UNC Post Thursday May 6, 2010

It's a KIPPopatumus!

Hi KIPPoes,

Congratulations! Now, it’s time to celebrate! You’ve finished testing and you’ve almost finished your partner books… Seems like this weekend is going to be pretty nice for all of you!


1. Username. Title.

2. Today, I read ______ pages.

3. Note 1.

4. Note 2.

5. Explain to me the climax of your partner book. At what point in the story did the tension reach its peak? What were the major events? Explain the outcome of the climax as well.

Those of you who have not been writing enough have found yourselves on the lunch bench. Avoid that by writing complete, accurate and thoughtful posts. Don’t forget that you have 30 total notes due tomorrow!

Congrats, KIPPopatumuses!




26 thoughts on “UNC Post Thursday May 6, 2010

  1. sammy2015: I am reading If You Come Softly by Jacqueline Woodson. Today, I read 30 pages. I finished my book. Note 1 (INF): I think Ellie hasn’t introduced Jeremiah to her family because she might be nervous that they may judge him and embarrass her. I think that Jeremiah meeting Ellie’s family may not be the best idea. Note 2 (Question): Their relationship seems to be getting more serious. If it’s “true love,” why can’t they just tell their family that though they are a different race, they shouldn’t be judging and just accept their love for each other? The climax of the novel was when Jeremiah and Ellie got to be in the same class together. The climax is also partially when they start their relationship. The outcome of the climax is their relationship is lasting and becoming very strong and leads to Jeremiah and Ellie trying to introduce themselves to each other’s family.

  2. diamond2015.Before I Die by Jenny Downham. Tonight I finished the book and it was really sad.
    Note1: I think the author’s intensions were to make the reader believe that life is something we keep building on and it doesn’t have any instructions.
    Note2: I can infer that Tessa wrote instructions for Adam because she doesn’t want him to miss her a lot while at college. She wants him to live his life while she watches over him. There were multiple climaxes in the story. One was when Tessa found out she had peripheral disease in her blood. She made the doctor tell her by asking a lot of questions. Tessa now really understands that cancer is all over her body and there’s nothing more anyone can do for her. The outcome of this is she tells her dad that she wantts to give up fighting for her life. She wants to even give up on herself.

  3. lourdes2015: I am currently reading The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I read 30 pages.
    Note1: Something happens to change Katniss’s idea of trusting again. The Hunger Games changed a rule that allowed two people to win if they were from the same district. She tries to find Peeta and help each other.
    Note2: How has Katniss changed throughout the Hunger Games?
    I haven’t gotten to the climax. I think it is when The Hunger Games winner is announced. It seems like Katniss might win, but the author might put a twist in it.

  4. M user name is jasonb2015. I’m currently reading “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins. Tonight, I read 31 pages.
    Note 1: (Inference) Though it was Haymitch’s idea to make Peeta say that he loves Katniss in order for them to get attention from the audience, Peeta does seem to love Katniss because of the way he acts; foolish and uncaring.
    Note 2: (Thick Question) How will Haymitch’s and Effie’s leaving affect Katniss’s success in the Hunger Games?
    I have not yet reached the climax, but I predict that he climax will be that Peeta and Katniss will be the last two people surviving in the Hunger Games because they’re both very agile and they’ll probably fight until just one of them survives. On the other hand though, love might just make killing each other impossible and they might decide to not fight each other.

  5. Angeline2015: The Hunger Games. Today I read 31 pages.
    Note 1: theme: One theme in this book is believing on yourself. This is a theme because in every activity Katniss does a good job, but still ends up doing a good job. She has to learn to trust herself even in bad moments.
    Note 2: Inference: I think Katniss should listen to Peeta and not fight. When she saw how horribly bruised Peeta came out she shouldn’t go in and fight even for her family.
    The climax of The Hunger Games is fighting and leaving everything behind for the person you truly love. In the story, Katniss is starting to see her true feelings for Peeta and this might change some of the rules of the games. When she sees Peeta come out bruised and badly hurt from the arena she feels bad but still goes in and fight for her District and family.

  6. s.borwnie2015. Th1rteen R3asons Why. Tonight I read 35 pages.
    note 1: Hannah doesn’t notice that Mr. Porter was part of most of her problems. She thought that everyone around her was to blame instead of him.(page 268)
    note 2: Was Mr. Porter even aware of how the other students would treat her after class and in extracurriculars?(page 269)
    I guess the climatic point of Hannah’s tapes was when she visited Courtney Crimsen’s house and Bryce had been drunk. He and Courtney were in a hot tub, and invited her in and she went in with her underclothes on. Bryce started to play around and ended up doing… something. Hannah, at first, resisted, then when the thought of her future suicidal crossed her mind, she just went limp and took it. She, then, had the motive to be able to kill herself without a lot of regret. She regrets leaving the nicest person she ever knew,Clay. …but that’s what I think.

  7. Josh2015blog: Today I’m putting up my blog late because tonight I read 50 pages. From 220 to 270. I still have a few more chapters to read because there are 375 pages in the book.
    1. I agree with Percy’s prediction about a Trojan War happening again. This might happen again because different campers are taking sides with different gods and it is hard for Percy to trust anyone(p.222).
    2. Percy is trying to get to The Gates Of Love and they are locked. Percy has a very dangerous idea and it involves many boat crashes. They had to go down a thirty to forty foot pit. But, the boat crashes gave them a perfect angle to go down the pit safely(p.239).
    My climax didn’t occur yet but I know what it is. It is when Percy has to bring Zeus’s lightning bolt back before the war between Olympus an the Underworld begin.

  8. something that has happened in my climax is that Percy has his mother back and now he has to go to camp half blood and he will stay their. Also he has finally met his father and he talk to him about things and every summer they will see each other, but he is always going to be looking from above. i know that sounds kind of weird but that’s what gods can do. So now Percy is really happy that he has met his father and his awful stepfather that does not even care about him is kicked out of the house that are a happy family

  9. tonight i have read 4 chapters in my book called Kendra. note1 i can infer that she is now living w. renee and this shows that she didnt want to live with her because renee doesnt want her n nana doesnt want her either to live with them.note2 i can infer that renee cares about kendra because even thought she dont want her to live with her she still took her to a doctor who sees wheather you are a version or now. the climax in my story is when kendra got kicked out and she had to go live with someone one who didnt even want to live with her. the major parts where all over the book because the whole book was very surprising and you didnt know what was coming. it reached its point towardas the end because the major things started happening and when kendra gets kicked out and how she starts to do things with boys.

  10. Hello this is Elianny2015. Today i read 34 pages of Kendra. Note 1: Why doesnt Renee just listen to her and just not take her to the docter. Note 2: Does Renee regret taking Kendra in at any moment. The climax in Kendra was when Kendra was about to have sex with Nashawn. This is they piont in which everything changes for Kendra and all the other character. Renee finally started being a mother to Kendra and Kendra and Adonna’s realationship was destroyed because Kendra told Adonna all the truth about her and Nashawn. Nothing over the edge happened between them two so there wasnt much to be mad about. Although you could see were Adonna is coming from.

  11. i read a total of 45 pages tonight and i did not take 35 minutes.My first note is :If i was Logan i wouldnt be so close to Zyler because i believe he sexually assualted the girl,Cami.My second note is:Why would Logan go back to a place where he is not welcomed because he keeps going to scouts like if they not going to beat him up again.The climax in my book is that Logan does not get over most of his problems at all.He is a type of kid who keeps it in until he will be so mad that he will explode.The point in the story where it really stuck out to me was when he would always get talked about or beat up for things that he shouldnt be getting hurt by.A coflict in my story is that Logan is a person who talks but doesnt really do but there was a part where he talked about his friend Laurel.

  12. Rashell2015:Before I Die.Today I read 20 pages.
    Note1:The bird that is there is a symbol for Tessa’s death and the bird came back to tell Tessa that it’s time for her to die.
    Note2:Both Tessa and her brother,Cal, have to except the fact that Tessa is going to die no matter what either of them say and there just going to have to face reality.
    The climax of my book is when Tessa starts doing things like drugs and ends up at the hospital and every time she is at the hospital she is even closer to dying.Tension in my book began almost from the first page were Tessa tells Zoey about her list and then Tessa has sex with Jake. Tessa is at a club goes home with the guy and has sex with him.

  13. (klk Ms. stabrowski) The title of my book is The Lightning Thiefby Rick Riordan. Today, I read 50 pages. My first note was a question. Will the war of the olympus and the underworld occur? I think that it wouldn’t and Percy would bring the lightning bolt back in time. My second note is a prediction. I predict that Athena would be very important in the next chapter because she keeps leading Percy to clues. She is like a guide to Percy. The climax is when Percy is on a mission to find the thief and look for the lighning bolt and bring it back in time before the war occurs between the olympus and the underworld. In the book, the story did the tension to reach its peak around the end of the book. The outcome is almost like the solution I think because when the climax happens , the book is very close to its end.

  14. kaylap2015.Tonight i finished the book Before i Die and it finished with an intense moment..Tessa’s family is spending time with her at the hospital because she has very little time to live.Note1: If i were Tessa i would actually think of the past and how much stiff i have done with a really bad influence as a “friend”.Note2:Why does doing illegal things like shoplifting give Tessa a good thought or thrill? The main climax in my opinion is when Tessa is at the hospital and hears the sad news that she is not gonna last very long..but she still loves Adam a lot and does not want to let that feeling go away from her. I really liked the book<3

  15. Julio2015: Today I read 25 pages. Todays reading was very interesting because it talked about Grover helping Percy and Annabeth out, also it talks about the positive tthat goes on in Percys life. My first note is a inference note that talks about the good that goes on in Percy Jacksons life. When Grovver, Annabeth, and Percy were in the accident, Grovver helped Annabeth and Percy to survive. In other word he saved there lifes. One theme that was represented in this setting was bravery. Grovver was so brave that he actually saved Percy and Annabeths life. My second note is a question. How did this accident happen? The setting could not be tellin by the decscription. This is one of my clarifying question. The climax of my book is when Percy Jackson is in a fight. He ‘s constantly getting into fights, but this was the most important fight that Percy Jackson ever had. The outcome of the climax is that he won the fight. That is something very positive in The Lightning Thief.

  16. emanie2015. the lightning theif. rick riordan. today i read 50 pages. note 1:i think that the kid that looked 13 in the corner did not really know how to dress because in the book it said ” probably it was when i noticed the guy standing next to me at vr sharpshooters. he was about thirteen, i guessmbut his clothes were weird. i thought he was some elvis impersonator’s son. he wore bell bottom jeans and a red t shirt with black piping, and his hair was permed and gelled like a new jersey girls on homecoming night.”(page.261) i think that it is kind of a bad thing thing that he is judging him that way because what if that was him he would not like it if he was getting judged. what if that is his style. note 2: i dont think it is right that he is going to threaten hades but at the same time i think that it is a god thing because he is doing that to get his mom back. ” why would i be traveling to the underworld? to threaten hades, grover said. to bribe or blackmail him into getting your mom back.” ( page. 268). the story reached its clamix when Percy learns that a world he thought was an ancient mythological tale is like the real and present world today. from the begining of the book till now i think the major events so far has been that zeus’s lighting bolt gets stolen. then, they find out percy is poseidons son. after, luke went to the “dark side”. now, grover goes to search for the pan. ( shhhh, i read ahead a little=])

    • i did all 4 questions and my mom said they were high level… so can you check then tommrow… (remind me plz=]) i spent hours on it tring to make it high level=]

  17. Hello Orlando G 2015 here . today i read 45 pages of the book The hunger games by Suzanne Collins.
    INF) i belief that peeta and katniss are madly in love as Peeta describes when he is really weak and katniss is caring for him and its confirmed when katniss laughs and agrees they are going to end up together
    ?)why does katniss like peeta all of sudden after he said he was specifically aiming to kill her in the games?
    i haven’t gotten to the climax yet but i have a feeling that the climax is going to be katniss going back home but she is going to end up with peeta which is a stupid decision i think

  18. Genesis2015.If You Come Softly.Today I read 30 pages.My first note is an inference note,on page 160:Ellie went to Jeremiah’s house and she met with his mother.His mother’s reaction wasn’t fair to Ellie because when he told her that Ellie was white,she raises an eyebrow and just welcomes her.My second note is a prediction on page 162:I think that Jeremiah and Ellie want to spend a lot of time together and even on winter days they spend their time at Nelia’s and study there. Ellie feels like she can work harder when she studies with Jeremiah.The climax starts when Jeremiah and Ellie’s parents start to be more racist and Jeremaih and Ellie’s relationship start to become more meaningful and more deeper.The outcome of the climax is that now Elllie has to tell the truth about her love,Jeremiah,and now Jeremiah wants to meet Ellie’s parents.

  19. Gianni2015.The Lightneing Thief. Rick Riordan. Today I read 20 pages. I think that Annabeth likes Luke because she blushes when he comes around her, like if she has a crush on him. What I like about my book so far is that it is funny even though I can’t relate that much to the book I feel like I really understand him. The climax in my book is that Percy is fighting some monster snake lady and her son who looks like a chihuahua but is really some kind of fire breathing monster who spits posinous gas. The outcome was that he escaped by making water rise from the mississippi river.

  20. JerickA.2015. The lightnning Thief. Today i read a total of 75 pages. Note 1: I predict that the furies will circle around the parapets. Note 2: What does it mean when it says, ” Imagine a field field with billions of dollars”,? The climax of my book is how percy and a couple of his friends set off to Los Angeles to recover zeus ” Lost Thurderbolt”. Also he goes there to stop the war going on between the gods. An interesting thing is that along the way to Los Angeles percy gets to know his father Poseidon. The outcome starts from good to bad meaning is an okay climax. This book in my opinion has kept me very interested.

  21. Hello this is Argenis2015 and tonight I finished to read the book Before I Die. I basically read how Tessas family an loved ones are with her in the last moments.INF: One Infrence I took was how much Cal loves Tessa at first it seemed as if Cal didnt care about her but knoe tht Tessa is dying it shows how muich a brother loves a sister.Theme: One theme I found out was how never think of family as a bad thing because Tessa aqlways used to get into Arguments with her dad and brother but look whois their for her now, her brother, dad, and mom and her true love Adam.The story reached its climax when Tessas doctor Philippa told Tessa her life was going to be over in a couple of days.This was the climax because when it reached to this point Tessa stoped doing CRAZY THINGS,BUT LOVE ADAM.

  22. magaly2015.this is what i did.i read 20 pages.
    1?: why did logan want girls to touch him? i understand he’s a guy but is he that desperit?
    2character: logan- he’s starting to talk more and i think he’s getting sick with trying to be skinny when he already is skinny enough.
    The climax is that he doesnt get over certain stuff.when he does things he has regrests and he helps people out in wats that are like ahhh.One of the mejor events waswhen he found out about his parents and how they were sex fiends.

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