CAL Post – Thursday April 29, 2010

A CAL Partnership Devouring If You Come Softly

Hi KIPPsters!

We had a great turnout on the blog last night! Only a few KIPPsters didn’t get their blog up last night, and tonight I am certain that they will. For tonight, please follow the Criteria for Success. It should be pretty easy. 🙂


1. Username. (This MUST BE your first name + 2015). Title of book.

2. Today, I read ______ pages.

3. Your and your partner’s Guiding Question.

4. Note 1.

5. Note 2.

6. Describe the exposition of your partner novel. Use details about characters and the setting to paint me a picture of your exposition.

Happy reading and happy blogging!




30 thoughts on “CAL Post – Thursday April 29, 2010

  1. Im reading This is What I Did by Ann Dee Ellis. Today i read 31 pages. My guiding question is “Why do you think Logan is going through depression?”. My notes are: INF; I think that some of Logan’s selfdoubt comes from the fact that he’s a little bit chubby. ; ? – Why does Logan think that everyone likes Zyler better than him? The exposition of the novel is that Logan’s mother is always worrying about how Logan acts. He doesn’t like sports, he likes being alone, and he doesn’t have much friends. They start to tell everyone that he’s depressed and that’s when the bullying begins.

  2. Olayinka2015- Tonight I read more of “Before I Die”, by Jenny Downham. Tonight I re-read 40 pages so I can stay with my partner and not read ahead. (It was so interesting!!) My guiding question was “How will Tessa feel after her experience last night?”
    Note 1: Tessa now has to take more drugs, unfortunately. I was hoping that she having sex wouldn’t have any side effects. Tessa is dying and wants to do things before she dies but the things she does have consequences. (pg. 52-53)
    Note 2: Why is Tessa acting out, she knows when something is wrong but she does it anyway and that will decrease her chances of living. (pg 68-69)
    The exposition gives away slowly why Tessa is dying. (From cancer) The exposition mostly gives you a picture of the type of world Tessa is living in and what she is feeling.

  3. Jusin2015. I am reading ” The Lightning Thief”. I read 35 pages today.
    My teammate and my guided guestion is How does percy feel about not being human and having a goat as a friend?
    Note1: How come Grover or his mom tell him what was happening in his life till to late? 😦
    Note2: How come Grover needs food when he was really hurt?
    The beginning of the book was when Percy was in a school with some disabled kids and he got expelled from that school because he almost blow up the schoolbus while on the trip. Also that Percy was going to the beach with his Mom( which they haven’t gone to in two years). And that Percy was beeing chased by a half man half goat monster and his mom “died” because she couldn’t go through the gate which is only for half gods and half humanso only Grver and Percy could go thrõugh it.

  4. krod2015. This is What i Did. Ann Dee Ellis. I read a total of 22 pages.

    Note1:I think that Logan is going through a stage where he needs to protect him, and his best friend, Zyler.Page 32.

    Note2:Pred. I predict that Logan is going to try out for the play. I think this because he might want to be accepted in a group, and be a part of something big.

    The exposition of this book is in a high school, where not much happens. In this high school, there are kids who are bullies, shy, new comers, and too popular to hang out with the nerds. Well im really liking this book a lot.

  5. This is Naz and I am reading This is What I Did
    By Ann Dee Ellis
    Note1:It seems to me that Logan tends to care alot about what Zyler thiks of him based on the fact that they are friends and look out for eachother.”I wonder if Zyler would’ve thought a play was dumb. He probably would’ve liked it. Especially since he would have been a lead part like Captin Hook, I bet.” The author seems to show that just because someone is your friend does not mean you have to do everything together and follow eachother based on what the other one does in his or her spare time.

    Note2: Zyler seems to get spoiled alot based on since he is the only child that his father has. This would not be a good thing for him.” My old man is not as bad as you think he is he is actaually really cool. Yea right i responded. No really he lifted up his arm and there i saw a Casio G Shock around his wrist.” Zyler should not be getting spoiled by his father even if he is the only child it does not make a difference. If he gets spoiled now as a kid he would never know what it would be like to have to work for something and earn it.

    The exposition in my book is Logan goes to a high school were there are bullys and all type of kids there. His best friend is Zyler who hangs out with most of the time.

  6. Wassup! This is Rasheed. My book is called, A step form Heaven by:An Na.

    I read a total of 19 pages.

    Our guiding question is: How does Grandpa and the thought of heaven play a good role in her life?

    INF: I think that Apa is disrepectful to the way he talks to people, like to when Young Ju just asked a simple question.

    T-W: Some kids like Young Ju dream or imagine to be in heaven at a young age, because they want to be God.

    The exposition of my novel is how Young Ju and how she talks about going to Mi Gook(America) all the time which she think is heaven because she is a young child. She sits at the table with Uhmma and Apa and all they talk about is Mi Gook and she thinks that when they move she is going to see her grandpa who is dead.

  7. suni2015- In tonight reading I read the book If you come Softly by Jacqueline Woodson. In tonight reading I read 26 pages.

    Guiding Question: How is Ellie’s lifestyle different from Jeremiah lifestyle?

    Note 1: INF: Why did Elisha’s mother really felt the need to just leave her family behind , when she also said she couldn’t leave her family since she couldn’t live without them?

    Note 2: INF: Why couldn’t Jeremiah just tell his parents that he wouldn’t live with either of them?

    The exposition is in each of the character house were they have their own issues. For instance Elisha and Jeremiah each are having problem with their parents.

  8. jbennett2015. I am reading If You Come softly by Jacquelin Woodson. I read 26 pages.

    Not everyone will think you can just be yourself because if you want to make friends, being yourself may not work out because some people may not like you for who you are. pg.42

    I think Ellie and Jeremiah are meant to be because they have emotions and minds that are alike. Jeremiah likes Ellie and Ellie likes Jeremiah, also Jeremiah argues with his parents while Ellie does the same.

    The characters are Ellie and Jeremiah. Ellie lives next to central park and Jeremiah lives in Harlem. They both go to school at Percy High School in Harlem.

  9. Hey guys it’s Daijah! Tonight I read 40 pages of Before I Die. My guiding question is : How will Tessa feel after her experience last night?
    1) C.F. Tessa’s dad feels like Tessa doesn’t talk to him about any problems, so now he wants her to try.
    2) T-S I can relate to Tessa because I don’t have a strong connection with my father just like she doesn’t either.
    My exposition in my novel I think is in England. I say that because Tessa, her dad, Cal, etc.. all have an accent. For example they call pants trousers and they call money pounds. It’s actually very excited.

  10. Kayla2015. I am reading Th1rteen R3asons Why by Jay Asher.

    Our guided question is why do all these little problems lead her to kill herself? I think from what i read is that she doesn’t like the fact that she has the best as because that’s the only thing the boys are going to respect.

    Note1: Why does Hannah think that Alex is one of
    the reasons of her death if he complimented her on having the best ass ?(pg#37)

    Do they know that Hannah is alive or dead?And did people in school and her family react(pg##44).

    Hanah Baker has died and she sends a box of tapes to Clay Jensen and Alex first explaing the reasons of the cause of her death. Both of them had something to dodwith it.The whole situation about her ass is that everything people do to her, they are refering to her ass.Because now people she hardly even knows thinks her ass is a play toy.This probaly made Hannah feel un comfortable.And i feel that there is more reasons to why she killed herself because this is only the second.

  11. KEEMA. I am reading “A Step From Heaven”BY AN NA.I read a total of 18 pages.
    MY Guided Ouestion is:HOW does Harabugi and Mi GOOK play a big role in Youg Ju’s life?

    NOTE:1:INF:Young Ju thinks that MI GOOK{ AMERICA} is heaven.
    NOTE:2:INF:SInce it’s Yong Ju’s first time in Mi Gook it is her first time drinkin SODA.{SHE THINKS IT IS BLACK DIRTY WATER.}

    In the begnning of this novel the author creates a sense of bravery.Just imagine it’s your first time riding waves. Your afraid to do it even though you’re going to ride the waves with a person you trust.This person is trying to take your mind of of you fare by talking about how the waves are dancing and are kind. How your toes look like fat piggs in the water. The middle begnning of thie books shows how Young Ju, doesnt want to leave Korean with out her grandma.

  12. Today I read 35 pages of the book, “The Lighting Theif.”

    My guiding question is, how does Percy feel that he is not a normal human and has a friend that is a goat?

    Note1: My first nite for today is a setting note. At this point of the book (46) Percy, mom, and Grover are a road that consists of a lot of eerie objects and places. The purpose as to why they are traveling in a car is to send Percy to a camp that is pretty much like a fantasy camp in which he would stay so he would be safe and learn who he really is.

    Note2: My second note is a retell as to what I read about Percy’s father. Percy’s father is a very nice and very forgiving father. Percy’s father Left Percy,and his mother when Percy was a little kid. He did it for a good reason and is so that Percy could be safe.

    On my way to finishing the book.
    PEACE OUT 2015

  13. Hi its Katerin Villar, tonight i read up to page 59.

    GQ: How do kids live relate there characteristic and where they come from?

    Note 1: I can very much relate my life to Ellie’s, she is white which probably means she is going to be treaded different. I believe that Ellie should leave that to side and think for herself. Just because she goes to a school that their skin tone is different and she is not use to seeing doesnt mean you should be treaded different because of your physical trait. Jeremiah should also follow these steps. I understand he is black, but that doesnt give permission for people to become steriotipical.

    Note 2: In page 53, you get a sneek peek of Ellie’s relationship with Anne. You get to see the way they can express themselfs. It seems like Anne is a special person in Ellie’s life because they’re always together. In school Ellie seems more like the outcast because most of the people she is with arent from her same cuture. Sometimes where you come from reflects to what sort of people you hang out with. But Anne is that type of girl who physical traits dont stop her.

    In my opinion i believe this book will lead me to understand how blacks,lation,asians or anyother cuture feel. Because some kids are ignored and I think that is what Jacqueline Woodson.

  14. hi it’s Miladys and I am reading TH1RTEEN R3ARONS WHY,by Jay Asher.My guiding question is how one rumor can lead to another ?
    THEME:Hannah is showing that one rumor can lead another and will get worse for that person even as a little joke you never know what could happen.
    IMP:The theme of this book is how each and everything you say if your not careful it can get twisted an you can hurt them and drive them to a point they can not take it and in Hannah’s case she killed herself.
    This all the story takes place in a small town were Hannah end her life and before she ends her life she tell her story to each person who rected it.

  15. im reading if you come softly ,and i read a total of 22 pages. question: how is ellie life different from jeremiahs? note1tw:jeremiah remind me of myself because sometimes i feel like i have to choose between the two place. i mostly choose my mom because i am with her more. note2ts:jeremiah seems to have alot of love for his mom because he gives alot of complements. the exposion is about the type of nieghbor ellie live verses the nieghborhood jeremiah live in ,and ellie lives in upper class and jerimiah live lower class.

  16. I only picked the best pages to do notes on and i’ve already done 5 notes and don’t want to mess up your grading prossces

  17. oh Adrian that was only part of why she killed her self, the other part was that Clay was so perfect and she wanted to find a flaw in him. Also because they had sex and she only wanted him more after that but she couldn’t handle it. And because so many people believed the rumers about her and she just didn’t like it. LEAH2015

  18. leah2015 The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan tonight i read 47 pages

    My partner is Brian and our guiding question, is why do you think Percy doesn’t appericate himself being a half god, and his other differences?

    Note 1:I can feel the sadness and the greif Percy mother’s has. Because when she was five bothe of her parents died in a plane crash. So she had to live with her uncle who didn’t care much about her. And not much later he had cancer so she had to drop out of school to take care of him.

    Note 2:In the book they don’t tell you that Grover is Percy’s gaurdeing angle, like the gods had sent him to protect him. And when Percy and his mother go to the Montauk becah Grover turns into a half human, half horse!!! To me that was so exicting and i just couldn’t believe it.

    The exposition in my partner novel is when Percy starts to explain himself and tells you a little bit more about who he is. He also states what school he is in.

  19. I’m reading 13 R3asons Why. I read from pages 27 to page 42.

    GQ: How do rumors lead to more rumors?

    SET: The second reason Hannah Baker killed herself was because Alex Standall who voted her Best A$$.
    IMP: Alex Standall made a list of people to vote Hannah Baker for Best A$$. She really didn’t like that. That’s what made her kill her self.
    In the exposition Clay Jensen has went through all the tapes and is about to pass them down. The narrators that were introduced was Hannah Baker and clay Jensen

  20. markos2015-i read 36 pages on 13 reasons why by jay parnter guiding question is what role does clay jenson play in hannahs death?
    1.INF:when hannah says a new name she tells them the good things they did then she turns them bad by thinking bad about the good they have done.
    2.?:what is happening on top page 45 when he says “i walk along” when he is in his garage.
    the exposition of my novel is very good becuase hannah describes what the first 2 names and tell them what they did.the first 2 are justin foley and alex standall.


  21. Brian2105 my book is called “The Lighning Thief ” and it’s writen by Rick riordan. Today I read a total of 38 pages. Me and my partners guiding question is , ” why do you think Percy doesn’t appreciates him being a half god and half human? ” My first note is i could infer that Grover a character in the book is similar to Percy the main character because the way they’re discribed in the book are similar to each other.( pg29) My second note is that I perdict that Percy is going to be choosen to be the one who goes after the person who had robed the lightning bult because he’s being wachted and protected by many character in the book.(pg57) The exposition in my book is that Percy is having a hard time facing the fact that he is half human half god. Also he’s being protected because he will be sent in a quest on finding the light ning bult.finaly the setting takes place in the state of New York.

  22. AG2015. Th1rteen R3asons Why. Today, I read 27 pages.Our guided question is Why do all these little problems lead her to kill herself? 1.The first thing was about her and Justin claiming he touched Hannah in inappropriate places. 2.Also the “a**” joke continued and Wally felt it was okay to slap her “a**” because he felt cool and after he did that he said “Best a** in Freshman in their school. 3. The constant teasing and bothering they did towards her and she hated it.The exposition is all over it just explains why she sent you the tape and how you leaded her to kill her self so the exposition isn’t really clear to me. She is explaining her with her friend and their talking about who’s hot and who’s not.

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