PACE Post – Tuesday May 4, 2010

A few members of PACE (and one in UNC) dressed like characters from The Outsiders

Hi KIPPsters!

It’s back to posting on the blog today. You guys did a great job posting the lines you loved over the weekend. I was extremely impressed with your citation analysis (analyzing quotes from stories). Very high level work and extremely critical thinking, good job! Today, return to the ideas you discussed with your partner in class: characters and their mistakes.


1. Username. (If you are a Kayla, please include your last initial, just to help me keep track.) Title.

2. Today, I read _______ pages.

3. Note 1. (high quality, people!)

4. Note 2. (even higher quality, people!)

5. In what other books have you seen similar issues or problems? How did the characters handle those issues or problems in that book? In the same way? Differently? Be as specific as possible with details from both texts. (3-5 sentences please).

Happy blogging and happy reading!




25 thoughts on “PACE Post – Tuesday May 4, 2010

  1. jm2015:I;m reading “Behind you”.Tonight i read 15 pages.Also i just started my book today,so i haven’t reached the major parts in my book.
    (note1)Question:Why does it seems like everyone is acting like Jeremiah never exist?
    (note2)Character shoes: If i was Jeremiah’s soul i would feel like im being left out because it seems like ever since he died every thing changed.Ellie acts like he was never on Earth.It’s just hard to see that once someone dies every thing changes.
    I’ve seen this problem in many of the realistic fiction books that i have read about young teenagers when they die.The characters handled the problem in the book by ignoring them and pretending as if there was no such human like that that ever existed.They handled the problem differently in some books.In some books they actually care about the person who died.In others they just make it seem as if that person was never created on the Earth.I believe that both ways actually depend on how you feel toward that person,but still you should care because that’s one less life on Earth.

  2. Freddy p2015 today i had to read about 68 pages. NOTE1: why does hannah let rumors and bad (negative things) always get to her? To answer this quesstion she does this because it happends all the time and people dont like to talk to her. NOTE2: i coujld connect this part of the book to the movie bully were a kid is being bullied to death. This still happends today in the world were kids are being bullied by rumors for no reason. I have seen this issue in the world but never in a book. I have seen this issjuje of being bullied to death in the news, newspaper, and on a computer. These people and hannah had the same issue and the same outcome. KIlling themselfs. This issue in my book should be spread to teah a lesson for no more bullying. THANK U

  3. Angley2015, today I read 45 pages of Hunger Games.

    Note1: I think that a theme that the author is trying to show in the book is that u shouldn’t take advantage of what you have now, because then in the future the world that you live in today will be gone if we don’t take care of it now, also because the book takes place in the future.

    Note2: why does Katniss treat Peeta with so much respect knowing she will be ordered to kill him so in one of the games?
    I think that I’ve never seen this issue in a book, but something similar. I think that it’s similar to a book I read about survival, and learning who to trust and when to trust them. I also think that they both handled it I a very different way because in some cause it wasn’t the same thing, because this book is you being forced to do but in the other book it was an accident. Witch also influences their thoughts and actions.

  4. marien2015 : Tonight I compleated 36 pages from 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher .

    Note #1 : INF – While Hannah was on her date with Marus , he started to secually harras her by touching her leg . Even though she was verry uncomfturbul , Hannah can bearly get enything out of her mouth.

    Note #2 : Pre – I predict that Marcus will try to fourse Hannah to have sex even though she obviouly does not want to . I also predict that no one aroumd them will try to stop Marcus.

    Another book that i have seen the issue about sex is in Before I Die. What happens is that the main character meets a quy in a club at the first time nd he takes her to his house . She handeld the issue diffrently because she actioly did lose her vergenity to him.

  5. Hi people! I’m reading The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I read 35 pages.
    Note1- Katniss is like Ponyboy. She is smart and is willing to do anything to survive. She is strong and will most likely be sucessful.
    Note2-Peeta and Katniss’s relationship is growing,but it’s growing on a base of distrust,which might break the foundation of the friendship.
    In the Outsiders, I have seen a struggle to survive. This is also present in Hunger Games. Of course, in the Hunger Games, the will to live is more apparent and needed in the games.

  6. Arsthly2015: If You Come Softly by Jacqueline Woodson
    Tonight, I read 48 pages.

    Note1: Ellie doesn’t like to talk to Marion because she does not trust her, and she will not understand why Ellie likes Miah.

    Note2: “Prefect love”- Anne tells Ellie about “perfect love” and Ellie think that she will find this with Jeremiah, but she still doesn’t understand “love”, and she doesn’t know what might happen to their relationship.

    The issue with not trusting someone comes up in many books. One book that I have read that includes this issues is Deadline by Chris Crutcher (this book is not the schools, it is my book). It has to do with a boy named Ben Wolf who does not trust his friends after a very serious accident. These characters did not handle the issues well. They keep having fear and not wanting to talk, this ending in the families/ friends not being supportive after trying so hard. It was a little different in If You Come Softly because of why she didn’t trust her mother.

  7. I read 21 pages of This Is What I Did by Ann Dee Ellis.

    Note 1: I think that Logan’s parents knew about Zyler’s issue at home. Logan’s parents treated Zyler better and even let Zyler come to their house anytime he wanted and let him eat what he wanted. (INF) pg. 87

    Note 2: If Logan’s parents knew about Zyler’s dad, why would they move away from where Zyler was or turn Zyler’s dad in? (Question) pg. 87

    I feel like I have seen similar abuse in I Hadn’t Meant to Tell You This by Jacqueline Woodson. The only big difference is that Lena was sexually abused and Zyler was beaten. They were both abused by their fathers and both seem to have only fathers. I don’t really know where the mother figure for Zyler is,but I remember that Lena’s mom in the story died from cancer. I dont know if Zyler decides to do the same thing as Lena, run away, but i guess ill have to keep reading to find out. Goodnight, bloggers =]

  8. jm2015:Tonight i read 12 pages. i finished my book.I was reading if you come softly
    (note1)INF:Jeremiah and Ellie relationship seems to be getting intense and more serious as the book comes to an end.I noticed that Jeremiah and Ellie are taking step by step in their relationship that almost seems like a perfect relationship.
    (note2)INF: Ellie and Jeremiah a are very serious about their relationship.Unlike Jeremiah and Ellie’s relationship they take their time with their relationship.Any other relationship they talk for a while and then want to have sex.
    I’ve seen this problem in books like promise ring.This wasn’t really a issue it was a better way to handle these type of situations they handle it very mature. In previous books this situations was worst.Also Ellie and Jeremiah’s relationship is how every relationship should be careful.

  9. jm2015:tonight i read 12 pages i finished my book.
    (note1)INF:Jeremiah and Ellie relationship seems to be getting intense and more serious as the book comes to an end.I noticed that Jeremiah and Ellie are taking step by step in their relationship that almost seems like a perfect relationship.
    (note2)INF: Ellie and Jeremiah a are very serious about their relationship.Unlike Jeremiah and Ellie’s relationship they take their time with their relationship.Any other relationship they talk for a while and then want to have sex.
    I’ve seen this problem in books like promise ring.This wasn’t really a issue it was a better way to handle these type of situations they handle it very mature. In previous books this situations was worst.Also Ellie and Jeremiah’s relationship is how every relationship should be careful.

  10. Tonight I read 46 pages of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

    Note1:(INF)I think that Peeta is a spy or doing something behind Katnis’s back because the way he’s starting to act.He hasn’t eaten in days,and is beginning to act really weird.Peeta knew Katniss for a while and could just be acting like this to get information out of her.

    Note2:(PRE)Katniss is beginning to keep a close eye on Peeta.He’s not showing up, and no one knows where he is.What is he doing ? This is making him more suspicious,and Katniss might find out something she’s not supposed to know.What could happen if she finds him doing something wrong ?

    I seen similar issues in the book The Giver because they both have a really weird community and there’s one person who notices these things are wrong and shouldn’t be happening.In The Giver he runs away and tries to hide himself because he doesn’t want to live in a commuity where things like this happen. In The Hunger Games, Katniss feels like it’s not right because she knows everyone that goes to the games has to die.It’s really hard to survive because poverty and the struggles to get food.

  11. Gabriel2015: This is What I Did by Ann Dee Ellis

    Tonight I read 20 pages

    Note 1: (Opinion) I do not like how Ann Dee Ellis made the plot of this novel because she wrote it as everything in this novel is sarcastic and a person can not really connect to this because bullying does not happen to everyone and the style of writing is not the best either.

    Note 2: (Character’s shoes) If i were Logan i would let Zyler go and not to keep in my mind so much because he is letting the absence of Zyler take over his life.

    I have also seen this issue in the Outsiders. The same way the Johny lost a close friend, Logan also lost a close friend. Logan and Johny both somewhat hung on to the idea of losing a very close friend to them.

  12. Tonight I read 46 pages of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

    Note 1:Katniss has completely froze! Peeta is ger allie! This is CRAZY!!! How can Peeta be her ally????!!!!! He’s also wounded!!!!! Do you know what this means?? If you do tell me because I don’t know( just kidding). This means that Katniss is that much closer to discovering the truth behind Peeta. (pg.247)

    Note 2:Katniss is getting suspicious about Peeta. He has not been showing up. He is somewhat dissapearing. She asks herself what is going on. In my opinion, faith is just bringing her closer to realizing that Peeta is not really the person thta she belived him to be.

    Different / Similar: This novel is very different from other novels. The situation is very different. It somewhat relates to Th Giver and The Lottery which are two stories with very strange ways and themes. The Hunger Games is very similar to other novels because it has to do alot with friendship and trust.

    P.S. I really want that littke monster taken offf!!!!!!!

    • That monster is creaping me out. If you could please replace it with a nice picture of a flower, I would really appreate it.

  13. Tonight I read 20 pages of This Is What I Did.

    Note1: (Opinion) I dislike the way that Ann Dee Ellis chooses to narrate this book. I dislike this way of narration because it sometimes makes me confused and bored. Sometimes the narration makes the story seem uninteresting and boring,even though it is humorous, the book sometimes gets boring because it is like someone is talking from their brain. I don’t like that about this book.

    Note2: Why doesn’t Logan ever defend himself or Zyler, he should start doing that because the bullies are taking advantage of him not defending himself or his friends.

    This was a similar problem in another book I read called Halls Of Destruction, which was a book in a series that has to do with bullying. Kids were being bullied by a school gang because they were nerds, but at the end they got revenge on the bullies . I dont think that will happen with Logan.

  14. Today i read 40 pages and i met my partner goal and i am caught uo in my reading.
    Note1: Maybe what Logan is saying is that he has to create this specfic image in his head to help him settle down from some of the bullying problems he has to deal with.(INF)
    Note2:To me, it seems like Logan is facing some troubles in his life about what he likes and what he doesn’t like.
    I have actually seemed some of this text in other books like Captin Underpants or even Scorpian. This book handles some issues like bullying and trying to deal with the situation in your own hands. To me, it seems like Logan is trying to be tough and maybe even follow in Bruces, footsteps.

  15. Tonight Deion read a total of 30 pages of The Diary of Latoya Hunter.

    Note 1: When Rondah had her baby Latoya felt left out and I could relate because I feel the same way when my mother had my liltle brother and liltle sister.

    Note 2: “Slow down for family” is a line I love because it means alot to me since I have a huge family, and sometimes things could get ugly.

    I think A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is simlar to my book issues and problems because at a young age Latoya and Francie both had some really messed up struggles that they had to face.My character handled her issues and prblems by first writting in her diary. Then she tried to talk to her mother but her mom doesnt like talking about things like sex.And she finally findes a solution by talking to her “FRIEND” Dereck. But the funny thing is that they didnt handle their issues the same, because one has a diary to talk to and the other has mother that understands everything shes going through.

  16. Zariah2015. Tonight I actual finished of If You Come Softly.
    Note1:I think it is so nice that Miah is taking Ellie to meet his mother. I feel like if Miah could open up then Ellie can to.
    Note2:I can predict that Ellie & Nelia, Jeremiah’s mother, will continue to have a close relationship now that Miah is gone.
    I’ve seen this problem in The Outsiders, where a teen has been put in danger because of the way they look. The characters handle it much different in this case. They didnt go to violence as an answer. They seemed much calmer to me & they all came together. In The Outsiders, when Johnny died the first thing they wanted to do was fight the Socs. Neila, when she fiund out about miah, she called Ellie to inform ha and she was respectful about it.

  17. today i read a total of 19 pages of my book If You Come Softly.
    Note 1: i can predict that Jeremiah is very upset since Ellie told him that her parents might not accept him since hes black.
    Note 2: I like the way Nelia called Ellie to invite her to the family reunion without caring what people might say since her family is white, it shows that she really likes Ellie for who she is.
    Ive seen these issues in the book The Outsiders because theyre friends no matter what people say. in this book ellie and jeremiah are together eventhough Miah is black and Ellie is black. They solve it by meeting eachothers familys and getting to no one another more.

  18. IsraelP2015- today I read a total of 36 pages of my book 13 Reasons Why. NOTE 1- My prediction is that one day Ryan might end up in jail because of his behavior. Ryan has a bad habit of stealing things even if he may be innocent ”sometimes”. NOTE -What was Hannah’s poem about because it seemed as if she was worried that Ryan stole her poem and for her to be worried she must have had something that was secret? I’ve seen this issue in the book the outsiders there was a lot of confrontations where they stole something or did something wrong. The character handled the issue by running away from the cops and eventually getting shot down. The character handled it differently because the problem in the outsiders had to do with the police as for the book Im currently reading hasn’t gotten to the extent where the police have to get involved.

  19. Jalisa2015:The title of my book is called A Step from Heaven.Today I read 15 pages.
    Note1:Pastor Kim is going to talk to Young Ju and Joon of how their life’s has change and what they are going through, now that Joon has become taller enough to handle young Ju as his sister and Young Ju as her brother.
    Note2:The certificate that they gave to Young Ju at school is not a certificate of what we use now, as like something to earn as a scholarship.This certificate is something for Young Ju to study at home like a study sheet.
    In another book that I’ve seen this problem was in Feathers I think this issues were found.The characters in the book of Feathers they have handle these issues as working as a team and treating each other as family if they had a problem.This is the same because in the book of A Step from heaven that do the same thing when, they have issues in their families.As they work as teams they may be solving problems when they have hard times in families and friends.Sometimes this have may be Anna the author, of letting the readers solve their own issues.

  20. hey, today i read 35 pages,lets see.
    latoya has been a really bad girl .Forexample ,latoya is disrespecting her mother and father . also she having thies thoughts that she is not ready to be thinking like she is already thinking about sex and boyfriends .i think she needs to sit6 down with her mother and try to talk to her about this things .My second note is,latoya likes this boy named Derick and she has a really strong feeling for him and the only person that latoya tells her secerts to is Janice {her diary}.while taking her time to write in the diary she has been going through some bad thing like her best freend got shot and she told her diary the way she felt.This book is very similar to the auther JacqilineWoodson because this both authers make books about teenagers that are tuggling in life and that need time for their selfs and also somebody to listen to them.Their books are differently because latoya Hunter talks in a way that only their is one person specking their minds. Forexample,”Dear Janice,April 7,1990, i really have to tell you something my best friend just got shot what am i going to do”.

  21. my name is ashley , and the title of my book is 13 Reasons Why. Note 1:Clay Jenson thinks thqatn if Zach would of took the time and realize that taking Hannah’s notes out of her bag was hurting her and affected her in so much more of a way then he thought, then he would of hope he had been sympathetic toward Hannah if he would of of had known the thoughts that she was going through on the inside.
    Note2: Hannah’s parent’s became distant from her when they noticed that their store may run out of buisness if they built a mall. this made them more distant from her because it slowly mad them lose contact w| their daughter and they didnt know it . this caused suicidal thoughts.
    I have never seen a book for teens that talks about suiside thoughts but I have read a book about a girl almost killling herself. the main character in the bok handled the problem ny making a list. She also slowy checked off everything on her list to made herself back to normal well back from the thoughts of suicide.

  22. Tonight i read 32 pages in A step from Heaven.

    Note1: why is Apa beatinng Uhmma? If he beats her that is called abuse and he is abusing her physically.

    Note2: Apa is beating Uhmma beacause she was caught drunk driving and he said that is not a good exaple to set for her children.

    I’ve seen this in other books like Push because precious was being abused and raped.Precious had to face hardship when she found out that she had two kids by her father by force.The only thing that is different is that Uhmma is not being raped and she did not have children by her father.Uhmma and Precious are similar because they both had to deal with someone physically abusing them.

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