PACE Post – Thursday April 29, 2010

A PACE Partnership enjoying The Diary of Latoya Hunter

Hi KIPPsters!

We had a great turnout on the blog last night! Only a few KIPPsters didn’t get their blog up last night, and tonight I am certain that they will. For tonight, please follow the Criteria for Success. It should be pretty easy. 🙂


1. Username. (This MUST BE your first name + 2015). Title of book.

2. Today, I read ______ pages.

3. Your and your partner’s Guiding Question.

4. Note 1.

5. Note 2.

6. Describe the exposition of your partner novel. Use details about characters and the setting to paint me a picture of your exposition.

Happy reading and happy blogging!




33 thoughts on “PACE Post – Thursday April 29, 2010

  1. Tonight I read 20 pages of The Diary of Latoya Hunter

    My guiding partner question is “How will Latoya become different when she is in the real world?”

    Note 1: I like how Latoya pretends her diary is alive and makes it respond to what she writing.

    Note 2: Why is Latoya always careing fore someone else and not for her?

    In the exposition I get to meet Latoya who is the main character and her parents who is over pertective. Latoya thinks if her parents keep her locked up al the time, she wont be ready for the real world and all the negatives and positives.In the beginning the setting takes place in Latoyas diary and then it takes us to school where. In school all Latoya does is get detention, star relationships with her teachers, and learn things she already knew. If Latoya isnt at school is at home in her small room with her small tv.

  2. AnthonyP 2015, book is This is What I Did. I HAS FINISHED IT YAY! Ok so my guiding question is How is what happened to Zyler taken impact on Logan, Cami, and Zyler?

    Note 1 – Logan felt anger toward Cami and Zyler because he felt betrayed. He liked Cami before Zyler even laid his eyes on her. when he snuck into his house he found Cami and Zyler kissing. But why would he feel jealous? Zyler didn’t know much about this he just knew that they knew each other.

    Note 2 – When Zy’s father trys to molest Cami Zyler either killed his own father with his trophy or K.Oed him. This really gave Logan impact because seeing the girl you like almsot being molested is something huge. And the be teased about it by Bruce? That’s even worse because Logan was mentally affected by this and can even kill Bruce for going too far.

    The expo began with “Last week Bruce kicked me in the balls at Scouts… blah blah blah…” It starts off humourous but as it goes into the book it begins to be more mature and serious. This book really can impact the person that reads it. I was shaking after i finished it. It was an awesome book but can really change the way a person sees life.

  3. Today i read 30 pages of The Diary of Latoya Hunter

    My parter guided question is “How does Latoya Hunter change when she becomes open to the real world?

    Note 1: I like how Latoya acts like her diary is alive, and talks for it in response of her own dialogue.

    Note 2: Why does Latoya alway care for other people other than herself

    In the exposition we meet Latoya and her family and it ges into how much her family cares for her. Sadly Latoya does not want this help from her parents because when she does go out in the real world, she wont be ready. The setting is all over but most of the time Latoya is at home or at school. When shes in school alot is done like detention and close relationships with her teachers. While at home Laoya is always writting in her diary or inher small room watching tv.

  4. marien2015 : Tonight I have compleated 36 pages from 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher . My partner quetion is ,how do the little things lead to Hannah killing herself?

    Note 1 , INF : Clay has just moved on to the second tape who has to do this a boy who named Hannah “best ass of freshman year”. Even Hannah believes that this boy probubly doesnt know why this was such a bad thing o do.

    Note 2 , prediction : I predict that the farther nd farther that we get on with the tapes , the more confusing , but also more meaningful they will get. For example , the first tape was about jer first kiss , but then the second tape was about being judged because of her body.

    During the exposition of my novel Clay has been introdused. They introduse him by explaining every single stepthat e goes through to descover the tapes that Hannah has recorded about her death . They story takes place in the suberbs.

  5. Kai2015:Today i read 23 pages of This is What I Did.
    GRQ: How does Logan find ways to overcome the bullying of Luke, Bruce,and Toby?
    Note1: Logan seems confused as in why Bruce,Toby,and Luke aren’t in the room for the play,I think that he is very relived but at first was very worried because he probably thought that they would ruin everything.
    Note2: Why is it that when Logan goes to scouts and gets bullied, why doesn’t the scout leader a.k.a Bruce’s dad say anything to Bruce, in a way it seems very wrong and sad.
    The exposition…….The characters that i was introduced to so far are Luke, Toby, Bruce, Bruce’s dad, Zyler,Logan,Cami, and Laurel. Right now it is mostly taking place in the school because they are getting ready for the peter pan play for their school. Logan is the main character in this book but there is no narrator,it is all in this form of writing.
    EX. Me- hey joe what are you doing later?
    Joe-Nothing, I might go shopping , wanna come?

  6. I’m reading If You Come Softly
    I read 23 pages .
    Guided Question: How does Marion’s leaving affect hers and Ellies relationship throughout the book ?

    Note 1: Elisha begins to ask her mother questions about her leaving, how is she feeling during this moment?

    Note 2: Katie said that she feels as if she cant take someone for granted because she almost took her mother for granted and then she left, i can infer that it’s going to take Ellie a while to trust Marion again.

    The expostiton so far is that the setting is in Fort Green, Brooklyn. The characters so far are Jeremiah, Ellie, and Marion . Hopefully, more characters will start apearing so that the book becomes interesting . Ellie is a very careful person, she takes her time to trust people and she’s not like many other girl. Jeremiah is sort of unconfident because of his skin color, but he sometimes just has to keep his head up. Lastly, Marion is sort of a selfish person because she left her family because she was tired of being at home, but she never knew how the rest felt.

  7. jm2015:im reading If I Come Softly. I read 22 pages. How does Jeremiah’s leaving affect Ellie and Jeremiah’s relationship? (note 1): If i was Jeremiah would be slightly disappointing that i was moving away from somebody that i was making good connection with. (Note 2) (prediction) I believe that once Jeremiah and Ellie’s relationship won’t last because as as many people say long distance relationships never last. I believe that Jeremiah will be willing to make the relationship work as well as Ellie. This book is about a boy named Jeremiah who feels conformable in his own skin, and then he has to move once he made a good connection with one girl named Ellie. Ellie is white and Jewish and she likes Jeremiah who’s black. this book takes place in Pennsylvania.

  8. jm2015:im reading If I Come Softly. I read 22 pages. How does Jeremiah’s leaving affect Ellie and Jeremiah’s relationship? (note 1): If i was Jeremiah would be slightly disappointing that i was moving away from somebody that i was making good connection with. (Note 2) (prediction) I believe that once Jeremiah and Ellie’s relationship won’t last because as as many people say long distance relationships never last. I believe that Jeremiah will be willing to make the relationship work as well as Ellie. This book is about a boy named Jeremiah who feels conformable in his own skin, and then he has to move once he made a good connection with one girl named Ellie.

  9. Arsthly2015: If You Come Softly by Jacqueline Woodson
    Today, I read 23 pages.

    How does Ellie’s family relationship affect how she sees boys?

    Note1: This book is organized by telling parts of Jeremiah’s family in one chapter, and Ellie’s family in the next. Woodson is trying to compare their two lives.
    Note2: It seems like both Jeremiah and Ellie’s families are similar because both have issues that neither want to fix with there families.

    In the exposition of my novel, it takes place in the homes of Ellie and Jeremiah. Ellie lives in a upper class neighborhood near central park (the book takes place in New York). Jeremiah lives in Brooklyn, but not in such a bad neighborhood. It talks about their lives after school, and how both had someone leave in their life. Ellie’s mom left (but came back), and Jeremiah’s dad left. Even though Jeremiah is black and Ellie is Jewish, it doesn’t mean their lives are very different.

  10. Angely2015: Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Tonight I read 43 pages.

    Note1: what is the setting I the book right now? And who are the people with her and him, because the setting and the characters in the book are confusing.

    Note2: I think that Katniss needs to stop being nice to Peeta because it’s a compition, and you do not know that if he is trying to make you lose, kill you. I also think that she should let him be all nice to the host, because the host will start to like Peeta better, and she knows that The Hunger Game is not a real game, but reality, hunger, and survival.

    Guiding Questions: what are the characters felling towards the hunger games and how are they willing to survive?
    In the exposition we meet the family Katniss, Prim, and their mother. Then we meet Gale, and Peeta. These are the main people in the exposition. They are showed as a big changed through life without certain family members. Actual being in the game trying to kill you appointee and surviving through it all. Dun dun dun : ]

  11. Gabriel2015: This is What I Did by Ann Dee Ellis

    Today I read 30 pages

    GQ: How do Zyler and Logan (mostly Logan) find ways to overcome their bullying by Bruce,Toby, and Luke?

    Note 1: I don’t believe that Mom like Zyler because she doesn’t want Logan going anywhere near Zyler, but why would she deprive Logan from his only true best friend.

    Note 2: I can connect to Zyler because he doesn’t have a mom to connect to and he only has his father to connect to. I also have only my mom to live with, but my father is still around to be there for me, Zyler doesn’t have a mom around.

    My main character’s name is Logan. He is averaged height person and he is skinny. My second main character is named Zyler. he is Logan’s best friend out of everybody in Logan world. Logan lives in neighborhood that is not poor, but definitly not rich. He lives there with his mother and father. Zyler lives in a neighborhood that is a bit different from Logan’s but almost the same.

  12. Hello I am Samaiyah2015 (hmmmmm I wonder who that is 🙂 ). I am reading The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I read 58 pages today (it was a very, very long ride home today for some reason).
    Note 1– I think Katniss and Peeta are growing closer together, but I still think that in the back of both their minds, they are just thinking about the games and being able to survive. I still believe there is this uneasiness in their relationship, but it isn’t as apparent as their close bond.

    Note2-I don’t think the author was too creative with her details of the future. Yes,the Games are very futuristic and somewhat far fetched, but the little details. For example, they seemingly have the same technology and at times it almost seems primative! In addition, they face the same social issues (poverty, friendships) found in books such as The Outsiders or a Jaquline Woodson book. I was hoping to escape that, but I guess there’s no way out, at least in a 7th grade liturature classsroom.
    Expostion- Just imagine America after 2012 (of course I’m referring to the movie). So basically, imagine broken buildings, endless open fields, debris, dust, durt, etc. Imagine the world in turmoil and along with civilazation, all common sense is gone. Common sense is gone, of course only because of the fact that the Games are televised children fighting to the death. Not only is that cruel and unusal, it is not at all frowned upon in this society.
    P.S. I wasn’t here for Reading and I dont know our guided reading question. I couldnt call because my phone is dead and I cannot find my charger 😦 😦

  13. Today i read 46 pages.
    Quiding Question: How does Katniss’s feelings towards Peeta affect her way of life and the mood of the story?

    Note1: (Inf) I think that Katniss is now trying to get away from Peeta because she knows he’s going to die in the game. It says in the book, “Kind people have a way of working their way inside me and rooting there.And I cant let Peeta do this. Not where we’re going”.(pg.49)

    Note2: (Iss) An issue that the author is trying to portray is the issue of sacrafice. For example, the begginning of the book starts of by Katniss not wanting her sister to go to the game, so she enters for her.Also, Katniss doesn’t want to fall in love with Peeta because if he dies, she will miss him. For now she wants to get away from him, for the better of her and Peeta.

    Exposition: In my book, Katniss is immediately introduced because she’s the main character.But soon when it begins to go deeper into her life it begins to talk about her family struggles and friends.That’s another thing that the author is trying to show, friendship.Most of the beginning is about Katnis’s struggles and Peeta and Haymitch

  14. OH now my first blog is up thank you very much for making me think that my blog was not going to be posted therefore I wrote another blog. I appreciate that you posted, but you were a little late there.

  15. I am writing my blog again!!!!!!!! 😦
    ae2015: 46 pages of Hunger Games.
    Quiding Question: How does Katniss’s feelings towards Peeta affect her way of life and the mood of the story?

    Note 1: Katniss has been getting called out alot and in somewhat trouble, so I am wondering if this has anything to do with the way she feels about Peeta. Are these the reesults of her feelings towards a guy.

    Note 2: Peeta and Katniss are becoming closer. Haymithch is kind of making it impossible for Katniss and Peeta to be apart Is this foreshadowing some sort of relationship between Peeta and Katniss.

    Exposition: My exposition basically introduced all the characters in a very subtle way. Katniss’s way of life was described and I learned a lot about Katniss’s personality just through the exposition. I learned that the main problem was that Katniss was giving up her life for her sister and going to the hunger games. Now Katniss is different it’s probably because of (Hmm I don’t know) PEETA! (cough cough)
    😀 🙂 😉

  16. Ms. Stabrowski how com my comment has not been posted??????!!!!!!! It says your comment is waiting for moderation.

  17. aneli2015: 46 pages from the Hunger Games
    Quiding Question: How does Katniss’s feelings towards Petta affect her way of life and the mood of the story?

    Note 1: Katniss has been called out a few times and her way of being have changed. She doesn’t seem to be the same person that I met at the beginning of the novel which in my opinion might have something to do with her feelings towards Peeta. My question is if her getting called out are the results of her feelings towards Peeta.
    Note 2: Peeta and Katnis have been getting closer a lot and Haymitch is kind of making it impossible for them to be apart since he is basically telling them to always be together. So, I am wondering if the way that Haymitch is treating them is some sort of foreshadowing to what will happen in the novel.
    Exposition: In my exposition, the characters were introduced almost in a subtle way. It started pretty quickly with the issue which was that Katniss would have to give up her life for her sister. It explained most of Katniss’s personality, but right now i n the book it seems that her personality has definetly change snd possibly because of (hmmm… I don’t know)PEETA (cough cough 🙂 )

  18. Today i read 23 pages of If You Come Softly. My guiding question was How does Ellie’s family affect the way she sees boys?
    Note1: Since Elisha can’t trust her mother, she finds it hard to trust anybody else.
    Note2: When Elisha met Jeremiah she didn’t know what to say because she really didn’t have friends. She was always alone inside school & at home.
    The exposition of my novel hasn’t come up yet, but the setting is in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. The characters, who are different races, kind of live similar lives. Elisha is white & she is jewish, and like Jeremiah, she hardly sees her father. On the other hand, Jeremiah is african american and lives in 2 seperate house with one parent in each house.

  19. IsraelP2015: Today I read 36 pages. Of my book 13 Reasons why. How does Clay listening to the tapes show change in the characters in the book? Note 1: (Question) why do the boys from the book treat Hannah as if she was a toy? Note 2: (Characters shoes) if I were Hannah I would feel really uncomfortable around the boys like Wally and Justin because they make Hannah seem as if she was a play toy. The book is about this girl name Hannah and she died! Clay the boy keeps listening to these tapes. Theses tapes rank people in many ways. Such as best a** and “biggest b*lls (daredevil)

  20. Note1: What does the word or expressio olly-olly-oxen free mean?
    Note2:A new character i haved meet in my book is jessica who is the third person for the reason of Hannahs death. I will describe Jesssica as a very consided “pretty” person as said in the book.
    My partner group gudied question is, how did rumors play a role in Hannahs death? The expostion in my book expalins how clay jenson is the first person to recivie a package. The package explains the thirteen reasons why Hannah Baker killed herself. Also in the expostion it also explains the people who went on with the rumors but did play a roll in her death but not a biggg part like other people.

  21. my name is ashley. Tonight I read a totalof 36pages.

    Me and my partner’s guiding question is What rol did rumors play with Hannah’s death?

    note:”what happens when someone says you have the best ass in the whole freshman class… they go ahead to treat you like you’re nothing but specific body part.” this shows how Hannah is feeling on the inside about how people think about her, and shows that she reallyu dislikes the rumors being said about her and giving people a misperception about her.(symbol)

    note2: Hannah Baker is trying to show that in the story she is trying to explain to a specific group of people the reasoning of why she had killed herself. She wants to inform them if they are one of the reasons why she ad killed herself or is giving her knowledge to it.

    The exposition in my book shows that a boy named Clay Jensen is listening to all the tapes, and the exposition is explaining how Clay was the first person to read the packafge and listen to the tapes. Also, it is explaining how she was put on the best freshman ass list and that is one of the reasons why she ahd killed herself.

  22. kimberly2105. the diary of latoya hunter. latoya hunter. i read 20 pages last night. how will latoya teenage lifestyle c hange? note 1: i had a text to self connestion when latoya enters junior high school she is a freshman and she is not apart of a click and she is a lonley girl and she has a diary that she can express herself in. note 2: latoya does not have a great connection with her mother because her mother is a strict women but the only connection she had was with her father because she knew that her father would never get angery at her. For example,Latoya tries to speack to her mother but her mother refuse to talk to her .

  23. jalisa2015. my book is called A Step from Heaven.Today I read 21 pages the guiding question is What are the obsticles of having to believe on heaven? Younh Ju moved to america and she thougth that heaven was going to change her challenges of moving to america. when she thinks about heaven, she actually thinks about her grandfather that is dead. the exposition is Younh Ju moving from Korean to america and beliving that heaven is going to change things with her famnily and friends.

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