CAL Post – May 2, 2010 – Sunday Post

Hi KIPPsters!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! This is our first Sunday post as a whole class, and I am looking forward to seeing fantastic results and 100% completion of the blog homework. Please carefully follow the Criteria for Success.


1. Username. Title of book.

2. This weekend, I read a total of __________ pages. I completed/did not complete the pages for my partner book reading goal.

3. One of your best notes from the weekend: Either a great discussion question or a great inference.

4. Another of your best notes from the weekend.

5. A line you love from the book. Copy the line WORD FOR WORD. Be careful to properly spell and punctuate the line. Tell me the page number.

6. Explain why you chose that line. Be specific. Explain it in at least 4 sentences.

Happy Sunday, happy reading and happy blogging!




21 thoughts on “CAL Post – May 2, 2010 – Sunday Post

  1. Krod2015: Im reading This is What I Did. This weekend i read 69 pages and i completed the goal. QUESTION: Why does Zyler love his dad so much if he hits him? INFERENCE: I think nobody trusts Logan with things because he is known to have problems. A line i love is “The six other guys, including you-know-whos, looked at me and at my rope”(pg47). I like this because the author shows voice in her writing. It shows how Logan knows that Bruce’s crew is jealous. The people in the scouts were surprised that Logan can do something like that. Logan showed that he isn’t as dumb as they think he is.

  2. Janibell2015- I am reading This Is What I Did. This weekend i read a total of 67 pages. Yes, i reached my reading goal. An inference i made was “I think Logan feels as if everything’s his fault because people always avoid him”. A question i had was “Why isn’t Bruce as tough during the fight as to when he’s bullying?” A line i love is “While we were in the waiting room Mack said: It’s a qood thing Logan was there”(pg36). I like this sentence because it shows how the relationshop the brothers had changed from then to now. Back then the twins used to love Logan, but now that he is depressed, they don’t really pay attention to him. I think that they don’t appreciate him as much as before.

  3. leah2015 The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan
    This weekend I read a total of 111pages. I did complete the goal.

    NOTE1:(pg118)I think that it is a very smart idea that th ey didn’t give the prisoners wepons.I also think that it is the right thing that they will not be gagged or killed on this special night.

    NOTE2:(pg78)Right now in my book a possible theme is starting to form, the theme isn’t clear yet though.But the theme is “Be true to your self,and the great pleassurs will appear in your life.

    “Number five was bright red- a real nasty paint job, as if the color had been splashed on with buckets and fists.”(pg81)

    Ilike this quote because,it has a lot of description in it and it’s not like a normal quote. Also it tells how the art at camp half-blood is showned. Like you don’t have to paint some thing one way, there are other ways to expressyour self.

  4. Over this weekend i read 60 pages in all. This weekends reading was enjoyable. I met my partners goal. A great guiding question that me and my partner had was how do the start of rumors lead to more rumors and hurt a person. One of my best note this weekend was that I think Taylor is crazy because he tried to rape Hannah Baker. I think he is a major reason why Hannah Baker killed herself.

    Jay Asher uses a lot of great lines. But my favorite line from what i read this weekend was the same as Fredricks on pg.144 ” Any way you left. You didn’t storm out. Just called me a tease, loud enough for everyone to hear and then leave”. I like this line because it gives me a sense of revenge because Taylor did the same to her. This is why its my favorite line.

  5. suni2015- Over the weekend I read the book If you come Softly by Jacqueline Woodson. I also read a total of 66 pages.

    Note 1: Why was Anne trying to tell Ellie that it isn’t a good idea to like a boy that has a different skin color from hers?

    Note 2: If I were Ellie I would feel really lucky because she and Jeremiah are very good partners since they have a lot of connections between them.

    One line that i really love is “But where were they-these black people who were just like us-who were equal to us? Why weren’t they playing golf with daddy on Saturday or quilting with Marion on Thursday night? Why weren’t they in our world, around us, a part of us? I like this line because it shows how Ellie feels about her surrounding. Also because she is curious how people don’t do things together with black people. She feels like life is unfair to them , like just because their skins is darker they get treated in another way. She also don’t understand why aren’t black people part of white people’s world.

  6. Ola2015- This weekend I read “Before I Die”, by Jenny Downham. This weekend I read up to my partner reading goal which is chapter 17.
    1) Discussion Question: Do you think that in Tessa’s mind she is scared of dying, why or why not? How does the list show that?
    2) Note: Tessa is out of control, why is she taking drugs!!? I think that she has the impression that she will die anyway. She shouldn’t think that. I also think the author has given a clear view of what Tessa feels. The list is basically now her agenda.
    A line that I love in the book is “Get back in the bloody car!” Adam shouts. “And get your feet off the bloody seat!” (pg.97)This is my favorite line so far because it shows the setting of the whole story. The word “Bloody” is a word that is commonly used by British people. That probably means that this story takes place in England. It also sounds funny!!!! 🙂 🙂

  7. my book is called The Lightning Thief. This weekend i read a total of 75 pages in total ,but i didn’t get to finish the total amount. One of my questions are that why are most of the teacher so protective and most horse half human?pages 75/76. another note is that i can connect to percy and rover because there have been other books that the main character has like a type of sidekick. so grover is Percy’s sidekick in the book. page 132. grover and i walk up to the front porch of the big house. I choose this quote because it shows how grover is going to be by Percy’s side almost the whole time, and i would say that he has been in the book by his side so far.

  8. kdozier2015.13 reasons why. This weekend I read 48 pages I not complete the partner book. One note I had while reading is that I think clay is jus going to listen to his name pops up and I think clay is reason number 13. Is Hannah baker going to be one of the reasons why she died because she took the pills and died? One of my favorite lines is I want to thank you for giving me my first kiss. I like it because that was her first love. She went through some thing she will go through for the rest of her life. But , she died and now she cant do it anymore.

  9. my name is shemar. i read a total of 66 pages.

    note1: why was Anne so suprized when he find out that jeremiah was black?

    note2theme: when ellie told anne jeremiah was black her attitude and interest in him change. her action lead me think anne she is stereotypical towards black people.
    “you were excited before. before i told he was he was black.”
    i love this line because ellie shows that despite their differences. ellie likes jeremiah and her family has to deal with it

  10. markos2015- i am reading 13 reasons why by jay asher i read 108 pages and i did reach my goal of 36 pages every day.
    1.INF: if hannah killed her self the police would already found out why she killed herself.
    2.INF:mysteries usually have like a girl or a boy find somethin or find out why a pet does this.but this is about murder and it has alot of suspens not like other mysteries.
    a line i loved from 13 reasons why is when hannah finished with alex.”guess what,tyler down? i found out? i lean back in my chair and close my eyes.i feel sorry for you,tyler.everyone else on these tapes,so far, must feel a little relieved.they came off as liers or jerks or insecure people lashing out at others. but your story,tyler… its kind of creepy.” i like this line becuase tyler is not normal he is really creepy. unlike justin or alex he is not a lier or a jerk. i also like this line becuase hannah even though she knows tyler is wierd she knows what he really wants.

  11. Keema. I am reading “A Step From Heaven” by AnNa. This weekend I read a total of 62 pages.I did meet my partner reading goal, but i read 2 pages a head to b exzat.
    NOTE:1:F.L: Uhmma says that lies smell worst than dead fish.
    NOTE:2:INF: Gomo’s english isn’t that great even though she lived in MI GOOK for many years.
    Line I Love: Uhmma says that in America even one penny should be saved.When Uhmma cought me throwing away a penny in the trash, she yelled Do you think the clerk would let me leave with the groceries when im one penny short?

    This is my favorte line b/c the clerk in most shops dont let yu go with out a penny. It is true every peenty should be saved even if your making a millions buckks>_

  12. Hi its kathy villar and i am reading If You Come Softly by Jacqueline Woodson.

    Note 1:I think Jeremiah dislikes the sophomore because as Peter talked to Kennedy he eyed him. By the describtion Jacqueline Woodson gave it seems like Jeremiah’s eyes gave a description of what Peter had said to Kennedy. Calling someone a superstar makes the other preson feel as like the work they’re doing doesn’t mean anything anymore.

    Note 2: Jeremiah’s grandmother always teaches Jeremiah good life lessons that i believe everyone should know. I like the way she says that change is a good thing because you dont always want to stay the same way. I also like how she compared it to the seasons.

    Quote: “Change is a good thing, his grandma used to say. Think of it like seasons. You don’t want to stay one way all your life and have moss grow under your toes”(pg65).

    I like the way he relates to his grandma and thinks about her when he has problems and thats something I would do. Even though she’s not with him in his heart he carries her somehow.Kennedy in another hand seems like he doesn’t care. As a friend, his responsibility is to care for the other.

  13. my name is kayla. i read a total of 47 pages. i completed my partner reading goal.

    INF: Tyler is the third reason why she killed herself. One time when Hannah was getting undressed with the window open and Tyler was watching her and started taking pictures of her.When Tyler is watching them he is getting horny.(pg.82)

    ?:If Hannah doesnt dislike Courtney then why is she apart of the reasons she killed her self?

    line i love ~” if you have seen those pictures, lucky you. Im sure they’re very sex. but as you know, they are very posed. posed. what an interesting word to sum up Courtney’s tale. because when you are posed, you know someone’s watching. you put on yoyr very best smile. you let your sweetest personality shine.”

    I like this line because it shows how fake courtney is.also it shows that Hannah is going to tell everyone how fake she is and all she’s doing is putting on a act.

  14. Justin2015. Iam reading The Lighting Thief. I read 45 pages this weekend. I completed the goal.
    Note1: Everytime Percy metions the gods names a thunder comes out and Mr. D said he would be less causal about throwing those names around.
    Inf1: The campers at Camp Half Blood were amaizsed to see Pecry because of what he did
    A line I love is that it said ” Annabeth sat at table six with a bunch of serious looking athletic kids, allwith her gray eyes and honey blond hair.(pg 103). I like this line because I gr to picture her sitting there. I can imagine how she looks sitting there. I can also imagine the serious kids sitting there. I can also guess that he likes her. It builds the scene.

  15. Hello kippsters and Ms. Stabroski had had a great weekend, I ended up finishing my book because I actually had nothing to do for the weekend.
    One of my first note for the weekendis a guiding question. My question is why did the author chose to write this book? Also another question is, through the novel why did Percy have mixed feeling about his dad?
    My second note is a retell. Through out the book Percy suffers with his understanding has to what life he is. The book consists of many characters that help him through his journey to return the lightning bolt of Zeus, but while his journey with his friends, Grover, and Annabeth they have to try to find 3 Jewls to get to Zeus. But, the hard part is finding those jewls.
    One of the lines I love was when, “even here in the underworld everybody-even- monsters need some atention.” I love this line because as kid we always need attention, and sometimes I need attention and sometimes I get the feeling that people don’t care about me.
    SCHOOL 2m 😦

  16. Hi it’s Miladys, and I read 93 pages which means I meet my goal.
    IMP:Taylor kept these tapes moving even if it showed him as a peeping tom for one reason not too let her have her final wish but because she made a back up that would go out on the news if they stoped the line no matter how sick it made him sound he had to give it to the next.
    INF:Hannah made this one of her reasons to kill herself beacause she couldn’t feel safe , she could get it out of her mind that some one was watching her, it would not leave her head.
    “Why didn’t you eave me alone, Tyler? My house. My bedroom. They were supposed to be safe for me. Safe from everything outside. But you were the one who took that away.”(pg 89)That was my favorite line for multiple reasons. One reason was it explained why which she normally does not do. It really help me understand her and her reasons for killing herself. I did not really understand her ,I thought she was over reacting but, now I see what she sees. She has these thing stuck in her head and they would not leave, they haunt her.Her past will not leave.

  17. This is Jbennett2015 and I am reading If You Come Softly by Jacqueline Woodson. I read 50 pages over the weekend and went pass my goal.

    1. Jeremiah has to figure out that just because his dad is famous doesn’t make him abnormal. The fact that he’s human like everyone makes him normal. It’s not for fame or wealth that determines that he is normal. pg.65

    2. Why is Jeremiah so embarrassed? So what if he hangs out with white people, he shouldn’t have to be ashamed. pg66

    “Was it lying that I didn’t tell him Jeremiah was black? Why should it matter? Why did any of it matter?”pg 96
    I liked that line because she’s right. It shouldn’t matter that Ellie likes Jeremiah who just so happens to be black.

  18. AG2015. Th1rteen R3asons Why. This weekend, I read a total of 45 pages for my partner book. I completed my goal too. Note 1: Tyler is a freak he’s trying to do things nasty about Hannah. Note 2: Tyler is really crazy he wants pictures of Hannah naked what’s wrong with him. My favorite line in the story is “ You could of taken the b**** route and still had all the friends and boyfriends you can handle.” Page 95. I chose that line because it shows how mean people are. It also shows how she stands up for herself. She has to tell them off because they have been picking on her for a while now. Also it shows that she knows how to stand up for herself and she knows what to do.

  19. May be should treat her dad a little better. his feelings for her can’t even be defined. This is family love.

  20. Hey its dd2015. Over the weekend I read 42 pages of Before I Die.1) I notice that Adam is encouraging tessa and Zoey to do drugs, knowing she has a problem. 2) Philippa tells Tessa that Tessa should go back to school with people in her condition.My favorite quote is ” You imagine your breath as a warm colour, then breathe in through the left foot, up the leg to the hip and then put the same way. Seven times then the right leg.” pg.102. I chose this quote because it shows that her dad cares for her.

  21. Wussup its Naz and im reading This is What I Did I read a total of 57 pages this weekend and I met my reading goal.
    Note1: INF I think Jack, Logan, and his father went out camping so they can built a better relationship amongst the three of them.
    Note2: Group discussion note. How longer do you think Logan can stay on this camping trip with his father and Jack and how would he react toward them through the rest of this camping trip.
    “What do you want me to do about it? And he was now almost in my face with his flashlight and I wished he would’nt be so loud.Im sick of your stunts, Logan. Go to sleep. I wanted to ask him about the extra stuff my dad had given him and how come he did not have that stuff.” I chose this quote from the story because it seems to me that they’re not really getting along with eachother and are going at it. So the vibe that is channeling through them seems to probably be anger or even possibly hatred so anything is possible.

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