CAL Post – Thursday May 6, 2010

A blue KIPPo!

Hi KIPPoes,

Congratulations! Now, it’s time to celebrate! You’ve finished testing and you’ve almost finished your partner books… Seems like this weekend is going to be pretty nice for all of you!


1. Username. Title.

2. Today, I read ______ pages.

3. Note 1.

4. Note 2.

5. Explain to me the climax of your partner book. At what point in the story did the tension reach its peak? What were the major events? Explain the outcome of the climax as well.

Those of you who have not been writing enough have found yourselves on the lunch bench. Avoid that by writing complete, accurate and thoughtful posts. Don’t forget that you have 30 total notes due tomorrow!

Congrats, KIPPopatumuses!




23 thoughts on “CAL Post – Thursday May 6, 2010

  1. Aaron George one and only. Th1rteen R3asons Why.

    2. Today, I finished my book.

    Why didn’t Hannah speak to anyone about her conflicts she could received help?

    What did Bryce really want from Hannah that was the other reason for her committing suicide?

    The climax is was towards pages 200 because it started giving the main details for Clay too and it interested me. it main peak were each chapter because the tapes dealt with her life.There weren’t major events at all in the story to me. I feel that Clay was a nice guy too but why was he involved in all of this.

  2. Ola2015- Today I finished “Before I Die”, by Jenny Downham. I read in all 112 suspenseful pages.

    Note 1: PRED- Tessa wants to do things before she dies that are not on her list. Sadly I predict that Tessa will not finish her list she will die before she does. (pg.202)

    Note 2:-? – How does Tessa feel about Philippa and constant blood test and other medical problems? Does she feel she is letting herself down.?

    I think the climax in my partner book was when she expressed her TRUE feelings for Adam (sex). The tension reached its peak when they started and Adam said he loved Tessa back. Those words made her feel “alive”.

  3. Justin2015. I’m reading The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordand. I read 26 pages.
    Note1: How come when ever Percy and his friends get into trouble or a situation, Percy always comes up with the idea?
    Note2: Crover protects and supports Percy because when he was in his other school, Grover heard about him and made him come to this school after he got expelled and helped him go to Camp Half Blood where he can be safe.
    A climax in the book for my character is when his mom vanishes for the bullman monster because he felt like she has been taking care of hime without Gabe and that they will stick together but when she got vanished he thought she died so it really hurted him. The tension stared to build when the monster crashed their car and chased them to the Camp’s enterince. Also when Grover got really hurt.

  4. This is jbennett2015 and I’m reading Behind You by Jacqueline Woodson.

    1. At first I thought Part 2 would be weird because Jeremiah is dead already but now I’m speechless. pg3

    2. Jeremiah makes it seem that dying is way better than living. A lot of people say that because when your dead your soul is free.

    Unfortunately, I just started the book so I don’t know the climax. I predict that it’s the continuation of Ellie’s life without Jeremiah.

  5. krod2015.This is What I Did.Ann Dee Ellis. Tonight i finished reading the book. I found it to be a very good book.

    Note1:PRED: I predict that Logan is going to want to look for Zyler. I think this because Mr.Benson gave him Zyler’s new email to check where Zyler is, and go get him.

    Note2:Question: Does Logan like Laurel, just because Cami moved away from school? I asked this question because Logan tells Zyler that he met this new girl named Laurel.

    I think that the climax of this book is that Zyler’s dad is crazy, and another climax is the fight that Logan got into. This book reached the climax like at the middle of the book, more to the end. The major events were when Zyler and Logan were fighting, when Zyler’s dad was almost killed, when Cami shirt was ripped but Zyler’s dad, and when Zyler is no where to be found.

  6. What’s up kippsters Hayden in the house. Today I read 20 pages. Today I would speak about two notes and then the climax of my book I guess.
    One of the first notes of today is a inference note. Percy is a young adult that really is like a normal kid but, except is that he is half goddess. Percy has a lot of responsibilty and he has to always train. But, one of his responsibilty is getting the lightning bolt back to give to Zeus. My second note is a thought note. Why did the author chose to write this book? I guess that the author chose to write this book because he wants to tell you to not give up and to always know who you are.

    My climax I think is when Percy was with his friend and his mom in the car trying to find the camp , but they got attacked by the god of hell’s little demons.

    PEACE OUT….About to chill and then knock out

  7. burr,, tonight i read a total of 55 pages. one of my notes is that athen is going to be important the next few chapter because she’s lead and get percy closer finding the lightning bolt. also my second note is that i predict that the war will not happen because percy is getting closer to finding the bolt so no it won’t happen. the climax is around were percy is on a mission to find the lightning bolt so his mission is to find it bring it back before the big war breaks off with the underworld,and olympus . i haven’t reached the end of the climax yet. yennaa…..

  8. suni2015- In tonights reading I read the book If you come Softly by Jacqueline Woodson. Tonight I completed my partner reading goal.

    Note 1: INF- I wonder why other people see Ellie and Jeremiah together they look at them like in disaproval and discouragement, while Jeremiah’s mother first saw them she respected her son’s decision, and didn’t think that it was a bad idea that he dated a girl that had the different skin color than him?

    Note 2: INF- Why did Jacqueline Woodson decided to end the story very sad, why did she ended the story with Jeremiah being killed and sadness spreading to everyone. Was it to show how Jeremiah was loved once or to show how people understood the meaning of love and that it doen’t matter if you’re black or white?

    The climax of my partner reading book was when Jeremiah was going to see Elisha parent. It reached its peak when Jeremiah was killed and he ended up never meating Ellie’s parent. The major events was when Jeremiah was killed and people were getting freaked out and worried , that’s when the tension started. The outcome of the climax was that everybody learn what most people go through.

  9. Keema T. I am reading “A Step From Heaven” by AN NA. I read a total of 25pages.

    QUOTE: You bitch,he snarl.You lying bitch.Who do you think you are lying to my face!….Apa grabs my hair and pulls me straight up.
    I think that Uhmma should call the police on Apa for abusing her child.No parent should call their child,nor any child that name.

    ?:Will Young Ju continue to see Amanda behind her parents back?

    I think the cilmax of the story was when , Youg Ju and her family moved to Mi GOOK. Another part of the cilmax is when Youg Ju begins to lie and just constanly lie.When Youg Ju gets caught lying and gets a majior beating.Some majior events are moving to MI GOOK, Leaving behind the grandma, Adapting to a new life.Also geting caught up in your lies.

  10. markos2015-i am reading 13 reasons why by jay asher today i finished the book with 12 pages.
    1.AUTH:if i was jay asher i would have made the reasons more serious.but the ending was very surprising.
    i think the climax was at the end of the book becuase like at page 279 or 278 hannah,i think, was saying how no one really cared about her. and if they did they would have saved her from killing herself. this was a major event becuase when she was just about to finish i thought she killed herself while they were listening.”i’m walking down the hall. her voice is clear. its louder. his door is closed nehind me. its staying closed. a puase. hes not comeing.i press my face hard against the bars. they feel like a vise tightening aagainst my skull the further i push.hes letting me go. the point behind my eyebrow is throbbing so hard,but i dont touch it.i dont rub it.i let it puond.i think ive made myself very clear,but no one’s stepping forward to stop me.”

  11. Janibell2015- I am reading This Is What I Did. I already finished the whole book. QUESTION: Why does Bruce always get into Logan’s bussiness? CS: If i were Logan, I would’ve called Child Services on Jack so that he wouldn’t live with the guilt of not doing anything to help out Bruce from his abusive father. The climax of the book is when Logan starts telling the reader about how Zyler’s father came home drunk and sexually assaulted Cami who was home with Zyler. The climax happened in the end of the book because Logan was building up suspense the whole time . The climax led Logan to find out about wha happened to Zyler after all these years. He found out that Zyler was in a permanent home and that Zyler’s dad was in jail.

  12. Its Katerin again and me and my partner are reading a new book named Behind You by Jaquline Woodson. I read up to page 28 and I already love this book.

    Note 1: As soon as I read page one in Behind You I fell inlove with the book. It talks about the way Jeremiah died but he died in peace. I like the way Jaqueline Woodson relates back to Central Park. She reminds the readers about Ellie and Jeremiah and their memories in Central Park. Also when she writes “shhh” in the book it shows the peace around the park.

    Note 2: Now that Jeremiah died everyone is now paying attention and everyone feels somewhat bad for what they did to him. Nelia,Jeremiah’s mom, was a writen and she stoped writing when he was born. Now that he is dead I think she is going to write about how she thinks their life should have been and their relationship.

    The climax for these two books is when Jeremiah died everyone is acting different and they finally realize that people do have a heart. Now Jeremiah’s soul is sapposely coming back and watching out. The book also mentions that everybody is loved and remembered.

  13. kdozier.13 reasons why.20pg

    1) now that she has 2 people to go who will be the most important reason why she died?

    2) she let all of these things happen tp her with out speaking out on her behave she just let people take advantage

    There is like a climax every chapter because it gets excited to find out what everybody had to do with her death and you just got to read and find out

  14. Hello it’s Rahrahwinkydinky! My book is called, A step from Heaven.

    I read a total of 20 last pages of my book.

    1) Why is Uhmma deciding to go back to Han Gook if Apa is going back?

    2) I think that Uhmma has it all wrong saying that this is all Young Ju’s fault, because she let Apa walk all over her and never stick up for herself.

    I think that the climax of my book is when Young Ju got in trouble for lying. The story reached it peak when Apa beat her and Uhmma. Somethings that happen is that Apa was pulling Young Ju by her hair and cursing at her, and then he had the nerve to kick her in the stomach. Then, he went to Uhmma and started to beat her up also in the kitchen while Young Ju was calling the police.

  15. Wussup its Naz again and I am reading This is What I Did and today I read 21 pages
    Note1:It seems to me that Jack really doesnt like Logan’s dad no matter how him and Logan get along its always going to be a issue between them two.”This is how the fight began between Jack and my father.” After the big blowout bang down crap crap crap crap crap double crap Dad wanted to know. Dad in my room on wednesday Scout Night: Logan why arent you not getting ready for scouts. I dont feel like going. Logan and his father was growing apart a little in that part of the story.
    Note2: Logan’s dad tends to baby him alot too much to its getting to the point when Logan is getting very tired of it. When Logan is being treated like this I know he feels uncomftorible and a little embarressed. I think Logan needs to express to his father how he feels about this situation.
    The story finally started to get interesting when every one first went camping with their friends and family that would also be the climax also.

  16. Hey guys DD2015! Tonight I just finished the book Before I Die. It was a very gloomy ending.
    1) Does Adam notice what he’s getting himself into?
    2) Tessa’s days in the real world is now over. She is now dead . I feel really sorry.

    I think the climax was when she had sex with Adam. She was so caught up with his cuteness. At first she thought he didn’t like her, but when he said “Tessa I really like you” that’s when the tension begun. It didn’t end until Tessa took her last breath. May Tessa R.I.P!

  17. My name is Adrian. I finish reading 13 R3asons Why. Today I read 28 pages.

    QUESTION: Did Bryce and Hannah have intercourse in the hot tub? I say this because of what she said.

    CHARACTER SHOES: If I were Clay I would go and find Bryce and beat him up so badly he would end up in the hospital because He fingered Hannah in the hot tub.

    The climax is towards the end of the book I think because it was the most interesting part. Although the book was interresting throughout. The book reaches its peak on page 260. I say this because the book gets tense and is getting closer to the 13th reason. The outcome of the Climax was very good but it didnt stop it keep going through the falling action. I FINISH MY BOOK!!! DID YOU MILADYS?????

  18. .kayla2015.i finished my book today

    ?_instead of hannah dying why didnt she try to talk to someone how it or confront the persom that was doing something to her

    OPINION_i think hannah should of never killed herself because she couldve still beeen alive if she just told an adult that she trusted. hannah didnt know that clay still had feelings for her neither.

    i dont think there is no climas because we are just listening to tapes. the major events was when hannah would tell the things that upset her in the tapes.

  19. Hi it’s Miladys and I read 40 pages.
    INF:Hannah said that she did not want to hurt her mom and dad by making it seem that she killed herself but she putting them through her death she only seem to care for herself.
    IMP: She push every one away but she siad she was indicating how she feel but she does not ,not to Clay , not to anyone.Clay said she did not only now is she , but she does this for reveng.
    The climax of this story is now she is telling us of her final hours and how much pain she is in. She is telling us how she can hear the music next door and how she cant drown the music out. How she planed to kill herself.

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