UNC Post – Thursday April 29, 2010

A Pair of UNC Readers Loving Before I Die

Hi KIPPsters!

We had a great turnout on the blog last night! Only a few KIPPsters didn’t get their blog up last night, and tonight I am certain that they will. For tonight, please follow the Criteria for Success. It should be pretty easy. 🙂


1. Username. (This MUST BE your first name + 2015). Title of book.

2. Today, I read ______ pages.

3. Your and your partner’s Guiding Question.

4. Note 1.

5. Note 2.

6. Describe the exposition of your partner novel. Use details about characters and the setting to paint me a picture of your exposition.

Happy reading and happy blogging!




24 thoughts on “UNC Post – Thursday April 29, 2010

  1. Angeline2015: I’m reading The Hunger Games by: Suzanne Collins. Tonight, I read 35 pages.
    My partners and I came up with How will the members of District 12 manage to prepare for he upcoming Hunger Games and what are their feelings towards it?
    Note 1: Prediction: I think it was a bad choice of Katniss going under fence without weapons because if they find him he would get in a lot of trouble and probably wouldn’t make it out alive. He’s trying to get ready and feel comfortable when the fight starts.(pg.50).
    Note 2: Theme: A theme in this book is getting ready and believing on yourself. Katniss and his friend Peeta are getting more comfortable getting into the arms room and hunting. This is a good way of them getting ready for the upcoming ‘war’. Suzanne Collins uses this example in order to show how not only adults, but also kids would be part of this war.
    The exposition of my partner book i kind of boring. It has a lot of changes like going from one character to meeting another one. Even though its kind of boring, I think its also kind of interesting because in order for you to understands what would happen later on, the exposition gives u kind of a preview of whats going to happen.

  2. My user name is jasonb2015. I’m currently reading “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins. Tonight, I read 35 pages. Guiding Question: How will the members of District 12 manage to prepare for the upcoming Hunger Games and what are their feelings towards it?

    Note 1: I am empathetic Katniss and Peeta because Haymitch is an irresponsible person who is always drunk and never helps them to fight in preparation of the Hunger Games and rarely gives them advice. He acts if everything were a big joke.

    Note 2: Katniss seems to be worried about Peeta killing her and is aware that Peeta is tricking everyone to think that that he’s nice when the reality is that he’ll soon kill everyone in order to be victorious in the Hunger Games.

    The exposition in “The Hunger Games” is that it is very futuristic. It seems to be around the time where human civilization is coming to an end and everyone goes back to the lives of those who originally founded our nation (hunting, killing, and fighting for survival. The protagonist is of course Katniss who is sometimes called Catnip. Katniss can be best described as someone courageous and clever. She is willing to sacrifice her life for her family members. When Prim was chosen to participate in the Hunger Games, Katniss saw the fear in Prim’s face and substituted for her. She was willing to give up her life for the love of her family.

  3. sammy2015: I am reading If You Come Softly by Jacqueline Woodson. Tonight, I read 25 pages.
    GQ: Why is the father rarely home with his family and usually gets jobs envolving him to be away from his family?
    Note 1: Jeremiah’s dad left a message saying he had gone to L.A and will be back Sunday night. Why doesn’t Jeremiah’s dad say goodbye in person not just leave a message?
    Note 2: PRED: I think Jeremiah will convince his mom to write a book again. Jeremiah is supporting her ability of great writing and maybe she might actually decided to write a book maybe about Jeremiah.
    The exposition of my novel starts out with the background. The protagonist/narrator is Ellie but she sometimes writes about Jeremiah’s life not just her’s. She speaks about Jeremiah’s family and the foreshadow that Jeremiah will have a girl. Their realtionship might get interfered because of other people’s opinion on a relationship on two different skin colors.

  4. shakira2015.Th1rteen R3asons Why. Tonight I read 30 pages.
    note1:Clay is regretful for all of his mistakes that included Hannah. He thinks that he should have kept all of the hot/not lists so she [Hannah] wouldn’t get hurt.page 65
    note2:Hannah has a tendency of pushing the story towards Justin.She thinks that he ruined her life and she couldn’t fix it to where it was in the beginning.(I don’t know my guiding question):( 😦

  5. diamond2015. Before I Die by Jenny Downham. Tonight I read 40 pages.
    Guiding Question: What is Tessa’s diease? How does it make her feel?

    Note1: I can infer that Tessa wants to burn all her memories because she knows that after she dies she won’t be able to remember them due to her being dead.

    Note2: Why does Tessa think people dying are bad news if she is dying herself?

    The exposition of the book gets straight to the point in that chapter. It shares what the main character,Tessa, is thinking about. The whole problem it looks like so far in the book is Tessa dying from a diease. Her best friend was being a little like a boss but it helped Tessa do the first thing on her before i die list.

  6. lourdes2015: I am reading the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I read 47 pages. My guided reading question is: how did the reaping change Katniss?
    Note1: INF- Since she and Peeta were chosen, she questioned whether his kindness was genuine or not. After all, this game is the fight to the death. It might be a trick. One person used this strategy and survived. It seems hard for her to believe that someone would act like this in a competition where only won survives.
    Note2: Her appearance is also being changed. The Capitol people change it though. She needs to look presentable to get more sponsor. For example, they pluck every unnescessary hair from her body and tell her what to wear. She even has her own stylist.
    The characters so far are Katniss, her family, Gale, Peeta, etc. They are all from District 12. now they are on their way to the Hunger Games by train. They have a chance to see their competition from other districts.

  7. Today I read 40 pages of Before I Die by Jenny Downham.
    Guiding Question:What is Tessa disease? How does it make her feel?
    Note 1: Why does Tessa want to get rid of everything of her past? What does it make her feel?
    Note 2: Is Tessa so into finishing her list that she is not caring for herself properly? If she is why?

    The exposition of my book is very direct. It starts with the problem how Tessa is going to die and she wants Zoey to help her complete her list starting with the first thing sex. Zoey takes Tessa to the club finds 2 guys and they go to there house and have sex with them its not what Tessa thought, but check the first idem on her list is done.

  8. The title of my book is “This is What I Did.” Today i read 20 pages in my book, and my guiding reading question is: What happened in Logans past life that made his enemies now bully him? My first note is: Why would he make fun of Laural by saying “WOW GAG” when everyone else thinks the same about him?My second note is:I figured out that Logan does not really care for one of the people who i beleived talked to him.The exposition in my partner novel started about how the author described a scene and then showed how the narrator ,Logan, reacted to it. Like in the beginning of the book it describes how Logan got hit in the downstairs area and when he got home he did not want to talk about it.

  9. Tonight I read the Book Before I die. I read 41 pages and my guiding Question is, Do Tessas peers show cqare or not for Tessas sickness? Note 1: It seems as if Tessas father is the person who cares the most about Tessas sckness. I say this because Tessa fainted while she was shopping with cal and it made Tessa real happy the fact that all three people, her dad, her mom and her brother are together for the first time in three years. Eventhough they all went and Tessas father was the one who stayed with Tessa while she was still in the hospital. Note 2: Eventhough Tessa wants to complete her list, she should tell her father the truth beccause since her Father is the one paying more attention to her,but instead she decides to go on with the list and ignore her father but listen to her irresponcible friend, Zoey. She also doesnt listen to the doctor. I say this because the doctor said she cant have druggs, but guess what, that is number 3 on her list. Tessa also decides to get in a very cold water with a guy that was dressed with pajamas she knw it was wrong,but because ” her friend” Zoey told her to. The exposition first takes place in Tessas room then goes on in Jakes house and goes back home and to the doctor. the book starts off by tessa going Clubbing with Zoey and then having sex with Jake, and Zoey was also having sex but with Scott A.K.A Stoner boy.

  10. Julio2015: The title of my book is “The Lightning Theif” by Rick Riordan. Today I read 20 pages. Me and my partner, Gianni, guiding question is How does Percys confusion about himself affect his dicsions and feelings that he makes? My first note was a issue note. Percy Jackson is very confused. The reasons is because he cant find himself. What I mean by that is that he does not know what he’s. He does not know if he’s a human or a half-blood, but all he knows is that he’s not a normal kid, and will never be a normal kid. In my opinion, Percy Jacksons feeling about himself is changing. Since he does not know what he’s, his feelings change from negative to positive to negative. My second note is a setting note. The setting at this point of the book is at a very narrow road which constist of many weird objects. Rick Riordan is using Percy Jackson to symbolize the problems and to represent how Percys feelings about himself are changing. In my book, the setting as I told you before is in a norrow road which constist of many weird objects. Percy Jackson says,”I remeber feeling weightless, like I was being crushed, fried and hosed down all at the same time.” Rick Riordan is describeing the setting as a very narrow and “weightlees” place. Even though the setting is very different, Percy Jacksons is still trying to find what he’s.

  11. Ello Orlando G 2015 tonight i read the book the hunger games by Suzanne Collins.tonight i read for a total of 47 pages again i have to admit I’m not used to reading that much each night it’s starting to get to tome now i have to read more then 18 pages a night .Anyway today any ways it appears that katniss is getting a make over . They have what they call a remake center there.Katniss is getting all of her body hair taken off.
    1)As i was reading the book i was thinking that there should be more female characters like katniss in other novels because i think characters like that make book really interesting to read.
    2)i think that katniss is a very different character and that makes her very unique because of the way she thinks i thought she was very vicious since the beginning of the novel because of her ability to do all of these things other girls wont do.for example most girls would volunteer them self like katniss to go in instead of her sister.
    My group guided question is , how do The Hunger Games change katniss’s personality and her appearance?
    The exposition of my book is in katniss’s house when she finds out her sister has been picked and figures that she doesn’t want her sister to go in so she goes in for her.

    • Ms. Stabrowski do you how hard it is to write a blog on your i pod very hard i hope my computer never brakes down again i hope

  12. Jerick2015. Lightnning Thief. Rick Riordan. today, i read 50 pages. My partner and i’s guided question is how does percy feel about his father leaving him as a baby? Note 1: Why did Percy’s father leave him a child? Note 2: Why percy’s father wanted him to be in summer camp. The exposition of ma book takes place in ny city and in upstate new york. Through out the book percy and his class go on a field trip to a museum in ny. While she is there she has a talk with her mom about her father leaving her at a very young age and things like that. well i have a whole lot to read soo byee -_________-

  13. emanie2015. the lighting theif. Rick Riordan. Today I read 20 pages. Me and my partners guiding reading question is, How does Percys’ disabilities affect him in the future? note 1: me personally, i think that percys disability affects him now but later on he will notice a change and it will become a positive thing or it will stay a negitive thing that lasts for the rest of his life. note 2: I think that percys disability will affect him because he can not controll himself so it is hard to do things and be aware of it and it will affect him in the future because #1 he can eather take medications or he is going to be like that for the rest of his life which may be diffucult. the exposition of my book is in upstate ny because that is where he goes to school at. Also, in the first few pages t describes how they were upstate, “I was a boarding student at Yancy Academy, a private school for troubled kids in upstate New York” (pg.#1).
    im outtah here!! =-) byee…

  14. kayla2015.Before i Die.today i read 41 pages and the guiding question is does Tessa’s family support her because of her sickness?Note1: I would say that Tessa’s family does not support her because her brother just told her that he hopes she dies while he is in school and that proves that he does not care about her sickness.Note2:Would Tessa be considered a follower or a leader?The exposition of my book would start off in Tessa’s room then it would go to the club with Tessa and Zoey.

  15. Hey this is MAgaly2015. i Read a total of 27 pages tonight.Me and Andrew came up with a guided question which is, what happened in his past that caused kids to bully him so much?
    1(author’s purpose): i see there is alot of bulliness going on. i think the author’s message is to us to see how we probably arent the only ones being bullyed in this world.
    2:Why did many people bully him?when they did bully him, why didnt Logan do anything about it?
    Exposition: he is being bullyed because he is a nerd. He bearly has friends and if he does he only gas one which is Zyler .

  16. Genesis2015.Tonight I read 20 pages. The title of my book is If You Come Softly. My guiding question is Why does the father rarely with his family and always getting jobs that would involve him being away from his family? My first note is an inference note: I can tell that mother thinks that Marion has another girl.Jeremiah says that this is like there is a glass wall between them and they can only see them as being far apart.My second note is a prediction note: I think that Ellie’s parent are going to divorce because she says that she doesn’t have boo to say about him and he doesn’t have boo to say about her he also got himself an apartment across te street where his family lives and he doesn’t call home.The exposition is a girl that is white and Jewish and she likes a black boy and the setting is in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

  17. Hey this is Elianny2015 here. Today I read 20 pages of Kendra. Me and my partner, Christina, came up with guiding question that we think is good which is, what does Kendra worry about every day of her life? Note 1: Why does Kendra feel as though Nana is over reacting about how she is dressed? Note 2: One prediction that I can make is that Kendra is going to make big boy mistakes in her life and she needs her mother to help her through it because she has gone through the same thing when she was young. My exposition explains how Kendra’s life with her Nana and her best friend/aunt is. Its all normal until her mother tried to step in. The setting takes place in a scheme similar to ours. The protagonis is Kendra.

  18. Hey this Josh. My Partner book is Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. Tonight I read 37 pages. Our guiding question is: How are Percys’ disabilities effect him in the future.
    1.INF: I think that Percys’ disabilities which are dyslexia and ADD will probably help him because right now everything is negative. I think that something might change for him in the future.
    2.The setting in my book right now is frightening because Percy’s car exploded and now they are stranded in the rain.
    My Exposition: My exposition takes place in the tri state area of New York (NYC/Long Island). They are in the MMOA in the beginning and that shows proof that they are in NYC.


  19. Gianni2015.The Lightning Thief. Rick Riordan. Today I read 20 pages. Me and my partners guided reading question is “How does Percy’s confusion about him self affect his decisions that he makes?” One of my favorite reading notes is ” I think that Percy’s confusion about him self affects his decisions that he makes because he can’t control himself sometimes and that’s why he has been having something like raging hormones. My second note is I wonder how percy never found out that Grover was part goat? Like did he try to ignore the clues or did he just not care. The exposition is kind of slow or boring if you put it because it just describes what is happening.

  20. TEmerald2015. today i read 36 pages of “thirteen reasons why “my guiding question is what and how did roumars playing a role in Hannah’s death.(note1) wally makes hannah feel as if she is a play toy and makes her feel degegated. so her mood changes to angry and fustrated. (note 2) if i were hannah i would want people to treat me with respect because no one should feel less of a person. now in the book the main character, hannah, is at the blue spot liquor stor and wallie is being very fresh towards her and affends her.

  21. the title of my book is A Step from Heaven. Tonight i read 17 pages. my guiding question is: How does Harabugi play a role in Young Ju’s life?

    Note1: Young Ju wants to go home because she thought that Mi Gook was heaven and she also thought that she would see Harabugi there.She told Uhmma that she wants to go home so that Halmoni doesnt beat her to heaven

    Note2: Harabugi plays a role in Young Ju’s life because she actually apologized to god for calling him a liar. She only apologized because she wanted to be good so that god would let her go to heaven.
    The exposition in my novel is that Young Ju is having a hard time adapting to her new home in america.She is giving Uhmma attitude because she wants to leave even though she cant because Uhmma wont let her.

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