PACE Post – May 2, 2010 – Sunday Post

Hi KIPPsters!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! This is our first Sunday post as a whole class, and I am looking forward to seeing fantastic results and 100% completion of the blog homework. Please carefully follow the Criteria for Success.


1. Username. Title of book.

2. This weekend, I read a total of __________ pages. I completed/did not complete the pages for my partner book reading goal.

3. One of your best notes from the weekend: Either a great discussion question or a great inference.

4. Another of your best notes from the weekend.

5. A line you love from the book. Copy the line WORD FOR WORD. Be careful to properly spell and punctuate the line. Tell me the page number.

6. Explain why you chose that line. Be specific. Explain it in at least 4 sentences.

Happy Sunday, happy reading and happy blogging!




29 thoughts on “PACE Post – May 2, 2010 – Sunday Post

  1. Freddy p2015. This weekend i read a total number of 78 pages of my book, but i did not all the way meet my reading goal. I am off by about 10 pages.
    NOTE1: Tyler, the new character in my book i belivie is a very bad person. I think this because he was trying to take Hannah in a DARK ALLEY so most likely to rape her.
    NOTE2: I think tyler was a very bigg reason why Hannah killed herself because he did a lot of sexual things towards her, but the car poblem was even BIGGER.
    A line i love from my book is on page.144 “Anyway you left. You didnt storm out. Just called me a tease, loud enough for everyone to hear and then leave.”
    I like this line because it express the deep feelings of Hannah in a srcasted way but also very serious manner.

  2. The title of my book is A Step from Heaven. Over the weekend i read 34 pages and i met my reading goal.

    Note1: Young Ju is mad because joon got a balloon and she got a pink elephant that feels like cerealinside. She tried traiding with Joon but it didnt work because he got mad and started to cry.

    Note2:Joon’s balloon has flown away because him and Young Ju was fightimg over it.

    The line i love is “My ballon,Joon cries.I want my ballon!Uhmma grabs him and tries to lead hi m away.Joon puts both his hands on Uhmmas leg and pushes her back.He opens his mouth even bigger. want my balloon(pg.50).
    I love this line because its shows how angry Joon was when he lost his balloon and how much he wanted it back.

  3. My name is ashley and I read 180 pages. I met me and my partners goals. An inference I can infer one reason that Hannah probably included Courtney’s name in her tapes, because she felt that she was used as a friend by her and she definetly didn’t appreciate it .She thought it was unfair for her to be used to help her image as he nicest girl in school that wouldn’t hurt anyone. The second note is Clay is saying when Hannah noticed their was a peeping tom she should of had called the cops maybe it would of stopped the rumors and the snowball affect which led to her killing herself.
    My favorite quote in my book is “Anyone looking at that photo would definetly not be sharing our moment. They could not come close to imagining my thoughts in that picture. or Courtney’s. or Tyler’s” (page 124). I choose this line because it explains how most people don’t show their emotions and they try to hold it in. They try to hold it in so that no one knows how they are really feeling. But in the end they really end up hurting themselves. They just don’t know how much it helps to just express your feelings!

  4. Hi I am Samaiyah2015 and I’m reading Hunger Games. I read 100 pages and met my goal.
    Note 1-I think that the Capitol isfilled with uncivilized adults who have a blantant hate for kids. They hate them so much that they want to watch the children kill each other.
    Note2- Is the book the authors take on what will happen after the end of the world when society crumbles?
    Unfortunately aneli took the line that I though was amazingly deep. “Just remember Katniss, you want the adiuence to likeyou” it sounds like she is doing some kind of play or show. It doesn’t show the amount of brutality about to happen. The Hunger Games are like a show, but at others expense. Someone who wasn’t reading the book wouldn’t have suspected anything from that line in the book.

  5. marien2015 : This weekend i have compleated 108 pages from 13 Reasons Why . Fortunetly i have compleated the number of pages for partner reading .

    Note number one : Hannah has just cought her peeping tom while doing an act with a person that will later on be revieled on another tape. I think that instead of making am act , Hannah should have called the police.(pg:81)
    Note number two : Why does’nt Hannah want to reviel who her partner was right away?(pg:83)

    Line I love : “Because when you’re posed, you know someone’s watching. You put on your very best smile. You let your sweetest personality shine.” (Pg : 94)

    Why I chose this line : The main reason why I chose this line ia because usally when i think of the word pose I think of a picture . On the other hand , this line helps me understand how whn someone is fake , it’s like posing for a picture. Another reason why I love this line is because it has both short and long sentenses. Lastly , it helps me think of the people around me alone .

  6. IsraelP2015_! # 13 Reasons Why. This weekend I completed a total of 108 pages. I also had the opportunity to complete my partner reading goal. INF- Tyler is a very perverted guy. He believes as if Hannah is some type of toy that would just give her body to the whole world. QUESTION- why does Hannah even speak to these types of people when she knows what he wants? “When fifteen minutes is up you have my permission to order a shake. Because fifteen minutes is 10 minutes longer than it should even take to even the slowest person to walk here from school”. I like this line because this is piece of a tape, and the tape is basically telling him what to do and to follow every direction it even goes as far as timing him. The tape even says what type of smoothie to get.

  7. Angely2015. I am reading hunger games. This weekend I read 85 pages, and completed my reading goal.

    Note 1: I think that it was a big mistake shooting at the game makers, but I think they thought it was an accident that they will understand, on page 103.

    Note2: another inference I wrote was that she needs to worry about the hunger games, even though her family is important. I also want to know why she doubts that she isn’t going to win the hunter games, because all those negative thoughts are going to bring her down.

    The line I love <3:“What was I thinking shooting at the game makers? Of course I wasn’t, I was shooting ay the apple because I was so angry at being ignored. I was trying to kill one of them. If I were, they’d be dead.”

    Why: I choose this line because I like the way the character is acting. I think that when a character Is acting a certain way and then has a mood swing, is something that a reader should notice. I also think that her felling was something like being over dramatic over something that just happened, and the person knowing that it was an accident. I also think that the way she was acting after word was pretty suspicious to the game makers or the people around

  8. It also shows that Ellie is different from her family. it shows that she likes Jeremiah even if he is black.

  9. Zariah2015. If You Come Softly. This weekend I read a total of 114 pages and I met my partner goal.
    Note1: Ellie’s sister,Anne, racist because she told her it’s not a good idea that she like Jeremiah because he is black.
    Note2: I think a theme that might show up is racism because Ellie’s family doesn’t seem to like the fact that Jeremiah is black.
    “I mean, it makes you wonder: is it my hair…Or the melanin thing?” Pg.76. I like this line because Jeremiah understands why he was put in remedial history. He was put there because he is black and they think that most black people or dumb or don’t have any knowledge at all. But Jeremiah is actual smart. He is put in different classes from the white kids because of his skin color. It’s not fair that all black people are judged the same.

  10. This night I read 30 pages, well listen yah Latoya is freaking out about her freshmen year and every day of school something really interesting happens. Well let’s see Latoya as started to man up and face her own problems which leave her feeling the way she does. Already, Latoya is starting to collect ideas of her career and see the futures. Oh, and also Latoya also even named her dairy Janice that’s because the diary is so special .i think that Latoya is trying to teach teenagers how to see the reality of your way of living and our environment. Latoya is a very strong young adult because she saw a man that was calling her over and she was smart enough that she didn’t go because she started to brainstorm about how he would get her lock in a room and use her .Well that’s all my friends lets see what keeps on going.

  11. Gabriel2015: This Is What I Did by Ann Dee Ellis

    Over the weekend, I read 90 pages and I completed my reading goal.

    Note 1: I believe that Logan is scared to talk to Girls because he doesn’t have a lot of self confidence in himself beacause of how his life is going so far.

    Note 2: I predict that Logan will have a very embarassing time at scouts this time because Toby, Jack, Bruce, and Luke are not talking to him and they might plan something against him.

    “Dad: You can tell me anythinh…anything…”

    I like this quote a lot. I chose this quote because it shows me that I can share anything with my father. Also not even my father, but also my mother. This quote reminds me that i can share anything with my family and not to feel uncomfortable.

  12. This weekend I read 140 pages and I met my partner goal. I am reading Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

    Note 1: Katniss has now started to oberve carefully the way that Peeta is and his true personality. Her observations seem to be affecting the relationship between them which really makes me want to read more. (pg.96)

    Note 2: Katniss is saying in her mind that she is extremely happy because Peeta is alived. So far the Hunger Games haven’t caused pain to the person who Katniss seems to be in love with. How will his survival affect their relationship?(pg.157)

    Fave Line: “Just remember Katniss, you want the audience to like you.”

    Why it is my fave: This is one of my favorite lines because I am a big fan of good sportsmanship and this definetly show that a person is giving someone else a really good pep talk . I love the way that Katniss is being encouraged and I feel like this line is a line that she will remember when she is suffering in the Hunger Games.

  13. jm2015: i am reading if i come softly by Jacqueline Woodson. this weekend i read 114 pages.
    (note1)Inference:Ellie doesn’t like white boys with locks, but when she told her sister that she liked black boys her reaction changed.
    (note2) Inference: People around Jeremiah and Ellie believe that different races should not be going out because there was still a little bit of segregation at this time.
    A line i love is “Different from them.Different from a lot of people-black and white.” I like this line because it shows how people describe their selves during segregation times. Also this shows that every one is different and they are happy about what they are.Also all people are different and that’s what make them unique. All people are different and unique in their own ways.

  14. ShawnW:This Is What I Did by Ann Dee Ellis
    This weekend i read 55 pages and i am very close to meeting my partner goal.
    Note1:I think that maybe Logan and Laurel are talking in private so many people won’t make fun about what their talking about.(pg 51 INF)
    Note2:Why is Logan so worried about other people reading Laurel and Logan’s letters?(pg76 question)
    “So scouts was worse and Bruce and Toby and Luke laughed all the time because i’m crapstock and a molester, they said.I choose this comment because it shows how serious Logan takes this situation with Luke, Toby, and Bruce.

  15. This weekend I read 90 pages and I met my partner goal.
    Note1: I think that Logan didn’t need to run away because the effects after are worse. Besides, why couldn’t he just talk it out with Zyler, if that’s his best friend.(INF on PG 63)
    Note2: What is the reason Zyler kind of avoids telling Logan important things that “friends” should know? Is he afraid that it will ruin their relationship?(?tion on Pg90)

    Line I love: “I’m glad I did it because I will never be able to do it again”. I love this line because it shows that someone is grateful for doing something that they know they will probably not do again in their life.

  16. Arsthly2015: If You Come Softly by Jacqueline Woodson
    This weekend, I read 71 pages and I reached my partner reading goal.
    Note1: It seems like a big social issues in this book is racism because Miah and Ellie don’t seem to get approval for their relationship. The people around them seem racist and don’t want them to be together.
    Note2: The narration of the book changes in part 2. It seems like Jacqueline Woodson wants to tell the story of both if them together.
    “I mean, it makes you wonder: is it my hair…Or the melanin thing?” Pg.76.
    I chose this line because it shows that Miah Knows why hey put him in remedial class. It is because he is black and they think he is dumb because he is black. This shows that even when there is no more slavery, there are people who still think less of you because of you’re race. It also shows that Ellie is not like her family. She likes Jeremiah even if he is black, and Jeremiah sees that.

  17. This weekend I read 138 pgs and I met my partner reading goal.

    Note1:(PRE) I predict that Katniss will still trust Peeta during the hunger games.I think he will do something and trick her into giving him the things he need.He will use her to survive,but who will she trust in the games.If I were here i would not trust anyone, you never will know what things they might do.

    Note2:(INF) I think that it’s going to be hard for Peeta because everyone in the games is going to be suffering.It’s going ti be hard for her because she says its easy for kind people to easily crawl into her.This means that many people who are suffering can easily trick her into help.

    Line I Love: “For the first time I feel a flicker of hope rising up in me…hundreds of hands reach up to catch my kiss,as if it were a real and tangible thing.”
    I chose this line because it really shows how she felt.The author is very descriptive in what she writes.For example,when she describes the setting or what’s happening she always uses very descriptive language

  18. Adianis2015: I’m reading If You Come Softly by Jacqueline Woodson .
    This weekend i read a total of 114 pages and i met my partner reading goal.

    Note 1: I can predict that everytime it rains, Ellie gets reminded of the time when Marion left since she left on a rainy day .
    Note 2: ” I was the only kid still living at home and i was scared around her- careful ” – Why would Marion leave in the first place? She caused all that and now Ellie doesnt really trust her .

    Line I Love: If you come softly, as the wind within the trees. You may hear what i hear. See what sarrow sees. If you come as softly as lightly as threading dew, i would take you gladly, nor ask for more of you . – Pg 112.
    I chose these lines because Jeremiah said them specifically for Ellie to hear them . He said it because that was the first thing that popped to his head when Ellie told him about Marion’s leaving. He understands how she’s feeling and he’s trying to make her feel better with those lines that his mother told him when he was a child. Those lines really caught Ellie’s attention right away.

  19. ClarissaC2015 , This Is What I Did by Ann Dee Ellis . This weekend I read 30 pages. I think i exceeded what i was supposed to read because there was one part that was so exciting. Then the book started to make a little bit more sense.

    Note One: I feel that Logan and Zyler have a weird relationship because of a secret that hasn’t become out or because they both know something but don’t say much about it . – pg 39 (INF)

    Note Two: I don’t really think Logan needed a therapist. He’s not crazy, he just needed to learn to speak up and tell what he thought or saw. Not just run away from it like he did. – pg 50 (INF)

    Line I Love ♥ – He had a lot of “household accidents”:
    a broken arm.
    a broken collarbone.
    stitches eight times.
    a couple of black eyes.
    and bruises.

    Why Do I Love This Line ? ♥ – I love this line because its not in regular book formation. The author, Ann Dee Ellis, decided to scratch the traditional way to write a book, and made it look like a list. I also love the way Ann Dee Ellis shows sarcasm by putting quotation marks . I feel that this line is foreshadowing what the meaning of the book really is. The only way to find out is to keep reading 🙂

  20. Jalisa2015:The tile of my book is called A Step from Heaven.This weekend I read a total of 92 pages.I completed my partner goal.One of my best note of great inference is that I think that Young Ju and Joon are already getting along because they have share many things as siblings, also this help to care for each other in family members issues, like Young Ju had at the beginning with Joon her brother.Another of my best note was :Apa and Young Ju are waiting their number and the hope of getting in the Immigration Services. A line that I love from this book was:”Ever since Apa had to go four times to clear up some mistake with Joon’s Social Security number, he has become paranoid that people are trying to trick him.”(pg#87).I chose this line because it explain what the fear Apa and Young Ju are having in the Immigration Services.Also it tells the readers, what family can do and overcome all the hope and the fear, to migrate to another place.This has been awful for the two of them.Families always have care and love for each other.

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