PACE Post Wednesday May 5, 2010 — JEANS DAY TOMORROW!


It's the first Thursday of the month tomorrow, which means... JEANS DAY! (Please wear jeans if you had no violations of dress code on Friday and Monday!)

Hi KIPPsters,

TOMORROW is JEANS DAY!! Please wear jeans tomorrow unless you had a dress code violation on Friday’s Professional Dress Day or on Monday.

Congratulations on completing day one of your state math test! From the looks of it, you all did an incredible job! In the spirit of accomplishment, let’s focus on the successes of our characters. Please carefully follow the Criteria for Success so that you do not end up with an incomplete homework tomorrow!


1. Username. Title of book.

2. Tonight I read _____ pages.

3. Note 1. (high quality — you don’t want to end up on the bench!)

4. Note 2.

5. Describe something that has gone well for your character. What is an accomplishment they have had in the book thus far? How did your character make that happen? If very few good things have happened so far, analyze why that is the case. Why hasn’t your character had any successes in the book yet?

Happy reading, happy blogging, and happy jeans day tomorrow!




22 thoughts on “PACE Post Wednesday May 5, 2010 — JEANS DAY TOMORROW!

  1. Hellow this Deion and tonight I read a total of 20 pages.

    Note 1: I like how Latoya beliveves she could become a millionaire from the age of 12 and 20 years old. She is always setting high standards for herself, and Im the same way most of the time.

    Note 2: So Janice the diary Latoya is always writting in is getting published. This could be a good thing and a bad thing depending on how the people she wrote about wil take it. But it could be a good thing because she could make some real money off her sellings.

    So far in the book my main character Latoya has pretty much accomplished alot. Well the first thing I could start off with is that she has finally came out of her shell that her parents kept her in for ass long as they can. Latoya is also getting her diary published and is going to be part of brothers wedding (bridemate). To be onest I think that Latoya accomplished these important and succesful events by being her self, doing what she wants todo, and taking chances.

  2. Today i read 20 pages of Behind You by Jacqueline Woodson.

    Note 1: i can predict that Jeremiah didn’t like the attention that people gave him when they saw that he was dead. he probably felt like this because he didn’t want so many attention just because he was dead.
    Note 2: If I were Jeremiah’s grandmother i wouldn’t keep crying because Jeremiah is in a better place now and he’s stress free. She should think of what he’ll want if he were alive, which would be to not cry.

    One thing that has gone right for Ellie was that she got accepted to college. There really wasn’t an accomplishment since the love of her life died. She has cried and cried just thinking about their memories. Shes stuck right now in life because she doesn’t know how to move on. Ellie wasn’t able to tell her parents about Jeremiah because she was scared, but there’s nothing to be scared about because of his death so she decides to tell them.

  3. This is angely2015 tonight I read 47 pages of the Hunger Games.

    Note1: I think that katniss is letting the wrong people get to her because Peeta is doing a lot of things to her in order to win the games witch Katniss is letting that pull her away from wining the games. I also think that everything that Peeta is doing to katniss, she will find out, but by knowing Katniss in the book she will forgive him because Katniss will “understand” that he did it in order to win the games.

    Note2: I honestly think that Peeta is going to win because with all the trick and acts like something he’s not is going to get to Katniss, and make her not win the games, but he would feel bad too.

    I think that Katniss and Peeta have made a huge accomplishment by just surviving basically not knowing who to trust. My character has made it happen because she has had experiences on her life that have helped her throughout the Hunter Games. I also think that Katniss hasn’t mad e a lot of success in this book because of a theme in the book, which is trust.

  4. The title of my book is 13 reasons why. tonight I read to page 246.
    Note: When Hannah and Clay started talking at the party, he was probably drunk so he doesn’t remember but had wished he had. He noticed after Hannnahs death and listening to the tapes that Hannah had showed many of those signs.
    Note 2: Who were the names of the two people in the room W| Hannah , and why hadn’t she told us who they were at the beginning!?
    Something that has gone well for my character is his reaction to the tapes, and he is realizing that he did majorly affect her death but not as bad ass some of the others who displayed horribly acts. The acts were always kept a secret. An accomplishment was answering his own questions about Hannah and looking at people differently . He did this because of the tapes . Not many good things have happened to Clay Jensen because he practically lost the only girl that mattered to him and his voice haunts her.

  5. Today I read 20 pages(finished book).I read This Is What I Did by Ann Dee Ellis.
    Note1:I think that Logan is starting to grow up and actually not be afraid to actually speak to girls without being scared.(INF)
    Note2:I think that logan is now mature enough to speak up for himself without being shy because when Logan would try and talk to a girl, he would get very shy and scared. When the bullies come, he would let take advantege of him so he would feel scared.
    To me, one thing i would say went well for the character his Logan not being afraid to speak up for himself. I think it was a big step improving for the character because now the bullies can’t take full advantege over him because he know speaks up for himself.

  6. hey is me again kimberly ,The Diary of Latoya Hunter and this night i read 25 pages .well to tell you something Latoya lost her best neigbor she ever had in the Bronx . Also she cant really fouces in her education because she has that in her mind because she knew that he was the most inccent and she knew that he would never do something wrong to hurt anybody in the street and that also he did not have any prblem with drug use or owing money to any gang members so, then was the reason why he got killed ?i would also say that Latoyas mother should care more about people then what she cares about her self .Forexample she should of donate money if she really did care about the neigbor. Well guys lets see what gonna happen next hahahah

  7. IsraelP2015- Tonight I read a total of 36 pages of my book 13 Reasons Why.
    (INF) clay has just thought about how he could’ve prevented Hannah’s death by maybe giving her more attention.
    (INF) I think clay feels as if he should’ve been a better friend and provoked this incident from happening. Because now that it’s too late clay feels as if now he stuck and he can’t do anything to change it.
    (THEME) I think friends feel as if they have to help their friends when their in need. They feel as if it were an obligation to help them.
    (TTW) I connect this to another book I read called The Outsiders where there was a character and one of his best friends had issues with his family because of his parent’s consistent fighting, and Pony boy would always find ways to comfort him of find ways to make him feel as if he were not alone.
    One thing that has gone well for my main character Clay so far is that she wasn’t in the tape that Hannah made for her death. This makes him feel better because even though he tried to help but it didn’t completely work. He still knows that Hannah recognized that he was a true friend.

  8. Tonight, I read 16 pages of the book This Is What I Did by Ann Dee Ellis.

    Note 1: I think that Logan told his parents that he didnt want to move because of Zyler’s @ home issue. Maybe Logan was to late because his parents still continued to move to judge street. -pg 110 (INF)

    Note 2: What if Logan would’ve told ahead of time? Would they have still moved? Or would they stay to prevent Zyler from getting abused? -pg 110 (Question)

    One thing that has been going good for Logan is his relationship with Laurel. I think that they will end up being a great couple soon. I think thats really the only thing going good for him. I think that if Logan decides to speak up and say something about how he feels or what he hates, or something, there might just be more good things going for him. He might actually get respected by people like Bruce or even the popular girls. He should give it a shot. I hope he does but the only way to find out is to keep on reading =]. Goodnight, Bloggers =]

  9. Tonight I read 46 pages on The Hunger Games.

    Note1:(INF) I think that Katniss is falling for the wrong person.She says that kind people are easy to crawl into her heart.It seems that Peeta is doing a lot of things behind her back and she’s still falling for him.If I were him I would think of all the bad things I did.

    Note2:(PRE) I predict that Katniss would finally find out the truth.She would finally find out that he isn’t the person he really is.If I were her I would feel that he betrayed me and he wasn’t the right person.

    One big accomplishment for Katniss was being able to survive.Even though she always gets tricked into doing something or does something she’s not supposed to be doing she still made it far.Peeta really messed up their relationship because he took advantage of a friend.I dont think they will trust each other even if they’re in the same team.

  10. Arsthly2015: Behind You by Jacqueline Woodson

    Tonight, I read 32 pages.

    Note1: Woodson wants to continue the story, so that we can see how Jeremiah’s death affected his family, and friends.

    Note2: The point of view in this book is 1st person, but since there is more than one person talking in 1st person, it is 1st person omniscient.

    Well, in this book none of the characters had any successes because they are all depressed that Jeremiah died. In the last book I read, the protagonist did successes in trying to show her parents that dating/ liking a black person are not wrong. She, Ellie, makes them change there mind about racism. She made this happen by convincing that Jeremiah is not a bad person.

  11. Today I read 30 pages of This Is What I Did by Ann Dee Ellis.

    Note1: Why didn’t Zyler tell Logan,his best friend, about his reason that he moved? I think that him not telling was a good idea and not a good idea. I think this because it kind of makes Logan suspicious about why Zyler moved, and it is wrong because he beat his dad with a bat really badly and that isn’t right,if he wanted to defend his sister he could’ve just expressed himself with words not by nearly killing his father with a bat.

    Note2: I think that Logan is getting more defensive because it seems like the bullies don’t really mess with him much anymore. I think that is a good thing because he is speaking his mind and not being afraid to defend himself. This will make Logan a stronger boy (young man:))and a stronger character.

    Logan has accomplished one big thing, shyness. He isn’t very shy anymore and he is more social. Before, when I first started this book he rarely spoke and was always shy to speak his mind or talk to girls,especially girls that he liked. It is a major improvement on Logan’s personality which is once again, a great thing for him.

  12. marièn2015 : Tonight i have compleated 40 pages from 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher .

    Note #1: INF : Clay has just thought about how he could have tried harder to try to prevent Hannah’s life from going so bad . He did try to , but Hannah pushed him away which makes him think that he should have tried harder.

    Note #2 : Pre – I predict that Clay will become verry verry verry paranoied after this thought because he will blame himself for Hannah’s death.

    One thing so far that has happened so far to CLay throught the story is that he hasent been really blamed for thomthing that caused Hannah’s death. In other words , his tape is not as cruel as the others. I think that Clay did not really cause this to happen . He was just being a bad person . I think that verry few good things have happened to Clay because he is not nesserly the main character of the book.

  13. ae2015: Tonight my book got interesting so I read 54 pges (This message is for Edwin: Read to page 344).

    Note 1: I am not liking the way that Peeta continues to act like the innocent person I believe he is not. He treats Katniss like the world that they are in is completely normal. I also don’t like the fact that Katniss can’t open her eyes to realize who the real Peeta is.

    Note 2: I love the way that the author has written certain parts of the novel because they really speak to me. For example, on page 303 the first line says “Every cell in my body wants me to dig into the stew and cram it…” This is a very peculiar way to say something which is why this line stands out so much.

    A big accomplishment for Katniss is probably being this far into the Hunger Games because it takes alot of perserverance and determination to get to where she has gotten in these terrifying games. Many have died and still many more will die, but she is still standing.

  14. Gabriel2015: This is What I Did by Ann Dee Ellis

    Tonight i read 12 pages (finished the book)

    Note 1: I believe that Zyler didn’t tell Logan where he was going because he was afraid that Logan would tell the police where he was and he didn’t want that to happen.

    Note 2: I think that ever since Zyler ever left that Logan began to make better decisions for himself and to help others that are in need of it.

    I know one accomplishment that Logan has made in the book is that he made better decisions for himself. I believe that Logan hasn’t been as succesful as he should’ve been he hung onto to Zyler a bit too much. Although, Logan has made some good accomplishments.

  15. Zariah2015. Behind You. tonight I read 32 pages.
    note1: why does it seem like everybody is trying to forget about Miah?
    note2: Ellie really loves Miah, so i think it will be hard for her to start dating or seeing any other boy.
    One accomplishment that Ellie made was to let her parents see Miah. Although her choice was too late, they still got to see her true love. Miah’s mother came out and told why she stopped writting books.

    • Zariah you should try and add another note or something just to be safe so you wont be on bench just looks too short 😦

  16. The title of my book is called A Step from Heaven. tonight i finished my entire book and it was good.

    Note1:Uhmma has bruses on her eye and on her back.Young Ju asked what happened but Uhmma did nog respond because she was too embarrased.

    Note2:The school has called Young Ju’s home and said that her brother Joon was not in school or he was tardy for 16 consecutative days.Young Ju told them that she doesnt klnow where he could have went because she always drops him off.

    An acconplishment for Young Ju is that she is now embracing the american life and ways even though she still misses her home in korea.Young Ju made this happen because she thought that she was going to be here for the rest of her life,so why not get used to living in america and speakingEnglish.

  17. Jalisa2015:The tile of my book is called A Step from Heaven.Tonight I read a total of 30 pages.
    Note1:Uhmma has a booze around her eyes now, Young Ju she really has fear that something danger had has happen to Uhmma.This is why, i thinks kids shouldn’t not be around when there are family situation going on it could be kind of seriously.

    Note2:Sometimes we think that hard things would never come to life but that is not true.We will always as we are trying to grow we need to make mistakes in life so therefore, we can learn form our mistake this is what Anna the author of A Step form Heaven is telling us.
    Something that has got well in my Young Ju is that she has change a lot in life because she has learn a lot from her mistake.Good things has happen because she has grown up and learn all her things in life as a challenge by leaving Korea-to America.My character has been successful in life as a child.

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