UNC POST – Wednesday May 5, 2010 — JEANS DAY TOMORROW!

Wear jeans tomorrow if you had no professional dress (or Monday jeans) violations!

Hi KIPPsters,

TOMORROW is JEANS DAY!! Please wear jeans tomorrow unless you had a dress code violation on Friday’s Professional Dress Day or on Monday.

Congratulations on completing day one of your state math test! From the looks of it, you all did an incredible job! In the spirit of accomplishment, let’s focus on the successes of our characters. Please carefully follow the Criteria for Success so that you do not end up with an incomplete homework tomorrow!


1. Username. Title of book.

2. Tonight I read _____ pages.

3. Note 1. (high quality — you don’t want to end up on the bench!)

4. Note 2.

5. Describe something that has gone well for your character. What is an accomplishment they have had in the book thus far? How did your character make that happen? If very few good things have happened so far, analyze why that is the case. Why hasn’t your character had any successes in the book yet?

Happy reading, happy blogging, and happy jeans day tomorrow!




29 thoughts on “UNC POST – Wednesday May 5, 2010 — JEANS DAY TOMORROW!

  1. My user name is jasonb2015. I’m reading “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins. Tonight, I read 22 pages.
    Note 1: (Inference) Katniss seems to doubt herself too much and while all the other Districts are being interviewed, her fear deepens. A major part in being victorious in the Hunger Games is having experience. Katniss has a lack of experience in the games so as confident.
    Note 2: (Symbol) Cinna is used as a symbol to represent a good established friendship with Katniss and hope that Cinna will be the one to help Katniss in the Hunger Games. Katniss totally trusts Cinna and knows that he’ll do everything in his hands to make her victorious in the games.
    My character, Katniss has accomplished already many things in her couple of days at the Capitol. For example, by the first looks of her costumes, the people were cheering on for her and loved her. All of this was of course created my Cinna, her stylist, but Katniss was the one who interacted with the audience, waving her hands and blowing kisses at them. Also, while showing her moves with the bow and arrow to the Gamemakers, she impressed them by shooting an arrow through an apple that was in a roasted pig’s mouth. She surprisingly received a high score though she did that with anger. Apparently, the Gamemakers seem to have liked Katniss’s strong and fierce attitude. She’s finally realizing how important and intense the Hunger Games are.

  2. The title of my book is The Lightning Thief. Tonight I read 50 pages. My first note is an inference. I can infer that Percy smells terrible and disgusting. He hadnt taken a bath in weeks and he is now on his way to Denver. My second note is a question. For Percy, is trying to kill Medusa worth doing? What are some affects when this happens? Percy is always fighting whether it was at school or anywhere. Somehow he wins most of the time. I think that its his sword that helps him overcome challenges.

  3. diamond2015. Before I Die by Jenny Downham. Tonight I read 45 pages.
    Note1: Does the morphine help with the slow dying process or does it speed up the process?(p.314)
    Note2: I can infer that Cal doesn’t want Tessa to go yet because he’s not ready to say good bye to her. He wants her to stay a little bit longer. (p.323)
    Tessa accomplished alot like having sex, saying yes to everything, doing drugs, driving and alot more. She accomplished these things because she had her friend Zoey to help her out, her dad , and Adam too. She took enough time to do each thing on her list.

  4. lourdes2015: I am currently reading The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I read 30 pages.
    Note1: Katniss meets a girl called Rue. She is from District 11. She and Katniss help each other and trust each other. Later, they begin to plan what to do to make the Careers weak. Her developing friendship with Rue rebuilds her trust.
    Note2: Katniss plans to attack the Careers knowing they were spoiled and never starved before. It’s clever how she uses a benefit in their lives againts them. Without their food supply, they will be helpless.
    One thing that has gone well for my character is that she impressed the audience and the Gamemakers. She won over the crowd with her personality. The Gamemakers were impressed by how she stuck out of all of the contestants. She stuck out and was the last one to preform.

  5. Angeline2015: The Hunger Games. Tonight, I read 80 pages.
    Note 1: question: What makes Katniss feel so sure to say she’s going to be the one chosen to die when theirs 24 other girls? (pg.104).
    Note 2: inference: I agree with Cinna and I think it would be unfair if they do something wrong to Katniss family. She shot the arrow into their “pig” by mistake and if they tell their family they would get in a lot of trouble.(pg.107).
    Something that has gone well for my character is that she has become more independent and believes in herself. She has learned how not to trust everyone and to do what her heart tell her to do. My character made this happen by thinking about her family and realizing that anything bad she does would affect her family.

  6. cristina2015-i am reading Kendra and tonight i have read 34 pages as my partner did.note1: i can predict that Kendra is going to end up like Adonna and at the beginning of the story she was kind, quiet, and shy ,but through out the book she starts to change a lot (page172) note2:i can infer that Kendra doesn’t want to be w. Nana because she is afraid that she is going to find out what she has been doing behind her back.(page172) i have notice that there are many things that are going out with my character. one is that Kendra is starting to change her way of being and her personality. another thing is that Renee her mom doesn’t want to see her because Kendra was mad and didn’t want to speak to her. she is also not being successful because she is changing and she is now more interested in boys because she use to be into designing.

  7. Hello I’m Orlando G 2015and i read the hunger games by Suzanne Collins tonight i read a total of 20 pages.tonight i read and i had 5 notes 2 of these were the following.
    INF) I think that Rue was the closest thing to a friend katniss had in the games she helped her through but katniss didn’t leave the scene before leaving she had had to kill the kid from district 1 by shooting an arrow right through his neck.He was feeling the pain after a while ouch.
    ??) why did katniss decide to take rue as her friend in a competition where you can trust no one it is a live or death situation.
    My character hasn’t been very successful because this is a very violent game and i don’t think that my character wants to be seen a lot in the games because its part of her strategy but i thought she was successful in killing the kid from district one .i think that was a really cool shot right to the neck.

  8. Josh2015 blog: Tonight I read a total of 50 pages. From 170 to 220.
    1. Will ATNYU MES GDERAN GOMEN MEPROUIM be translated later on in the book? I’m interested in what it means. Does it have a relation to Percy in some way?(p.171).
    2. Percy is trying to kill Medusa because she supposedly stole many statues. It is a good thing that he has ADD now he won’t pay “attention” to her eyes.(p.183).
    Percy has overcome many fears in the story. Most of them have to do with fighting. Percy has overcome all of them with the help of sword training. It has helped win most of the flag games.


  9. Julio2015: Hello! Today I read a total of 30 pages. My first note is a infrence note. Percy Jackson is on a train on his way to Denver, and he hasn’t taken a bath in weeks. Rick Riordan is representing Percy Jackson as a very eeire person. He does not take a shower because he’s a half-blood and doesn’t like the smell of himself. My second note is a question. Why is Annabeth confused on whether to love people or not? She is constantly confused on what to do. She doesn’t know if she love his father or not. She is doutful. She doesn’t know wheter to hate or to love. Something that has gone well in my book is Percy Jacksons attitude has gooten better. At the begininig of the book Percy could not deal with his problems because he had anger issues. Now he is giong to Denver. His emotions have changed over the course of the book.

    • Rick Riordan is using Percy Jackson as a representation. He thinks that Percy is getting or becoming better at his “job”. What I mean by job is being a half-blood. Being a half blood for Percy is a very challenging and hard thing to do. In my opinion Percy Jackson is a very eeire person. Even though he’s weird, and tense to do alot of unintelligent things, he is still trying hard to do whatt he does, and that is being a half-blood.

  10. I read 20 pages tonight and completed my partner goal for today. My first note is : I believe that Logan axtually cares for his life when something good happens.My second note is: Does Logan care for the people around him like his enviornment?He has accomplished some things but not to many like letting his feelings out a little more. I guess he felt that he wanted to say something so he just let it out like how i thought he should of always been. He has not yet grown to his fullest ability in my opinion. Logan only really wants to do other stuff like talk about people or just doing something selfish.He does acually see the pride in being able to do tasks that others cant do.

  11. JerickA.2015. The Lightinning Thief. Today i read 80 pages. Note1: What does it mean when it says, ” you summon the goddess with a spray gun”?. Note 2: What does the word immortal mean?. Something that has gotten well for my character is that he has overcome the biggest obstacles that he has faced. Also he has had a lot of self control and has kept his anger inside of him. One accomplishment they have had is that they havent argued a lot and have increase the violence issue. The way my character has made this happen is by him having self control over heavy obstacles he has been through and is going through. In my opinion i believe that a lot of good and bad things has happened in my book. My character hasn’t had success throughout the book because throughout the beginning of the book he had taken things as a joke and he had used a lot of bad things as solutions.

  12. Magaly2015.this is what i did.
    1 INF: i see ms. march had a really hard time having the kisd in order and listening to her. on page 146 it has a really funny part about her falling. 🙂
    2?:why did evryone just standed there and didnt do anything? i see only a few people moved around to help but they jsut left her on the floor. why?
    Logan seems to not be so shy and timid. He now talks more and when something goes wrong he makes a face or tells someone.i think he could do way better, he can step up to his bullies.

  13. s.brownie2015. Th1rteen R3asons Why
    Tonight I read 40 pages.
    Note 1: Most men think that women can’t drive or parallel park. This is probably what Jay Asher believes himself because of experience. This is probably why he created the character Jessica.(pg 242)
    Note 2: Hannah will kill herself after 1 more tape… so scary. I think many readers, at this point, have come to like Hannah *sobs*. On a serious note, listeners to her tapes feel more guilty thinking that she kills herself in a matter of recorded minutes.Or days.Or a week.

    Clay hasn’t had a successful point in the story yet. The whole time he listened to her tapes he was regretful for what he didn’t do.He never tried to move on from the lost cause of Hannah’s life when another girl is leading that same road, Skye.

  14. Today I read 35 pages of Before I Die by Jenny Downham.
    Note1: Does Tessa not see how sick she is? She thinks that the bird is there to tell her that her life is over but she keeps saying I am not ready. She is going to die and can’t do anything about it.
    Note2: Why does Tessa want her dad to leave and have Adam come? Tessa’s dad has been there more than Adam and loves Tessa for real.
    Tessa has accomplished a lot sex, drugs, saying yes to everything, and driving and more. Tessa didn’t do this alone she had Zoey’s, Adam’s and her dad’s help to accomplish all of this. Also Tessa stay or try’s to stay faithful to what she wants. What she wants though, is not always the best but at least she sticks to her plans.

  15. emanie2015. the lightning theif. rick riordan. today i rea total of 75 pages (we were far behind so we had to read a whole lot.=]) note1: I think that dylexia can change the way you read annd write because… “To me it looked like ATNYU MES GDERAN GOMEN MEPROUIM. she loves to read so much that id forgotten she was dylexic too. grover translated aunty ems garden gnome emporium”(pg.171) i think that dylexia can chang alot about you and how you read and write. note 2. i dont think they had to connfuse the lady and tell her that they are orphans because the ruth is that they are probably going to find out some time that they are not orphans and they are most likely going to get in trouble. “there ummm… annabeth started to say were orphans i said. orphans?? the women said. but my dear! surely not!” I believe that they are just playing with her because then they try tochange the conversation and say “is that food i smell.” adding on to waht gianni said about Posiedon being his real father, is that he also relized it because in the book it explained hoe they realized that was his father because they gave him a gift and they relized that he was the one. “‘Percy, thats a gift from yor father. ive kept it for years not knowing you were who i was waiting for. but the prophecy is clear to me now. you are the one”(page. 153) tis shows how he has not really figured out who was his real father until he got a gift and he realized that he was the one. bye im outtah here i have to study =]

  16. kaylap2015.Today i read 37 pages of Before i Die. Note1:I would say that Tessa is trying not to make her brother feel bad while she is in the hospital because she is sick and she really cares about what her brother might say.Note2: I would say if Tessa dies that Adam might or will miss her because he really loves her and also they had sex for the second time and so that proves that they really love each other but also because they were really great friends before they started a relationship.I would say that Tessa did not accomplish anything because she was a follower..for example Zoey was the one who forced Tessa to have sex in the first place and now Zoey is waiting for a child in eight weeks so that proves that Zoey was no help at all to Tessa.

  17. Hello this is Elianny2015. Today i read 34 pages of Kendra. Note 1: I think that Kendra is really starting to be a whoe because she is sleeping with her aunts boy friend. Note 2: How is Adonna going to react when Kendra tells her that she is sleeping constintly with Nashawn? Kendra is getting herselfs in bad issues. I think that little good things have happened to her becuase she acts in such a wierd way than she did before . Renee is a big reason why Kendra is acting up so much. Renee clearly told Nana that she was not ready to take her. Kendra is very hurt ny this that she may just feel as though she needs to act up to get her attention and her love. Renee is what u call a bad parent. Renee is showing Kendra that she was basiclly a mistake that she didnt want and regrets. Not only is Kendra mad, but so is Kenny. Kenny has been there for Kendra for most her life and i would see how he would get mad about the women that carried her for 9 mounths say that about her and how she doesnt want her in her life, that she was all just a stupid one day thing. That she could just leave like that.

  18. Something that has helped my character is going to sound crazy but it has helped him and it was not listening to the professor he said not to go to hades because he cannot be trusted. But Percy did not listen but it helped him get his mom back from hades. The only reason my character accomplished this is because he mainly did not listen to his friends and other people he should really listen to. Percy has not had any success because he has had many problems in the past which effected his future.

  19. Genesis2015.If You Come Softly.Tonight I read 23 pages.My first note is a text to world connection:This part of the text can connect to the world today because like Jeremiah is thinking,there has been many bombs lately and he thinks that every week there will be a bomb.He also thinks about the whites and blacks that go to church(page 135).Today there are still some people trying to put bombs in busy areas, like in Hudson River or in Times Square etc.My second note is a character’s shoes note:If I were Jeremiah’s father I would understand that everyone is equal and there isn’t any race that is better than another one.Jeremiah explains that there isn’t more blacks than whites or more whites than blacks and I think that if everyone can belive in this then everyone would be able to make a change in the world that we live in.Something that has gone well for Ellie is that she has found who she truly loves.An accomplishment that she has made is that she has been spending more time with Jeremiah and they’ve both been thinking about eachother lately.Ellie made this happen by changing her attitude and always trying to make her imaginations come to life.

  20. Gianni2015. The Lightneing Thief.Rick Riordan. Tonight I read 20 pages. I think Percy sould have told somebody back at the camp that he was having those dreams and that he had no idea what to do because they might have been able to help him. I think that Annabeth is confused on weather to love her father or to hate him because he is always talking about how bad or inconveinent her arrival on his door steps was. An acomplishment in my book is that Percy finally figureed out that Posiedon was his real father. He made it happen because he showed how tough he was like his father and he was growing powers.

  21. Hello this is Argenis2015 and today I read 42 pages of Before I die. What I ended up reading was that she had sex with Adam ounce more. After that I read how Philippa ame to her houose and told her what she would be doing for the rest of her days . Infrence: adam, seems he will miss Tessa because he tells her he loves her multiple times. He also said that he was going to a University because of Tessa, he said that to remember her he will go to a University instead of staying home and wasting the fact that he met Tessa. Inf: Tessa wrote a letter to her dad and the letter explains what to do with the fact that Tessa is dying. For example she said she wanted to get burried in a place where next to it lived an oak tree. She also told him to buy lunch with the money that she had left over, to do whatever he wants to do even get drunk, but not to scare Cal. Some things that Tessa accomplished was finishing the list of things to do before she dies. Whaty let Tessa acomplish that was the fact that her best friend Zoey (the bad influence) helped her to do whatever she wished to do. While helping Tessa she met a guy named Scott that she loved and had her first baby with. In Tessas dream Zoey decides to name the baby Lauren Tessa Walkers.

  22. sammy2015: I am reading If You Come Softly by Jacqueline Woodson. I read 23 pages. Note 1 (T-W): There has been bombings in the black churches. Jeremiah says there has been bombings recently. This is like what happend in Time Square. There was a bomb in a car that was triggered by a man from Pakistan. Blacks are attacked in the novel and the U.S is attacked here in the real world. Note 2 (Prediction): I think because of Marion’s judgement, Ellie may start to judge her relationship with Jeremiah. Marion may possibly be the reason/cause of their possible break up. I hope Ellie and Jeremiah don;t end their relationship just because of Marion but I will eventually find out what will happen when I keep on reading. Something mainly that has happend to my character, Ellie, is kissing Jeremiah. It has been non-stop mentioned in the book. Jeremiah has had to deal with his father. His father leaves commonly and sometimes just leaves a note. He is still okay but from my perspective, I would be very sad if my dad constantly left but somewhere far. Ellie hasn’t had much of an accomplishment and neither has Jeremiah but they do have problems they deal with. I think the success that they will have may most likely happen at the end of the novel. To me, I think it may be that they end up together. I’m almost done with my book.

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