PACE Post – Thursday May 6, 2010

A Cute Little KIPPo!

Hi KIPPoes,

Congratulations! Now, it’s time to celebrate! You’ve finished testing and you’ve almost finished your partner books… Seems like this weekend is going to be pretty nice for all of you!


1. Username. Title.

2. Today, I read ______ pages.

3. Note 1.

4. Note 2.

5. Explain to me the climax of your partner book. At what point in the story did the tension reach its peak? What were the major events? Explain the outcome of the climax as well.

Those of you who have not been writing enough have found yourselves on the lunch bench. Avoid that by writing complete, accurate and thoughtful posts. Don’t forget that you have 30 total notes due tomorrow!

Congrats, KIPPopatumuses!




21 thoughts on “PACE Post – Thursday May 6, 2010

  1. I re read Nd went over the parts of the book that were confusing to me . tonight i read about 5 chapters.
    note1: the author had intentions on the person reading the book to have Clay Jensen as the person we hear the tape through , because he is like the main person who really could of stopped this whole suicide thing w| Hannah from happening. He also wanted to show his reaction to certain parts , because he really did love Hannah.
    Note2: The Eishenhower Park was an important place in the book, because this is where Hannah had her first kiss. This shows the way that she was happy before she started going through the depreesion.
    the climax of my book is when Hannah kills herself. The tension reached its peak, after the party and it also happened when she had went to the guidance counsler and they didn’t change her mind but he didn’t. The outcome were the tapes Hannah had left.

  2. Tonight I finished the book This Is What I Did by Ann Dee Ellis =] !

    Note 1: If I were Logan I would’ve ran out and told someone. No way could I have kept that horrible sight in. I would’ve been scared for my life ! – pg.134 (CS)

    Note 2 : FINALLY! Logan finally came out and said something about abuse. He even stopped Bruce’s dad, Jack, from hitting him even though Bruce was so mean to Logan and Logan hated Bruce. -pg149 (Idea)

    The climax of this book was of course when we read about Zyler’s dad in action. We finally got to the point where the tittle of the book actually made sense. I was so excited reading this part and i actually liked the climax more than the rest of the book . When this part of the story was revealed, it actually made Logan decide to take action and say something about abuse.

  3. Marièn2015 : Tonight I have compleated my readinq by reading 43 pages of 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher .

    :)Note #1 : Pre – I predict that the last victom on Hannah’s tapes will be an adult. I mostly say this because all throught the tapes all of the victoms have been tenns from her school . I also believ that adults have a huge impact on teenagers.

    :)Note #2 : INF – The last person on Hannah’s tapes ended up being her councler . He was the man that she told all her problems to . He was the last person on the tapes because he was techancly the only person she warned about her death , but he didnt do enything to stop her .

    The climax of my novel was Jessica was raped by Bryce. This is the climax because this is one of the only tapes that Hannah kinda blames herself . She blames herself because she was in the closet while she got raped .

  4. Hi my name is Deion and tonight I read 28 pages of The DIary of Latoys Hunter.

    Note 1 = I think the feeling Latoya can’t quite make out is love because she is realy realy close to a friend, and-Im quite sure they will be dating soon.But if I was Latoya I would keep being friends because relationships destroys a lot in a person.(Trust me I should know.)

    Note 2 = Is Latoya going to remeber evey one from the last time she was at Jamica, and if she does how will the tention in the story change as every one re-unites? I ask this because I could be a shy person at times and if I barely remeber my old friend I could act like a completely different person.

    To me the story reached its peek when Latoya had so much on her mind that she couldnt even go to school. I say that this is where the tention builds up because you have her listening to her neighbor being shot and killed, then you have her mother not being able to talk to her daughter about sex and boys. Finally you have Latoya in scool and her teacher not understanding how of a bad day she is having, and when the students is being taught something they alreay know. One major event that has occured is when Latoya goes to Jamica with Rondah and Devoy. This is a major event because after so long Latoya gets to go back home and meet all her old friends and teachers.

  5. IsraelP2015_ Tonight I read a total of 36 pages of my book 13 Reasons Why.
    (INF) I’m thinking that Hannah was probably a very selfish person considering the fact that she had parents that raised her, and probably cared for her dearly.
    (INF) The death of Hannah was very disappointing and at the same time very sad because losing a daughter probably isn’t very easy. The tension in my book reached its peak
    (Climax) is happening when Hannah is suffering extreme amount of pain and is not in the best stage ever. Now Hannah is in her final minutes and is planning how she’s going to kill herself.
    IsraelP2015_ Tonight I read a total of 36 pages of my book 13 Reasons Why.
    (INF) I’m thinking that Hannah was probably a very selfish person considering the fact that she had parents that raised her, and probably cared for her dearly.
    (INF) The death of Hannah was very disappointing and at the same time very sad because losing a daughter probably isn’t very easy. The tension in my book reached its peak
    (Climax) is happening when Hannah is suffering extreme amount of pain and is not in the best stage ever. Now Hannah is in her final minutes and is planning how she’s going to kill herself.

  6. I am reading The Lighting Theif by Rick Riordan.Tonight i read 25 pages.
    Note1: To me, I think that Nancy Bobofit is actually jealous of Percy because he may know more about Ancient Greek than she does.(INF)
    Note2: When Mr. runner says ” ita a matter of time”, what did that certain saying mean?
    The climax that may be rising in my book is that maybe Percy may have to face the monsters that walk the mortal world unseen. I also think that Percy may have to carry that sword at all tims because dander may occur and he might even be prepared for the dangers to face with Grover and also Anabeth.

  7. Arsthly2015: Behind You by Jacqueline Woodson

    Tonight, I read 32 pages.

    Note1: I think that Jacqueline Woodson is trying to show us that there are many beautiful things in life, but we do not notice it because of how busy we are. It is not until we lose something important to us that we notice the true beauty.

    Note2: Nelia cut all her hair off as a symbol of losing something important to her. That important thing was Jeremiah.

    I don’t think I have reached the climax of my book, but the climax of my old book, If You Come Softly, is when Jeremiah meats Ellie’s family and Ellie meets Jeremiah’s. This is the climax because it was we were waiting for, and it was the part with the most exciting. The climax happened in the middle, but close to the end of the book. This allowed them to be together, but at the end they say Jeremiah dies then the book ends, so I don’t think it is the climax.

  8. Tonight I read a total of 15 pages, finishing off the Hunger Games.

    Note1:(Issue) One issue for Katniss is friendship because she’s trusting Peeta like if he’s the right guy for her.Even though he is a spy and knows it, he’s being a fake and acting like if he’s one of her best friend.If I were Peeta I would realize that what I did to Katniss is bad and that she treats me like a family member and this is what I give to her.

    Note2:(CS) If I were Katniss I would keep an eye on Peeta because he’s always been missing. Also, Katniss still thinks that he’s actually her friend but he’s is trying to survive and get information.If I were Katniss I would watch out for myself and wait to see what happens.

    Climax: I think that the climax is when the Hunger Games actually began because there was a lot of action and a lot going on because of frienship.Another part was when I found out that Peeta was a spy that was trying to get information out of her and was actually using her .

  9. Tonight I read 35 pages of a new book called Precinct Puerto Rico. Which is a book about dead dominicans and haitians washing up on the shore of puerto rico and they are investigating the problem.

    Note1: Why does Luis not want to go scuba diving and find out some more clues about this problem, it’s not like he is going by himself, he is going with trained professionals. I think if he goes he will find a lot of evidence and instead of taking forever to solve the case he can do it quickly.

    Note2: I don’t understand why the crime squad doesnt want the FBI help and the cops to help. It would be easier to have them help ,again because it will be fast to solve the problem.

    CLIMAX- I think that the climax of This is What I Did was when the scouts went back to camp because when Logan went back to scouts they bullied him to the point were he really started to change. Like he is finally defending himself in a way.

  10. Hi! I am reading the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I read 34pages.

    Note1- Katniss is sort of like Ponyboy in a way becausethey have a will to survive in any situation. The Capitol is like Hitler because they are dictators who are indifferent about the fact that people are dying because of them. They are inhumane and are fine with watching other people suffer.

    Note2-In this book, it seems like the roles of adults ands children have been switched. Adults are watching mindless violence while kids are doing those acts. It seems to be switched in the real world.
    Climax- I think the climax was when the games actually started. There was so much suspense and build up for the games that it has to be the climax. Peeta and Katniss are fighting other children from other districts on the North American continent. So far, Katniss is a favorite in the games.

  11. Jalisa2015:The book I am reading is called The Sisters Impossible.Tonight I read 25 pages.

    Note1:The main character is Lily Leonard, which her sister is a great dancer. Lily’s father wants Lily to become a dancer too. Saundra, Lily’s older sister, is trying out for a struggle that everybody wants to try out for which is to dance.

    Note2:Since Saundra is one of the best dancers at school, they have chose her to try out for the finals with her enemy, Meredith.This relates to have fear of which one of these 2 enemies are going to win in the dancing competition at school.

    The climax of my book is that Saundra now need to dance and now she having to compete with her enemy.I think I would feel terrible, if they had to put me on this postion because you would not want to have this problem or be like this when that one of the best things you like to do at your school.These major events were actually not ready for Saundra because she was not ready for this.

  12. Angely2015 tonight I read 43 pages of Hunger Games.
    Note1: I think that Katniss and Peeta both have a weird relationship together because they know that they have to kill each other and they tell each other things like, u know that I have to kill you , and then at the same time they are in love with each other.

    Note2: I think that in the end if Katniss loses her family will lose a lot, because she basically took care of the family more than her mom was even doing, and supposed to be doing. And also prims and Katniss dad died that tragedy had brought difficulties for the families.

    I don’t think that I have reached the climax because a lot of the stuff that has been happening to them, wouldn’t be considered a big deal to them. I think that the climax will have to do something with Katniss’s and Peeta’s relationship in the next few pages = ]

  13. Gabriel2015: Marked by P.C. Cast and Kristen Cast

    Tonight i read 26 pages.

    Note 1: If I were Zoey i would also be fascinated with the mark because i woould have no idea of what the mark was or why it was above me and not knowing how it is an image.

    Note 2: What is Heath’s postion in this novel and what does he do to Zoey in any kind of way (Other than saving her from the sun)?

    I strongly believe that the climax of my partner book was when Zyler’s dad was beating up Cami and to save her, out of instinct, Zyler picked up a bat and cracked his dad’s skull open. Zyler believed he killed his father and ran away. It turned out that Zyler’s dad wasn’t killed but he didn’t know that at the time. As a result Zyler had run away and he had never come back.

  14. today i read 25 pages of Behind You.

    Note 1: “Her hair is turning gray and her cheeks are starting to puff a little. ” How does Norman feel about his “girlfriend” now that shes beginning to change?

    Note 2: Carlton said, ” I think its easier if you know when someones going to die.” i agree with him because before they die you would be able to say bye and all that.

    the climax of my book was interesting. In the climax Ellie and Miah started spending more time with each other and talked more. Ellie even met his mother. In the climax everything went well until Miah said that he wanted to meet Ellie’s parents. Things began to change and Miah got shot right after. Ellie was able to tell her parents about him right AFTER she found out he died, since it was all a big shock.

  15. Today, i read 25 pages of Behind You.

    Note 1: Her hairs getting gray and her cheeks are starting to puff a little bit with age.” How does Norman feel about his “girlfriend” now that shes changed?

    Note 2:Carlton said, ” I think its easier if you know when someones going to die.” I agree with him because they wouldn’t be so shocked when they notice someone died and they were able to say bye.

    The climax of my book was very interesting, Ellie and Miah were together more often and Ellie met his mother. When Miah said that he wanted to meet Ellie’s parents, that’s when the climax reached its peak. Everything started changing, then Miah’s death came. Ellie was able to tell her parents of Miah, right AFTER he died.

  16. ae2015: Tonight I was reading Bird by Angela Johnson. I read a total of 35 pages.

    Note 1: I love the way the author describes the setting in such a gentle way and so calmly that it makes the book more attractive and more interesting aswell. I love to read novels with a good description because that way I don’t get confused about what I am reading.

    Note 2: I think that the author did a good job by writing the novel in first person because it makes the novel more interesting to read since you can see evrything from a specific point of view. The true feelings and thoughts of the narrator are let out since the author put the novel in first person.

    CLIMAX: I think that the climax in the Hunger Games was when the Hunger Games begun because it built alot of suspense and wanted to make me want to read more. Some major events were when Katniss and Peeta were put on the same team or when Peeta disappeared.

  17. Jm2015:I’m reading Behind you. Tonight I read 25 pages.
    (Note1)INF: Carlton says that”That saturday was great because snow started falling from the sky.(Pg30)
    (Note2)Lines I love:”Tell me that story again grandma the one about the marbles. And the love in my heart for that boy-child just fills up inside me and spill it all over
    The climax of my story is when Jeremiahs soul wondering around finding all the good moments he had when he was alive. The majir points to me I believe started in the begging of the book when jeremiahs soul began to looking back at those happy moments. The major event was that jeremiah looking back at good moments he had growing up with all his avdventures. The climax turned out to be from where I am in the book so far jeremiah going back to one of his most mereable moments he had with his grandmother telling the story about the marbels.

  18. tonight i read 3o pages in my new book “I am Regina” by Sally M. Keehn.

    Note1:Regina was captured by indians and they killed her brother and her father.luckly her mother wasnt there and she got away.Regina and sacagawea can connect to each other becaus ethey were bith captured by indians.

    Note2:”The rows of corn stretch out before me like long lines of soldiers”(pg.9).That quote is using personification because the rows of corn look like soldiers.

    The climax in my story is that Regina was captured by indians and her brother and father were killed.She is facing life with out her parents now.

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