CAL Post – Tuesday May 4, 2010

A sleepy member of CAL... 🙂 DON'T fall asleep before you post tonight!

Hi KIPPsters!

It’s back to posting on the blog today. You guys did a great job posting the lines you loved over the weekend. I was extremely impressed with your citation analysis (analyzing quotes from stories). Very high level work and extremely critical thinking, good job! Today, return to the ideas you discussed with your partner in class: characters and their mistakes.


1. Username. (If you are a Kayla, please include your last initial, just to help me keep track.) Title.

2. Today, I read _______ pages.

3. Note 1. (high quality, people!)

4. Note 2. (even higher quality, people!)

5. In what other books have you seen similar issues or problems? How did the characters handle those issues or problems in that book? In the same way? Differently? Be as specific as possible with details from both texts. (3-5 sentences please).

Happy blogging and happy reading!




28 thoughts on “CAL Post – Tuesday May 4, 2010

  1. This is Rah-rah and I am reading, A step from Heaven. Today I read a total of 35 pages.

    1) Does Joon feel like he can do whatever and is more independent?

    2)I predict that Young Ju might not tell Apa and Uhmma about the school calling for Joon again.

    The issues in my book like lying i have seen a lot in many books that I read. They sometimes handle the situation eventually telling the truth at the end, or making their life better and learning from their mistakes. They normally handle their situations in the same way.

  2. suni2015- In tonight reading I read the book If you come Softly by Jacqueline Woodson. Today I read a total of 26 pages.

    Note 1: ??-Ellie is right would people always comment about Ellie and Jeremiah going out as a very bad idea because of their skin color?

    Note 2: INF- Maybe Marion is right Ellie was place in a strange place were everything is perfect for her and her new relationship with Jeremiah?

    I have seen similar issues like this in the book IHMTTYT. They handle those issues by ingnoring what the others says about them. Yes in the same way because Ellie and Jeremiah don’t care what the other people think about them.

  3. Janibell2015- Tonight i read 35 pages. Im reading This Is What I Did. INF: I think that Zyler was scared to report his dad to the police because he didn’t know who would take care of him. QUESTION: Why didn’t Logan’s parents call Child Services if they knew that Zyler’s dad was abusing him? I haven’t read a book like this one, but i know someone whoms parents were reported to Child Services. Unlike the book, this person was reported in time and it wasn’t so severe. In Zyler’s case, people are scared of his dad so they don’t dare to rat him out.

  4. krod2015.This Is What I Did.Ann Dee Ellis.tonight i read 25 pages.

    Note1: Character Shoes: If i were Logan, i would stop acting different even though he wants to be in a group. Logan has changed a lot, because now he’s getting into fights.

    Note2:Question: Does Mr.March want Logan to break out of his shy shell? In this book, Mr.March trys to make Logan feel better, by talking to him after a class, or after school.

    I think i have seen this problem in the book Feathers. In the book Feathers, the main character is kind of shy, and is always trying to be in a group that she really doesnt fet into. Feathers is like This Is What I Did are kind of the same book, with the same problem because the main characters both are shy, and always try to break out of it.

  5. Ola.O2015- Today I read up to my partner goal which is about 45 pages.
    Note 1: -AUT- The author exemplifies here that what Tessa does affects her with present consequences. When she is shoplifting she gets caught and now her dad is mad and trying to figure out what has gotten into her. And also unforntunately her actions are not excused because she is dying. (Even though I think they should)
    Note 2:-INF- I think that Tessa will keep going with her list but it will be on the safer side. I also think that Tessa will tell her Dad why she is doing what she is doing. Also, where is Adam and will Tessa give him back his jacket?
    So far I have not read a book where the protagonist is dying of cancer and is being careless. But, I have read stories where there are reported cases of shoplifting and drug use and even death of family. The characters handle these issues by making bad and hurtful choices like killing each other. This book is one of a kind because it has a different lesson and a different theme. 🙂

  6. leah2015 The Lightning Theif by Rick Riordan tonight i read 22 pages

    NOTE1: Are they in the 90s because Percy said he saw a billboard advertising a 1990s movie? (pg171)

    NOTE2:If i was with Grover, Annabeth, and Percy I’d listen to his idea of not going into the stranger’s house. Haven’t they herd of stranger danger, espically if you’re a half- blood?Besides they know that monsters are after them, even Grover said they were being watched.

    This has happened inother books, where the main character does something even though others are aganist it. Although it has happened in a different way.

  7. Hey guys DD2015. Tonight I read 45 pages of Before I Die.
    1) Tessa made the wrong choice of shoplifting. With her was her ” friend” Zoey.
    2) I think Zoey is a bad influence on Tessa. She criticizes her and tells her to do things she doesn’t want to do.
    I haven’t read a book who has problems that Tessa has. This is the first book I have ever read that had the protagonist has made so many wrong choices. I’m really surprised!

  8. kaylaT2015.i read a total of 93 pages.

    ?_ why was clay gettin mad at marus for not telling why he was on the tapes, because he was about to throw a rock at him and he called him a dick?

    INF_ another reason hannah killed herself was because of Courtney and she felt that she was just using her when they went to the party. I understand hannah because when she gives people chances they just take advantage of it.

    I never read a book about suicide. but this book is really good and interesting because it shows how little things can turn into bigger things that can lead to someone killing themselfs. I am wondering why she choose to do tapes. because she was very smart with cause she was talkin as if she were alive today.

  9. i read a total of 26 pages and im reading if i come softly.
    note1: ellisha and miah are trying to get to know each other by each other by asking each other alot of question.
    note2: does miah like ellie as much as she like him?

    miah and ellie relationship reminds me of the movie save the last dance because this couple was from two different worlds.

  10. kdozier2015.i read 13 reasons why. i read 25 pages.

    1) why would Tyler be so cruel to become a ” peeping tom” and watch hannah through his window?

    2) is Hannah baker one of the reasons why she died because its easy to blame people for your death? she said they were taking advantage of her but she never stood up for her self.

    one issues thats in my book that i see in other books is the though of suicide. kids think thats the easy way out of an issue. my character killed her self because people were taking advantage of her and she never said anything about it. no the other characters in other books dont actually commit it.

  11. Drizzy2015: I am read This is What I Did
    I read 23 pages today
    Note1: Some qaulity people in my book This is What I Did would be Dr Benson. Dr Benson is trying to help Logan with his problems and issues but chooses not to talk to him ,then as time went by Logan lighted up ”Finally I went Dr Benson for my second appointment, I was ready. Mom and Dad at first said that i did not have to go and I said Good! Then later I heard mom crying saying it was my fault.” I think Logan started to understand the help that he was being offered from other people and then took advantage of it.

    Note2:I think that Logans mother and father knew that Logan would be listening on to their conversation, so they wanted to try to make him feel bad so they could probably convince him that way to talk to Dr Benson. Maybe that is just how mom and dad felt about the whole situation that took place.

    I see these problems in other books because these are common issues that constantly happen. Sometimes it may involve divorce and and the kid thinking to his or her self that it is their fault while they parents are not getting along and probably want that divorce. Maybe based on the fact that they are not getting along or what would be best for the family.

  12. This is Katerin Villar and I am reading If You Come Softly by Jacqueline Woodson. I read up to page 130.

    Note 1: Why does it seem like Jeremiah and Ellie are getting distracted ? At this point they dont have class and they try to spend as much time as they can together. But it seems like they really dont know what to exatlly talk about.

    Note2: Since I am close to the end, I predict that Jeremiah and Ellie are going to end up not together. I say this because I think Jaqueline wrote this book to teach us that theirs not always happy endings. It also states “Unfortunately,to others, the only thing that matters is keeping them apart…”

    A book that reminds me of If You Come Softly is Feathers because they both have the same problems. They both have problems thnat deal with kids in the class lonlyness and rasiscm.

  13. Justin2015. I’m reading The Lighting Thief and read 41 pages.
    Note1: I think Percy doesn’t like Ares because he said he wouldn’t touch what he would touch.
    Note2: Annebeth thinks Grover is the bravest stayer because no other one would go to the undeworld.
    I saw this issue in Bones because one of them thought they were scared of everything but his brother said he was the only one who saved the girl to save their race.

  14. Keema .T. I am reading”A Step From Heaven” by AN NA. Iread a total of 35 pages.
    ?:Why does the acall the book “A Step From Heaven”?
    INF: Young Ju as a young child has lost of things she needs to face.To me even though she has to start a new life I don’t think she needs to lie. When she lies who is going to want to talk to her.

    I have read books with this type of issue..It was a partner reading novel in 6th grade , I forgot title.The main charcter is a foster child and she didnt want every one to make fun of her..
    I’ve also seen this in Movies like “ATL” the girl lies to T.I where she lives. She pertends to be a gehetto black gril who is from the hood. But she is really a black rich girl

  15. This is jbennett2015 and I’m reading If You Come Softly by Jacqueline Woodson. I read up to the last page because I just could not stop reading.

    1. Wouldn’t that be the question? Will that relationship last? What if something happened to Jeremiah or Ellie?

    2. I like how Ellie was able to get over Jeremiah’s death so quickly. Maybe it’s because she realized that holding on to the memory would only make her weaker.

    The only book I’ve heard of where the protagonist is dead is in The Lovely Bones and her family doesn’t take it as horribly as Jeremiah’s family. In the other book they mourn but mostly they try to figure out what really happened.

  16. Hi it’s Miladys and I read 47 pages.
    CE:Hannah got so deaspate that no one wrote her a note saying they like her hair she wrote herself a note saying she liked her new hair then pretened that someone wrote it. This shows how other opinons on you can effect you.
    TTS: I feel Clay’s pain… you never really care and know a person until they are dying or dead. I never really showed my grandfather that I really cared for him…maybe a little,but I did not really care until he was actually gone. 😦
    A book that is like this was the novel, New Moon. Bella went into a deep depression because she felt alone like Hannah. She felt like an outsider, with no one to turn to at times of need.

  17. ag2015. Th1rteen R3asons Why.
    Today, I read 35 pages.
    Note 1. What is Ryan going to do to find out more about her poem?
    Note 2. He gave a milkshake for free because realized that it looks like Clay is going through a lot of stuff his life.

    I haven’t seen these problems in other books so there aren’t differences or similarites. They had big problems and they handled them by killing themselves. Nothing in the same way or different.

  18. My name is Adrian. I read 36 pages tonight with Markos. We read read 13 R3asons Why.

    INF: I think Tony knows or is going to find out or knows that Clay stole his Walkman and is using it to play Hannah’s death tapes. pg.158

    INF: I think Zach’s friends dared him too because she wasn’t talking to anyone lately after the incident.

    I have seen these issues in the book HomeBoyz. The character handle it immaturely because they are teenagers. No, in a different way. When someone gets shot they seek revenge. And kills them.

  19. markos2015-i am reading 13 reasons why.i read with adrain and we read 36 pages.
    1.CT:as the people go hihger the reasons get worse.
    2.PRE:maybe the 13th reason why is the reason she died.
    another issue is the more names come up the more clay gets worried.he just stares at random things, like at rosies he just stared at his he hears the reasons what the others did he feel guilty becuase his might be very bad or very insulting to hannah.but maybe he feel ok becuase others might have been worse.

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