes he makes.

    Note2:(Opinion) I think Asagai is there to be judging because he always had something to say to Beneatha. Its either about her hair she needs to fix something or either way he’s judging her.I think he’s just trying to change her and make her look like from where he came from.

    In the beginning Walter was very irresponsible and throughtout the story he showed lack of responsibility which made the family think that.They were mad because Walter wanted to give up his money so they wouldn’t move to Clybourne Park.He wants Linder to convince them not to move, but the family will not just stop from moving because of their race.This makes the family mad at him.

  11. Gabriel2015: A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry

    Note 1: (INF) I think that Asagai is so helpful because he wants to impress Beneatha espicially before she goes because he wants to make a last impression to her like most men want to do so the person can remember them while thhey are away.

    Note 2: (CS) If I were Asagai I would do the same thing that he did because he every man wants to leave his last impression on a woman who he felt a deep coinnection with so that she can remember him and so that he can remember her.

    3: At first Walter wanted to accept th money that the people were giving him so he and his family wouldn’t move into their new house in the white neighborhood. Although, instead of accpepting the money that they were offering him he decided to keep the house and to move into it because he wants his fmaily to proud of him. He also wants to impress his father because, although he is dead, he wants to prove to himself that he made the correct decision and the decision that his father would’ve made if he were still alive.

  12. Marien2015 : Note 1 : TTS ; Beneatha has finally told Asagai about losing all the money , and she blames it on Walter . If I were Beneatha U would not blame all of the loss of the money on Walter because the stealer alos has alot to do with it

    Note 2 : INF – Walter finally found out that life is not all about money. Life has a lot to do with friends and family are more valubal.

    Walter origanaly called Karl Linderner because he wanted to talk about the offering of money that she woukd give him so that they wknt move into the house.This angers Walter because e is doing all he xan lossably do to make his family happy nd to be able to support them.Walter finally tells himthat he does want to moe ito the house because even though he does not think it will be safe , he wants to make his family happy which is what being a man is all about.

  13. Justin2015. Note1: INF: I think Asagai is kind of happy they’re leaveing because he came to help them pack. Note2: ?: How come Asagai and Beneatha just yelled at each other for a second. Walter wanted to talk to Karl Lindner because he wanted to do business with him. They get upset because he’s taking money from them to not move to the new house. Instead he tells Karl that he’s going to sell the house to him. This action shows that because he’s now acting like a really man trying to get some money the wrong way.

  14. My first note from tonights reading is: Why is Walter talking like the street boys infront of his mom? She didnt raise him to talk like that.My second note is: Why is Beneatha shouting when Walter says he is going to call Linder?Walter wants to talk to Linder so he can do business with him.He gets angry because he is the only one that thinks this is what they should do.Walter says to Linder that how his whole family is filled with pride.This showed he came to his manhood again because he did what was right for the whole family and he actually cared for what they said and how they felt and that is what made him a man in mamas eyes and in ours.

  15. markos2015-
    1.?-will walter do something about the money that will harris took from him?
    2.INF-when harris took all the money walter must have been really ferurious bcuase that was the chance he had to have a future.
    they are mad becuase they think that walter is lying about the bissnues he had with karl.Walter changes the conversation that he had with karl and says that they were talkin about coming to the show.mama says this because walter proves that he can be honest and trustworthy to ruth

  16. krod2015.

    Note 1:Question: Does Mama really like the gift that Travis gave her, the graden hat?

    Note 2: Character Shoes: If i were Asagai i would have never walked into the house and asked for the money because it felt like he only liked Beneatha for the money from the check.

    Walter wanted to call Karl maybe because he is the only person who understands his problems. This angers the family, because they dont want
    Walter speacking with any body, because he comes with more problems. Mama said that Walter finally came to the manhood today because Walter sloved a problem, and they thought thats something that he cant do, but now he did it. So now the family is proud of him.

  17. leah2015 ARITS by Lorraine Hansberry

    NOTE1:It’s very interesting at how Asagai always thinks of Africa, when he talks to Beneatha. I came to this conclusion because, as she was packing,for the big move, Asagai said people remended him of Africa. (pg 132)

    NOTE2:Why does Asagai want Beneatha to go with him to Africa?(pg136)

    At first he wanted t talk to Karl because he wanted to get money to invest into the liquor store.The family gets upset he invested his mother’s money into the liquor store.He changed his mind to telling Karl that he wants to mve in the house now.His actions finally brought him to man hood because, he has finally done something benifutful to his family.

  18. Ola2015-
    Mood- The feeling after Walter lost the money is very tense. Everybody is mad at Walter and it seems like they have no hope at all. Mama tries her best to stay calm and deal with the situation.
    INF- I think that Walter will try to fix the problem but do it with little success. Mama will find a place in her heart for her son who crushed EVERYONE’S dream. I also think there is stereotype where all whites are bad but I have slight disagreement…
    Walter thoughts toward Karl Lindner at first were very harsh. And I don’t blame him because Linder insulted the Younger family by saying that it would be best for them not to move Into Clyborne Park. He wanted to sell the house to him for the family to get money. This angers them because 1 he is making decisions by himself and 2 they still want to move. He changes his mind and tells Linder he still wants to move into the house. Walter has become a “man” by making the right decisions. :]

  19. suni2015- Note 1: INF- Walter is finally being a amn because he’s being wiser and is now caring for the family not for his dream.

    Note 2: ??- I though that Walter was going to tell Lindner the representative of the Clybourne Park improvement Association, that they weren’t going to take the house, or was he just saying that to surprise his family into letting them know that he’s acting like a man and thinking like one too.

    Walter wanted to call Karl Lindner to let him know , that they don’t want to buy the house. This anger the family because they were so excited that they were going to move to a bigger house were they can welcome the new baby and have more space than they had. Instead of telling Karl Lindner this he tells him that he does want to move to the new house, because it was made possible because of his father flesh. This action show that he finally reached his manhood, because it shows that Walter was being thoughtful, and that he was caring for the family and through all the struggle that they have gone through.

  20. HEY DD 2015!
    1. Asagai wants Beneatha to go to Africa with him. That’s a shocker.
    2. What does Beneatha see in Asagai ?

    He wanted to call Karl originally was to convince the family not to move. This angers the family because they know he is only caring for himself. He then told Karl to get out of his house because he was tired of hearing how Karl kept talking about how people talk to one another. That shows that Walter has stepped up and took his place as a true man!

  21. lourdes2015:
    1) Walter wants to take the deal Mr. Lidner and the neighborhood is offering to them. He and the rest of the family shouldn’t because they should be able to live there peacefully as they please. It isn’t their fault that the neighborhood is still thinking about segragation between blacks and whites.
    2) Beneatha acts as if she is better than her family, especially Walter. This issue gets worse when he loses the money Mama gave him. Beneatha loses respect for him altogether.
    3) Walter oringally wanted to take the offer that Lidner offered. After discussing it with the family, he ends up doing something different and Not take it. They still decide to live there and have one too.

  22. One of my high quality notes are is the author makes it seem like Walter has no fear or weaknesses and has no problems on his back. It says on page 131 that ” at left we can see WALTER within his room by himself he is stretched out on the bed his shirt out and open his arms under his head he does not smoke he does not cry out just lies there”. My other note us that asagai is acting like the money they got was belonging to him because on page 132 he was kind of arguing with beneatha about why Walter gave away the money. I think that the family got mad at Walter with speaking to Karl is because thay feel its not really his business. He than changes mind and now he says that he wants to move into linders house.

  23. This is ShawnW and im going to blog about A Raisin in The Sun and show my two good notes. My first note was, How did Asagai able to understand what is happening even though the moving situation is going on? My second note was an inference. I think that Beneatha feels very horrible for the kid that split his face because she was right in front of Rufus when the serious incident happened. I also think that maybe she feels like that incident was dangerous because it talked about the snow hills being very dangerous.

  24. Theme:Asagai got through all the struggles life throw at him, poverty and the doutes that everyone had because of were he grew up and beat those odds.
    CS:If I were them I would have done the same thing the others didn’t want you there who cares it’s a better life and what is important is what you want and what you need for a better life.
    Walter’s original reason for calling Karl over was to give up the space and get the money but then he changed his mined because of his pride and what mama’s actions mean was that he stood up for what he thought was the right choise.

  25. Note 1: Beneatha questions herself of becoming a docter. What will be the final decsion of her being a docter or not?
    Note 2 : The book mentions that Asagai has a dream which is to go back to Africa and help change the way they live. Will his dream come true?
    Walter invites Karl Lindner to the house because he accepted the offer of money for not moving. The Younger family gets upset because they are not able to live where they want to live because of their race. When Walter changes his mind, he tells Karl that the Youngers are proud and excited and working hard about moving into a new house. This action shows how manhood Walter is because he finally stood up to Karl Lindner.

  26. ClarissaC2015 =]

    1) I think what Asaigai is trying to say is that she shouldnt be worried because about they money she didnt earn. It isnt as significant if she didnt earn it. pg. 135 (INF)

    2) Wouldnt moving to Africa and trying to fit into an African life style make her and assmialationist too? pg. 136(Question)

    3) His idea about calling Karl Lindner upset the family because Walter was going to tell him that they are going to take the money so that wont have to move. I think that upset them because they were looking forward to a fresh better life and that just shot them back down to misery. I think he changed his mind when he thought of the hard work and the misery he and his father went through and how he didnt want the same for his son and the rest of his family.

  27. This is Elianny2015. Note 1: Is Walter really willing to change his ways and be a better man? Note 2: One symbol in the book is Mama. Mama symbolizes the right bath to take and the true meaning of what a black person really is. First he was going to get money from him so that they don’t move into the house. He was going to get money from him. That anger him because they are angry at him fro something he has no control over. He can’t change the world it comes to him as it is. He then decided that he was going to take the house and move in with his family. This shows how he is a man because he is finally thinking bout someone other than himself. He is thinking about his family and his baby that is coming on the way.

  28. kaylap2015. Note 1: Is Asagai happy that Beneatha is packing to leave? Note 2: When Beneatha says that she wanted to cure does that mean she did not get the doctor job? Walter called Karl because he wanted to see if he/they are gonna do business with him. Ruth and Mama are mad at him because they think that he is lying to them and Ruth is getting really moody in that part. Also because Ruth thinks that they are not gonna be able to get the house they want with the money they have. Walter tells Karl that he wants to do business with him and that would show his man hood because he shows that now he can handle things on his own.

  29. Hi this jbennett2015.

    1) Asagai and Mama are the only one’s who didn’t make that much of a deal about it, also it’s by L.H’s choice that Asagai and Mama are the wisest of the cast.

    2) I think that the only reason Beneatha wants to help lives is because she can’t deal with her personal life anyway.

    At first he tells Linder that they’re going to take the house back for the money that was paid and everyone was mad because they got their hopes up of leaving. In the end he cancels the call and they move in.

    This showed that Walter finally had the courage to do something for his family for once which is why Mama said that.

  30. Arsthly2015:

    Note1: Both Asagai and Mr. Lindner do not want integration because Asagai thinks all blacks should say in Africa, and Mr. Linder think no blacks should be with the white people.

    Note2: Walter’s dream of having money is not fulfilled because his family does not want him to take the money Mr. Linder wanted to give them, so the didn’t have to move to the white neighborhood.

    Walter wanted to talk to Karl Linder in the first place, so that he could take the money offered to him. These angers the family because they have gone through so much just to through all had their work out in one day. Instead of taking the money, he moves because he has too much pride to give in to the people who are racist. Walter finally shows his “manhood” because he sticks up for what his family believes in not just what he wants.

  31. Hello this is Argenis2015 and today I finished reading A Raisin in the Sun. Note1: The bathtub seems to be a important symbol in ruths new house. I say this because Ruth is dying to take a shower without anyone knocking on the door and telling her to hurry up. Ruth and Walter seem to be getting closer and closer. Note2: The Youngers are not going to move to Clybourne Park. Ruth does want to move though. Beneatha doesn’t want Walter to be her brother. What Walter first talks about to Karl Lindner is the feeling of not wanting to move to a new house but then through the end of the book he tells Karl Linder they are still going to move, that seems to disappoint Karl Linder. This shows that Walter came to the point of his Manhood because he finally decided to take a risk for the family and he finally took over the position of a Father in the family.

  32. Its Katerin Villar

    Note 1 : I think mama is a symbol of a strong female because half of the time the family looks down on themselfs and she shows the family just because they are poor doesnt mean that you cant live a better life. For example she tells Beneatha and Ruth “You needs to slow down and see life a little more like it i s.”

    Note 2 : Why does Ruth explain to mama that she will work everyday as hard as he can “Lena- ill work … ill work twenty hours a day in all kitchens in Chicago…ill scrap my baby on my back if i have toand scrub all the floors in America and wash all the sheets in America if i have to- but we got to MOVE ! We go to get OUT OF HERE!!”. It all comes back to what you said in class. She feels an egerness to leave this old house and start a new life.

    Walter changes in this act in a good way. This time he does want to invest in the liquor store he wants to move into the new house. He tells Linder that his father earned the money brick by brick witch i think means hard work. Walter realised that his family in a new house was gonna go better for all.

  33. Angely2015

    Note1: I dont think that everybody should be telling Beneatha who to marry,because how would they feel to have their family members tell them who to marry because of their type of class,culture,or race.

    Note2: I think that the end was a good way to end the book because it showeed the author explaining how Mama and her family walked out of that place they called home ,that caused them misery, for the last time.

    I think that the family was mad at him because he really didnt think that living in a white, fancy neiberhood was possible for a colored family in the 1950s. Karl tells Walter to not start issues in the neboirhood or change any of the ways that the neiborhood has been built to be, Karl tries to convince them not to move. Walter knows how much moving to this house means to the family, and how he thinks they can change the way people think of segragation, and whites and blacks living together, he has rejected Karls request.

  34. IsraelP2015- (INF) I think Walters behavior has changed through the book because Walter at the beginning would do investments and decisions that probably weren’t the best and now he has grown up. (PRED) Im thinking that when mama or Ruth get money for any reason they can probably trust Walter with the money to make the correct decision and do the right thing for the family. Walter intentionally called Mr. Linder to give him his money. But then Walter wanted to talk to Karl because he wanted to give him money in exchange for the apartment. The family gets frustrated with this decision because the family feels as if they needed a new home. But then when mama and Ruth saw that Karl left with all the papers unsigned they saw a sign of Walters’s growth and thought that he is becoming more responsible and turning into a man.

  35. adianis2015- I never would’ve thought that Walter would finally grow up (INF) I think Walter now that he has grown up he would never make such a mistake like investing money in a liquor store with a person he doesn’t know very well because even though Walter was nice enough to invest the money the man still betrayed him.
    (Pred) I predict that Walter would think about his decisions and his future would be better. Because depending on Walters decision tells the families future .Walter calls Mr. Linden back because he wants to tell him that he doesn’t want to live in the new house. The reason that the decision angers the family is because the family feels like they have too much pride to listen to somebody’s opinion because they’re going to be the only black people in the neighborhood. What Walter does that impresses Ruth was that when Mr. Linden came back with the papers Walter refuses to sign the paper

  36. Hey wussup its Naz again and I am reading A Raisin In The Sun.
    Note1: I bet words cant even describe how Walter is feeling right now after what just happned between him BoBo and Willy Harris. Mama specifcally told Walter not to use that check and invest it into some liquor store but for Walter it just went in through one ear and out the other.” Mama you dont understand how bad I want this Mama I want this whole family to have a better life I understand that son but you always cant have things your way. I want so many things in this world Mama.”
    Note2: If Travis wants to become a bus driver its not his fault at that one I mean yeah he gets to decide what he wants to do with his life as he gets older and starts to make smarter decisions but his his father Walter drives a limo around for rich white folks and of course he is going to want to take after his father because to him Walter is the best and probably only role model to him. I also think that Walter has every reason to be dissapointed in what Travis wants to be when he grows up beacuse anyone can get a better job than that.
    Walter wants to to discuss the investment into the liquor store with him even though Mama told him not to waste that money on that because its not fair to the family. But he also trying to persuade them not to leave the old house because he does feel like that new community is the right place for them but Walter becomes a men because he takes matter into his own hands sais no its time for me and my family to move up out of this place its whats best for all of us. This will give me and my family a new beggining.

  37. kayla2015
    inf:beneatha gave up on hope and lost intrest in her dreams in becoming a doctor and curing people.
    theme/quote:”sometimesyou just got to know when to give up somethings…and hold on to what you got….”this means mama isnt ready to give up the house and it’s not time to let it go.
    walter decided that they were going to move in the house because his father earned brick by brick and they com from a famiy with pride. this means that walter is a changed man and he knows that there are going to be some rasium issues that they are going to deal with.

  38. Hellerzzzz Orlando G 2015 reporting for blog duty today i finish the book it was a short read ,but that’s a good thing of course less homework.
    ?)How does Asagai feel about the big change beneatha made of cutting her hair, changing her life ?
    INF)I really don’t get Mama sometimes she supports her daughter in law more than she supports her own son, it’s like whatever Walter says doesn’t matter to her even though the liquor store was a big failure she didn’t trust him on his dream bad for a mom.
    The reason the family gets really angered is because Walter got offered money he is willing to take it in order to not move to the house.
    Then when Linder gets there Walter says he doesn’t want to do it because he felt his family deserved it because they worked hard for it.
    i think it showed how he was growing in to his responsibilities.that he can take care of his bussiness

  39. Emanie2015. ? Why did he give away the money to a person that travis does not even trust? Inf. I think that beaneatha is a very good person in my opinion because she had a flash back beause of what happened to rufis and that is what has pushed her to want to become a doctor and I think that is a good thing even though others think it is a bed thing because she can be a good help and she can make a good doctor. At first he wanted to call lindner to talk to him about life and to see what life is . They get angry with him because travis does not like him and they feel like there is no need for it. Then he decides to tell him basically to give them the check with the money and the house is all theirs but he knew deep down he did not want to say that he got pushed to basically. This shows that because he is not so rude when it comes to others and that shows that he had a lot of guts to be able to say that and it shows that he was strong enough and manly enough to even say that.

  40. Genesis2015.A symbol now is Africa because Asagai wants to take Bebeatha to Africa what he considers “home”.Now that Beneatha wants to become more African he wants her to go to Africa.Beneatha is shocked because she thought he would just be romantic by going across the ocean and take her to Nigeria and he wants her to think of Nigeria as her home. My second note is a question: Walter plans to open up a buiseness with Linder and he’s coming over to meet up with Walter.Why does Walter ignore what his mom told him and start a buisness?Is Mama happy for Walter or disapointed in him?Walter wanted to talk to Linder originally because he wanted to talk to him about the buisness work.The family gets mad at him because they didn’t want Linder to come to their house so Walter could put up a show for him.Then Walter changes his mind and tells him that he would rather go take the house and not keep the house that he has now.Walter has changed because he has learned how his father worked hard and he has deserved the money comepletely and how his family is plain and he thinks about what’s the best choice for the family to do.

  41. Hi, I am Samaiyah2015.

    Note1-This book is like a Tree Grows In Brooklyn, it is only really changed to not focus on one person and to fit the problems of black people.

    Note2- This play is like a show called Good Times. The family suffers from racism and poverty. The man (in the show, James Evans) struggles to support his family because he cant really get a steady job. The woman (in the show, Florida Evans) has her “typical” place; cooking and cleaning.

    Prompt-Walter wanted Karl to come over to prove a point to him- by acting like a “typical” black person, just showing Karl what he expects from a black family. That subtly sends a message that Karl is stereotyping.But the real true reason is that Walter wants to get paid. This angers Mama because money has already caused problems in there lives, and now Walter seems to be forgetting that and just seems to be concerned about money. He reaches his manhood because for a while, it wasn’t about the money to Walter.

  42. Kai2015:
    Note1: Walter was robbed for all of his money from the check, why doesn’t he try and get it back in some kind of way? What does he think the issue is? Big small? Because that is a lot of money and it wasn’t just thrown out of the sky so i dont know why he isnt reacting much.

    Note2: Why doesn’t Karl Linder want the family to move to his home area? Is it only because of racism or is it much more than that. I think that it is way more than that because whites wouldn’t want anymore problems with blacks than there already are and if there is more the results will be more harsh.

    Walter wanted to talk to Karl because i think he wanted to discuss his plans for his liquor store and of his family’s moving of houses. He changes his thoughts because I think he thought what he would say after would be more persuading than his original idea.

  43. Hello kippsters Hayden in the house just got from school with a very informal meeting with the parents and teachers.

    One of my first notes that I took in about the bookis a symbol note. One of the objects I think of a plant. I think of the plant ad being a symbol because in the family Mama likes her plant and sometimes she wishes of having a big garden. I think of the garden as being a big house.

    My second note is a question and that question is a step back question. Why doesn’t Walter make his own choices that are good. Walter seems to have trouble with his choices.

    Since then Walter’s family have been making good choices.

  44. ae2015

    Note 1: I like the way that the author is pushing Beneatha’s thinking about whether or not the money is actually hers and whether or not she earned it. He is somewhta confusing her but I can understand that he is trying to get her to think about if the money belongs to her. p. 135

    Note 2: Beneatha and Asaai are talking about the robbery in Beneatha’s family. He was very surprised to find out about thisso it made me ask myself if this robbery will affect the relationship between Beneatha and Asagai? I do not think Asagais is after money but I think it will be interesting if a sudden change occurs in Asagai.

    Walter: He wanted to talk to Karl to find out the side effects of them moving to this all white neighborhood. The family gets mad because they are thinking about how different life would be in this type of community. He faces Karl and speaks up for his family like a man which is why Mama says this. On page 118 and 119 you can read about how Walter reacts to Karl.

  45. magaly2015.
    i see that the family feels really keft out becayse they were tradded.why? they were robbed by their own friend.
    i can connect because i have been robbed and it feels horrible especially when someone special does it.
    it shows how he stepped up and started to be a true man and focus more on the family.

  46. Jm2015:My first note is. Mama brought a new house for Ruth and Walter. Travis is very happy because he finally gets to have his own room.
    (NOTE2) CS. If i was walter i would be happy that mama brought ne a new house for me an my family to start a new and bright futher for my family.
    The fact that walter wanting to talk to Karl angers the family because they dont really like him and feels like hes just a man that there family dosent like and or respect. Instead walter told Karl how he really felt and he accepted it at first walter couldnt stand Karl but know he accepts him for who he is. That quote shows walter going into his manhood beacause at the beggining his mom always told him if you think you can do it be the leader of the family. Back in those days men were more important to the family they were the support of the family.

  47. Jalisa2015:High quality note 1:So far what Beneatha is trying to let the readers understand that even though you not the “god” of someone as a friend, or a family member you can still cure them and protect hem from any danger like Beneatha did with Rufus the kid she remembers.
    High quality note2:Everything should be overcoming well/better for the future with this family because everything can turn out good even though you have come with obstacles in life.Having obstacles in life, you can learn from those problems and mistakes.
    He wanted to talk to Karl Lindner originally so that he would make a deal about moving within in his moving to a new neighborhood.That anger them because they would not want his money and they just want to move quickly, as possible.He tell him instead that the family and Walter are going to think about it and instead they will actually will move with Lindner offer.
    This action show that Walter “finally come into his manhood today” as Mama said because Walter has in charge and the head of the family as like he even thought about all the problems these family were having.Also he was tired of knowing what was good/bad and his family getting ahead than him and doing their things.This is how Walter became the manhood.

  48. Julio2015: Tonights reading was very interesting because we finished the book. I feel so exicted to haer and see me read the last section of act 3. I wrote two high quality notes. My first note is an inference. On page 132 Benetha and Asagai were having a dicusion of the check. The were discussing abouut what Walter did with his part of the money. He invested it on his future liquor store. Asagia got mad because he thought that something more intelligent could of happen with the money. I can infer that Asagai felt bad because he wanted or knew the money could be spent in a wiser way. My second note is a question note. On page 131 Asagai described his african hairetage and how it is very diiferent from Benethas. Benetha felt bad to see Asagai criticizing her backround. My question is what was Asagai really feeling that was different from Benethas backround? The reason that Walter wanted to talk to Karl was to lend or tell him to hold Walers part of the money. Later Walter didn’t trust him because he stole the money and ran off with Walters money. Now he learned that he should really think about people that he should trust, and not lend money to “strangers”.

  49. Zariah2015.
    Note1: Walter is going over the top with his behavor. He’s telling them what he is going to do when Lindner gets to the apartment.
    Note2: I think Walter did the right thing by telling Lindner off. He finally took responsible for something.
    Walter wanted to talk to Lindnwe because he heard that if they dont move that they will get a check with money. The family was very angry because they thought he was going to act very immature and take the money. Instead he told him that his family was going to move into the house and that they dont want any problems. This shows that he finally came into his manhood because he took his mind off of money and he actually thought about his family for a change.

  50. My name is Adrian.

    NOTE 1:
    Imp. Beanetha’s brother, from the insurance money, her brother gave the money away. I think Beneatha is having trouble with life because of what happened.

    NOTE 2:
    Question: I’m just thinking to myself what kind of brother would do that to his sister and her family? You would have to have a sick mind to do that.

    Walter has the idea to call Karl Linder because he wants to try to get his money back since he stole it. I think that angers them because they might think it will lead up to a fight between them or something. What Walter tells him instead to come right over. This action shows that Walter finally come to his manhood because that was mature of him to do because another man would have argued.

  51. note1 shoes: if i were asaigi i would try to comfort beneatha as best as i could because she is going through alot right because of the lost of the money. pg132
    note2 ?: does moma regret giving the money to walter?

    walter is finaly becoming a man because he is taking responseablity for his action because he knows that he is upsetting the family. so in order to make it better he is trying to change.

  52. Note1: Asagai and bennetha are arguing because he thinks that he can change the world and the way the world acts and then everything would be ok and then nothing would happen.

    Note2:Walter is about to dusiness with Karl Linder but his mother saud no because she doesnt want him to be doin anything that might be illegal or not appropriate for a teenager.

    Walter wanted to originally call Karl Linder because he wanted to make a deal with him.The family was upset because they didnt like what was going on between them.Walter comes into manhood by handiling the household buisness and being more responsible when it comes to money and other things.

  53. jerick2015. Note 1: Whay is Asaiga asking questions like ” Who gave away what money?”. Note 2: i predict that at the nd of the book the ending part will close with a bright and surprising ending. walter has made the family happy. he has improved with his drinking a little bit and has increased his level of respect with others. He wanted to call this guy to make business with him. He wants to put on a show for him. Like a dromatic show. it angers them beacuse walter is basically bring very dromatic over little things and he is acting very over protective. He talks with him about business like work and stuff like that. he talks basically about his father and how they called him bad names and he keeps on talking about certain things. This is because walter has stepped up and acted like a real man and handled this with maturity and kind of with respect.

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