A Raisin in the Sun – Day 1 – Act 1, Scene 1 – May 11, 2010

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I hope you all enjoyed the first scene of our new whole class play! In today’s post, please answer the following question by FLIPPING it, ANSWERING it and PROVING it (twice). Remember to use actual text citations to prove your answer. I want to see the use of quotation marks and the correct transcribing of quotes from the play.


1. Username.

2. Describe Beneatha, with details. (2-3 sentences). OR Describe Mama, with details. (2-3 sentences).

3. Why does Walter give his son more money than he can actually afford to give him? What is he trying to prove to himself and his family?

4. Use each of these words in a sentence (your own sentence): masculine, weary (or wearily or weariness)

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54 thoughts on “A Raisin in the Sun – Day 1 – Act 1, Scene 1 – May 11, 2010

  1. My user name is jasonb2015. Beneatha seems to be a very hysterical and bitter person who doesn’t seem to respect people, especially her brother, Walter. It is also obvious that she is on Mama’s side and agrees with her opinions. She is independent and doesn’t want the help of others. ” That money belongs to Mama, Walter, and it’s for her to decide how she wants to use it…. it’s hers. Not ours–hers” (Hansberry 36). She doesn’t want Mama to pay for her dream of becoming a doctor. “I have never asked anyone around here to do anything for me!” (Hansberry 37).

    Walter gives his son more money than what he can actually afford to give him because Walter wants Travis to not feel upset or discouraged of not working hard or fulfilling his dreams just because his family and himself suffer economically and live in a time of hardships. Walter also knows that as a kid, Travis has already made big sacrifices. For example, “…and thank you, Travis for wearing the same pair of shoes for two semesters” (Hansberry 37). Walter is trying to prove himself and the family that even though they’re poor, they can still help one another with money. He knows that as a family, they should share with each other and help others accomplish what they want to succeed in.

    My uncle is a very masculine person because he is pretty tall and strong and could probably intimidate anyone that gets in his way.
    I am always weary after soccer practice and when I get home, I just throw myself on the bed and sleep tight.

  2. Hello, it’s Rahrah2015.

    I would describe Beneatha as a person who wants to finish school. Also, a person who wants to become something of themselves and make someone proud of them.

    Walter gave his son extra money so that he can prove they can earn more. He is also trying to prove that he can get them out of poverty with the little money he is making and the “check” that his mother is getting.

    I was very weary after school today so, I just went home.

    I felt very masculine when I could buy new sneakers.

  3. s.brownie2015
    Mama would be best described as a person that does what she wants to do but has dicipline on her family and herself. She would help her family try to fulfil their dreams, and her own across the way.
    Walter wanted to show his son a sense of a not broken dream. This may not be his[Travis] intended dream, but it shows that his life isn’t completely bleak and there is a possible light of hope in any situation.
    Jacob Black is less masculine than Edward Cullen [in your face Miladys!!].
    I am always weary after doing homework, no matter how light it is.

  4. Hi my name is Deion

    Mama can best be described ass a person that speeks her mind to anyone no matter who you are. I say this because the Mother is like a queen the second or first ruler of the house,so if she something done it will happen.( In other words she’s a boss. )

    Walter gives his son more money because he doesn’t want his son thinking that they are poor and doesn’t have any money to spare. He also gave his son the money to over shadow or over grow his wife, so he could look like the bigger person.( Jerk. )

    Masculine= All men in the 1950 had much more oppertunties than women like fighting in wars.

    Wearily= Jason had a wearily look on his face when he found out how many people were going to Boston.

  5. sammy2015: The character that plays mama, Ruth, is not a very supportive/helping kind of person. She seems to be very indifferent about things. Walter said, “See- I’m trying to talk to you ’bout myself- and all you can say id eat them eggs and go to work” (Hansberry 34). She also seems to want to stay out of trouble. She doesn’t seem to want to get involved in things and doesn’t support a person not does she say/do anything. Ruth said they didn’t have the money to give 50 cents to Travis. When Walter heard what Ruth had told Travis, he gave him that amount plus 50 more cents, which made a dollar. He opposed to the idea that Ruth should be telling Travis no to money. It seems to feel like they are very poor, though they already know. He gave more money to prove a point to Ruth and try to avoid the thought of being poor from Travis’s mind. Masculine: Miracle by Lancome is a refined, crafty and masculine fragrance. Weary: I felt very weary after walking up the mountains in Utah.

  6. lourdes2015~
    1)Beneatha is Walter’s sister. She is in medical school studying to be a doctor. She seems very determined and ambious because there aren’t many female doctors at that time.
    2) Walter gives his son money because he needed it for school and an extra fifty cents for himself. He gives him more money than he asked for because he wanted to prove to himself and his family that they have money too. He didn’t wanted it to be obvious to them that they are suffering financially.
    3) Walter was too masculine to not admit that their family is suffering and it makes Ruth weary.

  7. krod2015.

    I think that Mama is a person who cares for others. Mama also seems like she a housekeeping person. Even though Mama lives some where else, she still ask how is someone doing, wat they ate for breakfast, etc.

    Walter gave Travis an extra 50 cents because he wanted to prove to Ruth that he has money, and that he actually does something for the family.
    Walter is trying to prove to himslef and his family that he has money, and that if his son needs something he would always do something better than Ruth.

    Masculine: Travis and Walter are both masculine.

    Weary:Kindly nature does not suffer a man seriously ill to feel weary.

  8. Janibell2015- Beneatha is a very ambitious person. Even though she is poor, she thinks about going to college and doing things she enjoys like playing the guitar. She also has a smart mouth because she talks back to what every single adult says. Walter gave Travis more money becuas ehe was trying to prove that just because he was in a difficult situation didn’t mean that he had to make his child suffer too. He wanted people to note that they didn’t need anybody’s help and they could provide for themselves. Wrestlers are very masculine. My mother is always weary when she gets home from a long day at work.

  9. Angeline2015: In my opinion, I think that Beneatha is an understandable person and even though she knows she needs that money in order to become a doctor, she still acts mature about it and says it doesn’t belong to her. In the part where she’s talking to Walter, she tells him that ” it’s mama’s money.” (pg.38). She’s basically telling him to leave her alone and to leave her mom and the money alone.
    Walter gives his son more money then he can afford because he doesn’t want his song to start worrying about the family not having money. This happens after Ruth tells him she can’t give him money because she doesn’t have. This leaves Travis thinking and asks his mom if he can stay after school on the supermarket and deliver the food so he can earn some money. He’s trying to prove that he can still support the family even if its through hard work.
    The masculines in this act are less mature than the feminist, but the feminist are more weary than the masculines.

  10. Justin2015. Beneatha is a person who is kind of rude because she tossed the phone to Walte while someone was on it. Also she’s nice to this boy named Joseph Asagai from camp because I think she likes him. Walter gives his son more money because he probably is going to look for a job with the money. He’s trying to prove that he’s the person in the house that gets bills every day. ” I was weary when I put 20 boxes of books in the classroom.” “You are so masculine.”

  11. Ola2015- Beneatha is a rude and educated young woman. She thinks that the whole world is wrong and that the whole world is poor and she also acts like she has nothing. In this scene that I read she is complaining which is not helping. For example, “What could be so dirty on that woman’s rug that she to vacuum them every simple day?” Beneatha said. (pg.46)

    Walter gives his son more money than he can actually afford because he wants to avoid the reality that he is part of. Walter also gives his son the money because he doesn’t want Ruth telling him that they are so poor. He does not want to pay attention to the bad environment they sadly live in.
    1) Beneatha is very weary after dissecting Walter. 🙂
    2) Mama is very weary from Beneatha ‘s bad behavior. She had a tantrum and she kicked and screamed.

  12. Wussup its Naz again and I am reading Raisin In The Sun.
    Mama in this book its very caring and supportive of this family and cares deeply about the fact that they all are stuggling and also have needs also, and she does not just think about her self. She also wants respect from the family also.Mama:” Who is that round here slamming doors at this hour.My children and their tempers.
    Travis needed to bring 50 cents to the school that day and no one could give him the money because they did not have it. Travis also ask if he could carry groceries after school since no one had the money to give. When Walter found out about Travis asking for the 50 cents he wondered why no one gave it to him. His mother said that they did not have it Walter said well why did you tell him something like that. Walter reached into his pocket and gave it to him I guess he did not want Travis to think that they were broke and could not give him 50 cents.
    Masculine I would say this book has alot of that because it shows that the men seem to be more important than the women just because they work and maje the money its kind of sexist.
    Many people in this book are also weary because they dont have the easiest lives and do not have much money to even spend for themselvs so they’re all in a struggle.

  13. mama is an older women she seem to much wiser than all of them. she is the head of the house cooks and cleans along with ruth.
    walter gave his son more money he can afford because he dint want seeem like he was a cheap person. if i was him iwould probably have done the same thing as walter so my son could have a good child hood.
    walter is the masculine of the because he the man and men are the head of the house. ruth was very weary when walter gave his son the money because they need money to pay bills and eat food.

  14. ClarissaC2015 =)

    Beneatha seems like a stubborn old teenager, except shes older. She doesnt seem to like when people tell her whats right for her. I think that she should take the advice instead of being rude to her older brother and mother. She also seems to be the firebrand in the family. She stirs up controversy and starts a bunch of arguments just by walking into a room, as she says.

    I think Walter gives Travis more money than he needed because i don’t think Walter wants Travis to see his family struggling with money, even though they are. He wants to show that he wears the pants in the family meaning, he brings in the money and acts like the structure of the family. I think that Walter is doing the right thing because if Travis sees his family struggling, Travis’s grades might slip and Travis might worry way to much than he has too.

    Sentence 1: Walter is your typical MASCULINE father and provider of the family.

    Sentence 2: Ruth is always weary.

  15. Keema .T.

    I think Beneatha is the only person in the “Younger Family” , who is cashing their dreams even though she and her family have little money.She is respectful and calm.Beneatha is an independent person.

    Walter gives Travis the money because walter doesn’t want Travis think their family is poor.Walter is trying to prove to his family that they don’t have to live in the realsitc world.They can live in the unrealistic world thinking that they have money that grow on trees.

    After the long day at school a great shadow of weariness came upon me. A masculine person is man, that i thgink should be strong and hadsome.

  16. Beneatha is a young girl who goes to college and wants to become a doctor and is not giving up.”Lovely.Lovely.And you know,biology is the greatest”(pg.36). She also stands up for her mother.”The money belongs to Mama,Walter,…I don’t care if she wants to buy a house…It’s hers.Not yours-hers”(pg.37).
    Walter gives the money to Travis to show that he is the provider of the family.He wants to show that he can give anything to his family. Also I think that because Mamas money is coming in he thinks he can spend all the money,which is not true because that’s not even his money.
    Walter wants to be the MASCULINE man in the family the one who gives and provides for his family.
    I am always very WEARY when I come home from school.

  17. Marien2015 : One way that I can describe Mama is caring . For example , she says , ” Oh, Mama makes me so mad sometimes, I don’t know what to do!”(pg : 30) She says this by mimicking her son to show him how he sounds and to convince him to say goodbye to her. Another way that I can describe Mama is thoughtful about money . She says “You get your mind off money and eat your breakfast.”(pg:28) I think that Mama said this because even though she knows thar her family does not hace much money , she doesnt want her son worring about thoose kind of things at his age.

    Walter gives his son more money than he can actioly afford because he does not want his son to think that they are just as good as the families that he son goes to school with . He says , ” In fact, here’s another fifty cents . . . Buy yourself some fruit today — or take a taxicab to school or somthing !”(pg : 31). He is also trying to prove to his family that they are not compleatly broke yet , and that they still have enoff money to afford surtin things.

    Masculine : When my family members get drunk , they can be verry masculine .
    Weary : I wearily got wearily into bed at 1:00am.

  18. I think that Beneath could be a little impatient. because in page 35 when she was talking she said “I’m going to start timing those people”. there she sounds a little impatient i think she was referring to when they had to share bathrooms they were in a very cramped/poor society. i also think that she is really weary because on that same page it says that she had her face in her hands. i think that Walter gave his son more money because he needed it more and he cares about him. i think what he is really tring to show to himself and his family is that he could be a better parent than what they think.

  19. cristina2015-mama is the type of person who has her own moments at her own time.she seems like she has an atttitude when her husband speaks to her. she also ahas an accent and she talks with slang. wlater gives more money to his son than he can afford because he doesnt want his son to recognize their economic struggles and he doesnt want them to know how much theyre sruggling. walter is trying to act musculant because he act like a rich man and as if there were no sruggles , but in reality he is really thinking about how hes going to pay the bill an when is mam going to get her check. he is also trying to prove to himself that he doesnt have any struggles or has economic problems.

  20. I think that Beneatha is very agressive.For example, on pg.36 its says, “(Exits to the bathroom and bangs on the door.) Marches out and screams,”Come on out of there,please!”Because she bangs the doors it shows she’s impatient and can’t wait.

    Walter gives his son more money because he wants to show that he can take care of his family.He doesn’t want to show that he’s the person that doesn’t watch out for his family.He also says that how much it will cost for the the medical school.To see how much it will cost.

    I was weary after i had baseball practice for 3 hours.

    The kids look very masculine doing push-ups everyday.

  21. my name is ashley2015. Mama is a very stern person. When she says something she means it, but her kids respect her a lot. Also, her relationship w| her husband is a little bit shakey. She works hard to and cooks for her family and cleans and tries to keep the family calm about not having the check . walter gave his son 50 cent for school and he through in an extra 50 cent just to show that the boy needs money and if you ask you shall recieve ecspicailly for school, even though he was willing to work for it. He was trying to prove that children need money sometimes.
    You have a very masculine chin .
    I am weary at the moment because i just finished the race.

  22. kaylap2015. I would say Beneatha is the kind of person who knows whats right and whats wrong to do. Also she is a kind of person who would do anything and not tell anyone what to do. Walter gives his son money because he does not want him to worry about his family not having so much or the right amount of money and i would say that he is trying to prove that he can be a person with feelings. Some of the masculine can be very weary when they come back from being in the war because of all the work they have done all those times.

  23. Arsthly2015:
    Mama is the type of person who is emotionally strong. Even though her relationship with Walter is not that great, she doesn’t really pay attention to it. She doesn’t want her child to think that they can give him anything, so she tells him the straight truth. She seems very weary because she works a lot around the house. She is s strong women and doesn’t believe that women are less than men, or than African Americans are less than whites.

    Walter gives his son more money than what they can afford because he doesn’t want his son to think they are a poor family. He is trying to prove that he has more money than he actually does. Also than he can afford to do what others in an upper class than him can, and that his family she not think of themselves as poor.

    There is a masculine scent in the room.

    It seems like after the trip, the school was full of weariness.

  24. Hello this is Elianny2015. Mama is a house wife. At times she is very funny and is a typicle women. Mama is a African Amercan women. Walter gave him a extra 50 cent because he thought about how if he stuck with Willy Harris he would get alot of money. He was talking to Mama about how him and Willy are planning to open a liquorstore in order to get money. Walter was masculine when he because he is risking a lot in this liquor store. Travis would have been very weary if he were to wake up earlier in the morning to get in the bathroom.

  25. suni2015- Mama is a women who has adjusted to many things in her life and has overcome them. She is a women that can be described as having strengh within. She is described as a women beautiful women whos’ bearing is more like a noble bearing of a hereros of southwest Africa. She is a womwn that speak outs what’s on her mind. Walter gives his son more money than he can actually afford to give him, because he probably doesn’t want to let his son know that they don’t have enough money. What he’s trying to prove to himself and his family is that he wants to believe that colored people are not poor, he wants to let his son have an experience where he could spend money and not have to worry about not having enough, he wants to let his family know that for once they’re acting as if they have enough money. Walter might probably be masculine , because his weariness is leading him there or probably he thinks his family don’t understand him.

  26. Julio2015: To me Beneatha is a very intelligent. She has a better education than any other person in her family. She has an outstanding education on the english language, and knows how to speak it well. In my opinion Walter gives more money to his son than he can afford so that he can “take a taxicab” or to spend it on something that he likes. This is very strange for a poor man to do. His family is poor and he really needs the money, so why would he actually give away more money to his son than he was suppose to. He is trying to prove that his family is not poor, therefore tiping his son with an extra 50 cents. Even though 50 cents for us isn’t a big deal, it is to lower class people. Now i will use 3 vocabulary words. My cuzin is very masculine. He is very strong. I feel weary in the morning when my mom wakes me up because I want to keep sleeping.

  27. Hello is Orlando g 2015 . I just finished reading act 1 in the book raisin in the sun.i can describe Beneatha as the sort of eeeevil(word used in the book) person in the house, her hate for Walter is incredible especially when she tells him she thinks they dissected something that looked him . i found that very weird being that he is her brother.Walter gives Travis more money then what they can afford because he doesn’t want his son to feel like he cant do what other people can. He wants him to feel equal.
    Because he wanted to show how masculine he was,he ended up doing 25 150lbs weights which in the end left him very weary.

  28. Beneatha is Mama’s daughter and Walter’s sister. She is 20 years old. I would describe her as very smart since she is the most educated person in the family. She is the only one who attends college in the family. An example of Walter giving more money then what he can afford was when Travis asked him for 50 cents for school, and he gave him a dollar instead. I think Walter is doing this because he is trying to show that he is doing everything that he can do to help the family survive. Walter is showing that he is working hard for the Younger family.

    I felt weary when I played 3 basketball games last night. I felt like hitting the sack.

    Something masculine about this guy is that he is very handsome.

  29. Hey guys DD2015! Beneatha is Walters little sister. She has a job as a doctor and she loves it. Mama is a old lady who gets payed thousands of dollars. She spends her money on whatever she wants. I would too!
    Walter gives his son money (Travis) because he doesn’t want his son to believe that the are poor. He wants his son to have whatever he wants. He was trying to prove to the family that they aren’t poor and they do have money.
    1.Ruth had to masculine this morning.
    2. Mama was weary when she got out of bed!


  30. Hi this is Argenis 2015 and today I read a raisin in the sun. I basically read how Beneatha is an obnoxious and self-centered character. I sway this because the way that she is one of the smartest person in the family. Everyone is willing to give something for Beneatha’s wanting to go to medical school except Walter which said he wants Ruth’s money to buy a liquor store. Ruth is willing to give Beneatha half of her money for medical school. To me Beneatha seems to be a strong character because of the fact that she seems to be willing to get out of poverty I say this because Beneatha’s family is poor and that doesn’t stop her from wanting to go to Medical school. Walter seems to give Travis 1 dollar instead of 50 cents because he probably doesn’t want Travis to think that just because they are poor they can’t afford to give away 1 dollar. The fact that Walter gives Travis one dollar seems to be Masculine because you know how men are they always try to be more than they REALLY ARE.

  31. Ag2015. The mother is a determine woman she realized she is struggling and knows she needs help. She is also very strict and needs to be to keep her kids straight. The mom is a character that I see in a lot of African American books.

    He wants his son to be happy and not feel that they are that poor. Also he doesn’t want to seem like he’s too poor. He also doesn’t want his son to worry about them so much. He’s trying to prove they aren’t that poor they can afford giving their son 50 cents.My teachers and parents are masculine. The way they are weary is they always trying to make sure I’m safe and doing the right thing so I don’t get hurt.

  32. kdozier2015. Mama is the type of person who doesn’t like to talk about money. i can tell this by when Travis asks for 50 cents and she doesnt give it to him but his farther does. i think she cares about her kids and wants the best for them. Walter gives travis a dollar and told him to give the fifty cents to his teacher and the other fifty cents for him to keep to spend for his self. hes trying to prove to himself and his family is that money is not a problem for him or his family.

    Travis is a masculine boy.

    i am physically weary after to days long work out.

  33. Gabriel2015: A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry

    1: I would say Mama is a lady who is very stressed. I believed that she is stressed because of the way her everyday life is. She wishes to be more succesful. She is also stressed because they do not have much money and her husband is a very ambitious man who is a bit too ambitious. I would also say that she is a depressed woman because of her life style. But who wouldn’t be?

    2: Walter gave Travis more money then he could afford because of two reasons. The first reason, and the only logical reason, is that Travis’s teacher told him that he needs to turn in 50 cents that day as a homework of some kind. The other reason is to show his wife that they do have some money to spare, although they really don’t. I think the only reason that Walter gave Travis more money than they could afford is so he could show his wife that they have some money to spare. I also believe he that to enlighten his son’s spirit and make it seem that they actaully aren’t poor.

    Masculine: There are not many masculine women in the world.

    Weary: The soldiers came back from the battle very weary.

  34. kayla 2015.
    berneatha is a strong and a very independant person.she is smart person too.
    i think walter is trying to prove that they arent that poor and that they have a little extra money. i think he did that because his wife kept telling travis that they havee no money.
    ruth is very weary all the time and dont have alot of time to herself.
    i think it is walters job to be the masculine of the family.

  35. Hello 2015 just got back from a soccer game but we lost. 😦

    In the book the raisin in the sun the family has lots of problems with money and also jobs. One of the characters “mama” is a very determined woman she suffers though, but even though she suffers and probably fails she still won’t give up.

    Walter actually does that because he wants to prove that their family can do it can actually determine. Also because he wants to prove that the family can take risks. But, mist of the times the family was weary because Walter was doing that.

    Peace out.. Bout to K/o on to my bed ….od tired..

  36. Jerick2015. Beneatha is a character that really cares about her and her family. She isn’t that conceited. She is a normal person. She is Walter’s sister. Her and Walter get along but not all the time. The reason Walter give his son more money than what he can afford is to show the family that affording anything is possible. Also that you need to believe in yourself and not let nothing hold you down from doing. Also to show the family that he can afford anything and that anything is possible. My father had masculine when he got in a car accident. he didnt let nothing hold him down from surviving. I felt a sense of weariness when i finished running in Riverbank.

  37. Genesis2015.Beneatha is Walter’s sister and she teases him alot because of how much he talks about money. She doesn’t care much about the money but who deserves it and she also likes to think about what is something valuable that the deserving person could do with the money.Walter is a masculine man and he gives Trevor more money than he needs to because Trevor just wants to work more after school,this must have been something that he might have felt weary about when he got home, but Ruth doesn’t let him and the extra money is so that he could go buy himslef food or take a taxi to school.Walter tries to prove himself as someone that wants to give away money not to only keep the rest and that is not greedy with his money.

  38. Jm2015:Tonight I read 25 pages.
    Mama is a lady who cares very much for her family and does anything in her power to keep supporting her family. She is a woman a very understanding person who will listen to what you have to say, but at the same time she will help you to understanding things.
    He gives his son more money than usual because he’s showing that his family is able to give him more money. He is trying to prove just because you are in a lower class doesent mean you have to be rich to get more money. He’s trying to prove to his family that they are progressing to become a better family and not just a poor old black family.
    The man arms were very masculine they were 2 times my arm size. The boys were very weary when they woke up.

  39. ae2015: Mama can best be described as the head of the family. Mama is very nice to all. She is very kind to the family and I feel like she is one of the people in the family who should be appreciated a lot . For example, she comes in ready for anything. She is very irrational at times. She worries a lot about how everyone is doing. For exanple on page 40, she says “-but you so thin.” She is saying this to Beneatha because she is always worried. She worries a lot about HEALTH.

    Walter gives more money to his son to not worry them, I guess, about how their economic crisis is. I feel like there is no need in scaring the children and making them have their mind on things that will worry them and affect the way they think about life. He is doing this also so that the family some determination and to show that they will be able to get through all that is happening to them.

    Masculine- Walter and Travis are masculine.

    Weary- Walter comes home extremely weary. SOOOOOOOOO TIRED!!! 😦

  40. Zariah2015. I think Beneathais determined. She works hard to find what is write for her family. I think Walter did that because he didnt want his son to think they couldnt afford anything. Walter was trying to prove that they can afford somethings in life, and that Travis should get a little bit of what he ask for.
    As I hugged my mother good bye, i hugged her with a lot of masculine in my face.
    I was weary when i woke up for school in the morning.

  41. Gianni2015. A Rasin in the sun. To me the mama is kind of nosy and in everybody’s business because when Travis needed 50cents she said that they didn’t have any so when the father Walter gave Travis 50cents twice she kind of gave Walter the death stare. Walter gives his son more money because he doesn’t want people to think that they don’t have any money and so that Travis wont think of his family being poor. You guys have to walk through the crime scene very wearily or else you will mess up the evidence.

  42. Jalisa2015:Mama, the head of the family in A Raisin in the Sun in the family.The mother she like the typical caring mother who cares for her child.She is very straight and serious person with the child.She is very confident because she understand that her family in poverty.Another thing she tries to keep going on her house to make the family function as a good families that we need to have in the world.Walter actually give his son more money than he can actually afford him because masculine, not that they have everything as the leader of the family but the thing is that he is very brave with everything even though his family need to help him always on the lower class that they are in. This shows weariness too if the mother can give money or Walter to the ones that they need especially his son. We should keep reading more definitely to find more. This book is getting more interesting.

  43. magaly2015.
    beneatha seems like a girl who wants things fast. she has a bad temper and tenses to do things that only please her and not others.
    he gives his kid more money because his wife tells him they cant make a lot of money and he know they could.so thats why he gives him more money.
    when i put glue on ms.stabrowski’s chair i had a weary smile.

  44. Hi it’s Miladys and today I read act 1, stage 1.
    I would describe Mama as a person that is a hard worker who really cares about her family. Though at times she can take it a little too far. Mama is extremely consious about their monetary crisis.
    Walter gives his son more money than he can afford to give him because like Francie in A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, he wants his family to have the feeling of owning a large amount of money.
    Jacob Black is more masculine than Edward Cullen.
    After school, I am always weary.

  45. markos2015-i read until page 53.
    1.mama is very self sentered she only wants to do things her way she doesnt want help from anyone.they needed grandmas help and she said no she can do it by herself.
    2.he gives his son more money becuase he doesnt like to see his son asking for money.and he is really nive or niver than ruth(his wife)
    3.Ruth was very weary in the moring becuase she had to do alot of things.Ruth is very muscluline becuase she helps five people in one house every morning she makes dinner and she works for the family.

  46. Emanie2015. The Raisin in the Sun. Lorraine Hansberry. Tonight I read up yo page 53. Mama is lena younger. mama is the type person that says whatever she wants and whatever comes to her mind when she thinks of you. mama is also the type of person who cares about her family alot and wants the best for them. also, mama knows that she lives in the like of poverty and she wants to still make her family no matter how hard it is. he gives him more money than he can afford because he wants his son to be able to buy food on his own and be able to get from place to place in the taxi without any problems. he is tring to prove to his family that even though life may be hard you can still live and try to make it through life without a problem. the men in the book were masculine because they were the one that were always working hard to make the family happy. the family was sometimes weary because they had alot of time tring to maker the family happen. also they had to try to work hard to make money.

  47. well hi my name is Brian. well let me start off with Ruth, and she picky most of the time. Ruth doesn’t like to spend much money. Walter gives his son more money besides the 50 cents because he doesn’t want his son tho think that his family is poor. raves is wariness in the beginning of the book.treaves is going to be masculine boy thought out the book.

  48. Adianis2015

    Mama is a women whos always upset. shes always upset because of the amount of money they dont have. shes always making sure everything in the house is stabled and that the kids and her husband are in a somewhat good conditions.

    Walter gives his son more m0oney because he doesnt want his son to be unsatisfied and also because he doesnt want him to think their very poor.

    Travis is very weary to be living such a life with poorness. travis is a very masculine boy throughout these few pages.

  49. My name is Adrian. Beneatha is the sister of Travis. She is very independent. Momma is the grandmother of Travis and Beneatha. Momma is kind of the calm one out of Travis, Ruth, Walter, and Beneatha.

    Walter gives his son more money than he actually needs so that his son can turn it in to his teacher and then he gives him another 50 cents to buy fruits. He did this becase he didn’t want his son to think of him as a poor family.

    The men are very masculine when they head of to work. I’m very weary when i run for 5 hours.

  50. temerald2015. mama is a strong women who speaks her mind and does not hold in what she feels is the right thing someome should do. she is someone who you can come and she belives that her grandson Travis should have a real bed and not sleep on the couch.he gave Travis more money then he could really affod because he wanted his son not to worry about how they live and he wanted to tell his self that he had no money problems even though they did.the men in the book are very masculine when they go to work.and the wemon were very weary and tired because they had to hold down the house hold

  51. Freddy p2015. Today i read up to page 53 and it was very interesting. Beneatha was a very exiciting person who really wants to suceed. Also she is very determined person who wants to go to school and learn, but is also a very demanding person who is a little cocky. Walter gives his son extra money for him to take a taxi and get some extra food. I think he only gave him money because he was getting a check and didnt want his son to think that they were poor. Also to show that he was getting a new life to take taxis and eat food without a problem. the book shows wearness when ruth was exshusted when doing all the work and wAKINg all the boys up in the morning.

  52. Mama is trying to iimprove her life and her family’s life.she is also a hard working woman who tries to provide for her family as much as her husband does.Walter gave his son more money because he wanted to prove that he earns enough money to give his son money for school.He is trying to prove to his family that he is able to provide for his house hold.

    Weary: My mother was very weary after a hard day of work.

    Masculine: Walter is very masculine.

  53. IsraelP2015- Mama is a very strong women who speakes in what she believes in. even though she doesnt aggre with all walters choices. i think the reason walter gives his son more money he can afford is because he wants his child not to have to worry about econic problems at such an early age. walter is trying to act masculine. he is try to act as if he actually has money ,but if u actually think about the position that walters family is actually in they’ll look like a low class family. there family is really weary because they lack money and they struggle to get money so there struggling to survive.survive.

  54. hi is kimberly ,i read 20 pages and this 20 pages was about how mama is a young mother who gets along strongly with the people she lives,even though she has to yell in the moring to try and get Walter up and Travis . i feel as though they are a really poor family because they have to share one bathroom with just one family .i think that Walter does not give his son more moeny becuse he doest get payed enough at work and also they need money to pay the rent because they are almost getting kicked out of their house .i would say that Walter son is a very brave young boy because he knows that his family is not being supportive and thats why he doesnt complain about anything .i would say that Walter is a wearily because he does his best to put food on the table and also he wan tthe best for him and his wife and also for his young son. Well lets keep on reading to see what we find.

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