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Hi KIPPsters!

I hope you all had a great day of school yesterday, and I hope that everyone is having a great weekend. When you finish reading Act 2, please follow the Criteria for Success on this post. Also, don’t forget to take 5 notes per night (a total of 20 by Monday) and please tell your parents about the MANDATORY PARENT MEETING AT 5:30 ON MONDAY!


1. Username.

2. Describe 3 of the major events that took place in Act 2.

3. On p. 107, Mama says to Walter, “It ain’t much, but it’s all I got in the world and I’m putting it in your hands. I’m telling you to be the head of this family from now on like you supposed to be.” What does this quote mean? How does this quote reveal a commonly held stereotype from the 1950s?

4. After having read this much in the book, what do you think the major connections are between the Langston Hughes poem, “Dreams” and the plot of the play? Why do you think Lorraine Hansberry used that poem to start off the play?

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  1. beneatha is starting to wear african clothing because she more into her history. walter and ruth got into a fight because he claims she was crushing his dreams.

    this qoute is bascially saying that men were more important than women because they were able to get jobs and provide for their family. i personaly disagree with this stereotype because women can do what ever a man can do.

    the poem goes with this story because walter dreams were crushed and not everyones dreams are neccesaraly fufilled.

  2. three major changes in act 2 is that benetha is changing her looks because of her interrest in african culture.Walter is being rude to George and mama has found a new home and the family is moving out of the old apartment.this quote means that iam giving you something even though it is much so stretch it out so you can have it for a long time.It also shows that she now trust him and gives him the decision to do what he(walter) wants with the money.The connectiion is that the family had a dream to get out of he crowded apartment and move some place else that they can call their home.i think that she used it start off the play to show that this family will overcome a challenge with a dream.

  3. My name is ashley 2015. One major thing that happened I’d that the family is moving to the whilt side of tiwn: the second thing that happened is that mama had trusted walter to put benethas school money on the bank and gave him the rest; a third major event that happened is benetha went on a date w| george and they talked about how mean and stick up she was and walter had an argument w| him! This qoute means thatwhat I am giving you I know is not much but you mned to be all you can be with this amout of money and stretch it w| watever you decicde to use it for and it shows she trust him! This holds a stereotype because It is saying that the man of the house should take care of everything as if women can’t hold downa household by themselves ! She pro ably used the poem to show how the family hopes and widshes the same way langston hughes did and she probably did that kist to show how this family had big drreams in which were kind of fullfilled a little bit!

  4. Rashell2015:Three major events that happened during act 2 were
    1.Ruth and Walter are arguing on how Ruth is pregnant and says that she is sorry which is not even all her fault.2.Another event that Mama buys a house with the money she had.With the money that was left she gives $3,000 to Beneatha for college and gives Walter the rest to put into a savings account.3.One last event was that a man called Lindner comes and try’s to buy the house back from Mama because in Clybourne Park only lived white people and white people is who they wanted.Walter tells Lindner to leave the house after he gets mad about what Lindner says.
    I think what this quote means is that though money was very important it was nothing compared to the love and care you could give someone. It shows us that money wasn’t the best that love was.Mama trusted Walter and said that the money was little compared to what she could give that was unconditional love.
    I think this connects because many characters in the book have dreams like to go to college or to get a house and other dreams.Maybe some of these characters get there dreams but other do their just “deferred or does it explode?”I think she starts her play out like this to make us think what will happen will peoples dreams “deferred or does it explode?”She makes us wonder that how did or do people live with dreams and what happens to them?

  5. Janibell2015- The 3 most important events in act 2 were when Walter and Ruth were arguing and Ruth apologized for thinking of abortion as an option for their baby. Also, a major event was that Mama decided to buy a house with the insurance money. The third major event was that Walter argued with Lindsay and told her to get out of the house.
    This quote means that Walter is expected to be the leader of the family. He is supposed to make all the good choices and lead the family in the correct path. This is a stereotype because it says that men are superior than woman. They think that they can boss the whole family around and that they are supposed to listen.
    She uses this poem because it talks about how if you’re a certain gender or race, your dreams cannot come true. Walter talks about this when he doesn’t want to drive around the white man anymore because he wants to accomplish his goals first before anyone elses.

  6. One of the 3 most important events was when Beanetha dresses all cultural just because George is there. This is important because you can tell Beanetha is begininning to change and isn’t really being the person she is. This shows that she’s not proud of what she already is. One of the 2nd most important events was when Ruth asks Walter why does he feel so alone. I think this really made him realize why he does these things.Maybe he would make a change or not, but probably not. Mama talks to Walter as if he was someone who wouldn’t understand.She says it in such a slow way which shows she wants Walter to understand.

    I think that the poem refers to the play because it shows how someone’s dream can never be achived and that if you never achieve it , it can “dry up like a raisin”. I think this is why the play is entitled A Raisun in the Sun because of goals never being achieved.She used this poem in the beginning to show what the play will be about.

    This shows the stereotype in the 1950’s because it shows that the women are in charge in the house and that men are the ones working and women are cleaning and doing all the house duties. This quote means that the men have to get all the money and be the family leaders.

  7. Angeline2015: Three major events that took place in Act 2 was
    1). Johnson’s making up lies so that Mama and her family won’t move to a fancy house.
    2). Beneatha and George get in an argument and she starts to wonder if he’s really worth.
    3). Walter receives a call that says Mr. Arnold is in bed very sick.
    I think this quote means that Mama trusts him and that from now on she wants him to make the decisions in the house. This quote reveal a commonly held stereotype from the 1950s because I think some women were more careful then men and they made better decisions.
    The major connections between the Langston Hughes poem, “Dreams” and the plot of the play is that you shouldn’t let people stop you and if you think your making a good choice then stay with it and don’t change it just for someone else. I also think it means that it doesn’t matter what race you are or anything in order for things to happen. I think you control your own dreams and you choose if they’re gonna com true or just dry up.

  8. diamond2015. Three Major events that occured were: Beneatha realizes what George really is into, Mama buys a house ,and Mama letting Walter holding the money.
    The quote on pg.107 means that Mama wants Walter to take care of the money and start taking control over the family. The way this reveals a stereotype is that people say that there is always a “man of the house”. That person is the main one that is suppose to provide for the family.
    I think the major conncetion is that there is a dream in the family that might be slowly dying out ,but trying to come true. I think Lorraine Hansberry started the play with poem because she wanted to give the readers the idea of what could happen when you want something you can’t get.

  9. krod2015.

    I think that one major event in ”act 2” was when Beneatha cut her hair really short, and then she start acting like if she was from Nigeria. I think that another major event is every time that Ruth and Walter scream or talk back to each other. And the last major event is when they said that they were moving to a different home.

    I think that Mama was saying that Walter is supposed to be paying for they bills, and buying important things for the family, and stuff like that. So i guess Mama gives Walter money that she had saved for other things. I think that this quote means that Walter needs to do more work around the house.

    I think that the major connection of the poem and the plot of the book is that the dreams of some people dont happen, their dreams actually gets dry up like a raisin in the sun. I think that the author started off with the poem because it shows what the title of the book is mosty about.

  10. Ola2015-
    1) Well, in Act 2 they start moving and packing for the new house on Clyborne Street.
    2) Then a man named Lindner came to their house and basically said that colored people are not welcome at Clyborne Street, and it would be best for them and their neighbors not to move in. But of course the determined family, were not giving up.
    3) Then a tragedy happened, Walter lost all the money (65,000). Actually a man named Willy vanished with ALL of the money. Now Mama and the rest of the family are very mad and annoyed.

    On pg.107 the quote revealed the stereo type that the men are the “head of the house”. In 1950s there was a common stereotype that the men did the work and they ran the household. So the meaning of this quote means that mama is telling Walter that she is putting the money in Walter hands. (Which now, obviously, wasn’t a good idea) Now that I think about it the poem relates to the scene where Walter loses the money, their dreams are crushed and they are back to being poor.

  11. Marien2015 : One of the major events that took place in act 2 was that Ruth and Walter got into a huge argument and during that argument Ruth apologized for getting pregnant. The second big event was that Mama bought a brand new house with the $10,000 paycheck . Lastly , walter got into another argument , but with Lindner and ended up telling her to get out of the house. What i think that this quote means is that Mama is finally trusting Walter with money and to take care of the family. This quote reveals a commonly held stereotype from the 1950s by showing that women often didn’t trust men with their own money. This is probably because in this case the man is an alcoholic so the woman might think that he’ll use the money for licker. I think that the major connections between the Langston Hughes poem , “Dreams” and the plot of the play is that all of the character have dreams and they either and up failing , or becoming true. I think that Lorraine Hansberry used that poem to start off the play because when a raisin dries up it is like a dream drying up , and when it becomes true it becomes sweet.

  12. sammy2015: One major event was that Mama bought a house that is described as a lovely home but it is in Clybourne Park. This place is judged as a place where it is with mostly white people. Another event is that Mrs.Arnold announced to Ruth that Walter has been attending his job for three days. If he doesn’t return, he will lose his job, which would be unfortunate for a poor family. The third event is that Mama paid $3,500 for the house and has 6,500 left. With that money, Beneatha got $3,000 and she trusted Walter with $3,500 to use wisely and for him to the decided the use.
    The quote, “It ain’t much, but it’s all I got in the world and I’m putting it in your hands. I’m telling you to be the head of this family from now on like you supposed to be”(Hansberry 107) mean that Mama is giving Walter money for him to keep and though it isn’t a lot, for a poor family like them, it can help them out. The stereotype commonly used is that men are usually suppose to be higher and stronger than women. Men were considered to be leaders and in charge of families. Mama is putting Walter in charge of the $3,500 given to him and trusts him to use it responsibly.
    The poem “Dreams” by Langston Hughes relates to all the characters in A Raisin In The Sun. All the characters have a certain dream that they want and though they are poor, they try to overcome this obstacle to make it come true. Some examples are: Walter wants money to get things for himself and his family. Mama’s dream is partially done because she is providing a house with the money she has recieved. Beneatha has a dream to be a doctor. Many characters have dreams. They try to make it happen. Their dreams aren’t just disappearing but they are trying to become real.

  13. HI ma name is Deion

    The first main event that took place in act two is Mama brought Travis a house up in Four 0 Six Clybourne Street Cly bourne Park.
    The second main even is that Beneatha cut her hair, which Walter maid front of her and she started acting African.
    The third main event is that Mama is putting all the responsibilitoea on Walter after he done told her that she was taking his place and doing thing that he should be doing.

    This quote means that Mama wants Walter to start being the man he is suppose to be because shes done enough. It also means that Walter needs to start taking the head and the faulties\ mistakes that the family has to take and will take in the future. And this quote commonly reveales stereotype in the 1950s because Mama is really saying that Walter has to in charg of the family sence he is the man\boss\captain\ruller of the crib. I mean to me it really doensnt matter who is the man of the house, to be onest it could be the mother ass the man. But any ways this qoute shows that since Mama isn’t going to be there for long she minds well prep him for the patience and selfcontroll he is going to have to have.

    I think the connection between the play and the poem “Dream” is that in both doesn’t know what is coming next, and just goes with what they think will be good for their future.I also think that thay are connected because it isn’t a perfect poem and this so called family isn’t perfect as you could because things are missing and out of place, or isn’t working out the right way. I think Lorraine Hansberry used this poem because maybe she felt as though the poem could be a repeat of the play but in the shorttest version ever.

  14. s.brownie2015 Three major events that occured in the book so far are Mama buying the house in Clybourne Park, Ruth and Walter spend time with each other at the movies, and Walter`s deal never went through. The quote implies that a man is made to take care of house and home while women are just there in the background. The play connects to Langston Hughes`s poem because dreams were always introduced in the book. Walter`s dream, for example, was never completely fulfilled by our current point in the book. Hansberry chose the poem because it gives an example of Walter`s situation before she displays it in the book later on.

  15. One major conflict is that George is going out with Beneatha and her hair looks horrible and its up to him to say if he wants her to look like that with him.The second conflict I believe is when Walter is talkin about New York and says that Chicago is the same except that in New York theres a bunch of hustling people all squeezed up together. The third one I believe is when they are talking to Walter about Prometheus and he doesnt want to hear it he thinks that Prometheus doesnt like him. I think this qoute means that your mother will always trust and love you the same way she did when you were little.This is a stereotype because Walter is her son and they are both the same race and in the same family so they can trust each other.I NEVER READ OR HEARD OF THE POEM “DREAMS”.I PROBABLY WAS NOT HERE.


  17. Zariah2015. I think 3 major events that happened in the reading is that Beneatha is trying to find her identity. We read about her African side and her American side. Another event that happened is that Mama purchased a house with the money she had from the check. Walter isn’t happy about this because she didn’t give it to him. The third event that happened is that Karl came over to the talk about the new place where they are going to live. He is trying to persuade them not to move there beacause they are colored people. This means thats she wants Walter to stop all his bad habits and start caring about his responsiblities as an adult and father. This reveals a sterotype because in the 1950s men always went and provided the money for the family and helped them out, but Walter doesn’t help out. He spends his money on whatever he wants. I think Hansberry used his poem to start off this play because people used to dream big and they realized the more they dreamed about it, the more it will probably happen. It connects to Hughes poem because people in the 1950s thougth life was a big dream. They dreamed about tomorrow and not the future.

  18. This is Elianny2015. Three major events that happened were that first Walter and Ruth had a dicussion in were Ruth aboligized for the baby. Abother major event that happened was that Mama bought a house with the ensurance money. Lastly, Walter and Lindsey got off in the wrong foot and Walter asked her to get out. I think that this quot is showing how Mama wants Walter to step up and start being the father he is suposed to be. She wants him to put on the role of father and husband that he was made to do. This is a sterotype of the 1950 because black people in general are known to not do any thing good enough and are always messing up. This poem relates to the A Raisin In The Sun because all the characters have a dream and they are all etheir not coming to true or distored. I think that she used this at the beininng of the book to show that some dreams in the book are going to have dreams that arent going to come true.

  19. IsraelP2015- One major event that happened during my reading was that Walter has apparently not been to work because of his depression and was out drinking at the bar listening to a band called jazz duo. The second thing that happened was that mama actually felt sorry for Walters’s situation and gave him some money and told him to put some in the bank for Beneatha’s college. He also talks to Travis and is thinking about Travis’s future college money. The quote that mama says to Walter is saying how mama gave Walter the money and put it into his hands. This is also saying how the girls were probably the heads of the family in the 1950’s. This also reveals that women also had the responsibility of doing everything and most things.
    Hold fast to dreams
    For if dreams die
    Life is a broken-winged bird
    That cannot fly.
    Hold fast to dreams
    For when dreams go
    Life is a barren field
    Frozen with snow.
    This quote Is probably referring to the way mama put some of the responsibility on Walter for a change, and if Walter goes out and waist this money gambling or doing something else. Hold fast to dreams
    For when dreams go
    Life is a barren field
    This quote is an example of what can happen to Walter if he doesn’t hold on to his money and waist it on liquor.

  20. 3 major events:
    1.benetha and George start to argue about their culture and how they are different.
    2.Ruth and Walter begin to speak about their love life.
    3.mama finally gets the 10,000 dollar check.
    mama is trying to say that Walter should be more in charge of the bills.she is also saying that it should be him to be in charge of the bigger issues in the house.she has probably notice that she has to be the one in the house to take care of all of the things in the house.this is a stereotypical thing because they are use to having the woman of the house doing all the chores and the man have to do the “stronger” things around the house. he means that when you have a dream that you can always achieve it and to never give up on any of your dreams. for example like mama she had always want to buy a house and she never gave up into doing that. finally she achieved her goal and bought a house.she used the poem to show what lesson was going to be taught in the play.probably at the end it is going to show how a lesson was taught in the story and the point of her starting with that poem.

  21. Hi this is jbennett2015.
    1) Lena buys a house in a white neighborhood and Walter is very angry at her.
    2) Walter is very close to being without an occupation/job
    3) Everyone is getting ready to move and Mama is worried about her plant which just so happens to be a symbol in the book
    The quote means that even though Walter is a pain in the neck, she trusts him to do the right thing with the money. This relates to the 1950’s because a stereotype from that time would’ve been that an amount of many like that should be given to a man and not a woman.

    The plot and the “Dreams” poem are related because the plot of both the poem and play was if you have a dream waiting to be fulfilled then take the chance to fulfill it. L.H used the poem sort of as a riddle and as get closer to the end of the play you get the answer and you understand the poem better.

  22. Julio2015: Tonights reading was very interesting. This was because I found three interesting events in this scene. First I found when Asagai said a very important quote. That was “how much time must there be before one knows what they feel”. It explains the importance of the beginning of act 2. It’s also an important event. The second important event is how the family is thinking about moving. This was when Benethea and Goerge got back from there date. Walter was thinking about moving. The last important event was when it was packing time. “When the curtains opened, you could only see Ruth”. This is the piont where the family packed and was ready to live. The quote that walter told mama on page 107 means that walter will probably leave and that mama should start acting like a mama. One stereotype that was common in the 1950’s was that the woman of the familys had to oftenly take care of all the children and be the head or the boss of the family. So they basically had to do everything in the house. That is so unfair, this is a very unfair stereotype for the woman of the house. This book connects to the poem because the Younger family has a dream. They dont know what will happen to there dream. The author used it because it connected to the main idea of the book, and it had the title of the book. A Raisin in the Sun.

  23. Gabriel2015: A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry

    The Major Events
    1: Mama bought a house.
    2: Beneatha cut her hair off and started acting African (Which suprised me).
    3:Mama is putting all the responsibilities on Walter.

    2: I believe that the quote means that Walter, since he is a man, that he should act like a man and be the man of the house. Meaning to take care of the place and the family members in it like he should be. I think that is stereotypical of man in the 1950s because he is a man so he must take care of the people in the family which is very stereotypical.

    3: I think that the word dream is something that you would really want even though it may same impossible to get because of something that is going on in your life. I believe dream is something that you must work for to get something that you want. If u don’t try to work for something you want, you will never get your dream. To me, that is wat dream means in Langston Hughes poem. I think Lorraine Hansberry started the play write with a poem of Langgston Hughes so she can make you think about the poem while reading the book and to connect to it while you read.

  24. Genesis2015.Three major events that occured in Act 2 is that Beneatha has changes and started to be rude to Mama and Beneatha compares her attitude with Miss Johnson and how she acted when she was in their house earlier. Another event was when Wlater came home after the three days that he haven’t been home and he went to many places down south and borrowed his friend’s car,Willy.He plans to go to Green Hat again.Another major event that happened was when Walter is going to go make a transaction and he talks to Travis about how its going to change their lives he plans out how life for Travis would most likely be when he is seventeen years old.The quote means that Walter has to show the family that life doesn’t depened on the money that they have but who shows it and Mama wants the family to have Walter to take some part of the family. This holds a stereotype from the 1950s because many women wanted men to take more actions into the family and not do less work than what is needed.The connections to the poem and the play is that now Walter is planning the future and dreams that it would happen that way and also the famil, especially Mama is hoping to get something that would help the family in the future. Lorraine Hansberry used the poem to start off the play because it was a way to foreshadow about what are some dreams and struggles that a family went thorough to make a dream try to make it come true.

  25. Ag2015.The events is act 2 were different they involved drinking, also aggressive talking and problems with their family causing a lot of things. On p. 107, Mama says to Walter, “It ain’t much, but it’s all I got in the world and I’m putting it in your hands. I’m telling you to be the head of this family from now on like you supposed to be.” This quote means that she i giving him everything and she wants him to take care of it. This quote reveals the stereo type of the 1950s because it shows that the women leave all the work to the men because they can’t do it themselves. I think the major connection is that love to drink and i know people who drink a lot so i can have a major connection because that’s what they seem to do a lot. I think she used this poem because she wanted to show that the poem relates to the play, the way they have to survive with a little bit and its hard to rise.

  26. Wow im the first one..cool! AnthonyP2015. One event that happened in act 2 was Mama buying the house on Clybourne Park without anyone knowing. Second Beneatha changes from being “African American” to being just “African”. Third Walter begins to bond with Travis towards the end of Act 2.

    That quote means that Mama is sending a mesage to Walter that her time is coming, and when she dies he’ll be the one that will have to take care of the famly and if it doesn’t happen the family will fall apart. The stereotype is saying that back in the 1950s, the man was always the leader of the house, in this case Mama is being the leader and Walter isn’t. She is giving Walter a heads up.

    So far many dreams have been revealed such as living in “peace” in a entirely white neighborhood, or from “changing” your race even though you know what you truly are.

  27. markos2015-2.one major event is when mama comes home and they say where have u been and then they argue then she finally says i bought a house and ruth is very happy becuase she can finally move from that wrecked house.another major event is they introduced a new character that walter was makin fun of and that is suposably beneathas boyfriend.the third major event is that walter is fighting with ruth and they fight alot of times and the voilent one is usually walter.3.this quote means that she trusts walter even though he drinks and can be foolish.this also means she doesnt care that he drinks and acts foolish becuase when he is serious he can really trust worthy.this quote reveals a cominly held stereotype from the 1950s becuase back in the day people only cared about money.in this book walter is the man that really likes money.
    4.a major connection between these are that they both have to do with dreams.the familys dream is to not really be poor.the peom judges this.is this a weak dream,a very strong dream,or a just right dream.he starts with this becuase he says mihgt be saying that during the reading do u think there dreams are comin,are they good dreams,and what can they do with this dream.

  28. ClarissaC2015 =]

    1) Beneatha cuts her hair.

    2) Walter and George got into an argument.

    3) Mama bought a house for the family.

    I think that the quote means that the house isnt alot but its all they have and Walter needs to take care of what he has. It also means that he has to be the head honcho and be the boss of the family. He has a lot of stress on him to make sure the family is running smoothly.

    I think that the poem relates to the book because it shows dreams that are differed. Dreams that have been left alone and seen as never going to happen are coming back to life. For example, the Youngers never thought they would live in a house in a white neighborhood and it happened. In the 1950s, the dreams that they had were differed because they were African-American or poor. I think that Lorraine used that poem to show that at first we dont know what to do with dreams that are differed. Then later on, dreams end up being fulfilled.

  29. Its Kathy Villar

    One of the events that happen in act 2 was that mama went downtown to “tend some business” and she told Travis she bought him a horse with the money that came in the mail.The 2nd event is that in pg96 it mentions that the family will be moving . Also Johnson begin talking to the family about the “move”. The 3rd event was that Walter’s boss calls home and says if he doesnt come in to work their going to treplace him.

    What that quote means is mama is trusting Walter with the money and is also making him in charge of it. It also shows stereotype because mama is basaclly saying that guys are the ones who are most trusted.

    I think the poem does really connect because is talking bout risin and in the play the family try to rise and become a better family they try to improve. I think he used it to show a connection between the play and the poem. It talks about the dreams of the family rising and becoming different people.

  30. Hello kippster Hayden here, this weekend I had a blast and I ended up reading act 2.

    The quote in the book, Mama says to Walter, “It ain’t much, but it’s all I got in the world and I’m putting it in your hands. I’m telling you to be the head of this family from now on like you supposed to be.”I think that this quote means that Walter should be able to make the right choses and do what’s good for the family. This is kind of stereotype because in those days blacks or african americans had a lot of choses to might to change their life.
    I think that the reason that the poem was actually place before the poem was because in the story walter and his family has a dream to move out to a different and better place so that their life is better.

  31. Hey guys it’s DD2015.
    1. Mama bought a house in a white neighborhood.
    2. Benetha doesn’t like George anymore. She thinks he’s a fool.
    3. We had met a new character, Ms. Johnson.
    This quote mean that Mama is starting to trust Walter. She told him she’s giving him the rest of the money and she wants him to guard it. This is a sterotype from the 1950s because everyone would think that black folks would not have any money.
    The major connects between the poem and the play is that some of them had a dream, Walter, that never happened. The poem is trying to say when you get a dream it may not come true. I think Lorraine Hansberry added the poem at the beginning of the book to tell the moral or them in the book.

  32. kaylap2015. This quote means that mama even thought she cares about the family doesnt do anything that will hurt walter she does all those thing for the love she has for him. She put down 350 dollars on the house not becuase she wanted to have a new house she did it becuase she wants walter and his family to have a nice life. This quote reveals a comonly held stereotype from the 1950s becuase before blacks would do anything for money and walter doesnt question doesnt talk bak he just says u really trust me beecuase he knows hes gonna do all that but not exaclly wat his mother said. The major connection is that dreams for walter is money,a dream for beneatha is to be a doctor,and a dream for ruth is to have a garden all these dreams in the 1950s were not usualy wat they would say. the most is walters which is money.this also means that either ur dream is too much but posible or too little and imposible. He used that peom to start it off becuase as the book goes on the famillys dream grows then it might leed to a disaster or it might just keep growing. The first major event that happened was that Ruth and Walter are having and argument and they are yelling at each other. The second major even that happened was also Ruth is being selfish about herself only caring about herself. The third major event that happened is that Beneatha is having a conflict with George.

  33. Keema.

    1.Mama went on and bought a house.
    2. Ruth and Walter keep arguing
    3.Walter is on the verge of getting fired

    This quote means that Mama is saying that Walter is the man of the house and needs to take charge ,instead of her taking charge in the house.Mama is also saying that money she has left overr is now his and he gonna need to start and being manly aound /in the family.This sterotype of the 1950s state that men must work and take charge.

    I think that the major connections between Langston Hughes poem and the plot of the play ,is what willl blacks do to succeed. In the play the members of the Younger Family are tying to find ways to succeed in their life of proverty. I think the reason why Lorraine Hansberry used the poem in the START of the book is to leave readers thinking while they read , what did this Younger Family do to succeed.

  34. Justin2015. Three malor events were that Mama brought a new house, they meet a new neighor named Mrs. Johnson, and Benneatha doesn’t want to date George again. This qoute might mean that she is going to be some where else and that she is putting the respondibility in his hand to take care of the family. This might be a stereotpye because it’s saying that men take care of a family better. I think he used that play to show how they wake up in mornings and what they do throug out the play.

  35. magaly2015.
    one thing that happened is the check came in.
    another thing that happened is that they found out that ruth ws pregnant.
    another thing that happened is that things are starting to go wrong with ruth.she starts to feel bad.
    the quote means that he’s the head of the family.he’s the one who is responsible and in charge.this shows how men were better than women.
    I believe that the poem connects to the story by seeing how the dreams of the characters falls apart because apparently the character’s wants and needs never get satisfied.

  36. Jm2015:3 major events that happened in act 2. Was that the money mama got in the mail she went out to spend it and brought a house. Another major event is that it seems like George is losing his atraction to Benetha. Also the last major now that Benetha is in college she acts like she dosent have any time for her family.
    To me this quote means because walter is the man in the family he is suppose. To be the leader of the family. He is suppose keep the family together. He is suppose to be like the god in the family. This was a sterotype in the 1950s because men were more important than men back then. Also they were the ones that had the job while the women were cleaning around the house. They had to keep the family together.
    The major connection between the two is that the poem is deascribing the family as if it they were rasins. She probaly used his poem in the begging was to show how u can copmpare a family to and how they can change.

  37. My user name is jasonb2015. Three of the major events that occurred in “A Raisin in the Sun” was that Mama bought the house for the family with the money from Big Walter’s death in Clybourne Park. Also, A guy named Lindner from the Clybourne Park Improvement Association visited the family to inform that the people from Clybourne Park feel that Negro families like the Younger family should stay and live in their own community. They do not want any black people living in their communities, but Walter with all of his anger, forces Lindner out of the house. Lastly, Walter found out that Willy took all of his money with him to Springfield to open up the liquor store and left Bobo and Walter behind. Besides that tragedy, Walter gave all the money that Mama gave to him to Willy and didn’t save any of the money for Beneatha’s medical school. Willy was a traitor who took all of Walter’s money for himself.

    This quote means that Walter, as the man of the family, is the leader of the family and the one who supports and takes care of the entire family’s actions. Women on the opposite, are the ones who did all the housework. This quote reveals a commonly held stereotype in the 1950s because men were expected to be the head of the family and take care of the entire family. Men were practically the ones who handled all the money in the family and the ones who decided how it would be use. The truth is that even women should have been eligible to be the head of the family. Of course now, women also have the responsibility of taking care of the family as well as men. Women now don’t just do housework anymore like before, but this stereotype still does show up in our modern world today. The connection between the poem “Dreams” and the plot of the play is that in the play the dreams of many of the characters seem to be abandoned. For instance, Walter’s dream of opening a liquor store or Beneatha’s dream of becoming a doctor seem to have been left alone because of financial issues, but the truth is that those dreams are possible of becoming true. The first line of poem says “What happens to a dream deferred?” This basically says what happens to a dream that is left alone. The answer is rather obvious; you do not fulfill your dreams and you do not succeed in life. Lorraine Hansberry used that poem to start off the poem to set the readers up for an inspirational idea to realize the message of the play. The moral that suggest that our dreams must not be left alone no matter what barriers show up in our journey. We must fulfill our dreams for the best.

  38. kayla2015.
    three major events that happend in act 2 was that mama brought a house with half of the money. another is that mrs. johson is telling them that if they move to clyborne park they might get bombed. and the last is that mama gave walter money to put in the bank some for beneatha to go to school and some for what ever walter wanted to do with it.
    mama never to trusting walter. and that she trusting him now because she knows that walter wanted the money for a liquior store so she jjust gave him half of it to do what ever he wanted with it. and the rest of it was for beneatha to go to school. this is a sterotype i think because shes saying that it is time to take after your farther foot steps and become a man and be the provider of the family.
    langston hughes poem is in this story because they have so many dreams in this family. mama wants to grow her own garden.walter wants to have his own liquior store.benaetha wants to becme a doctor. walter dreams isnt coming true. no of their dreams came true yet.

  39. Hwy wussup its Naz and I read A Raisin In The Sun.
    Some main events that took place in act two of the book is that I think first Beneatha is acting like she is from africa when really shes nt she is just a regular normal african american with no special backround. I think Beneatha is acting like this because maybe she is influenced by the african culture of her special friend Asagai. I think that if Beneatha would have never met Asagai she would not be acting like she is african and probably would not be dressing the same with robes and with her hair all out and nappy. Another event that took place in the story is that Mama is putting all the responsibility on Walter just by the way he acting so selfish towards the whole family and only cares about what he wants. The reason why Walter is acting like this is because Mama will not give him the money so he could go invest into some liquor stoere she is not like that and she always tells Walter that she raised him better than that Walter needs to start thinking about the family and their needs rather than just thinking about himself. Another event that took place in act two is that Walters wife Ruth is pregnant and is thinkin about having a abortion because their is not enough space in he house for anyone else to sleep so the family is scared and fusterated at the same time especially Beneatha. Mama was shocked to hear that Ruth wanted to have and abortion because she never gave any of her children away or had an abortion so Mama knew what Ruth was going through.
    When Mama sais she ewants Walter to be the head of the famly she means she wants him to start taking responsibilitys for his own actions and stop complaining when he cant have things his way. This also stereotype because once again the men has to be the main person of the house and bac in the 1950s women did not work alot in jobs like men did they would usually stay home and cook or clean because they had nothing else to do while the male was at work. Thats how it is until this day because rich males have house wives that just stay home all day while they are really the bread winners.
    After reading this the connections are actually realted to the problems we have until this day and all the problems she had back then when she was younger and was in a deep struggle. She wants to tell people how things were like back then in the 1950s.

  40. Hi this is Argenis2015 and over the weekend I read act 2. One of the most important details that happened while I read was that Mama put money aside for a new apartment and Ruth thinks this is a great idea. Probably because of her new baby, she probably doesn’t want to aboard the baby that she is having. One risk is that the house is where white people live, so how would you feel if you were a black person moving into a white neighborhood. Also George seems to want to kiss Beneatha but she doesn’t want to kiss him. Instead she wants to teach him more about African American culture. Ruth seems to care about the new house. She said the first thing she is going to do is shower in her very own bathroom. This explains a stereotype in the 1950s because it said how black people wouldn’t have a-lot of stuff. This connects to the poem Dreams because Walter wanted A liquor store that is a dream that was crushed. In A Raisin In the Sun their are many dreams that end up being crushed.

  41. 1) Mama buys travis a house and basically the whole family is moving soon.
    2) Beneatha and george are arguing about little things and mayor things about beneatha.
    3) Mama is trying to explain to walter how she doesnt have nothing, she doesnt own anything and walter is trying to tell her that she is wrong.
    Mama says to Walter, “It ain’t much, but it’s all I got in the world and I’m putting it in your hands. I’m telling you to be the head of this family from now on like you supposed to be.” this quote means that walter is like the man of the family. He is the one that has the power make the family happy. He also has the ability to make things happen even if those things arent possible. This is because back then in the 1950’s people thought that nothing was possible, and since people were poor they couldnt do anything to fix their living. The major connections are that the poem and the book have relatives. In the poem it questions that ” what happens to a dream deffered? Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun or fester like a sore”. This means that does your dream fail or can it succeed. In the book Walter and others’s dreams come true. Like mama, she bought travis the house and it was basically a dream for her. She basically succeeded the dream of making the family happy, and making importantly Tracis happy.

  42. Angely2015

    1-Mama bought her family a house with her money.

    2-Mama and Walter got into a argument.

    3-Walter had a talk with Travis about what he wants to be when he grows up.

    I think that mama gave him the money because he had a dream that he wanted to support the family in every way he could, and with mama buying the house he felt like a frailer, so mama gave him the start of the money. Also because instated of mama taking care of the family, it’s his time to shine.

    I think that a raisin in the sun is the title because where they are going to move to a place where there are no colored people and Ruth asked mam if there is a lot of sun over there and mama said yes. A raisin is black and they are in the sun with whites. A raisin in the sun

  43. Hi it’s miladys.
    Three major events that took place in act 2 were that mama,the grandma, bought a house in a white neighborhood,Walter almost lost his job because he was ‘sick’ and lastly Lindner tells them that the people in their new neighborhood won’t like them so Walter makes him leave for this.
    What this quote means is that men are suppost to be the head of the family and he should know what to do.What this reveles about the1950’s was that men were seen as the stronger sex and they were thought as the head of the family.
    I think that Lorraine Hansberry started this play with this poem to show what the story is about how this family can get through anything with a dream of better life and a strong family. There is a major connection between the plot and the poem “Dreams” is there dreams over come.

  44. This is Shawn W and im going to blog about Raisan In The Sun. Walter comes back in the house drunk and he is acting like he is an African man. When he gets of the table, he goes straight the bathroom because he had to much to drink. Walter is now argueing with ruth and she says that its a horrible thing to say. They are now moving into a house and the house is rejeocing because they have more space. I think that the quote meaans that maybe Mama is trusting Walter to hold on to the money instead going to spend it on drinking.

  45. ADIANIS2015
    3 major events: 1) when George and Beneatha were arguing because of George’s actions. 2) When Mama received the $10,000 check. 3) Finally, when Ruth and Walter were talking about their love life.

    The quote means that shes not going to be paying attention to business and she isn’t going to worry about the check anymore. this reveals a stereotypical issue because men are the one whom usually do all the work and take care of the money.

    i think that when he says that he means to dream and try to achieve those dreams because not all dreams are impossible. hes also showing the way mama always dreamed of buying a house, and shes achieving that dream.

  46. Arsthly2015:

    Three major events are Mr. Lindner tries to talk the Youngers into not moving to Clybourme Park. Another major event is when Walter tells Travis “Your daddy’s gonna make a business transaction that’s going to change our lives. You name it, son and I hand you the world!” Another major event is when the family hears the Willy Harris had run off with all the money Walter invested.

    This quote means that once Mama hands him the money that’s left, he will be the man of the house again. This reveals a stereotype of men being the ones who have to run the house that. This was a common stereotype in the 1950s.

    The book has to do with dreams because every person the Younger family has a dream. She used this poem to start off the play so that we could get a sense of what the theme was going to be.

  47. Three major events that took place in act 2 is that they have gotten their checks and they were all excited about that. Also people are starting to want Walter to be the head of the family. Another thing is beneatha is trying to be where her boyfriend is from. I think that the quote means that Walter is going to have to be more responsible for the family. I think that she made the poem before the story because it probably means something for people who read it and get it.

  48. lourdes2015:
    One major part of Act 2 was when Beneatha was wearing African clothing and trying to be more connected to the culture. She made a big deal about not wanting to be an assimulationist. She gets into an arguement about with George. Another major event is when Walter fights with Walter and Ruth. He tells Ruth no one gives him a chance or listens to him (like her). A major event was when Mama announced that she
    bought a house. It was for the entire family. They also find out that the house is in a white neighborhood.
    Mama bought a house on her own without asking anyone because she is like the head of the family. Walter is upset about her spending the money on a house instead of investing on a liquor store. Mama’s decision benefits the family more than Walter’s idea would’ve. Mama tries to make him be in charge of it since he is supposed to be the man of the family. At that time, the men were supposed to be the leaders and keep their family together, and women were supposed to follow.
    The poem connects to the plot because of the dreams the characters have. Beneatha has a dream of becoming an African American female doctor. Walter has the dream of opening a liquor store. Mama has a dream of having a house and a garden. Lorraine Hansberry used the poem to show how the characters try to do anything to make their dreams come true, even if it fails.

  49. suni2015- Three of the major events that happened in act 2 was that Mama bought a house for the entire family , so that the baby could have a place to sleep. Another event that happen was that the representative of the Clybourne Park were the Yongers are going to be moving, is trying to convince them on not taking the house since nobody in the neighborhood like blacks. Another event that happen was that the rest of the money from the 10,000 was gone because Walter gave it to one of his friend thinking that they were going to make business. This quote mean that Walter is now being given with the responsibility to have the money and do with it wisely. This quote reveals a commonlyhels stereotype from the 1950’s because it is trying to say that man back then were suppose to be the leader of the family instead of women being leaders of the family. I think that the major connection between the Langston Hughes poem ” Dream” and the plot of the play is that it means not all dreams are accomplish, it means that you always will have to look for something more deeper and important than making your dreams come true. I think that Lorraine Hansberry used the poem to start of with the play to make a sense in the reader of what the problem is somewhat about, she wants the reader to understand the meaning of the play with the poem. For instance, not all dream can be overcome or completed.

  50. Jalisa2015:Three of the major events that took place in Act 2 were that Walter is drunk and Walter he returns home. He starts dancing around screaming some words that would be bad.We understand too he want to understand about all the Africans.
    Another major event is that Beneatha records and do some job for the theater. The last even that has happen in act 2 and scene 1 is that Beneatha tells Travis that she has brought a house for the family at South side Chicago. This quote means that Walter is suppose to be the man of the family but I think that Mama is already tired to the head of the family.This quote reveals to the 1950 as like being held as a stereotype by women use to do all the things and men too back in the 1950’s use to do all the chores as working hard for the family. I think Langston Hughes poem, “Dreams” and the plot of the play is that is really hard to go through life especially when, you’re going to so much in your family. Now in the play I think she has improve a lot back then in the 1950’s when there were in stereotype. Lorraine Hansberry used that poem to start off the play is because I think it has to do with your intelligence that you had or have as a human and do many of the things in life.

  51. ae2015

    1. The three major events were Beneatha’s changes because of her interest in African Culture, Walter’s rudeness towards George, and also the argument between Beneatha and George in Act Two, Scene Two.

    2. This quote is basically saying that Walter is going to get the money because he is suppose to be the one that gets it. As the man of the house he should be in charge and control everything around the house. This relates because in the 1950’s it was said that men were superior and that they were the big boss and that is exactly what this quote is saying.

    3. The connection that this play and this poem have with each other is that so far the dreams of people in the family are yet to be decided. It is not known whether or not the dreams of the family will come true and that is what the poem is saying because it’s asking if dreams come true or dry up like a Raisin in the Sun. Hansberry decided to put this poem at the beginning to keep the reader thinking about the poem while they read the play and so find a connection between them.

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