UNC – April 28, 2010 – First Whole Class Post!

Hi KIPPsters!

Congratulations on finishing all of your ELA testing, and welcome to the blog! (For those of you who are new to blogging :)) Today, let’s keep it as simple as possible. Copy your 2 favorite notes, then, for your skill, briefly tell me your opinion of your book so far. Provide details. Follow the Criteria for Success below:

1. Your username (first name2015 — like this: Ashley2015). Title of book. Author of book.

2. Tonight I read ______ pages.

3. Note 1: (copy your favorite note from your reading here)

4. Note 2: (copy your second favorite note from your reading here)

5. In 2-3 sentences, give me your opinion of your new partner book so far. What do you think? Do you like it? Why? Why not? Give as many details as possible.

That’s it! Happy reading and happy blogging!




29 thoughts on “UNC – April 28, 2010 – First Whole Class Post!

  1. So far in my book Lightning Thief is so far talking about how Percy does not want to go to the school he’s going to right now Yancy Academy, but so far his mom is explaining to him that it is the best for him because that like a mental school he could be really slow. One of my best notes is an inference “right now Percy is with his parents are on vacation, there talking about how he does not want to go to the school he is going to”. My other note is a question and its “How does Percy really fell about his father leaving him”.

  2. My user name is jasonb2015 and I’m currently reading “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins. Tonight, I read a total of 47 pages. My first note is an inference: It seems that the members of District 12 work really hard as coal miners even though they are physically tired and worn out of so much work.
    My second note is a prediction: I predict that Katniss will attempt to escape District 12 because from her overall description of the place, it is a matter of survival in order to live. For example, they must hunt and fight in what is called the Hunger Games.

    “The Hunger Games” to me seems to be a glimpse of what civilization might look like in the future and the hard realities that everyone will face because of that. I really do love this book because of that characteristic that the book holds and also because it is very descriptive in its word and those kinds of words help to create an image of what is really happening in that setting. Suzanne Collins does an outstanding job at what is called showing and not telling.

    By the way, I’m sorry this post is extremely late, but I came from the soccer game at a very late time.

  3. sammy2015: I am reading If You Come Softly by Jacqueline Woodson. I read 32 pages tonight. The first note I took was an inference. I wrote: Since Jacqueline Woodson is talking about both Jeremiah’s dark skin and other people’s light skin, this book will probably be about racism. Her books are commonly about people and their skin color,racism, and so I expect this book to be something about a problem between two people of a different race. The second note I took was takin a step in my character’s shoes. I wrote: Jeremiah gets girl’s attention by his eyes, right? <(retorical question) So, if he didnt have his "beautiful" brown colored eyes, would he even have anyone's attention?
    My partner is Genesis and this book seems to at a good start. I do like this book because I like the genre of realistic fiction. Jacqueline Woodson writes good books, though I get a bit bored sometimes when her books are commonly about racism, but so far, this book is nice and I am enjoying it so far.

  4. cristina2015-today i have read 34 pages my two favorite notes are
    note1:i can predict from looking at the back and front that this book is going to be very good and i think that is going to teach a very important lesson in life.
    note2:i can infer that nana is kind of related to kendra because in the book it seed that she was waitinqq in the room to see if she was dressed decent for school. i likeee this book so far because its interestinqq and i likeee workinq w. my partner because shes kind and knows how to work with other people.

  5. Angeline2015: I’m reading The Hunger Games by: Suzanne Collins. Tonight, I read 47 pages. One of my notes is an inference. Based on what I read, I think that District 12 is a horrible place for kids or even adults to live in. Theirs barely any food, and anything that you do wrong, even as a mistake you’ll need to pay the consequences. (pg.6). My second note is a question. Katniss seems scared, and its obvious he wants to leave, so why doesn’t he take his friends and specially Prim and just escape?(pg.10). In my opinion, I think that the Hunger Games is a good book. I would say that the exposition could have been better, because I felt like it got kind of boring. This book looks like is going to be similar to The Giver because as i kept reading and getting closer to where the action starts, it said how they have to win their name and when the day of the year comes, the people could choose between winning their liberty or adding more years to their liberty and just receiver food for a year that would help your family survive.

  6. lourdes2015: I am reading The Hunger Games by Suzzane Collins. Tonight, I read 50 pages.
    Note1: INF- Katniss mentions something called the reaping. This might be the name of the way people are chosen for the Hunger Games. The families’ kids are safe for another year if they aren’t chosen. The unlucky ones suffer and worry about them (if they make it out alive). Pg12.
    Note2: IMP-The Hunger Games are cruel. They only do this to remind the districts that the Capitol has more power than all of them, even all of the districts united. They believe it will keep them from repeating the uprising. It is a harsh punishment, especially for those who are chosen. Pg 24.
    So far the book is good. It remind me of books like The Giver. I like reading about different socities and their different rules. In this book, teens between ages 12-18 are entered to see if they are chosen for the Hunger Games. I’m excited to see what happens next.

  7. diamond2015. Before I Die by Jenny Downham. Tonight I read 45 pages.
    Note1,Character shoes: If I was Tessa I would have stayed home like my father told me to because you never know when something could go wrong and it could be tradgic.
    Note2,Inference: I can infer that Zoey really wants to help Tessa but wants to do it her way.
    I think the book is very interseting because it includes things from real life and it keeps you wanting to know more. I actually do like my book because in some ways I have a friend that can relate to Zoey. Zoey only wants to help Tessa before she dies.

  8. s.brownie2015.Th1rteen R3asons Why.Tonight I read 60 pages.
    note 1:Hannah doesn’t seem to have a reason to be mad at everyone around her. It’s her choice to become sexually unjust, and the tag “slut” came with sexual unjustness.(pg23)
    note 2:Hannah is a very (VERY) easy target for rumors. She was slandered by another student with him telling others that she had let him do whatever he wanted to her.(pg41)
    I think the book is okay, without the fact the tapes were made were strictly because of a suicide. Personally, I like how Hannah milks the people’s feelings so she could, after death, control their thinking…[eerie]:) [Stabookski… please watch the show ‘Monster’ on scifi at 11pm on mondays please…]

  9. hello Orlando G 2015 here.Today I read the book the hunger games this book is by Suzanne Collins, today I have read 47 pages and today i took 5 notes and these are my best 2.

    Even though this book wasn’t my top choice I’m really impressed and i am really starting to become a fan of it and i have only read the first 47 pages of the book .i like it because even though they aren’t in the good parts yet the book is always like holding this suspense and i like books like that i think they are interesting.

      • Hi this is JR and my new partner book is The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. Tonight I read 35 pages. My two best notes were:
        1.Prediction- I think that Percy is dyslexic because it takes a long time for him to concentrate. I think this might affect him later in the story(pg.7).
        2.Setting- The setting in NYC and New York State was weird and dangerous because it’s having massive snow storms, flooding, and wildlife fires from lightning strikes. This is not the typical weather for New York. this could also be a sign of what is coming up in the story(pg.8).
        I think my partner book is cool because it helps me understand kids with disabilities and how they feel. Percy has dyslexia and ADD I would like to learn about those disorders.


  10. kayla2015.Before i Die.Jenny Downham.Tonight i read 41 pages.Note1: If i were Tessa i would not listen to Zoey because i would say she is a bad influence on Tessa by saying that she should have sex with a person that she does not even know.Note2:Does Tessa secretly think that having sex with someone she does not even is wrong?My opinion on the book so far is that i like it because some people would actually connect and relate to the problem that Tessa is going through.Also i think that this book really teaches people that some women/girls dont really think about what they are doing

  11. Hey it is Elianny2015. Today I read Kendra by Coe Booth. I read 34 pages tonight. The first not that I really like from my notes is a character note. 1: They introduced me to 3 important characters. One is Kendra another is Nana and Adonna. Some minor characters are Kenny and Renée. Another note that I really like was a setting note. 2: This book takes place in the present day. Right now Kendra and Adonna are in Kendra’s house. I think that Kendra is going to be an “ok” book because in the first 20 pages I was really bored with is. I can’t really say that I like it or not because I haven’t read enough to say that but so far ii think I will like it. Hope my partner reads too.

  12. emanie2015. the lighting theif. rick riordan. today i read __35__ pages. note 1: percy jackson is a 12 year old kid and he goes to a private school in upstate ny called yancy academy and it is a school for trouble kids and now he thinks and considers himself a trouble kid. note 2: I think his problem is that he is ungreatful. the reason is because when the teachers went to take on a field trip to mahanttan to metropolitan museum of art to look at the ancient greek and roman stuff he said it was torture and all the teacher was tring to do is to reward them for their hard work and some people dont think of it that way. so far i dont really like my book because it was not one of my choices and i dont enjoy it because it is not my genre an it is not something i would read. i also dont like the book because i can not relate to it and its not my type and something i can dive in to quickly and it would take time.

    • sorry -___- : adding on to note 2… He always got in trouble because of any lilttle thing he did and when he went on the trip he did not enjoy it because he got in trouble there and its because he is not a “normal kid” because he is half-blood and that is very scary to even know a person like that.

      biee im officially off biee =0

  13. Julio2015: The title of my book is “The Lightning Thief” and it’s writen by Rick Riordan. Today I read 35 pages, and I did 2 character notes. Note 1: In my opinion Percy Jackson, the main character, is very dangerous. He’s warning us that being a half blood is very painful, and dangerous. Rick Riordan is representing Percy Jackson as a troubled and unsual person. He is just 12 years old, and he’s a half-blood. Being a half-blood requires alot of braveness. Even though he’s a half-blood, he’s still trying to fit in and be a normal person. Note 2: Percy Jackson feels miserable. He hopes that when that when he goes on his school trip, he wouldn’t get in trouble. “Boy he was wrong”. Rick Riordan represents that Percy Jackson feels miserable at school trips. At every school trip he goes to, he most of the times get in trouble for any little thing. Even though he’s constantly getting in trouble, he’s always hopeing that something positive will happen to him. The book i am reading is very interesting and I am glad that Ms. Stabroski chose this book for me. It’s also an interesting book because it has a humor, and it really can entertain readers like me!

  14. Genesis2015.The title of my book is IfYou Come Softly. I’ve read 32 pages. My first note is on an inference: I can tell that many black people were made fun of . Some other people want to pretend that they are black people by playing basketball with the black people, then there was another group that didn’t have any friends that thought that there was something wrong with being black(pg8). My second note is a text to text connection: This part describes how Ellie is walking through the rain even when the rain is heavy. This connects to the poem that was about a girl that walked slowly through the rain apreciating nature just like Ellie uses the rain to think about the boy she likes. The book I’m reading is good because of the different types of group that readers can maybe connect to. I also like this book because it’s a book that is written by a great writer that has many ways of expressing a feeling that is not directaly told.

  15. Hi this is Argenis 2015 and today I read Before I die. I read 28 pages so far. My first note is an infrence. it wask, Zoey seems to be a bad influence on Tessa.Instead of listening to Tessas father she does the opposite of whatever he saids.For example Tessas dad wants tessa to come home from the club at midnight ,but Zoey is still concerned that Tessa should come home at three oclock in the night, and after that she convinces tessa to call her father and tell him that she is going to sleep in zoeys house.it is understandible that Zoey is both a good and a bad friend. Good because she wants Tessa to complete her list of things to do before she dies. she is a bad friend because of the things that she wants Tessa to do.My second note is a character shoes , I said that If I was to put myself in Tessas shoes Right now I wouldnt do stuff that Zoey advises me to do because my parent must know better about my safety than a friend. I can refer this part to when she was going to the room and she remembered what her doctor had told her, that if she ever felt hot or dizzy she shuould either open a window or go outside. I really like the book right mainly because of the fact that the book seems to be more realistic and it shows what a girl will mostly think about. I also like it because Of the fact that the book is realistic not like many other books that I have read. Meaning that it is not a fantasy land people can actually relate to this book.

  16. The title of my book is “This is What I Did” and the author is Ann Dee Ellis.Tonight I read 20 pages-Note1: If Logan likes to read so much than he should go to school (PG4).Note2:if I was Logan i would congradulate myself on going to high school, but i would not let others interfear with my education if they talk bad about me like what Luke Randall (PG8). I like my book so far because it shows that people who do not have as much education still want to read and learn.

  17. The title of my book is The Lightning Thief and the author is Rick Riordan. Tonight I read 35 pages. My first note was a character note.”the character’s name is Percy Jackson. He is half blood, 12 years old, he is in a private school for troubled kids”Page 1. My other note was a prediction.”I predict that whatever happened at the museum had to do with Grover because when Percy mentioned the name Dodds to him, he would hesitate and then say she didnt exist”page 16. My partner book that I was assigned to wasn’t what I wanted ,but I like it anyways. I thought I didn’t like science fiction ,but im starting to like it. I also like how Percy was created.

  18. Gianni2015. The Lightning Theif.Rick Rordan. Tonight I read 40 pages. Note 1:I think that Percy Jackson is a kid who thinks he can do what evr he wants because he has no one to give him the full attention that he needs that is why he keeps getting kicked out of schools.

    Note 2: I wonder what Percy’s disability is? To me it seems as though he is fineand Riordan describes him as a good kid.
    So far I am likeing my new book. The only thing that I dont like about it is that the begining is kind of slow and boring. Well that’s all for now see you later.

  19. tonight i have read 36 pages.Setting the book takes place in the post office and the character is drinking coffee because they have been up trying to listen to the tapes all night. Narration: the narrator of the book may be a first person and second person because the book uses I and they. so far i like my book and my paryner has been very helpful to help me understand what is going on in the book. the book is very intresting to me because the book starts off with someone getting the tapes and they dont know how or why they have them. All they know is to listen to them and pass them to the next person.

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